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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 4PM  CBS  February 9, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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p. p live from cleveland's news pcenter, cleveland 19 news starts pright now. p>> mark: we don't get to do pthis very often, but we have psome great news to talk about phere early this afternoon. pwe first talked about it today. p>> romona: an amber alert is pover for three boys in lawrence ptownship and police say the pstark county children have been pfound safe. pthey say the boys disappeared pwith their mother yesterday. pno word on where the children pwere found. p also nasty weather pnationwide as a winter storm pbrings snow to massachusetts. pblizzard-like conditions were preported in that state. p>> mark: yes. pand here at home not quite as
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pdefinitely some snow out there pearlier today. pand jeff more snow and cold air. pcold. p>> jeff: here it comes. p>> mark: cold air on the way. p>> jeff: serious. pit's going to mean business for pthe rest of the week here. pnow as you know as this colder pair comes in and it gets deeper, phere comes this. pthe lake-effect. pnow, here is the latest from the pweather service. pwe have lake snow advisories pthat will kick in tonight for plake and ashtabula county. pit's a warning for geauga and pinland county. pobviously the warning that's pwhere we're expecting the pheaviest snow to occur. pand believe me, it's even going pto send through until tomorrow. pright now we had light snow pmainly in the southern part of pcuyahoga county. pthis is steadier snow as it pmoves through. pnothing too intense right now, pbut we do have that alert for ptonight and tomorrow for the otential of heavy lake-effect psnow that will be setting up as
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roducing dangerous wind chills pstarting tomorrow night. pcurrently we got upper 20s right paround 30. pwe're down to 26 in mansfield. pand the wind chills right now paround 20. pso these are met pretty puncomfortable. pjust you wait. pwe'll have minus signs with pthose wind chills coming up here pin the next few days. plet's head outside with denise pzarrella live in the storm pchaser checking out road pconditions. pi don't think it will be too bad pbut it's going to get worse as pthe night goes on. pdenise. p>> denise: yes, jeff, you preally hit that nail on the head pthere. pin fact, we are traveling pwestbound here along the shore pway. pi want to show you what i am pseeing right now. pwe saw a few flakes flying in pdowntown cleveland. pbut now as we head into plakewood, really not -- nothing pfalling from the sky at all. pwe do know, though, that odot is pgetting ready for the snow event pthat you talked about, jeff. pthey have 80 trucks and drivers pin cuyahoga, lake and geauga
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pthe clock now on 12 hour shifts. pthey'll be treating and salting pthe roadways to make sure that, pof course, everyone in their pcars gets to their destination psafely. pthe morning commute, well, pthat's going to be a different pstory. pwe'll have another live report pcoming up in just about a phalf-hour now. pwe're driving right into plakewood. pdenise zarrella, cleveland 19. p>> mark: they're on clifton. pthank you very much. p today johnny manziel pdominating the headlines once pagain. p>> romona: this after reports pthat the team covered for him pwhen he came to practice drunk. ptony zarrella joins us now with pwhat the browns had to say about pthis latest report. p>> tony: browns responded pstrongly. pthis is a serious allegation of pall of the reports about johnny pmanziel, by the way, let's face pit, you hinted at this. pthere's a new one every day. pthis one takes a shot at the pbrown's organization. pthis is michael silver of the pnfl network talking about pjohnny's final week of the pseason concussion.
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pyesterday. pjohnny manziel going into what pwould have been a start late in pthe season showed up drunk at ractice on a wednesday. pthe browns lied and said he was pin the concussion protocol. plet me repeat that, the browns plied to try to protect -- and i pwould argue enable this pirresponsible and very troubled pyoung man. p>> tony: all right. pso right now silver takes a shot pat manziel, the browns and the pindependent neurologist that put pmanziel in the concussion rotocol. pjohnny kept raising red flag by pblowing off treatment to go arty in las vegas. phere is what the browns had to psay today. pjohnny manziel came to our pfacility on the morning of pnovember 30th and complained of pconcussion symptom. phe was tested and entered the pleague's concussion protocol. phe remained in that protocol puntil january 12th after being pcleared at that point by the pindependent neurologist. pnow, within the last hour, psilver responded with a series pof tweets. pi'm going to share a few. pfirst he said i've been told
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pthe team facility for a meeting pand notably drunk on wednesday, pnovember 30th. ptwo tweets later he says i'm not pa doctor and can't presume to pquestion the diagnosis of an pindependent neurologist or any pmedical professional. pif the browns say they did not plie about the diagnosis, i will ptake them at their word and i pregret using that word lie but i pstand by my original report that phe showed up drunk at practice pand witnesses believe this was pthe cause of his behavior. pi read into this and say they pboth could be right. phe could have shown up drunk. pknowing what we know now and phave known for a while about pjohnny's struggles. pbut if a player says i have pheadaches, i have feelings of a pconcussion, the team is going to ut him in that protocol. pit doesn't mean they didn't know phe was drunk. p>> mark: very good. p>> romona: we'll have much more pin this in timeout with you, ptony. p>> tony: okay. p we're hearing more about the pzika virus every day, and today pthe concern goes to a whole new plevel.
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pbeen confirmed there is a local pcase. phealth reporter catherine bosley pjoins us now with more on this. pcatherine. p>> catherine: well, yes, it preally is concerning. pwhile it's something most adults pcan recover from just fine, it's preported to cause some babies of pinfected women to be born with pespecially small heads. pthe cuyahoga county woman who phas it was returning home from phaiti when she contracted zika. pthe ohio department of health psays she's a 30-year-old woman pfrom cleveland. pzika virus is transmitted threw pa mosquito bite. pit cannot be spread through pcasual contact but it can be ptransmitted through sexual pcontact according to the cdc. pthe fact that there's a case in pcuyahoga county is enough for pthe cleveland department of phealth to hold a press pconference. p>> we will work closely with pstate and federal partners to do pdrills and testing to ensure pthat citing is happening pthroughout the state to prevent pmosquitoes from maturing into
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p>> catherine: keep in mind she pis talking about the particular ptype of mosquito that spreads pzika yet to be found here in the pu.s. pas the local patient that is precovering, take rest, hydration pand motrin. pit's also advised she does not pget pregnant for at least the pnext six months. pin cleveland's news center, i'm pcatherine pcatherine bosley. p>> romona: kath catherine, thank you pfor that. p joining us now to talk about pthe zika virus is dr. harenberg. p>> mark: you have some zika pfacts for us. pif anything, we want to kind of pcalm people down a little bit pwhen it comes to this. pcan you kind of run through some pof these for us. p>> absolutely. pso i think, you know, typically pwomen who are living here in the punited states are really safe pfrom the zika virus. pright now the zika virus has not pbeen found in any of the pcontinental united states. pand only the women who have ptraveled to areas in the cdc
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pfor giving the zika virus. pright now if you are pregnant, pthe cdc is advising against pgoing to these areas because we pjust don't know right now how pmany people are getting infect pinfected. pof those who are infected, how pmany of them are transmitting it pto their unborn child. pand of those who do transmit it pto their unborn child, we just pdon't know right now exactly pwhat complications the pregnancy pcan have. p>> romona: and dr. aaron pbarrack, let me ask you because pwhen we reported there was a pcase here in cuyahoga county, pthe fear went up. pso what symptoms should people plook for and can this zika virus pbe transmitted through things plike i heard saliva today, pthrough kissing or if someone psneezes on you? pthat is absolutely not the case, pright? p>> that's correct. pso women who have either been to pone of the areas or who have a psignificant other who they're
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pthese areas, those are the women pwho would be at risk during regnancy for developing the pzika virus. pand the zika virus, only about p20% of patients actually show psymptoms. pand there are things that are pvery common and that we can see pwith many things. pthings like fevers, muscle paches, bone aches, headaches, a prash, red eyes or irritated peyes. pso we can see these with a lot pof things. pbut unless you've really ptraveled to those areas or have pan intimate partner who has, pyou're really not at all at risk pfor getting the zika virus. p>> mark: very good. pthank you so much for taking ptime with us here today. pdr. stacy aaronberg to the phospital. p at 5:00 we're going to go to pmedina county where there are no pconfirmed cases of zika, but phealth department officials pthere have started an education rogram to help keep people pinformed. p some other news for you now. pa vigil has been planned tonight pfor the kent state freshman pkilled inside an apartment near pcampus. pthe suspect had his day in court
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pa motion to try the 17-year-old pas an adult. pdani carlson talked to students pwho want to know why they didn't pfind out about this sooner. pdani. p>> dani: well, that's right, promona. pwe spoke to several students ptoday. pobviously they're still shocked pby what happened to nick masa at pthis off campus ryan place papartment complex. pbut they say they were also pwondering why it took the puniversity about eight hours to pe-mail them about what happened. p>> since it happened so close to pcampus and basically the city pand campus itself, they should phave told us. pa lot of people that go here plive off campus. p>> reporter: no officials from pkent state would talk with us on pcamera today, but they did point pout to me over the phone that peven though an official e-mail palerting students and staff pabout the off campus murder of p18-year-old nick masa went out pabout eight hours after the pcrime, they tweeted about the pincident two hours after it phappened. pand the law says universities ponly need to alert students in
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pimmediate threat to the health por safety of students or staff". pkent state says they were told pit didn't. p>> we didn't believe there was a hysical threat to anyone. potherwise we would have taken pthose measures to make people paware. pjust like we don't believe pthere's a threat now. p>> just to know just for recautions to make them feel a plot safer. pa lot of people are away from phome and away from their arents, and it's kind of a pscary thing to hear about. pespecially so close by. pso, yes, i think students should phave known about it a lot more, pand i think maybe kent could phave been a little more pcommunicative. p>> dani: kent police say they pdon't believe anyone is in pdanger for anyone that involved psunday and students we spoke to ptoday seem to believe that. p>> i don't feel less unsafe. pi think it could happen on any pcollege campus. pi think it's just more of a preality check this could happen pany time, anywhere. p>> dani: now, kent police also ptold us today that there are two pother people of interest that pthey're trying to talk to in
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pthey won't go as far as to call pthose two people suspects. pnow, they did also tell us that pthe investigation is ongoing but psay at this point it is a pdefinite possibility that nick pmasa was just in the wrong place pat the wrong time. plive in kent tonight, dani pcarlson, cleveland 19. p>> romona: thank you, dani. p the polls are open and pvoting is under way for the new phampshire primary. pcandidates were out early pshaking hands and that he ey were in pgood spirits about the outcome, pincluding marco rubio. p>> i have great energy. pwe're looking forward to the presults tonight and moving on to psouth carolina. p>> romona: right now trump is pleading the poll and sanders for pthe democrats. pafter tonight, the campaign pmoves to south carolina for the pnext primary. p and still to come at 4:00. p>> mark: target takes a new papproach for a new kid's pcollection. pwe're going to show you exactly pwhat that is. p plus jen picciano.
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pdo you want your make friends penvious when they walk into your phouse? pi'm at the great big home and pgarden show. pit's a tough job, but somebody phas to do it. pcoming up, we'll show you what a
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p. p live from cleveland's news pcenter, driven by don joseph ptoyota in kent, this is pcleveland 19 news. p target is unveiling a new pline of toys that doesn't pander
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pthe new line called pillow ford pincludes more than 1200 items pand replaces long time pchildren's brands circo in that pstore. pthis follow as target's pannouncement last summer that it pwould no longer label its toy paisles. p all right. phere we go. pand, you know, with the plake-effect situation, we just phave to constantly monitor pthings and see how things set pup. pthere's always a little element pof surprise when you talk about plake-effect. pbut we think we pretty much have pit handled here how things are pgoing to go. pfirst of all, we've got the pwind. p21 mile an hour wind there in psandusky. p15 cleveland. p16 in mentor. pwith that wind, that's not only pgoing to produce wind chills pcoming up but that's going to be pthe driving force with plake-effect. pgarfield heights you have four pinches on the ground. pcleveland hopkins three inches.
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pother spots two inches. pand here comes the latest wave pof snow right here. pnot really causing too many pissues. pabout two to three mile pvisibility in this. pthis is not really the start of pthe lake-effect yet. pwe're not quite cold enough. pthis is just an area of some pthrough. pthis is where the temperatures pare really starting to drop pchicago. pwe're still hanging around 30. pview model at 7:00. pnow, my thinking is later on pthis evening, we could see a pburst of some heavier snow in pcuyahoga county which is not punder any advisory or warning or panything like that before the pheavier stuff starts to shift peast towards morning. pso we'll have to see, again, how pthings set up. pbut parts of cuyahoga county i pthink could see about four to peight inches of snow tonight. pwe'll see if that sets up. pand then by morning, the pheaviest snow is going to be
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pa windy night. pnot real cold yet. p24 akron-canton with an inch or pless of snow. plake-effect snow. pheavier stuff east of cleveland. psnow showers elsewhere. pmost spots will see an inch or pless of accumulation. pin the snow belt areas, you pinches. pnow, this is the latest future pview model. pthis includes the stuff tonight pand then through tomorrow. pand it's right here in the phigher terrain. psix inches or more. pchore pchardon, thompson. pthis is by 4:00 gives cleveland pthree inches. pfairlawn even three inches of psnow. pbut we could be looking at some plocalized heavier totals, of pcourse, because it's plake-effect. ptemperatures will be falling pthroughout the day tomorrow. pand below zero wind chills will pkick in tomorrow night.
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pthat will be the morning high. pinch or less of snow. pi think by lunch 23 and then p5:00 down to 19 degrees. pwe have more snow showers on the pway thursday. pnot as heavy. p17 only for the high. psnow showers on friday. p22. pand then this is going to be the pworst of it right here on psaturday. psnow showers, windy. ponly 11. pdangerous wind chills here on psaturday. pvalentine's day still very cold p20. pand then another system arrives pby next monday as we try to warm pthings up. plet's go to traffic. p>> first alert traffic on pcleveland 19 news is sponsored p>> mark: all right. ptake a mental picture of how pwell traffic is moving along pright now. pthis will be a different story ptomorrow night as jeff just pintimated there. pso 77 in and out of the city. pthere you go. pi think we're moving along all pright.
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pit could get trickier as the pnight goes on. p so here today at 4:00, we pare heading to the great big phome and garden show. pit's now at the ix center. pand jen picciano joins us right pnow. pthose were some comfy looking pchairs you had there, jen. pwhat's going on? p>> jen: i know. pi had to pry myself out of that, pmark. pbut i did. pand i came over here because i pwanted to talk about something pcalled the sea shed. pforget about the man cave. pthey have already had their day pin the sun. pthe sea shed is having their pmoment. pcheck it out. pa lot of moms need a time and lace to get away. pthey can't go down to the man pcave. pthey're going down to the back pyard and redoing old sheds in ptheir back yard to create a pspace for relaxation, maybe to pcraft, to get away, to read, to pwork. pcheck out this one that was pdesigned by dez anne. pshe created this for herself. pshe has stuff that means stuff pto her. part, photography.
4:20 pm
pthere's a beautiful light pfixture up here that this would pbe my happy place if i were her. pand, john, if you want to take a pwalk with me over to this other pone, we are affiliated with psusan g. komen and the c shed pnext to me was designed for psusan g. komen. you can pactually buy this as well. pthey wanted to make this one a plittle more attainable. pall of this stuff is repurposed, pre purposed stuff that you could pafford and you could do pyourself. pwe're going to be making our way paround the great big home and pgarden show, and we'll be back pcoming up at the bottom of the phour. p>> romona: i love that. p>> jen: you need win, don't pyou? p>> romona: can you find those pwarm, roasted cashews out there. p [ laughing ] p>> romona: that's what i always pget. p>> jen: i can smell them from phere. p>> mark: a little cinnamon. p>> romona: looking forward to pgetting out there.
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p. p now it's time for the buzz psponsored by national carpet pmill outlet. p>> mark: well, listen, in ptoday's buzz, we have a mayor pblasting a queen. pi can't believe this. p>> romona: yes. pbut first a popular rapper who phad death at his doorstep last pnight. p>> mark: actor and rapper dms pcollapsed at a hotel parking plot. pthis according to tmz. olice called to the scene. pthey found him lifeless. pafter a minute of cpr, his pulse pdid come back. phe took a white powder substance pbefore collapsing. pfamily members said he had an as pmack pma attack. p beyonce took the spotlight
4:22 pm
pthe mayor said her formation was pan attack on police officers. pher new single has many issues pwith the black community, pespecially police brutality. pand beyonce misused her platform pby performing the hit. p the oscars have a way to pcrack down on the long pacceptance speeches for thank pyou and the producers, and the roducers introduced a thank you pcrawl at the luncheon yesterday. pthe idea is that a ticker would prun at the bottom of the screen pthat would list all of the eople who worked on a film or phelped the winner's careers who pthey want to be mentioned by pname. pso producers say many stars poften struggle with trying to pthank everybody in 45 seconds. p>> you noticed our producer said pin our ear, click out of this, lease. p>> mark: move along. p>> romona: we're going to take pour time. p>> mark: good idea. p a floor idea with an
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p. p the use of red light and pspeed cameras in traffic penforcement has drawn the anger pof many of you in cleveland eople took to the streets pcalling for city leaders to ban pthe devices. pwell, they listened and the pcameras were taken down. pbut they are still used in some laces, like lynn dale and pnewburgh heights. pnow there is a new tool for pgenerating tickets. pthey are called dragon cameras pand are a way to get around the pcameras. pto check your speed. pso we asked are they all about psafety or maybe about generating prevenue? psome answers. p>> i was very surprised. pi couldn't believe it. p>> paul: we had to go to our pcontrol room to find someone
4:24 pm
pin the mail. pone from a light. p>> $150. pyes. plike i have money to throw away plike that. p>> paul: she never saw an pofficer. pbut to be legal, senate bill 342 prequires that an officer be pnearby to witness the offense. plynn dale claims its officer pobserves violation ths from pbuilding. pit has smoked windows and signs pthat doesn't allow anyone to see pif an officer is actually there. ps when we checked, someone was pinside but wouldn't answer pquestions. pthe cost of having an officer pwitness every violation is the preason most cities have stopped pusing traffic cameras. pmichael pmike allen is an attorney that aid $2 million in refunds. p>> these municipalities are pfinally going to get the idea pthat people hate these things. p>> reporter: now there is more pto hate. pthe dragon camera. pso sensitive it can record speed pdozens of times a minute and
4:25 pm
pso clearly that tickets are psimply mailed to violators. pto steal a phrase, you click it pand get a ticket. pit can also beat laser jamming pdevices that some people use and psee through tree limbs, wires pand fences. plaw enforcement tell you they're pabout safety. pothers say they're about prevenue. pnowhere is that new true than in pnewburgh heights where rush pcommuters and drivers regularly psee an officer on the side of a proad, an overpass or entrance pramp using a camera. pwe say that's cameras because pthat's what they're told. pour sources say they instructed olice chief john mcjoy to order pofficers to write all of the pspeeding tickets they possibly pcould. pthis is a daily duty report and pthere's a spot for officers to pwrite their dragon cam pwe're also told there's a threat pthey'll be demoted to part-time pif they don't write tickets.
4:26 pm
ptraffic cameras get money. p>> paul: the camera moved from art-time to full-time. phis salary went up. pby far the highest in the pcounty. p>> we're going to generate from pthe speed cameras about p$600,000, which would be robably about 20% of our poverall budget this year. p>> paul: in the meantime, the poft pofficers who are generating the pincome are the lowest paid in pthe area. pan officer tops out at $15.75. art-timers make less. pwe analyzed records in newburgh pheights and found there were 25 pcrashes on i-77, about two a pmonth. psimilar numbers on harvard where pthere was 27 crashes. pso are the cameras preventing paccidents? pit's hard to tell. pon 77 before the dragon cam, pthere were 18 accidents after pthere were 7. phowever, the statistics are plikely skewed by the fact that pthere were several snowstorms in
4:27 pm
p14 of the 18 crashes occurred pduring snowy january, february p77%. pso are dragon cameras about prevenue or about safety? pif they're about safety, why use pthem in a school zone to simply pticket. pthe traffic camera revenue works pout to about $273 a resident. pnot bad. plike it or not, newburgh heights pis the poster child for the pargument that dragon cameras are pabout revenue, not safety. pin either case, slow down. aul orlousky, cleveland 19. p>> mark: all right, orlo pthanks. pnow the question you're asking. pexactly how fast do you have to pbe going before the officers who pare operating the cameras will pultimately give you a ticket. pi know there's a lot of lure out pthere. pthe answer coming up at 5:00. p the ohio supreme court has psent a lawsuit challenging pcleveland's traffic camera psystem back to a judge to pcontinue deliberation.
4:28 pm
ptoday said the judge must first pdecide whether drivers had to puse the city's administrative pappeals process before suing for pdamages. pa 2014 ohio law essentially pbanned the cameras by requiring plaw enforcement officers to be resent when the cameras are pused to catch speeding motorists por red light runners. psome municipalities are pchallenging that law. p i have to talk about pweather. pi must say, jeff, i opened the pblinds this morning and that psnow was beautiful. pbut you said it's going to get pugly now. p>> jeff: the snow we got pyesterday was a nice snow pbecause it didn't stick to the proads that much. pokay. pit made things pretty. pthis snow we're getting is passociated with colder ptemperatures. pthat's where the travel problems pare going to come in. plet me show you this on the pradar. pthis is generally a light snow. pbut you can see out over the plake now how this is developing, pand this is just the beginning pstages now of the lake-effect. pwe'll switch over to the live
4:29 pm
pand we'll show you first the palert for tonight and tomorrow. pespecially later on tonight. pand this is when travel is going pto get pretty bad. pit's a high risk of snow, pespecially in the lake-effect pareas. pi'm looking at it could be well pover six inches through the pnight and tomorrow. pwind chills are going to get bad pas we get into tomorrow night pespecially. pand don't be surprised if we get pschool closings and travel roblems for the morning drive, pincluding the cleveland area pbecause i think we're going to pget some snow here tonight. pagain, right now it's a steady plight snow. pmedina county through akron. palso in lake county. pthis isn't so much the plake-effect yet. pmore of a visibility restriction pright now. pand we're still around freezing. p32 at burke lakefront airport. pso that's good right now. pwest wind 17. pit's when that temperature drops pbelow 30, like it is here in the pakron-canton area. p28. pthat's when you have to start to pconcern yourself with the snow
4:30 pm
pwind chill of 16 currently in pmansfield. pof course, the cleveland 19 pweather app, this is what you pdefinitely need to get the psevere weather alerts, the pinteractive radar. pyou can see we do drop into the pmid 20s over night into tomorrow pmorning with heavy lake-effect psnow setting up tonight and ptomorrow. phere you see the light snow over pdowntown right now. pwindy as the arctic air pours pin, and that's going to create pdangerous wind chills. pso prepare yourself now. pyou have to dress accordingly. pso we talked about the potential pof travel issues, especially ptomorrow morning. plet's see how the roads are now pwith denise zarrella in the pstorm chaser. pdenise. p>> denise: hey, jeff. pas you described it to me pearlier, you told me this front pwas heading west. pand, of courts se, to the east. pthe further we head west, of pcourse, we are seeing some snow pflying out here. plet me show you what we're
4:31 pm
pwe're now heading into -- we pwere going through sheffield plake. pnow we're heading towards the plorraine area. pthe snow is falling. pthe roadways are now getting pwet. pi'm looking at our car ptemperature gauge. pit says 30 degrees right now. pso i don't think we're really pseeing slick roads right now. pmy photographer kevin is turning phis head back and forth saying pno. pit's not feeling too slick out pthere. pbut as the night goes on and the ptemperatures drop, we're really pgoing to have to watch that. pvisibility not bad right now. pbut, again, the further west we pgo, the more snow we see pfalling. pand eventually i'm expecting we pmight see some accumulation pmaybe in the next half-hour or pso. pso coming to you live along lake proad, heading towards lorraine, pwe'll be back in just about a phalf-hour with another live preport. pdenise zarrella, cleveland 19. p>> romona: thanks, denise. p cam controversy. pwhat the qb is saying to folks pwho criticized his post game presponse.
4:32 pm
p. p welcome back. pthere's a big flowery graphic on pthe board which means it's time pto get back out to the great big phome and garden show now at the pix center. pthat's where we find jen icciano who is finding comfy
4:33 pm
pthe sea shed is very cool. pwhat do you have going now? p>> jen: i want that sea shed so pbad. pi also want this house. pi'm in an urban farmhouse. pthat is the latest and greatest pin development. pi have jason here to tell me pwhat an urban farmhouse is and pwho is building them. p>> well, weaver barns is pbuilding them. pwe call it the urban farmhouse. pit's a little bit of the old, a plittle bit of the new. pit's an 1800 square foot house. ptwo bedroom, two bath. p>> jen: less p>> jen: let's take a look pinside. p>> as we walk in, you see the 9 pfoot ceilings. pit's ship lop. eople love ship lop. p>> jen: it's beautiful. p>> take a look at some of the pfeatures. p>> jen: i want this table. pthis beautiful island here. p>> it is beautiful, isn't it? pit is new wood. pbut does it look old? p>> jen: it does. p>> it does. p>> jen: with just enough charm pto it, right? p>> yes. p>> jen: i love these doors.
4:34 pm
pto fit the track. pthe track -- the old barn doors pis very -- it's beautiful. pit's functional. p>> jen: uh-huh. pnow? pwhere are they building these? p>> what we designed this house pspecifically for is like a city plot. p>> jen: uh-huh. p>> it might be a narrow city plot. pit's only 20 feet wide where plaundry. pit sits on a narrow city lot pwith plenty of functionality. peverything is jammed in here pthat you need. p>> jen: it doesn't feel pcrowded. pit feels extremely cozy. p>> it is roomy. pi think the nine foot ceilings phelp with that. p>> jen: we're going to continue pexploring. pwe'll send it back to you guys pin the studio. p now for a quick timeout with promona and tony. p>> romona: all right, tony, why pare you covering your face? p>> tony: just another day. panother johnny story. pit's just insane. p>> romona: exactly. pi know you get tired of talking pabout him. pbut there's this report from
4:35 pm
pat practice before the season pfinale. p>> tony: do you remember pdecember 30th was the wednesday pof the final week and we were pall stunned. pmike pettine comes out and he psays johnny is dealing with a pconcussion. phe's in the protocol. pwhen did this happen? phe just played great against the pchiefs. p>> romona: exactly. p>> tony: michael silver made pthe claims, one of the most prespected long time nfl writers pin the business. pbut if you look at how the pbrowns responded with their pstatement saying johnny came in pand complained of symptoms and pwe put him in the protocol. pthe browns don't say anything pabout drinking nor could they plegally because of his issues. pthey're not going to address pthat issue. p>> romona: exactly. p>> tony: if johnny came in and psaid i have headaches, they're pgoing to put him in the rotocol. pwe don't know, yes or no, if pjohnny was drunk. pbut silver has multiple pwitnesses, including at least pone former player saying they pwere there. p>> romona: i have no doubt that pwe'll continue every day hearing panother story and another story pabout johnny manziel. psometimes people like to pile on p-- not saying this guy is. pit might be true.
4:36 pm
p>> tony: i think what happened pwas silver was just at the psuperbowl. phe's hanging out with nfl layers. pthis is how things get preignited. pone of the browns knows him and psays he was drunk that day. pand then everything blows up. p>> romona: yes. p>> tony: the browns responded. pjohnny is not going to be here pin a month and we'll move pforward. p>> romona: let's talk about cam pnewton. pyes, i was a sore loser and i pdon't care what anybody thinks. pnot the attitude to have. p>> tony: here is what he had to psay. plisten to this. p>> i'm human. pi never once said i was perfect. erfect. pbut at the end of the day, you pknow, people pick and they do pthings of that sort. pand the truth of the matter is pwho are you to say that your way pis right? pthat's what i don't understand. pwe got all of these people pthat's condemning and saying, poh, man, he should have did pthis, that and the third. pwhat makes you all way right?
4:37 pm
psay i'm a sore loser. pwho likes to lose? pyou show me a good loser and i'm pgoing to show you a loser. p>> tony: okay. prussell wilson lost on an pinterception to close out the psuperbowl. eyton manning lost. ptom brady as lost superbowl. pbasketball. plebron james. pthey hate losing. pthey still stand up and they're pthe face of the franchise. p>> romona: you have to stand pthere and take it and pcongratulate the team that beat pyou and say nice things, even if pyou don't mean it. p>> tony: he swore better there pat that point. p let's go to mark. pthis is going viral. ptalk about a winner here. pucla gymnast capturing heart. pshe showed off serious moves in pa routine doing things like the pwhite, the nae nae, even a plittle bit of dabner.
4:38 pm
phave you heard today is -- olish village. pfans of the fat tuesday doughnut pwaited more than an hour to get ptheir fix. pthey expected to sell 53,000 by pthe end of the day. pthere were a bunch of those in pthe newsroom, i saw there pearlier. p>> jeff: i have pretty strong pwill power. pi walk by it every time. p>> romona: i didn't see any pwhen i got in. pyou guys polished them off. p>> mark: i didn't have any peither. pcoming up next at 5:00, pcontinuing coverage of the pbrowns accusations. preports claim the team lied pabout johnny manziel. pwe heard tony and romona talking pabout that being drunk at ractice. lus the former president of pjimmy haslem's family business pflying pilot j has been charged pinvolving the massive scheme. pand then the local woman pdiagnosed with the zika virus. pwe'll tell you about a local rogram focused on education to
4:39 pm
pthere is no fury like a woman's pscorn when you see the video of pa woman who catches her husband pwith another woman. p>> romona: oh, wow. p we will see you at 5:00. pthat's what i call a t. p>> mark: i'll be watching. p>> romona: what does she p24/7. download the cleveland 19 pnews app sponsored by kisling, pnestico and redick. hurt in a
4:40 pm
p. p i'm denise zarrella. pwe are heading westbound along plake road heading into lorraine. pwe were heading westbound pbecause this is the direction pthat the storm was moving. paccording to jeff tanchak. pan emergency vehicle passing us.
4:41 pm
pthe roadways here mainly just pwest. ptemperatures 29 according to our pcar gauge. plet's go over to jeff tanchak pwith more on how this storm psystem is moving. pjeff, where should we be heading pnow in pnow? p>> jeff: i would turn around pand go east. pa little too far west. pturn around. phead whack back east. pthat's where the heavier snow is pnow, even into downtown. ptomorrow is when the heavier plake-effect snow will kick in. ptomorrow we will see a drop in ptemperature. pthat 27, i believe, will be the pmorning high. pwe're going through the 20s for ptemperatures here. psnow showers and wind and some pof the snow is going to be pheavy, especially east of pcleveland. pmost areas tomorrow i think pwe'll see inch or less of padditional snow. pthat's where the heavier lake psqualls will be. p27 at 7:00 a.m. pnoon 23. pand then by 5:00, 19.
4:42 pm
ponly 17 on thursday with snow pshowers around and wind. pthat's when we're dealing with pwind chills below 0, by the way. psnow wind friday 22. ponly 11 for the high on psaturday. pthat's going to be the worst day pfor the cold. pthe arctic chill. pwe're back up to 20 on sunday pfor valentine's day. pit's looking dry. pbut then sunday night and monday pas we warm up, more snow showers pand wind is in the forecast. pand then some lighter snow pshowers on tuesday. pback to you guys. p after producing the annual pgreat american rib cookoff and pmusic festival in downtown pcleveland for the past 24 years. p>> mark: live nation has now pdecided not to produce this pevent in 2016. p>> romona: that's tough. p>> mark: it is. p>> romona: a great event.
4:43 pm
p>> mark: it's time for a little puseless trivia with me, mark pnolan. phey this, romona. p>> romona: hi, mark. p>> mark: i said hey there, promona. p>> mark: hi, mark. p>> mark: according it a survey, pmost people are scared of what pin their own house. p>> romona: the dark. pdisposal.
4:44 pm
p. p a hilarious answer from a pfamily feud contestant that hit pon the internet. p>> host steve harvey was driven pinsane by one contestant who pkept giving the same answer. p>> what about steve nana? p. p [ cheers and applause ] p>> didn't you say nana? p>> i did say that. p>> nana. p>> and i said nana. p [ laughing ] p>> mark: he calls this moment preally from a recent taping of pthe family feud the greatest ptelevision that won't be seen. p [ laughing ] p>> mark: poor steve.
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