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tv   Cleveland 19 News This Morning  CBS  February 8, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> tia: the broncos are super bowl champions, butts it's what peyton manning did and said after the game that has everyone talking it morning. >> brian: popular student housing development is a scene university. >> tia: depends on where you live, you might see some rain this morning, maybe a little bit of slick roads out there. and possibly some snow as well. this time it's the west side that may deal with a less than perfect drive to work or school. good morning, it's monday, february 8th. i'm tia ewing.
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from q. mccray from lorain county. first, we get to sam roberts with the forecast. probably not going to see slushy roads here, because it's too warm out there. we will see snow later today, right? >> samantha: there will definitely be some stuff falling. >> brian: looking back at me laughing. >> tia: i'm not laughing. i was smiling. it's the morning. >> samantha: it's the morning and we're up and had a lot of coffee. let's get the day started together. first, you are looking live at downtown cleveland. not a bad start in cleveland. we're just reporting some light rain, no snow or sleet right now in cuyahoga county. here's the radar. you can see that all the action is out to the west and southwest, and that's where a lot of it is going to be. basically from the near east side through cleveland and then back to the west this morning. most of this is rain.
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we have white and pink there. most of that is also rain. you are my eyes and ears and let me know what you're seeing on twitter or instagram. you can dm me on instagram again. i would love to do so what you see. there could be sleet or snow mixing in, but the thing we have working on our side and i've been telling you this all morning it's so warm out there, i mean, mansfield it's 36. that's why i don't expect major impacts on our roads, but again, with the wetness out there, the rain coming down, that might slow you down a little bit. i do expect the snow to get a little more widespread later on. we're going to cover it all in just a few minutes, but not only are you my eyes and ears, so is q. mccray this morning out live. county. what are you seeing right now? >> q.: we're in elyria right
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we have a light rain, more of a misting, a little lighter than it was 30 minutes or so ago in the avon area. here's a live look at the street. it's wet out here. it's slippery. we're just south of 90, and really -- you know, people have been driving normal speeds. haven't seen anything too reckless on the roads this morning. again, when it is this slippery out here, it is always cautious to drive a little slower and keep a good, safe distance between you and the car in front of you. that's the latest. laura, how is the rest of the area looking on the roads? >> laura: we look outside right now. that's i-90 at east 22nd. looking right on in towards downtown there. in troubles in that area. that accident on the east side, i-90 near route 91, that accident has cleared so no troubles with your morning commute now. now, across the wide map, though, looks to be good all across the area. this west side is where we see
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snowfall in some parts farther south. it's not affecting the morning commute. 71 looking good from down in mansfield and keep on coming to points north up 71 towards downtown. hoorz a closer look at the strongsville near the turnpike. 60 miles per hour, and 70 miles per hour farther south, and 77 not dealing with issues through southern hills. looks like 60 miles per hour. keep on going over 480, and you're still 60 miles per hour. looking at drive times, too, still on time. you start off the morning commute just perfect if you get guys. serious story this morning. the investigation continues after an 18-year-old was shot university campus. >> brian: it happened at an apartment on east main street. scene. nikki. >> nichole: good morning. police are searching for the suspect or suspects who shot and killed an 18-year-old on the third floor of this unit behind
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i talked to a man that lives on the first floor right below where that up happened. he was not home at the time of the shooting, but says obviously, this is very concerned. most of the people that live in the complex are kent state students. away. police say they arrived here at the scene around 4:15 yesterday afternoon. when they arrived, that 18-year-old male victim was already dead of an apparent gunshot wound. the suspects had already fled the scene. we don't know the identity of the victim. we don't know if he was a kent state student. we don't know if he lived in this apartment complex, but i did walk around and check the doors here just sooz if they were locked or if there was an intercom system to get in. they are not. these doors are wide open, so anyone frankly can get right into these apartments. i did call kent state police this morning. they aren't releasing any new information at this time other than to say if anyone has any information on this shooting to
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live in kent, nichole vrsansky, cleveland 19. >> brian: all right. we're waiting for the coroner's office to positively identify the human remains found at three locations in and around mansfield. investigators believe they may be the remains of patsy hudson, who was last seen on july 4th. they're questioned the former neighbors about her disappearance. they were arrested at a campsite in tennessee, and a neighbor says the couple disappeared shortly after hudson disappeared. as this story in kent develops, look for updates on the mobile app. if you get the free download, you can sign up for the breaking news push alerts. >> tia: this was the scene early this morning in downtown denver. for all we know the party could still be going on in the mile-high city. this is the broncos third super bowl title. denver will hold the championship parade on tuesday. before the super bowl cam newton
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he sure didn't play like it last night to an extent. and after the game during a postgame news conference he wasn't acting like the most valuable player either. >> no. got outplayed. i don't know what you want me to say. >> tia: cam is getting a lot of flack for this on social media by fans and players. he maybe played the worst game of his season last night turning the ball over three times. >> brian: the two top stories trending is peyton manning and papa john's. one of the first people to greet peyton on the field was papa john himself, ceo john schneider. if that doesn't scream paid endorsement, moments later manning snuck this line in on the field. >> i have a couple of priorities first. i want to kiss my wife and kids. i want to hug my family.
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budweiser tonight, tracy, i promise you that. >> i wonder how much got paid for that? according to budweiser, they say nothing. here's their tweet from overnight. we do not know the shout-out was coming either, but we're glad it did. >> tia: lots of people are talking about peyton's brother, eli's reaction, during the super bowl when the camera panned to the mannings, the giants qb is almost expressionless to stay the least, staring blankly ahead as hi joyful family celebrated around him. that ain't normal. i don't care what anybody says. something is happen. everybody is happy around you but you? theorist. >> tia: if i was like this and picture. >> tia: no. >> brian: i don't really care. i don't care about the manning family dynamics but whatever,
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maybe they don't like each other. 6:08. many of us watch the super bowl for the game within the game. >> that's what i'm talking about, george. let's go. >> word, yes. >> what should i do with the wooden ones? >> tia: no, no. we're talking about the commercials commercials, of course. we'll run down the ones people liked most. that's disturbing, sam. i'm sorry. >> samantha: is he wearing the swording hat from harry potter? he has on the swording hat. warm ending to the weekend. this coming from a person that slept through it all. whatever. we have to work early, and we have a busy weather week and that is why i slept through the super bowl, to get you the latest forecast. yesterday we were in the 50s. we're going to do a total 180 starting today. let's talk about it after the break. >> brian: all right. and things are heating up in new
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>> tia: ohio governor john kasich and the rest of the 2016 presidential hopefuls have one more day to campaign before the new hampshire primary. new hampshire has been kasich's focus and a lot of people think kasich could be a dark horse winner in tomorrow's election. we will have complete coverage on and our free mobile app. the democrats announced the location of their next debate is flint, michigan. bernie sanders and hillary clinton will be there march 6th, two days before the michigan primary. all morning long we are talking about what everyone will be talking about this morning. commercials. >> brian: you can vote for which you liked the best. there's a link on the cleveland
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one of the more popular ads was after kickoff. kevin hart playing overprotective dad in hyundai's first date ad. [ music ] >> you messing with the wrong daddy! >> i'm taking you home. >> why? >> car finder on the hyundai genesis. >> back so soon? >> here you go, sir. >> because a dad's got to do what a dad's got to do. >> honey, what did you guys do tonight? >> tia: i thought this was a good one. >> brian: that's pretty good, yeah. >> tia: it's really good. it's funny. >> brian: i didn't see that. this is the first time i saw it. >> tia: look at kevin hart hanging out with the teddy bears, i love it. >> brian: this next dad ad is leading the polls as a dorito bowl ad. >> he's eating doritos at my ultrasound ultrasound. do you see what i have to deal
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>> i know. >> give me that. >> tia: some people thought this was disturbing, though. >> samantha: i hadn't seen it until just now. >> brian: of course, there's people that hate everything. so they're out there. >> tia: i was trying to see what the poll was saying. >> brian: you told me what people were saying online. >> tia: they were all complaining about it. right now game is over, and the commercials keep coming and vote for your favorite. lg is at 39%, and this is from overnight. did you see that? einsurance 8%, office depot 8%. >> brian: the doritos one isn't on the poll.
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posted overnight. >> i could go for some doritos. >> samantha: there's some in the vending machine. i'm craving taco bell after the commercial. >> tia: that was weird. >> samantha: but it worked. i want some taco bell. >> brian: sorry to interrupt you. let's get back on. >> samantha: i'll take a taco bell run later. >> brian: i've never had taco bell bell. >> samantha: he's never had taco bell. >> brian: i have not. i don't know what to tell you. >> samantha: you got to try it. you might like it. you never know. it's 16 minutes. all right. it is 16 6:16 on your monday. start. maybe you're sleepy this morning after a long game last night. here's what we start off. we have a lot of precipitation, we'll call it, because it's probably down as a little bit of everything. mainly light rain, and now my
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oftentimes in your area where you deal with messy stuff in the morning. this morning it's all out to the west. so from sandusky through lorain county where our own q. mccray is and he's saying light rain and misty stuff right now, this rain is up through cleveland down into north royalton almost to akron, medina with a little bit of moisture in the area. i think most of this is just coming down at a rain. there might be a little snow or sleet mixing in, but the good news is it's so warm it's not go to stick to the roads. again, could slow you down as its falling, but it's not going to come down and make the roads slushy, so that's great news for the drive. south of norwalk into mansfield, ashland, just north of mount vernon i think this is mainly light rain as well. but some of it could be coming down as a little mixed precipitation. the only spot in the whole state where i've seen a report of mixed precip this morning is marion, and that's why i think
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down as a little bit of sleet or snow. watch out for it on your drive in. 7:00, we're looking at all rain, light rain, or a mix of rain and snow mainly west of cleveland. tricky forecast today. the rest of the day features periods of a wintery mix or all snow. look how warm we stay above freezing. again, i can't stress what good news that is because it means we won't see major problems. you may see some sticking to the grassy surfaces. we change over to all snow tonight as it gets colder. 31 is your low. how much snow are we talking here. from this morning through tonight mainly an inch, but some of us could get more than that. i think we'll get less to the east and then to the west this time is where our highest totals will be, mainly 1 to 2 inches but places like elyria, mansfield and worcester, we could get closer to the 3 inch. i know our new model run says 4
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that's brand new. i'm not sold on it yet. i think most of us stay 3 or under. again, grassy surfaces, no major road impacts with this because it's so warm. forecast. wednesday another alert day. we have snow around and wind. so wednesday is another alert day. i think through the week we'll see our highest snow totals on wednesday. stay tuned for that. thursday, friday lake-effect snow. wow. a lot of winter here in one week, right? and then the rest of the week just stupid cold. 17 on thursday, single digits this weekend. >> laura: a big change from last weekend. i guess winter had to come eventually. outside i-77 at harvard looks a little glossy on the on ramp, maybe a little bit wet as some of that rainfall might start working its way towards the central parts of cleveland now.
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still not seeing major issues at all. the only really slowdown is on i-71 as you pass by the steelyard, that metro curve nobody this morning. the rest of the map is up to speed despite the precipitation falling down. i-71 passing by the airport right now over 480. no troubles there. keep on going through linndale and brooklyn, on by the steelyard, you're on time all the way really into downtown. i don't see any delays there for you. menthor to cleveland on the east side, 28-minute ride on i-90 right now. 18 minutes. if you come from elyria, you're looking at 27 minutes on the owed. akron to cleveland up 77, and looks like 38 minutes. everyone is still on time out there as long as you get out the guys. >> tia: time is 6:20. the nfl season just ended, but we already have odds on the browns chances of playing in next year's big game. [ laughter ] that was good, wasn't it?
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the odds of the browns playing in the super bowl? whoo. get out your calculator. first, we reveal the secrets of
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>> brian: welcome back. super bowl 50 kicked off yesterday on cleveland cbs 19. a local pet was right in the middle of the whole deal. before the super bowl they played the puppy bowl, and a northeast ohio skunk had an important role. this is tank, a skunk from north ridgeville who was picked to referee this year's puppy bowl. his owner says he was not trained. they just winged it. she was also surprised to find out that they would shoot the show in segments back in october
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>> you watch the behind the scenes of everything, and it was pretty neat, actually, how the outcome is with this at the end when everything is together. you think it's all done right then and there. >> brian: deb says the show is new york city. that the puppy bowl field is very small, and that tank shot his locker room scene that you saw at the beginning of the show in one take. way to go, tank. >> tia: other than the heart-breaking loss last friday night at the request q, it was a great time for people that won tickets on the morning show. this is gary and ian from brunswick, ohio and sia nyorkor joined me. they won tickets not to just see the cavs. they lost. that was really bad. it was like a buzzer beater really right at the last minute. but they won tickets to say
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they got to meet the actor and his daughter. they had a great time. >> brian: that's a great prize. they look like they're having fun. time is 6:26. if you haven't looked out the window just yet, you may see a little bit of snow when you open the blinds, maybe, sam. >> samantha: a little snow and rain. it depends where you are. we take a radar tour straight ahead. this is your first alert that it is going to get really cold in the coming days, okay? i'm not going to make you wait for this part of the forecast. your morning lows through the next seven or eight days, look at that. this weekend, sunday waking up to 8 degrees after it was 50-some yesterday. i mean, my goodness. we have got that cold coming. we're going to talk about what kind of snow chances will come with it straight ahead. >> brian: all right, sam. the early reviews are in on the super bowl halftime show, and the haters are out there.
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>> brian: good morning, everyone. you could deal with rain in your morning commute. snow is expected later in the morning. >> tia: a deadly shooting right on the edge of kent state's campus. an 18-year-old is dead. now police are looking for whoever pulled the trigger. >> brian: certainly was a super upset in san francisco. the panthers were favored by a touchdown and had the best quarterback in the league, and
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by 14 points in super bowl 50. >> tia: good monday morning. it's february 8th. i'm tia ewing. >> brian: i'm brian duffy. we also have the odds of the browns to win next year's super bowl. here's a little hint. it's not good. >> tia: no shock. no shock there. >> brian: first, we start with sam. sam, hard to believe the browns are not favored to win the super bowl next year. >> samantha: you know, you love them anyway. the loveable browns. >> brian: i always will. >> samantha: love the team no matter how bad, right? they're not always horrible. we try to look on the bright side, right? there's always next year. let's look at what's happening out there this morning. you know, much like the browns' odds are not very good to win the super bowl next year, the weather is not going to be very good this week. i just want to prepare you. i know it's monday. i hate being the bearer of bad news, but we have wintery
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i know my snow loves are like give me something. we have a couple of chances this week. today it's a wintery mix and a little snow out there. active week ahead, and then of course the bitter cold. that's another big story, end of the week super cold. some of the coldest stuff we have seen this year so farther. right now it's really not that bad. mid to upper 30s, sitting at 40 in akron. the temperature has come down just a little bit, and that's why i think we'll start to see more mixing, more snow popping up. radar makes it look super ominous like you would think it's snowing to beat the band in norwalk. it's really not. most of this is coming down as light rain, but some snow or sleet may mix in for you from time to time. cleveland has some light rain in the area. again, ashland, mansfield, norwalk, i think if you're seeing wintery precipitation right now, these are the most likely areas. up towards lorain county, erie county, medina and southern
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most of this should be light rain and make a few flakes mixing in. right now in elyria we see light showers, and that is where you find our own q. mccray. q. has been out there all morning working hard saying, it's just light rain out here, not a lot going on. q., we want to check with you again to make sure. is there any snow, or is this still just light rain? >> q.: no snow, light showers as you mentioned. we are on lorain boulevard right now on state road 57. just south of 90. yeah, the traffic has picked up a little bit, but the roads slick, wet. the rain is very, very light. as always when driving in these conditions make sure you slow it down just a tad. also keep a safe distance between you and the car in front of you. here's some traffic going on behind me now. this is the latest for now. i think laura has the rest of the area covered when it comes
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>> laura: aum ll of our roads out there. we're wet at i-90 right at fulton and making the final stretch towards the inner belt bridge right now or towards 71. it's slick out there. it can be wet, so we want to think about a little bit of extra following distance and a little extra time when you get out the door, which i know is really difficult because so many of us had a little bit of late night last night. i know i did. across the main map here we are seeing a lot of green still, so still staying up to speed despite the different conditions that are out there on the west side and down to the south. up 71 i don't see troubles. up 77 same story there. as we look at the east i'd on 480 across broadway, nothing but green right now. of course, we're not close to rush hour yet. we have a little ways until we get to rush hour. i don't know if there's a lot of people getting a late start because of that late night last night. that means the end of rush hour maybe just crunch time for you. as for our drive times, they are
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strongsville to cleveland looks 20 minutes, canton to cleveland 57 minutes up 77. we look at that route up 77 at about 6:48. guys. >> tia: this morning the investigation continues after an 18-year-old was shot and killed near the kent state university campus. >> brian: it happened at an apartment complex on east main street. cleveland 19's nichole vrsansky joins us live right now from kent state. good morning. >> nichole: good morning. police are still searching for the suspect or suspects they say shot and killed an 18-year-old on the third floor apartment of this complex closest to me at the ryan place apartments. police arriving on the scene at 4:15 yesterday afternoon. they said the victim was already dead of an apparent gunshot wound. the suspects had already fled the scene. we do not know the identity of the victim, so we do not know if this was a kent state student or if this person lived at this apartment complex.
6:30 am
the first floor of the complex right below where the shooting actually happened. he was not home when this all took place, but obviously he is very concerned. most of the people who live in this complex are kent students. i'm told all but two units house kent state students. the campus just a few blocks away, i can see the tops of the buildings from here. a flash line alert did go out to all students via e-mail and text last night notifying students of the shooting but saying that there was no immediate threat to the kent state campus. that alert going out at 11:51 last night, so some seven and a half hours after the shooting took place. i put a call into kent police this morning. they're not releasing any new information at this point other than to say anyone with information is urged to call them. live at kent, nichole vrsansky. back to youed in studio. >> brian: we will continue to
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can get them bu by downloading the free cleveland 19 mobile app. if you're just waking up, the denver broncos are, of course, the super bowl champs. there were five former ohio state buckeyes in the state last night including one for the pan ters, ted ginn jr. they proudly cheered on ted jr., who had four grabs for 74 yards. wasn't enough, though. ted played well in the game. one of the things everybody is talking about this morning is how peyton manning celebrated the win. >> tia: seconds after the game, one of the first people to meet him on the field none other than the ceo of papa john's pizza, john schneider. a lot of people raised an eyebrow whether manning said this during the postgame celebration when asked if he would retire. >> i got a couple of priorities in order. i want to go kiss my wife and kids.
6:32 am
family and teammates and i'm going to drink a lot of beer tonight, jim. budweiser. von miller is buying. >> tia: peyton didn't play lights out but good enough toin with. he hasn't said whether he will retire. von miller was snamed super bowl mvp. a new hours after super bowl 50 is over, already predictions are pouring in for the winner of super bowl li. sorry to break it to you, browns fans, i'm thoen i sport my orange. it's not looking good. cleveland has the worst odds at 200-1. espn thinks they will have a 13-1 record. the panthers are favored again to win the super bowl next year. i shouldn't say again. i don't know if they were the favorites last night. >> brian: 3-13 for the browns. they have a new coach. we have some positive stuff going on. you know what's a stunner? the browns are 200-1. the next worst team is
6:33 am
they're only 6 0 0:1. they're just saying the browns are clearly unequivocally without a shadow of the doubt the worst team in the nfl. i don't know. the browns beat the 49ers this year, right? i don't know. >> tia: i think people have to change their mindset about the browns. the it doesn't help when espn and stuff puts out there. let's change the energy and think positive. >> brian: the browns aren't going to win the super bowl. there's no reason to not think with the new coach. everybody loves the coach. they're doing some stuff. let's not bury before we get to training camp. >> tia: that's right. they may actually win a super bowl. you never know. anything can happen. >> brian: someday they will. i hope i'm alive to see it happen. >> tia: come on, brian. time is 6:39. hope you enjoyed the sunshine this weekend, but we're in for a full week of winter. you proud of yourself? >> samantha: we have plenty of time to see the browns win a super bowl.
6:34 am
let's think optimistically, right? here's what's happening on the radar. we have rain and a little bit of wintery precipitation mixing in. hey, east siders, this is mainly a west side thing. so out to the east you should get in just fine. out west the drive may be a little slow. we look at the radar and take you through the forecast for the day ahead when we come back. >> brian: sam, come on a little positivity around here! how about lady gaga, she was good. how about bruno mars. coldplay was okay. beyonce. >> tia: you can't go wrong with beyonce.
6:35 am
my computer's dying again. you'll need to email us so we can issue you a ticket. but you're right here. it's protocol. staples tech services next day guarantee. it's fast and done right. i'll do that instead. protocol marsha. in by noon, day.
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>> brian: welcome back. a lot of people were watching the game, of course, not for the football. that's what the super bowl is all about. the singing performances. it started with a booming rendition of our national anthem. [ music ] >> tia: she was very good. it was like a musical. an emotional rendition of the "star-spangled banner" by lady gaga set the stage for a star-studded night of entertainment at super bowl 50. [ music ] >> tia: paying a little homage as well. bruno brought up the uptown
6:37 am
the show didn't stop there. it's trending right now on twitter. beyonce debuted her new single. [ music ] >> tia: okay. let's face it. if you can wear that outfit, you already have won. >> brian: oh, she can wear it. >> samantha: she is amazing. >> tia: between coldplay, bruno and beyonce it was 13 minutes long. last year katie perry's set the record for is 118 million. we should find out if super bowl 50 beat it. a lot of people think coldplay's halftime show leaves viewers cold. >> brian: whatever. >> tia: bruno got it. >> brian: i thought they were fine. bruno kind of stole the show. >> samantha: everybody was great. i only know because i watched
6:38 am
>> brian: did you? katie perry's was great last year. >> missy elliott. that was a good one. >> tia: beyonce tickets go on sale tonight, presale tomorrow through february 17th. so i'm going. i want to see this stuff. >> samantha: i'm in. it will be amazing. she can do no wrong. we love her. let's look at what's happening. bey did a great job. sorry i slept through it. that's why we have the internet, right, so wuk watch it the next day. maybe you're like me waking up this morning and say, i feel great because i slept last night, or maybe you're a little sleepy, right? you stayed up to watch the big game. it was a good show. good morning to you if you're walking up a little sleepy eyed this morning. here's what we have going on. we have a little rain out there. the radar makes this look super ominous, but really just light rain. you can see the white showing up on the radar. and that's where the beam is picking up on and temperatures cold enough to support some
6:39 am
temperatures aloft here on the surface temperatures are super warm. i mean, some of us are in the mid to upper 30s. and we have some of you in the low 40s, so a lot of what we have out here is light rain from cleveland down tloo elyria, sandusky. now, this line of frozen precip or whatted radar thinks is frozen precip is creeping farther to the north. medina county down to the west of medina and over into norwalk, mansfield, and you may see snow mix in. i suspect that most of this is coming down as light rain or mist, but again, i'm not out there and the reporting stations are not reporting any sleet or snow. so you got to be my eyes and ears. let me know what you're seeing. you can tweet me, samrobertswx and hit me up on facebook or instagram. send me a dm and let me know what you are seeing in your area. of course, the sun is not up yet, so you have to look hard, right, out the window. as i mentioned, i don't think any has major road impacts
6:40 am
it's going to stay very warm today. 38 for your afternoon temperatures, and we'll have that wintery mix gradually moving east throughout the day. it's to the west, but it will slowly move east. by the time it's said and done a trace up to two inches of snowfall possible. again, mainly on the grassy surfaces. tonight a few snowshowers and temperature does drop below freezing tonight. we could pick up an additional inch of snow this evening, and then tomorrow we have more snowshowers in the forecast. i think these are pretty light. up to another inch of additional snow for tomorrow. 33 and a little breezy, and i know tomorrow looks kind of ugly. look at this. 25 wednesday with snow and wind. if you are like where's winter? here it is. week. lake-effect snowshowers from thursday through friday. i gave an alert day for your wednesday simply because it's going to be so windy and i think we stand the best chance of
6:41 am
ing snow on your wednesday. be watching that forecast closely. valentine's day weekend, oh, well, a snuggle alert regardless because it's valentine's day weekend, but really because it's so cold. we have overnight lows in the single digits this weekend. then highs in the teens. oh, it is going to be a cold weekend. >> tia: we won't see many bare legs walking around to whatever your valentine's day events bring you. put on the tights and maybe pants. something warmer out there. the roads look a little wet outside this morning. i-90 at the lakefront is what we see right here, so this is on the east side. you see that gloss on the road means it will be slippery for you when you head out there this morning. a cross the highways we stay mostly in the green. we have a little bit of yellow on the maps which shows you the spots where it's a little slower over here across broadway area on 480 eastbound.
6:42 am
71 as you make the final stretch in towards downtown. northbound this morning dealing with a little bit of a delay. across akron everything is looking good if you come from canton towards akron, no issues there or ma sill ssillon there. 65 on 77 for most of the way until you have to slow down to 60 miles per hour because the speed limit drops down a little bit. looks like a smooth ride up 77 over 47 80 into downtown. the drive times are all on time. akron to cleveland, 39-minute ride up 77 is perfect right now. >> tia: laura is always on top of it. don't plan on chipotle for lunch today. all the chain restaurants are closed today between 11:00 and 3:00 p.m. for a staff-wide meeting to go over new food safety programs in the wake of e. coli breakout last year. they believe the bacteria most likely came from contaminated beef.
6:43 am
a super bowl party, only 24 hours to recover before fat tuesday. it's tomorrow. mardi gras parades step up on bourbon street. it's a celebration and final feast before the christian lengthen season. rudy's is where q mccray is going, that's the early word subject the to change. q. will be in punch punky he's tomorrow. >> brian: i ate so muff yesterday. i was like a hoover vacuum. >> tia: hoover vacuum? pig. >> tia: at least you're honest. coming up on cle43 pet together a panel of northeast ohio moms that help us decide which super bowl commercial was the absolute best. >> brian: it should be very interesting, right? next, move over jack hanna.
6:44 am
on late night talk shows after
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i've smoked a lot and quit a lot, but ended up nowhere. now i use this. the nicoderm cq patch, with unique extend release technology, helps prevent the ur to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time that's why i choose
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>> brian: 6:55 on your monday morning. hopefully you guys got some sleep last night. i know i stayed up late watching the super bowl and stuffed my big belly full of food. i can barely sit here. >> tia: are you proud of yourself? >> brian: i'm about to explode. >> tia: well, don't explode this way. >> brian: i'll try not to, but i don't know if laura will be very happy. there's the feazel roof cam out there. let's get this thing back on track here. special edition of "the late show with stephen colbert." he did a live broadcast immediating following the super bowl. >> will ferrell who apparently
6:47 am
"the late show's" animal expert. >> well, i won't ooh and aah when you hear about what she is. she's a short spined peruvian mongoose. she looks so calm and cuddly, but she can be very aggressive and it will charge. so please no sudden movements. >> okay. that really -- i could be wrong. that really looks like a kitty cat. >> stephen, who is wearing the vest? you know? this is a highly endangered species. >> tia: that was funny. >> brian: you can catch "the late show" every week right after cleveland 19 news at 11:00. yes, sam's aunt apparently believes i look like will ferrell. >> samantha: dead ringer. >> brian: thank you for that. >> tia: i can't say that. you don't. make the switch. cle43.
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