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tv   Cleveland 19 News at Noon  CBS  February 11, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> "q": he was supposed to be in court on a host of charges, the most important being the charge that misled investigators working on the murder of alisa sherman. >> laura: but gregory moore, sherman's divorce attorney, was a no-show. this development dispinted people searching for that justice for alisa. >> reporter: no doubt about it. moore was to be arraigned on new charges on the 12th floor and 24th floor. he wasn't at either. it was rescheduled for the 19th of this month. she was killed outside of her lawyer's office right next to
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coming up on three years ago already. a shadowy figure seen running from the area where sherman was stabbed 11 times, the case has been at a standstill. last month, moore was charged with misleading investigators. prosecutors say he texted sherman both before and after her death saying he was at the office waiting for her. well cell phone records and key card records show that he left the office an hour before the after it. he wasn't in court, but, some of her friends were. >> just very disappointed that we are down here and nothing is happening. another postponement. terribly disappointing. but we will be here and we are not going any place. and, we are going to see this through. and see justice served for alisa. >> reporter: where was gregory moore? we went to his home this morning. what we found coming up a the 4:00 and 6:00. >> laura: all right. the city of cleveland just
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his last dying expense. we are looking at the press conference right now. >> so, you know, it's a dilemma that we put ourselves in when we -- when we stumbled over our own process. when we -- we -- we do it again. it'sthe dilemma we put ourselves in. but you clearly outlined the choices. of the is what you have -- >> so was this a mistake? >> no, it wasn't a mistake, it was a mistake in terms of -- of -- of us not flagging it, but it was not a mistake in terms of the legal process, no. it followed the legal process. >> and you are withdrawing that claim? >> oh, yeah. yeah, the claim will be withdrawn. >> you mentioned that it's very difficult to collect on e.m.s. services in cases like this. >> right. >> in terms of use of force. >> right. not just use of force. anything. >> but is there a dollar figure we have for how much is not collected every year? >> oh, i don't know, we could probably get that to you, you
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i do know that, that we go to insurers and usually you bill an insurer, particular private company, and they will pay the bill. but medicaid has the, with them, they want to be the last resort. and so, but we send them the bill. they pay their portion. now some, if the person was on medicaid would have paid the bill, then they would not pay it off. see? >> is it because -- >> laura: well, you can look for a lot more on this coverage on cleveland 19 news at 4:00. a second arrest in the murder of a kent state freshman. police arrested a 17-year-old from massillon. he's charged in the murder of nicholas massa at the ryan place apartments sunday. the teen is being held without bond. >> "q": all right, parents. well listen up. summit county health officials are investigating the possible case of tuberculosis at akron's
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now, we asked and doctors won't say if the person is a student or a staff member, but we do know this. the person was not at north high today. we are waiting for test results to determine if this person did in fact have t.b. >> laura: a driver crashed into a fire truck on 480 east at morning. the fire truck was stopped in the left lane while police investigated a car crash in the median when an s.u.v. slammed into it. no one was hurt in that crash. >> "q": a lake county ambulance crew on a call got into a slippery situation, to say the least. the madison fire district was taking a patient to geneva hospital when it hit some ruts in the snow that sent its rear end of the ambulance fish tailing. the driver overcorrected and rolled the ambulance on to its roof. luckily, there it is upside down -- luckily no one was hurt. can't mess around with the ice right now. it's cold out there, been snowing, ice all over the place.
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going to get above freezing until, you know, several days from now. so, we got a ways to go. we got to get through this cold. right? so, the slick spots, well they are probably not going anywhere. we don't have a lot of sun to >> "q": unfortunately. >> samantha: i know. no help from the sun. let's take a live look outside. there. you are looking live over downtown cleveland. . it is breezy out there. there's the vantage point from high atop that feisel roof camera. it's, you know, not too bad. got a little sun. we will take it. right? it just feels ugly when you factor in that wind. oh, the wind-chill right now in cleveland, 2 . it feels like one below in wooster. that's on your exposed skin. so that's why we always encourage you to layer up, cover up any exposed skin. your fingers, your ears, anything you got. cover it up. right? last three hours, cloudy skies for the most part, again, a
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and this lake effect. it will not stop. we've got continued flow of cold air over warmer lake waters. so, it's going to be tough to get this stuff to cut off. it's just so cold out there. lorain county, medina, cuyahoga, summit, portage, geauga and lake counties all seeing snow showers right now. we will talk about when this stuff may finally wind down, coming up in just a few minutes. guys? >> laura: thank, sam. a trial next october for a former university of cincinnati police officer accused of killing a black motorist. ray tensing will go on trial october 24. he's accused of killing sam debose during a traffic stop. tensing pulled debose over for a missing license plate. the whole encounter was caught on tensing's body camera. >> "q": this next story's making national headlines. the justice department is suing ferguson, missouri over recommended improvements to system.
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changes. the attorney general says the residents of ferguson can't wait any longer for justice. the back and forth there has been going on for 26 weeks now. also, maryland's governor ordered flags be flown at half staff today to honor two deputies shot and killed buy a gunman. one of the deputies was shot in a crowded restaurant. shootout. the 67-year-old gunman also died in the gun fire. he had an outstanding warrant in maryland and in florida. also, a police standoff at a home in north dakota is over but one officer shot is not expected to make it. fargo police worked a domestic dispute call. a man barricaded himself inside a home and fired several shots hitting officer jason mazur. and we are hearing his family is at the hospital right now saying their goodbyes. >> laura: a cleveland police officer and a garfield heights court for a domestic violence
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shawna van zant's case was continued until next month. a witness says she beat up a male and tried to run him over. coming up on cleveland 19 news, a battle over the locker room when a school district told a trans gender student he could use the boys' locker room to change his clothes. >> "q": and yesterday we showed you the first plus-sized model to appear in sports illustrated swim suitedition. today, we will show you the oldest bikini model in the issue
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>> laura: controversy at a california high school because a trans gender teen is using the boys' locker room. yans was born a female but identifies as a male. now, there's concern about his using the boys' locker room. a parent complained after her son said he was uncomfortable with brisco using the locker room when he was. >> students whether trans gender or not, deare do not deserve to walk into a locker room society. kid. i just don't identify with the gender that i was born with. >> laura: concerned parent holly frown says that there have been private changing areas for yens, or there should be, but an advocate for the trans gender community says the school district is simply following california law allowing trans
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facilities that conform to their gender identity without regard to their sex at birth. >> "q": one of those stories and situations where you really can't make both sides happy. plus, it's a controversial issue as well. but -- if you, if you side with the parents, then, you know, the saddened. >> laura: being hurt, yeah. either side, that's -- it's a tough one. because you can kind of understand both sides of the issue and it's hard to pick one. >> "q": luckily for us we don't have to make that decision. right? all right, well yesterday you may remember we told you about a plus-sized model in sports illustrated swim suitedition. now, you can meet the oldest model in the issue. yeah, take a look. 56-year-old nicola griffen is in an ad for online retailer swim suits for all. that's how plus size model ashley graham got her big break.
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swim sexy movement promotes confident curves encouraging women of any age or size to show off their bikini bodies. griffen is officially the oldest model to appear in the swim suit issue. good for her. >> laura: look at that picture there. >> "q": making it for all types. >> laura: he got two days in a row of bikini models on the tv here. >> "q": [laughter] i don't know what you're talking about. we are being professional [laughter] >> laura: straight ahead, an ohio deputy on an emergency call gets quite the surprise. you will see it coming up next. >> samantha: and guys, the reved up. let's take a look at those lake-effect alerts. we have a lake-effect snow warning still in effect for portions of the snowbelt, lake and the lakeshore of ashtabula county. y'all are under a lake-effect snow advisory. so, it it's all in effect until 4:00. you may encounter some visibility.
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>> "q": this kind of story always amazes me. a columbus woman got a big surprise on sunday. her name's jamaica harris. she started feeling sick sunday. turns out the high school student was pregnant and going into labor. franklin county deputy steven
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in her bathroom in the middle of her delivery. >> found out i was pregnant. he just came out. so, i was scared at first. >> it's outstanding any time, any time you can help, you know. >> "q": well the officer unwrapped the umbilical cord from around the baby boy's neck and kept him warm until the medics showed up. the new mom says the officer great. she named her new born son aaron. how can you be nine months pregnant, though, and not know? that's what amazes me all the time. >> laura: yeah, those stories get me every time. all right. with all that snow, there were several accidents out there. what better time we thought to get a refresher course on how to handle the wintry conditions on roadways. ashley takes us along for the ride. >> what's interesting about today's drive on the freeway is, it's going to be kind of a mixed bag. >> reporter: with temperatures continuing to plummet and flurries flying, we took to the freeway with roger mcgwire, who instructs student drivers for a
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handle the wintry conditions. >> about 200 feet past this light we are going to turn right and get on the freeway right there. >> reporter: when taking to the roads tonight and tomorrow, the first order of business is looking at the temperature outside. >> black ice can form mostly on wet areas on the road or under overpasses, on bridges. so those are the areas you need to look at first in consideration of black ice. >> reporter: salt isn't always effective when it gets this cold making slick spots a cause for concern. >> you can't travel the normal travel. you have to keep an eye out for other people because the roads are slick. they may tend to lose control easier than normal. >> reporter: you see it time and time again. people in a hurry and not giving themselves the proper amount of drive time in inclement weather. make yourself visible. >> always make sure your lights
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and, you just have to have a mindset for extra caution. >> laura: great tips now sam i'm turning this over to you and i'm hoping that we are -- please -- not going to need this refresh you are course much longer. >> samantha: yeah, you know, we still got that snow out there and then we have more snow on the way for tomorrow. so, it's always good to be brushing up on those winter weather driving skills. because, here in this part of the country, i mean you might even need 'em into the early april, you know. snowfalls here. but it's particularly important in february. look at this. we still have ongoing lake effect here, lorain county, southern cuyahoga county, northern medina and back into summit county. i am willing to bet there are some snow-covered roads just from this burst of snow that we are showing you. elyria, brunswick down into akron, peninsula, even on the southern end of cuyahoga county, strongsville, brecksville, you got to go slow out there as visibility is reduced and it's
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so there is likely some blowing snow. lake county, geauga county, and out into southwestern ashtabula we are also tracking lake-effect snow showers here. i-271 corridor, you are probably seeing at least some flurries so, you know, it's one of those days where we are kind of dealing with the hit or miss lake effect. not quite as widespread as it was yesterday. but it's still an issue. so, watch out for snow-covered roads, the blowing and drifting. just got to take it a little bit slower today. cold and windy otherwise. in terms of accumulation with today's snow, you could see a dusting up to three inches where persistent. highs only in the upper teens feeling like the single digits for the rest of the afternoon. and then tonight, our wind-chills dropping back down to about zero and even into negative territories. just going to be so breezy, it it's already cold with a low of 10. but the good news is -- snow showers should slowly end into tonight.
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going to shift. so that should at least taper things off to flurries if not stop it completely. we will start off dry tomorrow. but we aren't done with snow just yet. here's futureview going through the day many to. here's lunchtime looking good. but in the afternoon, snow showers moving back in for us. they may be moderate to heavy at times even through the evening commute. any plans you have, maybe you are celebrating valentine's day tomorrow night, you are probably going to be walking or driving through some snow. yes, it seems like it never ends this week. right? just one day after another. a quick one to three inches possible tomorrow. and then we may even see some light snow lingering into saturday morning. we should dry it out for the second half of the weekend. but, we are not done yet. monday, more snow showers in the forecast. we will be watching that closely and, the rest of the forecast, guys, just really cold. look at saturday. >> "q": 10 is low.
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for a high! and with the wind factored in, it will feel even colder than that. so, bundle up. >> laura: and snuggle with your sweety. >> samantha: yeah, something like that. >> "q": listen. well, there's still a whole lot more to come right here on cleveland 19 news. >> laura: yeah, there sure is. including this maid of honor's toast. she gave it at her sister's wedding. you will hear some of it coming up. or plain water. and even though their dentures look clean, in reality if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria on the denture, and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes,
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for a cleaner, fresher,
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>> "q": welcome back. when mulling over what do for her maid of honor's toast for her sister's wedding, a british bridesmaid decided to do something a little vanilla. >> laura: yeah, as in vanilla ice. take a bow mainly because she's your problem now. i need a relationship it's just begun. thank you for joining us today. >> laura: she said she couldn't sing well. rachel showed off her mic skills with a rap toast to ice ice baby. hey, even vanilla ice was impressed. he retweeted it after seeing it. i'm taking notes because i am a may matron of honor. might get some ideas. >> "q": and the tempo of that song is so fast. she kept up with it, too. did a good job. >> samantha: well, if you do do that, we expect video. >> "q": yes. we want footage.
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want to keep them with us. >> samantha: we will take a look at what's happening out there right now. we have some snow showers ongoing. hey, lorain county, medina county, southern cuyahoga county, and into summit county. allen county-effect band ongoing there. we also have persistent snows in the snowbelt. so, if you do run into this on your lunchtime hour, you might see reduced visibility, might be tough to drive. so go slow. >> "q": there, you go. thanks for joining us this noon. the young and the restless is up next. >> laura: be sure to join us for cleveland 19 news at 4:00. thanks for watching. have a great day. dear fellow ohioans, for relative newcomers to our beautiful state, i have to tell you, getting your first set of ohio license plates is not fun. one: go to a bmv location and wait in line to have them come out and read the vin number on your car. two: go to the county title office and wait in line to get
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make sure you bring a file folder full of personal documents. three: get it inspected at an e-inspection center, required for most cleveland-area counties. four: return to the bmv, get in the same line you were in earlier to finally get your plates. two-car family? begin again at step one. you and your spouse both on the title? you'd better both be there or come armed with a power of attorney that' s notarized. but while the process is complicated and tough to find guidance on the bmv website, most of the people i met along the way were very nice, despite all the stereotypical comments you hear about public employees. when i checked state rankings, ohio bmv topped one poll in customer satisfaction. that' s because once you are in, life gets easy. you can renew your license plates or change your address online. no more multiple trips and lines. but could you at least make it a bit easier on the newbies? after all, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. i'
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how we see it. >> we encourage your response to this editorial.
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