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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  February 10, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning. it is wednesday, february 10th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." donald trump and bernie sanders slate landslide victories in new hampshire. hillary clinton loses among women. >> we will talk to john cage kasich and jeb bush and donald trump here in studio 57. >> is it proof that it even works? part two of a cbs news investigation. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds.
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jobs president that god ever created. >> trump and sanders win big. >> we have sent a message that we will echo from wall street to washington, from maine to california! >> i still love new hampshire and i always will. >> there's magic in the air with this campaign. >> our disappointment tonight is not on you, it's on me. >> this campaign is not dead. we are going on to south carolina! >> winter storm warnings for the mid-atlantic region. the storm system dumped snow as far south as alabama. >> growing concern over the zika virus with more cases in the united states. >> china reported its first case of the virus overnight. >> calls for a ferguson investigation into why royal caribbean made the decision to sent their cruise ship into harm's way. >> a drunk passenger began making threats on an alaska flight and the passenger was
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migrant clinging on to a boat that is almost subperjured. a turkish helicopter swept in to take him to safe. >> a pig at a polling location. >> bernie sanders took a break from the campaign trail to shoot some hoops. is this somewhat of a joke? how is he making every single one? >> and all that matters. >> i got a raise. >> we got one too! >> how sweet it is. the lombardi trophy is back in the mile high city. >> let the whole team know they have bronco fans in the white house. >> on "cbs this morning." >> a yuge voter turnout and i say yuge! we won. >> bernie talked so long, i going to hit hit 77th bird thday before he got off the stage!n of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota.
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morning." donald trump and bernie sanders are the big winners in ary. but the results are shaking up the presidential race, especially for republicans. trump finished far ahead of the 35%. a big surprise was john kasich finishing second with 16% ahead of ted cruz, jeb bush and marco rubio.ders swamped hillary clinton in the democratic primary. vote and clinton received 38%. >> donald trump will be here in the studio and we talk to john kasich and jeb bush about thesults. major gart and nancy cordes and john dickerson are on the campaign trail. we begin with major garrett. >> reporter: it'sd to the nomination and
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donald trump won going away assembling a coalition the envy ident that came before him because it was twice of size of any republican challenger >> ourngs h, wow wow wow. >> reporter: donald trump's victory speech lasted 15 minutes capped with hisistics enthusiasm. he showered his rivals are praise. >> i wanted to thank them but he wanted to congratulatendidates, okay? now that i got that out of the way. >> reporter: exit polls showed two-thirds of voters supported able proposal to ban muslims from entering the united states and 40% agreed with trump's plan to deportts working here illegally.
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tonight. >>ate donald trump tonight on his victory. oh, no, no, no. he won fair and square. ich used a relentlessly upbeat message to outbeat better funded and better known opponents. >> tonight, the light overcame the darkness of negativempaigning. >> reporter: kasich will need to organize quickly to make a dent in the next tier of attorney primaries. >> there is so much going to belt, go get one! >> reporter: ted cruz and just about bush finished neck and neck beating out marco rubio who was eyeing second here.ted with tonight. >> reporter: rubio admitted a poor debate performance took a toll. >> i did not do well on saturday night, so listen tohappen again! >> reporter: the nomination fight now resets with all eyes on a state known for solidifying the gop we are going now to south
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carolina! >> and, south carolina, we are on the way! >> reporter: one candidate not heading to south carolina, new christie who will go home to review the results. christie bet everything on new hampshire and finished a disappointing sixth.ising drawing up, the governor's presidential options appear limited. >> thanks, major. the new hampshire ohio governor john kasich is with us from north charleston, south carolina. governor, good morning. >> thanks, charlie. good to be with e say your second place finish is one of the surprises of the night. where do you go from here because others argue you don't have the money or the staff to meet and take advantage of the momentum coming out of the new hampshire. >> well, charlie, a lot of people said a lot of things.oing to get in the race, i wouldn't raise the money, i wouldn't make the
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new hampshire, i was goiappear and now we are here. i love the being underestimated. i have all of whi lifetime. we are in south carolina and we are going to compete here and beth carolina, but we are going to be moving on, of course, to the rest of the country. >> you know, governor kasich, you said last night that you managed to do as well as you did without going negative.o be working for some of the candidates. do you intend to continue that strategy? >> well, look. if somebody pounds me undertaking a pounding i'm i'm not a some sort of a pin cushion or marshmallow. of the neglect neglectity. i think the ability to talk about what you want to do. the reason people go negative is their positive doesn't work.ere running for positive office and you didn't have much positive and all you did was talk negative. that is a downer, i think it is. but look. i think people want to know problems. i've been a reformer all of my lifetime. my message is real simple --
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democrat, at the beginning and d be an american working together to solve problems. and that message, i think, works. if it doesn't, i can't change my message. goes! >> all right. >> politicians argue there imay be a difference between negative and comparative. jeb bush is running a lengthy adecord as governor of hochlt noting you chose to expand medicaid and you've offered a pathway to immigrants. that resonates in south carolina which is a much more conservative electorate than new hampshire. >>ow, the bush campaign spent -- they raised like $115 million and spent, like, $50 million in new hampshire and couldn't work with they just go negative. negative, negative, negative, and distorting negative. as around once told me, john, love the beatings.
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the bush campaign can't figure out candidate can't seem to know what they are for so they spend time bashing somebody else. >> you had a lot of townnd figuring out what voters are looking for and unhappy. what did you discover from the hampshire? >> charlie, one of the things that i discovered iseople don't have anybody to listen to them. they don't have anybody to celebrate their victories and who can sit down and cry with them. there are people who are lonely and one of the things i learned in my own personal life is to slow down, eye, give them a hug, listen to them. and that is important. but the other aspect, of course, and critically important,ct nothing smt country will be the way it ought to be if we are not creating jobs. i've been able to do it as chairman of the budget committee in washington and as governor ofi've got a plan that i can
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i tell people and you've known me a long time. i have so many ideas and so manyge. i tell people, get ready, the first hundred days, if you don't have a seat belt on your chair, go not going to see anything like this. >> buckle up. >> governor, thank you for joining us and a pleasure to have you on the program. i hope you'll come to new york ith us. >> come back to the table again. >> i'll do it. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> still ahead, new hampshire winner donald trump right here and we will talk with jeb bush on why he thinks south carolina could be a turning point. that is ahead on "cbs this morning." new hampshire. democrats went for bernie board. he defeated hillary clinton by 22 points in tuesday's primary. show even bigger margins in certain groups. one of them is women under the age of 45. they are a prime target for se voters
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29% and 83% of yun democrats voted for the vermont senator. nancy cordes is new hampshire with reaction from both of the candidates. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the sign says it all. new hampshire was for bernie. kind of come-from-behind victory she joyed eight years ago and wasn't able to close the gap at women, among men, among leb iberals and moderates and biggest victory for a 1964. >> i still love new hampshire and i always will. >> reporter: clinton conceded to sanders shortly after the polls it's not whether you get knocked down that matters. it's whether you get back up! >> reporter: her defeat was so, sanders played hoops with his grandkids before his speech.
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>> thank you, new hampshire! >> reporter: then he told an ecstatic crowd they had started a revolution. >> because of a yuge voter ay yuge! we won. >> reporter: the clinton camp o blunt his momentum, releasing this memo, explaining why clinton will fare better in southern states with more ks to support, qoed uote, forged over more than 40 years of fighting for and alongside color. >> human rights and gay rights. human rights as worker rights. human rights as voting rights! human rights acrosssingle american!rs campaign argued his message about income and equality will resonate with minority voters
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>> we are going to create an that works for all of us, not just the 1%. and now it's on torolina, and beyond! >> reporter: south carolina will be an early test of his message with minorities.ils in that state by 22 points. he can discuss that with the reverend al sharpton this morning when they sit down for breakfast at theed sill ylvia sylvia's restaurant in harlem. >> john dickerson is in hampshire. >> good morning, norah. >> nancy laid it out. a decisive victory for bernie at does this mean for hillary clinton's campaign? >> well, it means they have got to come up with something quickly to get the conversation off of her devastating loss, he took in new hampshire. and explain how she is going to
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but also if she were to get the nomination, how she rebuildsion. when you lose that badly among voters under 30 is a problem if you say you're going to build a robust general election campaig one of her strong arguments that she is more democrat un who is unable to of support in minority communities will have no credible path to winning the presidency in the general has to win south carolina. having been in south carolina and seen her organization, eight months ago, they have been working the state hard. so it's not -- every possible advantage in south carolina. and that memo is right. a democrat has to do well with minority voters. but a democrat also has to do young voters and
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turn out in a general election. while she may have strength with voters of colors, she has the aw appear in new hampshire. >> are political leaders in the republican and democratic party shaken by this? the political establishment hit it? >> i think they are shaken in both parties. the democratic party, there is hope for the establishment in e backing hillary clinton. the contests that are coming up are less white and less liberal. so there is a path for her and if donald trump shakes them, his path looks pretty good going forward. he is up in the polls and grabbing theuntry and chaj nneling it and he has no real alternative. to the extent nervousness among those nervous aboutey have a lot of reasons to keep being nervous. >> look at the republicans for a second other than donald trump who had a great night. what other republicans can say i'm doing all right?ourth and he is celebrating. >> well, they are always celebrating.
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got an organization in south carolina, split come the anti-trump and anti-cruz group and somebody has to emerge from that they didn't and it's more muddled than >> john will moderate the debate on saturday, cbs news will bring you a republican presidential rolina. saturday night at 9:00 p.m. a top official says isis could launch terror attacks on u.s. soil this year. james clapper called isis the rist threat and he was among intelligence lers who testified tuesday on capitol hill. clapper told a senate arms t the challenges and crisis facing the u.s. today are unlike those in any other year. a huge inside a violent storm at sea
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the waves rocked the ship this ip is expected to reach new jersey late tonight. it's off the north carolina coast. the cruise line says weather is slowing the return trip. at least four people were hurt during the storm.estigate the incident. a top american soccer star is considering skipping the summerer the threat of zika virus in brazil. u.s. soccer goaltender hope solo said heo the rio games due to the zika threat. officials confirm the first states. dr. tara narula is here to sort it out and joins us at the table. frightening news to a lot of people.e be about the zika virus here? >> i think president obama said it best to you
7:18 am
there is a pregnant to women and in this case one case of microcephaly is one case too arrants the federal government asking for more funding for research and prevention of this disease. it warrants the cdcs level of operations to a level one. there is certainly a risk to this country but i don't think we will see the type of widespread outbreak we have seen and more likely see more pockets in the gulf coast states where and more cases. >> this is more dangerous to ly thought? >> the zika virus is new to us and studied after the 1950s and we are learning about it and learning about sexual blood transfugs transmission and learning there might be more than microcephaly. the new case series published
7:19 am
in the retina or optic nerve and being fixed and may lead to virus and we have seen this with other viruses so it's not unheard of. >> thank you, thank you so much. genetic testing for cancer should be a scientific before the accident. ahead, whetherre >> samantha: good morning to you. we had some lake-effect snow overnight, so some of you especially coming in from the east side may have a slower drive in, and we still have some of that out there this morning, especially to the east. i think we could see additional lake-effect snowshowers through the day, not going to snow on you constantly, but again, be ready for additional snowshowers. 25 today feels like it's in the teens. we'll have more lake-effect snow evenportion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by kay
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donald trump visits studio 57. the new hampshire primary winner looks ahead to south carolina. >> and we will ask jeb bush if finishing fourth will help or hurt him in the campaign to the news is back this morning right here on "cbs this morning." announcer: this portion of "cbs
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>> nichole: good morning. i'm nichole vrsansky. portage county prosecutors decide in march whether a 17-year-old murder suspect will be tried as an adult. he's accused of taking part in a robbery and shooting that killed kent state freshman nicholas massa. kent police are still looking for two other men involved. here's meteorologist sam roberts with a look at our snowy and cold forecast. >> samantha: oh, yeah, nikki. freezing out there, right?
7:26 am
in the single digits, windchills this afternoon in the teens. it is going to be cold and blustery all day and cloudy, and we have on again/off again snow. it won't snow on you every second or minute, but occasional snowshowers are possible today and tonight as well. so if it's going to snow off and on today through tonight, how much are we going to see? in cleveland 1 to 3 inches until you get out on the east side of
7:27 am
british astronaut tim peek took this time lapse video from the international space station of lightning strikes on earth. the space station was traveling over north america and turkey at russia at the time. he is serving a six-month tour nice. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, a closer look at how female voters turned toad of hillary clinton in new hampshire's primary and jeb bush is fighting to survive after a fourth place finish. he joins us to respond to donald trump's tough talks and thenvolving his mother.
7:28 am
prevention is ainess but does it tell the whole story? time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. "the washington post" reports on theemporarily blocking president obama's plan to cut emissions. he wants to cut emissions to flight global enforcement of the plan after legal challenge by more than two dozen states. the legal fight could extend past president obama's term in > britain's sky news reports reportedly accused of corruption and comes on the heels of the f a long-range rocket sunday. this morning, south korea announced its halting after the launch. fbi cannot unlock encrypted data on the cell phone belonging
7:29 am
the two killed 14 people in an attack last year. >> that is why you have the yption. last night, ferguson city council called for changes in the federal agreement to reform courts. some councilmembers are concerned about costs. the department of justice said it will ensure the city'sts comply with federal laws. jeb bush is looking toward the south carolina primary this morning telling supporters his he finished fourth in new hampshire and he won 11% of the vote and his campaign and super pac spent more than $36 million in new hampshire or about $1,2001 per voter and he traveled to south carolina overnight and is with us from morning. >> good morning. donald trump gets a lot of free press.
7:30 am
>> let me ask. is what you spent in newf? >> first of all, let's be clear. that i'm not coordinating with the super pac that spent most of that money. it paid off in the sense that the week before, there was a people in new hampshire, i think, took, you know, a pause and said that at least not related to donald trump but for the other people that the that voted they wanted someone with a proven leadership record and i do. i commend john kasich for the campaign that he ran. we ran a good campaign as well forward to taking it to south carolina. >> what is your pathway to governor? >> well, i think the field willeventually. i'm a patient person. i wish it had all happened overnight. that is kind of the obsession of the pundits want that to happen nd when it does i'm the one candidate who has taken on donald trump that does not believe he is a conservative and head of the
7:31 am
and so i take my record that is one of accomplishment, of disruption andin my state capital to the people here in south carolina and then on to nevada. >> some will argue that donald trump will simplyand it may be too late. >> that would ab disaster for the republican party and would mean, i think, landslide defeatsd people that are serving right now. my case is one that, look. we can be angry about the status quo or we can fix it. and i have a proven record of and that is what this morning at hilton head, apparently therehere so we will get a sense of how people like that because i think they do. >> have you changed your strategy 6 dealing with donald e you two were engaged in the name calling and now you're engaged with each porge. you call him a loser and he have you decided if you can't beat them,
7:32 am
swinging? >> he has insulted me all the on. he hasn't been consistent on taxing or spending or ealth care but he is consistent going after he is a tough guy and insults a whole lot on when he is sending out the tweets, bun on one, it doesn't appear that way. >> do you regret having your mom hampshire? youteasing for that. >> the donald really went after a 90-year-old woman who is beloved. that was a real strong signal, right? so i love my fantastic on the trail. people seem to like her a lot. >> they do. they do, indeed. thank you, governor bush. >> thank you, governor. >> in our next half u we will ask donald trump what made the difference in new hampshire and his to come. he's in studio 57 ahead on "cbs this morning." bernie sanders won new
7:33 am
in partg female votes voters who were on his side. the former secretary of state hillary clinton lost the primary 60% to 38%. lost support of a group she was counting on. nancy cordes is in manchester, new hampshire, and she is tracking both campaigns. good morninmorning. women are normally a demographic that hillary clinton can count on. she beat president obama among women in the 2008 primariest points. over the next few days she is asking a question that men have been pondering for centuries -- what do women want? >> i know i havek to do. >> reporter: women of the granite state went to the polls in a big way but not for hillary clinton. >> i'm in a boat load of debt already and it would be great to be able to afford a kids and not be still paying for my loans while i'm -- while i'm trying to get them
7:34 am
sampling of new hampshire voters show a. overall, bernie sanders won the women's vote in new hampshire by 11 points. and among women, 18 to 29, sanders beaty nearly 60 points. the numbers show women were not convinced by this rallying cry bystate madeleine albright: . >> there are a special place in hell for women who don't help each ter: clinton supporters say it's not that simple. >> we look fabulous. >> our message is not necessarily breaking through. >> reporter: emily sussmanor young women in particular, they feel like the fight of their mothers is not necessarily the fight they have right now. >> reporter: keep in mind that this was just one state.
7:35 am
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oh, no! the whole thing! >> oh, [ bleep ]. >> whoa. that demolition didn't go as planned.cture in houston came crashing down on the crane. crushing it.
7:40 am
operator climbed to safety serious injuries. >> i didn't mean to do that. genetic testing coulduge scientific breakthroughs in preventing cancer and can be misleading. jim axelrod reported yesterday about the questionable marketingest can detect cancer before symptoms appear and is back with part two of his investigation into what some call the modern day gold rush. >> good morning. >> reporter: the genetic testing industry is booming with an average of 8 to 10 testing the market every day according to one recent estimate. but in the rush to put tests into physicians's hands, our ocess placed above proof.detect cancer before symptoms app?
7:41 am
a few weeks ago we sat down with pathway's ceo jim plant to ask him about the evidence. >> can you tell me about this?aunched the test, we -- we had a clinical study of -- of more than a hundred. >> reporter: these are a enough? >> well, it depends on what you're looking for, right? i mean, you could make an never enough data, right? but as you get more information, then you can say more things. >> reporter: my question is about the s your product than clinically validated? >> our test has been validatedent regulatory requirements. >> reporter: which doesn't mean much, since under current fda regulations, labs that develop have to prove their claims before they go to market. >> it's backwards. it's exactly backwards.
7:42 am
is director of the centralat weill cornell medicine. how can a test on like that go on the market before it's been validated? >> theaw allows laboratories a lot of leeway in what they do. what seems to have changed is there is a business model that has merged. >> they sell. they sell before they are ready. >> reporter: the explosion of elopment tests on the market is a big concern for researchers like dr. theodore ross who runs the cancer genetics program at the southwestern. >> i think that people are not waiting long enough before they send a test out. >> reporter: do you feel sometimes the science getsnged in the face of the business? >> yes. fountain fda were to come in and say show me your data, they couldn't show the data. be testing these patients. >> reporter: why not? >> because it's useless. >> reporter: this is not to say that no laboratory developed tests are clinically st probably are but since companies are not required to prove their claims, we just
7:43 am
>> do we know how many tests >> since the fda doesn't have to keep numbers, there is no hard data, but we assume, estimate about 10,000 labsout a hundred thousand tests. >> is there a time line when they think we will be able to see what these claims are making? >> best guess,e scenario three to five years to have it clinically validated. new research showing what you eat can affect how you leading sleep specialist will guide us through the findings. one ready to vote yesterday. a pig who almost stole the sh >> samantha: good morning to you. we had some lake-effect snow overnight, so some of you especially coming in from the east side may have a slower drive in, and we still have some of that out there this morning,
7:44 am
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first official primary of the ey had a bit of a fat tuesday action themselves. this is a big, a 600-pound pig that escaped from a local farm that made its way to a polling tion. a school in pellum, new hampshire. it took the police about an hour to rodney the pig up! this officer appeared to be doing of a dance with the animal, swing your partner, do-si-do. the pig is now safe at home on. >> there you go. that is quite a campaign cameo in new hampshire. one witness said the big became to get, quote, snippy with police. >> a 600-pound pig in a kia, i want to see >> trump trump is a winner this morning. he has just arrived at the cbs broadcast center. we will talk about new hampshire
7:49 am
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being a part of helping people in need is who i am. not just a job, it's a life for me. i love it. any connections with the residents. i feel like i am part of their family and they're part of mine. the morning, ya know, shake the dust and go up there and make somebody happy, when i
7:53 am
>> nichole: good morning. i'm nichole vrsansky. students at the oourtth university of akron plan to protest before the board of trustees meeting. they want to make their voices loud and clear they do not have confidence in university president scott scarborough. after making what they call embarrassing budget cuts over the summer. sam roberts joins us now with a look at our snowy and frigid forecast. sam. >> samantha: yeah. it is cold out there, single digit windchills this morning and then windchill temperatures this afternoon only in the teens. so you'll be wearing those big snow boots today, right, and of course the big puffy coat. now, we're not seeing a ton of widespread snow this morning. most of it has been out on the east side of things, but as we get deeper into the day, i think we could see additional snowshowers in the cleveland
7:54 am
total accumulations from today through tonight with that additional lake-effect, 1 to 3
7:55 am
7 it is wednesday, february 10th, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there is more real news ahead, p who up-ended the establishment with a huge win in new hampshire last night. he is now here in studio 57w. first, here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. we are going to make america great again. >> donald trump won going away. >> mbefore. >> schwarzenegger once told mengs so i do love the beatings.
7:56 am
joyed eight years ago. >> a decisive victory for bernie sanders. what does this mean with hillary clinton's campaign? >> they need to come up with something quickly to get theation off of her devastating loss. >> trump gets a lot of free press. i wish i did. >> some will argue that donald trump will get stronger and it may be too uld ab disaster for the republican party. >> in the rush to put tests in physicians physicians' hands, our process found process placed above >> before we launched a test, we had a clinical study of more than a hundred. >> is a hundred enough? >> red lobster is reporting its sales up last year following beyonce's performance at the super bowl with said it's busy here. said kelly and michelle. >> i'm charlie rose with gayle the presidential campaign is now moving to south carolina.
7:57 am
trump and bernie sanders a big push forward. trump won tuesday's republicaneasily with 35% of the vote. sanders, who barely lost in iowa, won the democratic 60%. ourity polls show he received 83% of the youth vote and finished ahead ofn with female voters. john kasich has momentum this morning. he finished second with 16% and followed by ted cruznd marco rubio. republicans preferred donald trump when it came to the big 40% he is best to handle the economy and 30% believe he is the best to handle an international crisis. donald trump is here, finally, ning us at the table. good morning to you. when you walked in, charlie said what took you so long? we have been asking and we table and
7:58 am
>> how long has it been since i did the interview with you? >> two or three days. >> no, years. > it had to be 20 years ago or more so it's been a long time. >> we are delighted you're here. >> congratulations on the show.great. >> first thing you watch in the morning? >> i watch it, i do. i watch too much. >> congratulations on the win as a huge win. are you feeling unstoppable today? >> never unstoppable. you? >> i would never want to say that but we had a great period of time. the people of new hampshire were amazing the way they took me in and i have a lot of friends from the area and i thought i would >> what made the difference between iowa and new hampshire, do you think for you? >> i think we did really well in iowa. i get no credit fornd and never did this before and never a politician and in iowa for six months i was a politician and came in second with the largest number of votes ever accepted. and we had the problem with benhink was really -- happened to him.
7:59 am
have won iowa. so i was happy with iowa. i did really well. g. i came in second but the one that came in thivered, rd, they made him like a star. >> speaking of marco rubio? >> the republican party is hell-bent, the establishment on stopping you. even governor bush said this morning on this programastrous if you were the nominee. >> jeb is a person who he doesn't have. at the he spent not alone and you have talked about him before. the republican party, the establishment worries about awe and they want to stop you. >> i am getting so manyom members of the establishment. people in the republican party were against me and want to join the team right now. we are doing so well. >> it includes chris christie. he called you?l to say he is -- >> no, but he did call you? >> he's a friend of mine. >> what did he say? >> he did a really good job in the
8:00 am
saids unbelievable what he has done. >> is he going to't know. he walked about it a little bit. >> do you think it's time for him to drop out? >> i'd like to see a lot of people drop out. >> that is not the question, donald trump. >> i'd like to get it down to o you think chris christie should drop out? >> i don't want to get into that, gayle. he is fraened iend of mine and for a long time.s effective and surprised he didn't do better, frankly. >> you had a decisive win in new hampshire. 34% and a lot of candidates in this field. candidates as they are called together gained a greater percentage of the vote than you. since they are you think this will go on all the way to the convention? >> i'm much better funded than they are. it's called my own money. i'm putting up my own money so d than any of them. when they put down trump, they don't put down anything because i put up my own money. i'm not controlled by thests and lobbyists
8:01 am
check the results, they say that was a big reason i did so well. people are tired of.e politicians are controlled i about the the people who put up the money. >> people say you have changed american politics notice way you're going about this. hay that you're going about it that makes a difference? >> charlie, heard it so many times. i view it differently. somebody called up as, a great reporter who said -- i'll keep quiet because i don't know if i'm supposed to be saying this. what do they feel like? >> what do they --ou after the show. they say what does it feel like? what does what feel like? you've changed american's amazing what you won. i've done anything until i win the whole thing because i can't do anything about it. even if you go to the final step. you look at the people who ran for president and did a good job and failed. in my case, it's different because nobody has ever won as aand done
8:02 am
but i think we have -- >> have you changed politics? >> probably. i did new hampshire much we had massive rallies, have big rallies. >> john kasich had like a hundred town hall meetings. you flied on your jet and do a back to new york. >> i took the verizon center. we had 6,000 people and other people had 200 people. don't worry about that, i'm lucky in that we get very big crowds. tonight, i'm going to south carolina. we are going to have at least 10,000 people and that was set up three days ago. we get big crowds. coming from? i hear two schools of thoughts. either people are excited about your candidacy or mortified. >> i don't think mortified. >> i've heard that. >>ay be not happy, but mortified is a different kind after word. >> but politicians are saying they worry that they will lose the senate and worry they will you were the head of the ticket.
8:03 am
polls are showing that i will beat hillary clinton easily and that i think -- i don't know about the other one. is going to be very easy to win. if bernie ever gets it, i can't imagine that is possible. he is going to charge you 95% tax. but i would beat different than anybody else. i have a chance of winning new york. you look at these politicians. they always talk about the six states. you got to win this one and thatda. i can change the game because i really have a chance of new york, i'm going to win virginia. i'm going to win, you know, certain states.gan as an example. >> can you win south carolina? i think so e yes. >> are you courting nikki'm not. i mean, she is somebody i know and like but not courting. >> i was with people who lived overseas yesterday and they are very concerned what is middle east. yesterday, we heard the director of national intelligence james cl north korea's nuclear effort is the
8:04 am
what would you do to deal with that reclusive ld get china it make that guy disappear in one form or anoyou make him disappear? assassinate him? >> worse things, frankly. this guy is a bad dude and don't estimate him. any young guy can take overr and other generals who want the position this is not somebody to be underestimated. >> why would you want china do it? why not us? has absolute control of north korea. they don't say it but they do. they should make that problem disappear. china is sucking us dry. they are taking our moking our jobs and doing much. we have rebuilt china with what they have taken out. we have power over china. china should do that. force the chinese to take care of north korea? >> i would force the chinese to do it. >> how? >> economically.oney out of us. we have a trade deficit this year with china 5 hundred
8:05 am
they are taking money out of oure taking our jobs. >> they hold all of our debt too. >> we owe them -- think of it. they take our money. they take our jobs. they take our base.s what we owe? we owe them 1.7 trillion dollars, okay? we have a lot of power over china and don't underestimate. >> you are saying to norah's ve it up to the chinese? them. i say you have to do. i would be tough with them on trade.ry strongly strop nglily stop them. i do it to some extent but do it maybe more forcefully. we make a horrible. the closest partner of north korea is iran. why didn't we put something in there? when we are making a deal and giving them 150 billion dollars,o something with iran where iran gets in and we force iran to get in and do something with north korea? we don't do anything.n we made
8:06 am
horror show and one of the worst i've ever seen. when we made the deal with iranry say help us out. he is playing around with nukes because nukes, that is the whole game-changer. if it weren't for that we ddle east but we can't take a chance at game. so we should have done that also. but china, in the meantime, has tremendous power overrea and they take our money. so we have power over china. >> ted cruz -- >> syria may be off the front pages but the situation there. >> it's ul. >> we have the defense secretary ash carter in brussels convening leaders there including arab states asking them to do more. say we should commit u.s. ground toops roops. should we? >> syria is a whole different thing.
8:07 am
>> russia is hitting the groups we are bagging. ng the groups? we don't know who they are. they say we are giving billions of dollars of equipment to people. we are giving all of this money and all of thisople we have no idea who they are. they are probably worse than assad. assad is no baby. he's not good. but who are the people we are go again. >> you know that is president obama's argument? if we don't know who the weapons would fall into whose oing it? he is giving them a lot of weaponry and we are backing people that want to knock out and iran is a power and we have made them a power they are backing assad. we have got to get rid of isis and the people who are chopping off everybody'say you have a good relationship with putin? >> i think i would have a good relationship but who knows. >> could you convince putin to get assad to step ve been trying to do that? could i? i don't think it's that important to be honest with you.
8:08 am
knockwho is going to take over? the people we are backing and you have libya? you take t happened after we got rid of gadhafi. >> gadhafi was a mistake. >> it was just -- yeah. to me, it was a total mistake. the least. look at what is going on over there. it's a mess. nobody knows anything about anything. you look at -- you look at saddam hussein. we get rid of him -- >> getting rid of gadhafi and saddam hussein were mistakes?ians gone to the beach and enjoyed the sun, we would be in a better position than we are right now. saddam hussein, no good guy. but terrorists. now iraq is the harbor of terror. you want to be a terrorist, go to iraq, they will teach you hussein was a bad guy. one other thing he did, he
8:09 am
once you knocked out that section, 2003 or 2004 i was against the war. the middle east is going to be a mess. they used to fight forever. they couldn't move. they go ten feet one way and ten now you have a total destabilization in the middle east because we knocked out one of the blocks. >> what is the difference in your appeal and bernard sanders'cause they both are appealing to arguments. they seem to be receptive arguments against the establishment. >> well, i think i amainst the establishment and he probably is also. i tell you the one thing we have in common is trade. the only difference is he can't do anything aboutnows that china is ripping us and admits it and he knows japan and vietnam, the new one on the block, by the way, they gue in mexico and i do too. the difference i can do something about those. i will take those deals and do something great. >> nice to have you e you will return. >> i will. i'd love to do it by phone.
8:10 am
>> how about that? >> charlie, great to hear you! >> we want you to get out of youre over here. >> i will be back. >> we will see you at the debate on saturday night as well. >> i look forward to it. could eating more fiber improve your inso many >> samantha: thanks so much, gail. good morning to you if you're just waking up. it's been a night and then a morning of lake-effect especially out in the snowbelt. you can see along the lakeshore we likely have some flurries but you get tout to mentor and ashtabula and snow picks up over into geauga county getting in on the snow. i'll be watching this band through the morning to see if
8:11 am
farther inland.we only "cbs this morning," we veal the teacher who will be honoreded at this year's grammys it the music educator his impact on students even after they leave the classroom.
8:12 am
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8:14 am
hello. >> good to see you. >> that is world war ii vet his long lost love a squeeze. the 93-year-old reunited with his war timelfriend in australia. she searched for the paratrooper which led to this of the most wonderful
8:15 am
>> we will have a wonder >> the two did not reveal what they plan to do in australia over the valentine's day weekend. >> something should be kept private. you can tell there is definitely a chemistry there. >> isn't that >> very wonderful story. >> never too late. "breaking bad" now bob odenkirk is here. announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by unlike creams and rubs that mask the pain, thermacare has patented heat cells that penetrate deep to increase circulation and accelerate healing.: heat, plus relief, plus healing, equals thermacare. the proof that it heals is you. the top notch team of stain experts has performed over ten thousand stain evaluations to prove persil delivers a premium clean. we've made a new stain with wasabi and goji berries. ousand and one. persil proclean. was another way
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>> samantha: it's good to see you again on this wednesday morning. we have snowshowers out there, particularly out in the snowbelt. in cleveland not a whole lot happening right now. we have flurries flying around and to the south we have very light snow. here's where the steadiest snow is it from mentor through ashtabula. this is steady here along the lakeshore of ashtabula county, and there have been snow-covered the morning. so please go slow. it's also very, very cold. our temperatures are in the 20s, but you factor in the wind and it's going to feel like it's in the single digits and teens early this morning. then all day because it's so blustery it will feel as if it's in the teens through the afternoon. tonight it gets even colder, so
8:18 am
of the temperature we'll be dealing with on again/off again snow. it won't snow constantly in cleveland.
8:19 am
welcome back, welcome back to "cbs this morning." how lots of fiber in your diet can help you get a better night's sleep and why fats and carbs can hurt reveal the 2016 grammy music educator award winner. find out which teacher is credited for helping up their mind. the power of music is ahead. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. "the new york times" updates a story we reported yesterday about a man possibly killed byteorite in southern india. nasa now doubts that.
8:20 am
death by a meteorite impawas more consistent with a land base explosion. there was no observed meteorite new york "daily news" is reporting on "frozen" possibly coming to the theaters. "frozen" is the most successful l time. you don't want to let it go. it earned more than 1.25 billionea, it's coming back! way to go. new research on how what you eat can affect how you sleep. a study finds one day of eating foods high in saturated fat and low in fiber could mean lower and disruptive rest. michael breus joins us at the tou to see you, doctor. >> great to be here. thanks for having me. >> we know cupcakes aren't good who you go to bed but who knewt your sleep. >> this study was fascinating
8:21 am
controlled diet and then they let them loose for a day and then they wanted to see how is affected the controlled diet, their sleep looked pretty good but the second they let people loose to make food decisions, took longer to fall asleep and moremeaning the quality of that sleep went down. >> what physiologically is happening because that have? >> we are guessing because we don't know 100% for onhink the increase in the sugarses and fat move you into a night outline and pushesuction later and makes it more difficult to fall asleep. >> what does fiber do that is beneficial? >> fiber does a lot of beneficial things for us.ngs moving? >> it does get things moving which is true. >> moving down there! >> lots of places to get things. there is beans, there is brussels sprouts and broccoli
8:22 am
and pears and something you can put into your diet on a regular basis and make you sleep a lot better. >> if it has huge consequences over one day of sleeping, what e effect? >> the real question, right? this is a very controlled study. we knee what happens in one day w if we are not eating well long periods of time could this something underlying a lot of people's sleep problems? in my practice i'm often askingheir diet because, remember, when you don't sleep well, it's very difficult to lose weight. i actually had that book about it, the sleep doctors dietesting stuff now we are thinking diet can have a significant effect in the other direction as well. >> if you sleep less, we also eat more. >> exactly. turned out our cravings for and high carb foods increase because we are trying to get serotonin.
8:23 am
each year by the grammy foundation. in december, we introduced you to the top ten finalists. now only onwe are happy to say stand-up and be proud. north carolina! you lost the super bowl, but-- >> we still got charlie rose. >> phillip briggs is taking top honors. mark strassmann met theand his harmonious class. >> go, north carolina. >> >> reporter: at the north carolina school of science and math, this stage is fullemic vir u virt u owe sews. they are found for college and their maestro is phillip they are, obviously, motivated. one of the challenges i think is how do we put those folks together in two years and make allenging you, but attainable, to everybody. >> when you follow along on your chart over here. >> reporter: this public high
8:24 am
juniors and seniors only and the 650 students live in dorms. since 2008, the 50-year-old music instructor has taught these band brainead from same sheet of music and more. people say he has a bunch of smart kids, how hard could that possibly be? >> right. very have to be on your a-game for sure or they will let you know it. >> that, they will, yes. and i'm okay with it fresh. >> reporter: what is the best part of this job for you? >> even when they are completely tired and mentally they are from all of the economic work they have done, you can still see in their eyes the fire of i want to do this well.ers on trumpet is an 18-year-old senior.
8:25 am
them feel like the sar tar person. not just a special teacher, but a special person. >> reporter: sarah stafford and graham mulvaney are two of hists. and what kind of an impact did he have on you and music? >> a tremendous impact. rs are his audience for a series of life lessons. >> you're not always going to get first chair. you're not always going to make at is okay. and he taught us that even when we work very, very hard, there obstacles in music and in life, and you just have to keep going. >> reporter: and you still play? >> i am still playing, yeah. >> reporter: graham mulvaney, now 25,im to be a leader. >> he really showed me what music can be, to be more than just playing notes on a page but can be annce of shape
8:26 am
bringing joy to people and i have no idea what that was before mr.ter: what is your teaching style? >> wow. it's about the music, but not mainly about the music. it's interest integrity, it'sr and enhancing their quality of life. the vehicle or the tool to do that is the music. dedicated to their instruments, but most of riggs' students have career ambitions outside music. john waters hopes to go to yale to major in chemistry. graham s finishing up medical school at the university of north carolina and his special is neurosurgery. >> i made the decision i wanted . versus a saxophone. who couldn't afford a doctor. >> reporter: sarah stafford nominated riggs for the grammy >> i don't think he is really a teacherer. i think he is an inspirer. by that, i mean he is not just
8:27 am
>> reporter: she is now a middle school band director. >> as a mother, as a wife, as a teacher, as a friend, it's bout something bigger than myself, and i never would have learned that without him. >> reporter: two former students asked riggs to officiate at their weddings.many kids from former bands are you still in touch with? >> oh, wow. hundreds, at least. is who you are? >> it is who i am. if they call, they write, they text, what can i do to help? i'm there. 1, and 2, and >> reporter: when you watch the grammys, look for riggs in the audience. he'll be sitting right where he of music. for "cbs this morning," mark strassmann, durham, north carolina. testament to a teacher. not only do you inspire but you inspire others to inspire. that's great. well said.
8:28 am
people interested in music. >> at an early north carolina values sure are good, aren't they? they produce some good people there. >> they do, indeed. t coincides that the grammy foundation is giving today, a 24-hour effort to fund music programs in schools and can watch the 58th annual grammy awards live from the staples center in los angeles, monday night asral on cbs. a morning wake-up call for a better call saul. how "breaking bad" fans got into aey. not sleazy after bob odenkirk is in studio 57 and at the fruit plate. we seal how he reunited with hispartner. >> samantha: your chilly local weather is breezy.
8:29 am
it feels like that all day, cold and blustery. we have the reduced visibility on the camera because it's snowing downtown. it's beautiful. winter wonderland, of course not beautiful if you have to drive in it, right? this is where it's a pain out in the snowbelt. things start to pick up for us at the lakeshore of lake county. snow? cleveland.
8:30 am
(bear growls) r(burke) smash and grub. r seen it. covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum want to tip the scales back in your favor, you better call saul!me tough love, all right? you two suck at peddling meth! >> i will give you a criminal >> wrong answer! >> that is bob odenkirk in "breaking bad."
8:31 am
"better call saul." the first season of better call million viewers than episode and earned seven prime time emmy nominations and here is aond season. have some fun. >> i have a business to run. >> no. the business is running you. listen to me. you'll thank me later. >> for customer only. >> bobby odenkirk, you very much! glad to be here. can't wait to tell people about all of these new stories we are going to share. >> so what is it about saul?
8:32 am
everybody said they liked him. the audience that watched "breaking bad" sort of immediately took to him. funny. he was the only guy in the story who had nothing at stake. so he was making jokes and being a wise i think they liked his humor and people said he is good at what he does. and i don't know if he is good at what he does!ot of trouble for a guy who is good at what he does. gets in a lot of trouble. >> i kept thinking he was going to get killed off, didn't you, bob? >> absolutely.e i opened the script, i thought this is the one, let's see how it's going to happen. i told vince gillingan who created bad" ". i said, when i go, let's make it really good! make my head blow up, okay? i'll put oneasks on so you can blow my head up.
8:33 am
your background is comedy and vince said this about you. you never saw the show "breaking bad "ondition. but he saw you and thought you if you can do comedy you can do dram. >> cranston came from comedy gosh. we had so many great. leavell crawford and bill byrd and comedy people on "breaking he does trust comedy actors to play it straight. >> when they came to you, afterg bad "on "so many of us were cheering there will be a >> i was concerned people would hate us for even trying. >> really? you love something, a tv show or a musician or a band and then they kind of fall apart and come back together, you're kind of like, waof those don't work. >> yeah. most projects don't work. i mean, i think people look at
8:34 am
comparatively to actual original projects, i suppose the ratio is probably pretty much the same. working as well as the originator show. but "breaking bad" was so beloved. we were afraid people wouldn't give us a chance. i was surprised how people gave us an opportunity to do a very quirky show. >> now your second season.? >> well, you know, they were really finding the show in the first two. they weren't really -- you could feel them looking for where the show was. in the new season, they know the. we know what we are doing. the character of saul, jimmy mcgill, knows himself and he has a lot more fun in the second of has a handle on the fact that he has got to do -- >> for people who haven't watched the show, it's what happensbad"? >> well, mostly. >> mostly? >> there a little bit that
8:35 am
these guys are -- these guys are the writers and they are really but you got that brother michael mckean who is genius in it. i think the pope would turn the last season. good point. >> do you think any of us at the table, or anybody in the room could push "breaking can't see you in it. it! >> i saw him talking to trump before! and the money changed hands! >> i didn't think anybody saw that! >> you were rote with chris farley on "snl."t of that, bob? it's hilarious. >> she wants me to do that! >> yeah. >> matt foley which i second city theater in chicago and then it came. i wrote the you'll be rolling dubies when you're living in a van down by the river!
8:36 am
yeah, i wrote that when we were at second city. i grew up in flap naperville, would hang out down there. i pictured a guy living in a van living down there and used it as fodder. >> i'm from comedy and all of my friends are stand-upetch comics. it used to bother me that they weren't meaner to each other on.e should get up stage and go, that wasn't very good and be honest with each other because we are so cruel to the world around us. >> great to have you here. me. monday night, check it out on amc. >> a great show.
8:37 am
i have ahma. omanyiecein m fe. sohen asta sytomseptcomi bac on mlongerm ntro mecine i talked to docr an fod a ssinpiec in my thmareatnt. onceailyreo even asta sympms. eo ifor ults wi asta nowellontrled on lontermsthmcontl medine, liken inled rtictero. breoon'tepla a rcueinhar for suen bathi proems. breopensp aiays hel improvbreaing r a ll 2 hos. br conins typef mecine thatncrees t risof dth fromsthmprobms and may ineasehe rk hostalitionn ildr anddoleents breos nofor oplehose asth is ll ctrold on long-tm asma ctrol
8:38 am
like ainhad coicosroid once yr asma iwellcontlled yo docr wi dece ifou can st breand escre a differenasth conol dici, li an halecortosteid. do notake eo me th escred. see ur dtor youasth doesot irover ge wor. ask yo docr if4-ho bre coulbe aissi pie foryou. s if u'religie fo
8:39 am
what a all of these politicians coming around.
8:40 am
>> samantha: good morning to you. it almost looks like a christmas card out over csu. there's a live look outside. you can see the flakes flying around and we have snow on the ground already from snow yesterday and early this morning. it's also cold outside. we're in the teens and 20s, but you factor in the wind it feels colder than that, sitting at 20 in cleveland but feeling a lot colder, and that will be the story for the rest of the week and into the weekend as well. bitter cold and wind and snow. let's not forget about that, because we have that going on since yesterday. you can see eastern cuyahoga county out on the east side of the cleveland. solon, chesterland and then up into mentor and ashtabula we have snowshowers as well.
8:41 am
the ashtabula area. conneaut and down to the south we have light snow, medina into
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