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tv   Cleveland 19 News at Noon  CBS  February 8, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> live from cleveland's news center, cleveland 19 news starts now. >> now at noon on cleveland 19 news, if rainy days and mondays get you down, you are in trouble. @ @ >> workers turned on their@ lights and grabbed their@ umbrellas, but that's not too@ bad.@ >> in parts of medina county@ it was snowing.@ look at those big flakes over@ the square there.@ a far cry from the nice@ weather we had yesterday.@ what a difference a day makes,@ right?@ >> crazy.@ >> it was a nice sunday and@ today we have a miserable@ monday.@ >> way to start off the week@ in style.@ sam says though that we can@ expect a lot more this week@ too.@ she joins us in the first@ alert weather center.@ hi, sam.@ >> hi, guys.@ good afternoon and good@
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i hope despite the weather@ your week is off to a great@ start.@ let's take a live look out@ from high atop of our roof@ cap.@ roof cam.@ it is 33 degrees out there.@ wind out of the southwest at@ three miles an hour.@ it is a nice wind.@ we have the snow flying@ around.@ you can see it on the radar@ imagery and a little green@ still popping up.@ there is likely rain mixing in@ with a lot of this especially@ east of i-77.@ and in the city of cleveland@ you can see some green there@ so a mix of rain and snow.@ occasionally we get periods of@ all snow.@ here is even more good news.@ our temperatures all morning@ long have been at or above@ freezing.@ we don't expect this to create@ a mess on the roads.@ sure with precipitation@
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snow and sleet you could see a@ few slick spots.@ this will not cause major@ issues on the roads, but use@ common sense.@ this is northeast ohio.@ we know how to drive in the@ snow.@ and we will get a lot of@ experience doing that this@ week.@ we will talk about this week's@ chances for wintry weather@ straight ahead.@ >> thanks, sam.@ a kent state student found@ dead in his apartment and@ today an arrest.@ they found nicholas shot to@ death in the ryan place@ apartments on east main.@ that's a few blocks from@ kent's campus.@ a lot of students live there.@ one of the people who called@ 9-1-1 say three men broke in@ and demanded money.@ and then one of them shot@ masa.@ police arrested 17-year-old ty.@ he faces murder charges and@ being held at the portage@ county juvenile justice@ center.@ the search for a missing@ woman is over and her story is@
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investigators say they think@ someone spread patsy hudson's@ remains.@ she was missing since july.@ hudson and her next door@ neighbors were arguing against@ the number of cats hudson@ kept.@ walter and lynn saw -- and@ linda buckner.@ and case western reserve@ university police are issuing@ a security alert after a@ student was robbed off@ campus.@ two young men came up to the@ student and robbed him at@ gunpoint at murray hill and@ morning.@ the guys took off in a gray@ suv.@ a hearing for a mom@ accused of sending nude@ pictures and video to her@ daughter's 14-year-old@ ex-boyfriend.@ he is charged with@ disseminating matter harm@ harmful to juveniles.@ she sent it to the boy's cell@ phone in november or@ december.@ the boy's mom saw the messages@
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cleveland firefighters are@ battling a fire on the@ eastside this morning.@ it happened at an abandoned@ building at east 133rd and@ union.@ firefighters say it may have@ been started by people@ stealing scrap.@ a central ohio police@ officer is recovering after@ being in a shootout over the@ weekend.@ kent k9 officer was shot@ working a domestic dispute@ call.@ the harding county sheriff@ says a man was siting in a car@ in front of the home with a@ long rifle.@ the man fired at the officers@ and took off.@ during the chase the suspect@ fired at the officers again@ hitting the officer twice in@ the back.@ the suspect later died in a@ crash and was shot too.@ depending on your view@ point, you either love or hate@ traffic cameras.@ cities that use them love them@ for the revenue they@ generate.@ people ticketed hate them for@ any number of reasons.@ paul is here with a preview of@ a special investigation airing@ tonight at 11:00 on cleveland@
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p>> reporter: one of the brand@ names of the newest unit is@ the dragon camera.@ appropriate because it has@ people breathing fire.@ it is a handheld unit and@ because an officer is@ operating it it gets around@ the pole mounted units.@ that said an officer had to@ man each camera to make a@ citation stick.@ if you have driven down 77@ south you may have seen an@ officer standing on the@ bridge.@ he is using a dragon camera.@ it records you and takes your@ speed and takes a picture of@ your license plate.@ you can get a ticket in the@ mail.@ they expect $600,000 from the@ camera this year.@ that's after the company that@ processes the iewbt takes its@ cut of $33 a unit.@ is it about profit or safety?@ you can probably guess what@ the mayor thinks.@ >> when our cameras are in use@ speeds.@ when people are traveling at@ slower speeds there are less@ accidents and a greater@ likelihood somebody can react@
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one.@ >> lindale has a mounted unit@ and an officer must be@ present.@ we checked and indeed there@ was an officer inside.@ here is the kicker, the@ officer doesn't have to@ witness the violation.@ he can be doing a cross@ cross-word puzzle if he@ wants.@ it is legal as long as he is@ there.@ so how fast is too fast?@ more at 11:00.@ this next story may bring@ a smile to your face.@ people in southwest ohio are@ making sure a group of kid@ continue to play basketball.@ three officers noticed kids@ playing basketball with a high@ school -- with a hoop missing@ a backboard.@ they went to the store and@ delivered the hoop and@ delivered it in the middle of@ the night.@ the kids woke up and went@ outside the next day they were@ thrilled to say the least and@ the officers returned the next@ day to play with the kids.@ >> good guys there.@ coming up on cleveland 19@ news, you won't be getting@
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see why they are all closed.@ >> the presidential candidates@ are hitting the campaign trail@ hard in new hampshire ahead of@ tomorrow's primary.@ the latest 23r -- from the@ campaign trail.@ >> and social media up in arms@ about a controversial super@
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live from cleveland's news center, driven by don joseph toyota in kent, this is
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craving chipotle for lunch today? think again. chipotle is closed today until 3:00 for a company wide meeting about food safety. sales have plunged after e-coli and norovirus outbreaks. the company is laying out new safety measures including paid sick leave for workers so they will stay home when they don't feel well. the presidential candidates are hitting the campaign trail hard in new hampshire ahead of tomorrow's primary. gop front runner donald trump is looking for his first win in the republican race and on a democratic side, bernie sanders leads hillary clinton. here is the latest from new hampshire. >> reporter: donald trump rallied this morning in salem, new hampshire. the beginning of a busy day. >> new hampshire has been a special place to me. >> reporter: the billionaire holds a large lead in the polls heading into the primary tomorrow. on cbs this morning trump fueled his fight with jeb bush. >> every time he attacks me he melts like butter. >> reporter: he fired back
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loser, a liar and a whiner. john kasich and ted cruz hit the campaign trail early. they are in a tight race for second place along with bush and marco rubio who is trying to recover from a rocky debate performance over the weekend. the florida senator insisted he did great despite criticism for being repetitive. >> the evidence is we raised more money in the first hour of that debate than we did in any other debate. >> reporter: towns across the granite state are decked out just like this as campaigns support. in all candidates from both sides have 35 scheduled events today. >> we have come a long way in the last nine months. >> reporter: the last poll shows bernie sanders leading in new hampshire not just among men, but women too. hillary clinton got support from the former secretary of state madeline allbright. >> there is a special place in hell for women who don't help >> reporter: all candidates
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mother nature too. snow is in the forecast and it could impact voter turnout. cleveland 19. >> former neurosurgeon ben carson is the only candidate with no public events today. straight ahead on cleveland 19 news, we are looking at what america considered the very best super bowl ads of the night. monday. well. how much are we going to see and what does the rest of the week look like? we will talk about it all when stay close. >> and more super bowl coverage this afternoon. today at 5:00 we'll show you
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welcome back. some watch the super bowl for the game, but some also watch for the commercials. so here is a look at the top three best commercials from usa today's ad meter. this was my favorite. the big winner of the night was hyundai's first date commercial with kevin hart. it is a commercial for the new 2016 genesis and hart is an over protective dad following his daughter on a date. he followed them throughout the night using the car finder feature.
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chuckle at the wiener stampeed ad. it has tons of wiener dogs dressed as hot dogs running toward people dressed as ketch pu and mustard. they ran down the field as a sappy70s love song played. and then there is the dorritos ultrasound commercial. the man was eating a bag and the unborn child wanted a piece of the action. the father waived a chip around and then the wife chucked it across the room resulting in a very unexpected early birth. there it goes. >> this next commercial is making news for all the wrong reasons. colonial williamsburg is facing backlash. here is the advertisement. it goes through major moments in u.s. history going backward with the saying it all started here.
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video it used from 9/11. the ad aired in new york, philadelphia and washington, d.c. colonial williamsburg posted the following message on the facebook page. "we are aware including scenes from the world trade center attacks is powerful and subject to debate, but american history is full of tragedies as well as triumphs." there were several ohio connections in last night's game. one you might not know about though was in the national anthem. the pianist who accompanied lady gaga is a cincinnati native, jazz pianist alex smith studied at the university of cincinnati conservatory of music. she did a fantastic job. all right, the time is 17 minutes after 12:00. it is not the most beautiful day out there. we started off with a little rain this morning and now we have snow, mix of rain and snow in some areas.
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it is not the best visibility right now as the snow comes down in the city of cleveland. you can see that on the camera on 480 and our radar is showing that nicely. snow is stretching from the lake to parma heights and brunswick and avon lake. west side, eastside, mayfield heights and out to mentor and giaga county seeing the snow now. it is all stuck to the west throughout the morning, and it is now beginning to see that creep off to the east. we are seeing snow in akron and snow in canton and you get a little more rain mixing in as you travel farther off to the east. not to worry. this area of precipitation we'll call it since there is a lot of stuff in there, rain, snow, sleet. this will all spread off the afternoon. the evening commute, i do think we will be seeing a few snow showers and maybe a little rain or sleet mixing in. this is the simulated satellite and radar at 5:00. and you can see the evening
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few snow showers which may even continue into tonight. the temperature finally really is dropping into this evening and that will allow a change over to all snow through tonight . looking at potentially up to an inch of additional snowfall the temperature trend looks like this. we pretty much stay at freezing if not a little bit warmer than that. 35 for 4:00 and 36 at 6:00. vut rain-snow mix early this afternoon and then transitioning to all snow throughout the night. tomorrow, we are not done. we have occasional snow showers in the forecast and up to an inch of additional accumulation tomorrow. chilly too. highs only in the low 30s with that wind factored in. it is going to feel as if it day. all the winter we really haven't had this season, we are going to cram it into the
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look at wednesday. that's the next weather alert day. we will have snow showers and it may be windy which will cause reduction in visibility. mid20s with windchills in the teens. there's more. look at thursday. 17 for a high temperature. we pretty much stay in the teens through the end of the weekend. look at those lows, guys, this weekend in the single digits. we have a chance for snow nearly every single day. i know you are shaking your head, but there are kids out there going come on. i just want to build a snowman. >> i'll take some snow, but 17 for a high? >> i hope after that beautiful weekend you didn't put your winter gear too far. >> he is thinking about his too. >> well, a big coat, snow boots. >> we are talking about the snow days and the kids wanting a snow day. most kids in northeast ohio have not been getting the snow
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every where else. someplaces the administrators, well they are having a fun time with it. night and now it's just not safe to drive so it's truly school is closed for today >> that's another hello parody. last year the headmaster at the school in rhode island did a snow day cover of "let it go" from the movie" frozen." >> that was clever. that was witty. >> is that his real voice? he's not bad. >> he can sing the star-spangled banner next yore. >> he is multi talented. there is still more to come here on the news at noon. >> when you are having a baby it is fun to see the ultrasound.
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causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher,
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a mom god a big surprise when she had an ultrasound done. >> the unborn baby showed his
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he already has a great outlook on life. here is the ultrasound. it showed him giving a big thumbs up. >> what? >> i know, right? she and her husband thought it was incredible when they first saw it at their ultrasound appointment last week. her husband recently lost his job causing stress for the family awaiting their third child. at this appointment they also learned they were having a baby boy. >> his little way of saying it is going to be okay. i am coming into the world. >> it is amazing. it is like a little 8 ball you shake and he gives the thumbs up. >> a funny way of looking at it. there. lunch. >> thanks for joining us. next." >> be sure to join us for cleveland news at 4:00. have a great day. >> now, this is a cleveland 19 news editorial. >> taxation without representation. it is the phrase that created
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our fore fathers revolted against paying taxes to a government with which they had no vote. now 240 years later, it is time to revolt against the mayor's idea to raise cleveland's municipal income tax from 2% to 2.5%. 25% more dollars out of the wages of people working in cleveland. according to the mayor's office 87% of the tax money paid comes from suburban ites who don't get to vote on it. it doesn't get anymore unamerican than that. the mayor makes arguments about why the city needs money. tax. more than 111 million lost from state tax cuts since 2010. 11 million to implement the doj decree to improve our police department. but the mayor has plenty of responsibility for these budget problems. the people who let the police department get out of control both received promotions and
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salaries. our chief investigator carl monday has documented waste and tax collection and city council lunches and dinners. the biggest problem is new city workers contract with unions that pay almost $43 million more in retro pay and benefits from 2013 through 2016. who negotiated these deals? increasing the city income tax is short sided. how long will the city's current wren -- renaissance last if they have to pay a premium to be in cleveland. it is unfair and counterproductive. if the mayor wants to fight for our fair share of state money, we are on board. ohio lets us vote. but we would vote no on the city income ks tay increase. income tax increase. that is if we had a vote. call 216-664-3990 and let them know what you think. i'm dominic mancuso, and
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>> we encourage your response to this editorial. e-mail your response to
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