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tv   Face the Nation  CBS  January 25, 2016 1:35am-2:05am EST

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few of the headlines with you right now. malaysia under pressure to implement shariament and crucifixion. they're crucifying them. isis beheads alleged homosexuals in northern iraq.emselves, if they have an argument, not exactly the same idea about the koran, they're fighting each other. america can't risk even taking sides with this middle east confrontation. syrian archbishop: christians ' religious cleansing campaign. oh my. and isis has crucified, tortured thousands of christians in. oh this one really breaks my heart. one chchstian is martyred every five minutes, persecutionts. isis tells assyrian christians in sweden: convert of die: the caliphate is here. wow!c leader says
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terrorists. read the koran and you'll see how very peaceful we are.the koran. jack would you like to read what's in the koran? i read the koran. would you put it on the screen? now listen, this is where it's found in the koran...seize themnbelievers] wherever you find them, surah 4:89. if you encounter...those whorike their necks...behead them, surah 7:4. give firmness to the believers [muslims]: i will instill terrorearts of the unbelievers [all non - muslims]: smite them above their necks and smite all their fingertips off them, surah 8:12.n you encounter the infidels, strike off their heads...47:4. sir, your religion of peace, koran, there it is. what are you going to say?
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here on one of our newscasts atchrist as much as you, why are you picking on them. maybe some of the people do, butnd all of the quotations from the koran today. god forgive them. sura, seize them and kill them all [unbelievers] wherever you find them. they're trying to implement sharia law everywhere. is that a part of it? now remember, there are a lot of but if they read these four points under sharia law they must obey all of it. it has to do with killings. daughter if she has premarital sex and yet the guys can fly planes into the twin towers and get 72 virgins that one out? secondly you kill all homosexuals. you don't have to worry in their countries.
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own called apostates. that's why one million just in the last number of months ofnnis have killed one another because they are two different denominations. they can pray in the mosques. times a day and get out of prayer and then take a gun and kill someone because some of them believetheir leader and some of them believe it was some of his relatives. killing for that? and then you kill all infidels. and as i said as i quoted mark gabriel the great muslim convert in egypt, they've killed since the crusades 280 million christians. this book? yes, revelation 20:4, i saw the
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for the witness of jesus and forthe word of god. oh jack how we need to be praying for our brothers and sisters everywhere around the world being killed for their have you ever put your faith in the lord? have you ever opened your heart because you know he is the savior of the world? he will cleanse you ofur life. i don't care if it's drugs or alcohol or what. he'll cleanse you and forgive you. o jesus to be your savior? jack. god's promise: whosoever shall call upon the name of the lord ns 10:13. let's call. father, i thank you for speaking to my heart through jesus your son.ved and i want this jesus. come on. if you're a muslim and god spoke to you pray the prayer with me.
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thank you so much chuck absolutely! said today is on here but so much more. you know something attracted me here. how do the recent terrorist attacks of isis go with prophecy?ere: so very, very much islam explained and exposed. so please write to us today. to you. do you have a restless heart? i want to leave you with this wonderful, wonderful thought: our hearts are restless until in the lord. i guarantee that if you prayed you've been walking with the lord you're not a restless person. you have peace in your heartomorrow might bring. we'll look forward to being in your home again next week and until then please remember this no matter what: god caresso do we so
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on: welcome back. we're back with anthony salvanto director of elections here at cbs. let's go back to iowa they're going to start vote in eighte it. cruz was up nine points in
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now trump is up five. cruz has been making a lot of attacks on trump saying he's not conservative, he doesn't believe what you believe. if that would work anywhere it would seem that iowa would be the place but it's nots not. this is not necessarily an ideological election. this is about who can change things, this is he a bout who can fix things. cruz on those measures. you look at people who say they want the economy fixed. that's the number one thing's support. cruz's support is more concentrated in people who say they want a president who will defend their faith and defend their religion.nt in iowa. evangelical vote always important in iowa. but not quite large enough sled. not enough of voting block toast donald trump. plus, you add in the fact that trump has cut into cruz's lead witht
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that adds up then to that trump number.rson: what are about trump voters. >> in your interview about loyalty. he's right about that. we've been reinterviewing people on this panel.tracking over time. >> we sat here in september we talked about donald trump's support. we reinterviewed those people, they are still with him. over 909%. come to donald trump they stay there. and the other -- put that in context relative to somebody else. anybody up in the 90s anywhere close? >> no. because they have all been cruz took from carson. rubio's pulled from bush, et cetera. nobody matched that. at the same time, trump willly perhaps need to grow that base a little bit and maybe have some challenges there.
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who aren't with him as has often been the case they say they have hard time considering him. and many of be out of the mainstream. so, if he's going to get -- rest of the field were to consolidate he needs another 5 x 10% howose people. that remains i think a challenge for him. of course tush out always big challenge in iowa. we did ask people, do you know where your caucus location thing to know. and trump's people say they did. >> dickerson: if you know what the caucus is you're likely to big question for somebody who is bringing in new voters presumably. >> exactly. dickerson: let's talk about the other states that you looked florida, texas, how is it looking in other states? >> looks like rest of the nation which is lot of trump. lot of trump lead. big. in georgia he's up. and in texas he is -- ted cruz.
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a lot like what the rest of the country looks like where marcoda, of course, he's down there. competitive. but big picture here, john, is hole thing as a delicate fight that is going to go on for a few months. going to make a big deal out of iowa and new hampshire. but as we get into march theseese delegates are going to be up for grabs. and early part of february only like 5% of the delegates we're looking at here.let's switch over to the democratic side. bernie sanders it's neck and neck but bernie sanders has got theehind it. they're listening to his attacks on wall street. >> they are. i mentioned earlier that majority of democrats in iowa clinton might side with big donors over regular people. where as 91% of them feel that side with regular people over big donors. there's another part of this,
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race has gotten a little moreent days. each have been critiquing each other, marginally iowa democrats feel that bernie sandersillary clinton have been fair where as lesson hillary clinton's attacks on bernie sanders had been fair. in fact, even many clinton's supporters feel that bernie sanders makes their point about her.he have something that she does this she can hang on to that if we -- she should talk about that voters seem to be listening to when it comes to her? >> absolutely. when you look at the people who want most of all to win in november, they are overwhelmingly with her. like 75%. but alsoants to shake up the system, bernie sanders gets those voters. who wants to get progressive things done, bernie sanders gets those voters.eral iowa and new
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appeal. that's what bolstering him at this point.bility suggests there is a realistic mindset among democrats they're trying -- hillary clinton camp trying to paint bernie sanders as too idealistic, tooy. >> for her voters that's working. they actually ask this, they actually see bernie sanders as where as his voters do see him as realistic. they fall into this. well. he's doing well across very broad spectrum of voters, of course young people to your point they might be first time voters. and o have to watch here as always is turn out. if his support is too concentrated in eastern iowa, this is a delegate fight, watch they should note that in iowa, you're competing for delegates all across the
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one totally focused on iness. the true partnership where people,technology and ideas ard. accelerating innovation. accelerating transformation. hewlett packard enterprise. >> dickerson: now for some analysis, ruth marcus is columnist for the "washington post." matt lewis is a senior contributor for the "daily new book. nancy cordes our congressional
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with the "washington post."tart with you. start with cruz and trump. what is the nature of that conflict right now with eight days to go before they start voting in iowa. >> it's those guys are populous conservatives. the establishment, not even establishment versus grass roots thing these forve kind of grass roots guys. they're really two heavy weights duking it out over iowa. had to pet right now i'd still go with ted cruz in iowa because of the ground game because he fits so well with the evangelical thithey hug each other for so long and refused to throw punches, i wonder if ted cruz might have been getter throwing punches at such a rate, since i started talking, they're not other polls are showing. >> they're not. because he's announcing that
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establishment which is hard case to make when theent most of this campaign being openly horrified by trump. and so, yes, to the extent that they're now supportive of trump than cruz that's, a, because ted cruz isrump might be better winning over some in a general election than cruz. but it's not as if they areg donald trump against cruz. idea it is weird we had this last week. we're used to endorsements but there are much morean i have seen. the anti-doorsment of cruz from number of republican senators. and then you also then had national review, ed,orsing donald trump. what's going on here? >> i think people panicking. i think 134where were you months ago. you should have done this in october or november.
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before the caucus, there's a it's pretty clear, two-guy race, two people that establishment republicans cannot stand they're going to have to live -- >> play good were calling out donald trump earlier. but i don't think that they really took him seriously enough. in fact lot of them empower themio host, rush limbaugh would really help by ignoring trump in some cases, this monster brewing now too him. >> i'm not sure it's too late to stop him. i do think it's important for us to understand, we're talking about two different republican actually i hate to disagree about conservatives with matt but i think trump and cruz are two very different republican conservative establishment, encapsulated, epitomized by the national review that we saw rising up ag a true conservative. and then we have the lack of
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establishment, because they were all stuck at home in the snow the day talking to them. they are much more horrified by cruz than by trump because cruz would take them down a road of conservatism in the party. that trump would not. would have -- trump would have some potential, a, to be elected. b, toate voters because he is a much less mainstream movement conservative candidate than is ted cruz.nancy, you know the hill well, you've covered it, bob dole and former majority leader trent lott.nald trump might make some deals in washington, he might work, explain this among ted cruz and hislk about the establishment in washington lot of the establishment figures are
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>> what really angers them thatade even the most conservative members of the senate look insufficiently conservative to their own voters. they feel that he has sold tea bill of goods in the sense that he railed against congress saying, they're not being true to you, they could be doing this, they could be if they wanted to. they could defund planned parenthood if they wanted to they're not doing it because they're afraid. say, we'd love to do that but just not legislatively possible. beyond that, beyond the fact that they think that he he essentiallys they feel that he did it for his own self-interest to raise money and that his party. >> both i'd logical and personal.the other conservative establishment has about trump i think is very valid and real, which is, listen to his
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definition of conservatism. what didn't he mention? limited government. the essence of themovement he never mentioned at all. by the way, for him to like enhim toll is ronald reagan i what ronald reagan in heaven is thinking about the guy putting up with vladimir putin. andome more basis than others. >> dickerson: let's talk about the other candidates not named trump and cruz. what is the state that have conversation? >> subdrama going on underneath really among one senator and three governors in new really reflect. idea now that you've got john kasich, chris christie and jeb bushy senn shelly running forwers might think why does that matter? realistically perhaps only four people are going to be able to get out much new hampshire and
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he was saying earlier there's real jump ball among republicans who want to find a more main line or establishmentan, some voters described it to their facesa grown up republican, to continue on. with the idea that come marchil there are races out there that those governors could do better in if the other three guys, chiefly trump, cruz, senator marco rubio well. >> dickerson: there's old cliche you can't beat something with nothing. we ha had the anti-endorsements, people are clear about who they don't like. that they do like, that they have been able to rally around, single alternative to trump and cruz? >> absolutely. there's this weird phenomenon my bookb to fail" for a reason. it's because we have this weird situation, if you say something dumb or crazy you go up in the polls.erverse incentive and moral hazard to do that, people are much more responsible
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vein of ronaldody like marco rubio, he is -- he's on the edge, he's sort of like football team who doesn'tn destiny. he can still make it into the super bowl but he needs some different things to fall. but if people coalesced around be in better position for that. >> dickerson: ruth, we're hearing some of the people he can wait florida and ohio voting. delegate mass does get better for some candidates within they can win those later, winner takes long time after voting begins. >> i think i have few words to that which is with president by which i mean, you cannot discount the significance ofolitics. if that's their argument, that's not the argument i'd want to be making.
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the anti-trump vote. also there's anti-cruz vote. for a big segment evenrimary electorate. inability to coalesce and anybody of these guys to elbowthe field. that's going to happen. but, boy, waiting to catch fire, that's a tough one. >> this is thing that peopleber. the first four, iowa, new hampshire, south carolina, nevada. we have march 15th in the distance but everything that causing all this broker conventions the idea that someone like cruz can still prevail you have all these states in the south where contests people pick up these very slowly across the south and in texas. that is why there's so much concern still about scatter shotthis race, if you don't have three or four guys solidly competing eventually
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why you might see this really situation. >> the trump numbers in florida, webber take all. >> dickerson: we'll be back in moment we'll talk aboutstick with
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