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tv   Cleveland 19 News This Morning  CBS  February 9, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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we start out with this story at 6:00 this morning. the teen accused of pulling the trigger in a fatal shooting near kent state university is expected to face a judge today >> brian: the voting started in new hampshire overnight, and ohio governor john kasich is off to a fast start. >> tia: by this time tomorrow, you can have anywhere from 2 to 10 inches of snow on the ground live. it appears that old man winter is going to start making up for a lot of lost time. good morning.
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>> thangz for joining ut. i'm >> brian: . >> samantha: yesterday's snow wasn't enough to cause issues. and this morning your commute in should be fine in terms of the weather. laura will have a traffic update momentarily. we're in the low 30s. you might find you have to get out there and scrape a little bit of snow or slush off the windshield. we had sleet from time to time yesterday, today, so it might be a little more slushy than snowy. either way, you brush it off really quickly. it's not tootoo cold. we're just right under freezing. low impact weather this morning. you can see we have a lot of clouds and a few spits of snow
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south of dover, but there's nothing going on this morning. we have the upper 0 ands lower 30s. 30s. you're looking at temperatures in chardon, northern geauga county and lake into ashtabula. these are areas that by the end of the day tomorrow could see upwards of a foot of snow. the highest totals in p.a. we time it out for you straight ahead. >> laura: we're looking good in terms of the weather for the morning commute this morning. of course, watching very carefully tomorrow from what sam is talking about, maybe to give yourself a head start as well, you can set that alarm clock a wee bit earlier. out there i don't see any worries hanging up your day at all. we're starting off fine and we
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we see a lot of green across the map. 6:02 right now and almost 6:03. that's if you leave the door on time. across highway 480 from 77 to 271, nothing but green there. 60 miles per hour. staying mostly up to speed. no reports of slowing down over broadway. look the drive times. strongsville to cleveland, mentor to cleveland 28 minutes out the door. 27 minutes from elyria to cleveland. canton to cleveland still under an hour, 57-minute commute up 77 >> brian: through of the smallest towns in new hampshire have counted all the ballots right now. right now john kasich is tied for lead. >> tia: don't crown thim yet. the three towns total 36 votes. kasich along with ted cruz and donald trump each have 9.
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it's tradition for them to open polls at midnight. mother primaries in new hampshire don't open for another 25 minutes. historiarily the person that wins the primary wins the party's nomination. you can get updates on the phone your cleefd 19 mobile app. it's a free download. to get the alerts turn on notifications. a 17-year-old boy from stowe is expected in juvenile court this morning. >> brian: police say he shot and killed a westlake high school grad who is a westlake freshman. it happens blocks from kent state's main campus. that's where we find nichole vrsansky. students and their parents are really shaken up by this tragedy. >> nichole: it's devastating, brian, as you mentioned.
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18-year-old nick massa here tonight on the kent state campus at manchester field. that's scheduled for 9:00 tonight to pay tribute to him. he was a freshman here at kent state. we're told he had a heart of gold, a contagious smile. just graduated last year as you mentioned from westlake high school. he had just joined a fraternity here, alpha ta ow omega. the account already has $6500 saying that's a tribute to the kind of person massa was. he was shot and killed sunday afternoon in an apparent robbery at the ryan place apartments. a 911 caller said three men in bandanas broke in and demanded money. kent police say one suspect shot mass at that. kremling is a 17-year-old stowe high school student. he's scheduled to be in court teed today.
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portage county in juvenile court. back to you in the studio. >> brian: an investigation continues it twinsburg. website item ler removed the photos and they are finding who uploaded the pictures. with cases like this, teens who sent sp received the photos can face serious charges. >> viewing that is a crime. viewing a picture of a child in a nudity state is a crime. their receipt of this material, knowing receipt of this material has now put them all in hot water. >> brian: teenagers caught sending and receiving nude photos can face up to eight years in prison. in more serious cases they may have to register as a sex offender. >> tia: we have new details into what could have happened during a domestic dispute
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ex-girlfriend. "the dallas morning news" reports the browns qb hit his ex-girlfriend so hard she has temporary hearing loss in her ear. call olleen crowley says he hit me with his open hand in the left ear for jumping out of the car. i realized immediately i could not hear out of the left ear. julie leggett is with the domestic violence advocacy center this cleveland. she understands why a woman would not turn in the abuser. she says when women feel threatened and felt a cold hand against their face, there's a real fear of retaliation. >> if he would have been arrested, he would have been out in a short amount of time. so then you bring up the fear of, is he going to be put in jail? is he coming back after me? >> right now manziel and his
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he's expecting to be cut by the broins. >> brian: this is worse and worse by the day. on this show i expressed some compassion for manziel because of his addictive issues, but if this is true, then, you know, he needs to be locked up and that should be the end of him and he shouldn't be playing in the nfl anytime soon. even if some team -- there's just no excuse for this. >> tia: no. even the nfl is supposed to have a no domestic -- >> brian: they will take a harsh stance with him if -- >> tia: if it's true. that's right. >> brian: if you forgot where you put your snow shovel, you may want to search for it today. sam. >> samantha: you have to dust that open, the scraper. we haven't had much need for that. you kind of push it all off, right? we've got some snow on the way from tonight through tomorrow. by the time it is all said and done, a couple inches of snow in cleveland, aurora, fairlawn and
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chardon, you could see 8 up to 10 inches of snow. some of you out east could see some slightly higher totals than that. i'm going to time it all out for you when we come back. >> tia: it's not just snow. there's some heavy rain and strong winds causing trouble this morning on the east coast. next, we show you what this man is a minivan was trying to do when he rammed the car in front of him and then hit a woman on the sidewalk. that story and much more when "cleveland 19 news" returns. stay with us. i've smoked a lot and quit a lot, but ended up nowhere. now i use this. the nicoderm cq patch,
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release technology, helps prevent the ur to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time that's why i choose
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camera in the baltimore area shows a driver trying to flee the scene after hitting a woman with his van. take a look. in total three people were hurt during the attempted escape. the driver was arrested on charges of assault with intent to murder. >> brian: well, i made the mistake of looking at my investments yesterday don't do it. keep an eye on the stock market, though. japan's stock market plunged by more than 5% after europe's market tanked on concerns about the global economy. on wall street yesterday the dow was down by 400 points. it eventually bounced back and finished down 177. the nasdaq was down 79. near blizzard-like conditions are whipping through parts of the northeast. this is incredible video from the massachusetts coast. wind gusts peaked at more than 55 miles per hour along with
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communities along the atlantic there are dealing with coastal flooding this morning. look at that wind, sam. >> samantha: i know. >> tia: even the dog is barely holding on. >> samantha: i know. >> tia: needed a jacket. >> samantha: i know. those little shoes that you get for the dog, i can see brian rolling his eyes. >> brian: i am not. they're not rolling at all. >> tia: i agrees that that dog needed a coat. so sad. everybody needs a coat in cleveland. >> samantha: today, tomorrow and it gets worse by the end of the week. we talk about this big arctic minutes. it's not too bad right now. 30s. so actually a little bit above average for a february morning. no significant steady snow out there, but i may run into a few flurries early on. certainly not as active as it was this time yesterday. it won't be. today will be quiet during the daylight hours. breezy, chilly. a few passing snowshowers or flurries today. total accumulations no more than
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that for the daylight hours. 34 for a high temperature, so notice our numbers really don't move much. then tonight we drop back into the 20s, and we got the lake-effect snow machine going. this is a simulated satellite and radar as early as 6:00. your evening commute could feature a few snowshowers which may be heavy on the east side and out into the snowbelt. lake-effect snow continues into tonight. here's a model at 1:00 in the morning. we continue it through tomorrow morning. still showing that lake-effect snow. tomorrow morning's commute may be a little tricky, especially on the east side even into the afternoon. we still have snowshowers out there, and those will continue off and on through your wednesday night. so how much snow are we talking about from tonight through tomorrow and into tomorrow afternoon? again, i think it's my snowbelt folks who are the big winners. the model is spitting out eight inches for chardon, but some in
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potentially up to 10 inches. there could be isolated higher totals. the bulk of it, the heaviest, the highest accumulation is out in pennsylvania. as you get farther west into our forecast region, about an inch or two, norwalk, mansfield, cleveland, i'm not sure why the model is spitting out two inches for that. that's a total turn-around, and i'm not sold on that. i think we go higher by the end of the morning on thursday. potentially up to 4 inches of metro. total impact here, we want to about how this weather will affect you. snowy roads, especially out east tonight and tomorrow. maybe looking at some closures and tlas tomorrow particularly out in the snowbelt. you have to plan ahead for that. and then maybe some slippery sidewalks as well through week's end. it's so cold the stuff doesn't met. 26 tomorrow and 12 tomorrow night and 18 on thursday.
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even get above 15 degrees. it is going to be so cold, and with the wind factored in, guys. it will feel well below zero all through the weekend. >> laura: that is really cold. boy. of course, on a day where so many people are getting ready to go out for a nice dinner with your sweetie, going to need to be one bundled up a bit. we talk about warming the cars up before you hit the roads in the mornings, too. we had that break where it was so warm outside, not typical for different. back at it and warm up the car a little bit if you get a chance to hop in and take a drive. this is i-90 at hilliard. not an issue in sight there. that's the same thing all across the maps right now. not seeing any worries, a little bit of yellow by the steelyard. drive times are still on time. down in akron, say story through cuyahoga falls on route 8. 77 looks gooded to north.
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slowing down over 480 up towards 490 on into downtown. perfectly on time. we are all in the green on all of our drive times. 28 minutes from elyria, north olmstead to cleveland, 18 minutes and far from rush hour. at 6:32 we look at the ride up 71 in towards downtown. guys. >> tia: look at this. laura had her fill. what kind did you have? >> laura: the chocolate mousse. >> tia: it was good. brian is holding out. >> brian: i have held out so far, but we want to thank angelo and this is from calasas's cake and pastries. they make all kinds of special cakes and sent these to us back in the card it says happy paczki day. they're on ridge in parma. this is a big tradition, of course, as fat tuesday, the
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people load up on paczkis. q. mccray is at rudy's bakery in parma. nice to see no powdered sugar on your suit jacket yet. >> q.: not yet, brian. what a difference 30 minutes makes. when we were live there were 12 people in here. take a look at this crowd now. the line's literally out the door. 50-plus people here at rudy's strudel in parma. when there's this many people in serve, there has to be a direction here. this is what they do. every single customer that walks in here gets a flavor lists and there are 28 to choose from from apple to apricot. they're doing it up big today including the breakfast of champions. this right here is the potato and cheese. these paczkis has been to belong
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i'm going to make sure i don't drop these. let me close it up for you nicely. this is megan and melissa from westlake. they're here bright and early, dark and early. so they've been waiting literally for five, ten minutes now? you ordered so many. >> we ordered about 70. >> q.: is that enough? >> no. is there such a thing? >> q.: right. they're so good. i mean, is it worth waking up this early? yes. >> q.: talk about that. >> i'm pregnant, and it's definitely worth it. they're that good. it's worth it. >> q.: yourself? >> this is my first time coming. i got my first one last year from her, so i had to come and get all the cream-filled ones. >> q.: i notice really quickly if you see through. she has apple. you're doing it up big today.
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lovely ladies at rudy's strudel are working hard. thank you for your time and congratulations on the new addition. we're making friends todayment it's fat tuesday. mardi gras and paczki day. it's a great day, and you have a blast at home. back to you at the studio. >> brian: look how crowded it is in there. >> tia: i know. it's like an event. >> brian: it's really cool. >> tia: q. needs to eat up. come on, q. >> brian: he's have a paczki. >> tia: was it the savory kind, one with the sausage. bring one back for everybody. lebron james did something for the cavs last night he has not done all season long. >> samantha: he's not a bad kid. he's a stupid kid that did a stupid prank. >> brian: what this teenager
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>> tia: time is 6:24. a practical joke not to funny. they tossed a live alligator through a wendy's drive-through window. they're facing assault with deadly weapons charges. gator. >> brian: nothing cheap about the cavaliers win last night. they destroyed the sacramento kings at the q. 120-100. lebron finished with a triple double, the 40th of his career. kyrie lead all scorers with 32. big game at the q tomorrow, kobe bryant will play in cleveland for final time. the countdown is on. we're less than ten days away from indians pitchers and catchers reporting to goodyear, arizona for the start of spring training on february 17th.
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21st. if you're looking for opening day tickets, february 29th. that's when single game seats become available. opening day is april 4th. that's a monday. first pitch is at 4:05. hopefully it's not snowing, because we've been through that here before. >> tia: a lot of snow, right? time is 6:26. it's tough to think about spring on a morning like this. there's snow on the ground and a lot more on the way. sam will have an update with the nasty week of winter weather ahead. i said it with a smile, but i don't know if everyone at home is smiling about it. >> brian: i don't think so. speed cameras replaced by what's called dragon cameras. what exactly are they, and why
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i've smoked a lot and quit a lot, but ended up nowhere. now i use this. the nicoderm cq patch, with unique extend release technology, helps prevent the ur to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time that's why i choose
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>> brian: more information is coming out now about the alleged physical confrontation between browns quarterback johnny manziel and his ex-girlfriend. >> tia: the voting began at midnight in new hampshire, and you may be surprised when you hear who is sitting on the top of the leaderboard this morning. >> brian: watch out. some places could get anywhere from 2 to 8 inches of snow by tomorrow. big winter storm is on the way. >> tia: that means you better find that shovel if you haven't already. good morning. it's tuesday, february 9th. i'm tia ewing. >> brian: i'm brian duffy. we get to sam roberts in the first alert weather center with the forecast. beautiful out there now, sam, with the snow everywhere. we're going to see more snow, too. >> samantha: yeah. it may be piling up in some areas late tonight and through
6:24 am
this is your first alert that we're going to be contending with snow through the evening and into tomorrow as well. this could have big impacts, heavy snow in our lake-effect areas. windchills really chilly tomorrow and into thursday, but bitterly cold for the weekend. i even think, you know, tomorrow there could be some issues where we're seeing delays, school closings. we want you to think ahead. there's nothing posted yet, but got to plan ahead in these situations. travel in the snowbelt could also be impacted tonight and into tomorrow morning. so want you to go slow out there. right now we have no major issues at all. the snow that came down yesterday for the most part did not stick to the roads because it was so mild out there. the road temperatures were mild as well, but certainly it's out there on the grass. it looks pretty, though, right? we talked about how it looked like a christmas card. there's no snow falling and a few flakes out there and that's the story today from time to
6:25 am
on again/off again flurries and a few passing snowshowers through the day. temperatures pretty much hold steady in the low 30s throughout the day, and then that snow, that lake-effect machine getting going for tonight. we will talk about it all coming up in just a few minutes. no snow to ruin your drive this morning, right, laura? >> laura: we still stay up to speed on all the highways across the area. we're not seeing any slowdowns. mostly in all green, a little 19-mile-per-hour marker just by the steelyard, but your drive time is still okay if you use that section of 71. no slowdowns from strongsville and north olmstead and any other areas using 71. up 71 pars the airport over 480 there. whether we're in the green, we're staying on time. through linndale no slowdowns there. the teency bit of yellow and red there as you swing through the steelyard. it doesn't slow down the drive time. we like to see that. strongsville to cleveland, out your door in strongsville.
6:26 am
28 minutes mentor to cleveland. elyria to cleveland, 27 minutes down i-90. canton is less than an hour with a 57-minute ride guys. >> tia: you may have seen police trying to catch drivers speeds out there. they stand on the harvard bridge and use a special device calling dragon cameras. they track your speed and take pictures of your car. if you're going too fast, you get that picture in the mail along with a speeding ticket. we checked with newburgh heights police. these dragon cameras they're using will ticket you at 14 over on the highway. that means 14 miles over the speed limit. 10 miles over on ordinary roads, and 6 over in a school zone when signs are flashing. >> brian: we're joined by cleveland 19 reporter paul orlousky working the story. can you still fight this in
6:27 am
if you go to court, you can ask for a trial. if you get a trial, then you say, all right, i want the officer who ticketed me to come or the prosecutor to prove that this camera is working properly and been calibrated and was working fine that day. if there's nobody there from the company who made the camera and maintains the camera, you can say exactly what a lawyer told me to say. your honor, since no one appeared to authenticate the photographs i object for lack of foundation legally. basically, if the picture is thrown out, they have no evidence to convict you. >> tia: in terms of dragon cameras, do they get around senate bill 342? is anything going on to plug the loophole here? >> there's a couple of ideas. i talked to state senator tom patton yesterday. one idea is a per capita idea. there's 2200 residents in newburgh heights, less than 200 in linndale where there's another speed trap. they can say two per resident.
6:28 am
heights and less than 400 in linndale linndale. maybe about ten times more than linndale. >> brian: right now this is perfectly legal to do, and they'll tell you it's not a cash grab. >> yeah, okay. >> brian: it's for safety, but it's legal? >> absolutely. that's exactly what it is. it was a loophole in the law. here's another odd part about this law. all it requires is for the officer to be there. for example, in linndale, the officer doesn't have to watch. he can be in a shack doing a crossword puzzle. he just has to be there. the camera has to be manned. doesn't have to see you go by or anything. be there and you're ticketed and get a nice surprise in the mail a month later. >> tia: i would think someone in terms of the legal system will fight this. it just seems wrong. >> the state legislature probably is the place. there's another idea they're talking about in changing the law and trying to plug the loophole, and that is to say that only a certain percentage of your city budget can come
6:29 am
the city budgets, 50% of it -- >> brian: linndale is more than that. it's 80% or 90%. >> there's 175 residents there and they give out thousands of tickets. >> tia: that's ridiculous. thanks very much. we follow this story as well this morning. a stow teen faces murder charges for the death of a kent state university freshman from westlake. >> brian: just tragic. 18-year-old nick massa was killed during a robbery at the ryan place apartments right on east main street. this happened on sunday. nichole vrsansky is live in kent for us this morning working the story. good morning, nikki. >> good morning. nick massa's adviser on campus describes nick as someone that lit up a room. she said he had a contagious smile. there was a vigil planned for nick tonight at 9:00 at manchester field right here on the kent campus. the westlake high school grad was killed on sunday afternoon in an apparent robbery at the
6:30 am
a 911 caller said three men in bandanas broke in and demanded money. kent police say one of those suspect, ty kremling, a 17-year-old stow high school student, then shot massa. massa had just joined the alpha tau omega fraternity, and those who knew him are not only in shock but deeply saddened by a life so tragically cut short. >> the news is very numbing. you don't want to believe it would happen to anybody or a kent state student or student you had one on one interactions with. there's so much potential and so much more for him to do. >> nichole: and the brothers at alpha tau omega set up a family. already generating over $6500 in just a short one-day period. now, the suspect in this case, ty kremling, is a stow high
6:31 am
elbe arraigned at 9:00 a.m. at portage county juvenile court. live in kent, nichole vrsansky. back to you in the studio. >> tia: we're 20 minutes away from new hampshire primaries opening. three small towns submitted a combined 36 votes. ohio governor john kasich has none of the votes in a three-way tie with ted cruz and donald trump. the polls don't close in new hampshire until 7:00 tonight. we will keep you updated as the day goes on. you can get the updates on the cleveland 19 mobile app. >> brian: earlier in the show we told you the latest on johnny manziel and his alleged domestic incident with ex-girlfriend colleen crowley. "the dallas morning news" released a police affidavit in which crowley said manziel hit her so hard she had temporary hearing loss. that entire affidavit is available on now, manziel is getting support from super bowl mvp von miller.
6:32 am
in an instagram post after the super bowl miller said, quote, two years ago they counted me out. two years from now, you can do the same. the post has 33,000 likes. >> tia: okay. >> brian: listen, i hope johnny gets it figured out, but if he actually hit this colleen crowley -- >> tia: that's wrong. >> brian: it's more than wrorng. he should be in jail. he's to go directly to jail. >> tia: support all you want, but if he did that, who cares about your support. >> brian: that's nice to support your bud, but if he's hitting women that's inexcusable. >> tia: time is 6:39. video of what a carolina panthers fan did after his team lost in the super bowl is going viral today for all the wrong reasons. sam. >> brian: oh, no. >> samantha: speaking of carolina, you notice this carolina blue shade on my snow map here. this is a lake-effect snow watch in effect for lake, geauga, and ashtabula counties from tonight
6:33 am
we could pick up up to a foot of snow in some areas. my money is on northern geauga county, but we have to wait for the bands to set up, okay? the highest totals are out in pennsylvania, but during this time we could have some travel problems. i'm going to time it all out for you straight ahead. >> brian: next, today is the day for paczkis, pizza and pandas.
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>> brian: take a look at the tower this morning.
6:36 am
gras, fat tuesday. celebratory colors. this is the feazel roof cam as you look at downtown cleveland on a tuesday morning. here's live pictures from bourbon street. evidently it is not the city that never sleeps. >> tia: look at the cleanup. >> brian: they have some cleanup to do out there. they have big parties scheduled all day today as well in new orleans. >> tia: that guy is stumbling down bourbon street. >> brian: somebody call me a cab, please. >> tia: uber. >> brian: he'll be okay. some great video from this smithsonian zoo in d.c. it's america's favorite panda beybey. she's learning how to climb a tree. yesterday on animal planet here we saw her fall out of a tree. today mom is helping her up the tree. mama bear giving her cub an encouraging boost, and isn't that cute? >> tia: you said animal planet. >> brian: did i? >> tia: yes, you did.
6:37 am
talk about -- that's great. really it's good. the motherly instinct is there doing what they can because we read the story yesterday about the -- what kind of bear was it that the mom wouldn't even raise it? >> tia: the mom was done with it. the polar bear. >> brian: nora, right. >> tia: little nora. so sweet. >> brian: beybey has hey mom that cares. >> tia: we all need moms that care, you're right. >> brian: you do. i know. i met her. >> tia: no, you didn't. >> brian: yes, i did. at progressive field. >> tia: oh, you're right. you're so right, yeah. she talks about you every day. tell her hi. >> brian: i'm sure she does. >> tia: she does. she watches. >> brian: this is our cue to be quiet. >> tia: oh, my goodness. >> samantha: good morning, the time is 6:45. i love to hear the stories. i didn't know brian met tia's mom. i think she watches our live
6:38 am
mom watching early. we're at 31 in cleveland, 31 in akron. our cooler spots there mansfield, 28 degrees. terminal tower is lit up in the background. it's a nice, quiet start for us. really no steady snow or anything like that. if you look farther south, southern carroll county a little light snow there and a few flurries from time to time. no major problems for most of today. we should be pretty quiet. 7:00, cloudy with flurries and flurries or snowshowers at the noon hour, and then flurry or snowshowers possible for the ride home as well. now, we start to get closer to that evening commute time frame, and that's when the lake-effect chances really start to climb. especially tonight you want to watch jeff this evening starting at 4:00. he'll follow it all for you. he has live radar updates as we drop to 23. it will be blustery tonight, cold, and, of course, with the lake-effect snow through the evening, and it doesn't stop
6:39 am
we continue with these lake-effect snowshowers. 26 degrees tomorrow, and another blustery day. so with snow on again/off again tonight through tomorrow, you probably wonder how much are we going to see? so you know out in lake, geauga and ashtabula counties, we have this lake-effect snow watch in place. most of us will be somewhere in the middle of that. chardon, the model wants to give you about 8 inches. you know especially if you lived here a while that it depends on where those bands set up. so we're going to be watching that very closely tonight and into tomorrow. i think we'll have lower totals back to the west. you know, a look at that 4 inches possible around mansfield. some of this will set up inland. you know how lake-effect is. we have to watch it closely. i have squeaky shoes on this floor this morning. 26 for tomorrow, 18 for your thursday with, you guessed it,
6:40 am
we will do it all over again on friday. it is going to be really cold every day from thursday through the beginning of next week. hey, we always want you to think ahead. early morning model runs showed more snow next monday, so something else to watch. >> laura: another day to set those alarm clocks a little earlier to try and get out the door a little earlier. it looks like we have more of that this week, too. tomorrow worrying ahead for tomorrow. i already am. this morning's commute doesn't look bad. we have a tuesday typical morning commute. no accidents or broken downs or major accidents or broken-downs across the area. no troubles driving up 77, and look at the map. we're pretty much all in green out there. so that's easy breezy to start off your tuesday morning. not quite to rush hour yet. we're moving towards it, though. 12 minutes away until 7:00. there's avon, avon lake and keep going through westlake. look how fast we go. every car is in the green there
6:41 am
you see that little bitty yellow there right towards the split with 71, 490 and 90 headed towards the inner belt bridge. the rest of that commute is not bad. for the drive times, there they are, mentor to cleveland and north olmstead to cleveland, 19-minute drive for you. 28 minutes from elyria to cleveland. you meet in the middle there. in akron to cleveland it's 38 minutes right up 77. tia, brian, over to you guys. >> tia: too bad we don't have mel smell-a-vision because as soon as we uncapped these paczkis, the smell is just amazing. they're from colassa's on ridge road in parma. thick make picture cakes, special occasion cakes. they do it all. thank you for sending these right? >> tia: look. too bad we don't have a before and after, because i mean they're just diminishing. people are trying to take them
6:42 am
helping. you can tell you're clearing the plate. >> these paczkis, this is how we celebrate fat tuesday in cleveland. q. mccray is at rudy's bakery many parma for the festivities. what's going on there, q.? >> q.: it's also on ridge road. how about that? things are busy here as you can see. this is a work area. we're behind want scenes right now. you notice the blueberry paczkis. they have the apple ones, lemon ones and even some strudel, right? it's rudy's strudel after all. they're getting all of these paczkis ready for -- take a look at this. all of these people, 50-plus people in in bakery right now. all here for lydia's lovely paczkis. this has to make you feel proud, right? >> these are the best people ever.
6:43 am
cheryl is one of the babuscka sisters. is it fun anywhere are like this this morning? >> q.: how many will you sell? >> from thursday to today we're looking at about 65,000. >> q.: what? >> it's my super bowl. this is it! exactly. clearly, i have eaten a lot of them and drank a lot of coffee. >> reporter: you have a deejay in the background. this is my special hero right here, caron. he goes around the clock. >> q.: thank you for all your hard work. everybody here appreciates it, and the food is just amazing. again any last sell to the people at home why they should come down here? >> this is it. after today that's it. we have 40 days of lent, 40 days until then. >> q.: so much going on here today. come on down and join the fun. in the meantime, back to you guys in the studio. >> tia: i don't see any
6:44 am
>> brian: q. has been working really hard. he's eating well. >> tia: he's on a diet like the rest of us. morning. so it's paczki day. some people call it, and also known as fat tuesday and it's bagel day and pizza day? >> brian: and laura said it was pancake and chocolate day. >> tia: i think people make it up. >> brian: we have to spread 2 here. we don't get it all on one day. >> tia: you need some of that. you need to be packed on maybe a little plush, as i like to say, because it's cold out there. you need a little cushion for the pushing. i don't know what to say. how do you say it? >> brian: we'll leave it at plush. >> tia: you know what i'm saying. sam feels me. >> samantha: eat as many paczkis as you want, because the more layers you got the better especially this weekend. temperatures getting into the single digits this weekend.
6:45 am
to get through the snow tonight and tomorrow. lake-effect is on the way, and it could cause some problems including travel issues. so get out there and get your paczki today so you don't have to go out in the snow and get it tonight. we'll talk about your forecast
6:46 am
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now it's time for "the buzz" sponsored by national carpet mill outlet. >> brian: 6:5 on your tuesday. the broncos beat the panthers in super bowl 50. well, this video now is going viral. it's a panthers fan taking his anger out on his tv. >> touchdown! >> [ bleep ]. >> tia: what?
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