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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 4PM  CBS  February 8, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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p live from cleveland's news pcenter, cleveland 19 news starts pnow. p it's been a less than pfabulous february day with rain pand snow making it a drag just pto get out and about. plet's take a look now at how the pweather is going. p>> mark: yes, you know, our proof cam has a shot of really pwhat is not all of that great pout there quite honestly. ptake a look at that. pthe cloud deck is so low, it's pcovered up the top of the pbuildings. pwe hear it's going to be an pactive week, jeff, for the pweather and a cold one too. p>> jeff: it is. pas the week goes on, it's going pto get worse. pi'm telling you. pnow, conditions right now have pimproved compared to where we
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pwhere we couldn't even see the pstreet on that tower cam. plet's get to the visibility preports. pi do think the worst is over for pnow, and these visibilities have pimproved earlier. pwe were down a quarter mile pvisibility in cleveland. pa mile now is canton and a mile pin mentor. pand here you see what's now a plighter snow. pand check this out. pon the east side you're still prain in ashtabula. pand this has been our saving pgrace today. ptemperatures have been above pfreezing. pso that means it's been mainly pwet roads. pmost of the snow has been paccumulating on the grass and pcar windshields, things like pthat. pas far as this evening is pconcerned, i think we're going pto hold steady around 33. pso this will diminish down to a plight snow. pthere you see the temperature pnow in cleveland 33.
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p>> jon: well, you know, you pmentioned the fact that the pvisibility has improved pdramatically, it has. pwe're on 71. pwe're headed just to the pinnerbelt bridge. pwe're coming up on 90 now. pyou can see pretty well. pthe traffic is moving along pvery, very slowly. pin fact, here is the look poutside. pand you can see these folks are uttering along at speeds that pare unlike those that they would ptypically have on dry roads. pnow, the storm chaser ptemperature is freezing. p32 degrees. pthat's the temperature at which
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pand so slipping and sliding has pbeen a bit of a problem. pwhen i came in an hour or two pago on 90 from the west side, i psaw at least one, two car crash. pfolks have been sliding a little pon these roads. pand the chief thing has been the pspray that's been kicking up, pbecause that has been a problem. pwe're going over a bridge. pand, of course, bridges and poverpasses are the ones that pfreeze first when you get to ptemperatures that hover around pthe freezing mark. pso those could be problematic. pbut i guess the good news is pthat the visibility has pimproved, and although the snow pcontinues to fall, we're adding pto a snowfall total that is pmeasly for this season. p8.8 inches all season long. pand this is the first snow of pfebruary. pso we haven't had it bad so far. pbut when you consider we were 51 pyesterday and today we're phovering in the 30s, it was kind pof a rude slap in the face. pa lot of brake lights. pyou can see the brake lights on pthe car in front of us. pa lot of spray kicking up. pthat's going to be the chief pfactor.
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pjeff, if you park the car poutside today, you're going to pdiscover that your windshields pare going to be covered with psnow. lan on a little extra time with pthat and a little extra time for pyour commute as you head back phome. pi'm going to turn things back to pyou, mark, and we'll continue on pthe roads. pwe're headed out east on 90 next pwhere it looks like the heavier psnow is falling now. pi'll have a report in a few pminutes. pmark. p>> mark: jon, very good. pmake sure you can follow the pweather here in northeast ohio. panywhere really in the country pwith the first alert app. pdownload it. pi did. pit's cool for your smart phone por tablet too. p johnny manziel's ex pgirlfriend says he hit her so phard during a late night pconfrontation that it's being pinvestigated by police that she plost hearing in one ear.
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pcrowley was obtained by kaxt tv. phe is being investigated on pdomestic violence. pmanziel's attorney did not preturn a phone message as of pmonday. p we have to talk stocks for a psecond here. pwe have to. punfortunately. pwe did have a real drop quite phonestly. pat one point we were down about p400. pthere's been a rally back. pit looks like we closed just pabout 120 down compared to where pwe actually started today. pwe'll get you a final total pcoming up in just a bit. promona. p a 17-year-old will face a pjudge tomorrow in connection pwith a deadly shooting near kent pstate university. pand today we've learned a pwestlake high school graduate pwas the victim. pdani carlson joins us now live pwith the chilling 911 calls. pdani. p>> dani: ramone omona, that p18-year-old is -- 18-year-old pnick masa. pas you mentioned, he was a pwestlake grad. phe was a kid that just lit up pthe room. pwe are hearing the 911 calls.
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pall of the specifics on the off pcampus apartment on sunday pafternoon. pwhat we can tell you is someone pidentified the suspect in this pcase just minutes after the palleged shooting. p>> my apartment just got robbed. pmy friend got shot. p>> dani: scary moemgts ments on a 911 pcall. p>> my friend is passing out. lease hurry up and get here. p>> dani: a friend called police pmoments after he was shot pdescribing a robbery that he psaid led up to the deadly pshooting at this apartment just poff the campus. p>> they came in and asked for pall of the money and they had pfriends are going to shoot and p>> reporter: we're told masa pa member of the fraternity and pwe're told an involved freshman pmanagerial marketing major. pshot. pone 911 caller said by a p17-year-old. pthat caller provided police with pthe identity of the suspect just pminutes after everything
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p>> my roommate says he knows who pit was, he thinks. p>> does he know the name? p>> ty kremling. pi think that's his name. pi think the first name is ty. p>> dani: 17-year-old ty pkremling was identified in the pcase. phe is being charnd ged with paggravated murder. phe is being held as a juvenile. pwe did speak today to one of pmasa's teachers. pcoming up you can hear from her pand she'll talk about the otential she saw in masa that pwas just cut so short. plive in kent tonight dani pcarlson, cleveland 19. p>> romona: thank you, dani. p getting a traffic ticket is pno fun, but getting one in the pmail that you didn't know was pcoming is just maddening. pit's happening more often. pthanks to something called the pdragon cam. aul orlousky has an in depth pinvestigation coming up tonight pat 11:00. pand paul joins us now with a review.
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phandheld units. pthey get around the law that psays an officer has to be there pto witness the violation. phe's using the camera. pthere he is. pit gets around that. pit effectively forced a lot of pcities to get rid of their pcameras. pnot all of them got rid of them. psome of them got dragon cams. plots of cities use the dragon pcameras. pone of the most notorious can be pseen very often on harvard pavenue on the overpass on 77. pthe officer clicks it and if pyou're speeding takes a picture pof your license plate and you pget a ticket. pa private company processes the pticket and a month or so later pyou get a surprise in the mail. pthe end result, you're out $150 pand the village has a cash pwindfall. p>> we're anticipating this year pthat we're going to generate pfrom the speed cameras about p$600,000, which would be robably about 20% of our poverall budget this year. p>> paul: what will you find? p>> $150. p>> paul: wow. p>> yes.
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plike that. p>> paul: so how fast can you go pbefore you get a ticket and what peffect cameras have on paccidents? pall of that is coming up tonight pat 11:00. pwe analyze some of the traffic pand accidents and things like ta pas well. p>> romona: you're also going to pbe talking about salaries that pwent way up after the tickets pwere being issued. p>> paul: sure. pnot the police officers, but pcity officials. p>> mark: isn't that pinteresting. pfollow the money and see where pit goes. plooking forward to that. p>> paul: thank you. p 4:09 right now. p>> first alert traffic on pcleveland 19 news is sponsored pby ford. p>> mark: jon loufman out and pabout in the sporm storm storm chaser here. plast we heard he was on 71. pjeff has been talking about. phalf-and-half at some places. psome snow, some rain. pallow yourself extra time if you phave travel plans here this pevening. p i want to tell you about a pdeveloping story out of ptwinsburg. olice are investigating who osted nude photos of local pteenagers on the tumbler pblogging website. pdetectives asked tumbler to
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olice also requested the pinternet protocol address of the plast five people who used the ptumbler blog. pthey will contact parents when pthey get that information. p no arrests in cleveland pafter a student was robbed near pthe campus of case western preserve university. pit happened yesterday morning on pmurray hill and edgehill in the plittle italy neighborhood. pthe student told police he was pat the intersection when two men pjumped from a gray suv and probbed him at gunpoint. pcampus police issued a security palert over the weekend to warn pother students. p you probably know the new phampshire primary is just hours paway and the presidential pcandidates are scrambling. pthey want to make their final itch to voters. pthe latest poll shows leaders. pjohn kasich is in a four way tie pfor second and bernie sanders ptops hillary clinton right now pfor the democrat. pa closer look at this political
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p the intercontinental hotel pin cleveland is getting ready pfor the vip convention. pdenise zarrella is live in pcleveland now to give you a review of what it is doing. phey, denise. p>> denise: hey, mark. pi'm inside the intercontinental photel and convention center pwhere they've blocked out 680 prooms for the rnc. pand they are spending millions pto accommodate those guests, pespecially the vips. pyou're looking at one of the pmost secure spaces offered pinside a hotel in our area. pthis is where some of the most pimportant players in the prepublican national convention pwill be staying in july. p>> this is one of our secure ools. pwe have three secure pools in pthe building and the only way to pget on to the floor. p>> reporter: campbell black, pgeneral manager of the pintercontinental interkont
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pentrance to his room. p>> it's not all done at the pmoment. pit's framed out. pwe expect this to be fully pcompleted by the middle of papril. p>> denise: the secret service phas been here to expect the lans for renovation. pthe intercontinental is the only photel in our area that meets ptheir standards. p>> so some of those needs are a pbulletproof glass. psafe rooms. pcommand post rooms. pthings like that. p>> denise: the accommodations pare sure to be luxurious and pstate of the art. pthere are also conference room pand pristine dining spaces that pthey're expected to make use of pas well. p>> we've done presidential pvisits and vice president residential visits and royal pvisits and other kind of visits. pthey're all important, and you pneed to be looking at what's pgoing on in advance. pyou need to be well planning. pwhen it happens, it's already phere. p>> denise: all right. pso who will be staying in that psecure exclusive -- very
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pthat is the million dollar pquestion that hotel management phere says they don't even know pyet. pthey say they won't know until pthe end of march, early april. pmark, romona. p>> mark: very interesting. pall right, did he enise. pthank you very much. p a ref steals the superbowl psort of. p it's the end of the road for pone television series. p plus. p music p>> mark: beyonce and bruno stol pthe half time show.
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p. p welcome back. pthe denver broncos are world pchampions. pthey were the underdogs going pin, but they came to play. p>> romona: they sure did. pas jamie eukus reports, psuperbowl 50 came down to pdefense. p>> reporter: superbowl 50 was pgolden for denver broncos fans. p>> it's all about the broncos pand many. pthat guy is an awesome man. p>> reporter: peyton manning pdefeated them. p>> i'm going to hug my family. pi'm going to drink a lot of pbudweiser tonight. p>> reporter: hours after his pwin, the quarterback appeared on pcbs this morning and says he has pnot made any decisions yet about pretirement. p>> i really haven't spoken with panybody about it yet. pi've been celebrating all night pwith family and friends. pbut i'm very much at peace, pgail, with however that decision pis going to go down and when it pwill go down. pi'm very much at peace about it. p>> reporter: fumbles ended up pmaking the panthers. p>> he fumbles. p>> we played terrible.
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p>> reporter: but cam newton pdidn't seem as gracious. p>> they just played better than pus. pi don't know what you want me to psay. p>> reporter: seats were pexpensive. psome went in the thousands of pdollars. pfans say it was worth it. p>> so well deserved. pthey have worked so hard. p>> reporter: the musical acts pdidn't disappoint either. plady gaga sang the national panthem. p uptown funk you up p. p>> reporter: beyonce and bruno pmars assisted cold play making pit big for the millions watching pat home. pjamie eukas, cleveland 19. p>> romona: it's a superbowl ptheme buzz with more than 111 pmillion viewers watching it. pit was time for some big preveals. pthere was the announcement of a phuge world tour. p>> mark: and the end of a opular tv show. p>> romona: fans of the show the
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pthe 7th season will be the last pfor the emmy winning series. pthe last nine episodes will pstart this sunday at 9:00 right phere on cleveland 19. pthe final episode will air on pmay 8th. 's phalf time performance, this ad paired. pyep. pfans of queen b, you can see her pon the formation world tour. pthe stadium tour starts papril 27th in miami hitting pcities nationwide. pit's not coming to ohio. pthe closest cities for folks phere will be pittsburgh or pdetroit. ptickets go on sale here tomorrow pfor american express and bee phive fan members. pthe general public can get them pfebruary 16th. p>> you're a bee hive member. p>> mark: absolutely. p and during the half time erformance, b almost fell down. pshe's solid. pappears to fall backward before
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pmaking it look like it was all art of the choreography. pmoan >> romona: she has a lot pworking for them. p and while most people were pworking did you remember uring the half time pshow, then there were people way pinto this guy. pyep. pthat's the referee number 34 was pdubbed hash tag hot ref of the pgame. pokay. pso who is he? phe is cleat blakeham. pa 51-year-old la man from omaha pwho just happens to officiate pthe superbowl. phe's also a former baller too. p>> interesting. pi had no interested. p>> romona: yes. p>> mark: here is what the psuperbowl looked like from pspace. pthis is a snapshot of levi pstadium taken as the iss whizzed pby. pa good shot. pno word on which team kelly was pactually rooting for. pi did see a picture he took pinside the iss saying nobody pshowed up for his party. pit was just him. oor guy. p>> jeff: during the pre game
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p>> jeff: they were talking to phim and throwing the future ball paround. palso during the late show as pwell. p>> mark: love it. p jeff, winter is coming back? p>> jeff: yes. pit's going to get back. psaturday is going to be the pworst day, by the way. pget ready. pwe have arctic air getting ready pto move in. pit's not here yet. pthat's why we're only able to psqueeze out around an inch of psnow. peven though it was really coming pdown. pit was one of those deals where pit looks bad outside. pbut the snow had a tough time psticking. pbut ashland cleveland, homes ptown, elyria, mansfield checking pin with an inch of snow. pas far as the steadier snow is pconcerned, this is what we have pleft. pnotice a few hefier snow showers paround mansfield. pthere's a reason why i'm keeping pmy eye on that area as i will pshow you. pmadison, leroy, this is reducing pthe visibility right down route p44. pnewberry and approaching pchardon. pthis is not lake-effect. pthis is a system snow. pavon lake, westlake, cleveland
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pin fact, we just dropped down to pa mile and a half now in pcleveland. pwe have a mild visibility in pmentor pmentor. pthis is where we have some of pthe steadier snow. pbut as we look at the loop here, pcan you see how it was pretty pbad this afternoon as the rain pchanged over to snow. pand it's still a light rain now pstarting to mix with snow in pashtabula county. pwhat we have going on and peverything is a slow process pright now, this is a large pstorm. pit's a broad system. pand you can see all of the snow pshowers rotating around it. pthis is going to be right over pus tomorrow. pbut it's not going to give us a pton of snow tomorrow during the pday. pyou have to wait until the pcolder air comes in behind it. p33 cleveland. pbut look at toledo with no snow ptoday. p41. pand actually detroit is at 42. pcolder out to the west, though. p7:00 tonight, and check this pout. pthis is why i have my attention pfocused in the mansfield area.
4:20 pm
pit does bring in some heavier psnow this evening. pwe'll see if that pans out. premember, this is just one pmodel. pand then over night things start pto really diminish down to just psome flurries. pso tomorrow morning commute pactually not looking too bad. pin cleveland, less than an inch pof additional snow. pand we only drop down to 32. pright around 30 akron-canton ptonight with some flurries paround. pand then tomorrow it's not much. pso but check this out. pokay. pwe'll see if this pans out. pit's giving five inches of snow ptonight in the mansfield area psnow. pother than that, it's inch or ptomorrow. pwe'll hold steady in the low p30s. pand then tomorrow night and pwednesday that's when the plake-effect is going to pick up. palso the arctic air as ptemperatures will be falling pthrough the 20s on wednesday. pso that's the next alert. psnow showers and wind on
4:21 pm
pthis is when wind chills are pgoing to be below zero. p17 on friday. plake-effect snow around. plook at that on saturday. ponly 11 for the high. pwe'll try to warm things up for pvalentine's day. pbut needless to say, the rest of pthe week is going to be active pand turning frigid. pmark over to you. p>> mark: holy cow. pall right, jeff. pthank you. p best of the best. pwhich superbowl commercials were pthe favorites among viewers? pwe'll take a look at that after pthe break. pwe mentioned before the dow is pdown a little bit. pbut really regained after a 401 oint fall. pstill ended up down 177.
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p. p welcome back. pthis is what everybody has been ptalking about. pthose superbowl commercials.
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pbest of the best. p>> dan: some hits and some pmisses. pfor $5 million, you would hope peverybody is talking about your pads. pwe had more than -- we had some pinteractive voting going on last pnight. pmore than 103,000 people voted pin the cleveland 19 poll. pthe helen mooer ad was good. pone surprise was the amazon ad. pthis finished second in our pvoting. pbut now it's time to take a look pat what finished number one with p57% of the vote. ptake a look. p>> there is your beautiful baby. pwhat do you see. p>> you're eating doritos on my pultrasound. pdo you see what i have to deal pwith? p>> i know.
4:24 pm
p>> give me that. p>> dan: it just goes to show peverybody loves doritos. pone ad that everybody is talking pabout that didn't do well. phow about puppy monkey baby? pthat ad was creepy. pi think it's safe to say pspeaking of creepy, it did make plist. pwe're going to show you what poverall came in as the worst pvoted ad coming up at 5:00. promona. p>> romona: all right. pjust love the ultrasound pdoritos. p cracking down on cyber pcrime. phow a local police chief is paiming to make parents in the
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p. p the presidential candidates pare hitting the campaign trail phard in new hampshire today pahead of the pry
4:26 pm
p>> mark: this comes after an pawkward start on saturday that pleft everybody talking. p>> let's welcome the candidates pfor the candidates. pnew jersey governor kris kristi. p>> dr. ben carson. p. p[ applause ] p>> texas senator ted cruz. p [ laughing ] p>> romona: so how did that phappen? pwhy was ben carson just standing pthere along with donald trump in pthe wings? pcarson explained over the pweekend that he couldn't hear pwhat was going on. pweijia jang is on the campaign ptrail now where donald trump phopes to get his first win. p>> reporter: donald trump prallied this morning in salem, pnew hampshire.
4:27 pm
plead in the polls heading into pthe pry mir imary tomorrow. pon cbs 21, he fueled his fight pwith jeb bush. pjeb bush fired back with a tweet pcalling trump a loser, a liar pand a whiner. pohio governor ted kasich and pthey are in a tight race who is ptrying to recover from a rockee pdebate. pthe florida senator insisted he pdid great despite criticism for pbeing repetitive. p>> i think the thing is we praised more money in that debate p>> reporter: towns are decked pout just like this as campaigns pscramble for last minute psupport. pin all, candidates from both psides have at least 35 scheduled pevents today. p>> we have come a long way in pthe last nine months. p>> reporter: the latest polls pshow bernie sanders leading in pnew hampshire hoping to close pthat gap.
4:28 pm
pbill posed for pictures with pdiners before a rally in pmanchester. p>> for all of those of you who pare still deciding, still pshopping, i hope i can close the pdeal. p>> reporter: all the candidates pare hoping for help from mother pnature. psnow is in the forecast and it pcould impact voter turnout. pweijia jiang, cleveland 19. p>> romona: and ben carson is pthe only candidate with no ublic events today. pmark. p all right. pback to the local story here paround here. pweather. pand then we have an afternoon pdrive. pwe have a commute to try to get pthrough here. pwhat's going on? p>> jeff: it's more wet than psnow covered roads out there. pbut it is good. pit's reducing your visibility proute now. pespecially from cleveland east. pright in here. pyou can see how this snow is pstarting to pivot to the pnortheast. pit's still mixing with rain. pone thing i'm watching right phere, a couple of computer pmodels showed snow developing. pwe'll keep an eye on that. pbelleville seeing some snow
4:29 pm
pcleveland 19 weather app is the lace to go. pyou can see low to mid 30s. pso we don't drop in temperature phere tonight. pand the wind won't be too bad peither. pbut some lighter snow and pflurries for the majority of the parea. pmentor is at 32. pbut cleveland 33 and sandusky is pat 39. pso these temperatures actually pnot too shabby. pit's light snow and flurries ptonight and tomorrow. pand then tomorrow night and pwednesday as the cold air gets pdeeper, that's when we're going pto develop some lake-effect and pthat's when things are going to pstart to get bad middle part of pthe week. pcloudy, blustery. pflurries tomorrow. p32. pthat wind does start to pick up. pakron-canton you'll be in the plow 30s as well. pand then there you see the plan pfer per. pnotice how we drop a little bit. p5:00 by the time the wind picks pup tomorrow afternoon down to p39. pi don't expect a whole lot of psnow tomorrow.
4:30 pm
pthen going into wednesday. plet's head back to the storm pchaser where meteorologist jon ploufman is there focused on the peast side now. pthat's where we're starting to psee some of the steadier snow, pjon. p>> johnny: yes -- p>> jon: we're starting to see psnowflakes psnowflakes. pthe visibility has been reduced pto about a quarter of a mile. pthis is nothing but snow on this oint. pon roads that you pointed out pare wet but not snow covered. pthe storm chaser's temperature pis freezing. pwe're right at the mark where pwater turns to ice. pand as a result, slippery spots pcan be expected. pwe've seen the odot crews, palthough not as many as we ptypically do. pthat could be a reflection of pthe fact that yesterday was 51 pdegrees and this was not pexpected to be a major snow pevent. pand it is not. pbut the visibilities have been preduced, and a lot of spray pshooting up. pif you're in traffic and we're retty far away from it. pwe're on 90 east of 306. pthat's east of lakeland pcommunity college east of 615.
4:31 pm
pwe're going to turn back and phead towards town again. pbut at least here now at this oint it's snow and the change poveroccurred not too long ago as pyou, jeff, pointed out, this was prain not long ago. pnow we're into snow. pnow we're dealing with reduced pvisibilities due to the snow pcover and due to the spray. pi'm going to continue to work my pway across the region and check pon the roads. pright now i'll turn it back to pyou, romona. p>> mark: all right. pi'll take it and see what's pgoing on here. p a few seem to love social pmedia than our kids. pit gives them access to the pworld. pthe problem is it also gives a pworld of predators access to pthem. pso independence police are phelping parents take a bite out pof cyber crime. pharry boomer has that story. p>> it doesn't care about peconomic status, social status, pgeographic location. p>> harry: michael is hoping to
4:32 pm
prisk for kids that often lead to pchildren being abducted or pworse. panywhere. pthis type of luring and pnon-discriminatory. p>> harry: many tips you've punheeded. p>> be aware of your children's pactivities. pknow what they are doing. pwho are they talking to? pwho are their internet friends. p>> harry: the chief warns arents to stay alert. p>> these apps and websites come pand go. pwhat is popular this week may pnot be popular next week. pthese predators exploit that. p>> harry: the chief has put ptogether a special program for arents. p>> they will go to the protocols pwhere they issue photo ids to pyour children and they're stored pin database where law penforcement will be able to get pthem and they'll cover how you pcan best get your children's pfingerprint and identification pand have that available. p>> harry: as you know, kids plove social media. pbut there's a dark side to psocial media. pthat is why the independence olice department is holding a rogram at the independence high
4:33 pm
arents know what risk there are pand how to protect their pchildren. pharry boomer, in independence, pcleveland 19. p>> mark: harry. pthanks. pso the chief says talk to your pkids about the dangers of social pmedia. phere is how to spot if they are pin jeopardy. ptheir behavior changes. pthey suddenly drop their whole pgroup of friends or maybe they pjust spend a lot of time alone pin their room on the internet. p good news if you're craving pa burrito right now. pchipotle is back open for pdinner. pthe chain closed down stores pnationwide to hold staff pmeetings about food safety. pand if they messed up your lunch lans, they're cutting you a pdeal. pthey're giving out free burritos pas consolation for a limited ptime. pgo to to see how pyou can get your hands on one. p>> a burrito bowl. p>> romona: yes. pwith pork.
4:34 pm
pmanning won big but today eli is
4:35 pm
p. p ok. we're going to start ptimeout. pit was a different feel to the psuperbowl this year. pbut cam newton is the person peveryone is talking about. phe pretty -- appeared to be a psore loser during his press pconference.
4:36 pm
plogistically the way they did pthis at levi stadium they had pcam newton here and the broncos p10 feet away. pchris harris one of the corner pbacks from the broncos you can phear him. pwe'll play the clip. pright before cam walks out you pcan hear some loud noises. pthat's harris saying we knew the pthey can't throw. pcam is listening to this as he's pdoing his presser. pi'm not excusing. pbut here is the scene. p>> no. pgot out played. psay. p>> they got a couple of big lays. p>> tony: so you heard him load pthe box. pmake him throw. pwe can beat him that way. pcam has a rep who is someone who psul ks going back. pthe towel over his head. pnot a good look. phe's the league mvp. phe still can't do that. p>> romona: but i remember plebron didn't shake the hands of phis opponent once. p>> tony: that was the magic. pbut lebron, and he talked about
4:37 pm
pbut you always have to be out pthere taking what you do then is pteammates. pyou're the leader. pand lebron has always been a pfriend, even in the toughest of plosses. p>> romona: okay. plet's talk about the broncos. p>> tony: peyton manning. p>> romona: i told you the pdefense, i've never seen defense plike that. p>> tony: incredible. pyou picked the panthers. pi picked the panthers. pi didn't think peyton would find pthe end zone. phe almost did. eyton manning, you don't even pneed to spend 5 million anymore. pgive him the kiss after the game pand peyton saying this as well. pfamily. p>> tony: okay. pso he has reportedly a big stake pin anheuser-busch dealer down in plouisiana. p [ laughing ] p>> romona: he does. phe just seemed like the average pguy that you would want to go phave a beer with. pvon miller. pmanziel actually tweeted out a
4:38 pm
pthey play together, i hear. p>> tony: von is a few years polder. pjohnny sent out this. pit's a basic tweet and basically pit says at the bottom you robably can't read it but it psays champ. pvon miller was the game's mvp. pvon followed up. pi retweeted. pa deeper heart felt message to pjohnny manziel on instagram. pa few more characters. pbasically saying, listen, get pback to being the johnny that pthe ago es know and love. pyou can be here in two years. phash tag love. pvon miller has had a couple of pscrapes. p>> romona: so i read. p>> tony: he never fractured a pwoman's ear drum. p>> romona: we should all psupport johnny manziel. pwe would go and support him. p>> tony: we have supported him. plet's be real if these claims pwith this affidavit, if this is
4:39 pm
p>> laura: yes. p>> tony: that's obviously -- p>> romona: not a good look. p we do have an interesting plook here. pyou think eli manning would look pa little happier after his pbrother won the superbowl. pbut cameras caught him looking pkind of sad. plet's take a look. pyou can actually see manning -- pthe whole manning family as eli pstands there with a somber look pon his face. p [ laughing ] p>> mark: we don't know what was pgoing on in his head but it pstill caught everybody -- p>> romona: i know what was pgoing on because i watched the pcbs morning news and peyton was pon and he said eli is just like phim. phe's so worried. phe's not going to be applauding. p>> mark: yes. pexactly. p>> romona: until it's over. phe was so nervous. p>> mark: even when he won a pcouple, i don't think he was pjumping up and down. p>> romona: it's just his pdemeanor. p>> mark: yes.
4:40 pm
pincluding continuing coverage of preports out of dallas that pjohnny manziel ruptured his pex-girlfriend's ear drum during pa fight over another woman. p plus a teenager has been pcharged with murder in the death pof a student at kent state. pit happened at an off campus papartment. pwe'll tell you what the school pis doing to make sure other pstudents are safe. p and we're also talking about pthose speed cameras. pa lot of drivers don't like pthem. pbut a cleveland 19 special pinvestigation has uncovered panother reason to slow down. p and a new smart phone app to pthe rescue.
4:41 pm
p. p all right. pthe roadways are slippery. pthe windshield wipers had better pbe in good working order. pand we're looking at vis pvisibilities now that have
4:42 pm
pmore like half a mile. pi'm on 90 headed inbound pwestbound. pjust pass 306. pthere you see the sign or maybe pyou can't through the camera pthrough the windshield. pthere's a lot of snow flying out phere. pfreezing. p32 degrees. pso a lot of this is coming down praindrops mixed in. proadways. pthat gets mixed up for anybody pthat tries to pass you, and that pmeans vis ikts ibilities are reduced peven more. p90. pi'm going to turn my things back pto my colleague jeff tanchak. pjeff, we're just in the places pyou said would have snow. pbut, of course, both of us have pthe cleveland 19 weather app. pand so we can know any time, pright? p>> jeff: that's exactly right. pmake sure you customize it to pyour neighborhood as well. pyou get right down there on pstreet level. plet's check out the seven day pfocus. pthe low to mid 30s we have out pthere right now, this is going
4:43 pm
phave coming up here. p32 tomorrow. pand not much snow. pjust some flurries. pbut then tomorrow night and then pwednesday, that's when the plake-effect is going to kick in pas temperatures continue to pdrop. pin fact, this 26 on wednesday is robably going to be the morning phigh. pwe're going to be falling to the p20s. pthat's the next alert on pwednesday. psnow, wind, wind chills are pgoing to start to drop below pzero for sure wednesday night $% pand thursday with a high of only p15. pwe're going to have lake-effect psnow around. pnot everybody will be seeing pheavy snow. pbut in those favorite areas pwhere it sets up just a heads pup. pfriday, 17. pand look at saturday. p11 degrees for the high. pthat's going to be the worst of pit. ptemperatures holding steady psaturday night with more snow pshowers. pand then sunday we could sneak pup back closer to 30 there on pvalentine's day. pso it's looking dry on sunday. panother system next monday.
4:44 pm
paround here this week. promona. p and still trending today, pbetty white dabbing the p94-year-old actress did the opular dance that cam newton is pfamous for in a howard director psuperbowl opening. pwhite says she taught cam peverything he knows. p>> i believe that. p>> mark: okay. pwell, only one person did steal pthe show during the superbowl phalf time performance and none pare in this video.
4:45 pm
p. p well, finally a story that pwill make you happy. p>> mark: it will. pthis video. p>> romona: look at him. pfolks all over the internet pdubbed him the dancing dad as he pbusted the move behind d.j. mark pranson during the pepsi half psome call him the real star of
4:46 pm
p>> mark: yeah. p>> romona: to each his own. p>> mark: if that's your dad, pthough, now you have a story pwhen you go to work or go back pto school. p it's the second week of pheart awareness month. pit's why we're wearing red. pup next at 5:00, we have the platest on taking care of your pticker.
4:47 pm
weekend because temperatures this week will drop into single digits. >> talk about shock to system. snowy afternoon, and we were store for a little bit more tonight. jeff has the first look at our forecast. >> yes the good thing about the snow coming down this afternoon is that temperatures have been above freezing. so that means just wet roads out through. we get one up two inches on the grass. let's check out first doppler max here. worst of the snow at least for
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