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tv   Cleveland 19 News at Noon  CBS  February 2, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> "q": cleveland city leaders are hashing out where your money goes. >> laura: mayor jackson revealed the budget plan for this year. paul joins us now with details. >> reporter: well he answered questions for 40 minutes, laying out the budget. he says it comes up short. he says he can make ends meet with cuts in 2016 but there's no way to make up a massive projected shortfall in 2017. that's why he wants a half percent hike in the income tax. a move that would raise $83 million. he calls it a clear choice, not a threat. >> i don't want to just get by. we want to be able to do well and do better and that's what this -- that's why a half
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percent. quarter percent might get you by and you still struggling, but you are still ain't going to be able to increase capacity anywhere. you aren't going to be able to increase a service delivery in any division. >> reporter: the mayor said property tax revenue is down 13%. in 2010, it collected $51 million. last year that number was $33 million. overall revenue is flat, expenses are going up. most of all he blames the state of ohio and its cuts to the local government funds. more than $111 million since 2010 has been lost. >> "q": we have a tragic accident to tell you about this noon that killed two people early this morning. cleveland police say a driver was going the wrong way on i-71 southbound and collided head on with another car. now it happened under the west 140th street bridge around 3:00 this morning and just into
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the victims were. 33-year-old lakisha brown of cleveland and 22-year-old kenneth urbanek of lakewood. >> laura: a stark county hazmat official says everything is back to normal after the train derailment in brewster last night. six cars left the tracks around wabash avenue. one car was leaking butane and caught fire. families were evacuated for about four hours. police officers were called out to strongsville high this morning. apparently someone e-mailed an anonymous threat last night saying there would be a shooting at the high school. the school remains open. bill cosby appeared in a pennsylvania court today. his attorneys asked a judge to throw out the only charges filed against him for sexually assaulting a woman, despite dozens of accusations over the decades. correspondent brian webb reports. >> reporter: bill cosby was led into the montgomery county
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sexual-assault case against him. attorneys for the 78-year-old comedian asked the judge to throw out a charge of aggravated indecent assault. in the criminal complaint, cosby's accused of drugging and sexually assaulting former temple university employee 2004. his attorneys say constant was a willing participant. she settled a civil case against cosby in 2006 for an undisclosed sum. cosby's attorneys say his deposition in that case was made after an agreement with then-district attorney bruce cast tore that the former tv star not be prosecuted. in recent months, more than 50 women have made similar claims against cosby, some dating back decades. but this is the first time he's been charged. cosby's attorney called the case political payback from the new d.a. who reopened the case last year. >> a former district attorney says there wasn't enough there.
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but instead, over a decade later, one hot campaign later, we are here. >> reporter: bill cosby has been free on $1 million bail since his december arrest. he could get up to 10 years in prison if convicted. >> laura: in the deposition that was made public, cosby said he gave quaaludes to young women he wanted to have sexual contact with and that he gave consent to three pills. >> "q": caught on camera. what would you do if your child was attacked during nap time at day care? parents in florida are dealing with that right now. we want to warn you the video we are about to show you will turn your stomach. investigators say this footage shows kimberly reid hitting a four-year-old boy several times, lifting him several feet off the ground into the air. then dropping him to the ground and it all happened while the
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reid is actually the day care director. one of her workers captured the video and handed it over to police. >> laura: a battle over a police dog may be coming to an end. if matthew hickey agrees to remain an auxillary officer, he ajax. he developed a close bond with ajax over three years of working together but under ohio law, ajax is considered city property and has to be sold at auction because of his age. marietta city council still has to approve that auxillary position. >> "q": well ted cruz won the opening round of the republican presidential race. he came in first in the iowa caucuses followed by donald trump and a surging marco rubio. but, on the democratic side, the race is so close, the party winner yet. craig boswell has latest. >> reporter: democrat bernie sanders was already rallying supporters in new hampshire before the sun came up this morning. he's predicting a big win after
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>> we just got in from iowa where we astounded the world and now in the hampshires we will astound the world again. >> reporter: democrats split the votes nearly 50/50 between sanders and clinton. victory. >> i stand here tonight breathing a big sigh of relief, thank you, iowa. >> on cbs this morning, bob scheiffer says the results show clinton has problems. >> bernie sanders who's a socialist gave her a real run. this was not a victory for hillary clinton. >> on the republican side, ted cruz won with 28% of the vote but it's the third-place finisher who is getting a lot of attention. >> welcome back. >> i'm glad to be back. >> marco rubio greeted voters after finishing just one point behind second place finisher donald trump. >> we need to beat hillary clinton and bernie sanders. i give us the best chance to do
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>> marco rubio will receive a lot of love from those others hoping to be the main stream alternative in new hampshire. >> donald trump has a big lead but ted cruz will look it make a big dent in the lead after monday's win. >> i think the voters sent the mess thank they want a consistent conservative. >> new hampshire's primary, the first in the nation, is tuesday. >> "q": democrat martin o'malley and republican mike huckabee have both dropped out of the >> laura: well, if you have been licking those chapped lips waiting for that u.s. lip bam lawsuit to end, you are in luck. see what will change coming coming up. their day. we will check out some of the day. >> laura: and you returned that ugly sweat are you got for christmas. where did it all end up?
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>> "q": welcome back. e.o.s. resolved a class-action lawsuit over its lip balm. chances are you have seen this product at the grocery store. e.o.s. isn't changing its ingredients but packaging will be clearer about how to use their products safely. they said our lip balm are hypoallergenic, tested and meet and exceed all safety and quality standards. >> laura: if you are feeling like chipotle for lunch, it's
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the c.d.c. says the e coli outbreak is officially over. dozens of customers in several states reported getting sick after eating at chipotle restaurants. they are planning deep discounts for this weekend and next monday will briefly close all of its restaurants for meetings with employees. >> "q": speaking of restaurants, a survey by open named the 100 most romantic restaurants in the country. get this. ohio has four of them. the closest is in vermilion, the refectory in columbus is another, two others are in cincinnati and they are called orchids at palm court and prima vista. >> laura: i love it when you say it with the accent. he can read this all in french. impressive. all right.
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news, we are talking about a lawsuit over how it was just filed in a new york court. >> samantha: well it's been a stunning day, especially for this time of the year. right? february, you don't think sunshine and temperatures in the 40s. but, that's what we've had today. it's 44 right now. here's a live look from high atop our feizel roof camera. the clouds interest moveed in and the rain comes next. i'll time it out for you when we
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>> the makers of nba2k are being sued for copyright infringement. the lawsuit for using images of several nba players' body art including four of lebron james' tattoos without his permission. solid oak sketches claims take 2 interactive software used eight of its tattoos in its video games and refused to negotiate on licensing. the alleged infringement includes lebron's child portrait on his inner left forearm and 330, the area code, on his right forearm. no comment from take 2 on the lawsuit. take 2 declined any further comment. >> "q": the nation's most popular forecaster -- no not sam roberts -- spoke this groundhog day. take a listen. >> there is no shadow to be
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an early spring is my forecast! >> "q": members of punxsutawney phil's top-hat wearing inner circle revealed his forecast. phil's decision is decided ahead of time by the group on gobbler's knob. phil has predicted more winners, 102 times, while forecasting just an early spring 17 times. but, closer to home in marion, ohio, buckeye chuck predicted six more weeks of winter. chuck predicted an early spring the last five years. his accuracy rating is 75%, not too shabby. buckeye chuck became the official state groundhog in 1979. >> laura: ok, q. so, talking about groundhog day, we got to talk about some of the myths that are associated with groundhog day. so i've got a few of them here for you. the first one is -- always the groundhog? well i put that up here because truth is, while this groundhog
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to the roots of some european folklore. german tradition used a bear. a badger. a hedgehog. other animals like that instead of this guy right here, this little cute little groundhog that we are used to today. as for the accuracy, ok, so, punxsutawney phil says that we will get this early spring. right? well -- i wouldn't hold your bets too close on it. turns out about 39% accurate. this goes back to the 1800s. so, your luck might be better to flip a coin. next one here, only punxsutawney phil? well maybe we know this bus we just talked about this for sure. punxsutawney phil is not the only prognosticating groundhog out there. ok of course in ohio we have him, new york has its own groundhog. so do several other states. even canada has its own groundhog. q. could probably tell us about that one. then last but not least, english. well when we watch that big event in punxsutawney, pennsylvania, they are talking in english. right?
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the old tradition is to speak in the pennsylvania dutch, some places if you speak in english, you have to put either a nickel or a dime into the jar. but sam, i don't know what filled up. punxsutawney phil? >> samantha: has to go right? maybe they use it to fund all that craziness that they have at gobbler's knob. you got to pay the band. it was kind of a wild scene watching that early this morning. it's so fun to see that every year and we like the prediction this year. right? i know he's not always right but ok. last three hours, pretty quiet conditions out there. but wow, the increasing cloud cover, we told you this morning that the sunshine wouldn't be an all-day thing, we would see increasing clouds and, that has certainly come to fruition. there's the rain back to our west. showers in chicago and then stretching down into st. louis. rain right now and that is headed in our direction. but when will it get here?
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outside and enjoy this nice weather if you have some free time this afternoon, no rain 2:00 4:00 6:00, we should be good to go. but you start to get closer to 8:00, 9:00, that's when that rain chance is going to climb. it is also going to become windy. not only do we have to worry about rain tonight, but the wind is another big story. sustained 20 to 30 miles an hour and we may see some 40 mile an hour wind gusts tonight. so, if you got anything light or loose in your yard, you may want to secure that. you don't want your trash can to become your neighbor's early tomorrow morning and that's certainly a possibility. 9:00. it may be heavy from time to time . and we will be contending well. we aren't forecasting severe weather or anything like that. but, you know, it's not often in the month of february that you hear rumbles of thunder in this part of the country. that's certainly a possibility tonight. rain kind of hangs with us through the early morning hours of tomorrow, but, by about
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done with it. it will be a breezy mild day if you were watching this morning, this is a change. we have bumped the forecast high tomorrow up to 59 . i think that will happen around late morning early afternoon. and then mid-to-late afternoon we will start to fall into the 40s. 59 . ok, it it's 12:20. jeff doesn't go on the air until 4:00. he's over there working hard on the forecast right now. and i have a feeling that he may bump it up. he's -- i don't know what he's doing over there. but -- it's just a sneaking suspicion. you will have to tune in at 4:00 to find out for sure. we get some colder air guys on the back side of that rain. a small chance for some snow showers late wednesday night into your thursday. and then looking like a much better chance that we see some snow early next week. >> "q": there, you go. mother nature's cooperating right now.
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spring thing. >> "q": yeah. >> laura: prognostication. >> "q": buckeye chuck and punxsutawney phil -- i don't know which one -- >> samantha: next week, looking pretty cold. >> "q": we will see what happens. all right. thank you very much. well, chances are all of us may have received a gift about a month or so ago that we just didn't want, you know, you got it, you looked at it, you smiled and said -- thanks. i really didn't want it at all. well millions of americans returned items they recently received. and you would be surprised as to where they end up. long gone. but it's the most wonderful time of the year for michael ringleton. >> organized chaos. >> organizers of liquidators out of chicago. this is where many items go when they returned to certainlies like amazon, home depot and sears. is this almost like santa's >> for sure. >> most of it is customer
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>> his warehouse is overflowing with everything from go-pros to x-boxes and an entire wall of drills. once tested he will auction them at about half the price. >> the consumers consume. when they return it, it's put become on the shelf at the store, that's not the case. >> his business has jumped 1000% in the past four years. online shopping is a big reason why. americans returned 260 billion dollars' worth of items in 2015. tobin moore, c.e.o. of helps stores process those returns. he says restocking items can be expensive for retailers. >> so everyone the retailers liquidate them for pennys on the dollar or in some cases throwing them away in land fills just because it's more cost effective. >> items that survive end up at discount retailers and are also sold online. >> so this is what i am looking for. >> dave came to shorewood showroom.
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grandson at a deep discount. >> what's a wrong item for one else. >> reporter: a returned item rebought -- >> looks like it's brand new. >> reporter: at the right price. >> laura: all right. the super bowl is nearly a week away. but the super bowl commercials, out. and this one has gone straight you always smile but in your eyes your sorrow shows yes, it shows >> laura: those little hot dogs looking for a family of heinz con i did meanies. it's slated to air during the game. ad. right here on cleveland 19. cbs is your home of super bowl 50, the carolina panthers, they are a 6.5 point favorite over the denver broncos and we have it all covered right here on cleveland 19.
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out to my bailey. she's half daschshund. i love those little -- >> real quickly, prediction, denver, carolina. >> carolina. >> i'm going for cam newton, too. carolina all the way. there's still a lot more to come. >> laura: school is in session at the holderness house. this funny family is teaching
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>> "q": as we get further into the political process, a lot of kids are asking about what they see on the news. >> laura: like what's a trump and who is hillary? this family made a hilarious tutorral. so you, too, want to know the candidate billionaires. >> can the former first lady join back there. >> listen up just sit back in your chair. >> we will talk about that cabbed date right there. >> and we will also learn what's under trump's hair. >> eww! >> laura: oh, i love this family. the holderness kids have executive level questions for their parents so they channeled their inner candidates to teach kids about current events. the family is creating a new series of videos focusing on history, math, and current events. we will put the entire video up on our website, of course for your viewing pleasure. >> "q": they are all about it, huh? a new video every month. >> samantha: always for the
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us. next. >> laura: join us for cleveland 19 news a at 4:00.
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