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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 6PM  CBS  February 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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latest drama in texas their messages have not been getting through and done with johnny manziel. let's go down the list here and break it all down for you. we have been clear sashi says about our expectations for our players on and off the field. johnny's continual involvement in incidents that run counter to expectationses undermines hard work and efforts by our organization. his status with our team will be addressed when permitted by league rules. we will have no further comment at this time. the league rules allow browns to cut the cord march 9th. the salary cap intricacies are over my head. they can't absorb a $4 million hit monday when teams can cut players. in march the cap goes up and they will make their move and in the end browns will be free of the final two years of johnny's salary >> romona: with the superbowl coming up on cbs sunday once
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ready to be competitive. i think i can speak for all browns fans we are so over the shenanigans of johnny manziel. let's get some talented players in here who want to play for this team and want to win >> tony: it is a great point and closurely sashi agrees with you and it is telling the statement he put out. not just a message to johnny manziel, it is a message to alex mack and joe schwartz and thomas and we will be accountable >> romona: let's go get 'em. let's go, browns. over to you, mark >> mark: you are ready. dan deroos joins us to talk about -- refresh our memories over manziel over the years >> dan: there were not that many. how you count them up missing meetings and concussion protocol. i don't have time to go through all of the manziel moments
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let's go through some of the memorable ones. who could forget the extreme swanning. johnny at the x- games in austin a month after being drafted by the browns doing some swimming and swim drinking or something, i don't know what that was. then the dollar bill origami incident. this was a picture taken inside a vegas bathroom johnny manziel rolling up a dollar bill. not sure why he would be doing that. in his second preseason game as a pro, he gave the i'm number washington. we were losing. sidelines. this is his second preseason game and the one-finger salute he was fined $12,000. let's move on. of course rehab. nobody will make fun of this. this was something he obviously needed to do. johnny went to rehab after the 2014 season and spent 10 weeks
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was just the beginning of the girl troubles. it was october 12th with the altercation with his girlfriend in the avon area, something that apparently traveled with him back down to texas as we had the investigation in the fort worth and dallas area over the weekend. just a few. we could have gone on and on and on and on about some of the manziel problems. there you go. >> mark: all right. we will give others the opportunity to go on and on. voice your comments about johnny manziel and you may have to break the johnny-free february twitter movement we told about you yesterday. can you head to our facebook page app. or >> romona: jeff, i was walking the streets of downtown cleveland this afternoon >> jeff: a little windy >> romona: that's a whole other story. it was windy >> jeff: bet you got a lot of honks. hey, what's up, beautiful. >> romona: it's all good. it was windy and you say we are
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>> jeff: rain coming west to east and this rain could be heavy at times as we go on through the night. a big cold front coming through. so tonight and your morning commute on wednesday. it will be a high risk here. rain and thunder and heavy pockets of rain. look at the wind 40mile-an-hour gusts and medium threat and that will be impacting travel as well. here you see the first wave that went through toledo in lake erie islands. we have a shower that's moving richland county. temperatures well in the 40s mid to upper 40s. winds are already starting to gust up to 30. look at the temperature trend. we will hold steady mid to upper 40s and downtown cleveland warming into the 50s with the cold front coming through. and then i'll let you know when the colder air will eventually
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>> romona: guys, we have breaking news into cleveland. officers are on the scene at lonnie burton recreational center investigating a shooting involving a 20-year-old man. we have crews headed to the scene. this male was shot several times and taken to metro for treatment. mark >> mark: now a tragedy on the road. two killed overnight deadly wrong way crash on i-71 and today dani carlson talked to one of the victim's families. >> just doing what she normally does coming home from work. i guess wrong place at the wrong time. 33 lakesha brown mother of a 13-year-old daughter was driving on i-71 at about 27:30 this morning as she had done so many times before. she tried to enjoy life as much as she could. she loved to dance and meet people. she was very caring. she was the kind of person if you were stopped on the side of the street and she could help
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when police say 22-year-old kenneth urbanek's car ran into her s.u.v. >> i told you, she is going the wrong way. >> he passed me and coming straight at me as i was driving on the highway. he came at me >> reporter: police say urbanek was driving north on i-71 until he hit one vehicle on the side and hit brown's suburban head on. both brown and urbanek were pronounced dead at the scene. >> i am thankful it was quick. she didn't suffer any pain. and that's all we can ask for >> reporter: in cleveland tonight, dani carlson, cleveland 19 >> mark: all right, dani, thank you. a former north olmsted police officer brian bielozer pleaded guilty today looking up information about his girlfriend's landlord and went to the person's westlake house in uniform and threatened a criminal investigation if the landlord didn't return money to
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bielozer got probation and can't be a police officer again. >> a tax is on the horizon and could be on the ballot as early as november. paul orlousky was called to city hall as mayor jackson laid out why he thinks is necessary. >> look, i am not doing politics. not doing anything. i am just telling you what the facts are. these are the facts >> reporter: mayor jackson was direct in his presentation going page by page through a breakdown the bottom line is simple revenue is down and expenses are up leaving a $42 million gap. >> if you don't have the money, then you can't pay for the service. if you have a $50 million gap, then you will cut services and layoff people to the tune of $50 million. whatever that may be >> reporter: the mayor said the cuts will be across the board and cuts to police, fire and ems are not out of the question. with the tax increase which
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reviewing where to expand services. >> or we can reduce service and eliminate service and layoff people. it is very clear >> reporter: several steps need to happen before any tax can be placed on the ballot. the first one as the mayor laid out his plans and city council must approve anything on the budget and of course voters will vote and only then can the tax be collected. >> city council can put on the ballot what they want. i support a 4.5 increase and i think i have a rational basis for doing that >> reporter: the mayor was as a matter of fact and serious but with humor. >> the only tax you don't pay is the only good one. the next one is the one you pay and you get a benefit from and that's what this is >> reporter: that benefit costs $50,000 for every $1,000 you make. paul orlousky >> mark: all right, orlo. thank you. infant mortality is a problem in ohio.
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dealing with more cases than us. cece is telling us some nurses are trying to help out. sia >> reporter: the three leading causes in ohio is prematurity, birth defects and sleeping deaths and many experts are committed to tackling this issue head on. the nurses at fair view hospital say kathleen's parents are doing things the correct way. >> they have the baby wrapped perfectly. >> they are part of the commitment to decrease infant mortality and starting with the infant sleep space is crucial. >> we want to make sure they have a crib or pack and play and we want that bare naked crib. >> the buckeye state ranks 45 out of 50 go every in infant mortality meaning 7 babies per 1,000 die before turning one. city leaders, hospitals and nonprofit groups are joining
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saying the problem should be treated like an emergency. health care professionals believe that with education, they can bring the rate down and starting the conversations before the baby is born and handing out these safe sleep sacks to parents. >> we give every patient one to the homeless. so the infant is warm. >> the goal is to make sure every baby born has a chance at life. >> i would like to see no infant mortalities obviously. some of them, again aren't preventible because of genetics. but i would like to see those preventible ones disappear >> reporter: ohio's infant mortality rate actually went down between 2013 and 2014 but it is still above the national level. local leaders say if the entire community steps it up, we can prevent many of those deaths. back to you.
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>> up next ted cruz on hillary clinton win in iowa. contest. on the campaign trail >> jeff: showers in the sandusky area. a wild night when you factor in segment. plus how many wings, chips and more do people eat on superbowl sunday? we have those answers and other
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live from cleveland's newscenter driven by don joseph toyota in kent this is cleveland 19 news >> mark: ted cruz and hillary clinton won in iowa >> romona: today the candidates hit the ground running. now, they are trying to use their success to appeal to voters in the next contest state new hampshire. that's why danielle nottingham caught up with some supporters >> reporter: ted cruz greeted an enthusiastic crowd in new hampshire looking for a second win. >> it will be decided by the grassroots. it will be decided by the men and women in this room. >> cruz's camp wants to rally as
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hampshire as they pulled off in iowa. >> were you surprised they won in iowa? >> no. i wasn't. >> ted cruz is the guy we have been praying for since ronald reagan. >> marco rubio is using his third place finish to position himself as mainstream candidate and best able to clinch the general election. >> we need to unify the conservative movement and republican party and can i do that better than anyone running >> reporter: while cruz is riding high off his win, democrats have to duke it out in new hampshire. hillary clinton narrowly defeated bernie sanders in the closest iowa democratic caucus in history. >> we are in a fight to the finish about whether or not we will build on the progress we have made or watch it get ripped away. >> last night we came back from a 50 point deficit in the polls >> reporter: bernie sanders is also happy with the results in iowa. he is expecting to do even
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his home state of vermont >> reporter: danielle nottingham cbs news wyndham, new hampshire. >> democrat martin o'malley and mike huckabee both dropped out of the race >> mark: cuyahoga falls church has a message for the community. the pilgrim methodist of christ put out a banner saying save our steeple. >> it was part of the underground railroad in the 19th century to keep the aging steeple from leaking water into the sanctuary >> romona: as you know superbowl sunday is this weekend. the day when we eat, eat and continue eating >> mark: boy, you are not kidding. 1.3 billion wings, 14,500 tons of chips and 8 million pounds of guacomole. wallet hub put together interesting stats. a 30 second commercial costs over $5 million.
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28 million tweets expected and 1.5 million people will call in sick monday. more fun facts can be found on the cleveland 19 news app >> romona: next sunday cleveland 19 is a channel to turn to at your superbowl party. keep the tv on after the game for the news at 11:00 with denise and me >> mark: i will be watching see what you guys are up to >> romona: you will be up that late? >> mark: maybe. punxsutawney phil and buckeye chuck says it will be a long winter >> romona: let's go to jeff tanchak. he doesn't use these figures. check out the wind it is a spring-like pattern 20mile-an-hour in cleveland and 22 elyria and gusting up to 30 now. these winds will just increase throughout the night. we are on the warm side of a big system here.
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rain and even some thunder out there this evening. now. the bulk of the action will be later this evening. one batch southern richland area. let's switch to the live scan. mansfield you are about to get wet. loudonville this is tracking to the northeast towards the wooster area. 10:00 tonight we will have rain in the area. this could be the part of the system that gives us some thunder here overnight. 1:00 a.m., when i expect heavier rain and towards morning. the latest future view model does end heavier rain for the morning commute. it will be a wet one out there with showers in the area. look at the temperatures. downtown in the 50s tomorrow in the morning with a wind-driven rain and i have us warming to 50. well see how much moisture charismatic to allow the
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east to south wind gusting over 40. plan on a wet night. akron-canton as well. winds gusting over 30. tomorrow after 7 a.m. begins to wind down with perhaps a few showers in the area and even some sunshine. it is still going to be a warm day. windy out there. all right. latest future view rainfall here kind of interesting. doesn't give much along the lakeshore and see where the heavier rain sets up and clearly over half inch of rain and over 3/4 of an inch. 54 will be the high tomorrow with the morning rain. winds still gusting over 30 and then the colder air will start to come in tomorrow night. you will see that dropping to 32 and hold steady in the low 30s here on thursday with flurries and even light lake-effect snow around.
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could see a little light rain-snow mix saturday afternoon. cloudy sky 40 and superbowl sunday, 44. pretty mild this year. good travel to your parties. light snow back in the forecast on monday and much bigger cooldown it looks like through next week. tony? >> tony: all right. thank you. pop quiz who has a better shot of playing in the nfl next season peyton manning or johnny manziel. manning has strong words for those counting him out at the superbowl. johnny.
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now this is the serpentini chevrolet sports report on cleveland 19 news >> tony: johnny manziel came to the nfl two years ago promising the browns he would wreck this league and all he has
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career and see if he can get either one of those back. it won't be in cleveland. i have gone with full disclosure on this guy. when we thought we were done, he was welcome back in. let me save you the suspense drama. now you have a quarterback and find a coaching staff to plan around him. what happened, the alleged concussion in the final week and mistreatment and trip to vegas and billy manziel and blonde wig happened and tour of texas happened and the alleged incident with the girl happened and on and on and on and the new browns regime has seen enough and so have i. let's talk superbowl peyton manning joked he will play 10 more years if he finds the fountain of youth. clouds shaped like hgh is hanging over manning's head. the investigation will not be completed soon. manning insists there's nothing
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that's what they said in december and i repeat what i said back then. i welcome it. i know exactly what they will find a big fat nothing >> tony: before we go, how about ty lou. i ain't bailing you out. >> we can't resort to bad habits. we have to play how we have been playing. i am not in a position in my career i wouldn't call a time-out. you all dug the hole and get out of it. guys stuck together and continue to fight. >> i looked at the bench and didn't know if they wanted a time-out. we had to make something happen and fortunately it was a good moment for us. >> i agree. cavs go six straight. tomorrow in charlotte fred and
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ohio one of those early and semi defining moment >> romona: i am glad you guys aren't like that.
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>> jeff: they need that golden umbrella. all right.
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more where that came tonight and windy conditions out there as well. i will be tracking you. >> mark: thank you for joining us cbs evening news is next
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