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tv   Cleveland 19 News at Noon  WOIO  February 4, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> "q": breaking news at noon on cleveland 19 news. an off-duty police officer dragged. it happened around east 40th just south of quincy, the grand river officer was working security at dave's supermarket. >> laura: and he apparently got into it with a suspect and the person drove off dragging that officer. the officer fired at least one shot but is unsure if he hit the suspect. the officer was not seriously hurt. in parma, a 21-year-old man being held on $25,000 bond accused of killing his 18-year-old roommate.
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the chest, pronounced dead at the hospital michael lancaster accused of shooting her charged with wreckless homicide. >> "q": i was at scene of this about an hour or so ago. a man died after driving around train safety gates. i couldn't even tell what make it was. it happened around 6:15 on west waterloo road near wooster road. police blocked the intersection while they investigated. they haven't released the driver's name yet. and, north ridgeville police called in air support for an accident this morning. investigators say the man went off state road 10 eastbound at state road 83 and ended up flipping his car into a wooded area. you see it right there around 2:00 a.m. it took six hours to find the man. police say he was conscious. he was flown to the hospital to check for hypothermia. >> laura: one of this year's most popular christmas gifts is responsible for a house fire in southwest ohio according to the
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josh putnam says his son pluged in his hover board and the thing exploded inside the home. miamisburg firefighters say it looks like the batteries burst apart and caught the carpet on fire. the putnams did their homework checking the safety records and bought the very safest one. >> don't buy 'em. obviously i mean do your research before you buy them. we thought we were buying the right one. obviously we weren't. >> laura: fire officials warn to beware of the dangers of hover into your home. >> "q": two police officers are being called heros this noon. they received the lake county award. back in december, officers rye on huram and don swindle noticed a person in a car showing signs of a heroin overdose. they gave the american narcan and saved the person's life. >> laura: the sexual-assault case against bill cosby will go forward. a pennsylvania judge refused to dismiss the criminal case after
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cosby is accused of assaulting a temple university employee 12 years ago. cosby's lawyers claim there was a long-standing deal not to prosecute. they will appeal. >> "q": the summit county drug unit arrested a man caught selling steroids in an akron gym parking lot. brent arnholter of cuyahoga falls was arrested and charged with drug trafficking. he's in jail right now. he could face more charges. the summit county drug unit credits hard work and good surveillance for the arrest. >> laura: democrats bernie sanders and hillary clinton are getting ready for their first head-to-head debate in new hampshire while the two front runners in the republican races ka late their war of words. >> reporter: republican senator ted cruz met with voters in new hampshire. >> we need to defend the second amendment. >> reporter: while he continues his war of words with donald trump. >> i don't think people are
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or a trumper tantrum. >> reporter: in a series of tweets, donald trump accused cruz of fraud during the iowa caucuses. the republican party disagreed and made the results there official. but overnight trump tweeted again suggesting cruz's tactic was a misdemeanor at minimum. >> oh, that voter fraud. you know these politicians are brutal. >> reporter: democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders are preparing for a debate tonight. the first head-to-head showdown since martin o'malley dropped out of the race. at a town hall event last night, the candidates continue to spar over which one of them deserves to be called a progressive. >> there can't be a moderate and a progressive. they are different. >> it's very hard to see how any of his proposals could ever be achievable. >> reporter: sanders is counting on the youth vote to win. >> he understands the fact that things aren't easy. >> reporter: young volunteers are also supporting clinton. >> women's rights are something that secretary clinton strongly fight for. >> reporter: about 40% of voters
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party. they can make up their minds on primary night. >> laura: the federal aviation administration is investigating after donald trump had plane trouble yesterday making him late for a rally in arkansas. >> "q": all right. well, here's a question for you this noon. did you know bernie sanders used to be an actor? >> testing testing. one two three. can you all hear me? my name is rabbi manny shevitz and i am very pleased that you invited me to be with you today and i've prepared a few words. >> "q": yeah. that it's not larry david. he made a brief appearance in the 1999 low-budget film "my exgirlfriend's wedding reception." sanders plays a baseball-obsessed rabbi and according to, sanders also played a home owner handing
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in a 1998 film called "sweethearts dance." >> laura: quite the show business guy. >> "q": learn something new every day. >> laura: coming up, barbie's not the only one getting a makeover. check out ken's new look. we've got it. >> "q": and the new challenge that even the pros are getting in on. see how nfl players are spending time with their daughters. >> laura: plus, it might not be meat, but veggie burgers are having a moment.
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>> laura: after mattell released new barbies, twitter users demanded a matching makeover for ken. a website decided to create a why not. right? well there's a beach dad bod balding ken. they also designed an african american, asian and petite ken. bearded hipster even has a tattoo of barbie. check that out. a kansas couple putting a warning for parents on facebook. their 19-week-old daughter started screaming at lunchtime as she got more and more upset. she started to overheat. so her mom removed her socks and this is what she found. it's called a hair tournicuit. it's when a strand of hair wraps around a toe so tightly it can cut off blood circulation. after they removed that hair with a bobby pin, the couple
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and it's been shared more than 33,000 times. >> "q": on a lighter note, my favorite story, pantene enlisted dads to help build girls' confidence. watch as she is big guys accept the dad dude challenge trying to style their daughter's hair. the hair tutorrals are highlighting the importance of fathers spending one on one time with daughters. research shows that quality time spent with dads is key in raising daughters who are more self confident, self reliant and more successful in school and in their careers. i love this for two reasons. one because i'm a dad and i have a daughter at home, but two, those tutorrals, i totally need 'em. >> laura: do you ever do her hair? >> "q": all the time. >> laura: what's your do? >> "q": honestly real quickly, she has mixed hair, so i pull up really fast, give her a couple
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it up quickly, put it in a knot, get the hair bobbing down a little bit. i try. a first-time dad here -- >> laura: can you braid? >> "q": no. >> laura: we will work on that. >> "q": we will see what happens. >> laura: he's a great dad. >> "q": i try. >> laura: on cleveland 19 news, a super bowl party to brag about. see how you can watch the game at a player's home. awesome. >> samantha: pretty cool. all right. let's take a look outside. you know what's not cool? the fact that it was 63 yesterday and it's 33 right now. that is a live look from high atop our feisel roof-cam. cloudy skies, chilly, breezy, colder. we are going to talk about this wild temperature change when we >> "q": and, lebron james king james did something very special
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>> "q": welcome back. honda is recalling another 2.2 million vehicles because of faulty takata air bags. it includes older models from 2005 and also newer vehicles from the 2015-16 model years. takata isn't the only air bag
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massive recall business. continental automotive system is recalling 5 million vehicles including those made by honda and fiat chrysler. the german-based company says moisture can build up inside the air bag control computers and that could prevent the air bags from inflating in crashes. also, the i.r.s. is trying to get its electronic tax-filing system back up and running today. a computer problem shut down several tax processing systems including the e-file system. now the agency has stopped accepting e-filed tax returns. the outage could also affect tax refunds. but, the agency says it does not expect major disruptions here. >> laura: so a lot has changed 1967. the average cost of gas was just 33 cents a gallon. median price of a new single-family home was a little less than $23,000. that's versus about $283,000 today.
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was a little over $7,000 compared to about $49,000 today. look at those differences. speaking of football, here is your chance to have a super bowl party at a player's home. right? panthers safety roman harper is renting his apartment in charlotte for sunday night on air b. and b. for $5,000, you and a guest can watch super bowl 50 on harper's 70-inch tv and enjoy his exercise room. proceeds will go to harper's charity. but if you are planning on watching super bowl 50 from your own couch, you can tune in to cleveland 19 sunday. kickoff is at 6:30. >> samantha: talking about the super bowl, wasn't it new year's eve like a week ago? i know. it is flying by. i'm sure we say that every year but really it's just flying by. winter i think has kind of flown by. i mean it really hasn't been that bad.
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today, of course, a lot cooler. we are socked in with cloud snow out there. you can see from the east side of cleveland out toward painsville and to the south down around geauga county, chesterland over into chardon and into ashtabula county, as well, we have a little snow there. this is pretty light stuff. it may briefly reduce visibility, briefly. we aren't looking at heavy widespread snow for today. really light this afternoon and tonight. temperatures in the 30s, you know, yesterday it was 30 warmer in cleveland. even at this time it was like 25-plus degrees warmer. 33 in cleveland right now. 35 akron. oh, 29 in mansfield. you know that's not really unusual for this time of the year. in fact, our average high is only in the mid 30s. but -- when you think back to yesterday and how mild it's been throughout the whole winter really this might come as a shock to the system.
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forecast for the rest of the day. cloudy skies, little breezy as well. pretty much going to stay where we are right now. no sun out there to warm us up like yesterday oh, that sun, it was so nice. we have all been just remeniscent about it all day long. but we will be overcast today and into tonight. cloudy skies, as well. few snow showers possible tonight. maim before 2:00 in the morning. so, any accumulation here, by the time it's all said and done this afternoon through tonight, looking at an inch or less. i think those of you who see an inch of snowfall or even close to an inch, mainly out in the snow belt, most of us again just a trace. nothing more than that. tomorrow, major improvements here. we will see some sunshine tomorrow, get a little vitamin d. as we round out the workweek. upper 30s on your friday. and the weekend, well, it's not looking too bad. look at this. low 40s. now -- saturday night we do have a slight chance for a few snow showers. but -- not everybody's going to
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we don't think this is going to be particularly widespread no major accumulations here either . but next week, well, guys, we have been hinting about this since early in the week that we would potentially have some wintry weather in the new workweek and that does look like it is still going to be the case. notice we have three alert days there. rain to snow monday which could potentially impact both commutes. so, we will be watching monday really closely. >> laura: you were talking like it could be like a lot possibly. >> samantha: well not a ton of snow, but, maybe more than we have seen so far this season. >> laura: which is not hard. >> samantha: it's our best chance. right. exactly. >> "q": ok. we'll have to deal with it. nothing i can do. >> laura: i'm waiting for you guys to get a snow storm. we have to aclimate them. >> samantha: we don't want to inconvenience folks. but some people want it play in that.
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just saying. >> "q": meat consumption, believe it or not, is down in the u.s. right now and that has a lot of people, you know, thinking about why eat a burger, why not. question. right? but after a generation of bad hockey-puck type stuff that you are seeing on veggie burgers, they are having a bit of a moment. correspondent jamie ukis looks at the trend that even some carnivores are craving. >> reporter: a veggie burger is no longer a bland gray patty masquerading as meat. that is really good. >> the text cure is very important. >> chef chloe opened by chloe last year in new york city. everything on the menu is vegan. >> i think there's still a lot of work to be done in terms of making them fun and accessible and every day. that's part of our mission. >> reporter: customers are embracing the veggie trend. in three years, vegetarian menus are up 66%.
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clearly won over this new york neighborhood. it opens at 11:00 and within minutes it's packed. it started at high-end restaurants catering to foodies. but it's now expanding to fast food. even white castle and wendy's have veggie burgers on their menus. >> people are definitely more mindful to it and open to it now. >> reporter: more than 35% of americans say they eat vegetarian meals at least once a week and more than 60% of americans actually like to eat their vegetables when going out. food trend expert michael whiteman says it's not just veggie burgers that have come a long way, but people's appetite for them. >> they were not likeable for a generation or two. i mean they were awful things. now you are eating it as a matter of pleasure because it's a different product. it doesn't taste as if it were run over by a bus. >> vegan nicholas and selmo agrees true success is all about the test. experience. you have the good bread and the good pickles and onions with an order of fries. >> reporter: an alternative now
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never expected. >> laura: we were just talking about. you pass off on veggie burgers -- >> "q": my kids are too young to actually like watch the news and turn on the tv, but yeah, i give them veggie burgers all the time. >> laura: that's right. we just outed you. there's still more to come on cleveland 19 news at noon. >> "q": yeah, including this half pint romantic. see what he did at the hospital
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>> "q": a five-year-old california boy is pretty darn brave. >> laura: yeah. not only is he fighting leukemia, which is serious stuff, he's asking his true love to marry him. gideon robinson asked his nurse, sarah richardson, for her hand in marriage. naturally, she graciously accepted. look at that. he got the idea when he heard another nurse joke that sarah was single and looking. richardson who he affection atly calls tall sarah was the first nurse to take care of him. >> "q": super sweet. good job, buddy. listen, thanks for joining us this noon. the young and the restless is up next. >> laura: join us at 4:00. " taxation without representation." it' s the phrase that created our
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our forefathers revolted against paying taxes to a government with which they had no vote. now 240 years later, it' s time to revolt against the mayor' s idea to raise cleveland' s municipal income tax from two percent to 2.5 percent. twenty-five percent more dollars out of the wages of people working in cleveland. according to the mayor' s office, about 87% of the tax money paid comes from suburbanities who don' t even get to vote on it. it doesn' t get any more un-american than that. the mayor makes some reasonable arguments about why the city needs the money. $18 million in lost property tax. more than $111 million lost from state tax cuts since 2010. $11 million to implement the d.o.j. decree to improve our police department. but the mayor has plenty of responsibility for these budget problems. the people who let the police department get out of control both received promotions and
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salaries. our chief investigator carl monday has documented waste in trash collection, police and city council lunches and dinners. and the biggest problem, new city worker contracts with numerous city unions that pay almost $43 million more in retro-pay and benefits from 2013 through 2016. who negotiated these deals? increasing the city' s income tax is short-sighted. how long will the city' s current renaissance last if we make businesses and their employees pay a premium to be in cleveland? it' s unfair and counter-productive. if the mayor wants to fight for our fair share of state money, we' re on board. ohio lets us vote. but we would vote no on the city income tax increase. that is, if we had a vote. call the mayor' s office at 216-664-3990 and let him know what you think. i'
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how we see it. >> we encourage your response to this editorial. e-mail your response to
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