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tv   FOX 35 News at 5  FOX  February 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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and that led to his arrest. sheriff says morales pierce to have a 1000 dollar a day heroin addiction. which apparently fueled this crime spree. >> they love the drugs so much, they are willing to do anything to get it. they love the drugs more than eating food or doing some other basic life things. they taste this drug on a day to day basis. >> demming adds that this case shows what heroin can do to people and how it can drive them to commit potentially violent crimes endangering people who are just in the wrong place at the wrong time. we will have more coming up for you live tonight at 6:00. we are at the orange county sheriff's office. keith landry, fox 35 news. >> news alert tonight, a local basketball coach is wanted for a child molestation chargesf charming. he gets caught while apparently
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>>est ared 51 year old david white on friday, aus couped of preying on a child during a sleep over at his home. investigators fear there could be more victims out there too. kelly joyce live tonight with more on this disturbing accusations, kelly. yes. david white its still in texas tonight, expected to be brought here to brevard by deputies sometime in the next week w woo -- we have also learned deputies have gotten more phone calls from parents with concerns. david white as rested in a hotel in o county beings texas friday afternoon. deputies think he was trying to run to mexico after he became a subject of a criminal investigation. acute -- accused of molesting a boy at his malla bar home. the neighbor says she is not surprised. >> kids were over here all the time: constantly. and he bragged to me about maybe 3 months ago about being in charge of the teen, the league. something i very off and it always has been and i have been
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>> boy's mom come the fronted white and went to the sheriff's office. according to the arrest after i date the woman called white while police hisened in on the call. he told her he has been around thousands of kids, that his home is known as the kool-aid house and said allegations would ruin husband reputation as a coach for the palm bay youth basketball association and volunteer at local schools. >> we do believe he has been involved in the comut sports in the south area of the county of of wards of potentially 15 years >> a dues later deputies got a call from white's wife, saying he had been -- white's wife also said she was worried he would abduct her son, flee or commit suicide. the u.s. march has in bre satisfied county sheriff's deputies started a nationwide search. they awant -- arrested white in texas friday. deputies have since gotten numerous phone calls from several other parents about
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involving mr. white and their children. and tonight the brevard county sheriff's office wants to hear from any parents. any parents with children who have been in contact with white to just talk with them and see what they have to same if they have any concerns and if you do, call the sheriff' -- sheriff's office. we found out that white's wife filed for divorce on friday. the same day he was arrested. live in brevard county, kelly joyce, fox 35 news. >> thanks. >> >> this man accusedve a pretty girl scouts. grabbed the cash box on the stable outside of the walmart store. he took the money, according to deputies, ran to his newer model gray hyundai santa fe. witnesses think it had a north carolina plate and think he also had a small child with him at the time 67 you should call police with any information.
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with a suspended license, causing death. >> and no bond for the woman who is accused of speeding through a red light, killing an innocent driver. troopers say that she shouldn't have been driving at her. her license was revoked last august. holly is learning more about the victim to be the. 23 year old cody gerich. >> i can't believe my son is never going to come home again. >> her son 2, year old cody, killed early sunday morning. there from high way patrol says his car was t-boned by a bomb who was speeding away from deputies. >> i just can't imagine not seeing his smile every day. >> your name please. >> investigators say this woman, 27 year old cindia was behind the wheel at the time of the crash. speed limb ut on this part of the parkway is 30. deputies reported to troopers they believe she was going up to 100 miles per hour at one point. fhp says she is charged with fleeing and eluding law ebb
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watched driving while license revoked revoked. >> should have never been behind the wheel there. show her license was revoked in august if 2015. details that only make this tragedy harder for cody's family. >> she is a habitual offender and the police told me -- showed no remorse. no remorse and i think it is just -- what a waste of somebody -- he was so good, he was only 23. >> that's cody' 3s year old daughter in tammy's arm. a little go are -- little girl too young to comprehend >> i have a boo-boom >> worked for domino's pizza the on his last delivery of the night. now hi among has a message for her. >> she killed my son. she walked away with scratches. i want her to stay in jail for the rest of her life. she should never have been on that road. >> i talked to troopers this afternoon and they tell me there still could be more charges against her. there are awe few things they
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we will certainly let you know how things go from that respect. for now reporting live holly bristow, fox 35 news. >> scientists and engineering hard at work tonight. trying to fix the space x falcon 9 rocket 67 got through the countdown before everything fizzled out before 7:30 last night. >> 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, zero. >> yeah, that's not happen that. makes 3 scrubs in 5 days at cape can have in ram. still no firm date for a time seth for the new liftoff. could happen though sometime tomorrow. yesterday space x had some trouble with a boat that was traveling nearby and then a helium bubble triggering alarms. we will of course let you know when space x reschedules. more money toe nated to help get the uc of downtown campus off the ground. no pun instepped the. 2.5 million dollar in new gifts
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orlando city soccer club. and 100,000 from coca-cola. total amount of community support so far is 13 million dollars. university leaders present their plans for the campus to the florida board of governors on wednesday. >> you gotta get out. you gotta vote on tuesday. >> can the other. >> op candidates catch trump? >> if i'm elected president, we will repeal every word of obamacare. >> if you elect me president you are going to have a real commander in chief once again. >> we will win so big, you know we are leading in every single state. >> democrats also ready to got distance. >> we will defeat mr. trump because the american people believe that community working together trump's selfishness. >> america never stops being
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we need to make america whole again. >> fox 35 is you election headquarters. >> definitely safe to that i aall the presidential candidates are in overdrive today ahead of super tuesday tomorrow. let's check in with joel waldman in washington right new ahead with all the buzz on super tuesday. hey, joe. >> good afternoon to you and bob. now super tuesday is hugely important for all the remaining candidates, about a quarter of all the delegates are on the line tomorrow and because of that the intensity is now palpable. >> this guy couldn't be elected dog catcher right now if he ran. >> enjoying double digit leads in many of the states. still firing shots at his two closest rivals, marco rubio and ted cruz but both are swinging back, especially when it comes to trump's decision not to denounce the public support of former kkk leader david duke. trump claiming after the fact, he didn't hear, understand a
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white supremacist. >> there is no room in the conservative movement and there is no room in the republican party for members of the ku klux klan or for racists like david duke. >> both cruz and rubio have a lot to lose tomorrow with 595 republican delegates up for grabs. hillary clinton in virginia, more subtly calling out her opponents. >> if i were grading some of those republicans do you remember the little box that used to be on your kids' report cards, play well with others? i would have to put a big no. >> bernie sanders campaign continuing to receive an avalanche of small donations which are piling up quickly. 36 million dollars alone in february. despite low super tuesday polling numbers. >> now, voters in 11 states will head to the polls tomorrow, primarily in the southeast. a little confusing you hear different numbers thrown ut 1. 1 states, really 13 states are
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those states, the votes won't be tallied tomorrow. it goes on the process for quite some time. also, american samoa one of the territories that will be voting tomorrow as well. sonny? >> thanks. early voting is already underway in orange county and tom johnson is live right now in our news roorm with all the excitement ahead of the florida primary. march 15th. hey,dom. >> orange and lake counties both open the polls for early voting this morning. we stop by the winter park library polling place a couple of times actually today. hardly any wait to vote either time we are there. the library is one of 17 early voting locations open across orange county. polls opened at 10 a.m. they will close as of 6 p.m. tonight. and as of 4:00 right around 2400 people had cast their early vote in o county. you can probably guess the reason most people gave us for coming to the polls today.
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come to regular voting you stand in line. >> what was it like today? >> very easy. no lines, i mean, i was the only one in there. >> early voting in orange county, through march 13th. in lake county through the 12th. early voting starts in the rest of central florida on march 5th. in the satellite center tom johnson, fox 35 news. okay thank you. >> >> by the way, our florida primary is still just two weeks from tomorrow and tomorrow hillary clinton and marco rubio will be in florida. both of them holding events in miami. mrs. clinton leading big right now in florida while marco rubio trails trump in a must-win for him. fox 35 is your source for continued coverage of the presidential race. tomorrow night we will have election results and analysis of tune us too -- super tuesday. coming up, the family dog attacked by a bear. >> but he will live to fight another day.
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has had an encounter with the bear. it is a wonder he is alive. >> wow. tonight a florida lawmakers are trying to keep the wild bears away from your home. and a teen leg scorched -- torched by an e cigarette in his pocket. find out what happened to him so it doesn't happen to you. >> >> forecast here, plenty of sunshine for today. looks like this dry weather will continue for part of the week.
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florida lawmakers are on track to approve several thousand dollars to curb interactions between bearings and humans >> and for a family in sanford that's great news after a ber attacked their dog over the weekend.
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>> we just have to let these wounds heal on their own. >> rusty is a fighter. he is recovering after going head to head this weekend with a bear. >> it think a bear grabbed him right across the shoulder blades >> he lives with the family in the sylvan lake reserve neighborhood in sanford. bill says the dog has had more than one run-in with the wild animals. that live in the woods that border the neighborhood. >> that is the -- actually the second time rusty has had an encounter with the bear. it is a wonder he is alive. >> bears have become more and more common in the ten years since they moved ( >> this is a big dude. that was probably 400 pound. >> to cut down on bear-mew hand and by extension bear-chihuahua interactions, florida lawmakers have agreed to spend $375,000 on curbing bear encounters in rels i tension area. the state will help homeowners afford bear proof garbage cans. >> nobody wants the wares to be
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these -- these cans are relatively expensive as well. it is running down to lows and grabbing 1, 2 for your house so we just felt like it was good for the state to help them out. >> the bears in rusty's backyard will likely be back. >> it don't nope the answer to the problem, but i'm gk to have to protect my little dog from now on. >> so bill says rusty will being spending less time outside after dark. >> and you can share this story with your friends and famele by liking our facebook page at news. >> new tonight, more changes coming to disney springs and means more shopping for you. stores like anthropology, under armour and max cosmetics are moving in. adding a coca-cola store with a polar bear experience and a rooftop beverage bar. by the way, it may be a small world after all but disney hopes you have deep pockets. everybody is buzzing with the
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this weekend. in >> so great to be joined by jenny linn from the dis when you are here we talk about the theme parks. locals we know go to the parks, at certain times of the year because the crowds are less and during the summer avoid it like the plague because everybody is there. disney knows that and they are answering some customers' complaints about crowds and so forth. trying to address it by some different pricing throughout the year right? >> they are trying something new. after this last weekend, they announced that they will be introducing a tiered pricing system. so the calendar will be dividing up into 3 season, value, regular, and peak. and you will be able to get a lesser -- one-day ticket for a lesser price and the value season and obviously for the peak season as would be the times that the one-day ticket costs the most. >> my thought is because they know people are going to be descending on the parks in the next few years because they have so much stuff that is coming out right?
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epcot has got a lot of the frozen things that will be coming up soon and ab i mall kingdom has pandora coming out very soon and then hollywood studios is getting almost an entirely new make over. >> some little film. >> "star wars." >> now this doesn't change though a if you have already bought a ticket and b if you are a -- a season ticketholder right? >> that's right. so this only affects the one-day park ticket. >> which is the most expensive anyway. >> exactly. yeah. it does not affect multi-day tickets, annual passes. however those prices will be going up ago w -- as well. >> it is kind of like in the travel industry, it is like if you plan your train way out in advance you will be there for weeks on end. they want you to come. >> well, yes. this is a standard practice in the travel industry, hotels and transportation. you know that depending on what time of year the you travel a plane ticket will cost more at certain time as opposed to another time. same with hotels so this again,
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parks have been slow to introduce this until now but now we are seeing it, their testing it out. >> us locals will got park dues those 3 days in january when it is not that crowded. >> exactly. >> great to talk to you. >> still following some breaking news right now. sky fox over those flames in volusia county. this is a fast-moving brush fire right near highlander avenue and brooks circle in oak hill. firefighters are on the scene and trying to protect nearby buildings from. what he -- what we understand the flames are close milligram on a barn. we will continue to monitor it an let you know if those fire lines change at all but again, oak hill volusia counsel tnk a fast-moving brush fire. we will stay on top of this for you and no rain in the forecast to help them at all right? >> no. doesn't look like it. looks like it will be pretty cli as we go through the next several days that. weens more warm temperatures. so gotta like that. p live radar ace rainfree as we go through the evening. our chance for rain will remain on the low sides.
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right now still 84 in leesburg. 72 in daytona. 3 degrees warmer right now in leesburg compared to yesterday at this same time. winds are currently right coming in out of the north and northwest so again some dry air moving through air the yeah. but it looks like as we go through the next several days will start to pick up a little bit more in the way of humidity and a few extra clouds. 75 degrees. live picture with our visit on tower cam on top of the hyatt reasoningens' orlando. a beautiful day today here in central florida. definitely turning out to be very very comfortable. temperatures for tonight, will be cool. but not too bad. getting down to about 55 to 58. expecting to see a little bit of fog first thing in the morning but again a very comfortable start of the day for tomorrow and overall, a very very nice week. so again, a mucks tur of sun and clouds over the next several days. again, just a few pockets of early morning fog especially for the next two days and then very little if any rain right through the upcoming week. looks like the next best chance of rain pretty much the end of the week when another cold front
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by the time the front gets here reel gi -- really going to weaken quite a bit. 72 in tampa. winds eased up over the weekend. boating weather has been improving and will stay very come for the ab as we go through the next several days so here is high pressure for us, high pressure to the north you. quan go all the way out to basically denver, ro colorado until you hit your next storm system in the next batch of clouds so again even that one is going to stay way up to our north. computer model shows high pressure for the next couple of days as we get into early wednesday mork, few more clouds begin to pop up. right now not expect being any rain again. just an extra cloud or two as we get into wednesday and then on thursday, just again a slight chance for a few showers. lows for tonight not too bad for this time of the year considering it is still february. 58 in daytona tonight. around 55 to 5 in metro orlando. 50 back over towards ocala. a very comfortable night. and it looks luke another
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there is that light breeze. for tomorrow mostly sunny skies. look at the temperatures because the air is nice and dry will warm it back up to 80 to 82 inland. cooler. looks like mid to upper '70s back over towards our coastline. hire is my 7-day forecast a warm one. 82 for tomorrow. 81 degrees on wednesday. a little bit cooler as we get into thursday and friday. slight chance for a shower for the end of the week and the outlook for next weekend, sunshine and more warm weather. >> thank you >> >> a badly turned by an e cig. >> one teen heads straight from school to the hospital. >> seeing your whole leg pussed out and all black doesn't make you feel too good about yourself. >> we will tell you what sparked the flames and how much surgery is needed to fix it, nex some people don't like to
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when the cheese is melted and bubbly it's done. just cut and serve. and that's how easily florida flatbread with tomato and sweet bell peppers can become a meal time favorite. look for the fresh from florida label when you shop. remember, delicious is always served fresh from florida. boy ends up in the hospital when an e cigarette explodes in his pocket. >> he is actually looking at several surgeries here to fix his leg. he hopes to save others with his message. we report from englewood, colorado. >> lying in a hospital bed, 17 year old marcus is doing his best to remain positive. >> seeing your whole leg pulsed out and all black, doesn't make yourself. >> covered in band ax he is
5:27 pm
third-degree burns. >> were whole left side of my thigh all the way down to halfway on the calf. >> this is what his injuries looked like thursday after he says a vaborizer battery exploded in his pocket while at school. >> bell rang, stood up to get my -- 5 steps within that sparks started flying out of my pocket. like someone was weldle -- welding in my pocket. >> take tornt burn -- >> these injuries can be devastateping. he sustained full thickness burns injury. >> dr. oswald tells us marcus is not alone in his injuries. >> in the past 6 months, we have seen an increase in a number of of burn patients as well as traumatic injury patients in relation to electronic cigarettes and battery-operated vawpor devices. >> his father says people and teens need to know. >> see these kids and going there is a ticking time bomb. is that one going to blow up. is that one going to catch this
5:28 pm
you don't know. >> now the high school senior is hoping his message will be heard by his peertz and prevent others from having to lie in the same bed he is now n >> i just feel they know how tragic it is, might actually make -- get rid of it or something. >> now he has already undergone one surgery. will need at least two more. he says he threw out that vaping pen and homes that others will do the same. we have some breaking news right now. new york judge says the justice department cannot force apple to unlock a suspect's iphone. now the fbi had demanded access to those phones. in a brooklyn drug case along with some mass shooting suspect. but an i is not budging. they say creating software that would unlock those phones would open what they call a pandora's box. >> >> new at 5:30, stretch out on your next flight? >> one politician is trying to make a big push for bigger airline fees. >> regular guy like me you know
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as i can get. >> how soon you could be getting
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itit'l'll l bebe r remememembeberered d foforr alall l ththe e ririghght t rereasasonons.s. pupublblixix.. whwherere e shshopoppipingng isis a a p pleleasasurure.e. still following that breaking news in volusia county where a brush fire continues to burn and it is moving pretty fast right now. >> yeah. specifically if you know the area, highland eavenue and brooks circle in the oak hill area, they have been concerned about some structures. we know that and we can see some structures there. specifically a barn that the fire was getting close to. you can see the hell i could terse are in this area. but, i think we are going to need to check with glenn and find out what's going on with the winds and dry conditions and maybe we have a chance at some rain coming up here shortly to give firefighters a break but a two-alarm fire we means how many crews are out there depends on the number of awas la.
5:32 pm
sky fox over the scene. they are pulling out and will give us a bester idea how big this fire is. >> a lot of fuel out there. >> joe lusha county near high ander avenue and brooks circle we will continue to follow it. site of or lappedo one step closer to fixing one of its bigger failures. >> was supposed to bring new housing into the neighborhood. but almost 10 years and millions of tax dollars later, the land still sits empty. mike updates you on what is next. taxpayers have already sunk millions of dollars into the village but what's that old saying about if you don't at first succeed, dry, dry again? >> so the city is ready to redevelop this empty land at the corner of karter and paramore and severed ties with the last seller -- developer. 8 year ago that el very got 3 million dollars in land and grants but could not make the vul aj happen >> we only ha one proposer, the last time around. and then it was not the right
5:33 pm
that project. >> orlando taxpayers did get some of that money back because the city got the property back. are they ready to give again? >> we will make the contribution is on what the value of the property being conveyed is. >> the mayor believes this time will be different. orlando's billed riley park right across the street and federal tax money may be available for affordable housing. >> the enthusiasm having 6 different proposals for that site speaks volumes and we will have an opportunity to choose the best one. >> between 120 and 160 apartment units could be built on this vacant land. and a news alert tonight. police in claremont now have got a big piece of evidence in a murder case. >> found a car that was stolen from 21 year old andrew jones. the day that he was killed in a publix parking lot. dana jay here in studio the update. >> police in claremont hope that car will lead them to the person who shot and killed the 21 year old.
5:34 pm
an emotional appeal to the public for help as well. jones was shot and killed this month at the publix on route 50 in claremont. he was a son, a brother, a cousin and today his family held a press conference to tell the community how much at the miss him and ask people to come forward with information. investigate organization also have awe new piece of evidence that white volkswagen that was stolen from jones on the day he was shot, police discovered it last night about 15 miles away in -- at a park in oakland. it was torched and covered in graffiti. steven jones, suspects someone close to home has information about what happened to his son and he is asking them to come forward. >> got to be someone close you know what i mean. and, right up the road the community has to look at hey there is someone who shot somebody. there is a murderer out there. it could be your kid. >> crime line is now offering a $5000 cash reward for
5:35 pm
arrest of the person who killed andrew jones. live here in the newsroom, dana jarks fox 35 news. dana, thanks. smooth criminal on the run in winter park. police say this man, the dark hair and glasses, walked into a mcdonalds off university boulevard two weeks ago. threatened the lerk to get some cash and took off running toward full sail university. i you have -- have any information on who he could be call: senate panel passed a will that would replace new restrictions on abortion clinics. the bill comes on the heels of a law that went into effect friday requiring women to wait 24 hours before having an aborments today the fiscal policy committee approved a measure that would require physicians performing abortion in the state to have nearby hospital admitting privileges or the clinics have patient transfer agreements with the hospitals. >> this is a major medical procedure, something where there could be some very serious side effects that a woman will have to deal with for the rest of her
5:36 pm
i is up to us as a legislature tone sure those pour held to the highest standards. >> opponents say it requires precautions that aren't medically necessary and could force some abortion clinics to close. the bill now heads to the senate floor. push back your seat and relax. >> somebody is on your side together fighting for more leg room on planes. >> it is horrible. for someone like me who is of foot i want to relax i can't. i'm crapped up the whole entire flight. >> what airlines could be forced to do to make sure you are comfortable. and parents beware. super miles is hitting in there. we explain how to fight it if your kids get hit. flen? >> ouch. our forecast in central florida not too bad at all. lots of sunshine but will you stay warm and dry through the week? we will have your county by county 7-day forecast coming up >> pump patrol finding cheaper gas prices around town.
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it. orlando. >> fox business tonight, sick of paying big bucks for a teeny airplane seat? >> making more space for you. lisa evers reports. >> airline passengers often complain about shrinking seats
5:40 pm
many figure not much cab be done except to pay for an upgrade. now an act of congress could change all that. the average leg room in most airlines has declined by nearly 4 inches. and the width of the seats has narrowed by two inches. passengers are fatigue the pain. and so is new york senior senator, who wants to change that with an addon to a mandatory faa funding bill. >> i will be introducing an amendment to require the airlines to go back to the old system, 35 inches, 18 inch the. 35 inches for leg room, 18 inches is the width of the seat. >> schumer believes it should be done without a fare increase since airlines are making record high profits. 9 billion dollars last quarter alone alone. while they welcome the idea passengers we spoke to are skeptical it cab be down -- -- can be done without raising fares. >> i'm over 6 foot but it i not moneywise for the airlines, so i doubt they will comply. >> we think that would be great.
5:41 pm
they are talking about -- >> always nice to get more room about you wonder how much it will change the price as well so compromise you always got to make. >> they support schumer's proposal. leg room is a key issue for them. cumberly is 6' tall and her brother kenneth is 6' 10 inches. >> it is horrible. for someone like me who is 6 feet wasn't to relax i can't. i'm lime cramped up the whole entire flying. the fares keep going up and up and i have to sit uncomfort a. for the next 2, 3 hours. >> not everyone has enough room to fly first class. i need that extra room i soy think it is a great idea that it is being offered and should be passed. >> industry trade organization called airlines for america says that government regulations should be limited to seating safety, not seat size. senator schumer says this could pass by the end if mash. >> a post office price break. stamp prices dropping.
5:42 pm
the cut is the first drop in nearly a century. stamp costs 49 cents now. the cost 47 cents as of april 10th. the reduction part of a prearranged deal with congress. post office is rolling back a 2014 increase and claims it will lose two billion dollars as a result. what is worse than hearing your kid has lice? >> hearing they have super lice. how about that. question anew bug infecting florida and other states and apparently some over the counter shampoos won't fix it.
5:43 pm
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you the control you need ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza . it's covered by most health plans. on the health watch tonight this, one causing some real frustration for parents. a strain of so-called super lice reported in 25 states, including here florida. and over the down ter treatments out there don't kill these bugs. >> let's talk with dr. jo from the fox medical team about and makes you itchy talking about this drop topic. unfortunately this is pretty common in florida schools, isn't it? >> it absolutely is and you know there are lots of kids that suffer and have lice, head lice but again there are lots of ways to treat it. i think that the concern now is
5:46 pm
counter preparations, some of the -- the insect fidz really aren't as effective as they used to be. stilting only about 25% effective because we have this super lice that is circulating. >> how does that happen, they just become immune to the trucks that they are most typically treated with? >> absolutely. they become resistant and so over time, more and more of that resistance builds so you have no go to different medications to try to get the slice to be eliminateped and you know there are lots of reasons for that the some of it may be the way it is being used, may not be being used properly so the doses aren't correct. they are not keeping it on as long as they should. they are not reapplying. several days later. so that's how you build resistance. you have those bugs that end up surviving and then they end up multiplying and then you have the super lyles. >> what are some good treatment option norgs super lyles we might not know about right now? >> you know, there are some medication yowgs can get from your doctor.
5:47 pm
medications that work very very well. there are other things, there is heat, that heat and air, that can work as well because remember it is not just killing the bugs or the live lice on the scalp but you also want to kill those eggs and the eggs are very very tenacious. they stick to the shaft of the hair and so in order to get rid of those, you sometimes have to use products to then loose theb kind of glu glue that's on the shaft and then use a special comb. one of the combs that i have seen is is called the terminator to get it out. now some of the things will kill those nits like that air-heat drying system, but to get back to school you can't have nits in your hair so you have got to get them out anyway if -- even if you do kill them. >> we appreciate you filling us in though. >> thank you. tom brady making the headlines tonight. signing a deal with the patriots until he is 42 years old.
5:48 pm
espn reporting this one first here no. word yet on the financial terms. it ain't no gisele money. you know what i'm saying? >> i'm sure he is doing quite well. >> that's his wife. >> yeah. >> forecast right now here is central florida look good. a lot of sin shine over the next several days and our temperatures will stay very comfortable now and looks like temperatures w to the shine, and the dry air we quickly warmed the '70s at 84 over in melbourne. 74 right now up in sanford. 83 in ocala. 72 back over towards day kona beach. our humidity levels nice and low running around 20 to 30% for moist of the area. live picture in the metro area, 75 degrees. just a beautiful night way vight and variable wind and right now in melbourne, 71 he grease.
5:49 pm
sitting right at 54 which is, again, very comfortable. not too try and not too moist. here us our planner for tomorrow. will be starting out mainly you mid to upper 50's as we go through the afternoon. light southeasterly breeze. back up to 82 for the high temperature that. will be the warmest weather we have had in many weeks now had. 72 in tampa. 74 down in miami. 71 out towards pencea cola a. cross the u.s. look at the warm weather. 61 as december -- at dees east. 0730 in st. louis. 07 in kansas city. 63 towards denver. way up to the north, up across the northern great lakes to try and tap into some of that colder air. right now in our county by county 7-day forecast nice and warm. 1 to 82. cooling off a little bit with a high in the low to mid-70's as we get into the upcoming weekend. back over towards the coastline to brevard county expecting awe high of 78 the next couple of days. cooling down to a high of 72 on saturday behind that front.
5:50 pm
is a slight chance for showers on friday. one last stop taking us up into ocala and gainesville. 89 for tomorrow. 75 wednesday. will cool down to highs only near 70 as we get into saturday with overnight lows getting down into the 40's. so beautiful weather out there for the next several days. only chance of rain, slight chance friday. >> all right. thanks. >> a dinah might new hot spot in winter park. >> any blend that you like, hot or cold and reeling in an awful lot of fines are fans. we will have your sneak peek. >> a message nay bottom comes back on a very special day for a husband and wife.
5:51 pm
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trending tonight, all things oscar. check out this moment that tmz caught. leonardo cannot contain his excitement when he took his first statue upstairs to get it engraved. called the moment quote adorable. >> message nay bottom. making it to france. a couple in atlanta tossed it off of the back of a carnival cruise ship to celebrate their engage in the 2012. just got a techs message from a guy in france who found it. another coincidence here that is very cool. they received that message on their daughter's birthday. >> very cool. a little boy trying to overcome big odds has awe fun day in
5:54 pm
eric is 8 years old. he needs a heart and two new lungs. just threw him a huge birthday party for free. they are just overwhelmed by medical bills. special guests this showed up too, spiderman and chewbacca and if you would like to check out more trending top stories, check out our home page fox 35 it is the hottest new spot in winter park. all about tea and tea. >> it is a lemon black tea with passion fruit juice, fresh lime, lemon and apple. >> sounds great. hot, cold, anyway you want it. they have it, next. during this extended visit from your extended family, all you want is a peaceful moment to stream your show. and you need enough bandwidth to share with a full house of hungry users. lightning internet from
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the speed you need. and now connect to... standard tv and 50 megabit lightning internet... only $94 a month
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tnt, dynamite drinks now for sale in winter park. >> david shows you sweet concoctions. >> in case you missed me on good day we were live in winter park
5:57 pm
the flavors here are amazing. monks blend tea, cream earl gray. i can't pronounce what that is. lemon mango punch. bingo blueberry. you select your favors and our trio of tea experts, hans o'beings tony and sa man that make it for you on the spot. >> i'm make ache white -- wikiki spirit. >> your most popular fruit blend. >> what's in it. >> lehman black tea with passion fruit juice, fresh lime, lemon and apple. >> that looks really good. >> i'm dave making david's dynamite chi. >> last week they asked me what's your favorite flay flavor? love it hot and spicy so. what do you have? >> we have a va nil ta chop chai hand a chop chai mix. a little bit of creamer. nondairy crouper on top of that, sweetener. >> his dynamite chai brewed by tony here. this is available free from 5 to
5:58 pm
now, it is not this particular one. you will make the fresher? >> right. >> we are good and the other free drink is sa man that's >> flamingo passion. >> that is your free cold tea today. between 5 and 7. tea and tea and i will see you tomorrow morning on good day orlando! >> very nice. coming up at 6:00 orlando city soccer clubs new stadium will have a backbone of steel. >> we will update you on the construction of the new facility. plus, what the mayor calls a frib 'ollous lawsuit against the team super tuesday just, well, hours from now. we will talk with an expert pollster from fox news about the biggest events on the local cal
5:59 pm
6:00 pm
woman wanted for speeding tried to get away from troopers and ends up running a red light and plows into another vehicle, killing the driver. >> that driver leaves behind a 3 year old daughter. holly talked with the victim's family and joins us live at the orlando sentinel. she has the whole story for us. holly? >> they are absolutely heart broken. he was a single dad work being hard to support his daughter that he was on his last run of


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