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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 4PM  CBS  February 3, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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p. p live from cleveland's news pcenter, cleveland 19 news starts pnow. p>> anchor: p>> romona: while some parts of pthe country have been dealing pwith severe weather. pthat's not the case today in pnortheast ohio. pone man was spotted riding his pbike in shorts downtown. pwell, we hope everyone got out pand enjoyed the warmth while it plasted. p>> mark: yes. pbecause jeff tanchak says this pis not going to continue to plast. pis this the case? p>> jeff: how about this storm, phuh? pit was so unusual that it just pbrought up all of this warm air pright into ohio of . pand we ended up not only pbreaking the record highs, but
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pcheck this out, cleveland 63. pthe old record 57. pwow, akron-canton 52 mansfield p59. ptoledo 55. peverybody across the board pshattering record highs. pbut the temperature drop has palready started. pall right. pso let's look at the -- what we phave going on here as far as pcurrent temperatures are pconcerned. pand it remains, if i can switch pmy graphics here, which i can't, phang on, let me go over here and pswitch them. pi can do it. pall right. plet's look at the currents out pthere right now. pwe're down to 54 in cleveland. p62 in the akron area. pand we've got 61 now in canton. pso still in the low 60s further pinland. pbut you saw sandusky there at p50. pdown we go. pthe hour-by-hour. p47 at 7:00. pwe're back into the low to mid p30s by morning. pand there could even be some pflurries flying around and some
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pbut there you see the sunshine pstill over cleveland. pthat will be changing tonight as pthe clouds come in. pi'm going to show you that. pbut the good news is it's plooking mild again. pnot very warm. pbut mild again as we get into pthe weekend with the dryer pconditions. pforecast details at about 4:17 pfor you there. promona. p a brook park woman is due in pcourt in march for a case that pmight surprise you. pshe and her husband haven't pfiled their income taxes. pas paul orlousky investigated, phe found other problems that pcould call into question her pability to handle a powerful pcouncil committee that oversees pmillions of dollars. p>> paul: newly elected julie pmccormick was recently imported pchairwoman of the finance pcommittee. pbut we've uncovered questions pabout her ability to handle her pown finances. pcertified court records show
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plicense suspension by a brook ark mayor court after she pdidn't pay the fine for this pticket. pshe didn't pay it for months. pit was for a stop sign violation pand having expired plates. pcourt records also say because pshe ignored the ticket and pdidn't pay the fine, her license pwas forfeited in june. pthe fine was just recently paid pafter word of the ticket spread. pwas she driving? poutside council chambers we pwatched as another council woman pdropped her off. pthe day before we were at her phome when a woman described as pher sister-in-law arrived. pthe police were called. pthis tuesday night before pcouncil she was driving. pher driving privileges had been prestored. pno harm. pno foul. pbut there are other questions. pher unpaid property taxes, roperty records show council pwoman mccormick owes more than p$6,500 in back property taxes. p>> we're on a payment plan and pit's being taken care of.
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pinstability at brook park city pcouncil's tuesday's meeting and p>> it's more of a paperwork pissue at this point. pchairwoman of a finance pmultimillion dollar ability. p>> it doesn't affect my ability pto do the job. p>> paul: some would disagree. aul orlousky, cleveland 19. p>> romona: we dug deeper and pfound that the man who appointed pmccormick to the committee, he ponly recently cleared up a back ptax bill of more than $1,500 on phis home. p and new information today pabout the family who died in a phome explosion in summit county plast month. pwe've learned that dad, jeff pmather, did have evidence of psmoke inhalation, but his wife pcindy and their two daughters pdid not. pthat means the mom and girls pwere dead before the fire pstarted. phow they died is still under pinvestigation.
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ptheir north field township home pjanuary 11th after a fire and pexplosion. pofficials say murder-suicide is pa possibility. p after marco rubio's better pthan expected finish in iowa, pthe florida senator is trying to pkeep the momentum going in new phampshire. pdanielle nottingham is on the pcampaign trail with the very platest. pmarco rubio is trying to pconvince new hampshire voter he pis the republican party union pfire. p>> if you vote for me, i will punite the conservative movement. p>> reporter: some voters we pspoke with are still on the pfence. pwhat will it take for rubio to pget your vote? p>> oh, that's a good question. pi don't know. pstandout. pshow me that you can take the plead. p>> i want to see more than what pi see on tv. p>> reporter: gop rival kris pkristi is touting his gub na ptore al experience and taking aim pat his record.
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pwhat's he done. phe's a nice person, but he's not pready to be president of the punited states. p>> reporter: rubio has a pjam-packed session. phillary clinton is hitting the pground in new hampshire just as phard. pclinton is trailing bernie psanders in the new hampshire olls. p>> i'm going to be out here pmaking my case. panswering your questions. p>> make it very --. p>> reporter: sanders is feeling pconfident and rejecting the pnotion he'll win new hampshire pjust because he's from pneighboring vermont. p>> the american people frankly pare tired of establishment olitics. p>> reporter: the sanders pcampaign raised $3 million in pthe 24 hours after the iowa pcaucus. pdanielle nottingham, cbs news, pla cone ploconia, new hampshire. p>> mark: who is even in the prace? ptwo candidates called it quits pin the last 24 hours. pdan deroos tells us who is in pand who is out. p>> dan: especially on the prepublican side when you have pthis many candidates rub nning, pyou do have to question who is pin and who is out.
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eople dropout after the iowa pcaucuses. pted cruz, donald trump, ben pcarson, marco rubio did fairly pwell. pyou can see what percent of the pvote. pthese are the number of pdelegates they picked up. pbasically trump and rubio tieing pwith seven delegates out of iowa pand eight delegates for cruz. pnow you have to start talking pwho is going to stay in. pif they didn't show well in piowa, they didn't build enough pmomentum, some of them are now pdropping out. pthe surprising one maybe today pwas rand paul who effectively pcame in fifth in iowa. phe has called it quits. pthe night of the iowa caucuses phuckabee called his campaign out pand rick santorum today it's pbeing reported he is going to psuspend his campaign. pso that does leave still quite a pcrowded field. pand, of course, here in ohio, we phave to question john kasich. plet's look at how he finished pohio governor finished in iowa. phe did pick up one delegate. pit was enough to get one by pgetting 1.9% of the vote. pnow, remember, john kasich pdidn't do a lot of campaigning pin iowa. phe has focused almost solely on pnew hampshire.
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pout today that he held his 9 pthird town hall meeting in new phampshire. pthat's where he's putting his peggs in that basket hoping to phave a strong enough finish in pnew hampshire to then continue pon. promona. p>> romona: thank you. p jimmy carter has been news. phe says he's cancer free. pthe former president says a scan pof his torso shows that there is pno melanoma. pthat his cancer doctors pdiscovered last summer. pbut just to be safe, he is pcontinuing his treatment. p back here at home, we told pyou we would keep you posted on pthe lead-tainted water scare at pgurnee elementary. pthe results are in. pthe water is safe to drink. pthey tested the water at the pchagrin falls school for a psecond time just to be on the psafe side. pthose results will be in the pnext week. puntil then, the school will pcontinue to provide bottled pwater for students. p now, straight ahead in our pnext half-hour, we're going to pflint, michigan, for an update
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pthere was a hearing today, so pwe're going to see what came out pof that. pmark. p field high school in magador pwill be back open tomorrow. pit did close today after a high pnumber of school absences. pthe school posted a letter to arents saying there was a pnumber of stomach-related pillnesses going around. p and it's a huge day for pyoung athletes. pnational signing day. phere is one of the cool stories pa north ridgeville standout pdemario mccall heading to the pschool. p the glenview community will pbe beaming with pride this pweekend when one of their own pted guynn junior can be a key layer. pno one more proud than his dad pwho through his mission has pgiven hundreds of kids the pbuilding blocks of a life well plived. pbrian duffy with the story. p> brian: nine years after being
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pfirst round, ted guynn junior phas produced his best season. phe'll play on the game's biggest pday on sunday evening. pit's the payoff as his dad, td ed psenior, has watched his son pbounce from team to team pstruggling to find a role. p>> you have to be mentally tough pto play in the nfl. p>> reporter: his career has ptaken him to miami, san pfrancisco, carolina, arizona and pback to carolina. pand now the superbowl. pwhat a trip. pbut the coach knows it's time to pfinish. p>> i'm just happy for him. pbut, you know, my mind going pback to we got to get it done. p> brian: right. p>> and hopefully he plays a role pin it too to make it happen. p> brian: guynn senior has made pit happen as a football coach pand driving force of guynn pacademy. pjunior has learned the lessons
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p>> no matter where you come pfrom, it doesn't determine where pyou go. p> brian: they work to take pyoung men who grew up under the pmost difficult of circumstances pand give them a foundation for ptheir future. pguynn senior has made it his plife's work. pthe success is just a piece of pthat work. p>> mark: brian duffy reporting pthere. p remember, i don't know if pyou heard of that, romona, psuperbowl 50. p>> romona: i'm working that pnight. p>> mark: the carolina panthers pbeing pegged over the denver pbroncos. p>> romona: don't forget to keep pthe tv on with denise and me. p>> mark: you better. p not all companies are pcreated equal, acknowledged the nd the benefits pof some. p home depot hiring. plooking for a job? pyou might find one there. phow many employees the home
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p. p live from cleveland's news pcenter, driven by don joseph ptoyota in kent, this is pcleveland 19 news. p>> mark: in consumer news now, phome depot is on a hiring spree. pif you are looking for a job pthis spring, head to home depot. pthey're hiring 80,000 people pnationwide. pmore than 1300 of them will be paround the cleveland area. pthe home improvement chain says pspring is their christmas. pboth full and part-time ositions are available. pthe company predicts that more pthan half of the temp positions
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ermanent jobs. p microsoft issuing a massive precall for more than 2 million pcomputers. ower cords to its surface ptablets can be a fire hazard. precall for anybody who saw a psurface pro, surface pro 2 or 3, pthere are 56 reports of tablets poverheating and emitting flames. pfive incidents, in fact, given pusers, well, some electric shock pthere. p and a big change coming to ptarget stores. pthey will now have cvs harmacies inside. pthe drug store chain bought out ptarget's pharmacy, and they're pnow working to rebrand every ptarget pharmacy now. pit's going to take about six to peight months to complete this pwhole thing. pthe updates, the pharmacies will pstay open during this whole rocess. p levy has released a new jean pwith a cheeky name. pthe wedgy fit. p>> mark: oh, for the love of pgod. p>> romona: the curve hugging pjean is supposed to show your
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p>> mark: what? p [ laughing ] p>> romona: they noticed women pwere buying jeans a size too psmall and hiking them up to get pthe effect. pthat's just nasty. p [ laughing ] p>> romona: despite the name, plevi insists these jeans are pcomfortable. p is there someone at work pthat you just can't stand? p [ laughing ] p>> romona: i can't imagine. pare you still friendly with pthem? pwell, researchers say that might pbe just what you need. p>> mark: well come to pbroadcasting. p>> romona: a study found that pworking with someone who gives pus those contradicting feelings pcan actually motivate you to pwork better. pthey also can give you a larger pcapacity for empathy. p>> mark: well, i don't know. p>> romona: that's what they psay. pbut thank goodness we all like peach other. p>> mark: we all get along. pdon't we all? p>> jeff: yes. pi thought i was supposed to be pin that shot. p>> romona: i thought you were pin the shot.
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p [ laughing ] p all right. pwe're back on track now. pcompanies are always sweek tweaking ptheir benefits to keep top ptalent. p>> mark: a year of leave and as pmuch time off as they need. poutdoor retailer rei gives pemployers two paid days off to pget outside. p>> romona: the sales force pgives $1,000 donation to their pfavorite charity. pspotify is willing to pay for pfertility treatments. pand world wildlife fund gives pevery panda friday off. p>> mark: panda friday. p>> romona: nice perks. pwhat do we give away around phere? p>> mark: free carpet cleaning pback in the corner. pthat was nice. p [ laughing ] p>> romona: they aired out the psports department and we thank pyou. p>> jeff: all right. pvery nice. pthat's why i thought i was psupposed to be in that shot. p>> romona: i could feel you pover here, but you weren't on pcamera.
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pwe all get along. p>> jeff: we do. pif only you knew. p let's look at wind direction pand speed. pstill windy out there with all pof these temperature changes. pthat wind was howling last pnight. pwe had over 40 mile an hour pgusts with the rain. pnow we have sunshine and pstarting to drop in temperature. pboy, we've been all over the lace from record highs. pnow we're cooling things down. p20 to 25 mile an hour winds psustained. pand these wind gusts now. pno wind gusts reported at pcleveland hopkins, but we have p33 akron-canton. p36 mile an hour gusts in pwooster. pcloud cover starting to clear pout only to be replaced by more pclouds tonight. pand this is the cloud cover passociated with the colder air. pwe do have some flurries in here pas well. pi have that in the forecast. pwe're not going to get much more pthan that. pand tomorrow a little bit of plight snow. pyou see that up here in pmichigan. pit might just be cold enough for pa little lake-effect snow.
4:17 pm
phere comes the colder stuff pwhere it's only 37 in grand prapids. pso that's the air that's going pto replace the air that we have pright now. pflurries, 31. psouthwest to west winds still a plittle gusty along the plakeshore. pand flurries in the akron-canton parea developing tonight. pdown to 33. phere is what i'm talking about. p7:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. mainly peast of cleveland. pthis is going to be real light pstuff. pflurries inland. pand that's going to be your pthursday. pa lot of cloud cover. pand it's not going to be -- pwe're not talking arctic air pright now. pthis is more seasonable stuff. pabout 34 and less than an inch pof accumulation. pno alerts out there until we get pto monday. pso we've got the light snow pthursday. pmark, you might as well just oint to that day there. pfriday 38. artly cloudy. p41 on saturday. p [ laughing ] p>> jeff: he knows. phe knows what to do. p42 superbowl sunday.
4:18 pm
pand then tuesday, wednesday next pweek. pthat's when we're going to get pmuch colder around here. pso we'll be tracking that. phere is the buzz. p [ laughing ] p now it's time for the buzz psponsored by national carpet pmill outlet. p>> mark: all right. pwe are getting a sneak peek now pat another great superbowl pcommercial. p>> romona: active kevin heart pis able to keep a very close eye pon his daughter's date thanks to phyundai's new car finder pfeature. p>> why don't you take my new pcar. p>> thanks, pops. p>> go ahead, baby. p music p. p>> watch this. p [ laughing ] p>> let's go. p walks down the street p people way down low p ain't no sound p. p>> my favorite spot. p are you ready p out of the doorway p.
4:19 pm
p>> romona: i love that. p [ laughing ] p>> mark: by the way, this is pthe second superbowl ad this pyear to feature a song by queen. phow about that? panother one bites the dust. p>> romona: nice. p don't forget superbowl 50 pairs right here on cleveland 19. pif we haven't said it enough, pit's sunday starting at 6:30. p>> mark: you can never say that penough. p how is a massillon native pleaving his mark?
4:20 pm
p music p>> romona: he is leaving his pmark on the rap scene. pblack history month is just pbeginning, and we want to pintroduce you to a local rapper. phis name is stally. phe's a massillon native, and phe's been called a conscious prapper. pand tia ewing sat down to talk pwith him.
4:21 pm
prepresenting massillon, ohio. p that's just the play p. p>> reporter: when stally hits pthe mic, he isn't playing. phis rhymes are authentic. preal lyrics about his life pgrowing up in massillon, ohio. p>> until 2009, i would say, is pwhen i really started letting pother people hear the music. p music p i just smile p. p>> reporter: stally is a self roclaimed conscious rapper who pdoesn't come with an ego, still ptaking a part of ohio with him peverywhere he goes. p>> ohio is everything to me. pit's what birthed me. pit's my up bringing where i get pmy morals. p>> reporter: part of atlantic precords. pstally says he rocks a little pbling but won't cheapen his pmessage for the diamonds in pgold. p>> the morals i was raised with,
4:22 pm
pi can't call a woman to be in my pmusic. pi have a daughter. pi would never want her to hear pthat. p>> reporter: other songs are pexplicit. pwhat he does want listeners to phear is his message. punderstanding that hard pbeginnings doesn't mean tough pendings. p>> what i did with my first pcheck, i got a nice condo. pyes. pyou know, at the time when i pfirst started making music, i pwas homeless. pyou know, i was in new york pcity. pi was sleeping couch to couch. p>> reporter: the 33-year-old pwas just featured in cleveland pmagazine, one of 2016's most pinteresting people. p>> tomorrow, right, you stop pdoing music. pand you look back on your life pand you had an opportunity to pleave your mark. pwhat would that mark look like? p>> that i've carried, you know, pthe torch gracefully, you know. pi've put nothing -- i've tried pto put nothing but good into the pworld. pi think i've been that prime pexample that you can make it
4:23 pm
p>> reporter: tia union ewing, pcleveland 19. p>> romona: i like it. phe respects woman. p>> mark: great cars in there. p>> romona: you would notice the pcars. pstally just left cleveland. phis latest album is on itunes. p>> mark: his daughter is padorable. p>> romona: a sweetheart. p we have a homeowner's story pcoming up. p the real football wives. p>> we're privileged in what our phusbands do and, you know, we do pget some perks from that. pbut we have pretty normal lives. p>> romona: they're married, pmark. pthe women behind some of the
4:24 pm
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pheld a hearing on the flint pwater crisis. pmany are upset key players were pnot there to give the answers. p>> mark: we have the latest pdetails. p>> when we turn on the water, pwe'll be collecting the samples. p>> reporter: epa workers are pchecking the water. pit comes as congress held a phearing into flint's lead pcontamination crisis. p>> this is not a flint problem por a rare anomaly, this is a pnational problem. p>> reporter: the city, state pand epa all initially failed to pact, even after her son had lead oisoning. p>> the city still continues to ptell everyone the water is safe. p>> reporter: the crisis began pafter flint started using water pfrom the flint river in 2014. pthe river water was not properly ptreated allowing lead to leech pfrom pipes. pmichigan's top leader papologized. p>> in retrospect, they should phave done more.
4:26 pm
pappointed city manager oversaw pflint's water glitch. p>> overseeing what happened. p>> reporter: many democrats palso called for michigan pgovernor rick snyder to testify, pbut the panels gop majority did pnot invite the republican pgovernor. pwhat do you say to shows presidence and congressman who pwant to hear from you about how pthis happened? p>> i've released e-mail. pi've been very open about this. pwe're cooperating with every pinvestigation. p>> reporter: snyder announced phe'll propose $30 million for pflint residents. phe says they shouldn't have to ay for water they can't drink. padriana diaz, cbs news, flint, pmichigan. p>> mark: still to come at 5:00 ptoday, we go to warrensville pheights where a high school is pstepping in to help flint. p a homeowner feels fenced in pby the city. pharry boomer spoke to the man pabout the part of his property pthat's causing some confusion. pharry. p>> harry: romona, this fence pliterally has residents and the pcity of north olmsted divided.
4:27 pm
pfence himself and now the city psays it has to come down. p>> when i first built it, i pwasn't aware that there was any pkind of city codes against that. p>> harry: the city of north polmsted sent caleb a letter ptelling him to tear down this pfence. pzimmerman says he tried to preason with the city. p>> we've had a few incidences, pthree just in the last six pmonths, where cars have come off pthe road and entered our yard pand i guess we're just kind of pworried about maybe one going pthrough the house or even when pwe're out there working maybe pstriking us. p>> harry: that's one reason pzimmerman says he built the pfence. phere's another reason. pit's a bit more vague. p>> we have a doctor's note retty much saying that there's pa person with a medical pdisability living here and that phaving the fence up really helps phim with that condition. p>> reporter: caleb wouldn't ptell north olmsted city hall, pnor us, who has the medical pcondition or what that medical pcondition is.
4:28 pm
pfront yard fencing to 30 inches. p>> we build it two and a half pfeet tall and the fence is panother five feet on top of pthat. p>> as it stands right now, it pwould come down because it pviolates city code, correct, and pthe board has reviewed it and pthe board has determined it to pnot sufficiently warrant a pvariance. p>> harry: zimmerman says the pfence cost about $2,000 to build pand it cost him about a thousand pdollars to tear him down. pnow, he does have the right to pappeal the decision in court. pwhat does the neighbor -- what pdo the neighbors have to say pabout all of this? pwe'll let you know coming up at p6:00. plive in north olmsted, harry pboomer, cleveland 19. p>> mark: harry, thank you. p embattled comedian bill pcosby's first hearing in the pcriminal case resumed wednesday, pbut whether the charges will be ptossed or proceed to trial was pdelayed, at least temporarily. pit's because the state declined pto prosecute the case more than pa decade ago. pthe comedian's attorneys are pasking a judge to dismiss the
4:29 pm
puniversity employee andrea pconstand, one of a long line of pcosby accusers, accused the tv pstar of assaulting her in her phome in 2004. pno decision yet. p introducing the ohio highway atrol trooper who writes the pmost tickets in ohio. pthe ohio state highway patrol pconfirmed that john williams has pwritten more tickets here in the pbuckeye state, that's mark pclapping, from 2010 to 2014. p>> mark: slow down. p>> romona: than any trooper. phe racks up around 2,000 tickets pa year. pduring that time, he works from pa turnpike post in milan near psandusky. pit covers area from lorraine pcounty to ottawa, so look out. p p>> jeff: all right. phe's doing his job way too well. pjust slow it down. pall right. pi mean p all right. plet's look -- that would be
4:30 pm
p47 degrees. p6:00. p44 at 8:00. pand even though we're going to pbe dropping into the 30s, in pfact well into the 30s, i think, ptonight, and it's still a little pwindy along the lakeshore, still pabove average for this time of pyear. plook at the current temperature. pakron-canton, of course, you pshattered record high today. pyou're still at 61. psouthwest wind 22. pbut, oh, downtown cleveland, 43. pso the colder air moving in. pand it's a combination of that. pwe also have a lake breeze going pon along the lakeshore. pso we have that happening ptonight and tomorrow. pbut we're not talking arctic air phere. pit's going to be back to where pwe should be for this time of pyear. pflurries in areas of light snow pon the way tomorrow. pand the weekend is looking dry pand mild. pless than an inch of some snow pon the way tomorrow. pthe wind relaxes a little bit. p34 the high. pakron-canton about 33 tomorrow. pcloudy skies and some flurries pin the forecast.
4:31 pm
p31 at 7:00 a.m. p32 at noon. pit's not going to be a big jump pin temperature with the cloud pcover. pa little bit of light snow pthere. pwe could see some flakes flying pduring lunch and 5:00. p31. pit's just hard to believe that pwe're talking 60s today. pand now we've got a little snow pon the way. pbut that's what you get this ptime of year. pnext alert day isn't until pmonday. pand this is going to be for a prain-snow mix. pnot too windy. paccumulating snow is going to be plow. pand travel for the day. pbut, again, this is monday. pit does look like next week we pget into some much colder air. pand i'll tell you about that in pthe seven day focus coming up phere in a few minutes. pmark and romona, back to you. p>> mark: all right. pjeff, thanks. p today the downtown cleveland palliance released the downtown pcleveland market update for the pfourth quarter of 2015. pthis quarterly report gives an poverview of developments in pdowntown cleveland. phousing, office, retail, phospitality and some ptransportation trends there too.
4:32 pm
pto take a look at the major pinvestment and developments that phave been occurring. p the university of akron has preceived a very generous pdonation. pit announced about an hour ago pthat it would name the puniversity of akron honors pcollege the doctor gary b and amela s williams honors pcollege. pit's in recognition of two of pthe university's distinguished palumni who have been generous pdonors since 1969. promona. p well, remember the short plived reality show vh1 football pwives. pit didn't last long and a market pfilled with franchises. ptoday we introduce you to real pfootball wives. pyou're about to meet three wives pof players chasing a superbowl pwin. pjen picciano gives us a peek at ptheir reality. p>> jen: that's right, romona. pwhat i learned from these ladies pis their lives are far from what
4:33 pm
phere is how real they get. pfor these being an nfl wife is pnowhere near as glamorous as eople this it is. p>> we're prif linld vilege in what our phusbands do. p>> when people are like, wow, phow does it feel like to be a pfootball wife. pi'm just like -- i mean, i do pthe same thing you do. p>> jen: in fact, shea who met pher husband his rookie year pnever wanted to be a football pwife. p>> i never in a million years pthought because i just didn't pwant to be involved with a rofessional athlete. p>> jen: but she says god had pother plans. p>> he turned out to be pdifferent. pand that two kids later, five pyears marriage later, i guess it pworked out. p>> jen: heather met husband proman harper in high school. pa stay at home mom, she admits pto struggling with not having a
4:34 pm
p>> i think it's sometimes hard pto find your own identity pbecause you get caught up in i'm pwhoever's wife. p>> reporter: but the mom of two pwith a third on the way has prealized over the years just how pmuch she contributes to the pharper household. p>> you're basically the book pkeeper and the maid and the pnanny. pyou're basically like all of pthese things and you sometimes pdon't realize those things pbecause you get caught up in plike what i'm not contributing pin other ways. p>> jen: that contribution, she psays, helps balance their home plife and a demanding nfl life. pjordan met rookie linebacker pdavid mayo in high school. pthe two got engaged, married and pmoved to charlotte in a matter pof months last year. pshe has the basics down. p>> i take care of everything at phome. peverything outside of football. pso all he has to focus on is pfootball. p>> jen: the learning curve has pbeen steep, but nothing could repare her for the panther's phistoric season with the psuperbowl days away. p>> this is everything he's ever pdreamed of ever since he was a
4:35 pm
pto be able to get to do this his pvery first year is so special. p>> jen: now, let me say, my psister happens to live in pdowntown charlotte in a phigh-rise where several of the anthers players live. pthey have 24 concierge service pin the building, so it is not pall casseroles for these women. pwe could be real. p>> mark: i just want everyone pto be happy. p [ laughing ] p>> romona: it sounds like they pare to an extent. p>> jen: yes. pbut it's nice to get a peek at pthe other half of the players pthat are succeeding. pthere's a reason they're psucceeding. p>> romona: it's easier to be pmarried to football or pbasketball what they're gone a plot. p>> mark: 16 weeks instead of an pentire winter and summer for pbasketball. pthanks very much, jen. p>> jen: uh-huh. p need a lift from a football plegend?
4:36 pm
p. pwe've learned something new pabout an nfl great today. p>> romona: ken stabler had pbrain disease. pboston university surgeons pdetermined that the former poakland raiders quarter bag back had pcte. phis brain was examined after he pdied of colon cancer. pthe time said he had stage 3 cte pon a scale of 1-4. pcte has been found in brains of pdozens of former football layers.
4:37 pm
pgames in rio are months away, pbut this woman has already made phistory. pshe'll be the first muslim pamerican to compete at the polympics representing the u.s. pfencing team. p would you recognize a pfootball great if he was driving pyou around? p>> mark: i would hope. pbut take a look here. pjerry rice went undercover in psan francisco as a lift driver. pthe san fran based ride thought pit would be fun if rice went paround as a driver named jay and psee if passengers recognize him. pall of them never recognized the phall of famer until he finally ptold him his true identity. p>> romona: as much as i want pnot ball, i didn't know who that pwas. p>> mark: the beard and the hat pand the glasses. pi might have recognized his pvoice a little bit. p>> romona: possibly. p>> denise: a lot coming up. pwe have new information on a plocal house explosion and fire pwhere a family was found dead. pwe're going to bring you the
4:38 pm
pthe coroner is saying. p plus a horrifying story of a pman sucked out of a hole in a lane. pinvestigators now say they know pwhat caused the explosion that pled to his death. p and the search is on for a plocal woman's missing service pdog. pif she doesn't find her buddy psoon, it could have an impact on pher health. p plus what one woman is doing pwith her breast milk that some eople find kind of strange. pwe'll tell you about that at p5:00. p>> breaking news and weather p24/7. download the cleveland 19 pnews app sponsored by kisling,
4:39 pm
p. p get a look at your tv here. pyou're going to wish there was psnow on the ground after seeing pthis. pthe man threw a snowball pthrowing machine to shoot snow pballs at lightning speed.
4:40 pm
p>> mark: added a magazine to do p15 snow balls at a time. pwinning every single snowball pfight ever. p>> romona: as long as they're psoft. pi love snowball fights. p>> jeff: you don't want ice pchunks. p>> mark: uh-huh. p>> jeff: maybe next week we'll pget snow. pit does look colder as i will pshow you on the seven day. p now, that doesn't look like pa february shot now, does it? pespecially with the high of 63. pall right. pnot the case now. pwe're starting to drop in ptemperature. pwe'll be back into the 30s come pmorning. plet's look at the seven day now. pand tomorrow's high, well, about p30 degrees colder. p34 will be the high tomorrow. pa little bit of light snow along pthe lakeshore and east. pit's going to be minor stuff. pand then we're down to 20 ptomorrow night with a clearing psky. p38, though, on friday. pand over the weekend it's going pto be pretty nice. pmostly cloudy, 41. psaturday night we'll drop down
4:41 pm
pand then on sunday for the psuperbowl, 42. pand, you know, last year's psuperbowl we had over six inches pof snow that came down. pa snowstorm. pnot the case this year. palthough monday it's going to be psnow. pthat's the next alert day. pand then the bottom starts to pfall out as we get into some pmuch colder air in here. p27. pand it looks like the snow could ick up on wednesday. pso an alert there. pand windy. p22 on wednesday. pso next week it's going to be a ptotally different ball game paround here. plet's check out traffic. p>> first alert traffic sponsored pby ford. p>> mark: we'll keep it quick. pthere's 77 going in and out of pthe city. pthe roads are dry. peverybody moving around at a pnice clip. pvolume doing okay too. p can you believe it? pthe pizza diet. pit sounds way too good to be ptrue.
4:42 pm
phe lost 101 pounds by simply peating pizza. p>> mark: i'm in. pthis is pasquelli. phe quickly packed on the pounds psnacking with stressing out and preally trying to figure out all pof the restaurants new york city phad to offer. p>> romona: well, the six foot psix chef ballooned to over 300 ounds and had to do something pabout it. phe ditched sweets and soda and pate half of his usual portions. phe says he focused on a pmediterranean diet with lots of pfruits and veggies. pfor lunch every day this guy peats pizza and pizza margarita. p>> mark: there you go. p>> romona: with a dough made pfrom water, pasta. pthree things to remember. ortion control, calories and penergy balance. p sweet serenade.
4:43 pm
p. p it's time for a little pnolan. phey, romona. p>> romona: what's up p>> mark: i said, hey, romona. p>> romona: hello. p>> mark: americans are expected pto spend how much on gifts for pour pets this valentine's day? p>> romona: well, i know we pspend over a billion a year, so pi would say 100 million. p>> mark: it's 700 million. pwow. p>> romona: that's astounding.
4:44 pm
p. p so this sweet little guy phere wanted to show just how pmuch he loved his mom. pmark p p>> romona: he sure did. pso he sang a song for her. p you are beautiful to me p [ laughing ]
4:45 pm
pharris posted the video of her pson, her 5-year-old josiah pserenading her. pshe says he has been singing psince he was 2 years old. pthat is so precious. p>> mark: it is. pgreat little guy. ploves his mom. p>> romona: yes. p all right. pyou have trouble with sneezing pand itchy, watery eyes? pwell, why you need to act now to pcombat spring allergies. pthat is next at 5:00.
4:46 pm
live from cleveland's newscenter, cleveland 19 news starts now. we know punxsutawney phil predicted an early spring, but today it felt it arrived six weeks ahead of schedule. cleveland breaking the record high temperature today.
4:47 pm
hit 58 before 11:00 this morning
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