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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  February 3, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, february 3rd, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." tornadoes rip across the south and blizzards bury the midwest. a mid-air explosion blows a hole in this jet. a passenger got sucked out of the plane! was it a bomb? >> donald trump says he may have made a mistake skipping that last gop plebt debate. stavert we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. tornadoes on the ground.
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>> house is gone. >> tornadoes tear across the south. >> blizzard-like conditions hampered travel in the plains. >> you drive like lightning, you crash like thunder. an explosion tore a hole in a jetliner over somalia. >> no confirmation of the cause. it killed at least one passenger. >> we get the biggest vote in the history of a primary in iowa, i'm not going to say that was me, but believe me, it was me. >> the presidential campaigns are in high gear and focusing on new hampshire. >> new hampshire is going to have to decide who can go toe-to-toe with the republicans to make sure they don't wreck us again! >> threatening new developments. the zika virus continues to spread. >> an american in texas contracted the virus through sexual contact. >> broncos took quick action as one of their planes is tied up in a prostitution sting. >> the pilot of a small plane
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his landing gear malfunctioned. >> a nice textbook landing. >> lady gaga is set to sing the national anthem for the super bowl. >> congratulations to ted cruz. i think he -- now he is the president of iowa, isn't that how it works? >> hillary won by 0.03 of 1% or as it's known in iowa, karl. >> who do you look up to in the world of music? bruno, mars. >> nobodwhat he did in that super bowl halftime show. announcer: this portion of "cbs
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let's go places. welcome to "cbs this morning." severe weather threatens millions today across a huge part of the country. ative tornadoes swept through the south. the outbreak flattened homes and knocked out power in mississippi and alabama. more than 27 million americans more dangerous weather. >> this massive storm stretches from the south to the mid atlantic, carry thunderstorms and snow. david begnaud is in ssissippi, with the storm's wide reach. david, good morning. >> reporter: norah, good morning. this is the first baptist church and the damage is damage. on any given weekend kids would be inside that gymnasiums inti because empty because the tornado hit during the week. these chairs are exposed to the elements where kids otherwise itg.
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and his wife and their son. they went to the church office when the tornado hit and hid underneath a desk. at least 12 tornadoes reportedly tore through the southern u.s. tuesday. >> there goes that tornado! >> tornado on the ground.ground! >> reporter: this one touched down in scuba, mississippi, and made its way all the way to alabama, leveling homes and leaving a path of destruction across both states. >> thank god we, you know, we are all -- we are all okay. that is the main thing any time you have a storm. >> reporter: in rankin county, i, firefighters rescued at least eight people from rising flood water. >> that was the best part of it, when i see the lights coming i knew we would be okay. >> reporter: willie jackson and his family hid as a tornado hit their home. >> what is bad is the place is there. >> reporter: the tornado that
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hit a baptist e pastor rushed his family to safety and loaded this suburban alongside the church thinking ing would protect the vehicle. you can see what happened to the back window. the family raced inside the church where they hid under a 350 members of the church now need to find a place to worship on sunday. explain the damage to me. >> the damage is pretty extreme. has received substantial damage. most of it, as you can see, is going to have to be pretty much eporter: the same storm that fueled tornadoes in the south created blizzard-like conditions across the plains. a southwestern minnesota prompted a travel ban, while more than a foot of snow fell in parts of the south, we have not gotten any reports of major injuries or even deaths for that matter. gayle, on a lighter note, we are
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baptist church last sunday preached about the sunday. he has no plans to talk about the weather any time soon. investigators want to know a mid-air explosion on a plane in somalia. it blew a passenger literally out of the video shows the moments in the plane after that blache. the plane just left mogadishu on its way to djibouti before it >> reporter: if it walks like a bomb and talks like a bomb, it's probably a bomb. that is the opinion of aviation experts that the onboard't result in mass casualties and probably because of when it went off. somali's aviation director referred to the ng a sudden defect, but it was pretty what caused that defect. a gape ing hole in the plane's apparently
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body found later.ay they heard a bang. one on board who recorded these scenes said he shared the same fears as everyone else, were to die? >> of course, we saw a hole in the plane and the first thing you worry about is, you know, can we really make it? but one of the passengers and crew survived seems to be because the explosion occurred early in the climb out of mogadishu. there was violent dedepression de decompression and the airplane held together and they landed it. the somalis no act of a criminal act so far but the hole in the fuselage shows signs of an that hole is caused by a bomb and they will be able to tell that or probably know. >> reporter: the surviving passengers calmlyngings and filed off
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in somalia, a country enduring a seemingly endless civil warthe al shabab militants this is another close call. the body of the dead passenger a ound 20 miles from mogadishu airport. no information as to whether he was the bomber or an unlucky victim. >> thanks, mark. didates are crisscrossing new hampshire today. at least seven republican hopefuls will be in the state. they are all looking to build momentum after the iowa ted cruz. donald trump leading the new hampshire polls is not there this morning. he now says mistakes may have in iowa. julianna goldman is in new hampshire where marco rubio is holding a town hall meeting >> reporter: good morning. well, the stakes are high here in new hampshire and ted cruz, donald trump and marco rubio are all of the candidates to beat ts for each other and the rest of the republican field trying to break through.
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>> i think we did really well. we did really well.eporter: new hampshire favorite donald trump tried to spend monday's iowa loss as a victory. >> the headlines were trump comes in second! he is ated! there was 17 people when we started. now you have 11. i come in second. i'm not humiliated. >> reporter: he accused the media of giving marco rubio too much lievable! unbelievable! he came in third! the guy that came in second, oh, terrible night, terrible.ted he may have lost support by skipping last week's gop debate and acknowledged he should have invested more in turning out nk i would have done probably a little bit better in iowa had i not, you know, gone out and wanted to do that event for the vets, but, you know, i'm very happy with second place >> reporter: trump faces a more favorable electorate in new hampshire where historically
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monday night, 62% of iowa caucus go-ers identified as evangel a group ted cruz won by 12 percentage points.r moved on to south carolina confident he has the resources to keep up his momentum. >> if we stand together here and now in south carolina, ifd together, we will do it again! >> reporter: and despite his third place finish, marco rubio has become theat. for those looking to be an alternative to cruz and trump, taking fire>> unlike some of these other campaigns, i'm not the boy in the bubble. we know who that is. never answers your questions and constantly thinks he is in hink chris has had a tough couple of days. sometimes people, when they are under duress, they react in ways they regret later on and i'mre to beat up on anybody or insult any other republicans. >> reporter: there was also a rare apology from ted cruz yesterday.
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telling iowa voters that carson was dropping out in order to get their support. norah, cruz's campaign initiallyegations but, yesterday, cruz said his campaign made a mistake and he apologized. >> thank y clinton officially won iowa democratic caucuses but bernie sanders is cashing in ahead of the new hampshire primary. his campaign says it raised $3 hours after the iowa vote. a spokesman told "the washington post" it's been our best day es is in manchester, new hampshire, where the two campaigns are arguing over a debate tomorrow night. good morning, nancy. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, these debates are normally advance down to the tiniest detail. we don't even know if this debate tomorrow night is going to happen. that is campaigns areal haggling over the dates and times over a package of future debates and the old saying goes, nothing is arything is agreed
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>> i hope you will choose, with both your heart and your mind. >> reporter: clinton may be the knows what works in new hampshire. >> i don't know whether it's my responsibility gene but i wake up every day trying to figure out can i help one person? maybe i can h >> reporter: eight years ago she showed her softer side here. >> this is very personal for me. it's not just political. it's not just ter: and the state embraced her. >> thank you! >> reporter: it won't be as easy this time. >> i am in a contest with your neighbor. i have the highest respect >> it sounds to me like you're ready for a political revolution. >> reporter: sanders, who is from neighboring vermont,tically a native son here. >> what this campaign is about is thinking big, not small. of those people who say, no, no, we can't do it, it's too bold, it's too aggressive.
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to 20 points. from the photo finish in iowa that put him just behind clinton. how long are those going to keep you up at night? >> not at all. i slept like a log last night. i know media. every place you go, it's all iowa. new hampshire? we are one or two points about, what do you need? 2,500 >> reporter: he has not conceded the iowa race and he does not like the way some of those awarded by coin toss and some of the coin tosses went his way but seems an odd way to award delegates in 2016, doesn'bt about that. thank you, nancy. senator bernie sanders will join us next hour and we will talk about why he is not iowa results and his plans beyond new hampshire. that is ahead on "cbs this
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morning." the zika outbreak has entered a new phase morning. texas health officials say it likely happened through sexual contact, not a mosquito bite. a person in dallas was infected by a partner who had been to f the countries where zika is an epidemic. >> this is a game-changer. what we have been looking at is mosquito to comes to the united states and then mosquitoes bite them and that starts the transmission. now it's a game-changer. we are talking about sexually the zika virus and that is a concern as we go forward since 80% of the individuals don't have any >> scary stuff. our dr. jon lapook is in recife,ter: good morning. the city's health commissioner told me the zika infection is rampant here and sexual irus has
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not been documented yet and felt to be spread mostly by mosquitoes and causing aing birth defect which is why women are so concerned. this 30-year-old is pregnant with her fourth child.rried for your baby? she says she is worried but no obvious symptoms of zika. across the brazil, cases total seven and confirmed cases reported last week. this is the epi center of an explosion of microcephaly, anly small head at birth and linked to zika. they did door-to-door to attackuitoes' breeding grounds. more mosquitoes in 2015. >> reporter: the doctor took us inside the health
7:16 am
million are charting the infection. that is a lot of cases. >> a lot of cases, r: the health department estimates between 50 and 1 exposed. 80% of the time those infected with zika don't feel sick. do you think when you see these babies with microcephaly and you know you're pregnant? she is worried about the threat of infection because it's a verysituation. dr. corea toldtiver im impoverished community needs to find a solution. >> it affects the families and cannot be measured.fic and the public health persona, i think as human beings, we really feel the need to do something about itlth examiner told me they carefully track the mosquito population here and there has been a dramatic drop the past year, which makes them hopeful that, start to see a drop in the
7:17 am
number of cases of microcephaly. charlie? >> dr. jon lapook in brazil. a pennsylvania judge maycide today if bill cosby's sexual assault charge should be dropped. he is due back in court this l hearing continues. he is charged with assaulting a woman 20 years. he supported the woman's lawsuit in the case, hoping it would make her a millionaire. prosecutors say there is no written evidence of a deal with cosby's denver bronco player this morning is dismissed from super bowl 50 after he was questioned in a prostitution to safety ryan murphy yesterday but he was not charged but the team sent him home to avoid distractions. downtown san francisco with the broncos' explanation. >> reporter: super bowl week is full of distractions.ided.
7:18 am
others, probably should. denver broncos safety ryan murphy was caught up in ating outside this motel in san jose tuesday evening. the 23-year-old who played in college for oregon state was released. he was not arrested. but police did issue his brother, who was with him at the time, a citation. the broncos sent murphy back to a statement, head coach gary kubiak said, we decided it was best for the team if we continued our preparations for without him. >> it's a week of heavy distractions so you just got to handle those things and get ready to play. >> reporter: over the weekend,ed the importance of staying focused. >> to get to this point as a player, as a team, it's hard to get this and i talked to them the time. >> reporter: 17 years ago a starting player for the atlanta falcons eugene robinson was arrested after soliciting sex over officer the night before super bowl xxxiii.
7:19 am
robinson played the next day. >> i could be a living example, don't mess thisr: now a radio analyst for the panthers, robinson spoke to the team sunday about the dangers of game week i want my guys to know because i love this team, hey, you got a great opportunity, a great opportunity. go ahead and seize the moment and don't, in this me. >> reporter: as gameday preparations continue, meanwhile, both teams take the field at first time today for practice. back to you guys. >> let's hope they listen to eugene robinson. what a regardless of how that turns out. >> indeed. >> jeff has a great assignment. >> he really does. did a secret lifeo the murder of a 13-year-old >> samantha: good morning to you. even once the early morning rain has moved out, you still run
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should be done area-wide by mid to late morning, if not a little bit sooner than that. the temperature trend today is wild. we're well into the 50s this morning in most locations, and we're pretty much staying there for most of the day. late afternoon we start to cool back into the 40s. winds today will be up. they may gust new developments in a cbs news investigation.
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>> tia: good morning. i'm tia ewing. a news conference is set for later this morning at gurney
7:26 am
the epa will return water test results today. two of the school's water fountains have been shut off since last week when the epa asked to test the water lines for elevated lead levels. for a look at the rainy forecast, here's meteorologist sam roberts. >> samantha: good morning to you. we started off with showers this morning. those should be out of here pretty quickly, and most of the day will feature dry conditions. we might even see a little bit of clearing later today. that would be nice, right? get some sun in here. temperatures are so warm. most of us are well into the 50s this morning. we'll stay there for a while before we start to fall off during the evening commute. back into the 40s. it's also very windy today.
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free things, the winner had to be determined by a coin toss! >> hillary clinton. >> bernie was right. i guess money does decides. >> i find it ironic our foundinggton, whose head is spinning on that coin is also spinning in his grave knowing this is our electorallary won all six of those kind of coin tosses. forget that! the broncos should draft hillary for the super bowl on sunday!king about the coin toss. >> i know. i get there is controversy this morning about who actually won welcome back to "cbs this
7:29 am
in this half hour, security teams prepare for super bowl 50 from the water to the sky. this is one of the biggest ons of the year. ahead, michelle miller takes a look at how new technology will keep a close eye on every fan at the game. plus, atitis c, a new study about heads of congress can't get it. fray. morning's headlines from around "usa today" reports on a warning for child bearing age to avoid alcohol unless they are using birth control. alcohol can harm a baby beforeows she is pregnant. 3 million risk are at risk to exposing a fetus to alcohol.rk times" says nfl great ken stabler had the degenerate brain disease known as cte and he died of colon cancer last july 69. researchers in boston studying
7:30 am
his brain said he had high stage 3 cte. he is one of the most high l players to have this disease and it's supposed to be caused by repeated blows to the head. at yahoo! after a huge quarterly loss. shares are down more than a third in the last 12 months. the company is cutting about 15% of its work force. will listen to offers for its web properties. "the washington post" reports on prosecutors sayingr nicole lovell was stabbed to death. the 13-year-old's body was found hidden off a north carolina road days after she was killed.dents are charged in connection with her murder. don dahler is outside the montgomery district court in virginia with the new developments. >> reporter: good morning. investigators are trying to piece together exactly what happened to nicole lovell afterpeared from her bedroom, as her family plans to say their final good-byes with a
7:31 am
funeral tomorrow. >> sheor pandas, music, dancing. >> reporter: a devastated tammy weeks trembled as she remembered the daughter she called e touched many people throughout her short life.part. >> reporter: at a press conference, authorities revealed 13-year-old nicole lovell was she snuck out of her bedroom window last wednesday. >> a very preliminary determination death is stabbing. >> reporter: it's still unclear why virginia tech engineer students david eisenhauer and allegedly carried out the crime. keepers is accused of being an accessory to the murder before the fact. a new arrest warrant suggests ave started weeks ago. >> my daughter, we have been talking to a virginia tech student. y says she
7:32 am
had never heard of her accused killer but believe the two met online where lovell led an active, but at times, a secret life. >> we knew that there weret one time with her on these sites and we addressed them and i guess we didn't do reporter: do you think this has something to do with social media? >> yeah. i'm convinced of that, yes. that's is one are here now to tell parents, look, if you don't think you did enough, do some more. >> reporter: kick, a messagi popular with young people, released a statement saying that they had cooperated are the fbi's investigation.eks -- excuse me. natalie keepers, the second suspect in this murder, is due to arraignment here at the courthouse later today on that ccessory before the fact. that carries a potential sentence of 20 years to life. >> don, the more you hear, the
7:33 am
super bowl 50 isn't just the biggest event of the year. it is one of the largest security events too. sunday's game in siliconeature technologies never safe. michelle miller is near levi stadium in santa clara with a p all eyes on the fans. michelle, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is one of several the perimeter of levi stadium to keep the prying eyes of the public out. there are humvees and patrol cars on-site. certain, if you come anywhere near the game on sunday, you will be watched. and closely. you turn in the san francisco bay area this week, you will find a massive security presence. fr, even in the air. quite a takeoff. >> reporter: the air and marine
7:34 am
branch of protections is one of 50 law enforcement and government agencies working together to keep super bowl 50 secure. what specifically are you up here? >> we are here enforcing the temporary flight restriction is our primaryter: this is a surveillance operation? >> we can keep eyes within 30 mile raid dius in a short period of time. >> reporter: they can see anyone in the vicinity of levi stadium. in the air. >> it is, without a doubt and everybody knows it's there. >> reporter: the bay area is already home to a state-of-the-art surveillance of infrastructure with license plate readers and cell phone can let police monitor your phone. since the super bowl is happening in the heart of silicon valley, some agencies are trying out new technologies,a collection program that gives law
7:35 am
picture of what is happening by integrating video feeds with e and radio communication. outside levi stadium, custom andnts screen all cargo going into the venue, with giant x-ray machines that can detect radioactive material.perman here. >> yes. this is a nonintrusive inspection of a piece of equipment that is a gamering system. >> reporter: they did not want us to capture the images of thisges but i was allowed to take a look. you can see everything, every shadow inside that correct'. >> reporter: this event will field. >> we are working with a lot of interagency partnerships at the state, local, and federaly are out there assessing bowl 50 event goes without any hitch.
7:36 am
>> reporter: the department of coordinating this effort under the direction of secretary jeh johnson. he is flying out from washington today to need with the nfl and officials. we will speak with him on the field at levi stadium in just a few hours. he'll share with us his biggest >> michelle, thank you so much. a cbs news investigation has congress acting why six veterans can't get a life saving drug that the v.a.d develop. that is next. if you're heading out the door, watch us live through the cbs all-access app on your digital what eli manning has to say about his brother peyton manning ahead of super bowl 50.
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right.. big smile! hey, honey! how' d it go? thanks, dad!' s happy meal. with
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a congressional hearing will begin this morning in response to a cbs news investigation.
7:41 am
isn't making it to most of the 200,000 u.s. veterans infected with the disease and many as a result of their service. 2.7 billion taxpayer dollars to treat veterans with hepatitis c, but only 15% a drug. it's a drug that might not exist without government funding. chip reid is on capitol hill. chip, good morning. ing. the drug at the center of today's hearing has been called a miracle drug. it actually cures hepatitis c. the problem is it's so wildly department of veterans affairs can't afford to give it to all of the vets who so desperately need it. dr. raymond shin business of securing diseases and business is good. when his private company invented and sold a cure to hepatitis c to he personally made over $400 million. sold as harvoni or solvaldi, one
7:42 am
treatment$84,000. the department of veterans affairs get a 50% discount. even so, it spent over a billionrugs last year alone. but as we first reported in december, the v.a. is also where the doctor has worked since >> i'm 7/8th of a government what i do with my remaining time is up to you're only spending 1/8th of your time on government. >> less than that. dy questioned the arrangement you have? >> nobody has ever questioned that. >> reporter: that is about to change. >> i want to ask him how, other than saying that he was a very efficient worker, were you accomplish the things that you accomplished without dock part of it v.a. time? >> reporter: later this morning, jeff miller, chairman of the erans affairs, will hold a hearing
7:43 am
the drugs its own doctors help ctor, shinozi was invited to testify but told us he does not plan to attend. >> unfortunately, he has decided to retire before he which, again, begs, did he want to be questioned by an oversight committee of congress. >> reporter: the v.a. approved told us federal employees are allowed to invest in private companies, provided all conflict of interest rules are followed. but miller wants to know if there was a the drug cost $42,000 for veterans but only $900 in dozensping countries. >> it's a laughing matter. >> reporter: this woman did not want to show her face. she has suffered from hepatitis c since sitary in the 1980s. she got the generic form of the and in most cases it's illegal to import them.
7:44 am
>> we are not criminals but we are sick people who with need a inally have available that costs entirely too much. >> reporter: congressman miller says the v.a. spends about $2 billion a year on research and when that research is supposed to benefit veterans. he wants to look into whether that happened in this case. norah? >> chip, thank investigation very closely. berniethis for the long haul. ahead, the presidential candidate joins us to tell us if keep up the momentum in new hampshire and pilots can pull this off.a >> samantha: good morning to you. even once the early morning rain has moved out, you still run into some wet roads, but rain should be done area-wide by mid to late morning, if not a little bit sooner than that. the temperature trend today is wild. we're well into the 50s this morning in most locations, and
7:45 am
we're pretty much staying there for most of the day. late afternoon we start to cool back into the 40s. winds today will be up. they may gust announcer: this portion onsored by toyota. let's go places! s drove his rav4 hybrid, unaware death was lurking. what? he was challenged by a team of lumberjacks. let's do this. ve them to hard knocks canyon, where he would risk broken legs, losing limbs, and slipping and dying. not helping.d have to wait. james left with newfound knowledge, a man's gratitude, and his shirt. ou take the all-new rav4 hybrid? toyota. let's go places. i love bread! i love bread. don't deny myself bread, i have bread everyday.
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he noticed a problem with his landing gear yesterday. well, the plane landed in a e pilot was not hurt. water landings are rare. very difficult to perform. planes have a tendency to flip when they hit the surface.hat captain sully sullenberger successfully landed a commercial jet on on the ago. is? >> just looking at it, you wonder how they can keep their they are using this to teach others what to do in that type of situation. >> age and experience add up, don't they? >> 68, he's a baby! congratulations to him! there is another competition that is shaping up on super bowl sunday. we are going to have a preview of the commercials aiming to grab your attention.y it seems is making a comeback on gameday. you're watching "cbs this morning."
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>> brian: good morning, everyone.
7:53 am
the search for two escaped inmates this morning. they escaped from the mcdonald correctional facility over the weekend. authorities say they used a pool ball to bust out a window. if you know anything about the escape or where the prisoners are, you are asked to call police. meteorologist sam roberts tracking that rain that is moving out of our area, but we are dealing with a little wind out there, sam. >> samantha: yeah. we had winds this morning, brian, gusting up to 40 miles per hour. even some higher wind gusts than that recorded. so, you know, there may be white-knuckle driving on your way in to work as you deal with the wind and still a little bit of light rain out there. you can catch live radar on the cleveland 19 first alert weather app. it's always there for you, even when we're not here on tv. windy today. a little clearing later on. super warm.
7:54 am
7:55 am
it is wednesday, february 3rd, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there is more real news ahead, w with bernie sanders. we will ask about the close race in iowa and his plan to beatclinton in new hampshire and other states. first, here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. the damage is substantial. second story of those chairs are now exposed to thee kids would have otherwise been sitting. it walks like a bomb and if it talks like a bomb, it's probably a bomb, the opini experts. >> stakes are high here in new hampshire and ted cruz and
7:56 am
donald trump and marco rubio are the candidates to beat. >> these debates are normally advance, but we don't even know if this debate tomorrow night is going to happen. the city's health consider told me the zika is rampant here. super bowl week is full of distractions and some not-to-avoided and others probably should. there arel cars on-site. one thing is for certain, if you come anywhere near the game on sunday, you will be watched. the campaign is demanding proof that hillary clinton beat him. >> yeah. today, hillary said, sure, let me check my server.oo. i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell.
7:57 am
a massive storm stretching from the south to th threatens more than 27 million americans. the system spawned at least eight tornadoes tuesday that ripped through the south.te lines from mississippi to alabama and damage stretched across both states. the same storm is creating blizzard conditions across the a whiteout in southwestern minnesota prompted a travel ban there. more than a foot of snow fell in parts of nebraska. the new hampshire primary is six days away andan candidates will be in the state today, including iowa caucus winner ted cruz who told south carolina voters yesterday he has grassroots support to win the nomination. >> in new hampshire, donald trump called his second place finish in iowa a surprising id marco rubio's stronger than expected showing is no surprise for a politician who has run for office before. asked rubio if% he thinks trump was damaged by the outcome in iowa.
7:58 am
a factor in the new york tabloid a dead clown walking. >> the truth is he has tapped into a real anxiety in america and he deserves credit for that but, ultimately, i believe and i the best chance to win to elect a conservative that can win. i'm not running to beat up on any other or insult personally any other republicans. i want to and bernie sanders. >> democrat ib hopefuls hillary clinton and better than rnie sanders will appear tonight at a town hall in new hampshire. he has not sdeed conceded the outcome in iowa. debate one-on-one tomorrow night. bernie sanders is with us from his hometown of burlington, vermont. senator, good morning. >> how will you contest the results in iowa? >> well, look. we lost apparently, by 0.02 of it looks like hillary clinton will have 22 national delegates
7:59 am
and we will have 20. there were six precincts there oss deciding who won. bottom line is we are moving on to new hampshire right now. but we just want to make sure thatormation is accurate. >> so you are contesting or not? >> it's -- let's let we have at least 20 delegates and she has 22 delegates. we started off in iowa 50 points behind. it appears we lost by 0.02 and we will be talking to the iowa state democratic officials. but we are now focusing on new hampshire where we are working really, really hard to try to win thatenator sanders, a lot of people are very surprised in 2016 that a coin toss even decides races this way. what are your thoughts about that? do you have a better >> well, i love iowa and i love the caucus process. it really gets people deeply,
8:00 am
deeply involved. i understand it, there were six precincts where a coin toss decided who would get delegates.bly do better. but i think the folks at iowa have done a fantastic job in engaging people in that state in issues facing the american people. >> here is what hillary clinton said -- hillary clinton's campaign manager said in a memo. sanders needed a decisive victory in iowa in order to have a viable path to the nomination.ecause you did not win in iowa, where you had a constituency that should have been for you that you do idacy. >> is that what they say? they started off 50 points ahead. they started off as candidacy and they ended up wing boy 0.02 of 1% and they are worried about my campaign? look. are
8:01 am
talking about, which is a rigged economy where people are working longer hours for low wages and almost all income and wealth is going to the top 1%ing about a corrupt campaign finance system where billionaires and super pacs are buying elections. that resonated in iowa, they are resonating in new hampshire and they are resonating all over this country. the american people, frankly, are tired of politics, establishment economics. that is why we have the momentum. >> senator, there is a lot of talk about this race between you battle for the heart of the democratic party and might be won between idealism andinton made that point on the campaign stop yesterday and said the reason you have a following among youth voters is because you offer emotionally satisfyings breaking up the big banks, taxing millionaires and giving free college, and free health care. is that what it is, emotionally satisfying promises?at all.
8:02 am
we are the only major country on earth that doesn't guarantee our people. we end up spending far more than per capita. many world make sure that public colleges and universities are tuition-free so that young people do not leave school 50, or a hundred thousand debt! real unemployment is close to 10%. we need to create millions of bs and build our infrastructure. right now we have massive income and wealth inequality and all ofis going to the top 1%. i believe the wealthiest people in this country and the larger art paying their fair share of taxes. >> "the washington post" said you're running a fiction-filled campaign. t your promise to give medicare for all, health care for all that you can't pay for it, even your
8:03 am
it falls $3 trillion short your campaign -- >> look. there are a lot of people looking at a lot of plans and many of these so-called nonpartisan they have their ax to grind. here is the truth. you tell me. why is that in america, we are spending almost three times more than the british who guaranteell of their people? spending 50% more per capita than the french and 50 miles y are covering all of were people spending staex staexlly less for prescription drugs. every program i see will guarantee health care to all of our people and save middle classollars a year on their health care bills. >> thank you, senator. great to have you on the >> thank you for your time today. >> thank you very much. >> it all started with a mop and a movie. how does that happen?
8:04 am
ahead, tv home shopping star joyng >> samantha: would you believe me if i told you it was 56 degrees outside? i know, right, it's crazy in early february and it feels a lot more like march or even april out there. it's also very windy, and we're overcast. that rain from the overnight has moved out. it's going to stay windy today. i do think at least by late morning/early afternoon we see a little bit of sun and look how mild we are going to stay in the 50s throughout the day.
8:05 am
l preview super bowl 50 star-studded commercial reynolds nearly everywhere you look. >> sure. warning. here comes your ticket! what is different about this year's commercials. you're watching "cbs this morning." (becky) i started smoking when i was 16. now i have end stage copd. my tip is; if you keep smoking,ay only go as far as your oxygen tube.
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8:08 am
while we count down the super bowl sunday, off the field, spen spending $377 million on commercials. a 30-second spot runs and average $4. million. are you paying at is releasing an ad and you're seeing it first on "cbs this morning."
8:09 am
>> don't look at me like that. it's going to be amazing. >> stop! this is a disaster! who is the genius who puts a a subway grate? >> miss monroe, eat a snickers. >> why? >> you get a little cranky when you get hungry. better? >> much better.ill never make the cut. >> oh! now the managing editor of advertising agent is joining us at the an indication, they are going for the funny this year and not the tear-jerks ers? last year it was a somber boy. there was a dead boy bullying and a lot of sad ads. so this year, celebrities and humor and a lot of fun. >> start with this one. i'm already laughing with d to call me on my cell phone >> cut!
8:10 am
>> i love changey just call me on my cell phone, say get an upgrade after 24 month. >> genius. >> you need to add thatc will incur more data charges. >> i love it. you didn't even change the song lebrities in ads this year. >> is that unusual? >> it is. last year, there were 28 so it is more than usual. >> star power in another trend. look at bud light starring amy schumer and seth roguen. >> really got to get the elbows. will you get the middle of my back? >> there is no middle! >> are you ready? >> you know it. are you ready? >> you know it!
8:11 am
advertisers love these because huge social media presentation with all of these celebrities, so you've got all of these celebrities that have millions wers on twitter that will be tweeting about he's ads. >> does>> i think so. out more. >> here is a look for i can't forget this evening your face as you were leaving but i guess that is just the way you always smile but in your eyes ll sun will show yes it shows >> you never lose with dogs. >> the music is good.e going to pour ketchup and mustard on the dog? much.
8:12 am
you just want to focus on >> okay. all right. >> don't overthink it. >> honda has singing sheepd too. >> one here from hyundai's ads. what a man what a money man what a man >> oh, in my face! >> so aggressive! >> look! car that doesn't get distracted. >> i like that. >> see? that was great.brity and tells you something about the car that it stops automatically. >> it's also become more expensive, the super bowl ads. put that in perspective for us. >> in super bowl,
8:13 am
on sunday,$160,000 for one second on the super bowl ad. >> does it increase revenue? >> it depends on how good your ad is, right? is oes for a lot of people and a huge moment in time and an audience they wouldn't normally have so it pays off. >> another one is mexico sending their product into space. >> in this white and gold dress that cost a civil war. this is scott baio. mostall are the avocados from mexico. they are always in season and you can enjoy them all year long. this includes the price of admission. no?ou double-dipped! >> so eye catching. >> so weird but i think it's going to stand out. i think people are going to be laughing and talking about it and i think scott really well. >> i love me some good guacamole. >> me too!
8:14 am
james corden picks up a superstar on the way to the super bowl. chris martin is ready for a party at the big game. this is i must say. it's ahead on "cbs this morning." hello hello ture. but up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients ... ...from food alone. let's do more. add one a day men's ...e multivitamin. with vitamin d and magnesium to help support healthy blood pressure. one a day. i have asthma... of many pso when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine, i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 of medicine that increases the risk of death
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8:16 am
chris, what are you doing?
8:17 am
>> i'm trying to get over there. should we listen to some music?gain >> do you have any idea how much further we have to go? >> about 400 more miles. >> wow. okay. get your hands up para -- paradise we love coldplay and chris martin? i know! >> i want to be in the back seat! >> that is james corden latesttion of carpool karaoke and hitting the road for the super bowl. coldplay is starring in the bowl. >> gayle, you would be going
8:18 am
>> no, i would sit there >> i look forward to coldplay and all of those joining them. >> and the surprises.
8:19 am
>> samantha: will we do it or not do? i think we're doing it, okay? our record today is 57, and we are so close. we're at 56. i mean, if it's going to be unseasonably warm, we might as well break the record, right? it's been a record since 1890, so i think it's about time that we break it. not only is it super warm outside, it's also very, very windy. winds are sustained right now at burke at about 18 miles per hour, but we have picked up on some 40-plus-mile-per-hour wind gusts. a windy start, and it is going to be windy the rest of the day. we're overcast now, and i think we see some sun late morning and early afternoon. if we can get that sun in here, we got a south wind. i don't see why we cannot get
8:20 am
into the upper area of the mid-50s, so like 57, 58, and then maybe even 59 in some areas.
8:21 am
there is stake over -- there is a snake over on there. i don't know if it bit a guy andbe that close to that. >> one last thing. what does the pig say? >> ! >> please don't cry. why can't you be smooth? >> i am smooth. they are taking the ball away. >> look. . you're crying and all emotional. you have to know that. >> i love those! >> so funny! >> that is good. >> what is that? >> that ise for super bowl, this year's nfl
8:22 am
the youtube channel takesd so well done. >> i imagine we are going to laugh hard with my kids when we see that tonight. very funny. >> we could do that with new shows too. welcome back to "cbs this morning." don't you think, charlie? >> yes, indeed. i'm ready. >> welcome back tog." >> roll it back. >> this half hour, super bowl mvp eli manning reveals how he is helping his brother peyton get ready for sunday's showdown ll share the legacy of his older sibling in what could be his final game. joy mangano's jennifer lawrence bring home oscar gold. joy is in our toyota green room with the inventions that turned ahree into a business eye pioneer. that is ahead. or los angeles times says someone is about to lose a lottery prize. was sold in august at 7-eleven. the deadline to turn in the
8:23 am
ticket is tomorrow! if no one comes forward, largest unclaimed super lotto plus ticket in california! >> people are cleaning out the closets there. britain's "guardian" on the latest zika virus. a car. they plan to launch the zika car today. its name is a combination of zippy and car. been heavily promoted before the zika epidemic. the company now is coming up that car. >> "wall street journal" reports on possible plans by amazon to open hundreds of brick and mortar brick stores. store in seattle in november and now the ceo of a major mall operator says the online giant plans to build up to 400 more.ment on the report. "usa today" reports on lady gaga's newest gig at super bowl 50. she will sing the national e the panthers take on the broncos.
8:24 am
be next to her performing thengled banner in american sign language. later this month, lady gaga will honor david bowie at the grammys which you can watch on "cbs this morning" on >> that is going to be very subsidy this month. joy mangano, it began for an idea for a mop! a mop you don't have to touch! later, the miracle mop is part of a multibillion dollar empire. the latest version outs sold nearly 225,000 mops through the home shopping network. joy mangano is with us. how her story led to an oscar-nominated movie. >> they are miraculous. stay right there! don't move! on/off. >> hangers, bags, s i- . >> it's just that amazing. >> reporter: look around your house. chances you have something mangano.
8:25 am
she is breaking records at tv's most recognizable faces. >> 300 million hangers! >> in closets across america so a lot of happy people out there! >> reporter: in 1990 the 34-year-old single mother of three developed a product that would change her mangano and i developed the miracle mop. >> reporter: she convinced qsk to put her on the air. she told 18,000 mops in 20 y gosh! >> see? no other mop does this. >> reporter: her store inspired the movie "joy." >> who showed you the who sold it to you and whoto invent it? it entitled jennifer lawrence an oscar nomination and golden globe for best actress. >> joy mangano, thank you for your story and thank you for giving so much. such an honor to play thisr. >> reporter: 30 years into her
8:26 am
100 patents for hershe is joining us at the >> hello! >> great to have you here. >> thank you. i feel like i'm home. of the tv now. >> we like that. >> i'm so fascinated how your brain works. you say you move around the world and you see everything as a product.e up with a solution? tell me about that. >> i look at the world through products so if i see somebody struggling, for instance, with a out with their hands, my brain starts to go how can i make that easier? because i think about people and juste bit easier every day, because that is a good thing, i think, or a hanger, you know? almost a billion huggable hangers are in america. hangers. >> isn't that crazy? everybody says a hanger is a hanger is a hanger and i said no, it's not when you really think about it. i'm about sense to make our life easier. >> you say that through every great struggle is a need for hat's right. >> that is the heart of everything. whether it's home products,
8:27 am
whether it's medical devices, whatever it may be, it comes from aabsolutely right. it's solving that problem and so many people do think like that, but they really just don't know how to take those steps, right? -- how many people i hear that say i have this great idea. >> and it stays right there. >> exactly, exactly. we have to put them into first and second and third gear, right? >> the question is why do you have this skill? here is what jennifer lawrence said to me about you. roll. >> she has such a unique energy and personality because she's very sweet.errors. she is very friendly and fun and funny, but she is also very quietly powerful, very -- has such a deep, deep >> did she get you? >> oh, yes. and then some. my goodness. how i'm touched by that.
8:28 am
lawrence has lived other lives. she is so beyond her years and she brought such a , david o'russell, obviously, writing this story, being in the inspiration, what an honor. then jennifer bringing to the table with him, you know, a aspect of the journey, the emotional journey that many of us take in well form. so i think the movie "joy" hasuch points with so many people because it is about the ordinary, but a lot of times the ordinary is quite extraordinary, right? >> and it's about family amily. oh, yes. big time! >> really about family because, listen. you're a single mother. you've got three kids but david his about you and your ex-husband who now works with you. >> right. >> i think that is cool too. he is working for you! but he said that you guys -- >> i do ou guys are the best divorce couple in america. i love that. >> i agree. i agree.
8:29 am
life, it's ages and stages and, you know, maybe not the best partners to be married, but we close. what you find in somebody and fall in love and have children, you know, i don't think that sheds away. you just kind of get losthat you have to do. so i think it's a wonderful thing that many people today areiends. it's not that fracturing of families. i think family is at the heart of everything we do. and they certainly are at the heart of my -- my daughter. >> i know your daughter said she works with you. >> you have these three little kids. you must have gotten -- youdreamed this for your life. >> not in a million years but you know what? my advice to everybody is be brave. you don't have to be, you can be yourself. but you have to be resilient. you have to take one step at a time.
8:30 am
because you are going to have, you know, diverse paths to get there. so you have to be able to say, oh, dear, that can't do that any more. you don't say that. you say that happened. what will i do to get around it?>> you've mastered the art of the pitch. what is it that makes a great pitch? >> that is a really good question. i personally think it's ty. i truly believe that. when i'm talking about a product, before it was a product, it was in my brain so if i have an inspiration, up in the middle of the night and i'll dream about my customer, anybody listening to me talk about this,ng to make life a little easier. so that passion comes out. i don't even consider it selling.s selling. i feel like it's talking about my children. >> i feel like you're making suggestions and before it's done, it'sgoing to take that sugarion
8:31 am
gestion and you get suggestions from other people. >> than leach a lot of people with great idea and we want to find them. the joy mangano will do that and find that path. >> thank ning talks to us about the family dynasty as his brother gets ready for super bowl 50. re >> samantha: all right. another live look over downtown cleveland. we had heavy rain overnight. that's moved out, and you cannot see it from this vantage point because the camera is so zoomed out. these closer shots show you just how windy it is out there. still very breezy. temperatures are like super warm this time of the year our average morning temperatures are in the 20s. it's 1 degree away from a record right now, 56 in cleveland. i think we may hit that record.
8:32 am
hit it p me out. eli has helped me out in every super bowl that i have been in. i've helped him out as well. so it'sing a sibling who is in the -- in the same business that can help you get a few extra tickets.l is a family affair for denver broncos quarterback peyton manning and his younger brother eli, the york giants. counting this sunday's game, the manning brothers will have played in six of the last ten super bowls. >> wow. eli his two super bowl rings in 2008 with his famous pass to david tyree. you remember that., eli is cheering on his brother in super bowl 50
8:33 am
gatorade's newis at the super bowl fan village in san francisco and is up bright and early to be with us. good to see you, eli! >> good to see er this morning has a headline saying "inside peyton's super brain." they talk about how your brother prepares for the game. studies and studies. what can you tell us about his preparation? >> well, that is one thing peyton does extremely well is get prepared for an upcomingnt and he die secretaries all of the film. i talked to him a little bit about carolina and just some of the tips we had on their defense, some of the things, you know? and so he is going to ask me questions and get some ideas, what we were trying to plays, what we were looking for. and so, you know, also about their personnel. so he's very well-prepared for him to go out there and play a great game. >> eli, what do you think will be the key for the broncos to
8:34 am
pull off a victory against the panthers? >> you know, i think they have play great team football. their defense, obviously, has been playing outstanding all year. they have a great challenge in slowing down that carolina offense and cam newton who is el of football right now. and then from an offensive standpoint, they are going to have to run the ball well, have can't turn the ball over. can hopefully jump out early on them and get a little lead and, you know, see if you can put a t carolina offense to come back. >> cam newton, is he the most he national football league this year? >> i think so. i think cam has played at an extremely high level. in my opinion, youow, go 17-1 and not, you know, have a great player. i think he will be theworries you the most, eli, for your brother on sunday? >> i get a little nervous, you
8:35 am
know, any time i watch peyton use, you know, once the game starts, i can't do anything. i can't help him in any way. it's all on him. so you just root for him and, you know, sometimes you see defender coming right behind him and maybe he is going to get a sack or maybe he is going to hit him and you wish you could call out to him, there is somebodythrow it away or step up. you can't do anything. i'm rooting for him and the whole broncos organization for them to get a win. >> is it possible he will be distracted by this human growth hormone >> no. that won't be a distraction. he is not worried about it one bit. he's totally focused on this game and going out there andnd getting a win. >> is it possible this is his last -- this super bowl might be, win or lose, his last nfl >> it could be. i don't have that -- i don't have that answer. you know? i've not -- he has not, you know, spoken about that, hesaid anything about it. i think his focus is totally on
8:36 am
win a championship for his organization, and his teammates. he is going out there.retty sweet finish if he could, you know, win on top and win a championship and kind of sail off into the sunset. >> eli, do you think this shouldgame? do you think it should be? do you think it's time? >> if he wins. >> yeah. you know what? i don't know. i know this year has been a for him. had some injuries and different things going, but, you know, i think he can still play at an extremely high level and i think it will be up to him, her. he just said, it's been a good run and it's time to go out? but, you know, i think he can't . >> eli, thank you for joining us and everybody is rooting for peyton because it has been a >> thank you. i appreciate it. thanks sobs is your home for super bowl 50.
8:37 am
sunday from levi stadium in california. just watch before the game -- before the game, you can watch se interview with president obama and first lady michelle obama. >> very excited about that. but this, top this.ut jim nantarted out in a special way for jim and his wife. they have an early arrival in time to see dad. >> little budle inside his arm. ause the due date was so close to the super bowl, what would happen if courtney went into labor gameday. now they don't have to worry about tions jim and your family. >> and courtney. great. >> you're watching "cbs this morning." we approve!
8:38 am
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i just want you to know orange memo and i got it. >> there you go! >> i'm becoming a fashionista! >> i was going to say, now you're tal (church bell) (bear growls) r(burke) smash and grub. r
8:41 am
seen it. covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. we are farmers. bum-pa-dum,
8:42 am
>> samantha: good to see you again on this wednesday morning. time is 8:55. we're in the mid-50s. that sounds weird. it feels weird to say it this time of the year. early february, and the morning at least we're typically in the low 20s. so we are way above average. it's breezy outside, and it's going to be windy throughout the day. temperature-wise we have a wind out of the south and we'll have a little sunshine later on. so i see no reason why we can't get at least into the upper 50s. for most of us it's mid-50s today. again, late morning and mid-afternoon a little sun out there. windy and a quiet day now that the early morning rain has moved out and now rain tonight, either. we see increasing clouds,
8:43 am
as colder air starts to work in, we have a chance for flurries late tonight as well.
8:44 am
jeff: today on "flip my food," we' re at yokem toyota inana, and i' m recipes. let' s get in the kitchen and let' s get cooking. announcer: it' s all aboutes today on "flip my food" as chef jeff cooks up some delicious award-winning dishes at yokem toyota in shreveport, louisiana. s get to cooking. jeff: welcome to yokem toyota. we' re here in shreveport, louisiana, at a toyota m here with retention manager val. how you doing, val? val: good, sir. how are you today? jeff: good. man, welcome. val: appreciate dish we' re gonna cook here with you today. you are army? val: yeah, i am. army infantry, served 6 years, came out. as soon as i came out, reached out. he said, "hey, i got a job for you." so i' m glad to part of the yokem family. thank them for bringing me on board for sure.
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