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tv   Cleveland 19 News at Noon  CBS  February 1, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> laura: we begin with a developing story out of elyria. police are investigating a double homicide there. >> "q": yes, they are. officers were called to an apartment complex on fox hill lane near midway mall. they found the bodies of a man and woman there inside a rented plates. death. police have not released their names yet. >> laura: a not guilty plea to vehicular homicide charges. police say he was drunk when he struck and killed two pedestrians walking along lost nation road in willoughby hills on saturday. he is also being held on $50,000 bond. two engineering students at
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with the abduction and murder of a 13-year-old girl. >> police discovered the 13-year-old's body on the side of a north carolina road. authorities believe virginia tech freshman david eisenhower abducted and murdered the girl. another student, 19-year-old natalie keepers, has been charged with helping eisenhower get rid of her body. >> eisenhower and nichole were acquainted prior to disappearance. he used it to his advantage to abduct and kill her. >> her family believes she climbed out of her bedroom window after blocking door with a dresser. a poster noted she required daily medication following a liver transplant. friday, her father issued a desperate plea for her daughter's return. >> if you are out there, you can come to me. i'm not mad at you. i'm worried about you. >> her facebook page shows she was a member of at least one
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unclear if she met eisenhower on line. >> i will personally not stop until i reach my peak performance. >> reporter: sunday, virginia state police searched a pond of virginia tech's campus, though it it's unclear for what. online, lovell's father shared his devastation writing i'm so in shock i know nothing more to say. i'm broken. now the results of an autopsy are pending and authorities are trying to reconstruct a time line into nichole's disappearance and death. >> laura: police say they have received 300 tips in connection with the case. >> "q": we showed you this video last week and police have now made two arrests after a woman was robbed at gunpoint outside the great northern mall. 41-year-old kevin kitchens --
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25-year-old monte williams are both in custody. police believe they may be responsible for a series of armed robberies. >> laura: the justice center in downtown cleveland was forced to shut down at noon today. now the court administrated blames it on an issue with the water pressure there. crews are diagnosing the problem and most court operations have been canceled but cleveland municipal court wants everyone to know they are still planning traffic arraignments for this afternoon. >> "q": a stark county man has seven years to dry out after being convicted of his 11th drunk driving charge. paul witzel we are talking about. he plead guilty in a canton courtroom this morning. he was more than three and a half times the legal limit when he was arrested in massillon back in october. also in stark county, canton canine. this is a positive story. job. he spent the morning at the canine training field. we have a crew in canton at the training field and we will bring you more about his first day
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>> laura: sunday morning we told you about a southern ohio police officer who is retiring. now, he wants to keep his canine, but the city says he can't. well, matt hickey retired from the marietta police department last week and thought he could purchase his canine partner for $3900 when he retired but the city said ajax is city property and would have to be auctioned off to the highest bidder. his story has received international attention. a go fund me page was set up to help him buy ajax from the city. so far it's raised about $58,000. >> it shows how much a community can be brought together and how much they enjoy our law enforcement. >> seeing this, is' like -- my goodness, i am so wrong. there is so much good out there and there are so many kind people. and so many people that want to see a wrong righted. >> laura: there sure are. an auction date has not yet been
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able to purchase ajax, the remaining money raised will go to other canine units to purchase bullet proof vests for the dogs. all right. well, check out this video. a spectacular fire in california.
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>> reporter: marco rubio stopped at a des moines cracker barrel with his kids this morning. he's polling in third place. >> we will be stumping hard for you tonight. >> thank you. >> ted cruz is counting on an army of supporters to pull off an upset. >> the strength of this campaign is over 12,000 volunteers here in the state of iowa. >> reporter: republican party officials expect a record turnout tonight. that may bode well for donald trump. >> if it's big on the republican side, that means these first-time voters that like donald trump have come out and turned out to caucus. >> democrat bernie sanders is voters. >> we need tens of millions of people to stand up and say loudly and clearly -- enough is >> sanders and hillary clinton are in a virtual tie. >> i am a little bit scared up, but i'm still standing and, i think that kind of experience will really do me well in this campaign.
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winter storm could impact voter turnout tonight. >> "q": a new poll shows 45% of the republican voters in iowa say they could still change their minds about who they are going to support tonight. >> laura: all right. the election to fill a legislative seat in canada include as candidate named -- none of the above. you can't make this stuff up. sheldon burkeson legally changed his name. he is now officially z. none of the above. he added the z. so his name appears at the bottom of the ballot on election day. none of the above should be at the bottom. right? the bank customer service rep says he is going after people who don't normally vote. >> "q": nice. all right. well, next on cleveland 19 news, as ohio's heroin problem rises, a pharmacy chain is stepping up to do something about it. >> laura: and the last remnant of art model is gone from
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his lake county home, well it finally sold. >> "q": plus, they thought yes going to be robbed when a man in a helmet came into the pizza shop here in ohio.
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c.v.s. pharmacy will make an antidote for heroin overdoses available at its stores starting today. narcan has become increasingly available in recent months.
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effects of opioids. going sell testing solar powered drones to bring people faster internet service. it could be 40 times faster than 4g. according to the guardian, secretive test flights are being conducted above space port america in new mexico. it's code named sky bender. >> "q": it's diet coke like never before. it will be available in millions of uniquely designed glass bottles. coca-cola teamed up with h.p. to make the 12-ounce bottles the marketing campaign is called -- it's mine. >> laura: first he moved the team out of town and now we are finally getting rid of art model's legacy in wade hill. re/max legacy just sold the home. we were asked not to mention how much but it was a real deal. it took two years of negotiations, mortgages and numerous other obstacles to push this through. they are hoping the sale of model l's home will finally
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>> "q": the browns can use all the help they can get. straight ahead, a citizen forcing a cop to pull over for speeding. hear what the driver says to the >> samantha: oh, boy. it is 11 minutes after 12:00 and it's gorgeous out there. look. a little blue sky. this is a live look from our feisel tower camera, our feisel roof-cam. 41 is your current temperature. oh, nice and toasty for early february. right? and we get even warmer tomorrow. we will talk about it straight
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>> laura: a miami woman pulld a car over for speeding and gave the driver a stern lecture. >> the reason i pulled you over today and i'm asking you to come over and have a conversation is because i saw you since miller drive when you were first jumping on to the palmetto -- >> ok. >> and you were pushing 90 miles an hour. >> really? ok. >> yes. >> laura: yep. that's right. she stopped a cop. she filmed it from the driver's seat, too. the video chronicles her pursuit of a miami dade police car going way over the speed limit. the officer apologized for speeding and promised to slow down. miami dade's newly appointed
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investigating. >> laura: i never thought -- >> "q": taking the law into her own hands. >> laura: citizen's arrest. i don't know if that always would go that well. i wouldn't recommend trying to pull over a police officer. >> "q": more power to her. good for her. >> laura: saved someone there. you want to be safe. >> "q": yes, you do. well moving on now, a star wars mystery is going on in central ohio. someone stole an r2d2 painting from a pizza shop and as quickly as it was stolen, it was returned. the mystery man entered the restaurant in a full leather outfit and a storm trooper helmet. he left something on the counter and then left. they removed the black trash bag and inside, they found the missing painting and a note. >> and i saw it on the back and i was like -- there's a note. it was from darth vader. we didn't know. he didn't take his mask off so we weren't sure what was going on. i think sometimes you get a little nervous in those situations.
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wallace you can see along with that note from darth vader. >> laura: all right. more and more parents are playing video game was their children. it gives you the ability to better control what your kids are actually seeing. joe wagner with more on all the potential benefits. >> you can go this way. >> got coins. >> yeah. >> most saturday mornings, six-year-old caitlin plays video games with her father. >> she looks forward to it to that. >> it's a common trend. a consulting firm interviewed 3,000 parents and found if their kids played video gyms, 92% of the parents played with them. >> so this is not just a core device for hard-core gamers. this is a family device. we like to think of it as the next new kitchen table in the family. >> reporter: the survey finds the majority of parents prefer that their kids play with con souls that are easy to con i tore rather than on computers,
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the survey also found that more than three quarters of parents say the primary reason they play games is to spend time with their children. caitlin's mom agrees because everyone in the family has busy schedules. >> when we finally have some time together, we like to do things she enjoys. she enjoys other activities, too. >> this is one of them. we have fun together. we like it. >> george sure -- >> caitlin's parents also encourage educational games so she's learning while having fun. >> laura: two recent studies also found playing video game was your kid has a positive impact on adolescent development and long-term family relations. >> call it an early sign of spring, the lake county farm park has already started tapping trees for the first batch of syrup. yum. now the maple sugar season is about one month ahead of schedule. warm temperatures during the day and those cooler conditions we
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sap just flow on early. >> samantha: oh, yeah. even warmer tomorrow, guys. you know, it's pretty mild out there for early february today. but -- getting even warmer as we get into your tuesday. pretty quiet out there right now. you are looking at our satellite and radar. the radar not picking up on anything, but the satellite imagery still showing that we have more clouds than sunshine. there is a little sun getting through, though. pretty nice out there. we will hit about 45 later on. and then the cool down will begin. the rest of the afternoon, kind of just this battle between sun and clouds. we'll have periods where you will seat sun and then times where we will cloud right back up. a little on the breezy side, as well. tonight, we drop back down into the upper 20s. the clouds thicken up once again tonight. and, noticeablely colder. you know, last night around midnight, most of us were in the 50s. but, tonight, a whole lot cooler than that. february tonight. but tomorrow, it's not going to
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52 is your forecast high. now we might not hit that until the evening during the afternoon we may be in the upper 40s but either way no matter how long it takes us to get there, at least we get there. february 2. just way above average. broken clouds and during the day we are rain free. so if you have plans tomorrow, no major concerns. but if you will be out tomorrow after 6:00 in the evening, we are talking late commuters, i am thinking probably closer right now it looks like to 7:00 or 8:00 at night. we have rain on the way. and it may be heavy at times. today. we may even have enough juice out there, enough instability, tomorrow. i know. right? and a little on the windy side, as well . again, this may impact your travel as rain may be heavy from time to time. and it's going to hang around through the early morning hours of your wednesday. wednesday afternoon, if we can get enough cold air in here, we
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flying around. and we may see that on thursday, as well. but, little to nothing in the way of accumulation. a lot cooler as we round out the week. but pretty quiet weather. now -- i know my snow lovers are like -- come on. is this all you got for us? ok, so right now, the models kind of want to hint at some snow early next week that may actually accumulate. but -- it's still so far out in time. just something we have to keep a close eye on. but that's your first alert that early next week we might see some snow. again, stay tuned. it could change. >> "q": for people who doesn't particularly love snow -- i'm loving it. i think this is great. >> samantha: some people love it. others are like come on. >> laura: it makes the drive so much easier. so many fewer accidents on the roadways. i'll take it. and this weekend, i would like to order up another one of those. >> "q": it was super. like spring. >> samantha: it will be cold they are weekend. sorry. >> "q": thank you. good job. >> samantha: sure. >> "q": well listen. a california couple planned to
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time. we are talking about erika harris and artie van. they connected over instagram a year ago. one lives in new york, the other in california. their romance grew through poetry and videos. he bought a one way ticket to california where they planned to elope after meeting. >> oh, my gosh. hi i'm erika. don't drop me. nice to meet you. >> "q": wow. then -- the two quickly exchanged vows. >> laura: h murks m. >> "q": what do you think about it was fast. >> laura: you know, sometimes if you know you know, you know. but that's mighty quick. >> "q": i would say love at first sight but they didn't see each other in person until then. >> laura: it looked like they internet.
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>> "q": a young reds fan challenged her favorite player
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in kentucky. >> laura: yeah, the challenge in front of hundreds of people. and she walk aid way with more than just a story to tell her friends at school today. not only did she beat him, but she walked away with a shirt right off his become, complete with -- right off his back complete with an autograph. >> "q": good for her. thank you for joining us this noon. the young and the restless is up next. >> laura: join us at 4:00. thanks for watching. have a great day. they have a quarterback that has more appearances on tmz than touchdown passes. they also have a disillusioned, angry fan-base after another disastrous season. now, the cleveland browns have a new head coach that has to fix the mess and build a winner. hue jackson has head coaching experience. his one year as the top man with the raiders produced a respectable 8 and 8 record. most recently, he was the
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cincinnati bengals, one of the best offenses in the league. he is considered by many nfl analysts to be a smart and strong candidate. he' ll have to be. the browns were 3-13 this season and have lost 18 of their last 21 games. the team has also been a revolving door for coaches and general managers. the browns are on their sixth head coach since 2008. no other team in the a.f.c. north has seen that kind of turnover and instability. building a winner will be an uphill climb assessing and drafting players that can contribute on the field and won' t be a distraction off it. hasn' t exactly been the team's strong suit. we' re looking at you, josh gordon and johnny manziel. so we' d like to welcome coach jackson to cleveland. the fans here are second to none and never shy away from wearing their hearts on their sleeves. we don' t deserve to wear bags on our heads during another
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m dominic mancuso and that' s how we see it. >> we encourage your response to this editorial.
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