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tv   Cleveland 19 News This Morning  CBS  February 3, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> tia: a traffic camera
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way on i-71. the tragic ending that soon followed. >> brian: it appears the browns are ready to put johnny manziel on the next bus out of town, and they're not going to wait long to do it. >> tia: heavy rain overnight knocks out power. some winds out there, too, and may even have some roads underwater this morning. >> brian: the drive to work or school may be a bit slower for you this morning depending on where you're coming from. good morning. it's wednesday, february 3rd. thanks for joining us. i'm brian duffy. >> tia: i'm tia ewing. we have nichole vrsansky and laura demaria is monitoring the rush hour. sam roberts has the forecast. is this rain going to stick around, and what about the wind out there, very gusty winds? >> samantha: it is so windy. take a look for yourself. i want to show you exactly how windy it is outside. we have sustained winds out of
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per hour. in cleveland these gusts are gusting up to 41 miles per hour out in elyria. so it is very, very windy, especially as these showers move through. here's where the rain is right now. it's quickly approaching that i-77 corridor. if you were watching earlier this morning, i was tracking a line of dusty showers coming through southeastern portions of the forecast region. that has moved out into pennsylvania. we have a little ways to go. rain stretches from lorain and cuyahoga counties south down through worcester and into the far southern areas as well. if you are in downtown cleveland or out on the eastside, akron/canton, dover, heads up. this line of showers is headed in your direction, and it may produce gusty winds. cleveland any minute now rain moving in. akron just before 6:30, and out in mentor it's a little while closer to 6:30 before you see the showers move in.
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outside, but it is so warm. right now in cleveland we are 1 degree away from tieing a record high temperature for the day. it is 56. it's incredibly mild outside, but we are going to cool off a little bit later on. i'm going to take you through the whole forecast in just a few minutes, but we want to take you outside first. our own nichole vrsansky is live out in the storm chaser showing you the road conditions. we have ponding issues from the overnight rain. nikki, where are you right now, and what are you seeing? >> nichole: we just turned onto chester from east 70th and there's a lot of water on the roadways. i'll show you a big puddle we're driving up upon right on chester at east 70th. if you think this puddle in front of me is a big one, you should see the video from earlier this morning on i-90 east near east ninth and cedar.
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odot crews finally getting a handle on the water out there working since 11:00 last night to use plows to move the water to the side of the road and vacuuming it up with what my photographer said looked like a giant shop vac on wheels. slow is the name of the game today. hydroplaning is a concern. hydroplaning? don't panic or slam on the brakes or make any dramatic moves with your steering wheel. aim the nose of your car straightforward and make slight adjustments to keep your car going forward. braking whether you're hydroplaning depends on the brakes you have. regular brakes just pump them lightly until you slow down. antilock brakes brake as normal with steady pressure. laura is in the studio keeping an eye on the roads as well. any trouble spots this morning? >> laura: no major spots on the highways right now that are stopping anyone. we're moving very, very nicely
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this is i-77 moving into downtown. no troubles there. everyone is moving along just fine. as we look at the wide map, it's the same story. seeing a lot of green arrows, so it's an easy go on the roadways so far. n accidents or broken-downs reported. hopefully everybody is extra cautious when you need extra patience when the roads are like that. we have constant rain all night and causes the water to collect on the highways. this is i-90 as we pass through the sheffield village area, westlake, still up to speed. that's how far you're going up to speed if you're driving on the west side this morning towards the inner belt. the drive times look good. elyria to cleveland is 28 minutes and 37 minutes from akron. we look at the akron commute in a bit. brian. >> brian: thanks very much. 6:05. an update this morning on a fatal accident on 71 south caused by a driver going the wrong way.
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traffic camera that shows the impact of the crash. the wrong-way driver, 22-year-old kenneth urbanica of lakewood drove head-on into lakeisha brown and both died at the scene. investigators are trying to figure out how it happened. a news conference is set later this morning at gurney elementary school from chagrin falls. the epa is expected to return water test results sometime today. two water fountains have been shut off since last week when the epa asked to test the water lines for elevated lead levels. the second we get any information, we will post it on the cleveland 19 mobile app. >> tia: a shock for pat cat tan shoppers. the locally owned craft story has been sold to nation wide chain michael's. it's been in our area since the 1950s. a spoke person more michael's says there won't be any name
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losses or store closures. johnny manziel's days as a member of the cleveland browns appears to be numbered. >> brian: he's out of here. no question. the team expected to release manziel next month after his latest run-in with police over the weekend. q. mccray is here, and q., we keep hearing this whole dallas thing because that's where he's for and jerry jones liked him. do the fans really want him down there? >> q.: you're about to find him, buddy. many experts think dallas is a good spot for johnny manziel. he's from texas and was born in tyler, just outside of dallas. also rumor has it that cowboys owner jerry jones wanted manziel when the browns drafted him two years ago. well, now the browns appear to have had enough of manziel's off-the-field problems that range from public drinking videos to run-ins with his girlfriends and sometimes ex-girlfriends. tony zarrella spoke to bill jones of the cbs affiliate of
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people there, cowboys fans even want johnny manziel as their backup quarterback. here's the answer. >> i'll tell you what. we conducted a little twitter poll. totally unscientific, of course. 76% of the responders so far say please jerry don't do it. >> q.: so there you have it. the cowboys fans don't want him. brownies don't want him. i don't know, johnny. browns are expected to cut johnny manziel next month. the reason? well, waiting until march 9th will actually save the team a whole lot of cash, millions of dollars, as a matter of fact. in the next half hour we find out if bill jones thinks the coy boys owner jerry jones would still take manziel knowing everything he knows now. >> tia: an exciting day for high school student athletes across the country. it's national signing day. in our area high schools hold events for students to pick
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their athletic career at. says at least four football players from the area is heading to the ohio state university. so excited about that. >> brian: i don't follow the recruiting a whole lot. i can't sit on the edge of my seat. they're 18-year-old kids, and they are kids and 17-year-olds in some cases deciding where to go. ohio state has the second-best recruiting class in rankings. they're in the top five about every year. if they just recruit kids from ohio. >> tia: that's right. >> brian: another crop of kids rolling into ohio state. congratulations with all the kids signing. not many kids get the chance to play. the percentages are astronomically low even at the division ii level. so congratulations to everybody. >> tia: that's right. time is 6:09. heavy rains leave standing water all over northeast ohio
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>> samantha: it's a slow drive in to work for many of you. we still have some mainly light rain out there. the heaviest stuff has moved out, and we're also dealing with wet roads and areas of ponding. so if you run into any of that, you want to take it a little bit slower. your evening commute looks much better, though. we're going to talk about it when we come back. >> brian: we could have rain, but it could be a lot worse. we'll show you where they're dealing with a lot of snow this morning. >> tia: next, we'll tell you what president barack obama will do today that he's never done before. fe a cd so comg on on abra cahealt ins few as twond aalf ys wn usedt thfirssign it penettes ep a stas to wo immiate tolockhe vus a proct healy ces.. dot toh itut, knocit o, fa.
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>> tia: president barack obama is about to make his first visit to an american mosque has president. now, he has been to mosques overseas, but the islamic society of baltimore is the first one he's visiting in the states. white house officials say the president will meet with muslim leaders and discuss the religion's impact on american culture. a rare case of the zika virus turned up in texas. it was transmitted through sex, not a mosquito bite. the person did not travel to the infected areas, but their partner had just returned from venezuela. zika is carried by mosquitos and has been linked to thousands of babies born with underdeveloped brains. >> brian: if you're cursing the rain this morning, look at blizzard-like conditions that swept across the heartland and through the upper midwest. we are on the warm end of this massive, massive system. sam, i guess if it was cold
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whole lot of snow. >> samantha: yeah, it would be a big, wintery mess out there if we had the cold air, but we just don't. it's so mild. the rain all the way up into canada seeing rain. look at that. that line of showers stretches coast. to the north and west we have the snowshowers, snow up in wisconsin, minneapolis this morning seeing some snow. as you go farther west, it starts to dry out back towards illinois, indiana. no problems there this morning. we still have a little bit of rain to get through. here is a line of showers from lake erie south into i-77 coming through summit county, and then just to the west of canton we still have some rain. this is moving off to the east. so if you're on the east side of cleveland into lake, geauga, down into trumbull county and -- excuse me. trumbull county will get it
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portage county, canton, heads up for you. dover and new philly has rain moving into your area before 6:30 is when it will get there. it's also very windy outside, and it's going to be windy all day. even through tonight it's still going to be breezy. the temperatures right now, they're crazy. if you're just waking up with us, it is 56 degrees right now in cleveland. how often do we get to say that on an early february morning? i mean, even in the afternoon this time of the year it's not that warm. we have very mild weather, and i think we'll stay in the mid-50s for much of the day, if not get a little bit warmer in some areas. the farther east you go, the cooler we'll be. in cleveland mid to upper 50s today. the rain moving out of here pretty early, and we may see sunshine late morning/early afternoon before we cloud back up for tonight. okay. when's the cold coming back? it's not going to stay gone long.
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colder air moving in. 31 is your low. there's no accumulation in our forecast, but we will carry a chance for snowshowers and flurries even through the day tomorrow. a trace at most, and we stay cooler. look at that. 34 tomorrow, big difference. 37 on your friday. but a dry end to the week, and most of the weekend if you're planning ahead that looks mainly dry as well. a nice little warming trend there with just a small chance for some snow late saturday night with no major issues. next week, though, planning way ahead. we have snow likely monday night into tuesday. could pile up, too. we'll be watching that closely. laura. >> laura: very closely, especially whether i talk about the morning commute for sure. we want to know what's going on out there on the roadways, because we want to know how much extra time we need and how safe we need to be. we always need to be safe, of course. look at the wide map here. not much in the slowdown department. 46 miles per hour is the sloughs
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it's a spot by the steelyard i i-71 northbound and also on i-90 westbound as you make that final stretch into downtown. maybe you're coming from -- that's right by the martin luther king area this morning. when you head through there, it might slow down a bit and might be some water puddling on the roadways that has people being a little extra cautious. around akron i don't see issues, 76 is looking good and 77 from canton to akron looks good. route 8 is 55 miles per hour. the ride up 77 looks really good, too. take it through brecksville and independence over 480 and into downtown. looks on time along with all of the drive times, elyria, canton, mentor and strongsville all look perfect. brian. >> brian: the glenville community is fired up on sunday evening at the super bowl as they watch one of their own, ted
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in the game. his dad has given hundreds of kids the building blocks of a great life. >> nine years after being drafted out of ohio state in the first round, ted ginn jr. has produced his best season in the national football league. he'll play on the game's biggest stage on sunday evening. it's the payoff as ginn's dad, ted sr., watched his son bounce from team to team sometimes struggling to find a role. >> you have to be mentally tough to play in the nfl. he wouldn't be there nine years if he wasn't mentally tough. >> reporter: his career took him to miami, san francisco, arizona, and carolina and now the super bowl. what a trip. the coach knows it's time to finish. >> i'm just happy for him, but, you know, my mind goes back to we got to get it done, you know what i'm saying? hopefully he plays a role in it
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>> brian: ginn sr. made it help as the head football coach in glenville. they turn out mature young men from the most difficult of circumstances. ginn jr. has learned the lessons in life and on the field. >> no matter where you come from, it don't determine where you go. >> brian: something good to remember, huh? the ginn academy believes that a child's education is not confined simply to what he learns in the classroom. they believe it's experience and exposure that leads to empowerment of the young men. they're passionate about what they do. he's done great work producing football players, and much more important is he's taking kids that have grown up in some circumstances we can't even imagine and he's put them on the right track. >> tia: a positive influence, which a lot of kids certainly need to see. time is 6:20. this morning. one country has come up with a
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drone problem. we will show it to you in about five minutes. >> brian: wait until you see this. next, they're also reaching new heights at consent state kent state university.
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>> tia: time is 6:24. a big achievement for kent state's aeronautics program. they're one of four nationwide to be selected as a partner with cessna's top hawk program. student pilots are given a special edition cessna plane to use for practice and competition. if you have the uber app on your phone, you might notice it has a new logo. take a look at the new image is company is now using. a company spokeswoman says the new logo will be used worldwide with a different color scheme in each of the 68 countries the company operates in. >> brian: you can call it the cost of success, but for the second straight year it looks
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more to see the wine and gold. crane's cleveland business say seats next season will cost about 15% more than this season. this year the average seat is around 50 bucks. how about this video of the netherlands. dutch police are using america's nashl icon, the bald eagle, to take out illegal drones. they train the birds to pluck the drones out of the ski. the dutch company calls them a low-tech solution for a high-tech problem. >> tia: that's tough work on those birds. >> brian: those things are huge. >> tia: i don't think they want to pluck drones out of the sky. they want to fly. i don't know. i think some animal advocacy groups should get involved. >> brian: they're not hurting the eagles. >> tia: i'm not a fan. they shouldn't be doing that. somebody at home is saying, calm down, tia. it's that big of a deal.
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into a woman yesterday named rena on euclid every day. she says she watches every morning. i promised i would say good morning to her. hey, thank you so much for watching. we appreciate it. time is 6:26. it's not droning coming out of the sky this morning in northeast ohio. there's a whole lot of rain. sam. >> samantha: yeah, guys. had the rain overnight. we still have a little bit of light rain out there and something else that might slow you down, the wind. take a look at these wind gusts out in elyria, 41 miles per hour. 38 miles per hour in cleveland, so definitely white-knuckle driving, and we talk about when the winds back off and when the
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>> brian: good morning. new this morning high water is the result of the heavy rains overnight. we show you what areas are still being affected this morning. >> tia: there were also some power outages overnight, but all of it has been restored. good morning. it's wednesday, february 3rd. i'm tia ewing. >> brian: hump day. you haven't done your hump day. >> tia: hump day! >> brian: 6:30. our team weather coverages vrsansky. she's in the first alert storm chaser with driving tips that you need to know if you hit water. rush hour. we start with sam roberts with the forecast. good morning. >> samantha: good morning if you're just waking up with us, it's right around 6:30. maybe that alarm just woke you up. i hope you're off to a great start. the weather is not off to the best start.
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it only gets better from here. let's look at what we have going on right now. it is 56 degrees in cleveland. i am so serious right now. i promise we did not fast-forward to the month of april. i know it's weird to be this warm in the morning. it's also very windy. we're not reporting any rain at burke. we have some very quick-moving showers coming through cleveland right now. out to the west we are finally dry, but still hanging onto some light rain from the east side of cleveland down through summit county and down into canton, stark county seeing some rain here. this is lifting as we mentioned off towards the east. so if you're out in madison, about 10 minutes you'll be seeing some rain, jefferson about 7:00 or so. and then after 7:00 for my friends in youngstown. then we're down with it. it's only the morning commute that's impacted by this rain. if you haven't left yet, your
6:24 am
terms of water on the roads, but midday/evening commute it looks great. speaking of the commute we have sent nichole vrsansky out live. she's in the storm chaser to give us a good look at what's happening out there. nikki. >> nichole: good morning, guys. we're on woodland by tri-c. a lot of puddling happening on woodland. take a quick look. we've got some crews out here giving you a little bit of the heads-up about maybe some of the water on the roadways. you see the big puddle right there that we're about to drive by. most of these puddles are on the side of the road, so if you stick to the middle lanes, probably your best bet. acceptable the biggest water issues this morning on i-90 east downtown, we have some video to show you. all lanes are now open, but some of those lanes were shut down earlier near east ninth and cedar. you have video right there of the 22nd and cedar overpasses. odot crews working since 11:00
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water with plows also vacuuming some of the water up. take it slow out there. no cruise control today, guys. cars recognize the build-up of water as a slowdown and ask for more power and certainly that's not what you want. it's a good day to check tire pressures and tread. low air increases your stopping distance and also increases your risk of hydroplaning. with all of the water out there, that's a concern. low tread is one of the leading causing of hydroplaning. put a penny in the tread of your tire. if you can see lincoln's head, you might want to start shopping around for new tires. just what you want to hear today, right? i know laura is keeping an eye on roads in other parts of the cleveland area. laura, how is it looking this morning? >> laura: a couple spots just popped up. this first one is a disabled vehicle right now on i-480 eastbound at i-77. what i'm hearing is it's actually in the left shoulder.
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we still go through that pretty well this time of day. we still have all green in the area. just want you to be aware of it as you head out. a quick mention of this. north royalton has a downed wire on abby road right now between albion road and royal road. keep watching that as you head out. all lanes are currently blocked because of the downed wire. i'll keep you updated on the north royalton area this morning. no major issues, maybe a typical slowdown alon the steelyard. over on the east side route 2 and i-90 looking pretty good. be aware there are places where the water can tend to pond and puddle in certain areas. as for the drive times, check them out. canton to cleveland straight up 77 right now. no troubles at all. looks like a perfect under an hour commute. tia. >> tia: before you hit the roads this morning, see where this rain is heading where you are traveling to. you can use live radar on the first alert forecast app.
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we have breaking news at the hour to tell you about. just minutes ago our newsroom learned that a federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed by tamir rice's father. rice's father is being encouraged to file a new complaint for damages against the officers responsible for tamir's death in 2014. that same judge also dismissed one of two lawsuits filed by rice's mother. we will keep you updated with any emerging details on this on the cleveland 19 news app. the rnc in cleveland is already showing its area-wide economic impact. the lorain morning journal says nearly every hotel in avon is booked for the republican national convention. a committee with rnc actually rents the room and divvies them out to people coming into town for the event. a two-person suite runs for nearly $600 a night. >> brian: wow. things are heating up for the republican presidential nomination as the race now moves to new hampshire. especially for our governor,
6:28 am
he's refreshingly admitting it's a strong showing in the new hampshire primary or bust. kasich has launched a massive campaign in the granite state since announcing his presidential run in july. he plans to hold his 100th town hall meeting there before next week's primary. ka sick hopes good results in new hampshire will help to put his campaign finally on the map. >> i want people to question me. i want them to know me. i don't want to show up and make a speech and go out of the door. i want people to know me. that's what we're going to try to do. >> brian: the new hampshire primary is february 9th. there is a republican debate this saturday. download the mobile app for continuing coverage on campaign 2016. on to johnny manziel now and his latest run-in with the police. could it be his last one as a i don't know. he may still have a month or month to do some more damage. >> tia: i think his time is coming to an end.
6:29 am
that describes the qb's behavior and saying basically that it goes against the expectations of the team. q. mccray is here. q., the talk this morning is manziel possibly going to dallas. >> q.: that's the talk. will it actually happen? >> tia: no. >> q.: that's what we need to find out, right? it's going to be some time before we get any word on that. as of right now, here's what we know. the experts are speculating it's a possibility, but we know this morning that the browns appear to have had enough of manziel's off the field problems. haven't you? tired, period. they range from public drinking videos and run-ins with his girlfriends and sometimes ex-girlfriends. dallas seems to be a like spot for manziel because the cowboys owner, jerry jones, wanted manziel when the browns drafted him two years ago. tony zarrella spoke with bill jones of the cbs affiliate in dallas and asked him if he
6:30 am
be interested in manziel. here's what he had to say. >> jerry will tell you and he just said it in december talking about that draft day, about manziel said he thought long and hard and took it right down to the wire. i don't think jerry would do it now. if anyone would do it, jerry might be the one owner who would do it. >> q.: jerry is known to be outlandish things. the browns are expected to cut manziel next month. the reason? waiting until march 9th saves the team millions of dollars. we have more on johnny manziel in 30 minutes on cle43. >> tia: i'm just at the point now -- i don't know. i don't think i'm alone when i say this. i'm tired of hearing about it. i don't care what he does. i don't want to hear about it. >> brian: what i'm tired of hearing is browns quarterback johnny manziel. i don't want to hear the browns name being dragged through the mud by that guy anymore. neither do they. >> tia: i agree. time is 6:38. lots of water on the roads this morning.
6:31 am
move out of the area? >> samantha: guys, it's quickly getting out of here. great news for your morning drive. hey, shout-out to our producer jake. he just let me know we have 300 power outages, some in vermilion and then 300 additional outages out in the euclid area. maybe you're catching us on the live stream because you don't have power. maybe you're watching us on the app. it is likely due to all this wind. winds are sustained -- excuse me. gusting right now up to 38, even 40-plus miles per hour. that wind should taper off later today or at least back off a little bit. we're going to talk about today's forecast straight ahead. i'm an artist representing ohio. >> tia: a northeast heisman is making a name for himself on the rap scene. you may say he's leaving his mark. >> brian: next, a teen walks
6:32 am
frozen pond. it wasn't.
6:33 am
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>> tia: this is a sped-up version. oh oh oh. >> brian: is that sped-up or something? somebody is doing some mixing in the back. all right. we'll figure it all out, and it's the feazel roof cam and there's a great look at downtown cleveland on your hump day as we get closer to the weekend. the music ran out, so i guess i'll move on.
6:36 am
gives us a reminder how dangerous walking on ice can be. this is from missouri. a teenager falls through the ice and the rescue is caught on camera. first patrol officers try to assist, but you see firefighters with ice-rescue gear pull the terrified teen out. the teen suffered from hypo hypothermia but is expected to make a full recovery. >> tia: just don't do that. some signs of relief to the ongoing drought in california. i've been to this spot. this is video from folsom lake in northern california. recent rains have the reservoir at higher levels than it was all of last year. it's still at 44% capacity, but it's only down 15% its historic average. at one point the water was so low there you could literally see where there would typically be water and rocks and old things that were like uncovered that had been there for many, many years. interesting to see it actually
6:37 am
them. they had a lot of drought. i'm laughing. i want to know why you're laughing, this kid on the ice. >> tia: that kid on the ice. that's just foolish. >> brian: kids make mistake. average. >> brian: that was a big mistake. >> samantha: areas, though, that typically this time of the year you can walk on the ice, even this year, i mean, you just nino winter. there's like no ice on lake erie. >> tia: he should be watching the forecast. just don't do it. just saying. >> samantha: kids do dumb things occasionally. >> brian: i got four of them doing dumb things on a daily basis. >> tia: i have one, and he does dumb things all the time. >> samantha: but he's furry. he's excused. he wouldn't walk on the ice. it's 6:45 on this wednesday morning. it's an active morning weather-wise, and it's also been very mild. look at this. cleveland, good morning to you.
6:38 am
i mean, it's just crazy mild out there. the colder air back to the west starts to get colder back towards chicago. they're in the mid-30s, and then look at that. you get into fargo, sioux falls, teens and 21 in minneapolis. that colder air is going to move in for us much later today, and then it will be with us for the next two days. before we warm it up again just in time for the weekend. we have been tracking this rain all morning for you. a lot of it has moved out. you can see that we're dry from cleveland back to the west. still one line of showers that extends all the way from eastern lake county through geauga county down into portage and stark counties, dover, new philly, also waking up to light rain. this is quickly going to move out of here, but before it does so, we'll say by no later than 7:25 or 7:30, if you're in ashtabula or trumbull counties, youngstown and just off to the south, heads up.
6:39 am
again, by sunrise if not a little bit sooner we should be dry area-wide. then we'll be dry the rest of the day. we'll have cloudy skies to start the day, but then sun breaking out later on mainly after lunchtime. it will also be quite windy today, and you have to look at this temperature trend as you dress the kids for school today, look at all these 50s through lunchtime. mid-50s, and we might see some areas getting into the upper 50s. that would be record-breaking for this time of the year. late afternoon and early evening we're going to start to cool down, and we'll get a little chilly getting into tonight as we drop to 31. seasonably chilly and still actually above average. hey, a lot colder than last night. clouds are going to thicken up again tonight as the cold air moves in. we see it transition over to flurries and maybe even a few snowshowers but little to nothing in the way of accumulation. then tomorrow we also have a
6:40 am
periods of snowshower activity, but little to nothing in the way of accumulation. a trace at most with that. we stay pretty chilly through the end of the week. the weekend we warm it up. night. little to no accumulation there that's something we'll be watching closely for you. next week, well, enjoy today. there are strong signs that it is going to be really cold next week with a chance for snow almost every day. laura. >> laura: we'll watch that closely. also really watching this closely. i mentioned this just about ten minutes ago. the down wires in north royalton on abby road right between albion and royalton road. that's route 82 this morning. right here in the area. i didn't see any power outages actually in north royalton. but broad view heights are over 1100. the neighbors city with over 1100 power outages right now.
6:41 am
could be related to these downed wires. i put your alternate on the screen. you use west 130th or york road because all lanes are currently blocked on abby road likely attributed to windy conditions outside. outside on 480, and 56 miles per hour and back behind the disabled vehicle is blocking the left shoulder right now just at about i-77 this morning. across the wide map pretty typical for morning commute. no major accidents at all that cause any delays, and over on the east side we look good still. route 2 and i-90 and no issues there. look at the drive times. they are on time. strongsville to cleveland, mentor to cleveland and we have another update on the power tia. >> tia: he's leaving his mark on the rap scene. we kick off black history month with local rapper sally from massillon, ohio. he's called a conscious rapper. i sat down with him to talk
6:42 am
black history means to him. >> i'm sally. i'm an artist representing massillon, ohio. [ music ] >> reporter: when he hit the mic, he isn't playing. his rhymes are authentic. real lyrics about his life growing up in massillon, ohio. >> until 2009 is when i would say i let other people hear the music. [ music ] >> tia: he's an open book, a self-proclaimed conscious rapper who doesn't come with an ego taking a part of ohio with him everywhere he goes. >> ohio is everything to me. it's what birthed me. it's my upbringing and where i get my morals. >> tia: siemed to mmg group, part of at lynntic records, he
6:43 am
cheapen his message. i can't call a woman a b in my music. i just can't. i have a daughter, so i would never want her hearing that. >> tia: some of the content is exmrit sit. he wants listeners to hear the message. pros on escapes the tough streets of northeast ohio understanding that hard beginnings doesn't mean tough endings. >> with my first check i got a nice condo. at the time when i first started to make music, i was homeless in new york city sleeping couch-to-couch. >> tia: the 33-year-old was just featured in cleveland magazine, one of 2016's newest people. tomorrow you stopped doing music and you had an opportunity to leave your mark. what would that mark look like? >> i've carried, you know, the torch gracefully. i've put nothing -- i've tried to put nothing but good into the world.
6:44 am
example of that you can make it from anywhere. >> tia: he just left cleveland and has four cities left on his tour. the latest album is on itunes right now. we'll be doing those stories every wednesday, "leaving your mark" to commemorate people in the community in cleveland who contributed in some way to black history here in the city. i want to point out something else. we just got word and it's on the cleveland 19 mobile app as well. field high school in brimfield is closed today due to a stomach illness there. only the high school. you can get much more on our cleveland mobile app. >> brian: must be a lot of kids
6:45 am
caress presents the world's first body wash with fragrance release pearls. touch your skin to release fragrance up to 12 hours. new caress love forever. >> tia: as you head out your door to start your day, here are stories you need to know before you go. we expect to hear an update on the safety of the water at
6:46 am
falls. the epa informed the district that lead levels were high in the drinking water at thatle skoo. the district disputes that. the school remained open and handed out boltss of water to students. >> brian: high schools across northeast ohio and the nation are busy today because it's national signing day. athletes all across northeast ohio making the huge decision on where they will spend the next four years. congratulations to all of them and their parents. let's check in real quick with nichole vrsansky. she is in the storm chaser with a quick look at our wet roads. >> nichole: stepped outside the storm chaser, guys. a lot of puddling on downtown road at east 22nd at carnegie. take it easy this morning and try to stay in the middle lanes if you can. back to you guys. >> brian: that's a lot of water. i hit it on 480 myself coming in today. >> tia: a little wind, too.
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