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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 6PM  CBS  February 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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even sells concerned father. what i am surely believe if they can't get him help he won't live to see his 24th birthday. " paul manziel said this first tothe morning news. his spiral in the wake of the most recent place resorts. >> a t.v. station in dallas is reporting that a judge signed a protection order and johnny can't don't near his ex-girlfriend for two years. as harry palmer reports, even his agent has had enough. >> reporter: it is with deep regret that after several emotional and very personal discussions with his family, his doctor and my client himself. i have made the decision to terminate my professional relationships with johnny manziel. that is part of the statement his agent harry burkart. it all of as johnny went to
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discussions with the browns and running with the law both here and in texas. from the infamous money slams to the one finger salute johnny manziel has kept himself in the news. he fought through the qb controversy with the browns, started six games, winning two of those but in those games manziel scored 1500 yards and seven touchdowns with five interceptions.he missed the season finale with the steelers due to a concussion. >> woman: i talked to my neighbors, and she said her boyfriend (and said he was crying and i should stay with him. >> reporter: his off the field antics including domestic violence and has soured fans on johnny. >> man: there is all this how he is trying to trick people into disguises.
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done with this get. if you want to go to dallas i think the pulse of the people is let's go ahead and get rid of him and sent him to dallas. >> reporter: here is how johnny's agent ended his statement "i've truly wish the best for johnny and sincerely hope he can and will find the peace and happiness he deserves." johnny is old enough to make his own decisions, his father paul said he wanted to send to stay in rehab but he refused to do it at least twice this week. there is more they are trying to do to keep yourself alive. cleveland 19. >> romono: the nfl network has said they have tried to reach out to johnny several times with no reply. more on what he had to say, that is coming up in sports. >> a lot of people are weighing in on her facebook page and twitter. here are some of the comments here. kristin says, sad. there are so many young men who dream of the opportunity to be in the nfl. hopefully johnny will realize that sooner than later there says this is bigger than
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let's all hope weather in the nfl or out he gets it together and figures it out. nobody for himself> and from eric, i don't understand these guys for they have the skills and the money. guys like me wish we had. >> romono: i am over here in the weather center. jeff, friday, we could get out and about with the problems. >> jeff: and that is going to be the place throughout the weekend. super bowl looking good here for the bigger changes next week. let's take a look at the evening forecast here. and we have got some clouds coming in. as those moves and i think temperatures will study out in the low 30s here this evening. he will just drop into the upper 20s overnight. here you see the current 31, and in ashtabula, we are at 34 now in cleveland, canton is 31 before the clouds move in. worchester 33, barberton at 33, there in dansville still on the cool side but the wind is pretty light.
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warm things up a little more. the alert will start to kick it on monday for the winter mix and then we have the arctic cold that will start to move in tuesday night. and there is your winter. and you know the lake effect snow machine is going to cook going there. forecast he does on that coming up at about six, 7:00. >> man: he killed my brother and sister. >> mark: disturbing words come from hinckley township. a place known for its downtown life is dealing with terrible crime. dana carlson is there today as police investigate a double homicide. >> woman: once you see police tape that something happened. >> reporter: games group walks babcock wrote everybody. she knew two brothers and a sister lived in this home and that she was shocked to learn two people were killed here early this morning> woman: it is just sad. you know. i don't know why.
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is that hinckley police were called to the home in the 2600 block of babcock for a shooting around to:30 this morning hen they got there they found two people dead. they were told a third was taken into custody but not charged at this time. we are told the brother is accused of killing his sister and brother and all three of them live together in this hinckley township over the suspect has been identified as ryan. justin and and sims will now face two counts of aggravated murder. the reason is coming he is at the madonna county jail he is tomorrow. in hinckley township tonight, dana carlson, cleveland 19. >> romono: cleveland shot and killed a man and it may have police. >> woman: a man has been stabbed numerous times hurry. >> reporter: they came to a home in river road after that call came in. tom hirko aimed a car.
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he repeatedly stated it was time to gun and recent tiger. one deputy fired four shots killing hirko. >> man: complete shock. i don't know what to tell you there. as long as i have been there. >> romono: court records say a long history of financial problems is+3 duis, a prior domestic violence charge with another wife, disorderly conduct and in 2006 stand up with willoughby police. lorrie osborne-hirko winds are serious but not life-threatening. . the fbi is looking for whoever is shining lasers at airplanes landing at hawkins. that is a federal crimehere are two laser strikes early yesterday morning and what the day before that a thought the low rate and west 105th. 25 others took place on december 16.
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tell us and other areas of the united states that they have had to change their flight patterns is that the temporary blindness that they experience,
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experience. >> mark: pilots have complained and had trouble concentrating while landing. that light originating from the sky magnifies considerably by the planes plexiglass. you can see it there. the light comes in and the strobe effect, the fbi compares it to setting up a camera flash in a dark room. awful and in distances up to 1200 feet it can actually engulf a cockpit. it remains a distraction, a hazard all the way up to 12,000 feet. >> romono: so serious. water issues in flint, michigan are raising awareness for problems with lead. and today senator sharon brown was in town to also dealing with lead based paint concerns in cleveland. >> man: there are a number of things we need to do. my meetings with other city, health officials. will help us in that fight. >> romono: many in cuyahoga county are at risk for having elevated lead poisoning levels. older homes are more likely to have that based paint. we have a link for lead testing
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and are up. meanwhile we have an update out of chagrin falls, concern that tg kearney elementary some water samples tested high for lead. test results last week came levels. another round of tests on tuesday revealed the same results. for now the school will continue with bottled water as a precaution. >> mark: today is the last day for inpatient services at lakeland hospital. a community group continues to fight the shutdown. last month members submitted signatures to get the issue back on the ballot. the cleveland clinic plans to build a cleveland health clinic. so the er at lakeland hospital will stay open until it is done. tonight at 11:00 we continue a cleveland 19 news investigation. >> romono: a man damages a girls identity and it is so much more to another child.
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>> reporter: we brought you the story of kailey demarco of northridge built last night. an article in the newspaper featuring her at just 10 years old really turned into a shocking ordeal for her family. they have been fighting for
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a man named harold hasssenruck became obsessed with her after finding her in the newspaper. he cut out that newspaper and even changed his name to hers. her family fought for years to get it changed back. he even committed crimes under her name. they aren't the only victims of this man. this story is also about sarah and her son is identity we are protecting. harold hasssenruck confessed to raping this three-year-old boy and that is the reason he was sent to prison. here is that from sarah. >> woman: it is two children who had their lives taken away
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a head's up in cleveland, a portion of euclid avenue is closed for several days for an emergency sewerage repair there. there is no northbound traffic between east 56 and is 46, signs will be posted
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right here on tbs 19 this sunday and so will all the ads. during the breaks. dan is here with another commercial preview. >> dan: think of how smart you will look when you are at your super bowl party and you say, i did this commercial i have seen this one already. we have got a ton of you on cleveland i am going to show you one, another one of my favorites. it is a snickers at and how about william defoe as marilyn monroe. take a look. >> man: action. >> man: sweetheart, don't look at me like that it is going to be amazing. >> man: cut, cut, this is a disaster bird who is a genius. who puts a girl on a subway great. >> man: this monroe in a cleveland. >> man: they are saying it will never make the cut.
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commercial. and there are going to be just a ton of them. that is why we want you to have super bowl. as you are watching commercials we, after every break, we are going to be on twitter and we will put up a pollet the there is a budweiser, a snickers, a forbes, we will live vote as the break is over. most? that way we could come up with the best of the best by the end of the super bowl. and we will have that for you. i will be here at the big board sunday night after the football. as for the rest of our crew, back to you, romona. >> romona: things got out of control after a high school basketball game. >> mark: a role broke out that ended in pepper spray and arrest. and denise went to akron to find out exactly what happened. she also got her hands on the video of this attack. >> reporter: on thursday night the championship girls
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and north high brought a packed crowd, to the east toledo learning center in akron. >> woman: we are the returning chips. >> reporter: at the final buzzer kenmore came out again as jimmy is. >> woman: we are ready to celebrate and it is taken away. >> woman: it iss jealousy and he. >> reporter: sarah taylor says that one player hit one of their teammates.> woman: to see her swinging, her and her mom or her sister. all of them winging. >> woman: to hit me in the process. and my job the one in the next instant the crowd swarmed the pool as a fight broke out between the players and others. >> woman: everything was happening at once. >> reporter: the crowd was so huge the police had to use mace to break it up. >> woman: there was based everywhere. >> reporter: a spokesman for the district said that the one who started the fight for north doesn't go to that school she is a charter school student but charter school students are allowed to play in akron schools.
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arrested 17-year-old north taya balknight for fighting the fight along with her twin sister and another kenmore student who will be disciplined. none of the camber players were involved in the profit the team is upset they didn't get to enjoy their hard-earned went. >> child: when you get to cut down the nets, >> reporter: shanice cleveland 19. >> mark: so cleveland's coach said they school is trying to plan a celebration for the team. she said the fight cut out the ceremony after the game. jeff? >> jeff: well we have clouds moving it. looks like we are getting a little bit of snow. a lot of that is not really reaching the ground so it will keep us dry tonight. at worst we may get some inks going west of cleveland. but there you see the cloud cover. and that will set the stage for not only partly sunny skies that would keep the temperatures up some print will drop 29 here overnight. 28 your low in the akron, canton area. but tomorrow will also be a
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for the high. so a nice-looking weekend. the next alert on monday, as we have been telling you for this winter mix. and even mondamorning so don't party too hard on sunday. but, we should be good to go there for the super bowl morning and afternoon drive. and this is going to be the start of what will wind up being a pretty active week ahead. and one that will feature downward trend in the temperatures. 41 tomorrow, look at that. on the super bowl xlvii degrees.ut then here comes the system on monday. rain-snow mix with tips up to 40. low to mid-30s and it gets much colder by the middle part of the week. weekend, mild tomorrow, 41, 26. and super bowl sunday, 47 degrees but i will be here sunday after the game to track the winter mix for you. monday right around 40, some light snow showers.
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the arctic express by wednesday. lake effect snow, 17 only.
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all right, tony back your on the kuiper the boston celtics in town, three more games of them lebron had to toronto at the end of next week for the all-star festivities. how is the number one team in the eastern conference not better representede asked that a week ago when the reserves were announced
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three-point shootout and jr smith's name you were to be found. this is a guy who is 18th all time in three-pointers made. but it is more than that. it is not like he has forgotten how to shoot. let me show you the leading, them and he will be competing. temporary, clay count and they are now raters, but they are's percentage this year better than chris bosh, better than james harden. so jr not happy about it when we talk to him today. but he is playing it smart. >> man: i am taking the marshawn lynch approach on this. it is fine. i got a lot to say about it but i am not going to say anything. >> man: there can't be too many guys on the court who play more games or more made in a game. then they are playing now. so, but it is what it is for there is nothing we could do about it. >> reporter: now kelly of the celtics also snapped he wanted to take part in that but he will take part in something tonight.
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the houston's being, and loves shoulder a part in the playoff. kelly, ready for a warm welcome? >> man: i talked about a great one. we will see how it goes. make some passes. so him and the gaps are playing great right now. >> reporter: the calves, ohio. back to you on the ongoing manziel. >> be sure to do him lustily for us. as for the browns, johnny manziel, a judge ordered manziel to stay away from his ex-girlfriend for two years saying, "the court finds there is reason to believe that family violence occurred." this from jimmy has him. this is before the news broke out this was his morning. "he is worried about johnny manziel, he is worried about johnny manziel the person " he is not worried about the ball he is worried about the person for that is all we need to say
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i think it is a personal issue not a football issue. >> romona: you don't turn the call. >> mark: he has reached out to them. he has not called back.
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41, mostly cloudy, 26 tomorrow night and 47, on super bowl sunday. >> mark: all right, thanks for
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