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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  February 9, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning. it is tuesday, february 9th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." voting is under way in the inauguration's fefrt presidential primary. we're in new hampshire for its make-or-break republicans. a mavis storm in the northeast. huge waves flood the coast. and c b a company that claims to find symptoms before they appear. your world in 90 seconds. >> your wife is disgusted with
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she said i'm leaving. i don't give a damn. you've got to get out to vote. >> new hampshire voters head out to the polls. >> i hope new hampshire tells america we've got to move this country in a different direction. >> they picked john kasich over donald trump in the republican race. >> this bus is headed to south carolina. >> a powerful storm batted all of new england. a tour bus crashed on i-95. >> another winter storm packing snow, strong winds, and bitter cold is moving from the ohio valley. two regional planes crashed head on. 30-foot waves hit royal caribbean's "anthem of the seas" off carolina's coast. >> oh, my gosh. >> they tried to move food
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>> dramatic video of a california gas station with the roof collapse. earthquake. >> all that -- >> what else do you do after you win the super bowl? you head to disneyland. >> every time you come here, you still feel like a kid. >> johnson gets it. >> -- and all that matters -- >> michelle and close friends of guy. >> i can't remember ever seeing the president and first lady doing a live television interview on television. >> you know why, scott? it's never happened before. >> no matter who, they were rooting for him. or in the case of his brother ee confused. >> can we see that again but with the sounds turned up a bit. >> announcer: this morning'ss presented by toyota. let's go places.
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ome to "cbs this morning." the polls are open in new hampshire for today's first in the nation primary. some officials predict a record y clinton arrived at a polling station in manchester minutes ago. she's trying to drum up last-minute vore cast in the tiny town of dixville knox. three votes to two. john dickerson, and major garrett are all in the granite state. they begin coverage in bedford, new hampshire, with what's at stake for the republicans.. >> good morning. as you see behind me, they're lining up. not only is trump favored to win but the poll margin
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or more. if they fall short it could look like a loss. vying for a protective cocoon for second or third place. a distant fourth or worse could be a penniness ands place. >> this is sort of our final lovefest, all right? if you're going to get hurt and if like a maniac, do it tomorrow after you vote. >> and proved he still hasn't mastered the art of presidential decor rum.g this shoutd insult about iowa winner ted cruz. >> she said i never expect to hear she said [ bleep ]. that's terrible. tear snoobl what rrible
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>> what did cruz do to deserve he sidestepped a question about waterboarding. jeb busch's $100 million war chest has yet to make a dent. >> he's like a child. he'sild. jeb is a lightweight, a total lightweight. >> he fired back thatrump is a. >> he is a liar. >> we're very confident that we'll be eating gumbo and wearing >> marco rubio who's gotten criticism for parroting again hit the repeat >> we know how hard it is to
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in the 21st century it's been teach the values in our church at home and at church. >> this very busy polling place is in bedford. just south of manchester. it was the best city in all of new hampshire which means trump,, kasich, and marco rubio should do well here. gayle, here's why. experienced campaigners know that up to 12% of voters in theresidential primary decide who to vote for while standing in line. >> thank you, major. is the heavy favorite to win the democratic primary. the latest poll gives him a 26-point lead overn. she's doing whatever she can to start a come back. nancy cordes is in manchester d to voters. good morning.
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she's campaigning right until the end. she would not make any predictions about the outcome of this race, but it would bedifficult for her to make up the kind of ground she needs to to win. hillary clinton expressed optimism this morning, even though she's trailing by doublee polls. how are you feeling about a comeback? >> i'm just here to thank all of so hard for me. >> it's selfie time. >> spooked by her narrow win in iowa and trailing by double digitse a flurry of campaign stops monday while its head. >> we have a first chance to
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i think he understands the young >> sanders is eating into one of clinton's constituencies, women. >> do you think it's because of her second time running? >> i think most of them eitherhat was done before doesn't have any impact on they're lives now. >> clinton attempted to flip the>> i was kind of amused just the other day. senator sanders took about $200,000 from wall street firms. not directly but through the democratic campaign >> the sanders campaign called preposterous. >> i'm here today to ask your revolution. thank you all very much. >> no matter what happens tonight, sanders rolls out of a very different candidate in a different position than when he came in here. he now has secret service
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limits his spontaneous style, ut also lends him the aura of a major presidential candidate. >> thanks, nancy. "face the nation" mon rater johnn new hampshire. john, good morning. >> good morning, charlie. >> let's talk about the attack on clinton first. heattle but is he going too far? >> perhaps when he talks about the sexism in the sanders that can be a little distracting. they want secretary clinton out there fighting for all those votes. but on the other hand when he says something a little controversial, it's a nice way to get it into the blood stream t directly. >> how important, john, is the ground game in new hampshire and will jonld trump do much better did in
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>> ground game is much more important in caucuses than in primary, it's a little harder to you have to go ow and work the voters a little more. it was more favorable. so in new hampshire things are looking much better for ere's lesser lines and it's closer to the one he likes. >> it looks like the race for second has intensified and where many set. >> it's the race. did marco rubio take a hit because of his difficult debate ose three gunners who have been gunning after him, did they take him down or if rubio does better in he can say, hey, i took all of that and survived. >> do we know anything in response to the voters?
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as a lot of people thought hi might did but we know the polling in new hampshire as is often the case with a lot of you have to be karelful about it. you've got to wait for the voters. >> could this be a big night for the votersn kasich? >> he could. he sort of did it slow and steady and he has the resume. if people startok at him, he's worked in washington, he's a governor. if he has a strong showing here he has his moment to argue he's themp and cruz. >> john, a nice long day for you today in new hampshire. we'll be watching. for the first time former new york mayor michael bloomberg isg openly about a presidential campaign. he told the financial news all
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we went on to discuss the 2016 race. he called it an outrage and insult to the voters.tributor bob schieffer is back from new hampshire and he'll give us a unique look at the roll they play. hi, bob. that's ahead right here on." the weather could impact voter turnout. northeastern states are bracing this morning for another w new england saw blizzard conditions yesterday. they created swift conditions for commuters. the new storm will dump snow and rain stretching from washington,chblt don dahler is in plymouth, massachusetts, with the dangerous conditions. >> massive waive s ves, blistering and piling snow created a dangerous mix that pummeled coastal communities across the no 1,700 homes lost power in the second blast of winter to
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>> snow's going to be in your face. it's going to be horrible >> wind gusts hit 65 miles per hour on the massachusetts coast whipping up waves nearly 26 feet high and poundings. streets flooded in parts of nantucket and scituate. >> you've got to respect the water and know when to leave. >> didn't know how bad they were. they're hitting the back of the house, the water's coming down through the boards, through the looking good. oh, man. >> reporter: at least six areas in southeastern new england saw blizzard conditions, close to ten inches of snow falling in just her stretched to the jersey shore where cared slogged through flooded roads. in connecticut a charter busashed on a snowy interstate 95. at least 30 people were hurt. the violent storm led to
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the northeast. last winter, employ mulkt was snow. it started slower this year. i'll have to tell you when we got there last night the snow was blowing horizontally and the waves were crashing so hard, the entire building was shake. gayle. >> thank you so much. news in germany. at least nine people were killed the morning when two commuter trains collide head on. that i say 150 passengers werehere. the crash site is next to a river. rescuers had to use boats and helicopters to reach the injured and many so far officials are not saying anything about the cause of this crash. tens of thousands of refugees are hoping to lajd in turkey this morning afterin the civil war. government troops have surrounded them in aleppo where
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the balance.long the syrian border near where the refugees are massing. holly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. syrian regimeed to less than 20 miles from here. on the other side of this border are 30,000 refugees who have nd now there are fears that thousands of refugees in aleppo could also be they ran to the border with their children and a few belongings, desperate to flee we have planes over us, rockets. we're dying, said this woman. it's been five years of living under bombs. have allowed regime forces to advance rapidly. the regime has already captured
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and now looks close to taking eppo, sewer yoo's biggest city before the war began. we can't independently verify these video us by they appear to show the death and devastationir strikes. he is a spokesman for a syrian trying to hold off the regime in aleppo. he told us his group has received weapons from the u.s. but that to protect their main supply route which they've now lost to the regime. the russian warplanes are much more sophisticated and modern than the syrian ones h eus. they're targeting civilians to try to force them to leave the country. if the syrian rebels are completely defeated, that would ia in the hands of either isis or the regime,
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bombed its own people. really disturbing. border, thank you. a cruz ship is making its way backng caught in a storm in the sea. it faced massive waves and winds can you machlkt imagine.n is there where the ship is due back. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the "anthem of the seas" is orrow. four people suffered minor injuries but the damage to the ship did not affect its eing said, some are questioning why did it leave in the first place knowing there was a large storm in the .
7:18 am
caribbean "anthem of the seas" and whipped chairs off its deck.he massic deck reveal it. >> it was kicking in water from the >> reporter: passenger george sycip says they were ordered to ride out the storm in their state room sunday. >> you could hear thegainst the hull. metal twisting and banging all night long. it was scary. >> reporter: it's one of the largest vessels of its kind. in a statement then says the wind speeds the ship endured was higher than forecasted. >> when the storm is brewing, you don't goport r . >> reporter: on monday governor nelson criticized them for going out.
7:19 am
whyith a cruise ship with thousands of passengers go sailing right intoeporter: royal caribbean says it will now offer all of its guest as full refund include 50g% off of their next cruise. gayle?erybody's physically okay but that sounds terrifying. >> we're glad. thank you very much. there's a new warning the zika virus could spread in thes. ahead we'll see >> samantha: good morning to you. a pretty quiet drive in weather-wise. a few flurries around but nothing more and a little quieter than yesterday. a few passing snowshowers, too, but the real chance for snow comes tonight. we'll make it to about 34 today. 23 overnight, and lake-effect snow is likely.
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evening commute. so be planning ahead. snow continuing into tomorrow. >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by kay kiss begins with kay. it's the holy grail of medicine, a blood test that can detect cancer in an otherwisent. >> researchers say it's years
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>> tia: good morning. odoleki will be in court this morning. he was arrested in 2012 for blocking a dui checkpoint with a
7:26 am
around. he claims an officer assaulted him before arresting him. with a look at the snowy forecast, here is meteorologist samantha roberts. sam. >> samantha: thanks so much, tia. we start off pretty quiet today. temperatures around 34 this afternoon, breezy and chilly with passing flurries or passing snowshowers. light accumulation is in our forecast for today, but tonight we get the lake-effect machine going, and that will continue through tomorrow. so be careful out there tonight, tomorrow, especially on the east side. a bitter blast, really cold thursday through sunday. some single nif -digit numbers as well.
7:27 am
saturday's republican debate weekend off the rails at about the negative one-minute park when 43% of the candidates failed the important presidential race, can you walksfully to a podium, a task routinely mastered by laboratory mice and frightened s on "tierras." there's three empty podiums.s for elijah, there's still two empty podiums.
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cheering samantha ght's debut. it's called -- i like this title -- "full frontal." stoo it's on tbs. we like tbs too. liquid biopsies could be r detection. is the medicine keeping up with the marketing? jim axelrod talks with the company's ceo in a cbs news vestigation. could the zika virus appear at the mardi gras. time to show you some of this morn's headlines. unsafe tap water could turn up in cities across the nation, not just flint, michigan. old pipes in up to 10 millioncan leech lead into water. there are potentially 100
7:29 am
in the water system but they're not the wall street judge reports report journal " talks about. the widow of isis finance chief reportedly says she was in charge of her husband was away. she's currently being prosecuted in iraq. they hoopering she faces "usa today" reporting there are registered drone operators tates. more than 325,000 drone operators registered with the faa by last friday. in the united states. and the "washington post" report as meteor right might be to blame for a death for the first time in almost 200 years.
7:30 am
on a college campus in india killing a man and injured others. it left behind a 5-foot crater.ll unclear if it's a meteor right or a passing plane or satellite. according to one recent , there are now more than 60,000 on the market. but in the race to profits from this exploding industry, we found some may be promising more than science can deliver. jim cbs news investigation. jim, good morning. >> good morning, charlie. in the fight against cancer, a test to detect a patient shows any symptoms would be a game-changer. best-case scenario, that's still three to five years away. market right now that could give patient as false sense of security about their cancer risk.
7:31 am
in silicon valley a few weeks ago, pioneers pitched the latest and a greatest in personalized health care. >> this has the potential to totally change not just cancer but all of eporter: dr. richard klausner is the director of grail, a company developing a blood test for detecting known as a blood biopsy. >> you could determine if they have cancer. >> that's the holy >> the idea is a great but proving it will take time. >> the answers are not going to be clear until we do definitive and large-scale studies because know not if it sounds good but if it's true. >> is any company saying that that time is now?e the clinical data yet, and we have to get it.
7:32 am
the liquid biopsy market is expected to be worth $22 billion by mpany after a piece of it is san diego-based pathway genomics. it includes peter pace, barbara franklin and newt pathway rads $40 million in its last fund-raising and raised their profile in an episode of keeping up with the hi. >> nice to meet you. >> what caught our attention is the test pathway launched last . >> cancer, intercept deerks text, and monitor. >> reporter: available for $299 claims it could do what others say is years away.
7:33 am
growing tumor in the bodyts may know the symptoms. it's like a cancer stethoscope for detecting and monitoring cancer. >> reporter: a few weeks ago we visitedsk them questions. we just watched a video upstairs. >> right. >> it says the liquid biopsy will detectre. >> may. may. >> that's not what the video says. >> we say may. not will. >> you don't make the claim that you can deintelligente say the inform indication be used to help guide a potential early ter: we also asked plant about this charge showing the advantages of their liquid
7:34 am
solid tissue biopsies. an either either/or, doesn't it? >> no, it doesn't. it's an additional tool in the toolbox. it's one piece of information that helps, you know, guide the ysician/patient discussion. >> while it geesd to have extra tools that doesn't mean we should be using them on our patients outside research >> reporter: pathway kriets his research as evidence their test can detect cancer in otherwise healthy patients. >> i think we're still years away from that >> years. >> years. it absolutely requires thousands of perrin ends and long tell ials. ful the company isn't doeg any of those three? >> i don't think i would order that test. >> pathway has three clinical
7:35 am
started months after the test was put on the market following our interview, pathway removed ts website telling us they had proactively decided to limit our activities with it.mber they were sernlt a letter citing concerns the testdy not have adequate clinical validation and may harm the public health. >> iin your concerned? >> they're concerned and calls this a major health risk because physicians and pating to make decisions based on information we don't fully understand it. they're currently in the process of drafting snu regulations they imemployment i by the end of the year. >> thanks, jim.
7:36 am
of tests luke this on the more reporting from jim axed rod tomorrow on "cbs this morning." a big party in new orleans under the potential threat of the zika virus. is there. >> reporter: it is mardi gras, new orleans. about a million people are expected here and the cdc says ld be in the crosshairs of a new pandemic. we'll tell you what's being down to prevent the zika e heading out the doorks you don't have to leave us behind. you can watch the cbs digital we'll talk about the interview with president obama including the one topic that he says makes him tear up a little
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president obama's asking congress for nearly $2 billion to fight the zika virus.and center is now at its highest alert level in response to the disease. officials warn it could spread
7:40 am
new orleans could be a breeding ground.gnaud, good morning. >> reporter: good morning from bourbon street. i can tell you from louisiana, this is something you want to experience, but federal authorities now say the gulf p and down the south, they could experience the new pandemic, zika. the centers for disease control and prevention say operations center is functions at the highest alert level in the fight against the zika virus. >> 24/7 to understand this process r the principal deputy director for the says her teams. >> it's likely we'll have limited local transmission in some of the southern states. in the have a chance to get ahead of this. >> reporter: the vast majority
7:41 am
which in the u.s. is the southern states. at least 50 cases have been reported in the u.s., in the 12 states and in the district of they call zika a global health threat. the virus is spreading rapidly through latin america and its irth defect microcephaly has led to warnings and travel restrictions for pregnant women. >> any illness that is at might get overseas can get back to the united states.e is one simple way to fight mosquito born illnesses. >> mosquito repel lands are aay. >> reporter: 50 are on the market. brave testers stuck their arms into a cage of 200 disease-free lands.
7:42 am
ones that contained 20% picaridin and 25% diet. editor sue burns says s s 100% of the repel lands that deed are no more effective. n and quite frankly it's too cold for the mosquitos to kaye the zika virus.s we move into the summer months and the mosquitos come out and the concern becomes very real. norah. thank you so much. some candidates are famous for winning in new hampshire. others are famous for flopping look at the first
7:43 am
plus, the photo adding >> samantha: good morning to you. a pretty quiet drive in weather-wise. a few flurries around but nothing more and a little quieter than yesterday. a few passing snowshowers, too, but the real chance for snow comes tonight. we'll make it to about 34 today. 23 overnight, and lake-effect snow is likely. this could even impact the evening commute. so be planning ahead. snow continuing into tomorrow. >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by blue buffalo. pets like family,
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pinellas the intercontinental hotel is getting ready for the gop convention in july. it launched a makeover of the 15th floor of the largest and most expensive rooms there. the upgrades include bulletproof glass, command posts and even original art. the hotel also offers the only rooms in the region that meet guidelines by the secret service. meteorologist sam roberts tracking some snow. sam, what's going on out there? >> samantha: brian, tonight into tomorrow could get snowy out there. for today, breezy and chilly. temperaturing top out around 34 this afternoon. a few flurried or snowshowers and the passing variety are possible today. tonight we start to see that lake-effect really get going.
7:52 am
tomorrow, and by the time it's all said and done out here in the snowbelt, look at that.
7:53 am
it is tuesday, february 9th, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there's more real newse latest on the new hampshire primary. bob schieffer shows us the importance of the poll but first here's your "eye opener" at>> 12% of the republicans decide who to vote for while standing in line. >> she would not make any predictions, but it would beto make up the kind of ground she needs to to win. >> if he has a strong showing here, he will have his moment to
7:54 am
>> when we got here last night the waves were crashing into the building so hard the interiors were ess than 20 miles from here. on the other side are around 30,000 refugees. >> they're expected to dock here tomorrow. some are questioning why the he first place. >> our investigation found one test on the market that could give patients a false sense of security. that you can detect cancer? >> uh. >> everything around the super bowl was just awesome. how about that monkey baby.g my dreams. that should not be a thing, i'm just saying. congratulations, mountain most disturbing mascot as well as the coil of a walking large > i'll charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. voters in new hampshire are
7:55 am
all of the contenders will be in the granite stateto find last-minute support in this crucial race. it is the 100th anniversary in the first of the nation's primary. get through snow on the ground. republican marco rubio was out this morning greeting many of them. >> they took an early leade traditional midnight votes were notched. there were hundreds of thousands to go. the polls suggest trump should win by ten points or more. as a commanding lead in new hampshire. he leads hillary clinton by almost 30 points in the latest poll. she visited polling places in s morning early to reach out to voters. >> the new hampshire voting is personal for clinton.
7:56 am
boosted his candidacy. >> new hampshire tonight has made bill clinton the comeback >> bob schieffer has seen many of these primaries and he's here to look at the crucial role. bob, good >> thank you very much. i also will tell you it was my 11th new hampshire primary. i was out there over the weekend and it just reminded me of love this primary is new hampshire is where you get to learn a little extra about each of the who knew john kasich was the go-to guy in the snowball fight but he throws a mean high hard one. his kids' snowman-making skill on display. hillary clinton found there is a risk to retail politics.
7:57 am
but she and all the rest are finding selfies as the coin of the realm. they've become almost arequirement to get the vote. bernie sanders finds that throwing his coat is a crowd feel like a rock and roll star. >> there is a thing to throwing things. gary hart demonstrated his ills. who knows when a president might have to throw an ax. then in 1988 when they thought george w. bush was a, he put pris prissy, he put on a hat and showed he could drive anything with big wheels. it actually worked. and the presidency where someone else always does the driving. he had to.
7:58 am
candidate gary bower was so anxious to show off his pan , he tossed one so high he fell off the stage. except for his feelings, he wasn't hurt but that was pretty much it for candidate nks may have gotten a little rowdy in the republican debate the other night out there, but at least nobody fell off the stage. >> what's a great is ebb gets ae a presidential candidate. >> exactly. this is a the last stop where voters actually take part. that's the value.reactions. it's grueling. you see stuff like that. you always get a little extra. said one time and i still believe it. lets you down. >> what are you watching for tonight in particular? >> you know, i'm thinking -- i'm guessing that trump is going to win, but i think a little of the air is out offter iowa. when you say you're the winner -- a winner and you lose, that's
7:59 am
>> what about that blushat he repeated from the crowd. >> his use of profanity. >> you know, what's the word, a little disappointing. i mean -- >> it's not nk americans want someone they can be proud of in the oval office. mine if you have to tell the children, i'm sorry, ye to leave the room, i'm not sure that's going to help along the way, but, you know, i thought trump had to be taken seriously from the i missed is that when he would say things like john mccain is a loser and that kind of thing, i thought that it and then the thing with megyn kelly, i thought that was the end of it. i think in a way some of hist so mad, so frustrated and upset with things the way they're going sometimes they don't hear what he says. they're just glad he's out thereit. >> new hampshire could also
8:00 am
>> you don't have to win to be a aur s surprise, which is what i'm keeping an eye on is john kasich. i went to one of his town halls. think about it. the one i day, went out before hand and just sort of went around and asked a lot of undecided. he's obviously getting through. his message is much different than the republicans. he's very positive, talks aboutng people together. it's not my highway or the highway kind of thing. i'm going to guess he's going to do better than some might . >> let's talk about the democratic race. bill clinton, they're saying the big dog has gone on the big ow, in 2008 when he led an impressive campaign against barack obama, some say that
8:01 am
what do you think about hisks? >> i'll say this. the clinton campaign has some problems. obviously i don't think she's going to do well. that's excusablebecause it's next door to bernie sanders' hometown, but she's got to get this thing going. i mean the fact that a guy who'sffice as a democrat is giving her that says something about the strength of the said bernie sanders is a sex it. that might be one step too far. he may be many things. i'm not sure he's a sexist. this thing is going to be rowdy and i wouldn't be after new hampshire if there's not some kind of a shakeup in the clinton race. >> let's talk about that. there's story that she's lookingptions. let's talk about mike bloomberg. you talked to him. >> i talked to him about a couple of weeks ago.
8:02 am
probably knows more about this than i do.f the record. publicly about it. i'm not breaking any rules. he told me he's going decide a month whether he's going to do it. i think it's looking more and more like he will. >> he's looking at the he doesn't have to decide until march. >> the question now and i think a lot of people are going to be talking about it. who does he help and who does he the race. >> his comments about the level of discourse is an outrage and discourse to the voters. >> i don't disagree with rybody agrees with that. bob schieffer, thank you. love it. a great to have you here. cbs news will bring you the republican debate from south carolina.
8:03 am
that's 8:00 p.m. central right here on gail. it's 8:09. we're looking live over cleveland and looking at 480. it's 30 right now at the airport, so really not too bad in the morning for this time of the year. in the 20s. most of us are try, but as you get out towards seneca and ottawa counties, there's a little bit of snow there moving into put-in bay. hey, we have lake-effect snow likely tonight, but during the
8:04 am
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one of this year's biggest hits is called uptown funk. you know the words. and singer bruno mars could bring home record of the year for this song.coming up.
8:09 am
uptown socialfor three.ter: that opening is unmistake able and so bruno mars.ho gave "uptown funk" to groove to stay on the top 100 for a record 14 weeks. sometimes forgotten is the song actually belongs to the guy sitting on the front of that whitely moe. >> it's sitting dead yone knows who they're talking about. the tall guy. >> the tall guy is producer mark ronson. it was his album uptown special he hit song that featured bruno mars. the album is nominated for three grammys.
8:10 am
word "funk" might be kind of lame. >>ll it "just watch." my guess is if you went up to ten people and said who's song is "uptown funk" you would sayrs. does that bother you? >> no. i would have been just as happy if we had produced it for bruno and done as well.e a name for himself producing amy wine house's critically acclaimed 2006 album. "back to black" won fives. he recalls the casual conversation about winehouse's family that led to their biggest hit. >> we were working around so ho in new york where my old studio e said, yeah, and they all came over to my house. i said what happened.
8:11 am
me go to rehab and ino, no. >> reporter: ronson said he was unaware at the time how troubledly was. the oscar nominate ed d dock men tray about the abuse that ended in the tragic end. >> i watched it. >> how was it to was difficult to watch because it was like watching an old friend. >> reporter: it led to him woman, adele. >> she intimately seems so grown tear not just in her voice but she knew what she wanted.
8:12 am
songs for her latest album "19" latest smash, "25." but it was working with royalty sir paul mccartney that made him the most nervous. g rolled in one. you have to get over it because you've got to be on your toes. reporter: these days he's settling into the new found fame and that it may be hard to top thes like where did that come from. that joy and inspiration that you really love and then fine tuning the living heck out of eporter: for "cbs this morning," ben tracy, los angeles. >> that song is still so catchy. you can watch the 58thammy awards in los angeles monday night at 8:00, 7:00 central.
8:13 am
just watch. i think that could be good forrning." don't believe, just watch. >> like that gayle. i like it a lot. >> i do too. >> that song got everybody up off the i bei seems to be following the old proverb. if at first you don't succeed, try, try, again. see whatant panda tryings to climb the tree again under the watchful eye of his mom. >> look. she's helping him. >> i know. morning." es a lot of work... to run this business. i'm on the move all day long... i just don't eat the way i should. that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bonesprotein to help maintain muscle.
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with unique extend release technology, helps prevent the ur to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time that's why i choose nicoderm c bei bei the giant began kun tried to climb a tree in ke his first attempt, he got stuck. fortunately his mom mei xiang was there to help bei bei get down. >> it seems like any mother we >> that's right. i'm going to help you. mama's here. president obama carries his work very close. >> put something in your pocket that was given to you. do you have anything in your pocket? >> no, no, no.
8:18 am
what does he have in his pocket?e from our conversation in the oval office
8:19 am
>> samantha: good morning to you. let's get you out the door. most of us are dry. we're right around the upper 20s and lower 30s, so it's not terribly cold. in fact, it's actually above average this morning. but definitely a little chill in the air. ottawa county, good morning to you out into put-in bay and port clinton and marblehead and into benton, we have light snow in the areas. most of the us are problem-free in the world of weather this morning. it's a breezy, cloudy and chilly day and temperaturing around 34 this afternoon. not a ton of movement in the temperature department. now, things start to get more active tonight and into tomorrow. this is your first alert that we're tracking lake-effect snowshowers tonight and through the day tomorrow. it may be heavy at times.
8:20 am
tonight into tomorrow morning could cause some travel problems especially out in the primary snowbelt where a lake-effect snow watch is in effect.
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e back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, we continue our one-on-one conversation with president obama at the white house. you can see this is on the wayce right after we had done the live interview with the president and mrs. obama. we're walking and my feet were killing me butg. you're walking with the president of the united states. we're going get his take on presidents like donald trump and bernie sanders shakingo replace him. >> >> were they those purple boots?
8:23 am
they're cute but what's growing girls online, plus how to balance teens online.ght ahead. britain's "guardian" reports on a record-breaking year for shark attacks in 2015. one ofrable is when a surfer fought off a shark that. was one of 98 provokes last year. 59 were in the united states. experts say humans are spending more time in the ocean near "the new york times" reports on concerns about changes in a college admissions test s.a.t. they say the reading package as harder. that will hurt students who have not been exposed to a lot of reading or speak a different lanch at home. new york's daily news reports on beyonce using anairbnb during her super bowl stay.
8:24 am
the reported cost, $10,000 a night. the home features and a vanishing edge pool, but i ain't mad at that. i expect her to stay some place nice. i understand that that's where she's staying. >> it's expensive, i get it. i get it. >> yes, okay. >> charlie? >> of coursethe "los angeles times" says you." they have given up their claim to the popular song. it allow those who pay for the to recoup some or all of their money. there's a report an man getting dozens of texts from free chipotle burritos.
8:25 am
to anyone who texted a six-digit number. more than 100 textedington area lawyer with a similar number. he tweeted a picture of the text. he will get apparently free gift cards from h, boy. >> and he'll probably keep his number, right? we spoke with the president and the first lady at the white house on sunday right before the then we walked on over to the oval office. these are the president's final months and he's more reflective about opening up, how the role t stresses him out when it comes to the future. >> i'm curious about how the prez sidency has changed my basic character is unchanged and michelle and close friends of mine who have known me for years would say he's the there's obviously some hard won wisdom to overcoming challenges,
8:26 am
maybe it's just a well as having been around the track a while as president. you lose that fear. you lose that sense of what if wrong because there are going to be things that go wrong. >> it's a thrill to be in the oval office, so i can't imagine what it's like for you every day. and you've had a lot of here. i won't name the list, but you do have something that stands out in your mind that you said that was a really good day in the oval office? >> recently the visit with pope >> of course. >> where we had a chance to share thoughts and prayer. you know, he's something who is eeply cares about vulnerable. >> you know, one of my favorites, there's a picture of a little black boy rubbing you think it's ella rhodes. you're litting her. i love the shots with the kids. >> i love getting on the ground
8:27 am
and they're unrestrained so around, they'll take out all the apples out of the bowl and set them in various places and then put them back.rol. >> some of them don't know you're the president which is always nice. not many can say that. >> yeah. >> if we said a year ago the people leading in new hampshire are bernie sanders and donald trump, what would you have said a year ago when you heard that? >> look.d have been surprised and yet i always have to remind people that this is really early in the process. passions. as the process goes on and they see how peoplenk they recognize this is a pretty serious job and you've about got
8:28 am
the job is somebody who has the to lead the country and not just that. >> when you came in the office, i'll never forget the video of itting there cheering you on. really all around the world and the message was hope and change. therer were a lot of expectations your voters had, . do you think you met those expectations people had for you all those years ago? >> when you're in the middle of it, it's hard to get i had a list of things i promised i would do. i check that list every so often to see how we're doing. i've done a lot of them and i'velmost all of them. and so i feel pretty good about being able to march what i saidomplish with what has been accomplished. i mentioned in the state of the union one of the things i regret is that i haven't been able
8:29 am
exists in washington and my hope is that as i am not on the ballot again, that i cano getting people to step back for a moment and say, you know, we're on the same team here. >> every day i hear that you put that was given to you. do you have anything in your pocket? >> no, no, no. i always have -- >> i heard there's cool things. >> no.harms that people have given me along the way and they rotate. >> and every day you have something. >> so this is a little picture of the lady ofupe that a latino elderly woman gave to me. she was imploring me to get immigration laws this is -- this is rosary beads from pope francis. >> i'll take this. thank you. >> we're going to leave because i know you have to go to the super bowl. one more question.
8:30 am
you're going through major stress in terms of what people think of stress. job change, daughter going to college. >> yes. >> which is most stressful? >> not even close. malia going off. that will make me twe're not going to talk about that on camera. >> we're not going to tear up. thanks so much. >> he's like, get out of here. ou can hear, we were standing by the fireplace. by the fifth minute you get real hot. i knew if i said can we move, went about 15. i said can we do one more? >> what's interesting, two more, one is the list. i'd love to see the list and ly ly he said i hope to contribute after he leaves. i wonder how he hopes to they have some ideas but
8:31 am
time. they have some ideas. >> it was a good question about those mementos he's carried in his pocket.ts inspiring people. it tells you how what happens in the oval office when you meet the interesting people and world leaders affects some of the most leaders. >> one day he had bruce springsteen's guitar pick. i said i would have liked to have seen that. i appreciate that time. >> what does the oval office i know what it reads. >> yeah. the ark of history bends justice. the mlkhas a bust of him too. we didn't have time to get into >> samantha: thanks so much, nora. it's 8:39 now, and we're looking at a little bit of snow out there in ottawa county. most of this is pretty light,
8:32 am
visibility in some areas west of sandusky. heads up if you are in sandusky, this is headed in your direction. again, this is just snow moving through put-in bay and port clinton. we have more snow in the forecast for tonight. most of the day just cloudy and chilly. lake-effect tonight, and i'll
8:33 am
i used to think there wasinny. apparently there's a lot of things. >> my hairline is weird. >> my toes are huge. >> my nailbeds suck. >> i have really bad breath in the morning. >> >> from power struggles like in the movie "mean girls" to apgst d with new challenges.
8:34 am
girls to the seven transitions into adult th their parents' permission girls opened up to us about the issues they're facing ss has always been a big issue to me. >> it's kind of hard to balance everything. out the future. >> what are we doing. >> everything is so competitive. >> i think teenagers get a bad rap from the old generation. >> i feel when i discuss taboo with my parents i'm >> it's not reality. >> i feel like a lot of girls feel pressured to look a certain way and act a certain way. there's always a pressure to have a perfection that no one has. >> people judge a friendship on how longou are have to keep posting on instagram. thing. >> my biggest challenge i'm i want to do with my life. >> kind of scary thinking that
8:35 am
off on our own. >> e'er single second of every single day i'm dream and what i want to be and how i can mark my place in the world. >> lisa, good morning. >> thanks so much for having me. >> thanks for writing this book.. you write, i'm here to tell you your life with your teenage daughter doesn't have to feel like a tangled mess. what are some of the challenges?resting. one of those things they said is true. adults. there. i wrote this book to bring order to chaos and to say there are patterns here, there are reasons for why girls do the things they do and i think sometimes the dults don't try to understand them as well as they can be understood. >> you say sometimes
8:36 am
grade. >> we cannot find the cure for the seven lgt d look at this, how do i use and abuse social power switch flips before the should i use and abouse social power switch flips t the essence of a teenage girl's mind and sense of self as a teenager? >> you know, i think they're trying to manage so much at ese girls, there's a lot of stress. you know, they're trying to manage inside stuff, outside stuff. i think they want to be respected by adults. they want to be respectediends. i think they juggle far, far more than they get credit for. >> what do they need? >> i think they need to be think the whole point is so parents can understand their daughters because when you have understanding you can have a working relationship. >> you see men and boys. >> i do. i dodo they have the same kind of issues? >> you know, i this i in the broad scheme, yes. i think the basic challenges of e for boys
8:37 am
think i they play out in different ways. i think one of the things that comes up when we look at the research is when girls arediscuss it. when boys are upset, they distract themselves and that really pulls things in directions. >> i want to read some of them, the statements from girl to adult. we can talk about those.oining a new tribe. parting with emotions. entering the romantic world, and caring for herself. joining a new tribe. gayle was >> we were talking about that. social media, they're not addicted to technology but each other. >> that's right.d made that point. i remember being a teenager and getting home and getting on my corded phone for three hours and doing homework like and that and watching technology. they have better technology to do what all teenagers want to do.
8:38 am
teenagers pull away from you and they will, take it as a personal rejection. that's something that always floors a mother when you're sr. close and all of a sudden she's acting nasty, not nice, mean to to you but nice to everybody else. that's normal. >> it's normal. i think parents do take it personally.ters have broken up with them and that's very painful. the way to think about it, girls are separating and they want to e they leave the house. >> it reminds me of what the president said about his teenage daughter is going away to college and he said i can't talk it's heartbreaking. >> and it's so painful because often the girls are so good to go, so ready to go. you have the kids going out the door and the parent holding back's a tough moment for those parents. >> i like what you said about the difference between popular and powerful. >> yeah. one of the things we see when we drill down on the research is that often when a kid sayspopular, what they
8:39 am
powerful, that they make other kids kun comfortable or nervous. so kids want to beso they're not the target. so when they come home and say someone's popular, i think it's really popular to say is she popular or powerful? do kidses like her or are theys about her and to take popularity off that pedestal a bit because what we see when we look at the research is the most happy kids have one or two you as wise about adults as you are children? >> i do take care of grownups. i was really lucky in my t all of it. a lot of times i'm taking care of parents which is a real honor for me to get to do. >> lisa, please don't leave without giving me your phone ght. untangled depose on sale today
8:40 am
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like ainhad coicosroid once yr asma iwellcontlled yo docr wi dece ifou can st breand escre a differenasth conol dici, li an halecortosteid. do notake eo me th escred. see ur dtor youasth doesot irover ge wor. ask yo docr if4-ho bre coulbe aissi pie foryou. s if u'religie fo
8:42 am
>> samantha: all right. the time is now 8:55, and we are tracking a few snowshowers for today. now, i think the snow during the day will be pretty hit or miss. it's not going to be like yesterday where we had fairly steady snowshowers. 34 will be your high temperature this afternoon. it will be breezy and it will be chilly as well. i think the cold has got me a little tongue-tied. we also have snow to talk about for tonight. the snow that we see this evening is going to be more on the steady side. we're looking at lake-effect starting this evening around evening commute time frame and continuing overnight and all through the day tomorrow. our futureview snowfall map trying to give you about 4 to 8
8:43 am
chardon, but are bands set up with heavier, more persistent squalls, we have higher totals than that. as you get forth to the west
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