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tv   Cleveland 19 News This Morning  CBS  February 4, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> tia: an ohio home falls victim to a hoverboard. what one parent said her child was doing when it went up in flames. >> brian: a trailer comes loose and slams into the front end of this bus. >> tia: a new plan is unveiled today to help parents in northeast ohio prevent their children from becoming lead-poisoning victims. it's thursday, february 4th. i'm tia ewing.
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i'm brian duffy. top stories are coming in a moment. first, we're off to a record-setting day. is that funny? what's so funny? >> tia: i'm trying to get this chocolate down any float. i've had four small pieces this morning. here's the remnants of my last piece. right there. >> brian: the other chocolate aficionado over there, sam. who has had her share over there, too. >> samantha: four or five. >> brian: eat as much as you want. they'll make more. >> samantha: calories don't count before 7:00 a.m. did you know that? look at me trying to get the chocolate out of my teeth. hot chocolate weather, right? we have a light wind and snow out there, but not everyone is seeing it. the farther south you go, the less likely to see a snowshower. certainly some flurries out there.
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mainly along the lakeshore and out on the east side of things, so out towards northern geauga, southern lake county, back into the east side of cleveland and then out towards ashtabula county south of hartsgrove we have snowshower activity as well. take it slow in the areas. most of the snow won't reduce visibility too much. it won't slow you down. you have to be careful. wet roads out there. it was 63 yesterday. you wake up this morning feeling like you're in the twilight zone, right? we have a chance for snowshowers off and on. an inch or less. nothing major today. next week we have weather on the way you may find to be inconvenient for your daily routine. i'll tell you how that impacts you whether we come back. what do we have going on on the roads? >> laura: it's mighty quit et out there. ontario had a closure overnight,
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it has re-opened for now. tonight it will close at 7:00 and re-open tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. so that closure is between carnegie and ninth streit. as your alternate, use ninth street. look at the map. across the main map we look up to speed. no issues. 271 looks good over on the east side. through beachwood about 59 miles per hour this morning. as we look at the drive times if we could but it doesn't look like we want to click anymore on the clicker. back to you guys. >> brian: 6:03. a special meeting held today by the cleveland health and human services committee. >> tia: they try to deal with the issue of lead paint in city homes and the problem of childhood lead poisoning. nicor vrsansky joins us live outside city hall. this should be a serious concern for area leaders. >> nichole: you're right, tia.
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the cuyahoga county board of health calls the issue of lead poisoning the most significant pediatric disease affecting children in the county today. we're waiting to hear how city leaders will address the concerns. you mentioned cleveland's health and human services committee holding a special meeting at 9:00 today on issues dealing with lead, specifically paint in homes and lead poisoning in children. in 2013 there were close to 2,000 cases of lead poisoning in this county. symptoms of lead poisoning are hard to spot. they include irritability, sleep problems or stomach ache. we know that lead poisoning can have long-term effects on iq. the older your home is, built before 1978, the more likely it is to have lead-based paint and lead hazards. >> the single most important route for children less than 6 years of age is hand-to-mouth
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>> nichole: coming up in our next half hour, we look at specific areas in homes to be concerned about and also how if you're going to fix those issues, what specifically is done to change some of those lead hazards in your home. that's coming up in the next half hour. live outside city hall, nichole vrsansky, cleveland 19. >> tia: nichole on top of it this morning. a man faces charges today for the murder of his 21-year-old roommate. that happened last night on ridge road in brooklyn. police say the man shot his female roommate in the chest. she later died at the hospital. they're developing information later on this story on the cleveland 19 mobile app. an up date on the house fire that killed four in summit county last month. the medical examiner confirmed cindy mather and her two young daughters did not die because of the fire. the cause of their death is still under investigation. the husband and father, however,
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police said this could be a murder suicide. if you had plans to tart filing your taxes today, you may want to think again. the internal revenue service says some tax filing systems are out of service. >> they blame hardware failure for taking out the system. q., this could have an impact on who we get our refunds. >> q.: exactly. if you're planning on filing today, you may want to think twice about that. here's the issue. the website. you can see it's up and running, but it's the e-filing options that are the issue. where is my refund? free file, e-file, eftps are not working properly right now. they're the issue. wait a day or two before filing your taxes. now, the irs stopped to accept electronically filed tax returns yesterday because of the problem we're talking about this morning, but you can continue to send electronic returns to companies that serve as
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the irs like turbo tax or tax act. those companies will have to hold off on sending those tax returns in to the irs until the system is up and running again. we checked with the irs overnight. they say they are continuing to assess their issue with their website. they still expect about 90% of people that filed to receive their returns within three weeks or so. if you have already filed, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. people who need to watch out a tad are folks that want to file today or tomorrow or in the future. they hope to have it up and running again as soon as possible. that's the latest. tia, brian. >> brian: thanks. 6:07 now. if you've been by progressive field, you've seen his statue. if you're an indians fan, you know who he is. bob feller is an all-great and war hero.
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was the first baseball player to leave the game and enlist in the u.s. navy after the bombings at pearl harbor. the indians are pushing for president barack obama to recognize feller's courage and patriotism by honoring feller with the medal of freedom award. >> it was all about the country. he took probably more pride in his role in the navy and serving our country than he did as a baseball player. >> brian: sure did. the indians launched a campaign. head to there's a link there to sign a petition to try and get feller awarded the medal of freedom. there is a 100,000-signature requirement to get it in front of the president. in less than 24 hours they have already come up with 5,000 signatures. >> tia: that's nice. keep pushing. >> brian: if you ever talked to mr. feller, which i did on numerous occasions, the war always came up. he would be talking about baseball and he would talk about the war. >> tia: something else he was passionate about. >> brian: you guys are
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>> tia: i'm taking a picture of it. can you do that one more time. >> brian: those are candy wrappers that mostly tia and sam have gone through. i lost count. i'm just a catholic school kid from st. joe. >> tia: really. >> brian: i think i had one and laura may have had one. then the damage was done by the rest of you guys. >> tia: you're not being honest. you ate more than one piece. >> brian: no, i did not. >> tia: yeah, you did. >> brian: no, i did not. i don't even like chocolate that much. >> tia: do you have another piece, sam, in front of the green screen? >> brian: someone is about to let a $63 million lottery jackpot slip through their fingers. >> tia: this was the best chocolate in the world sitting next to you. a scare in the air for donald trump. what a transition. sam. boom.
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>> samantha: sorry. this is chocolate in my hand by the way. normally when we issue a first alert outlook, we do it for one day. i just went ahead and issued one for the first half of next week. we have snow on the way, and it would be cold. we'll have some travel impacts, especially on monday. go ahead and stock up on chocolate, because you may stuck inside on monday.
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>> tia: time is 6:13 on your thursday morning. a pennsylvania judge has ruled that a sex assault case against bill cosby can move ahead.
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judge to dismiss the case because a former district attorney claimed he granted the comedian immunity from prosecution a decade ago. the case now moves to a preliminary hearing to see if prosecutors have enough evidence to prove cosby drugged and assaulted the accuser back in 2004. more potential health problems associated with flint's toxic water crisis. they are now surfacing. health officials are investigating if the lead-tainted water is causing skin rashes. the michigan department of health is planning to personally interview residents who reported skin rashes and test the water in their homes. officials say it's still way too early to make a direct connection. >> brian: big-time scare for donald trump and his staff. the president hopeful's plan made an emergency landing in nashville after the pilot reported engine problems. trump was headed to arkansas for a campaign event. trump and his staff continued on
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only hours remain before a $63 million california lottery prize slips right through somebody's fingers. the winning ticket must be delivered to the lottery office by 5:00 p.m. today. otherwise, the prize is forfeited to the state schools. the ticket was sold all the way back in august. so you wonder if they're just waiting until the last minute or if nobody realized they have the ticket. >> tia: maybe they accidentally threw it away. i wonder if it was me? i was living there at the time. >> brian: in august? no, you were here then. >> tia: i don't know. my memory is bad. >> samantha: i think you were here. >> tia: we've been together six months, so yeah, it's been a great six months, hasn't it? >> brian: you guys celebrated with chocolate all morning. >> tia: you're going to put that in there all morning long, huh? >> brian: not going to let it go. >> samantha: chocolate never hurt anybody in a small dose, and five pieces of small
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we stopped counting. we did stop eating if you're concerned and are like those people eat more than anything, we did stop. we put the kabash on eating chocolate. burke and hopkins reporting a little light snow. akron/canton, mansfield good morning to you as well. we're in the lower to mid-30s. it's 20-plus degrees cooler out there this morning than it was this time yesterday, and we have snow to talk about. yesterday we had rain and mild weather, and this morning right back to february. cloudy skies and the snowshowers is that stretch from the lakefront of cuyahoga county out through geauga, ashtabula, lake and northern trumbull county as well. right along 271 tracking some light snow early on. so we will be following that throughout the day. it will be periods of on again/off again snow especially along the lake and out to the east. this is not going to be
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just really light stuff our flurries flying around from time to time. overall cloudy skies. i'm not sure where that automated sunshine came from. that's wrong. that's the computer saying we want the sun to come out. no, that was yesterday. we have cloudy skies and breezy conditions and we state in the low 30s today before dropping into the low 20s overnight. producer, i sues see you over there going for the chocolate box. just because we antieating anymore doesn't mean we're not watching you. snowshowers are possible tonight before 2:00 in the morning. whether it's all said and done, little to no accumulate, an inch at most mainly out in the snowbelt. tomorrow welcome back, sunshine. it's a beautiful day tomorrow. 38 for a high and a little warmer. then the weekend we get even warmer. isn't he cute or she? i'm not sure. she's a cute dog and precious.
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no rain or snow during the day during the weekend, but a chance night. >> laura: i guarantee you the puppies out there love this fantastic weather that we had as in past tense because they can go outside and enjoy it. the snow, it's hard to find a place to do their business. outside if you're getting ready to head to work this morning, i-480 at west 130th. it looks like the lens of this probably rain. we had some snow that moved through and little patches across the area. that causes issues on the camera. the roads may be wet in some spots out there as well. we look like we're in the green across the map aside from that little slowdown there along the steelyard. 71 northbound just as 176 joins in. you get extra traffic. this happens every single morning. nothing out of the area right here. over 480 past the airport. keep on going through linndale and brooklyn. nothing but green cars traveling along. no reports of accidents either.
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mentor to cleveland, your ride takes you 28 minutes right now, 19 minutes on your way out the door from north olmstead to cleveland. elyria to cleveland is a 27-minute commute and 37 minutes up from akron. we look at that 77 ride in ten minutes. brian. >> brian: thanks. it's been a long time coming, but after five years of vane vagus -- renovations the scofield building is it finally ready to open. there's 52 luxury apartments inside. room rates are 150 bucks. this is a beautiful place. i had the opportunity to take a tour back in september. it's going to be fantastic. in 15 minutes we will tell you more about the cleveland construction projects going on downtown and their progress leading up to the rnc. in september we got the first it's important because it's
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heart of downtown cleveland. they started reworking on the facade of the building, but then the economic crisis hit and it just sat there with the scaffolding on it for years and years. it's just about done. there's a two-story restaurant that faces ninth and euclid. >> tia: you did the story. you did a great job on the story. you saw the interior. a little boy has one of the most unusual pets you'll ever see. we'll show it to you in five minutes >> brian: a school bus full of
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>> tia: so you're in bed on your thursday morning. i'm not feeling it today. i don't want to go to work today. guess what? we are closer to the weekend. hey, we're almost there. get up and get out of bed and
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great day. >> brian: that's right. get moving. >> tia: get moving. the traffic isn't that bad either. of course, laura demaria will have more on what to expect on the roads. some scary video on the dash cam of a school bus in oklahoma. this is what a bus driver saw. can you imagine? you hear the kids on the bus when a car trailer comes loose and starting to barrel towards the front of the bus. the driver saw it comes and avoided a head-on collision. no one was hurt. the trailer was stolen and the truck that lost it on the road fled the scene. one of this year's most popular holiday gifts could be the cause of a house fire in southeast ohio. look at this. a homeowner says his kid was playing on his hoverboard when the thing caught on fire. the carpet went up in flames, but luckily firefighters arrived before it scorched anything else. >> brian: dogs are a man's best friend, but don't tell that to
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check out this 19-month-old boy and his best friend, b. the duck. they live in texas. they're inseparable. they even take baths together. you might see this boy and this duck on the facebook today. a video is making the rounds with 15,000 shares. i wonder how they found the duck? it's interesting. >> tia: that's really interesting. what made the parents say, okay, this duck is suitable to be around my child? that's very interesting. we're always asking questions here at cleveland 19. yeah. curious nerds. time is 6:25. it turns out the inner belt bridge project won't be finished in the summer of 2017 like originally planned >> brian: we hit 63 degrees yesterday. people rode their bikes in shorts. when you hit the door this morning, well, things have changed sam. >> samantha: totally.
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yesterday. we have some snow out there this morning. we have periods of snow throughout the day, but maybe you like the snow and can't wait to get out and play in it. maybe you're headed to peek n' peak this weekend. it's going to be great there. they have 40 inches of snow there and packed powder and still 26 trails open. you can get out there and have a great time. i hope you have fun no matter what you do this weekend.
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>> brian: good morning, everyone. the largest bridge replacement
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right through downtown cleveland time. this morning we learned that it's now way ahead of schedule. why don't you take this show to local schools around the community? >> tia: a local magician thinks he found a way to help a lot of northeast ohio schools make their fund-raising problems disappear. >> brian: if you were running around yesterday in shorts, and today. we have dropped nearly 30 degrees already since yesterday afternoon. good morning, everybody. it's thursday, february 4th. thanks for joining us. i'm brian duffy. >> tia: i'm tia ewing. i wanted to tell andrew this morning. he stopped me and said he loves brian duffy and the entire crew. good mornings , andrew. we've been talking about this all morning long, this weather drop. this is crazy. 63 degrees yesterday was the
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setting in this morning. meter jis sam roberts has a look at the forecast. sam, snow, too? a little snow? >> samantha: yeah. this is kind of an indicator of how spoiled we've been this winter. we made it to 63 yesterday. we're like, why can't it be 63 again? it was so nice, right? this morning we're in the 30s. it's 33 in cleveland, but that's actually 11 degrees above our average low for this time of the year. isn't that crazy? even our cold weather this season really hasn't been all that cold by comparison's sake. we have some snow reported there at burke and at hopkins as well. the camera is showing you that it's not really reducing the visibility much, if any at all, depends on where you are. most of the snowshowers have been out in the snowbelt. temperatures right now, again, are in the 30s, and they'll pretty much stay there throughout the day. i want to show you where that snow is right now, and as we've
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the morning, it's confined mainly to the snowbelt, eastern cuyahoga county out through geauga, lake and ashtabula, northern trumbull, northern portage, even down around northern summit county you may see some spits of light snow right now. accumulations through the day and into tonight will be minimal. next week, however -- i keep talking about this, but we want to get you ready. we may see some snow and really cold weather next week. we talk about if in a few minutes. laura. >> laura: i did want to show this live picture outside first right now. it's i-71 at west 25th street there. look at that. you see the glaze of wetness on the roadways. just shows that so you think about that it is a little bit extra slippery. this is kind of a different angle that we usually see on i-71 at west 25th street. across the wide map, of course, right where we're talking about is a morning slowdown. nothing to worry about. it's your typical commute if you
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71 or even if you're headed down 71 headed south this morning. you tonight have any issues either way. we're still early in the commute. if you head out the door at 6:32, that's the benefit of driving right now. you have an easier go on the roadways. looks good around akron. no slowdowns reported at all. coming up 77 through brecksville, you're on top and so are you if you get to independence. speaking of drive times, canton to cleveland under an hour. you're on time. 28 minutes from mentor and lastly we have strongsville to cleveland on time as well with a 21-minute ride. when is the inner belt bridge going to be done? good news for the project. warmer weather over the last few months has allowed workers to get ahead of schedule. the bridge is expected to be done by this fall. that's about six months ahead of
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how will it be during the rnc? we asked odot how construction will affect traffic flow this upcoming july? >> what you see today is what you have for the rnc. i know that there are several committees around the city and around the state looking at ways to kind of improve traffic flow for the rnc, so certainly we will do our part to help in whatever way we can to make sure it's running smoothly that week. >> laura: odot says drivers will snow a lot of the progress in the coming months. most are surrounding the bridge like on ontario street and east ninth. either way, they are ahead of either way, they are ahead of schedule, so that is some great news for our commuters. brian. >> brian: it really is. thanks, laura. about 15 minutes ago we told you the schofield building will be open for business next month as a kempton hotel and luxury apartments. it's one of the many projects expected to be finished leading up to the republican national convention. public square and the downtown hilton hotel are both set to be open as scheduled.
6:31 am
project along on public square. work on the cafe there is under way, and new trees have already been planted. the square is set to open on june 1st. that is the same day as the new hilton hotel, which you see right there, which is absolutely beautiful. >> tia: it is beautiful. >> brian: that's going to open on the same day. very nice. >> tia: it is nice. we've been talking about this which kind of complicates some things around our city. water issues in flint, michigan brought the issue to the forefront. while lead in water is a big concern, the most common way children are exposed is through paint. >> brian: that's exactly right. nichole vrsansky is live outside city hall this morning as city leaders are working to get something done about this issue, nikki. >> nichole: that's right, brian. the council's health and human services meeting will host a special meeting here at city hall this morning at 9:00 to address those issues, specifically led paint in city
6:32 am
childhood lead poisoning. the cuyahoga county board of health calling the issue of lead poisoning the most significant pediatric disease affecting children in cuyahoga county today. in 2013 there were close to 2,000 cases, and we know the older your home is, specifically if it was built before 1978, the more likely it is to have lead-based point. the board of health has a grant program offering up to 8 grand to eligible homeowners and renters to make their homes hazard-free. the city offers something similar. the target areas are windows, front porches and soil near those spots. >> wet to make sure the paint is in dpood good condition and we elick nature friction services and we clean up lead dust and lead-contaminated soil. >> nichole: and we will be at that special meeting today here at city hall starting at 9:00
6:33 am
keep it tuned to cleveland 19 and, of course, for the latest developments. live outside city hall, nichole vrsansky vrsansky, back to you in the studio. >> tia: this was a big concern in our community, too, but there's some good news for students in chagrin falls. the epa cleared gurney elementary from any water issues. the testing determined the wart is safe to drink and contains no lead. to be safe the epa pulled more samples for lead testing. those results will come next week. in mogador field high school is open. it was closed yesterday because too many schools were out sick with a stomach illness. desks and tables have been thoroughly cleaned. other schools in the district were not impacted. >> brian: the internal revenue service says some tax services will be out of service today. >> tia: q. mccray has been on
6:34 am
the irs hopes the problem whim be short-lived. >> q.: that's what they're hoping, but here's what's going on right now. if you were planning today on sitting down like i am to file your taxes online, you'll hit a snag. especially if you use the website, which you can see is up and running, but the issues are these options right here on the side. where's my refund? free file, e -file and eftps. even if you click on one of them, you go to the website. but the information won't get from this website to the irs. that's the issue this morning. this statement was released overnight. the irs remains in close contact with e-file software transmitters and the tax community during this period. a number of taxpayer and tax practitioner tools are unavailable. the irs tells us they're working right to rectify the problem.
6:35 am
and running again as soon as possible. again, at the moment if you try to file online using, your information won't get to the irs. also, if you're using third-party company software like turbo tax or tax act, you'll be able to file the return, but turbo tax and tax act won't be able to send the information to the irs until this problem is taken care of. also, if you've timed your taxes in the past, you have nothing to worry about. it's people trying to file today or in the future that may have to watch out for this issue. so that's the latest. tia and brian, back to you. >> tia: i guess the good news is that you do have some time. your taxes aren't due until april 15th. a few hiccups but you have a locality of time. time is 6:39. pizza and wings are a given for super bowl parties. i'll show you a locally produced item to add to your dessert menu. you can get it locally.
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to go to vegas to see a good magic show is flat-out wroung. an illusionist from right here giving back to northeast ohio with an amazing series of magic shows. sam. >> samantha: thanks so much, guys. the time is now 6:40. you know, yesterday we were breaking records left and right. 63 was our official high in cleveland. today your high is only 34, and it gets so much colder next week. we're going to talk about winter's return straight ahead. >> tia: we're talking about this next good for business. we'll have this story when
6:37 am
>> tia: oh, yeah. it is going to be a beautiful day. however, a little warning this morning at 6:44 on your thursday. it won't be as beautiful as it was yesterday. hey, guess what? it's thursday, a little closer to the weekend. so that should certainly get you up and get you moving. some businesses are benefitting from the unseasonably warm winter. miller's ferry in fort clinton is going to be operate this weekend only. starting friday you can hop aboard and catch a ride to put-in bay oracle kelly's island. this winter it's the earliest sugar makers have 1980. the warm weather has the raw
6:38 am
in kirtland say it's coming out of trees like a running faucet. >> samantha: that's old video. we don't have anything like that this year. >> brian: no snow around, obviously. i saw flurries flying out there a little bit. >> samantha: we have a little snow out there. it's pretty light. you probably run into it on the east side of things. out on the west side, not much happening. look at what we have going on right now. that morning commute, again, a battle between the east side and the west side. west side is pretty quiet, and just a few flurries out there. to the west -- excuse me. to the east we do have some snowshowers, and temperatures, well, they're noticeably cooler than this time yesterday. this snow is not heavy enough really to slow you down. you probably notice in some spots the road is a little wet. out to the west things are dry, but you get out onto the east is where the snow is. down towards solon and maple heights we had snow this morning and northern geauga county.
6:39 am
out into trumbull and ashtabula counties. we have some snow. i want to take you through time and show you what will happen the rest of the day. we start the forecast model off at about 6:00. still have that snow out to the east, and as we go through the day, we might see additional snowshowers develop. most of these from cleveland out to the east. even on the west side you could see some light snow early this morning or into the afternoon. it's going to be pretty hit or miss in terms of who sees it and who doesn't. evening commute may also feature a few snowshowers, but as we've been talking about all morning long, this is nothing that will slow you down too much. no big accumulations out of this. through tonight a few scattered snowshowers possible as well. for tomorrow things get pretty quiet for us. it's a total turn-around tomorrow with sunshine and highs a little bit warmer. until then an inch or less for total accumulations. weekend, no problems. pretty quiet weather there as well.
6:40 am
42 on saturday, 43 on sunday. same thing, right? low 40s and above average, a chance for light snow on saturday night. but that's going to be pretty light stuff. look at next week. this will get your attention. three alert days in a row. monday, a rain/snow mix transitioning over to all snow. accumulations likely tuesday, wednesday we'll have snow around. it is going to be cold next week, just get those snow boots out and get them ready to go so you don't have to rush around monday morning looking for them. you will need them. laura. >> laura: you have to keep that in mind, too, if you can. wake up a little earlier on monday. whenever we get these ahead notices, it's a good idea to set the alarm a little earlier and get going out the door earlier on the morning commute. i started with this image here of i-77 headed into downtown. we have an accident reported at i-77 northbound right about that
6:41 am
kind of between the 22nd street and 14th street and ninth street area. it's flowing nicely, but i wanted to put it up there so you could see the difference there. this is the same accident at i-77 right near 22nd street. it isn't slowing you down much, but it's out there. wanted to mention this as well. ontario is re-open for this morning. it was closed overnight, but it will close again tonight, and we're talking 7:00 tonight until 6:00 tomorrow morning it closes between carnegie and ninth street while they work on work underneath the bridge there. across the main map no big issue issues there. we are sailing closer to rush hour and they're still on time. mentor to cleveland is a 28-minute ride. we look at that commute in about six minutes. >> brian: thanks very much. it's quite the concept and it's a big-time production. it's called magic gives back, and it could be coming to a school near you.
6:42 am
call it a fast-paced magic variety show. >> this is the only kind of production you see in las vegas or universal studios, something like that. we bring in $100,000 worth of equipment to schools and putting it in people's backyards. >> brian: magic gives back brings the traveling road show to schools all over northeast ohio, and your school can use the production as i fund-raiser. students sell the tickets to the show, and some of the ticket revenue goes right back to the school. >> this is amazing. i was dancing in front of kids and helping them to raise money for their school at the same time. >> brian: rick smith took the concept to the network show "shark tank." >> they loved the idea but no one gave us the money. they came up with an idea. try to take this show to local schools around the community. >> brian: they did, and it's a huge success. entertainment-wise and as a fund-raiser.
6:43 am
>> i'm a guinness world record holder for runs through the most ice blocks with my body. >> brian: and billy is the show's world class juggler. >> i'm also on this crazy balance board while i'm juggling something dangerous. >> brian: all right. so rick smith is here, the illusionist. you guys got a little illusion trick, something going on. >> want to see a quick trick? >> tia: let's do it. >> we have a deck of playing cards. all different, yes? think of the card. >> tia: the one that i -- i got it in many mind. i'm going one, two, watch closely. a little bend and one card goes up and one card goes down and one card is sticking down. >> tia: that's my card! that was it. i'm dead serious. >> that is crazy. >> tia: you're so good. >> you were to shake it, and check it out, and it's totally different. >> brian: 8 of clubs. i looked at that card. >> tia: this is so crazy.
6:44 am
you're so good. >> brian: i'm a little frightened. i have to tell you. >> tia: i love you're doing this all for the kids, too. i love that. thanks for being here. we have more on that. time is 6:35 51. a special cavaliers fan gets a surprise gift from lebron james. >> brian: which local university can you expect to see airing a commercial during sunday's super bowl? sam. >> samantha: from abbing kron, 35 is the current temperature. that wind is up just a little bit, so it may feel as if it's in the upper 20s. you have to bundle up this morning, when yesterday some of us were out there in shorts. we'll talk about how long the
6:45 am
now it's time for "the buzz" sponsored by national carpet mill outlet. >> tia: the cavs lost last
6:46 am
james made one fan a big winner. >> brian: lbj sent a gift package to mr. walter robinson in hospice care in beachwood. it included a letter from lebron, a pair of lebron's shoes and tickets to an upcoming game. walter was so surprised, it brought tears to his eyes. look for parts of this slid yo from kent state to air during the super bowl. kent state is spending $60,000 during a 30-second commercial during sunday's game. that's a little cheap, because -- that's not cheap. they're spending a lot of money. not as expensive as a regular commercial because it airs in the cleveland and erie markets. the ad is to showcase the new brand slogan, undeniably kent state. you can see the commercial and super bowl right here on cbs 19. >> tia: we've had a lot of super bowl candy this morning, haven't we? >> brian: the two of you have.
6:47 am
>> tia: three of us did. >> samantha: i can admit that -- >> brian: one piece. >> tia: i'm including laura, myself and sam in this. see's candy brought us treats. rocky road football and game day peanut brittle. you can get some too at beachwood place mall. anyone who wants to dig in like we did this morning. >> brian: it's very good, as, of course, is o'malley's. they do a wonderful job. it's so good. >> samantha: i haven't tried it. bring some in. there's some right in the break room, mr. costar is -- >> laura: sometimes they have chocolate-covered bacon. >> tia: you have to donate. come on. >> samantha: i'll donate. no problem. >> brian: rick smith and magic gives back will be here in the 7:00 hour. you guys are all freaking out.
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