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tv   Cleveland 19 News This Morning  CBS  February 1, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> tia: some call him johnny vegas and billy manziel. we're talking about johnny manziel this morning. he puts another black mark on the browns organization. all eyes are on berea today as fans wait to see if there's any fallout. monday night could be a historic night for this country. >> brian: the iowa caucuses are today, but one notable candidate
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he's campaigning hundreds of miles away. >> tia: the storm system that made for slick roads and contributed to this 29-car pileup in nevada county, california will impact our weather next. this major winter storm will affect us in the way of rain. good morning. it's monday. we made it. february 1st. i'm tia ewing. >> brian: we make it on friday. we don't make it on monday. >> tia: no, it's a great way to start it over. if you want a clean slate, this is the way to do it. it's monday, february 1st. let's do this. >> brian: wow. the glass is definitely half-full over here. i'm brian duffy. sam, tia's on fire over here. >> samantha: if this tv thing doesn't work out, there's motivational speaking, which why fabulous. everybody is looking fabulous
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>> brian: you're all blue. >> samantha: great minds think alike. time is 6:02. it is 40 in cleveland, it's very mild. you'll notice that from cleveland to sandusky we're not reporting any rain, no snow. it's so warm out there. 41 right now in canton. we had some rain overnight. linger. i think these will clear out throughout the day. hey, the big story in the world of national weather is this big blizzard that's currently taking shape over the four corners. that will be impacting places like denver today, and then it will lift off toward the north and east impacting the plains states tomorrow. there are a lot of winter weather alerts associateded with this, and they extend from california up into places like southern minnesota into
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that's over 1800 miles of winter weather alerts. so how will this system impact us? we'll talk about it coming up in a few minutes. for now we have to get you out the door. laura, how are we looking out on the roads? >> laura: not too bad. a couple of slow spots or areas. some highways and some off the highways. we'll talk about the off-highway spots in a few moments. outside this is over on the west side. we have an accident at i-90 eastbound at west boulevard. the left lane is blocked due to the accident. traffic flowing by a bit slower, 34 miles per hour. we're very, very light in traffic this morning. just 6:03 right now, so i don't expect it to be a huge damper on the morning commute. i want you to be aware as you head out the door. across the map looking all green except for the one spot we were looking at, i-90 eastbound as bridge. now.
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28-minute drive from elyria headed towards cleveland and akron to cleveland, 37 minutes straight up 77. we'll take a look at that right up 77 in about ten minutes. tia. >> tia: time is 6:04. we're waiting for details into a double homicide in elyria. we were on the scene last night after it happened. this is an apartment complex near the midway mall of. there were two bodies found in an suv, but police have yet to tell us how they were killed. >> brian: this morning at 2:59 the deadline to sign up for health care under the affordable care act passed. if you didn't sign up, you could be facing at least $700 in fines. the price for being uninsured has more than doubled this year, it cost 325 bucks for adults without coverage this last year. this year it costs 695. we explain how it works coming up in about a half-hour. this time tomorrow we will know which candidates iowa
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party's presidential nomination. >> tia: the iowa caucuses are today and presidential contenders are all over the hawkeye state this morning looking for last-minute support. >> it all doesn't matter if you don't caucus on monday. >> if everyone in this room brings nine additional people to caucus on monday night, we will win the iowa caucuses. >> the other thing i want to say about the people of iowa, and i've been deeply impressed by this, i think iowans understand that they have a very unique process. >> for those of you still thinking about this, weighing your options, i hope i'll be able to persuade you. >> tia: the process kicks off at 7:00 p.m. central time, so you'll have to wait patiently for the results. keep this in mind. iowa's six electoral votes have gone to the winning president in the last three elections.
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missing in iowa this morning is ohio governor john kasich. he's conceding in iowa for the most part even though he won't admit that. that doesn't mean he doesn't like his chances to win the republican nomination. q., governor kasich is riding the momentum of another huge endorsement over the weekend. >> q.: governor kasich is actually campaigning in new hampshire where his numbers are very strong. now, he's already been endorsed by "the boston globe." week. over the weekend, "the new york times" enforsed him as well. he said it adds up as a really good feeling as the formal process for picking a new president begins. >> we feel very, very good. i've been endorsed by search out of the eight newspapers in new hampshire. "the boston globe" and "the new york times" and last night i got "the quad cities newspaper," is the third largest in iowa. we feel good about what's happening up here.
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he's in second place in new hampshire. he said the feedback he's getting from people is he's the conservative with a broad appeal. coming up in the next half-hour, we'll let him tell which former president he thinks he most resembles in about 30 minutes. >> brian: thanks very much. keep it on cleveland 19 for continuing coverage of the election nomination process on air and online. we have reports from iowa throughout the day including the results on "cleveland 19 news" at 9:00 and 10:00 on cle43 and back on cleveland 19 at 11:00. today cleveland police take the first stems in revises the use of policy. the independent monitoring team responsible for overseeing the department's reform efforts smits a plan to a federal judge to lay out the changes the first year. the first year plan will create a policing model that emphasizes closer ties with the community and provides a policy on how
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their jobs free of prejudice. >> brian: the village of sebring made a change to the bottled water distribution protocol. all sebring water customers can receive bottled water unless your home or business has been tested and found out okay. as for the situation in sebring, two ohio e pa employees were put on paid administrative leave for the roles in the crisis. officials say the agency knew as far back as october there were unsafe levels of lead in the water system. in chagrin falls, gurney elementary is waiting to get water test results back for possible elevated levels of lead. the school is open and students are being given bottled water to use. the school says it expects the results back on wednesday. johnny manziel is back in the spotlight again literally. the spotlight of a search helicopter. how about that? that's incredible. for his latest off the field drama. >> tia: according to a police
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possibly assaulted his ex-girlfriend. nichole vrsansky is live outside firstenergy stadium with details on what happened over the weekend. nikki. >> nichole: johnny manziel was not arrested, and according to the police report in fort worth he got into a fight with his girlfriend and a helicopter was used to locate him. officers called to an apartment around 2:00 a.m. on saturday. manziel's ex-girlfriend was there. johnny manziel was not. she said the two got into a fight earlier that night in dallas. the police report noted that a possible assault had taken place. dallas police were also notified. the 23-year-old woman was not cooperative with police but did say she was concerned about manziel's well-being, and that set up off this search for manziel, including the use of a helicopter to locate him. they did find him. he was safe. police determining whether any criminal charges will be filed. this, of course, comes after a
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this is just the latest incident back in october, that roadside incident with the girlfriend. we're not sure if this is the same girl we're talking about here. of course, missing the last game of the season because of a concussion but spotted in vegas as billy manziel disguise with blonde wig. many browns fans say this is the last straw. they're fed up with manziel. they started a movement on twitter. johnny-free february. we tell you about that coming up next. live outside firstenergy stadium, nichole vrsansky, cleveland 19. >> tia: johnny may be history. >> brian: it's interesting to see what they'll do. a lot of people think the browns will wait until the league year starts to see if they can trade him and get something for him instead of just cutting him. you can't blame the browns. >> tia: not with all this drama. too much. >> brian: it is. the major winter storm moving through the midwest will bring rain to northeast ohio. >> tia: bring out the umbrella, sam. >> samantha: you will need it
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very early on wednesday morning. we'll talk about that in just a moment. for today you're not going to deal with any rain. it's 40 in cleveland right now, and it's very mild. it's dry outside. but again, that rain comes in tomorrow. i'm going to time it all out for you when we come back. >> tia: next, what health officials may do today to help to curb the spread of the zika virus. stay with us.
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time is 6:14 on your monday morning. officials with the world health organization meet in geneva today to discuss ways to combat
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the virus has been linked to a require birth defect in south america. officials are considering whether to declare the zika virus a global emergency. >> brian: tragedy in san diego. a man was killed in his car when the wind. the tree landed on his car. instantly. three other parked cars were also damaged by the tree. no one else was hurt. that was just one of many trees blown over in a powerful winter storm, which is moving towards the midwest right now. at at one point this morning more than 120,000 people had no electricity from downed power lines in southern california. at last check about 40,000 are still in the dark. there's nasty weather across the country that could affect other people as it moves. >> samantha: everything moves from west to east typically, so you see the bad stuff out west, you have to wonder we're next
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we're tracking the potential for some inclement weather here closer to home. here's the one that we're really watching for you. this is a model that's going to take us through time. we want to show you the next weather maker. right now all the mess is out over the four corners and in the rockies. as we go through the day and into today, all this snow and a little bit of rain is going to work its way off towards the east. by tomorrow it's our friends in the plains states and into the upper midwest that feel the impacts of this storm. so what about us here in northeast ohio? are we going to see any snow? well, i don't think so. here's the forecast model through time tomorrow afternoon. you can see that as we approach the evening hours, we start to see that rain moving in. it may be heavy at times. all the wintery weather, of course, off to the north and off to our west. we are on the warm side of things with this one. that's your next big weathe maker. right now things are pretty
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a whole lot of nothing out there as the overnight rain has moved out. maybe a little patchy drizzle early on. of course, that wouldn't be picked up by the radar beam, but that shouldn't last much longer. it will be a dry day for us. it's pretty mild right now. we have a lot of 40s out there and drop into the upper 30s and pretty much stay there throughout the day. by 3:00 expect temperatures around 39. no rain through the afternoon. in fact, we may see a little bit of sunshine peeking out as we get deeper into the day. clouds move back in for us tonight after we see some clearing late in the day. we become overcast night and fall to about 29, so it would be colder tonight than it was last night. then throughout the day tomorrow i think we could even see a few more peeks of sun. most of tomorrow we're problem-free. look at that high tomorrow. 52 degrees, and i know you're busy trying to get things done this morning, but you have to
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how warm we are for tuesday. there will be rain moving in at night as we just talked about, and that will hang around through wednesday morning. i'll have a look at your full seven-day forecast before the top of the hour. we'll talk about the weekend, so stay close. laura. >> laura: we're looking outside right now, and it doesn't look to be much of a problem this morning. early this morning still, of course, but we're very light in traffic, so we're not seeing a lot of issues. here is one spot i do want to mention. this actually happened last week, but the issue is sort of sticking with us a little bit. this is a water main break on west 106th between madison and western. here's where we're talking over on the west side north of i-90. that closure is in effect until early next week, so the alternate is to use west 105th instead. across the main map here, no big issues. you start to slow down as you pass by the steelyard. looks like that issue with the accident near west boulevard,
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we're back to 60 miles per hour in the area. then let's glance over at the drive times. if you drive out the door leaving from mentor right now, 20-minute drive is what you have ahead of you and 19 minutes from north olmstead and headed downtown. elyria to cleveland looks like a 20-minute drive and akron to cleveland right on time, 38 minutes. tia. >> tia: we are sharing the reasons sleeping naked may provide you with a better night's sleep. it improves our quality of sleep because it helps to kweep your body cooler, which is the body's natural tendency, right? wearing heavy flannel pajamas could disrupt that. sam wears those. a study conducted by the u.s. national institutes of health found that keeping yourself cool while you sleep speeds the body's metabolism and causes us to burn more calories and may improve circulation as well. in the next half hour we tell you about a study that found people who sleep naked may actually have better
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know, that says about how you view yourself. body image. if you're sleeping in the buff, chances are you walk past a mirror on your way probably to bed. so that -- seriously. >> brian: you seem to know a lot about this. >> tia: okay. time is 6:20. you got me to just cut it off. lebron james does not make many mistakes on the court, but you guys kind of have something in common. >> brian: who? >> tia: you and lebron. read this part. >> brian: whatever. the wardrobe malfunction the other night. you're going to force me to tell this story.
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>> tia: i'm is 6:23. a process at nasa glenn research center could make air travel more environmentally friendly in the future. scientists are working on developing a hybrid plane
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operates on fossil fuels and electricity. right now there's no timetable for when people will fly the hybrid airplanes. facebook and instagram now ban private gun sellers. they say licensed firearms retailers can still post about their services, but they can't sell any weapons. they will remove any content that violates the new policy. >> brian: tribe fest was a great success over the weekend. the fan event sold out. the indians also announced four players will be inducted into the team hall of fame. albert bell and jim thome are getting the nod. a fourth member, the 1920 world series team outfielder charlie jamieson. how about this funny moment in the cavs game over the weekend. somehow lebron started the game with the wrong drawers on. the entire team has the gold
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lebron has a pair of gold shorts with the cavs c and the sword. >> i dintino it -- didn't notice it. they came to me and told me to change shorts during the time-out. i never realized it. i seen a yellow top and bottom. i never got -- we have a couple different yellow uniforms now, so i will check from now on. >> who told you? what? lebron. >> tia: it is really funny. >> brian: i don't think you can get a technical foul or anything like that. what are you going to do? no big deal. >> tia: it's happened to all of us. >> brian: happens to the best of us. >> tia: it happened to him at the gym. i reveal little by little every hour. we only wish johnny manziel's issues were that small. we show you what fans are doing that they hope will drive the qb
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>> brian: we'll see. she won't do it around here, but we'll introduce you to a little baby that certainly knows her way around a snowboard. sam. >> samantha: she'll have to do that somewhere else, right? we're not seeing any wintery weather today. we have a low-impact weather drive in for you. about a 2 out of 10 simple y because we have we had roads. that's all that will impact you on the morning drive. the rain from last night has moved out, and we're sitting around 40 right now. i'll have your full forecast for
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>> brian: new this morning, johnny manziel may have lost whatever fan support he had left. we'll tell you what some fans will not do until the browns quarterback is off the team. >> tia: delegates are the key to claiming both the republican and democratic nominations for president, and the battle to win them starts today at the iowa caucuses. >> brian: and the storm system that caused flooding and a muddy mess out west just may bring us some rain here in northeast ohio
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>> tia: the good news is we won't see the same intensity as they did out there. good morning. it's monday, february 1st. i'm tia ewing. us. january in the rear-view mirror. that's nice. one month of winter, and it wasn't foo too bad, right, sam? january for around here, that was a great january. >> samantha: it was nice. >> tia: get it out, brian. geez. >> samantha: he's awe-struck month. the end of the month and the last couple of days it's been great out there. today not bad either. cool as you might expect for this time of the year. we're looking live outside now over downtown cleveland. background. beautiful as always. you may have woken up late last night hearing the rain outside your window. that rain is gone, so that won't impact the morning drive. our temperatures are pretty mild right now, but they will fall
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and then we're right back to spring by tomorrow. kind of a weird weather week. there's a lot of temperature fluctuations. pick a season, right? spring, winter. we got it all for you this week. we're in the upper 30s and lower 40s now. it's 38 in elyria. checking in at 40 in cleveland, the warmer spots to the south, dover, new philly and 43. you have colder air moving into the area. our numbers are actually going to be dropping a little bit throughout the morning. mainly mid-30s by about 10:00. then we only warm up into the upper 30s. again, that rain from last night, that's gone. we have bone-dry conditions out there this morning. although i don't know about you. maybe you haven't been outside yet, but if you have you stepped outside very early this morning. you might have noticed that there was almost a little bit of sultriness to the air. well, cooler, drier air is coming in for the afternoon. we talk about it coming up in just a few minutes. laura.
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flowing nicely this morning. you look at 77 and 480 there. of course, 480 eastbound coming right towards me as i walk into the screen here. no issues out there right now. the highways look free and clear. that accident over on the west side near west boulevard near i-90 eastbound cleared away. that's good news on i-90. this situation still exists with that downed pole at snow road eastbound near pearl road. snow road eastbound is closed off because that downed pole is across the roadway, and of course crews are working to get that situation all fixed and the power back on in the area. now. as we look across the wide map, not much of an issue. we move well on the highways. a slower sport on i-71 just beyond the steelyard. once you get past that, it's way. no issues through linndale and brooklyn.
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they're all in the green. we're not quite in rush hour. brian. >> brian: thank you. if you don't have health care coverage this morning, you could owe a big-time fine for the government. this morning at 2:59 the deadline to sign up for obamacare, that insurance has passed. if you aren't insured, there are still ways to get coverage. you could qualify for a essential enrollment period. all the information you need to know is on for every month you do not have health care, the government income. an entire year without insurance will cost you a minimum now of 696 bucks per adult, 347 $347 minimum per child. if your household income is higher than $83,000 the fee is 2.5% of the household income. >> tia: they're calling for snow in iowa later today, which could impact the caucuses. iowa voters begin the formal process of choosing a new president today. >> brian: the candidates spend
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lobbying for a little last-minute support. let's go to -- >> brings nine other people to the caucuses tomorrow night, we will win the caucuses tomorrow and we will win the nomination and win the general election in november 2016. >> voter violation. it's like an official document sent to people in iowa. that is really terrible. it's a fraud. >> together we're going to create an economy that works for all of us, not just the 1%. >> i will stand up and fight for you every single day of this campaign, and then when we win i will fight for you in the white house. >> tia: on the republican side, trump leads polls with 28%, while clinton leads the democrats polling at 48%. >> brian: all eyes are on iowa today, but one notable presidential contender is looking further down the road to new hampshire. cleveland 19's q. mccray joins
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governor john kasich is not even in iowa this morning? >> q.: yeah. it's part of his master plan to win it all he says. this morning governor john kasich is actually campaigning in new hampshire where his numbers are really strong. he's already been endorsed by "the boston globe," and over the weekend "the new york times" endorsed him as well. he said "the times" describes him as a conserve i have with broad appeal. he likens himself to a former president informant '80s who made a name for himself in and out of the oval office. >> as a conservative with tone, with experience, with bringing people together, my judgment is that it sends a signal that this may be somebody who can do the kind of things that reagan did in putting his coalition together in 1980. >> q.: kasich says the difference between he and president reagan is that eeps not a celebrity. he says he's not well-known but has a really good feeling heading into the formal election process because he has the
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newspapers and the support of iowa's third largest paper. brian. >> brian: thanks. keep it on cleveland 19 for continuing coverage on air and online. we'll have reports from iowa throughout the day including the results as they come in on the cleveland 19 mobile app. >> tia: it's a special day at the canton police department. today is k-9 officer tuko's first day on the job. he's a 14-year-old german shepherd from hungary. officer davis trained with three k-9 officers before selecting tuko to be his new partner. he lost jethro last month during an armed robbery at a grocery store. johnny manziel is being investigated for a second domestic dispute in less than four months. his ex-girlfriend called police in fort worth, texas saying he assaulted her and was concerned with johnny's well-being.
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track manziel down. they found him unharmed, and right now there are no charges. the browns, they have yet to make any comments on johnny's alleged assault and run-in with police. >> brian: they're not going to. don't wait for it. there are plenty of browns fans that don't want to hear it anymore and they are done this morning some are going to social media to start a movement to ban all conversation about johnny football. we go live to nichole vrsansky. tell us about this #jff. >> john: >> nichole: this is johnny-free february. it's a new movement on twitter. hundreds of following. #jff, johnny-free february. take a look. the user that started this johnny-free february urging supporters not to tweet about manziel and not to talk about
6:33 am
february or until he is no longer a brown. the user goes by mcneil@reflog underscore 18. right now more than 700 people are supporting this movement that he started. that number is growing. one of the comments from his supporters. cst cam says, raise your hand if you're joining. you see a picture of lebron, kyrie and kevin love with their hands up. another supporter with this picture of a candlelight vigil. saying #jff supporters waiting for johnny to be cut. the new coach hue jackson hasn't said much about johnny, but he said that talent is important to him and so is character. the earliest browns could release manziel is february 8th, so a week from today. a day after the super bowl. that's when the waiver system starts. the earliest they could trade him is march 9th. that's when the new nfl year begins.
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out to me, can you not say his name in live shots? can you just use you know who in live shots? there you have it. live at firstenergy stadium, nichole vrsansky, cleveland 19. >> tia: you know who? that's everybody. >> brian: that's right. let's talk super bowl now. we're six days from the showdown between denver and caroline a right here. a new survey says that americans rank the time before the super bowl as the best time to buy that new tv. the survey shows of those that will buy a new tv this year, 25% will buy a tv pre-super bowl. only 18% buy their new tv during the black friday sales. 55% of buyers will spend more than 500 bucks or more on their new tv. >> tia: if you look to put together a menu for your super bowl party, there's one item that has to make the list. chicken wings, of course.
6:35 am
a new national study says americans will consume 1.3 billion chicken wins during super bowl 50. that's up 3% from last year. coming up on cle43 at around 7:00ish, we have someone on talking about some of the super bowl teasers that are out. of course, one of them we have to talk about is from quicken loans. that will be an interesting one. >> brian: they leak the commercials now before the actual game, which i think kind of takes -- they want to get the bang for their buck, but it takes the fun out of it, i think. don't you? >> tia: i think so. people like them. they look forward to them. they're shot. they don't give you everything. we have people from the low ad agency brokaw here. that will be interesting. northeast ohio spared once again by mother nature. no snow in our forecast. >> brian: that's right. there is snow out west, and this little one absolutely loves it. she's barely a year old.
6:36 am
but she can snowboard. sam. >> samantha: too cute. the time is 6:40. can you believe that tomorrow is already groundhog day? so if the groundhog sees his shadow, we get six more weeks of winter. no shadow, we get an early spring. it really doesn't matter, right? tomorrow is going to feel like spring anyway. we'll talk about it and how long
6:37 am
>> brian: good morning, everyone. we have a little dancing going on here. get us moving.
6:38 am
a look at downtown cleveland's skyline on your monday morning. thank you so much for starting your day with us. we really appreciate it, and we hope to see you again tomorrow. this el nino weather isn't bringing a whole lot of rough weather our way, but i got to tell you in california they are getting hammered, and they may be seeing the worst of it at all. interstate 80 near the nevada/california border is back open this morning after a 25-car pileup shut it down for three hours. you see the snow piles up, and there's more in the forecast today. you wouldn't hear this little lady complaining about the snow, she's 14 months old. this is video from park city, utah. that's what you do there. it's currently making the rounds on social media. her parents have their fingers crossed that sloan has a few olympic medals in her future.
6:39 am
let me write that down if i ever have a little girl, sloan. i like that one. >> brian: you're saving that piece of paper? >> tia: yeah. no snow here? we need snow i guess. >> samantha: yeah, we're running a little bit behind compared to average, so we could use a little bit of snow. i know a lot of folks want to play in it, you know? there hasn't been much to play in. got a couple of chances and talk about it in a few minutes. here's what we see right now. good morning in ashland, 39. massillon is at 41. so it's pretty mild for this time of the year when our average overnight lows or early morning temperatures are in the low 20s. we're way above that by like 20 degrees in some spots. vermilion, good morning to you. we're in the mid-30s. it's 38 in lorain, elyria, westlake in the upper 30s. so you can expect a pretty mild start for this time of year. we're socked in with cloud cover. there won't be much in the way of sunshine early this morning,
6:40 am
you'll notice on the radar loop here that we had some rain overnight very early this morning. that is long gone, and rain won't be an issue for the rest tomorrow. we talk about that momentarily. for today you don't need the umbrella. we're done with the morning rain. i think we'll see a little bit of sun breaking out this afternoon and our highs have technically already happened. we continue to cool into the 30s for the rest of the morning, and then if we get a little sun we may be able to bump it back up to near 40. pretty much in the 30s all day. a little breeze out there. that may make it feel cooler, and the winds relax tonight and we fall down to 29 by early tomorrow morning. we cloud back up tonight, but we call it a blend of clouds and sun through the day tomorrow. you got to take a look at this like total turn-around from today to tomorrow. 38 this afternoon, 52 tomorrow,
6:41 am
until tomorrow evening. for most of the day we're in the 40s. rain comes in tomorrow night and we might see a few thunderstorms or at least rumbles of thunder. we keep a close eye on that. won't that be weird? i told you earlier in the show it would be a weird weather week. that rain hangs around through wednesday morning. that's why we issued a weather alert if you'll be traveling tuesday night into wednesday morning, that morning drive will feature some showersful we drop back into the 30s for the rest of the forecast. now, there's a small shot for some lake-effect on thursday, but the chance is really small. your snow chances go up by early next week. we're closely watching what may be a pretty good chance of snow, but still far out, laura, so a lot to watch. >> laura: that's not usually what we're typically talking about in february. it's february now. believe it or not. thanks for joining us this morning. as we near closer to rush hour, we aren't dealing with any real
6:42 am
just by the airport, traffic is moving very freely through the area. as we look across the wide map, you see the same picture, only real yellow areas where you move slower is that section of i-71 northbound as you go around the metro curve there moves a wee bit slower. over on the east side from route 2 to i-90 looks on time. 50 to 60 miles per hour and the rest of the way towards dead man's curve we take that part of the route. you make that final stretch in downtown and that looks fine this morning. no big issues on the roadways. mentor to cleveland, 28 minutes and 22 minutes to north olmstead. we will take one more look at the drive times in a few minutes. guys. >> tia: a gutsy move by a woman from florida. she forced a police officer to pull over, and then called him out for speeding. this is in miami. the woman started to follow the cop when he passed her on the highway. her dash cam rolling the entire time.
6:43 am
officer's attention, and he pulls over. she wanted to know why in the world was he speeding. >> i thought you had an emergency or something. everything fine? >> no, everything is fine. you're speeding. >> i apologize. i'll be sure to slow down, then. >> tia: this video was posted on facebook getting thousands of views and is now prompting an internal police investigation. okay. >> brian: all morning long we share the reasons sleeping naked may provide you with a better night's sleep. so far we have learned sleeping in the buff improves the quality of sleep because it helps to keep your body cooler which is according to the experts is the optimal way to sleep. wearing heavy flannel pajamas could disrupt that. researchers say sleeping naked makes you more comfortable in your own skin. as your comfort with your body increase, so is it your self-esteem and your confidence.
6:44 am
>> brian: why is that? >> tia: if you're bold enough to sleep naked, you could have a knock at the door. you're walking past mirrors in the house. you must feel confident within your body image. it makes sense to me. just think about it. >> brian: okay. >> tia: all it takes is to think about it. i don't know anything personally about it. time is 6:51. it's super bowl week, sp some of the ads you will see during the game have already been leaked. >> brian: they have. i don't know if i like that. coming up in the 7:00 hour on cle43, we'll show you a couple of them and we'll get an expert opinion from a local advertising executive. sam. >> samantha: all right. overnight and early morning rain is gone. are we doing this tease or not in it's cloudy outside. the rain has moved out. pretty quiet day in the forecast. 6:51.
6:45 am
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6:47 am
now it's time for "the buzz" sponsored by national carpet mill outlet. >> brian: it is february 1st, meaning it's also the beginning of black history month. >> tia: the rock 'n roll hall of fame is celebrating all month long with a series of events including concerts, panel discussions and even a movie screening. you can look for info regarding black history month on our website, that's we're also doing something here every wednesday to highlight an african-american person in our community who everyone should know. with less than a month to go before the oscars, hollywood's actors honored peers at saturday's screen actor guild awards. dicaprio who already won a golden globe and a critic's choice award for his role in "the revenant" was the top male actor. leo has yet to win an oscar.
6:48 am
it. the nfl pro bowl was last night. laura watched it for some reason. larry barnidge made a catch and that's all he did. joe thomas made a couple of tackles after his quarterback threw interceptions. team irvin, i think that's michael irvin went on to beat team jerry rice 49-27. >> tia: as you head out the before you go. a special day at the canton police department. today is k-9 officer tuko's first day on the job. of course, we will be there for that. >> brian: an update from sebring. bottled water distribution protocol. if your water is coming out okay, you will not get free bottled water from sebring officials. sam, pretty nice today, not bad? >> samantha: pretty quiet. that rain from overnight is gone. >> brian: excellent.
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