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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 6PM  CBS  February 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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first alert tonight and tomorrow. high risk of snow and we could look at a foot or more. delays. 29 in cleveland and you've got 27 between mansfield and canton teens. boy will that get worse. let's look at the conditions. denise zarrella has been in the storm chaser monitoring road conditions. what's the latest in the 6:00 hour. >> reporter: yeah, hey, jeff what a difference a half hour makes. we headed southeast. we heard your weather report and heard that's heading south and we find even more of the snowfall. and that we did. let's take a live look at the way we are driving. you are looking at back ups now. those are people headed 77
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from the west side. man, the snow is falling, roadways snow-covered and headed north along 77 "w.e." a lot of snow coming down now and roadways are wet. even a little slushy, it looks like in spots here. we know odot is out. we have seen quite a few snowplow trucks and salt trucks that are out there preparing for what could be ahead in the night ahead. reporting live headed into downtown cleveland along 77, denise zarrella, cleveland 19. >> romona: ohio has its first cases of the zika virus. one in cleveland and we learned moments ago one is in starke county. zika virus is a mild illness in most people doctors connect it to a surge in neurological disorders and birth defects, too. catherine bosley has more. >> reporter: we are learning how dangerous it can be for
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made their way to our area and details are coming in on the starke county case we know more about the cleveland case. the cleveland health department held a press conference trying to ease fears and the cleveland woman who has it is a 30-year old woman and contracted it on the way back from haiti. she was on a work trip and known to be transmitted through a mosquito bite. it cannot be spread through casual contact but can be spread through sexual contact. as much as local health experts are saying there's no reason for public alarm they want you to know they are keeping an eye on this. >> we will work closely with state and federal partners to do drills and testing to ensure monitoring is happening throughout the state to prevent mosquitoes from maturing to adult mosquitoes. >> reporter: keep in mind she is talking about the particular type of mosquito that spreads zika yet to be found in the u.s.
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from mosquito season and precautionary testing will begin in may when larva will start to appear. >> mark: this is a new kind of thing. how did she know she had it? >> reporter: she went to the doctor not feeling well. fever and muscle pain and joint pain and even headaches. actually it is 20% of the people who actually feel those symptoms. >> romona: she is doing better now? >> she said is doing better. she needs rest, hydration and mote rain and is advised to not get pregnant for six months. that's what is scary with this, all the birth defects they are finding related to this. >> romona: we will have more on this at 9:00, 10:00 and 11:00 especially the starke county case. >> reporter: it just came to the newsroom. >> mark: thank you, catherine. >> if you look at the graphic areas with active zika virus transmission. people from those areas can get it.
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county, the health commissioner is not taking any chances. >> making sure the residents of our county are safe when they travel outside of the country and return back to the country. that is important for the health of the entire population. >> mark: the health department makes travel packets with info on water quality, food sources and what vaccines to take for traveling. for zika symptoms look on the cleveland 19 news app there. >> romona: johnny manziel downward spiral continues. this time we are hearing reports that the browns covered for him when he came to practice drunk. tony zarrella is joining us with what browns say. >> well, browns are saying there was no cover up because johnny complained of a concussion. i will walk to the desk because we are having issues. bottom line is browns say johnny showed up and said i have a concussion. so the issue is whether or not
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considering his issues browns cannot specifically comment on that and responding to michael sylvia's claim he had a concussion. johnny manziel came to our facility and complained of concussion symptoms. he was tested by an independent neurologist and entered the league's concussion protocol and remained in the protocol until january 1th after cleared by the independent neurologist 12 days after the season ended. when mike pettine came out and said johnny has a concussion, everybody was what? it raised red flags and johnny blew off treatment to party in vegas raised red flags and according to michael silver who complained johnny was drunk on the nfl network, he has multiple witnesses backing him up including at least one player. that does not mean johnny manziel did not complain of concussion symptoms which is what teams have to do and put
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>> romona: when is the first day browns can decide what to do with johnny manziel? almost march 9th. i think they have decided. >> romona: okay. can you look for continuing coverage on our app if you are interested in johnny's sagas. we have police reports there, comments and more. also on our social media pages. >> mark: more indictments now. there wasn't enough jimmy haslam's other businesses. he never faced charges, after three years 8 more pilot flying j employees were indicted one the former president mark hayeselwood conspiracy to commit wire, mail fraud and witness tampering. pilot promised fuel rebates to customers and never delivered. the teen accused of killing a freshman at kent state appeared in court. prosecutors want the 17-year-old to be treated as an adult. police say he shot and killed a
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and dani carlson is questioning student security. >> since it happened so close to the campus, they should have told us. a lot of people that go here live off campus. >> no officials from kent state would talk on camera and pointed out over the phone, even though an official e-mail alerting students and staff about the murder of nick massa went off 8 hours after the crime they tweeted about the incident two hours after it happened and the law says the university only need to alert to staff and students that pose immediate health and safety of students and staff and kent state said they were told it didn't. >> we didn't believe there was a physical threat to anyone or else we would take measures, just like we don't believe there's a threat now. >> precaution doesn't make them feel safe. they are away from home and away from parents and it is scary to hear about especially close by.
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known about it more and maybe kent could have been more communicative. >> reporter: kent police are looking for two more persons of interest of this crime and won't call them suspects. the police also say they don't believe anyone on campus or off is in any danger from anyone who may have been involved in what happened at the ryan place apartments on sunday. students we spoke to seem to believe that. >> i don't feel less safe. it could happen on any college campus. more of a reality check. this could happen any time, anywhere. >> reporter: in kent, dani carlson, cleveland 19. new details coming out today on the water problems in seabring, ohio. dan deroos has results of the 4th round of debt-ceiling. >> dan: romona, you remember the seriousness of the situation in sebring popped up. ohio e.p.a. demanded damage paid for by any homeowner who wanted water tested and started doing
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we wanted to know results and wanted to know how bad it is. in the 4th round of testing, 69 homes, private residents passed under federal guidelines for lead within the water. 11 failed. that should still be concerning meaning certain sections of sebring that are, for some reason getting lead that is seeping from the pipes into their water. let's look at the all total. so far, 588 homes passed. this is in all four rounds of testing and only 30 have failed. all total, 30 failed. >> you can see it does appear to be an isolated situation and they are taking it serious. filtration systems and bottled water are offered to homes that don't pass. if a home passes they are no longer a offered the free water. we will stay on top of that until we see the numbers get down to zero. romona? >> romona: all right, dan. thank you.
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from the annual great american rib cook off and music festival in downtown cleveland. live nation released a statement. it says after 24 years it has decided not to produce the event in 2016 and will concentrate on other events. mark? >> mark: well, there's another favorite every year, the great big home and garden show at the i-x center. jen picciano went there to check it all out. >> reporter: for those of you in the audience who are irish will really like what they have created here. i have ken with landscape design associates. tell me what you have created. the celebration is st. patrick's day. what have you created? >> well, we started out with a fire pit which you have on the right. >> reporter: it is a nice big one. st. patrick's day is a fun celebration. we had fun with the stones, made beer bottle holders. >> reporter: i love that, right. >> for the stones. everybody likes that. this is a dried perking law.
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is so popular we brought it back again. i brought an artist in and she did beautiful work on the home we created. guinness, good irish beer. >> outdoor bar space. >> oh, yeah. outdoor bar and move from the patio to the deck area. >> reporter: this is unbelievable. this is an outdoor living room. this is not just a patio. >> absolutely. that's the outdoor living space. it would be more comfortable lounging and then, you know, you could come to the patio at the bar and fire pit. this is actually sold to a client of mine. >> reporter: wow. someone will live this life somewhere in cleveland. i love it. >> absolutely. >> reporter: you can replicate it to somebody else else. >> absolutely. >> reporter: come to the home and garden show and make yourself at home in ireland. >> romona: up next part 2 of a cleveland 19 investigation police using what's called a dragon camera to catch traffic offenders. what you need to know if you get
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plus out there once again. the storm chaser out and about.
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lively from cleveland newscenter. details of a law enforcement over cleveland's suspended traffic cameras, the ohio supreme court sent it to a judge. the judge has to decide if drivers need to use the city's appeal process before suing. a 2014 ohio law made it mandatory for all officers to be present when cameras catch offenders. last night at 11:00 we showed you how officers are getting around the law. >> they are using dragon cameras and paul orlousky took an approach to show what you can do if you are ticketed and what can you do to put limits on the cameras. >> i have 45 and 35. >> somebody got a speeding ticket in the mail. and something you try to
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the ticket said you were. >> what are options. >> lawyers at the justice center including notorious speed trap linndale told us, if you question the ticket, request a hearing and you can show the prosecutors the camera was working properly. and don't agree to testify if you are not prepared for the truth. we have traffic laws that need to be enforced and traffic laws give people the right to access courts. attorney john luskin has issues with hearings rather than going to court. they leave out the courts and the thing we call due process. >> soon we could get help. limits on dragon cams from the legislature. this is the current law as written. it applies to fixed pole cameras and mobile trailers and no effect on dragon cams. >> before it adjourns for the summer the legislature will consider the limited use of dragon cams.
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a municipality could only write two tickets for each resident and newburgh heights it could be 4400 tickets. >> in linndale where cameras with officers are less than 400 tickets far below what it currently writes. a second proposal would limit the use of a municipal budget to 20% in the past 80% and coming from speeding violations. >> the police department is by revenue tricks, you know really truly serving the people. state senator tom patton cosponsored the stationary camera law and sponsors an effort for dragon cams. paul orlousky, cleveland 19 news. >> romona: many municipalities that use cameras claim they are for safety rather than revenue. we requested accident records and we will let you know what they show when we get them. mark? >> mark: all right, romona.
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cow what is coming up. >> jeff: bursts of snow across the area and heavier stuff west side at the moment. this is reducing visibility and most of the roads are wet as denise zarrella pointed out earlier. >> some starting to slush up a bit. grafton, wellington and medina county west of medina around lodi we are seeing a steadier snow and we've got a lot of moisture. temperatures are falling 29 and we will not fall too much tonight and can you see what's colder air advancing this way. a lot of snow out there and in cleveland 4 to 8 inches and heavier stuff shifting east by morning as the wind turns west and 4:00 in the morning snowbelt getting hammered pretty good. i would expect school closings tomorrow morning, bad morning drive and the areas that
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i have us dropping down to 27 in cleveland west wind 15 to 30 and 4 to 8 cuyahoga county and here is 10:00 tomorrow morning with snow showers around and heavier stuff east of cleveland and lake squalls set up and lake-effect and how things set up and latest future view model cuyahoga county 2 to 4 and more than that and higher terrain of the snowbelt and and that is through the day tomorrow. 7 owe the weather scale and morning commute forecast mid 20s and wind-driven snow and 6 inches or less in cleveland
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and below zero and wind chill thursday and friday 22 and snow showers around and that's the worst of the cold and dangerous wind chills saturday and very windy. valentine's day 20 the high and it is looking dry. tony? >> all right. thank you. more on johnny manziel. we have seen what the browns have to say today and the reporter who made the claim he
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now this is the serpentini chevrolet sports report on cleveland 19 news. sometimes guys don't feel great after and then think it will go away. when it doesn't certainly need to bring it up and again we will take the very conservative approach with it.
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nowhere on december 30th. today a report claimed johnny was not dealing with a concussion at all. if you are a nationally woman respected football writer and saying johnny was not concussioned and was drunk it won't make sense and it will blow up. yesterday. johnny manziel going into what would have been a start late in the season showed up drunk at practice on a wednesday. >> the browns lied and said he was in the concussion protocol. let me repeat that. the browns lied to try to protect. and i would argue, enable thissish response and i believe troubled young man. >> tony: strong allegation taking a shot not only at manziel and browns and doctor and browns deny lying about the concussion and this afternoon silver followed up with a series of tweets and one told by
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late noticeably drunk on december 30th and silver tweets i am not a doctor and cannot question the diagnosis of an independent neurologist f. browns say they did not lie i will take them at their word and regret using that term "lied." and says i stand by my report he showed up drunk at practice and believe this was the cause of his behavior. never ends. cam newton would like to thank you for stealing back negative press. newton is under fire for walking this. >> i am human. i have never once said i was perfect and never proclaimed i was perfect and been on record to say i am a sore loser. who likes to lose. you show me a good loser and i will show you a loser? we have had negative stuff. >> romona: yes. >> tony: might change it at 11:00.
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>> jeff: all right. full update at 11:00. lake-snow advisory. lake county ashtabula and warning for ashtabula and snow in cleveland and heavier snow in medina county. kind of interesting there. we'll see what happens
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it will get bad later on. >> thank you for joining us at 6:00.
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