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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 4PM  CBS  February 2, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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p. p live from cleveland's news pcenter, cleveland 19 news starts pnow. p>> it's a great opportunity for pme. p>> mark: much of johnny pmanziel's career has been plittered. pthe browns apparently are over pit. p>> anchor: oh, yeah. pthe team released statement retty much with disgust on his ptony, your thoughts. p>> tony: how are we doing on pthis february free johnny. pwhat's the date? p>> mark: february 2nd. p>> tony: if they could cut him
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pthe most revealing line was pthis. phis status with our team will be paddressed when permitted by pleague rules. pso what does that mean? pand if you go on down the pstatement you see it right pthere. pwell, it means when they can cut phim, they will. paccording to league rules, that pwill come on march 9th. pit won't come next monday as psome thought because the browns pdon't have the salary cap space pto absorb the $4.6 million hit. pand i'll get into that more at p5:00. pbut if they wait until march, pthey'll have more cap space and pit will put an end of occasional pon field dynamics and consistent poff the field drama. pman pjohnny manziel never showed the pbrowns he was committed. pthis was a strong statement by pbrown and i believe it was a pmessage also to some veteran layers who may be thinking of pbailing. p>> mark: exactly.
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pi'm filling in for romona in ptimeout. p>> anchor: maybe manziel on his pway out, the rain on its way in. p [ laughing ] p>> mark: it looks like if pyou're out and about for your pafternoon commute, you may be pable to avoid it. pjeff tanchak explains all of pthat. p>> jeff: it's going to be with pus here tonight after 7:00 is pwhen i expect it to move in. pwe're dry right now. pit's warm. pyou're feeling the wind pick up. pthis is quite the system we have pcoming at us. plet's show you that a earth will lert here. pit's in effect here until ptomorrow morning. pit's going to be windy with wind pgusts 40 or better as this big pfront approaches. pthat will be impacting travel. pthere could be pockets of heavy prain and even thunderstorms. plook at what's going on in pindiana. pi have the lightning detection pon. pbest threat of thunder will be pin the western part of the pstate, but don't be surprised if pyou hear a rumble or two of pthunder. pwe're not expecting severe
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pit's a spring-like pattern. plook at the temperatures going pup. pnow, in downtown, the latest pmodels indicating 55. pi'm going to go more upper 40s pto right around 50. pbut it's going to stay very warm pthroughout the night. pthere you see we are at 50 pdegrees right now in cleveland. pand that wind is out of the psoutheast. palert tonight for that rain and pvery windy conditions into ptomorrow morning. pthe rain will end. pand then we'll get a shot of psome colder air in here by pthursday. pso i'm going to bring you the phour-by-hour break down of this psystem and how much rain we pcould see from it coming up. pmark. p>> mark: all right, jech ff, pthanks. p in this is the fatal aftermath. pa crash that could have messed pup your commute. pwe're learning more about the pvictims in that crash. pdani carlson has that story now. p>> dani: hey, there. pwe are standing right above i-71 psouth. pit's just right over there where pthis wrong way driver accident
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plaquesha brown was driving her psuburban when she was hit head pon and killed by that wrong way pdriver. pwe're told she was a mother, a pdaughter, a niece and her family pstill can't quite believe she's pgone. p>> just coming home from work. pyes. pjust doing what she normally pdoes. pyou know, just coming home from pwork. pi guess the wrong place at the pwrong time. p>> reporter: 33-year-old plaquesha brown, mother of a p13-year-old daughter was driving pon i-71 at about 2:30 this pmorning, as she had done so many ptimes before. p>> she tried to enjoy life as pmuch as she could. pshe loved to dance. pshe loved to meet people. pshe was very caring. pshe was the kind of person if pyou were stopped on the side of pthe street, she could help you. pthat's the kind of person she pwas. p>> dani: when police say p22-year-old kenneth urbanick's pcar ran into her suv. p>> he's going the wrong way. p>> he passed me. phe's coming straight at me as i pwas driving on the highway. phe come at me.
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pcoming in about urbanic. olice say he was driving north pon i-71 south until his car hit pthe side of another vehicle and pthen hit brown's suv head on. p>> i'm just thankful that it was pquick. pshe didn't suffer any pain. pand that's all we can ask for. p>> dani: now, police say that pboth brown and urbanic died at pthe scene and that alcohol may phave been a factor in this wrong pway crash. pnow, odot does have cameras palong the highway that captured purbanics purbanic's car at some time as it pwas driving the wrong way. pcoming up tonight at 5:00, we'll pshow you what the cameras saw. plive in cleveland, dani carlson, pcleveland 19. p first alert traffic on pcleveland 19 news is sponsored pby ford. p>> mark: and our traffic psituation here this afternoon pand into the evening does look
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pthere's 77 in and out of the pcity. pstill a bright sky as we speak pnow. pand no rain as of yet says jeff ptanchak. pand don't see any out there peither. pit looks like everybody is pmoving along at a pretty good pclip here. p all right. pnow this. pbill cosby making an appearance pin a pennsylvania court today. pattorneys for the comedian asked pthe judge to throw out the only pcharges filed against him for psexually assaulting a woman, pdespite dozens of accusations pover the decades. pwe have the full recap from the pcourtroom coming up at 4:30. p ted cruz. phow about this. pwinning the opening round of the prepublican race and on the pdemocratic side you have hillary pwinning by just a margin. p>> mark: a coin flip. pcraig boswell tells us how the pother candidates made out. p>> reporter: bernie sanders was prallying before the sun came up pthis morning. phe's predicting a big win there pafter narrowly losing the pdemocratic caucuses in iowa. p>> we just started from iowa pwhere we astounded the world.
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p>> and now in new hampshire pwe'll astound the world again. p>> reporter: hillary clinton pwon two more state delegates pthan sanders in the closest race pin caucus history. p>> and i am so thrilled that i'm pcoming to new hampshire after pwinning iowa! p. p [ cheers and applause ]. p>> reporter: on cbs this pmorning, bob sheefr says the presults shows clinton's campaign phas problems. p>> bernie sanders never sought poffices as a democrat gave him a prun. pthis was not a victory for phillary clinton. p>> reporter: on the republican pside, ted cruz won with 28% of pthe vote, but it's the third lace finisher that's getting a plot of attention. pmarco rubio greeted voters after pfinishing one point behind psecond place finisher donald ptrump. p>> we need to beat hillary pclinton and bernie sanders. p>> marco rubio is in the top ptier and he's going to receive a
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p>> reporter: ted cruz will look pto make a big dent in the lead pafter monday's win. p>> i think the voters sent the pmessage they want a consistent pconservative. p>> reporter: new hampshire's rimary is tuesday. pcraig boswell, cleveland 19. p>> mark: and democrat martin po'malley and republican mike phuckabee have dropped out of the prace. pstraight ahead we hear jason pjohnson's take. pthat is in our 4:30 half-hour. p and, well, the stock market pclosed just about 8 minutes ago. pit's another bad day. pdown 295 and a lot of this has pto do with oil sliding back to pabout 30 bucks a barrel once pagain. pso we'll keep an eye on that as pwe go into tomorrow. p a vote on an income tax pincrease in the city of pcleveland is on the horizon and pcould be on the ballot as early pas november. preporter paul orlousky was one pcall to city hall as mayor pjackson laid out why he thinks
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p>> i'm not doing politics. pi'm not doing anything. pi'm just telling you what the pfacts are. pthese are the facts. p>> paul: major jackson was pdirect going page by page pthrough a break down of city prevenue and expenses. pbottom line simple, revenue are pdown, expenses are up, leaving a p$42 million gap. p>> if you don't have the money, pthen you can't pay for the pservice. pand if you have a $50 million pgap, then you will cut services pand lay off people to the tune pof $50 million. pwhatever that may be. p>> paul: the mayor said the pcuts will be across the board pand the cuts to police, fire and pems are not out of the question. pwith the tax increase which is praise praised $83 million, he's looking pto where we can expand service. p>> or we can reduce services and playoff people. pit's very clear. p>> paul: there are several psteps that need to happen before pany tax can be placed on the pballot. pthe first one is the mayor will play out his plans. pthe city council must approve panything that goes on the budget
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ponly then will the tax be pcollected. p>> city council can put on the pballot what they want. pi support a .5% increase. pand i think i have a rational pbasis for doing that. p>> paul: the mayor was matter pof fact and serious, but not pwithout humor. p>> only good tax is the tax you pdon't pay. pthat's the only good one. pthe next best one is the one you ay and you get a benefit from. pand that's what this is. p>> paul: that benefit will cost pyou 50 additional dollars for pevery 10,000 you make. aul orlousky, cleveland 19. p now, many local communities ptax rates are the same as pcleveland's current 2%. arma heights is the highest at p3%. pwaernsville heights at 2 and 3 pquarters and north randall at p2.6. pat 5:00, paul orlousky will pexamine what has happened in psome of those communities. p strong police presence this pmorning. pthis outside of strongsville pheights. pyou might have heard about this. pthe superintendent told us the padministration received an panonymous e-mail last night
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pthe high school. pthe school remained open as olice investigate. p a cuyahoga falls church psending an sos to the community. pthe message is save our steam. pthe pilgrim united church of pchrist put up a giant banner pthis morning. pthe congregation is trying to praise $200,000 to repair that psteeple. pcatherine. p>> catherine: all right. pif you haven't kicked off the pnew year by getting healthy, now pmight be the time. pit is heart health awareness pmonth and 30 minutes of exercise pis good five days a week to keep pthe heart going. pwe hear that all of the time. pit may not be quite enough. ptia ewing explains. p>> you're going to feel that pstretch. p>> reporter: stretching. ptaking the dip. p>> bending. ut your right leg back all of pthe way. ptry to keep your knee over the pairng pankle. p>> reporter: typically people pkick into gear. pif you've been slowing, this pmonth is the time to get moving. p>> i think the most important
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p>> reporter: february kicks off pheart month. pkeeping your heartbeating phealthy is key. pexercise is just a part of that. p>> i think the minimum prequirement we should get is 30 pminutes of moderate intensity pexercise. pand we want to be doing that at pleast five days a week. p>> reporter: the more active pyou are, the better it is for pyour heart. pyou burn calories, lower your pcholesterol and boost the good pcholesterol. pa cardiologist with the pcleveland clinic says there are psome things, though, that you pmust check so you don't poverexert your heart. p>> knowing what your blood ressure is, knowing what your pcholesterol is, knowing what pyour fasting sugars are all pimportant. pif they're elevated, talking pabout your physician how you can poptimize those. p>> reporter: another tip, do pwhat you can, meaning if you are pat the gym and you see someone pswimming faster than you, pthey'll challenge them to a pmeet. pyour workout should fit your plifestyle and health.
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p>> catherine: it makes you want pto go for, doesn't it. p>> mark: it does. pi did lapse in the studio while pit was going on. p>> catherine: that's good. p>> mark: i'm not even out of pbreath. p>> catherine: all right. p the grammies is putting ptogether a monster of a tribute pfor david bowie in today's buzz. p>> mark: snacks are back on
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p. p live from cleveland's news pcenter, driven by don joseph ptoyota in kent, this is pcleveland 19 news. p welcome back. pin consumer news, this will be pinteresting for some. pamerican airlines is having a pbit of a snack attack now.
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pof free snacks in the economy psection and more free pentertainment options on some paircraft. pairline started cutting perks pafter 9/11 and now the industry pis making record profits and the pwement started to trickle -- pwement pwealth started to trickle down pto the economy class. p demands nestle give her a plifetime supply of kitkat bars pafter she bought eight packages, pnone of which contained the pcandy's wafer portion. pshe wrote the company after pbuying a $3 multi-pack. pshe claimed having a lifetime psupply will allow her to execute pquality control for the company pwhich she thinks they need. p now it's time for the buzz psponsored by national carpet pmill outlet. p>> catherine: and today in the pbuzz, a special tribute for a pvery special artist. p>> mark: yes. pthe grammies will honor the life pof david bow would he at this pyear's awards -- david bowie at pthis year's awards with a
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p>> catherine: gaga was booked pfor the show but they called on pher to do the tribute. pbowie has been a source of pinspiration for her music and pbold style. pyou can catch the performance on pfebruary 15th. p as award season continues in pfull swing, james cor gone is phosting the tony awards. pthe late, late show host is no pstranger to music. phe uses musical pipes on his pshow's hit segment carpool pkaraoke. pyou can catch him on broadway's pbiggest night in june. p how about this. ope frances can add a new job pto his resume. pmovie star. pthe pontiff will be playing phimself in a new religious film pcalled beyond the son. pthe movie will be a family padventure based on the gospels. pthe movie was the pope's idea. p>> catherine: that's a good pidea. pbecause it would be really hard pto act like the pope. p>> mark: who is his agent? p>> catherine: and who would pwant to play the pope? pseriously. pthat's big shoes. p>> mark: that might be pdifficult.
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pa head start on the maple syrup roduction. pthanks to all of the nice pweather we've had because of pwarm temperatures the trees have pbeen tapped, the sap collected. pthe first batch being made ptoday. plast year maple syrup production pdidn't start until march 9th. p>> jeff: whoa. proll it. pall right. pwind direction and speed. phere we go. pwe have this big front papproaching. pand we have southeast winds now p15 to 20 miles an hour. pthese winds are going to be pgusting over 40 tonight along pwith the rain. pand here you see it developing. psome thunder in here as well. pnotice how columbus is at 56. pso we are clearly on the warm pside of things right now. pwe are at 50. pso we're going to be watching pthe showers and thunder move in. pit looks like the best threat of pthunder will be in western ohio. pthis is your severe stuff here. roducing tornadoes in kentucky, ptennessee. pthese are tornado watches in peffect. pand then we've got a blizzard
4:18 pm
pand minnesota. pso quite the system here. pright now we are dry, which is pgood for the afternoon commute. pyou can see the rain, though, papproaching toledo. p7:00 tonight it has this light pshower coming through. pbut the main show will be here pby 10:00. pso this is when it's going to pstart to rain. pi think the hefier stuff will be pmoving in over night. p1:00 in the morning. prain and thunder. pthis rain could be heavy at ptimes. pearly tomorrow morning it's pgoing to be raining between 4:00 pand 7:00 a.m., especially east pof i-77. pfrom there the rain will pgradually end from west to east. pbut look at how warm it's going pto be. p7:00 a.m. temperature around 50. pvery windy. peast to south wind over 40 miles pan hour. pakron-canton right around 50 as pwell. prain and thunder. pwindy night for you. pand then once the front passes,
4:19 pm
pthe colder air will be lagging a plittle bit. p10:00 in the morning, perhaps a pfew light showers around and pthen we even bust out sunshine pby afternoon. pso how much are we talking here ptotal rainfall? pwell, at least a half inch. pit's looking like a half to one pinch of rain across the area phere in blue. pand it's got mansfield as the pbulls-eye on this map at .87 pinches. pbut after a wet morning commute, pjust keep that in mind, it premains windy and warm. p54 the high. pwe'll start to drop in ptemperature, though, i think a plittle later on in the pafternoon. psouth to southwest wind gusting pover 30. pthen the colder air comes in ptomorrow night as it will remain pwindy. p32. pand then temperatures holding psteady in the low 30s on pthursday. pcloudy sky and some flurries. p35 on friday. pmostly cloudy. pweekend we warm up again. pclose to 40. pon saturday could be a little plight rain-snow mix in there pduring the afternoon. pwarm saturday night.
4:20 pm
pmild with a mixed sky here and p44. pit does get colder next week. pfeeling a little more pfebruary-like around here. psome light snow monday and an palert on tuesday for snow pshowers and wind only in the p20s. pguys, back to you. p>> mark: all right, jeff. pthank you. p drake's hotline bling gets pa superbowl. p>> catherine: that's exciting. pit's almost valentine's day. pfor you single people, we have ptips on how to land that second
4:21 pm
p. p welcome back. pa new study shows that dogs preally are man's best friend. pat least when compared to cats panyway. pthis is just things i'm reading. pi'm sorry, cat lovers. pdogs apparently love their powners five times more than ptheir kitty. ptheir kitty counter parts.
4:22 pm
pmeasuring the level of oxytocin por the love hormone in both panimals before and after they psaw their owners. p>> catherine: the cats just pkeep it more level. pthey're just better at being plevel. p>> mark: i'm just going to say pi'm sure your cat, you at home, pis very different than any other pcat. p>> catherine: all five of mine pare. p>> mark: yes. pthere you go. pthere you go. pthat's what i'm saying. p speaking of love here, released its annual psingles in america study which rovides some solid advice on phow to increase your chances of pa second date. pit all comes down to the math, pof course. pgoing for sushi, that boosts pyour chances 107% and then padding a cocktail that increases pit 137%. pimagine that. pgoing out to an expensive vaunt pgives you an extra 50% chance pand continuing the date with pdrinks again, that boosts you to p57%. p>> mark: uh-huh. p>> catherine: what to be pthe study says not being pregistered to vote is a major pdeal breaker for a fourth of pthose people surveyed.
4:23 pm
p>> catherine: apparently people pwant people to talk. pin the conversation? pso are you a voter? p>> catherine: i suppose you pkind of get into politics peventually. p>> mark: yes. p>> catherine: he is especially this ptime of year. p>> mark: after the third drink. pthe second date. p you probably know the words pto drake's hotline bling. palready it was one of the most layed songs of 2015. p>> mark: awful. pbut in t-mobile superbowl ad, pthe singer gets a few lyrical psuggestions. p you used to call me on my cell hone p. p>> pull over. p>> before. p>> here are the changes. p>> i love changes. p>> when you say call me on my pcell phone, just add device peligible after 15 months. p>> genius. p>> also you need to include that pstreaming music will incur pcharges. p>> fantastic idea. p>> this doesn't change the song pat all. p>> other wireless callers mean peverything.
4:24 pm
pyou cannot ruin that song pbecause it can't get any worse. p>> mark: i don't think it can pget any worse. pi do like drake. pi think he's a funny guy and a pgreat artist but that's an pawful, awful song. p>> catherine: a poor moment in phis career. p we have more superbowl ads pcoming up. p and our cleveland clinic pfootball fans the best cleveland
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p. p welcome back. pour top story yet again johnny pmanziel. ptoday the cleveland browns preleased a statement saying they pare fed up with his behavior, palthough they did not say if phe'll be kicked off the team or peven when. pseveral news outlets, including pespn, say manziel will be
4:26 pm
p another story dominating pheadlines. pthe criminal case against pembattled comedian bill cosby. p>> catherine: the man who was ponce america's favorite dad back pin court today. pkenneth craig offers the very platest on this gripping story. p>> reporter: bill cosby's pappearance was his first since phis december arrest for paggravated indecent assault. pcosby and his attorneys came to pthrow out the charge because of pa deal made with a former pdistrict attorney. pcosby is accused of drugging and psexually assaulting former ptemple university employee p2004. phis attorneys say constand was a pwilling participant. pshe settled a civil case against psum. pcosby's attorneys say his pdeposition in that case was made pafter an agreement with then pdistrict attorney bruce caster pthat the former tv star not be rosecuted.
4:27 pm
ies with constand's pstatement. phe thought her best chance for pjustice would be in a civil pcase. pcosby said nothing to the media phere at the courthouse but pappeared calm and collected. pcosby's attorney accused the new pdistrict attorney of reopening pthe case for political gain. p>> a former district attorney psays there wasn't enough there. pit was a civil matter. pbut instead over a decade later, pone hot campaign later, we're phere. p>> reporter: bill cosby has pbeen free on $1 million bail. phe could get up to 10 years in rison if convicted. pkenneth craig, cleveland 19. p>> mark: and in that deposition pthat was made public, cosby said phe gave qa lewds to young women phe wanted to have sexual contact pwith and he admitted giving pconstand three pills. p all right. pback to politics now. pwe wanted to get a wrap up of pexactly what went down in iowa pand who better to do that than pdr. jason johnson. pmark actually chatted with him
4:28 pm
pto say. p>> mark: dr. jason johnson pjoining us now from iowa. pthe best way to start this out pand who we're going to talk pabout first is to flip the coin. pheads we'll talk democrats. ptails we'll talk republicans pheads. pwe're going democrats. phere we go. pboy, and the coin flip was very pimportant last night. phave you heard of or has that pever happened before? p>> reporter: it hasn't really phappened before this big. pbut we have to be honest. pwho actually believed that this pwas going to be easy for either phillary clinton or bernie psanders? pi think last night's close race pwas the result of a lot of hard pwork on both campaigns. pi think the democratic party as pa whole if they step back for a psecond, they should be happy pabout this because the longer pthat hillary and bernie compete pagainst each other, the more pthat the democratic message pspreads throughout primary pstates and the less time we talk pabout hillary's e-mail. pi think it was a investigate victory for pboth sides.
4:29 pm
psee after the third coin flip pthat hillary won wait a second. pit's almost like a carnival pfield. p>> reporter: yes, yes. pwe're really, really bad over ptime. p [ laughing ]. p>> reporter: but here is the pthing. psanders is going to complain. phe says we need to do recounts. pit shouldn't come down to a coin pflip. pthat's fine. pthe fact is they have to move on pto new hampshire, south pcarolina. pthis is going to be a close, plong fought race. pif it comes to a coin flip here, pit's going to come to a coin pflip that will help sanders down pthe road in some of these races pas well. p>> mark: let's switch over to psee with the republicans last pnight, this was to some it was a psurprise to see trump come into psecond. pbut the reality is to pull pnumbers like that, it was pactually a little surprise given pthat he didn't even bother with pthe last debate. p>> reporter: right. plike i said, you have to think pabout trump in the grander erspective here. phe had no team on the ground. phe skipped the last iowa debate.
4:30 pm
plast two weeks before the caucus pand still got 24% of the vote. pthis is a very good sign pactually for donald trump. phe was a little arrogant to not pcompete as much as he should phave. pbut going forward in places like psouth carolina and new phampshire, he has bigger leads. pthe ground game is less pimportant than a primary than it pis in a caucus. pi think this is a two-man race pwith ted cruz and donald trump. p>> mark: off to new hampshire. pour guy kasich from ohio has pbeen running up and down. pcrisscrossed it a couple more ptimes, right? p>> reporter: yes. pgovernor kasich has made it pclear new hampshire is his last pstand. phe has to get a strong showing pin new hampshire but he's robably not going to go. phe actually said in the pdocumentary which runs on show ptime. phe said, look, i have seven pnewspaper endorsements, new york ptimes. phe literally told a group of pvoters new hampshire is his last pend. pso we're going to see what phappens. pif kasich gets out of the race, pthe interesting thing is going pto be he doesn't have any pdelegates.
4:31 pm
pcruz? pbehind marco rubio? phe's definitely not throwing his psupport behind donald trump. p>> mark: listen, we don't have pto flip the coin whether to have pyou back again. pyou're really great. pdr. jason johnson in iowa. pthank you, sir. p>> reporter: thanks, mark, any ptime. p>> catherine: now that we have piowa behind us, we're looking pahead at 5:00 p.m. at the new phampshire race. p it was a great night for phillary in iowa. phowever, someone still managed pto steal her thunder. pa college student known as psticker boy can be seen behind pclinton with two giant stickers pstuck to his face and he made pstrange faces behind her as she p-- pthere. p>> mark: when the man got ponline, he was thrilled saying
4:32 pm
pinteresting. pwhy wouldn't it? pi mean, the guy had a couple of pstickers on his face. pand doing that. proof camera clouds are pthickening out there. pthe wind is picking up. pand, boy, just like we thought, ptemperatures are around 50. prain will be moving in tonight. plet's get to the alert. pand this rain to mean business. pit could be heavy at times here. pdon't be surprised if you hear psome thunder as well into pwednesday morning. pit's a high risk, which means pit's going to happen. p40 mile an hour wind gusts with pthis front. pand that will be impacting ptravel tonight especially. pover night here you can see the pfirst batch of rain coming in. pit's approaching toledo. pthe area is still dry. pbut that's going to be changing. pthe alert, as i just showed you, pfor rain and very windy pconditions. ptomorrow morning i think will be pwet. pwatch out for ponding out there.
4:33 pm
pcurrent temperatures 50 in pcleveland. pthese numbers are going to be pholding steady. pand then the rain will move in. pwe'll drop a little bit. pand then go back up, i think, by pmorning. psandusky with the wind off of pthe lake is at 41. phere is the hour-by-hour. pupper 40s the latest future view pmodel does have us warming to 55 pby 7:00 a.m. pand, again, that rain could be pheavy at times. pjust a heads up. pvery warm night ahead. pseven day focus coming up in a plittle bit. pmark. p>> mark: jeff, thank you. p so it is almost time for psuperbowl 50. pso wallet hub released its preport of this year's best and pworst cities for football fans. poh, boy. pwith a look at that and where pcleveland ranks, we turn to dan pderoos. phey, dan. p>> dan: mark, don't be nervous. plet me get to this. pwallet hub, i like how they do pthis. pbecause they wait the matrix. pthere's about 13 different areas pthey look at. pyou get a lot of points just if pyou have a pro football team. pbecause we're talking about p1-245 cities that they ranked.
4:34 pm
pand then they asked if you had a pcollege team. phow well the college team does. pwhat's your access to tickets, rice, there's a whole lot of pthings they look at. pso here is the map. pand you want your dot to be pblue. pyou want it to be small. pso let's take a look at the pcleveland area. pcleveland comes in 28th as the p28th best football city in pamerica. pakron 100 7th. pyou got the zips down there. pat least you have something to proot for. pkent 201. pwe can even go to yungstown. p97. pthat's because they do pretty pwell in youngstown accessing ptheir fans. pso, like i said, we can look at pthe number one best football pcities in the country. pgreen bay, clemson, pittsburgh, ptuscarawas. pagain, we're talking college and ro. pcleveland comes in at 28th. pbut i did just want to show you pthis. pand this is pretty big category. pthe worst performing nfl teams pthere we are. pwe are tied for 27th. pso that kind of brought our
4:35 pm
pbe happy with 28th place. pmark. p>> mark: we'll take that. p>> catherine: stinking ittsburgh. p>> mark: what are you going to pdo. p there's much more still to pcome at 4:00. ptony and i continue to talk pabout, who else, the manziel pbacklash. lus cam newton has a lot to say pabout being compared to lebron. p and disney fans today is a phuge day. pjen picciano is cooking up psomething special. pthat's right. pi brought in some real princess phistorians to help me with an papple-theme dessert and taste ptest the results. pdwarfs. p>> sneezy, doc and sleepy. pdid we say doc? p>> uh-huh. p>> catherine: who else? pdo you remember? p>> doc mcstuvens. p>> catherine: what happens to psnow white in the movie? p>> she falls asleep. p>> catherine: she falls asleep. pwho wakes her up? p>> the prince. pher up. phow does he wake her up?
4:36 pm
p [ laughing ] p>> catherine: ew, gross. phuh? p>> disgusting. p [ laughing ]
4:37 pm
p. p now for a quick timeout with promona and tony. p>> mark: i can't tell you how
4:38 pm
p>> tony: i was going to say i pthink it's a good thing she's pnot here because i think her pstatement would be a little pharsher than browns. pso let's just try to get to the pnext five weeks. p>> mark: so the browns released pa statement on mr. john manziel pthey're not real happy with him. p>> tony: well, this was strong pin so many levels. pbrown is saying, listen, we're pnot oblivious what is going on pwith this ongoing investigation pnow just the latest in his off pthe field dramatics and chaos. panyway, that's one reason to put pthis out. pthe other is to send the message pto not only johnny but as i palluded to to some of the pveterans looking at the new pregimes saying are we paccountable here. p>> mark: right, right. p>> tony: no one has been. pand johnny took down the revious ra jeem. pwhat's the new regime going to pbe like to make it different. p>> mark: by virtue of league prules, they have to wait until pmarch. p>> tony: someone way smarter
4:39 pm
pfigure this out. pcutting players. pthe problem for the browns, they pcan't absorb the $4.5 million phit under this year in the nfl. pthe new year starts on pmarch 9th. ptake the hit. pdhoept pthey don't have to worry about pthe salary. p>> mark: i'm not much on psiefring. pthat works. pwhat's up with cam newton? pwhat's the phrasing. p>> tony: could you be the next plebron james because you're so pbig and strong and you're a pfreight train and cam says why pcan't he be the next cam newton. pokay, cam, i like you. pi haven't been among whatever pcritics are out there. ump your brakes. robably the league mvp. pyou're in the superbowl. pyou ain't lebron james yet. pokay. pthat's bottom line. phe might have been having fun. p>> mark: right. p>> tony: i don't know if you psaw that. p>> mark: you could be the cam pnewton or power forwards or psomething like that. p>> tony: he handled it right. phe's lebron james.
4:40 pm
pconversation some day. p>> mark: he could. pit would have been interesting. pit would have been interesting. pokay. pso, by the way, a big game this pweekend. p>> tony: yes. pso superbowl 50, we're going to pdo our predictions in the coming pdays. pdon't give it away in a few pdays. pbut i have a feeling cam newton pis going to be celebrating in pmore ways than one. p>> mark: i think you're not palone in that camp. p>> tony: big day here on pcleveland 19. p we have more of cleveland 19 pnews at 4:00 coming up right pafter this. p>> breaking news and weather p24/7. download the cleveland 19 pnews app sponsored by kisling,
4:41 pm
p. p well come back. plook at that. p>> catherine: it looks like a pspring day. p>> mark: it really does. p>> jeff: it's going to feel plike a spring night too.
4:42 pm
p>> catherine: oh, my goodness. p>> jeff: with rain. pand don't be surprised if you phear a little thunder. pit's going to be also warm ptomorrow. pthen colder air in here. plet's check out the seven day phere. pand the rain tomorrow will be in pthe morning, which means just a pheads up i do expect a wet pmorning commute. pand it is going to be pretty pwindy as well. pin fact, winds are going to be pgusting over 40 tonight. pthey'll come down a little bit ptomorrow. p54 the high. p32, though, tomorrow night. pflurries. pcould be a little light plake-effect snow in there east pof cleveland on thursday as we phold steady in the low 30s. pso that's going to be a chilly pday. p35 on friday. pmostly cloudy. pthen a little light mix. pa little light winter mix erhaps saturday afternoon. pnot enough to have an alert for pthat day. psaturday night down to 35. pmost of the weekend is looking pdry. psunday for the superbowl 44. premember last year we got over psix inches of snow in a lot of
4:43 pm
pbut we do have some light snow p35 degrees. pand here we go with a bigger pdrop in temperature next week pdoes appear to be colder only in pshowers. pso the trend is this. p54. pthen down we go by thursday. pand then a bigger temperature pdrop, like i said, the first phalf of next week.
4:44 pm
p hi-ho p hi-ho p it's home from work we go p hi-ho hi-ho p it's home from we go p>> catherine: we told you pearlier about this.
4:45 pm
pjen picciano joins us with an pinteresting cleveland cooks. pi brought in some little helpers pto make a dessert that your plittle prince or princess can phelp make with you. pwhen you think of snow white, of pcourse you think of apples. pso i've got chef stephanie aganini from the school of pcooking here. pwhat are we going to make to pcelebrate? p>> i thought let's make little papple bites they can do. plittle apple filling wrapped up pin puff pastry that they can phold and temp maybe someone pwith. p>> jen: oh. p>> we're going to saute in a an. pthis is something that grownups pcan do and have their kids help pby putting things into the pan. p>> jen: okay. p>> we have granny smith apples, pso we're going to add that in pthere. pand then we'll add granulated psugar. pand vanilla extract that will padd a little extra flavor. p>> jen: okay. p>> and then something i love, pwhich is pumpkin spice blend. pit's cinnamons, cloves, ginger. pyou can make it with apples, pcranberry, craisins. pi used dried cherries. pso i have here as well which
4:46 pm
pcorn starch. pand the corn starch and apples prelease a lot of licked. pwe want it to be more like a pgoo. p>> jen: how long do you want it pto cook down? p>> maybe 10, 15 minutes. p>> jen: who thinks this looks pgood? p>> we're going to take the cool pfilling. pyou can buy this ready made. pyou want to work with it cold. pand then from there we're going pto cut out little bits of it. pso this is something that the pkids can really do, which is to pcut out little circles first. pdo you guys want to do this? p>> jen: do you want to help us. p>> can you wiggle a little. plet's see. plet me see some wiggles. poh, that's a good one. poh, good job, guys. p>> perfect. plook at you. pgood job. pi love them. pso now we're going to fill them pwith our filling. pso we're going to take this egg pwhich is just one egg scrambled pwith a little bit of water and ut it on half of our circle. pthen we're going to put just a plittle bit of filling in the pcenter of our circle.
4:47 pm
pnow, we could leave it like pthis, but it's going to puff up pon us. p>> jen: okay. p>> it might open. pso we're going to take a fork. p>> jen: look at this, girls. pwe're going to need your help. p>> oh, that's awesome. pyou squished that down erfectly. p>> jen: there we go. phow did we do? p>> that looks beautiful. poutside. pmoist. pan oven. reheat it to 400 degrees. pminutes. pin the movie they sing whistle pwhile you work. pcan you whistle? p [ whistling ] p. p>> like that. pcan you whistle? p>> yes. ptry it. p>> whew whew whew. p>> jen: all right, my little psnow whites. pare we ready to taste our pdesserts? p>> uh-huh. p>> jen: how are they? phow did chef stephanie do? p>> good. p>> jen: as they stay with their
4:48 pm
ptheir mouths full, do they? p [ laughing ] p>> catherine: today's rincesses can get away with it. p>> jen: how many of the seven pdwarfs can you name? p>> catherine: happy, sneezy, psleepy, bashful, grumpy. p [ laughing ] p>> catherine: there goes an papple. pthat's really neat. pit looks like the girls had a pwonderful time. p>> jen: it was so much fun. p all right. pback to you, mark. p>> mark: grumpy is my favorite. p all right, guys. phow much do you spend on coffee, pby the way?
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