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tv   FOX 35 News at 10PM  FOX  March 14, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> announcer: now, on fox 35 news... >> an 8-year-old boy crushed after his beloved pet is shot while in the backyard. his grandma wants to know why. >> a warning tonight from a local police department, a man is on the loose, pretending to be a cop. >> it's the hottest trend, baby showers for men. >> i think it's a great idea. first of all, we deserve presents, too. >> and they just might be more fun than traditional showers. fox 35 news at 10:00 starts right now. >> announcer: right now, on fox 35 news at 10:00... >> it's being called super tuesday, 2.0. primaries in five states. >> we have a biggie legs coming up. we could really change things. >> the biggest surprise of all, florida. from marco rubio, it's his last
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>> we don't know what the margin will be. but we know that it will be up to you. >> for john kasich, it's ohio. >> we're winning in ohio. we just had a fox poll not long ago, we're up five, six points. >> the other candidates just trying to stop donald trump's momentum. >> the ugly divisive rhetoric from donald trump and the encouragement of violence and aggression is not only wrong but dangerous. >> not letting donald trump or anybody else divide us up. >> if donald is the nominee, hillary wins. >> bob: and by this time tomorrow night, we probably will know who has won florida's presidential primary. >> sonni: the polls are open tomorrow from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., but thousands have already cast their ballots by early and absentee voting. the stakes couldn't be higher. the victor in florida takes home
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side; democratic, 214. hillary clinton and bernie sanders will split those proportional. four other states voting, ohio, north carolina, illinois, and missouri. ohio is the second biggest prize for republicans with all 66 delegates going to the winner. north carolina, illinois and missouri will be awarded proportionately to the top finishers. back in florida, the candidates are paving the pavement and voter turnout is high. >> bob: keith landry is keeping an eye on the candidates. keith? >> reporter: bill clinton was just here at the college, just wrapped up a get out the vote rally for his wife hillary clinton and that is the big question, what will voter turnout be like tomorrow. i made some calls tonight. the orange county supervisor elections predicting 41% turnout for the primary. that's about the same as turned out back in 2008.
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county, the clerk does not make mow corrections in turnout. and in seminole county, a story to keep an eye on, predicting 45% turnout for the florida primary. he says the republicans already had very strong, 25% early voting turnout, a dramatic increase compared to 2008. what are the polls saying? the latest poll in florida has hillary clinton leading bernie sanders 60 to 34%, a 26% lead, heading into the voting tomorrow. former president bill clinton trying to make the case for his wife with voters tonight here, saying mrs. clinton will push for more loans for small business owners, she will restructure student loans, and the debt, to pay it off over more time and make it easier. she will finish healthcare reform and push for a strong gun safety bill. mr. clinton says his wife has the experience to be president.
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really think i'm a natural politician. she said, the president and my husband, they love this stuff. i am, however, pretty good at doing the job. and what we need is someone who can do the job. >> bob: mr. clinton adding that he believes his wife would be a good commander-in-chief and a good commander in rebuilding the u.s. economy, and really, what it comes down to 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., the voters have their say on all that and much more. keith landry, fox 35 news. >> sonni: hillary clinton campaigned across illinois today, where she barbed donald trump and said that she would be the best candidate to fix things. >> being well prepared to take on the not only wrong headed statements but the dangerous ones that he has put out that
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world because i was secretary of state, i know what's at stake for american leadership around the world. >> sonni: bernie sanders was in north carolina. >> we are listening to workers all over this country who are telling me they cannot make it on eight or nine bucks an hour. they are telling me and i agree, we've got to raise the minimum wage to a living wage, 15 bucks an hour. >> sonni: and right now sanders is trailing clinton in north carolina by 19 points. >> bob: the republican frontrunner was back in florida, mike synan reports from the donald trump rally in tampa. >> reporter: donald trump making his last minute push for florida, and feeling very, very confident. he also got a boost today when he got a last minute endorsement from attorney general pam bondi. >> look what is happening to
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look how many people donald trump is bringing out in america. what does that say for our democracy? like never before. like never, ever before. >> this was a much smaller venue and so there was only the occasional protester. every time it happened, he didn't just go, get him out like he normally does, although he did say that at least one time during protesters interruption, but all in all, a donald trump-esque sort of speech, talking about the wall and how china and mexico are taking our jobs, and he also hammered his top rival in florida, marco rubio. >> marco, i'm going to say with great respect, i'm not going to say little marco. i'm not -- i refuse to say it. right?
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>> mr. trump done with all of his campaigning, he'll hold a press conference tomorrow in west palm beach. we'll be there and the trump team very confident that they're going to be victorious in florida. in downtown tampa, mike synan, fox 35 news. >> bob: senator marco rubio has a lot to gain and a lot to lose. dana jay reports. >> reporter: this is a place that's always been friendly for marco rubio back when he ran for u.s. senate, the owners cut him one of his first campaign checks. the supporters know what's at stake tomorrow. >> it's got to be a real nail-biter for marco. it is do-or-die. >> as he makes closing arguments to florida republicans, he's urging them not to be suede by the -- swayed by the anger churned up by donald trump. >> i hope americans choose optimism over fear and hope over anger. >> according to two polls
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are choosing trump over rubio. the florida senator is down by more than 20 points in both surveys. the speculation, if he loses his home state, he could choose to leave the race. >> we haven't even analyzed it that way, never have. >> rubio tells me he does plan to keep his campaign going after tomorrow night. right now he has two events scheduled for utah on wednesday. reporting in melbourne, dana jay, fox 35 news. >> bob: fox 35 is your elections headquarters. voting hours are 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. tomorrow. we will have all the election results from florida and across the country all night, starting at 8:00 p.m. we'll be broadcasting online on fox 35, that's followed by fox 35 news at 10:00, live reports from the campaign headquarters and political analysis that you cannot get anywhere else. meantime, we are following breaking news out of longwood, reports of a bad crash. 434 and grant.
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jacim, she's got the latest for us. >> reporter: i'm here at the corner of 434 and grant street. you can see right behind me on. what happened here at about 7:30, according to longwood police, there was an accident involving four vehicles, which resulted in a t-bone of a mercedes and a hummer. and we're told that the driver of the mercedes was flown to ormc. you can see now they're working on one of the light poles that was knocked over. quite a lot of damage here, which is why we're reporting this to you. this whole area here will be closed, according to police, until at least midnight. they have a lot of repair work to do. there you go, guys. bear that in mind if you're headed out this way, sonni and bob. >> sonni: live in longwood, tracy, thanks. new at 10:00, from brevard county.
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person who shot and wounded a dog in its own backyard. that dog the beloved companion of a boy with special needs. tiffany teasley joining us live in studio to explain. >> reporter: that dog is recovering in a cast this evening after she was shot in the leg over the weekend. and tonight we're learning just how special that dog is to an 8-year-old little boy. 8-year-old jonathan hawkins plays with his furry friend this evening, doing his best to nurse him back to health. >> it was devastating. >> the 2-year-old wears a little bit blue cast after he was shot in the leg saturday night while in a fenced in backyard of the family's cocoa home. >> we heard the gunshot, and it sounded really close. and then we heard the second gunshot, and riley hollered and we knew someone had shot him. >> when they came out, they found him bleeding from the
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fragments still in his paw. >> he had blood all over his paw. >> what's worse, jonathan's grandmother says they don't want him two years ago to help with her grandson, who has special needs. >> jonathan loves dogs, and it's just amazing how the dog is so humble. whatever jonathan does, at the pulls his ear, he's fine, if he lays on him, rolls on him, he's fine. the bond is just a miracle. >> tonight police continue to search for the suspect who they say fired two shots, one of which hit the dog. meanwhile, the family has posted flyers about their go-fund-me page to help pay for the dog's surgery, and hopefully avoid amputation. >> it might be amputated. we're waiting for the results to come in around tuesday to know for sure. he does have to have surgery, we just don't know what type of surgery it's going to be. >> anyone who has any information on that shooting should contact the cocoa police department.
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fox 35 news. >> sonni: he's been an out spoken leader of the daytona 10 years. now chief mike chitwood is sheriff. >> i may be a little late to the pool party, but i'm hoping to big smash. >> and who i am, if this is all about our community, if the people of volusia county think that my ideas, my being a straight shooter, my enthusiasm, packs, they'll vote for me. >> in january sheriff ben johnson announced he will retire after 16 years. chitwood says he was encouraged by the community and even the daytona beach mayor to make the move for sheriff. >> bob: a fox 35 consumer alert from the fraud files. thieves posing as the irs are trying to steal your refund. and even trying to go after a that congressman. not a great idea. what you need to know so you don't get ripped off. the new epic mcdonald's is
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we're going to take you on a tour of the world's largest entertainment mickie d's. new dads are getting a party just for them. we'll take you to the new trend
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d and a fox 35 consumer alert about your tax returns. thieves posing as the irs are trying to steal refunds. they even targeted florida 444444444444 tracy jacim has more on the warning. >> reporter: when it comes to taking advantage of people at tax time, no one is off the targetless. even a florida congressman got a call. >> we've had dozens of complaints from constituents.
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actually turned over financial information and have lost money, cash, thousands of dollars. >> congressman mike a did not fall prey, but according to an irs spokesman -- >> there's been a 400% increase in the scam this year compared to last year. in>> a 400% increase in one year's time, which is why -- for fox 35 salesman brian doherty, this warning come after the fact. he got a call he calls fishy just a week ago. >> i doubt if the irs is coming after you; they're just going to leave you a voicemail with no other information. >> and he tried to call back, and what happened? >> i got no answer. and then when i tried to call back recently now, it's -- we're getting it sounds like it's disconnected. it was like a beep beep. >> i recognize spokesman lease confirms there are basing things
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would never do. they'll never demand immediate payment over the phone, threaten your arrest, or request personal financial info over the phone. if you think you've been targeted, report it to the treasury inspector general for tax administration. tracy jacim, fox 35 news. >> sonni: as presidential candidates make stops all around central florida, so did governor rick scott. he was in orlando talking about jobs and the new business in the area called orion technology services, headquartered in georgia, but there have 30 jobs in central florida. its ceo said he's looking forward to making orlando his second home. >> we could see the value that orlando provides to businesses like ourselves from the beginning. the sunrail transportation system, the thriving economic community, and the excellent pool of talent here on the i-4 tech corridor. >> this is happening all across our state because great technology companies are coming here because we have a great workforce. >> governor scott also spoke about the state creating
10:19 pm
cutting taxes by over a billion dollars in two years. >> bob: new tonight, the newly rebuilt and renamed epic mcdonald's is just about ready to open for business on international drive. you can get those fries again when you're driving back from disney. fox 35's tom johnson has a sneak peek for you inside the fast food joint billed as the world's largest entertainment mcdonald's. >> reporter: here we are, the brand new epic mcdonald's on the verge of opening right at the corner of sand lake road and international drive. everything in here is brand spanking new and now it's time for a tour. and welcome to the kitchen for the traditional mcdonald's menu here. i guess i should say kitchens because it's two identical kitchens on both sides, and they believe if it is running at full capacity, they can churn out 10,000 which was here in a single day. this is the create your taste kitchen. basically you can, well, create
10:20 pm
burg, make it the way you want it made. and then over here is really the crowned jewel of this mcdonald's. nothing like it at any other mcdonald's in the world. this is where you can create your own pizza, pasta, omelets, and waffles. we talked to one of the chefs about it. >> this is a beach oven, a brick oven, internal temperatures reach about 600 to 1,000. in the dome it can reach up to 1,000. that's how we kind of create a nice little char to our pizzas. >> they don't call it the world's largest entertainment mcdonald's for nothing. upstairs, 50 arcade games, all the brand spanking new, and most of them give tickets to kids as they win, and then over here, check this out. a three-story 22-foot tall play place. don't get jumpy, i am not going to tell you that one of these guys is going to be your next fillet of fish sandwich. they're safe. it just looks pretty.
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this for yourself, they say they're going to open the doors on the new mcdonald's in the next couple days. on i-drive, tom johnson, fox 35 news. >> bob: so, a little bit more than fries. if you want to learn more, we do have lynx for you on our website, looking forward to it. >> brooks: beautiful weather for today, but now it looks like
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i'll have the >> brooks: it's very warm outside. but we will get a little taste of that cooler air again by the end of the week. >> bob: a taste of spring. >> sonni: i'll take notes. >> brooks: everybody will be happy. that's my job, keep everybody happy. live radar looks good. we are currently rain-free. looking good for the overnight hours. rain showers earlier this morning. they quickly worked their way across central florida. a few sprinkles did pop out in the afternoon. temperatures did climb well into the 80s. we should be only in the mid to upper 70s but it said we were running a good 10 degrees warmer than normal. right now it's 73 in daytona. 76 degrees over on the coastline in melbourne and towards satellite beach. looks good out at the peer. it looks like 76 alson d ocala. temperatures for tonight are currently running a good two to 7 degrees warmer tonight compared to last night at the same time due mainly to the amount of moisture in the atmosphere. dewpoints are back up, upper
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that's the amount of moisture we normally have as we go through june and early july. so it's going to be a warm night tonight. 76 degrees currently downtown. partly cloudy skies. but overall very comfortable. we'll be flirting with 90 once again during the day for tomorrow. later on in the week, we'll cool things down, a chance of showers increasing. colder air by the end of the weekend. also dealing with a chance for thunderstorms for this weekend. 77 in miami. 74 in tampa. this big giant blue h moving over towards fort myers, an indication that our winds will ease up a little bit due to the proximity of the high. yes, i do expect to see still a bit of a breeze tomorrow but not as windy as we had today. a cold front to the north but not much of a front, you go from 62 in charlotte to 68 behind the front in atlanta? all right. the air is a little bit drier. not cooler but it is a little bit drier. right now the storm system is moving from west to east so it's not pulling down any cold air. we are going to stay that way the next couple of days, very, very warm, temperatures above normal, and then as we mention
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chance of rain arrives. here's tomorrow. at 9:00 in the evening, again, a west breeze, partly sunny during the afternoon, wednesday, more of the same. still no rain in the forecast. enjoy the next two, three days. looks good. lots of sunshine. very mild temperatures. then changes are afoot as we head into friday. 82 degrees with a 30% chance for a shower or storm this weekend is our best chance for rain and storms. sunny, some cooler weather starting sunday and monday. >> coming up tomorrow morning, why you may want to read the labels on your kids shampoo very carefully. the fox medical team explains what you need to look for. plus what your political choices say about your money habits. those stories, plus your overnight news, weather and traffic all starts here at 4:30 a.m. on florida primary day on "good day orlando". we'll see you then. >> bob: when we come back, a story that you will see only on fox. >> sonni: campaign signs ruined
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more on what graph -- graph eat i says. >> 1.65 at the sunoco oak ridge road in orlando. 1.73 at the citgo in if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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35 news... >> bob: new tonight from brevard county, this is a story you'll see only on fox. someone is vandalizing republican campaign signs in melbourne. and they're using a tag line used by a democratic candidate for president. derrol nail reports from melbourne. >> reporter: we found three donald trump for president signs and two ted cruz for president campaign signs that were defaced along the corridor here in melbourne, all with the same message. that message is, feel the burn. spray-painted in black paint with the burn spelled with an e, a possible reference to bernie sanders. melbourne police say they've not received any complaints about the defacing of the political signs but added this would fall into the misdemeanor charge of criminal mischief. i also spoke with election supervisor lori scott and she says she hadn't received any complaints, either, but that isn't entirely unusual when it comes to issues with federal
10:31 pm
voters we talked to, regardless of party affiliation, disapproved of the criminal graffiti of the republican candidates signs. >> i don't think they should be destroying the signs and sometimes mr. trump comes on too strong but, you know, he's entitled to his opinion, too. >> you know, anybody could put anything on there. i could put, clinton on there, you know. so, you know, who knows what it is. it could be trump out there doing it himself. who knows? >> i spoke to volunteers with both local presidential campaigns. on the trump side he told me that he's not authorized to speak on the candidate's behalf regardless of the topic. on the cruz side, i spoke to blaze, who, the public defender here, he paid for the signs. he told me that he's not surprised that somebody from the bernie sanders campaign would deface their signs instead of doing the hard work of
10:32 pm
candidate. now, neither side also told me that they have any intentions on contacting the police. in melbourne, derrol nail, fox 35 news. >> sonni: it is the calm before the election storm. florida's primary happening tomorrow. and we have our political power panel in house tonight breaking things down ahead of the big vote. joined by rick teller and democratic political analyst sean ashby. trump is still on top. is there anything that can topple him right now? >> rubio has been a giant killer, obviously. talked to charlie crist and jeb bush. but can david beat goliath three times in a row? it doesn't look like right now. i can tell you i was at bike week with 100,000 folks and i'm a biker myself and it is total trump territory. everybody had their trump t-shirts and the mc was a trump impersonator and the dogs had little trump shirts.
10:33 pm
it's not that anything's wrong with rubio, but to be a surfer, you have to stay on the board and be on the wave. >> it appears that way. i get your thoughts being on the other side but i'm sure you have thoughts about the popularity of trump right now. hillary clinton commenting today on how disastrous she thinks he would be for our country. you can't deny his pull, though. regardless of the party, he's been the overshadowing theme in this whole election. even on the democratic side. how do they sort of begin to take back the headlines in our state? >> obviously trump, he's gotten the headlines throughout the country for these last few months. and so the democratic candidates, they need to keep pushing their agenda. they need to keep pushing their message. >> sonni: eventually the media will start picking up on that more and once the candidates start getting narrowed down and it becomes one to two candidates left in the field, then you'll see more of that message getting out there. >> is there a possible surge for sanders? we saw him do so well in michigan and his supporters are hopeful there's chance for him
10:34 pm
>> well, we'll see. last week it was the motor miracle winning michigan, where he was down in the polls. he's going to need a sunshine -- to pull it out here because he's 26 points down in the polls. it will be a big day. we'll see what happens in florida tomorrow. >> i want to go back to the republican side of things, rick. what do you foresee marco rubio doing if he does, as at patient, come in second place -- as anticipate, come in second place tomorrow? >> i think the bad news is, he drops out. i think the good news, everybody who has ever been elected president in the last 50 years has lost an election at some point in life. all of them in the last 50 years. i think his future is bright. whether he bounces back as running for governor and wins or running for president another day, he's a great candidate. he's going to lose tomorrow but he's got a good future in front of him. >> we certainly will bring you guys back as the444444444444 election season continues. thank you both for coming in tonight. >> you bet. >> thank you.
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headquarters. voting hours, 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. tomorrow, and we will have those election results from florida and all across the rest of the country in the states where there are primaries tomorrow, starting at 7:00 p.m. we'll be broadcasting online at fox 35 followed by fox 35 news at 10:00 and 11:00 with live reports from the campaign headquarters and political analysis you can't get anywhere else. orlando police chief john mina is backing up his officers tonight. >> our officers are out there, risking their lives for the safety of this community. >> sonni: after the break, what suspects have been doing lately that that's putting more officers in danger. >> bob: coming up tonight at 11:00, a a florida woman says that the deputy killed this past weekend in a wrong way crash saved her life. we're talking to her about his heroic actions. and the battle for ohio, fox's political correspondent is there with presidential hopeful john kasich, talking about how he plans to win the state.
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minutes on fox 35 news at 11:00. >> here with your i-forecast. we do have the east and westbound lanes of maitland boulevard at lake destiny road, two left lanes are closed from 10:00 to 5:00 in the morning, and this work ends april 1. i'm taking you a wider view here from maitland to altamonte springs. eastbound i-4 from maitland boulevard to state road 436 will have two less lanes closed. that work will go from 9:30 at night to 7:00 in the morning, and that ends at the end of the month. you can always check out traffic and construction updates on your smartphone. to download the fox 35 weather and traffic app, text the key word iphone or android to
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we'll see you tomorrow if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder while our people work longer hours for lower wages,
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goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all and not just the powerful few. one day you're enjoying rides, events, and up-close animal encounters at seaworld. the next, you're having fun at aquatica. for a limited time, you can buy a seaworld annual pass and get a year of aquatica for free. kick your feet up at aquatica's sandy beaches, and plunge down ihu's breakaway falls. then experience the ultimate thrill with mako, orlando's tallest, longest, fastest coaster, surfacing at seaworld this summer. get an annual pass, and play all year at both parks. two great parks, one great deal. yeyeahah, , ththatat's's r rigightht.. dedealal d diviva a cocomimingng t thrhrououghgh.. yoyou u sesee e alall l mymy b bogogosos,, mymy w weeeeklkly y adad.. jujustst w waiait t titillll y youou s seeee
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anand d brbracace e yoyoururseselflf.. ththe e didigigitatal l cocoupupononss arare e cocomimingng n nexext.t. lolookok a at t heher,r, soso p proroudud o of f heher r momommmma.a. yoyou u sasaveved d ququitite e a a bibit t totodadayy gogo a aheheadad. . sasay y itit.. chcha-a-chchining!g! ththanank k yoyouu ththe e weweekeklyly a ad,d, b bogogosos anand d cocoupuponons.s. ththreree e eaeasysy w wayays s toto s savavee atat t thehe s samame e plplacace e yoyouu loloveve t to o shshopop.. pupublblixix. . whwherere e shshopoppipingng isis a a p pleleasasurure.e. >> it may surprise you and you might not think it affects you directly but heroin is a huge problem. orange county leaders are trying to come up with a way to get a handle on it. holly bristow with what they're proposing. >> reporter: orange county has seen such a spike in ore zero -- heroin deaths that a heroin task force was formed six months ago to fight the epidemic. the task force has come up with 37 recommendations in the fight against heroin. this task force has worked to
10:40 pm
help those battling addiction. they're trying to get a drug that acts as an anti-venom for overdoses in the hands of all first responders. we're told judges are working to combat the problem by increasing bail amounts for heroin trafficking and charging some suspects federally. >> it is dangerous work to be sure, but lately it seems even more so. police in orlando are finding themselves looking the wrong way down the barrel of a gun, and the top cop has had enough. here's kate burgess. >> reporter: two different cases over the weekend where orlando police say they were forced to wrestle gun wielding suspects to the ground. tonight chief john mina says he wants the public to know how often his officers are put in potentially deadly situations. one of those cases, a man is suspected of shooting his weapon at the greyhound station, cops had to chase after him on foot and eventually tackle him at lot.
10:41 pm
take-down cops say a man had his hand on his waist where his weapon was, they had to tackle him. chief mina saying that gun crime against police officers is already on the rise this year. >> the man accused of attacking an orange county deputy outside of a wwe training facility has been ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation. he was not in court today but his attorney was. he was accused of trying to break into the orlando facility back in august. he's charged with aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, but his attorney argues he's not fit to stand trial. he has previously been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and he is due back in court on may 20th. for more on that story and the rest of the headlines, go to >> sonni: a baby shower just for the guys, when we come back. >> stay at home cats, more and more dads are becoming such a huge part of raising their children, this gives guys a really chance to get together
10:42 pm
>> sonni: after the break, we'll talk to one of the founders of the man shower website. that's a great picture. to talk about the new trend of throwing parties for dads to be. and apparently making them dress up like giant babies. >> brooks: i will not go. our forecast from central florida, it's a go. our forecast is nice, nice and
10:44 pm
10:45 pm
>> bob: i actually have to show my kids that movie. i'll give you $5,000 if you do it. learning how to be a dad and take care of a baby, it can be tough work. >> sonni: it sure can. now there's a way for dads to celebrate before all the chaos starts. get ready for the man shower. >> reporter: for years moms to be have celebrated with baby showers and now, more than ever, dads want to get in on the fun. introducing the man shower.
10:46 pm
equality is a good thing. >> reporter: showcased in photos like these in instagram. tonight they incited a debate here at cornerstone tavern. >> why wouldn't you celebrate that? >> it's a great idea. first of all, we deserve presents too. >> a baby shower is for a woman. she carries the baby. it's a big deal for her. i think it's okay to have like a joint kind of shower. >> a man shower, it takes two so the woman has her shower, the guy absolutely should have his thing going on with all his buddies. >> for craig and his college friend aaron, a man shower is more than just a good idea, it's the foundation of their business. appropriately named man shower. >> as more and more dads are stay at home dads and more and more dads are becoming such a huge part of raising their children, this gives guys a chance to really get together and celebrate a brand new baby. >> and through their website, man, the two friends are distributing the ultimately man shower party plan. >> you've got the diaper toss,
10:47 pm
baby bottle beverage slam. and all of our items in the party plan, the concept and the tool kit we give out for free, walks you through a step-by-step process for how to set up the event. >> so all that's left for you to do is invite some friends. and of course have the baby: >> bob: diaper toss sounds like a bad idea. >> sonni: only if they're clean. >> you've heard about heaven on earth, what about hell? well, one michigan man is selling his personal hell. hell, michigan, is a five-acre tourism spot john bought 14 years ago. turned it into what you might expect. everything is hell themed. so now he wants to retire, but he hopes whoever takes over will have the same passion about hell. >> it's going to take somebody that really wants to be busy, that special kind of person to -- that prefers humor in life more than anything else.
10:48 pm
he was going for. the property is listed at $900,000. included is a putt golf course, a souvenir shop, a chapel and a bar. >> sonni: you said it was in michigan? >> bob: hell michigan, specifically. >> sonni: it does freeze over then. >> brooks: that is true. >> sonni: it's going to be cold. >> brooks: everybody's got to have a hobby. that's what i get out of that. my hobby is talking about warm temperatures. >> bob: turn at the pitchfork in the road when you want to get to hell, michigan. >> brooks: right now, live radar currently is rain-free. looking good for the overnight hours. we had showers earlier today. one thunderstorm back over towards tampa. and st. pete. all that moisture did dissipate as it worked its way across the state. temperatures again today very, very warm. we should be mid to upper 70s. but as i said today, we were basically mid to upper 80s.
10:49 pm
89 in kissimmee. 89 in daytona beach. temperatures right now still very toasty in the low to mid 70s. 76 in melbourne. also in sanford and in downtown orlando. our breeze for the most part coming in mainly out of the west and southwest at about 10 to 15 miles per hour. right now downtown, we do have partly cloudy skies, 76 degrees right now. also that breeze at 10 miles per hour will ease uptown to about 5 miles per hour later tonight. pick back up to 10 to 15 tomorrow but not as strong as what he with had today, winds up to 20 and 25 miles per hour. west wind at 11. planner, temperature back up to 85 to as high as 88 in a few locations where the heat index flirting with 90 degrees. 47 in chicago. 43 in new york city. so cooler, of course, but not that cold at all. it's actually 54 in minneapolis, minnesota. 63 in kansas city. however, a new storm is going to start to take shape, and this is
10:50 pm
snow, possibly up to a foot of snow across northern wisconsin and minnesota. the developing storm, by thursday, begins to slowly work its way out to the east. look at this in the blue. that is much cooler air. not real cold air. it's getting to be a little bit late in the season for that. watch how as this low departs, the cooler, colder air comes all the way down towards us. so as we get into and through the upcoming weekend, we will be tapping into those cooler temperatures and it looks like it is going to stay with us for about the first half of the following week. so if you want some cooler air, hold tight, it's coming. 88 degrees for tomorrow. 86 on wednesday. chance for showers and storms building as we get into friday, saturday, and early sunday, with that storm system, and there's the cooldown, highs in the mid 70s by early next week. you can always get my updated planner and seven-day forecast
10:54 pm
>> no. 3, the orlando pride held sanford. the ladies professional soccer team will face eastern florida state college in a friendly on saturday in melbourne no. 2, comedian amy schumer will be performing at ucf on may 16. tickets on sale friday at 10:00 a.m. at ticketmaster. no. 1, the date is 3-14, so happy pie day. the orlando science center celebrated the mathematical constant known as pi with pieces of tasty pastry and throwing pies at the symbol. it represents the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter. and that's tonight's o-town countdown. >> sonni: a michigan uber driver accused of killing six people last month now says it was a ride sharing app that made him
10:55 pm
in interviews with police, 45-year-old jason dalton said he blames the killing on the uber app, saying, it took over his mind and body. he says the app directed him people. back on february 20th in kalamazoo, he says he would have gotten into a shootout with police but the app told him not to. a dog in polk county is without the use of her back legislation,
10:58 pm
public's help to get the >> sonni: a polk county dog needs your help to get back on all four legs. an 11-year-old pitbull mix was hit by a car six years ago and ever since the accident she's had spinal cord issues. three weeks ago she lost control of her back legs, and hasn't been able to walk. a good samaritan noticed the owner carrying the dog in a towel and wanted to help, so she called the spca. >> they had a wheelchair, and all she had to do was come down here and try to fit the dog. so i was really grateful because they help so many people. i'm sorry, i just get really emotional. and anything i can do to help a dog, i'm going to do it. >> sonni: unfortunately, the spca could not help her because it didn't have a wheelchair she could use. now they're asking for help.
10:59 pm
for this dog would cost about $350 and are asking for donations. next at 11:00, an up-close look at governor john kasich's must win race in ohio tomorrow night. >> bob: right now, a dog shot in a central florida backyard, the special needs child. and tonight a grandmother demanding some answers. new at 11:00, a florida deputy killed by a wrong way driver, and tonight how he may have others. new tonight, president bill clinton comes to town for last minute campaigning. his message to his wife's supporters for president. >> announcer: right now, on fox 35 news at 11:00. >> we'll begin with breaking news. a major road closed after a serious crash in seminole county. it happened along grant street and four floor in longwood, tracy jacim is out there with the latest. what do we know? >> reporter: i'm still out here
11:00 pm
not a whole lot has changed since the last time we spoke except that as they work on the light pole here, there are apparently now some power outages, we're being told. we're told the power outages will last for the next few hours. duke energy is working on it, though, so if you're one of those folks, you're probably not watching me, but maybe pass it on to your neighbor. look behind me there, still working on the light pole. what happened at about 7:30, 7:45, there was an accident, longwood police say involving four vehicles. they only know of two right now that -- the primary two, a mercedes and a hummer. unfortunately the driver of that mercedes was flown to ormc. quite a mess out here. you can see the light pole, the lights, and this is why 434, a few lanes, will be closed, probably at least until midnight. and in fact this entire intersection here at 434 and grant closed until midnight. it's not that heavily trafficked this time of night but you do


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