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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 5PM  CBS  February 11, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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starts now. >> dan: now at 5:00 a case of tuberculosis confirmed at a local high school. we will talk about the infectious disease and who may >> denise: first snow and bitter cold coming our way. jeff tanchak has details. >> jeff: yeah, and this next blast of arctic air. we are in it now. it will get worse tomorrow night and saturday with the next front. we are getting a break from the lake-effect. the warning has been dropped and the advisory. tomorrow afternoon and lake-effect for ashtabula county and northwest pennsylvania. of course that's subject to change and adding for counties to that and more lake-effect for most areas. here is what we have. light scattered snow showers. looks like a few heavier bursts of lake-effect around peninsula and northern summit and portage
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>> 18 cleveland, 16 norwalk and mansfield and wind will die down for a time tonight between 12 and 14 degrees. we will go in temperature. further inland where clouds break up you could drop in the single digits and get ready for the next shot of arctic air and details at 5:18. denise? >> thanks. >> a scary out if you were out and about yesterday. some areas. >> dan: drivers in medina faced nearly whiteout conditions where cleveland 19 dani carlson joins us live. dani? >> reporter: earlier today in medina county there was a lot of snow to go with the chill. some places. it was near whiteout conditions and while driving on the highway. it is clear now. since the frigid temperatures
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some how they cope with it. >> what is it, 13 degrees, yeah, it's cold. kids don't have school today, lucky them. >> lots of layers and thermal and all that stuff. >> stay in the truck as much as you can. >> absolutely. >> and, in fact, it is actually so cold out here our camera battery died before we went on live tv. that's something to keep in mind. also make sure to keep yourself safe if you are in this temperature. i took my glove off to look at my iphone and it got very cold. frostbite can set in at 28 degrees. you heard jeff say it is topping in the teens and get even colder. if you plan to go outside cover up and don't have exposed skin. wear lots of layers and stay inside as much as you possible can. >> foch now live in medina, dani
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>> get warm, dani. >> several area schools were closed because of the snow and we could see more closures tomorrow as bus stop temperatures will dip down near single digits. if you haven't already you should go to our web site at and sign up for school closing text alerts if your district is delayed or closed we send a message to your phone. >> a case of tuberculosis at north akron high school. we don't know if the person who has it is a student or faculty member. parents are on edge. >> reporter: patricia young was visiting and heard the news, a confirmed case of tuberculosis at north high school. >> they have said nothing to me. >> reporter: are you a parent. >> yes, i am. i dropped my daughter off lunch and talked to the teachers. >> reporter: does it make you nervous? >> yeah. i think i will go back in and get my child. >> after lunch thursday another parent heard he wasn't taking
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>> we heard something about it. my son has disabilities and i took him out of school. i don't want him getting it. >> one so far. >> the case was reported to the health department 10 days ago. due to hipa laws, the person will not be identified. >> what can you tell about the person contacted? >> that the person is doing well. >> the health department does not know where the tuberculosis came from but it is investigating. yesterday there were 12 confirmed cases in summit county. none related. with treatment they could be cleared in 6 to 8 months. >> and it looks like they were infected with tuberculosis resistant to medicines used to treat it. >> schools should be closed. it was 4 degrees out here with the wind chill.
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and schools should be closed today. >> over the next couple of days summit county health will know those exposed and notified by mail within a week. >> in akron, sia nyorkor cleveland 19. tuberculosis kills a million worldwide each year. how does tuberculosis spread? the answer was easy to find on the web site. tb is spread from the air from one person to another. when someone with the disease lungs or throat coughs, sneezes speaks or sings, people nearby can breathe in the bacteria and get infected. >> tb is not spread by shaking someone's hand sharing food or drink touching bed linens or toilet seats or kissing. >> we have new murder of a kent state student.
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a person from massillon is held in the murder of nicholas massa. he was killed in his off-campus apartment sunday. >> aliza sherman's divorce attorney faces a long list of charges with her stabbing death including lying and tampering with evidence and supposed to be in court for a hearing and gregory moore did not show up. sherman's friends and family visibly disappointed. >> sherman was stabbed 11 times outside of moore's office. >> denise: a bill for $500. the cost of taking tamir rice by ambulance from the cudell rec center to the hospital. >> dan: at one point the city considered that bill closed until the family reopened the entire issue that got ugly. we sent harry boomer to clear it up. >> harry? >> dan and denise, looks like
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routine process the city calls it. because somebody apparently forgot to pay attention to this heil sensitive case, the mae has explaining to do. >> it was a mistake for us not flagging it. >> it was not a mistake in terms of the legal process. >> mayor frank jackson apologized to the tamir rice family for any pain that may have been caused by what the city calls a misunderstanding that the family is charged $500 for ems service to the rec center where the 12-year-old was gunned down by police. >> a copy of what is owed if in fact we didn't close the account has been sent to the state because they asked for it. >> there are legal matters the city has to deal with and they have not reached out to the
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>> always our goal to do two things. recognize sensitivity of the situations where this high profile or not and the fact people and human beings are involved in this stuff. but also fully recognizing we have a fewary and legal obligation to the city. >> the mayor not yet to reprimand or fire anybody but made the displeasure clear this morning with staff. >> it was not a pleasant conversation then or pleasant conversation going forward. they will put in place those things that are necessary to ensure it doesn't happen again. >> as you might recall, the mayor had to apologize once before because it seemed the city blamed 12-year-old tamir rice for getting shot at the rec center. >> reporter: live outside city hall harry boomer, cleveland 19. >> denise: all right. thanks, harry. the former university of cincinnati police officer who
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will go on trial in the fall. ray tensing will go on trial october 24th. he is accused of killing sam dubois during a traffic stop. tensing pulled dubois over for a missing license plate. the whole encounter was caught on tensing's body camera. >> dan: hillary clinton and bernie sanders will face off in their 6th debate in milwaukee and most analysts are expecting more fireworks between the two. the showdown comes two days after the vermont senator crushed former secretary of state in the new hampshire primary. the next critical primary is in south carolina around the corner. can hillary bounce back? we will talk about that and next republican debate in our political coverage at 5:30. >> the state department may release 550 more e-mails from hillary clinton this weekend. they come from the private
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critics claim the private server put national credits at risk. so far about 85% of mrs. clinton's e-mails have been released. cleveland said good-bye to kobe bryant last night. the laker's star final game at the q and cavs paid tribute to the all star who will retire after this season. while cavaliers won against lakers they lost a critical member of the team. >> kevin love left the court before half and never returned. sports director tony zarrella joins us with an injury that took love out of the game at least for a little while. >> tony: when you see love headed to the locker room and left arm hanging down, you have flashbacks. settics and love being knocked out of the playoffs. that was a injury. last night it was tough to see how he got hurt. he works his way in and moves
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going against couldn't, doesn't look like a hard contact but love took himself out of the game to the locker room and done for the night. after the game to the relief of many he said i'm fine. >> at the time i didn't know really what it was. just like when you get hit in the elbow a shooting pain and felt like fire was running down my arm. just a stinger. and the doctor decided to be cautious and use the break for it to feel better and it actually feels okay now. >> we need him. his space on the floor and rebound and pulse presence and it would have been a big blow for us but he's fine. >> tony: good to hear and kevin mentioned the all-star break, which is now. love can rest up and they play a week from tonight when bulls come to town and kevin said i will be ready to go as cavaliers make their second half push. i wasn't even aware i was
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now that i know it is kind of frustrating. >> women forced to pay sales taxes on feminine hygiene products. coming up next at 5:00, the latest in the fight to make the necessities tax-free. >> dan: local seniors getting a special valentine's day surprise.
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live from cleveland's newscenter driven by don joseph toyota in kent in kent this is cleveland 19 news. >> denise: they are items considered a medical necessity. why are most women forced to pay
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40 states have this so-called tampon tax including ohio. in chicago women are paying more than 10% in tax on these things and that's why there's a proposed ordinance to reclassify tampons as medical appliances exempting them from the city's sales tax. >> women don't have a choice they are going to have to buy these products come hell or high water. >> denise: in utah a committee of lawmakers who happened to be men voted against a proposal to eliminate the sales tax on feminine hygiene products there. >> dan: it is valentine's day weekend and lots of people are looking forward to celebrating with dinner, canadien, flowers, presents, for seniors, it can be a depressing time of year. a group of real life cupids comes in. shanice dunning explains how. >> reporter: singles aren't the only ones who can be lonely on valentine's day.
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not close to loved ones and i followed visiting angels as they delivered blossoms of love. visiting angels coordinator debbie doesn't just deliver flowers. >> maybe seeing those flowers will perk her up. >> surprise! >> reporter: she brings happiness. >> we wanted to welcome you with a beautiful bouquet of flowers representing valentine's day this sunday. >> isn't that nice. >> and to let you know how much we appreciate you. >> oh, my goodness. >> reporter: this is a complete surprise to 89-year-old claire walker. >> i don't know who picked me. >> reporter: are you happy they did? >> oh, of course. >> reporter: walker is one of the seniors on her list to surprise for visiting angels blossoms of love program. >> visiting angels is nonmedical senior in-home care agency
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has shown and proven to inflate their ability to interact better with other people. it helps with areas of mild depression. >> reporter: after these visits, the company reports 81% of seniors who receive flowers show a decrease in depression. and plus, flowers are just nice to look at any day. >> who would ever think a bouquet of flowers would bring as much joy to a senior or any of us as they do. >> do you remember how much joy you brought? >> oh! just the little things that make a difference and caregivers didn't show, do so much and there 24/7 and took the day to look at photos of family members and listen to music. just small things that make a difference. >> denise: spending time is so important. >> dan: all the love. awesome. >> thank you. >> dan: how about we take a look at the feazel roof cam. off and on snow all day
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doesn't look too bad and letting people get home safely and i bet jeff can answer that better than >> >> jeff, yeah it is looking better now only to be followed by a bigger shot of arctic air. if you can get through saturday, saturday night, things are that. >> here we go. obviously in the cold pattern here and snow coming off all the lakes. we have dried up enough so we lost heavy lake-effect and look at this band extending from lake huron and keeping things active in the southwest part of new york state. here. they were heavier the first half of the day. you get here around twinsburg and hudson area into portage county, a few heavier snow showers, an inch or less of additional snowfall tonight and temperatures starting to warm
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state a little bit. 16 mansfield. 18 cleveland and have us dropping to 13 if we stay mostly cloudy and liftover lake-effect and wind dies down and the clouds will break up further inland. once that happens, look at the forecast low with snowpack in the akron-canton area 46789 degrees is your low. and mostly tomorrow is looking dry until we hit the evening commute tomorrow. this is when the next front will be here. snow showers will be developing. everybody will get something with the system itself and then more lake-effect behind it. we are up to 23. 30. but then tomorrow night that's the next alert. 1 to 4 inches of lake-effect snow for most areas making things slippery again especially with the drop in temperature below zero wind chill. bad travel for tomorrow night and even through the day on
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here is 7:00 tomorrow evening. 10:00, 11:00 at night. 1 a.m. we will have bands of lake-effect snow. coming in off lake erie here and as we look at the snowfall forecast 1 to 4 for most. 4 to 8 inches in the snowbelt. that will be for tomorrow night and on saturday, more lake-effect. 10 the high. dangerous wind chills saturday night we will drop it down to 5 degrees and keep that in mind if you are heading out. valentine's day looking dry 21 and more snow developing sunday night into monday and 39 for the high monday and out of the arctic stuff next week. guys, back to you. >> denise: i was out today and for a couple of minutes you had to put the gloves back on. michigan. dangerous drinking water and the months.
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working to make sure there is never a delay in notification again. >> details on president obama's proposed funding cuts that could
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>> dan: welcome n. response to the crisis in michigan the u.s. house of representatives passed a bipartisan bill holding the e.p.a. accountable for keeping the public informed on high levels in drinking water and to notify state officials within 24 hours when water contamination is detected at a certain level. if the state does not alert the public in 24 hours after that, the e.p.a. must do it. >> denise: president barack obama is calling for big cuts to a major funding source for cleaning up lake erie. great lakes restoration
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that a lot of people believe are crucial to toxic algae blooms in our lake. to reduce the budget deficit the president asked for $250 million for the initiative., that's $50 million less than appropriated in 2015. >> it is sad and disappointing especially if he is a great lakes president and steps up and propose more than what congress was willing to support rather than less. >> denise: toxic algae was behind toledo's clean drinking water and healing our waters great lakes coalition to fight the decision saying now is not the time to cut successful programs that protect drinking water. >> all right. i happen to agree with that. let's go to ford first alert doppler. we are seeing steadier showers broadview heights and peninsula and streetsboro and lake-effect
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by this time tomorrow.
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>> denise: democratic candidates and bernie sanders set to face off in wisconsin in by pbs. >> dan: here to break down what to watch for is diane gallagher in washington. diane, what can we expect to see tonight? >> reporter: dan, if i were you i would look out for fiery exchanges between the two democrats, first time hillary clinton and bernie sanders face off-speed since sanders dominating win in new hampshire. this has become an extremely competitive race and sanders is looking to build on the momentum and clinton looking to win back some of hers. >> reporter: following his
5:30 pm
vermont senator bernie sanders offered this prediction. >> they are throwing everything at me except the kitchen sink, and i have the feeling that kitchen sink is coming pretty soon. >> tonight sanders could see the kitchen sink and then some. hillary is coming off a 22 point loss and nail biter in iowa. the former secretary of state is expected to come out swinging much like last week's msnbc debate. >> enough is enough. if you have something to say, say it. >> tonight expect to see clinton and sanders focus on two key voting blocks where they could be vulnerable. for clinton she needs to win back support from young voters and reports show sand hers a commanding edge with 18 to 29-years-old and last night on the late show sanders explained why he thinks young voters are flocking to him. >> young people are idealistic and look at a world with problems and say why not. >> and clinton does well with african-american voters and picked up the endorsement of the
5:31 pm
>> we must have a president that understands the racial divide. not just someone who acquired the knowledge recently. >> african-americans made up 57% of the electorate in 2008 and sanders needs to redirect his message to this block tonight if he has a realistic shot of winning south carolina. >> reporter: sanders is making in roads to the african-american leadership and endorsement of harry bellefonte and not on the campaign trail and hunkering down studying and prepping for the debate airing at 9 p.m. eastern on pbs and air odd cnn. >> denise: let's talk about ohio governor john kasich after the second place showing in new hampshire. what's his strategy going into south carolina. he has a much tougher time a far
5:32 pm
way the voter base is but how much time he put in new hampshire and kasich said i am not expecting the same kind of results in south carolina. i can tell you he is pulling in some large crowds. a lot of people not paying attention to him before or showing up for the town halls in south carolina to hear what he has to say and the gov says he will maintain this positive campaign to be the adult in the room if you will amongst republican candidates while there. he won't be a marshmallow or pincushion. he will bite back if they attack him. >> dan: let's stay on the republican side of thing trump first, kasich second and who among rubio, jeb bush and ted cruz, who of the three of them really has a lot of work to do in south carolina? >> reporter: well, we are sort of seeing almost marco rubio reboot in south carolina changing up his campaigning style all together and far more relaxed off the cuff and appears
5:33 pm
that chris christie gave that kind of sank rubio down from the surge in iowa. he is very much a different candidate not with canned speeches going on. as far as bush goes jeb bush is bringing out what's considered a secret weapon in south carolina and that will be his big brother former president george bush remains a popular politician in the state of south carolina and radio ads airing with the elder bush on there and actually will stump for his little brother in south carolina before the primary. >> dan: interesting tactic there. >> denise: earlier in the show we talked about the state department releasing more e-mails from hillary clinton's private server. can this hurt her as she goes forward? is there any indication she needs to do something about it or much adieu about nothing and more of the same. >> reporter: we don't know until
5:34 pm
campaign has been taking the same approach as each of those are coming out. the e-mails are coming out on the last day of each month and hurt a little bit because of the weather in washington, d.c. and also because of a malfunction dealing with a computer they had with the state department and her campaign has been tried to separate and the sanders campaign isn't going hard either and feign muss retort he had nobody cares about her e-mails in the first debate and they have gone back from that sort of saying look it is interesting and we want to make sure we know what's going on and i expect republicans to hit pretty hard about that and not so much in the democratic debate. >> dan: it will be interesting to see if bernie sanders stay as way or jumps on the bandwagon tonight. >> diane gallagher, thank you for adding to our political coverage. >> denise: keep it here for continuing coverage of this election year. every day on cleveland 19 news at 5:00 we will also bring you
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trail on our web site, cleveland 19, social media and free cleveland 19 news mobile app. first alert traffic on cleveland 19 news is sponsored by ford. >> dan: slippery ride into work around 6:00 this morning. this is an s.u.v. that crashed into a fire truck responding to another accident. this was on i-480 east at grayton. no report of serious injuries, though. >> denise: all right. let's take a live look at our highways now. this is the cloverleaf. 77 and 480. can you see things are smooth sailing and that is good news especially after what we had to deal with the roads in the last couple of days. oh, my gosh, whiteout conditions. >> dan: are we out of the worst or more to come jacksonville tomorrow night will get bad again. >> here we go again. right now we still have some
5:36 pm
portage county and ravenna leftover lake-effect. and if you are in one of these snow showers here along the turnpike let's say in portage county reducing visibility a little bit. this is kind of like the suburn phase to the lake-effect. when dealing with arctic air and lake-effect it is hard for the lake-effect machine to totally shut off. but then tomorrow afternoon through saturday lake-effect snow watch ashtabula county northwest pennsylvania and ashtabula county is where we think the heaviest best threat of snow will be in the next round and harbor see more come tomorrow night. 15 at 8:00, 13 at 11:00. the temperature trend downtown dropping slow to mid-teens. where crowds break up inland tonight. we are at 18 in cleveland. some flurries still akron 18 and there's canton and mansfield down to 16 degrees.
5:37 pm
it will be less than an inch alert, though, tomorrow night snow, wind, frigid temperatures and into saturday dangerous wind chills here with this next front. 1 to 4 inches of lake-effect tomorrow night. well below zero wind chills by saturday morning and that will lead to bad travel even into saturday evening as well just because the temperatures will be so cold on saturday so heading out, you've got to really watch out. late day snow south to southwest wind and most of the day tomorrow looks dry until around this time tomorrow. in fact, akron-canton i don't have snow hitting you until tomorrow night. will you be dry tomorrow 23 south to southwest wind and looking at the planner tomorrow about 14 at 7 a.m. and noon 19 and then 5:00, 20. during the 5:00 hour is when we will start to see the snow come in and then some heavier lake-effect snow setting up tomorrow night.
5:38 pm
trend and let you know how long this cold stuff will be sticking around. denise? >> denise: all right, jeff. thank you very much. a north dakota police officer shot in the line of duty is not expected to survive his injuries. 33-year-old officer jason mosier responded to an active shooter situation in fargo last night. authorities say the shooter called 911 himself to tell police neighboring homes should be evacuated. when police got there he fired at the officers. it's awful. authorities are releasing more details about the shootout at a maryland fast food restaurant that left two sheriff deputies dead. >> dan: the sheriff of harrford county was visibly shaken talking about the two veteran deputies gunned down at the panera restaurant. 68-year-old david evans shot deputy patrick daly in the head.
5:39 pm
simply asked how he was doing. >> deputy pat daly never unholsterred, never had a chance to respond. >> deputy mark logs done was shot approaching the suspect's car after the shooting. the suspect had warrants for his arrest and the sheriff says he doesn't think he was targeting law enforcement officers but that he did not want to face arrest. >> denise: in oregon, the last armed occupier of a national wildlife refuge is in custody bringing an end to a standoff that started 41 days ago. a group opposing the federal government's use of the land sieged the refuge there. the holdouts surrendered today including david frye and bundy was arrested on his way to the oregon refuge. bundy's son started the occupation weeks ago and he was arrested last month.
5:40 pm
start on wall street. open. points. oil dipped below $27. today. you can see the market closed down about 255 points. not a good day on the market. >> janet yellen was back on capitol hill wrapping up two days of testimony. today the federal reserve chair said current economic conditions at home and globally will mean near-term interest rates here in the u.s. will remain low. while the u.s. economy is strong yellen cautioned the global weakness fallen financial markets, a drop in oil prices and the strengthening u.s. dollar could depress u.s. exports and slow economic growth here at home. these factors could slow future interest rate hikes. a lorain county community experiencing a business boom.
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welcome. it is a day a lot of west siders have been waiting for. the new levin furniture store opened its doors today. for the city of avon this is another big economic boost. denise zarrella has the story. >> reporter: we have watched shoppers come through the front doors of this brand new levin furniture all day long. today, many of us watched this building go up over the last few months here along the nagle road
5:43 pm
this is one of the latest businesses you will see pop up here over the next few months. it's opening day for the new levin furniture store in avon. it is of course a big day for owners robert and carey levin. >> i think it is beautiful. i think the light that comes into the room is beautiful. i think the furniture arrangements are very attractive and i think it is a well-done store. >> reporter: this is also a avon. levin furniture opening of this 75,000 square foot two-level store is one more piece of the city's booming economic puzzle. >> it is very exciting time because we are finding development go from medical manufacturing, retail, it is exciting to see a mix of so many things coming to town. >> reporter: cabella's, the wildly popular fishing store will open next and meyers supermarket across from levin furniture and two new housing developments.
5:44 pm
the cleveland clinic just opened their new rehabilitation facility and university hospitals did the same thing further down the road. >> there will be a lot of changes and i see a predominance of medical coming in and we will have supporting doctor's positions and i keep making the plea we need experienced rn's, lpn's medical assistants to fill the jobs we will have. >> reporter: people who live nearby notice the only thing sitting still in this city are the furniture. >> it is spectacular. >> it is wonderful. >> this store adds to it. >> reporter: in case you are wondering, cabella's is set to open in august. the grand opening for levin furniture is march 3rd in avon denise zarrella, cleveland 19. >> dan: all good for the economy. >> our view of the day.
5:45 pm
oxygen masks for pets being rescued from fires and brought her sidekick spencer and winston to pose for the camera with chief robert wilson. good stuff. >> romona: coming up at 6:00 fallout from an ambulance bill as police shot and killed tamir rice. today the city tells us what happened and apologizes. >> plus aliza sherman was murdered downtown about three years ago. today calls for justice delayed as her lawyer stands accused of trying to foil the case. those stories and more when you
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>> denise: it's freezing outside and the good news it is prime snuggle weather in time for valentine's day. did you know cuddling can give great benefits including reduced getting sick. that's because of the brain chemical oxytocin making you
5:49 pm
actually make you feel healthier. other benefits include lower blood pressure, your wounds heal faster and you have a higher tolerance for pain. where did we get that video. ever. >> denise: looked like a movie. >> dan: jeff in your 7-day you will show there's plenty of time to cuddle. >> jeff: my only question what if the person you cuddle with is sick. then you need your space. all right. well, valentine's day, yeah. you get the idea there. saturday night single digits. in fact, summer as we drop to -- some are dropping to single digits tonight and next shot of snow late day and tomorrow night. that's the next alert. the wind will be picking up and the bottom really falls out. just ridiculous cold on saturday. we will only be around 10 for a high.
5:50 pm
category and yeah, lake-effect snow. not the best of travel here. saturday night down to 5. on valentine's day 21, very cold. light snow monday but that time we are warming up. 39 degrees there. back to you. >> dan: thanks, jeff. as if being nominated for oscar is not enough nominees will take home a $200,000 swag bag.
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oh! the $4 menu. where all meals are under $4.
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now it's time for "the buzz" sponsored by national carpet mill outlet. >> denise: oscar nominees might be bummed out if they don't win this year but are getting a nice consolation prize. this year's nominee gift bag is worth $200,000. they all get them. they include a first class trip to israel unlimited audi car rentals, the hot new cosmetic lift. we have no idea what that is and even toilet paper.
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toilet paper. $275 for toilet paper. what is it, gold? >> dan: probably. >> denise: you got to wonder. >> dan: ridiculous. we are following a case of tuberculosis out of summit county confirmed. coming up cleveland 19 news is bringing you the latest at 6:00. >> now this is a cleveland 19 news editorial. dear fellow ohioans. for relative newcomers to our beautiful state, i have to tell you getting your first set of ohio license plates is not fun. one, go to a dmv location and wait in line to have them come out and read the vin number on your car. two, go to the county title office and wait in line to get your title transferred and make sure you bring a file full of personal documents and three, get it inspected at a inspection center in most cleveland area counties and four, return to the
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apologizing to the rice family if, in fact, this is added to any grief or pain. >> romona: the mayor says he's sorry but claims it is all a misunderstanding when it comes to tamir rice's ambulance bill. >> mark: and a health alert. what you need to know about tuberculosis as we learn of a case at north high in akron. >> i would like somebody to explain it to me, why he is practicing law. >> romona: three years after the downtown murder friends of aliza sherman are upset and asking tough questions about a lawyer connected to the case. live from cleveland's newscenter, cleveland 19 news starts now. >> mark: oh! 17 degrees. now that's cold. but the bone-chilling temperatures will be falling even further. >> romona: wow.
5:58 pm
antarctic blast. >> romona: along with cold come another blast for the weekend. jeff tanchak tracking all in the first alert weather center. >> jeff: biggest arctic punch arrives over the weekend as well. let's show you the radar. heavy lake-effect snow winding down. we still have a few showers and geauga and portage county and travel overall will be better tonight than what it was last night. but then tomorrow afternoon through the day saturday a new lake-effect snow watch. it extends to northwest pennsylvania. i do expect lake-effect snow across most of the area tomorrow night with this front. so it will be light snow tonight and very cold in spots where the clouds break up, ie, inland and an alert for snow, wind and frigid temperatures and the coldest yet on saturday with dangerous wind chills. we are 17 now in cleveland.
5:59 pm


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