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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 11PM  CBS  February 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> live from cleveland's news center, cleveland money teen news starts now. >> romona: we are tracking rain and gusty winds blowing through the area. >> denise: and you will need that umbrella when you head to work in the morning. jeff tanchek with the first alert details. >> jeff: yes, we had a few storms along the lakeshore. now it has changed to a steady rain and it is a wind-driven rain. this rain is heavy at times, but pretty much covering the entire viewing area. it is not raining as heavily in the sandusky area. let's focus in on worcester. this is heavy rain from holmes
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area and across greater cleveland. rain and wind with wind gusts over 30. obviously the alert tonight through tomorrow morning, rain and thunder, 40 mile an hour wind gusts especially along the lakeshore. that will be impacting travel. sandusky at 54 degrees. other spots are in the upper 40s to around 50. your morning commute forecast is 50 or better. windy with rain. it will be ending from west to east after 7:00 a.m. the weather impact is a five. tune into cleveland 19. meteorologist samantha roberts will give you the latest conditions and what else you need to know for your morning commute. we will be all over it. denise, back to you. >> denise: police are searching for two inmates who
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facility. we want to know how it happened. scott taylor is live tonight explaining how this is not an isolated incident. scott? >> reporter: it happens a lot at this facility. two escapees that you mentioned authorities are looking for right now. they haven't been caught as far as we know. and we now know more than 60 inmates here at this facility basically walked away. in the heart of downtown cleveland i just discovered more than 60 minimum secure prisoners who were given passes to go into our city for privileges like work never came back to the mcdonald correctional facility last year. two days ago two men escaped the facility by busting out a window with a ball they sneaked into their dorm after playing a game of pool.
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last year there was one escape and 62 people awol. if you break it down that means every six days it means at least one person escapes from this place. now, this year, so far two people escape and three awol. that means in about three days it should be someone else turning up missing. >> cleveland 19 wants some answers. officials with the oriana house say they don't know how many criminals were ever recaptured. the state of ohio owns the facility and cuyahoga county manages it. this isn't a new problem. the facility opened in 2010 and in the first five months six escapes. it is only getting worse. >> there are a total of 19 facilities across the state. 18 in other parts of ohio. we asked for their escape numbers and we hope to have
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sometime tomorrow. live in cleveland, scott taylor, cleveland 19. >> a mother is dead after a wrong way driver slammed into her car head on in a violent crash caught on camera early this morning on 71 southbound near west 140th. that driver who was heading north in the southbound lanes was also killed. and tonight we are learning more about the 33-year-old mother who lost her life in that accident. sara goldenburg is live with how she is being remembered. sara? >> reporter: well, she leaves bow hind a 13-year-old daughter. her family says she is headed home from work when she was hit. and now two families are left heart broken. tonight we spoke over the phone with a friend of the driver. kenneth from lakewood. employees are mourning the loss of their co-worker and friend. we are told he was not working
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the crash happened under the bridge before the west 150th exit just before 3:00 a.m. we asked cleveland police where he got on the highway and how long he was driving the wrong way. they are still working on the report and they said they don't have the answers yet. here you can see as the camera captures the moments as the car comes around the bend and crashes into on coming traffic. we drove the route ourselves. this is where his car was driving north when it crashed into lakeisha brown. >> she loved life. if anybody knew hershey always made -- knew her she made a joke about everything. she didn't let the small things get to her. >> reporter: police say alcohol could be a factor in the crash. they plan to hold a memorial soon. live on the west side of cleveland, cleveland 19. >> according to the u.s. department of transportation 350 die every year in the u.s.
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driver. most wrong way crashes involve a vehicle entering the highway from the exit ramp. 78% of these collisions occur between 6:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. and the majority of wrong way crashes happen over the weekend. >> the browns could be parting ways with johnny manziel because of the quarterback's continued off the field problems. his latest run in with police came over the weekend in tebz text. it is just one of several issues are to the browns' quarterback in two seasons. >> romona: we have been wondering what the team thinks of his behavior, and today we got some answers. tony zarrella is here to tell us what was said. >> tony: i thought he was hitting it head on saying they in texas. their messages have not been received. as soon as the league allows
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they put it a little more formally than i have. we have been clear about expectations for players on and off the field. johnny's continual involvement to incidents that run counter to those expectations underminds the hard work of reputation of the organization. his status with our team will be addressed when permitted by league rules. we will have no furtherrent comment at this time -- further comment at this time. teams can release players on monday, the day after the super bowl, but the browns cannot with johnny because they can't absorb a $4.5 million cap hit. come march 9th when the new nfl calendar kicks off and the salary cap increases the browns will likely make the move. you have probably seen that statement, but what you haven't heard is johnny insists where he could end up. i will talk with a dallas reporter and you may be stunned to hear the results of
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>> denise: all right, tony. >> romona: just the distraction we want. most of you are talking about the browns most likely cutting johnny next month. it is also a hot topic across the country. dan deroos is here with what's being said in the national >> dan: always interesting to have something like this happen with your team. let's start with cbs sports. first of all browns send clear indication they plan to release johnny manziel similar to what we are hearing all over the country. how about the orlando sentinal. they don't have a dog in the fight, but they say browns let the air out of johnny football. this was interesting. former nfl coach brian billick, johnny manziel reminds me of the of a flew wean swru kid. affluenza kid. remember he had the privilege in texas? let's go to ftw for the win. this is the usa today sports blog. they say why the browns are
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tony just pretty much explained that. and then one of the better headlines i could find, this is sports day. this is out of one of the dallas newspapers. cowboys officials will try to deter jerry jones from johnny manziel, the kardashian of quarterbacks. i think that just about says whether or not they want him down there in texas as far as we go they can have him. ramona? >> romona: we can to know what you think. we want to know what you think. 140 the browns give him another chance to partways with his quarterback? leave your comments on the website, facebook page or tweet us. >> denise: now that the iowa caucus is over. they are focused on what will happen next week. ted cruz is trying to build on his big win last night in iowa. donald trump who many still consider the front runner will spend time in new hampshire
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next primary will be on february 20th. and marco rubio who finished just behind trump will spend time in new hampshire this week as well. as for the democrats, hillary clinton who just barely won in iowa will spend tomorrow in new hampshire stumping for votes before heading to boston on friday. bernie sanders will hold several events across the state and leading up to tuesday's primary. >> our primary is march 15th. if you would like to vote in that election you have to register by february 16th. the following day is when you can send in your early ballot. >> romona: they were sold to the national craft retailers michaels. we are told the sale will not result in any job losses or any store closings.
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34 stores in ohio. headquarters will remain in strongs will. strongsville. >> denise: coming up, growing concern about the zika virus.
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to end drunk@ driving, saving lives and the@ heartbreak of loved ones@ actions.@ >> we have to start educating@ our youth.@ there need to be open@ communication to get them to@ understand the hazards of@ drinking and driving.@ p>> romona: since the inception@ of madd400 drunk driving laws@ have been put on the books.@ they hope to have it passed@ within a year.@ similar laws are in place in@ 25 other states.@ ramona?@ >> tiffani, are you always@ going over your data for your@ smartphone?@ constantly checking social@ media and websites that@ feature videos and your plan@ gets used up in a hurry.@ here is what you can do.@
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you can check the data in your@ phone settings.@ facebook, twitter and snap@ chat use up most of your@ plan.@ disable the video auto play@ feature to help save some@ money and use the internet to@ check social media.@ most have a data saver mode@ that helps you save on your@ plan.@ and call your provider to see@ if you can get some freebies@ like an extra gigabite or@ two.@ p>> denise: severe weather blew@ through.@ a tornado in pickens county.@ look at that.@ we are told there are@ knowledge president ares of@ damage, but it is not clear if@ anyone was hurt.@ a line of super cell storms in@ mississippi continue to pose a@ significant tornado risk@ there.@ p>> romona: we just got rain@ around here.@ p>> jeff: yeah rain and a few@ storms earlier.@ nothing severe.@ this is a spring storm we are@ dealing with with a blizzard@ on the cold side and severe@
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we are dealing with the steady@ rain and wind.@ let's check it out on the@ radar.@ as we look at the roof camera@ first with the steady rain@ coming down over downtown@ cleveland, already approaching@ a quarter inch of rain.@ doppler max network, let's@ check it out.@ here we go.@ doppler max network.@ do you see this red here?@ these are pockets of heavier@ rain.@ it is down into brunswick and@ medina and in akron the rain@ is starting to pick up and in@ canton as well.@ not seeing thunder or@ lightning with this.@ this is basically rain, heavy@ at times.@ look at this.@ we are locked in for the next@ few hours.@ it looks by morning things@ will taper a little bit.@ the worst is happening through@ about 7:00 a.m.@
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and mansfield.@ here is our big storm.@ heavy snow in iowa,@ minneapolis, minnesota@ blizzard conditions there.@ we are on the warm side of@ things.@ here comes all of the rain.@ that's going to be with us@ through the night.@ there is some thunder west of@ dayton with that line.@ don't be surprised if you hear@ a rumble of thunder out there@ tonight.@ i think by morning the thunder@ risk will be winding down.@ 49 in cleveland.@ 60 degrees in cincinnati.@ that's the warmer air coming@ in between 1:00 and 4:00 a.m.@ rain heavy at times.@ 7:00 a.m., it starts to taper@ from most areas.@ we will be at about 50 or so i@ think at 7:00 a.m.@ winds gusting to 40.@ and then a smaller line of@ showers early afternoon.@ that's when the temperatures@ will start to drop.@ additional rain on top of what@
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over an inch in elyria and@ over an inch in norwalk.@ over three quarters of an inch@ in cleveland.@ this is a good soaking.@ 54 is the high with the@ morning rain.@ that will be winding down.@ we have wind gusts over 30@ miles an hour.@ 51 in the akron canton area@ with the morning rain.@ 53 at noon and 49 at 5:00.@ here comes the colder stuff by@ thursday.@ flurries and a little lake@ affect snow east of@ cleveland.@ much colder.@ a little rain-snow mix and@ most of the weekend looks@ dry.@ 40 on saturday and 44 super@ bowl sunday.@ it looks like it turns colder@ by tuesday of next week.@ here's the buzz.@
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is there a third father of the@ bride movie coming?@ p>> romona: and we know who@ will siping the national@ anthem before the super bowl.@ >>@ i'm on the edge of glory @ p>> romona: lady gaga will@ perform the star-spangled@ banner prior to sunday's@ game.@ the sungar is on quite a@ roll -- the singer is on right@ a role.@ she won a golden globe for her@ role in "american horror@ story" and for her song" until@ it happens to you."@ p>> romona: we are the only@ place to see her performance@ live.@ stay tuned for a late edition@ of the late show with stephen@ colbert.@ p>> denise: according to steve@ martin don't expect a third@ "father of the bride."@ he said everyone has seen@ enough of him playing a@ grandfather.@ but he does think someone else@
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at some point.@ p>> romona: could johnny@ manziel end up with the@ cowboys next year?@ tony zarrella finds out what@ fans are saying.@ >> coming up tomorrow morning@ on cleveland 19 news, the head@ coach at glenville and while@ he has sent a lot of kids into@ the national football league,@ it will be his son wearing a@ carolina panthers helmet on@ sunday in the super bowl@ starting tomorrow morning at@
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@ >> now, this is the chevrolet@ sports report on cleveland 19@ news.@ p>> tony: i stuck with johnny@ as long as i could and i have@ the tweet to prove it.@ you have your quarterback i@ tweeted after he almost beat@ the chiefs on december@ 27th.@ in fairness to me, that was@ before the alleged concussion@ and the trip to vegas and@ mistreatment and now the@
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texas that continues.@ now here johnny is 35 days@ away from almost certainly@ being cut loose by the browns@ and the question is where does@ he go from here?@ we know where the brown browns@ go to the second pick of the@ draft.@ where does johnny go?@ he is telling people that the@ cowboys, rams and chiefs, they@ all want him.@ i talked with bill jones of@ the cbs affiliate in dallas on@ sports extra.@ >> thanks for taking time@ out.@ if you want him.@ you can have him.@ >> i think a lot of people are@ saying that right now.@ i tell you what, we conducted@ a twitter poll, totally@ unscientific of course, but@ 76% of the responders so far@ say please, jerry, don't do@ it.@ he only has 24% support to@ come to the cowboys.@ >> there are people in jerry's@ circle that will push please@ don't do this.@ do you think there will be a@ part of jerry jones that says@
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he can sell tickets and he can@ be dynamic?@ >> well, i don't know if he is@ looking at it so much as far@ as selling tickets go.@ i think he's got that with@ romo and dez.@ he really has to look at the@ fact that last season was a@ disaster.@ we had whedon and matt cassel@ playing quarterback because@ they didn't have a back up@ quarterback when romo went@ down with an injury in the@ second week of the season.@ that's the intrigue right@ there.@ what manziel has done since@ the end of the regular season@ even jerry jones might not@ pull the trigger on this@ thing.@ >> stay tuned.@ a tough night for the golden@ flash.@ close into the second half and@ then it got away.@ stops and pops for three.@ he flashes right with him.@ ortiz finishes it up with a@ tray of his own.@ it is looking good for kent@ state.@
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it by 1788-61.@ huge numbers off their bench.@ he threw down 18 and josh@ williams had twenty off the@ bench.@ 80-68 and their 18th win@ of the season and our@ cavaliers go for number six in@ a row on fox sports ohio.@ you can catch it on fox sports@ ohio.@ >> that's one good thing we@ have working for us, the@ cavaliers.@
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