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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 11PM  CBS  February 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> live from cleveland's news center, cleveland 19 news starts now. >> that's kind of how he found me was through that newspaper article. >> we just saw a 10-year-old who had a passion for a sport, and he saw something different. >> romona: a local family's life turned into a nightmare newspaper. we have been investigating this case for months. a young girl's identity stolen by a child predator. >> denise: where life and reputation intertwined with a convicted criminal's tonight story. it is a cleveland 19 news investigation.
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sara goldenburg reports. >> reporter: 21-year-old kailey is putting herself through college one table at a time. waitressing keeps her busy when she is back home. but her story begins over a decade ago when gymnastics was kailey's passion. >> once i became part of the team it was like being part of another family. >> reporter: at 10 years old she excelled at competitions and raking in trophies and medals. the local newspaper even did a story about her. >> they came to the gym and took pictures pictures and it. >> i was so excited. i felt like a superstar. >> reporter: the story ran march of 2005. kailey's parents were so proud clipping. three years later that story would come to haunt them. a knock on the demarco's door one day changed everything.
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rhonda, her daughter may have interacted with a pedophile. >> who could it be? a teacher, a coach? >> when i went in there they slid a picture of me toward him and said do you know this man? >> reporter: kailey demarco now 13 said she didn't. they said they arrested him. his name, kailey demarco. >> they told me he had an unhealthy obsession with me that he wanted to become me. he went to the court a month after the newspaper article came out and said he changed his name to kailey demarco. >> reporter: they arrested the suspect for voyeurism after subway workers found him snapping photos of young children. they found out he was also being investigated for child rape. that lead to a search of his apartment where police found a collection of pictures of young children. that newspaper article on kailey. >> he had it cut out with words taped around it and in a folder and laminated.
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had a passion for a sport. he saw something completely different. >> reporter: police didn't find any evidence that herald david hassenrock32 at the time and now known as kailey david demarco ever physically stalked kailey, but it didn't ease her fears. >> they did a profile from where he started and how bad these obsession got. they said if they wouldn't have brought him in when they did, he could have come after me. >> reporter: with hassenrock behind bars awaiting trial, the biggest problem for the demarco family was getting his name changed. kailey's mom couldn't believe he could take her identity so she got a court order to change it back. >> shocked. why? how? they just told me you can legally change your name and be anybody you wnt to be. >> reporter: he pled guilty to raping a young boy. he was sent to prison and listed under kailey's name. >> i would google my name and these court documents would come up with stuff he did that wasn't me.
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beginning of the nightmare for kailey and her family. getting her name back was not as easy as they thought it would be and her reputation was at stake. the court order wasn't enforced when he was in jail. after countless phone calls and dead end she decided to hire a lawyer. >> i had to pay somebody to get her name back. you don't get to keep her name. i gave her that name. it is not yours. it is hers. >> reporter: that wasn't the end of it. the fight to win her name back stretched on. six years after the demarco family first found on you rhonda found out charges of rape and burglary were still under her daughter's name. >> we thought it was done. it wasn't until a few years later everything is still in her name. >> reporter: another court order and his name was changed on most records. even now rhonda is not sure if the social security has been changed back.
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released from prison next year. >> it is terrifying. once i get out of college and i'm free to start my life, i have that weighing on my shoulders. >> reporter: all of this has taken its toll on kailey. she started suffering anxiety. >> i feel i am more cautious about what i do and where i go and who i am with. >> reporter: and her mom is left with a warning for other parents. >> there are predators out there. you don't even know. they could be watching her. look at how he got her name. out of a newspaper article. you think why not? i would think twice about that now. maybe you run the article about the picture. >> reporter: to kailey it seems like no matter what her family does she will always be linked to a man she sees as a monster. >> it is crazy that it was one person who did all of this and he did it without even owning a computer. >> romona: six long years and the nightmare they had to live
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what happens after hassenruck gets out of prison? >> he will serve five years probation and then he will have to register as a tier3sex offender which means he will need community notification. >> denise: it was not just kailey, there were other victims. >> there was another boy he pled guilty to raping this young boy. several years later he is coming out and telling his story as well as his mother. as you can imagine they are extremely fearful he is getting out of prison. we will have his story tomorrow at 11:00. >> romona: thank you, sara. we have posted a number of additional clips and resources about kailey's story. you can find that information on our website or through social media. >> denise: now we are staying on top of breaking news out of the bronx tonight. two new york city police officers were shot at a housing complex in the bronx.
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the other in the leg. the officers are stable. and in just the past hour we learned one suspect was found dead. it is believed he killed himself and several others have been arrested. [no audio] >> romona: the details are coming out show some shocking behavior. late tonight cleveland 19 news has learned manziel won't be facing charges. investigator scott taylor is here with the latest information. scott? >> this incident is starting to look like what it looked like in october. now three police department said they are -- [no audio]
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he said he was crying and he was trying to stay with him. >> cleveland 19 obtained a fort worth police department. it was an insurance -- incident on january 30th and he got aggressive toward her as if he was on? kind of drugs, but not drunk. crowley claims he struck her several times in the room and was on the way back to the fort worth apartment. she was vague on the details of the assault. the report states that crowley was increasingly uncooperative and didn't want to fill out a statement and didn't want officers to photograph her or her injuries. manziel denied striking crowley and told tmz it didn't happen. >> coming up later tony swraw -- zarrello will have reaction from the browns and johnny's own father. >> romona: in the last two hours we received a statement
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advocacy group that reads in part plain and simple, manziel must be suspended indefinitely without pay. nfl roger goodell, the commissioner should also go and he has proven that the nfl under his authority will never take violence against women seriously. >> denise: us marshals arrested two people if connection with a missing woman from mansfield. pats see hudson hasn't -- patsy hudson says she hasn't been seen. officers tracked them to the nashville area. the two are being held because of warrants for receiving stolen property. >> denise: and an update on news we told about you last night. michael lancaster is out on bond after he shot and killed his roommate in the chest. olivia stall later died at the hospital. lancaster is facing reckless homicide charges. he says he didn't know the gun
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trigger. >> jeff: light snow continues to come down. check it out on ford first alert doppler. the good news is this will be out in time for the morning commute. you can see it is going to be an easy mid20s. >> denise: and could we soon see an end to the aches and pains of the flu? a new drug that the doctors claim is ten times more powerful than tami flu. >> romona: and the browns announce they are keeping training camp in northeast ohio for now. but if the team leaves, what kind of economic impact will it have on berea? we answer that question straight ahead. >> breaking news and weather 24/7. download the chief lend 19
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>> denise: a new drug which some are calling a game changer will not only treat, but prevent the flu. they tested it on mice and they found it is effective against several strains of the virus. every year flu epidemics kill 500,000 people around the world as strains become more severe. >> romona: hours after the news of a state bill that would take your tax money to pay for a new browns training facility in columbus, the team announced it was staying in berea for this year. thousands of fans head to berea every year to watch training camp. we wondered what city officials thought about the proposal. shanice talked to the mayor and is live with his report. >> reporter: ramona, i spoke with the mayor and he said he has known the browns have thought about moving for over a year now, and it is a possibility, but if it does
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side affects. much like the game of football, a move to columbus could result in some wins or some losses. camp in columbus could be a win for the team. the central location could increase its fan base by giving more people a chance to see the browns in action. in a statement the browns say columbus would build a facility for the team to use and that youth sports would use the building for the rest of the year. >> a team that wants to expand its fan base and that's to win games. >> but the move could cost ohio taxpayers. he has proposed the facility under a state bill used for community projects. and even though the browns say they would fund the move to columbus, ohio taxpayers could end up paying for the facility. >> the idea that you have dollars used from the capital approprations process to poach economic ability from one part of the state to the other, that's just not something i
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at the end of the day, it is not helpful for tack payer. >> a possible loss there and it is a loss for fans in northeast ohio who love to see the browns train every season in berea. >> as much as i love having training camp here it is not the impact people think it has. >> but he says it wouldn't be a great loss for the city because while the team may leave for camp it still has a longstanding contract with the browns' headquarters. here. it is untiles millions -- it is millions in income tax for us. >> the browns say they are looking at columbus at a serious option so that may be the next move in the future, but for 2016 we know training camp will beheld right here in berea. reporting live, cleveland 19. >> romona: thank you denise -- or i should say shanise.
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relationship between the browns in berea. they built the facility in 1991. last june the two side came to an agreement where they covered 14 million of the 15 million needed for renovations to the facility. in return the browns agreed to keep the team through berea through 2028. >> denise: a retiring police officer who wanted to buy his partner came to an agreement. officials found a legal loophole that allows officer matt hickey to purchase ajax for just a dollar. thousands of peach around the world have been -- thousands of people around the world have been donating. and it will now go to buying bulletproof vests for k9s. >> a group of local young men who use poetry to motivate and empower others is trying to beat the odds and make it to the white house and you can
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we went to cleveland's eastside and meet raw known gnaw's kid. -- and meet raw known gnaw's -- meet ramona's kid. >> these are the distinguished gentlemen of unspoken word. young men studying the art of performance poetry. everything and shakespear to their own works they performed at festivals and community centers and nursing homes and even at the u.s. embassy in paris. >> through the group i have learned to be confident in nieces and express myself in ways i didn't know before. >> being in this group has helped me out a lot. in school and with academics. >> my dream is to perform with president barack obama before he leaves office. >> they started a petition on the white house website and they need 100,000 signatures. i hope you will go to our website, cleveland 19 for a link and add your
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them to the white house. >> denise: tall -- talented guys there. >> jeff: i love poetry. camera. we have light snow out there right now. it is going to be less than an inch of accumulation. though parts of the snow belt getting around an inch. let's show you this on ford first alert doppler max network. again the light snow is coming down here. this is the last wave. western cuyahoga and down in north olmstead and more right around the lakeshore here. this is a slow moving disturbance. i am tell you the dryer air will get in here. do you see the wedge of clearing. in fact toledo has gone partly cloudy. by morning we will break up the clouds and we have to get the snow out of here. about another two to three hours left and then will wind down from west to east.
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and the low with a west wind. mixture of cloud and sun and it will be dry. a nice looking friday. 36 the high. nothing too cold and nothing too warm. this is about where we should be. mid30s akron and canton and mostly cloudy. i have you in at 34. mixed sky, 7:00 a.m. 25. at noon here 31 then 5:00 a mix of clouds and sun and 33. again we go with a high of 36. a pretty nice working weekend. a cloudy sky and 38. there is a weak disturbance on saturday night and it could give us pockets of light snow in there. and then on sunday becoming partly cloudy 39 to near 40. this is the next thing to watch out for on monday. this will bring us the much colder temperatures.
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monday it is going to be a winter mix of rain, sleet and snow. that's the next alert day. not spec fig much in the way of snow accumulation during the day on monday. but again the morning drive and the afternoon drive you will have the winter mix in there. a little messy on monday. the weekend recap. cloudy on saturday and 38. some areas of light snow on saturday night down to 32. and then becoming partly cloudy and 39 on sunday. remember last year on super bowl we had the big snowstorm. better travel this year. alert on monday for the winter mix. light snow on tuesday and 35. then the bottom falls out by wednesday 23 and even falling into the upper teens. windy with snow showers here. next week will feel more like february. make sure you tune into cleveland 19 this morning. samantha roberts will be here
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to know for your morning commute. here is "the buzz." >> now, it is time for "the buzz" sponsored by national carpet mill outlet. >> romona: the music world has lost a lienal end. >> denise: and we have another sneak peek at a super bowl commercial. >> do you know where my socks are? >> check the walk in closet. >> richard, there are two types of people in the world, those who are content -- >> get it, the walk in closet? it has christopher walkin in the walk in closet. it will air in the fourth quarter of sunday's game. if you want to look at some of the other ads vote in our web poll for your favorite ad during the game. >> about the love we share >> romona: so many people
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maurice white, the co-founder of earth, wind and fire has died ever a a long battle with par kin sons. he was diagnosed with the disease in 1992 and stopped touring with the band two years later. maurice white was 74. >> denise: coming up in sports, tony zarrella has reaction from johnny manziel's father about his son's actions and then tomorrow -- >> coming up on cleveland 19 news this morning, tough mudder mudders, races like this with obstacle courses are becoming all of the rage. where you can do one right
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>> now, this is the chevrolet sports report on cleveland 19 news. >> i think it is really going to play itself out here over the next several months. what is important is we keep gathering information ourselves.
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statement about exactly where we are, and i think everybody has been said that needs to be said. >> that was hue jackson in san francisco. a few hours later the coach had new information. of course he did. this never ends. while both the dallas and fort worth police tell us they are not pressing charges and the nl tells me they are still investigating. where does johnny go from here? hopefully to get help. he told a tv station that we are trying to get our son better and we are not there yet. they are aware of the report and they have nothing to add to the previous statement. it is clear that they are done with johnny. football can't be at the top of the priority list. he may not face legal issues and he is dealing with serious personal issues exprkts football issue is on hold even if and when he plays again. his value has hit rock bottom even if he hasn't. i mentioned the nfl is investigating and they could suspend him. it could be a six-game
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offense and it is a lifetime ban for the second offense in case you are wondering. stay tuned for this. there is one top tier prospect, gerald goff would love to play for the browns even if a certain radio host tried as hard as he could to play the anti--cleveland card. >> i am excited to get an opportunity to go wherever. >> even cleveland? >> who ever wants me. >> even cleveland? >> absolutely jie. we want to make sure. you have seen what the other cleveland quarterbacks like -- you know, tim couch. would you be bummed out? >> absolutely not. i want to do to a place that wants me and a place that i can be successful. >> let's get to our super bowl 50 picks. we are all going with the pan -- panthers. i don't know if you can find the end zone. >> romona: even mad at that radio guy saying even cleveland? >> the only one he can name is couch?
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>> romona: jeff, it is still snowing out there a little. >> jeff: yeah we have light snow coming in. it should be out though by morning. and about a temperature of 25 there with a mix of clouds and sun throughout the day. 31 at noon. 5:00 we are looking at about 33. mid30s tomorrow which is where we should be. >> really was jolting today, wasn't it? after those 60s it is like, what? >> thanks for joining us. cleveland 19 this morning
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