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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  February 12, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, february 12th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." hillary clinton and bernie sanders battle for the minority vote in a heat debate. republicans sharpen their attacks before tomorrow's face-off. >> donald trump says the pope does not understand america's immigration issue. we are in mexico ahead of the pontiff's visit. and controversy crashes a massive surf competition. why no women are paddling into these waves. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds.
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we have heard from senator sanders about our president, i expect from republicans. >> that is a low blow. democrats square off over president obama. >> have you ever disagreed with a president? i suspect you may have. >> senator! >> don't listen to donald trump. really. >> negotiating a deal in another country is not foreign policy experience. >> we have a front-runner candidate that disparaging women and hispanics. >> pushes i do not believe he is a true conservative. these people are stupid! >> the united states, russia and other world powers have reached an agreement on a cessation of hostilities in syria's civil war. >> foyer people remain hospitalized this morning after a machete attack in an ohio restaurant. the suspect was fatally shot. scientists say they found gravitational waves or ripples in the fabric of space time. the discovery is being hailed as the greatest signs of a before the accident of the -- breakthrough of
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>> let's take a listen. hello >> the top half of the country in the northern states is affected. >> pope begins a seven day visit to latin america. finish preparations going on in >> all that. >> that is donald trump signing a baby. >> look at these people. >> i also love going on red poses. >> give me your blue steel. >> and all that matters. >> charlie rose received a big honor for excellence in broadcast journalism. >> you do not want to be on television as long as i have because you can see yourself aging in front of your eyes. >> on "cbs this morning." >> this sunday is valentine's day. >> i don't always know what to y any more. >> the day women all around the world wait eagerly to discover the new ways their husbands boyfriends will disappoint them! announcer: this portion of "cbs
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let's go places. welcome torning." the democratic presidential race is getting tighter. hillary clinton and bernie sanders found more issues to fight about at last night's this was their last showdown before the nevada caucuses and south carolina primary. >> the candidates reached out to minority voters who are about toole in the campaign. nancy cordes is at the university of wisconsin-milwaukee where she s debate. >> reporter: good morning. everyone was wondering if hillary clinton would retool her message after her big loss in new hampshire and the answer is -- she did! she of the sanders' world view and she acknowledged that the economy is rigged in favor of the 1%. but she also went into detail hinks that his very ambitious plans to fix it won't work. >> i am not a single-issue candidate and i do not believe we live in a country.
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clashed over health care, wall street donations, and their loyalty to the president. >> and many people will actuallyhan they are right now. >> final thought, senator? >> i think accurate -- inact accurate. >> calling the president weak and a disappointment. >> have youh a president? i suspect you may have. one of us ran against barack obama. i was not that candidate. >> reporter: the debate was in wisconsin but the candidates ed on the next primary in south carolina, where african-americans could decide the outcome. >> so race relations would be better under a sandershan they have been? >> absolutely. because what we will do is say instead of giving tax breaks to billionaires, we are going to jobs for low income kids so they are not hanging out on street corners.
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legacy of the nation's first black president. >> the kind of criticism that we have heard from senator about our president, i expect from republicans and i could not expect from someone running for the democratic succeed the president of the united states. >> madam secretary, that was a low >> reporter: >> i think once i'm in the white house, we will have enough political capital to be able to do that. re not in the white house yet. >> reporter: that exchange reminded a lot of people of that famous exchange from 2008 when told hillary clinton she was, quote, likeable enough. clinton was asked last night, gayle, why she lost among women in new hampshire. she said her goal was to women to make their own choices,
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for somebody else. >> thank you very much, nancy. the republican candidates will meet south carolina for a cbs news debate. most of them are already in that key state criticizing each other. and pitching voters who will go to the polls a week from but donald trump was hundreds of miles away last night and he was speaking to about 10,000 fans at a rally in baton rouge, is outside of the peace center in greenville, south carolina, the site of saturday's debate. >> reporter: the stakes are high here and republican candidates are certainly uppingd of tomorrow's gebt debate. donald trump was in louisiana last night but set his sights squarely on south carolina. >> we have agreat place. south carolina. i think we will do very well. >> reporter: from the campaign trail to the airways south carolina is looking like a five-man slug fest. >> don't listen to donald trump.don't listen to donald trump. >> jeb bush has no foreign
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time being negative. >> how do you think donald trump going to washington will solve anything? >> bushis not a true conservative. these people are stupid! >> reporter: it's donald trump who is emerging as a primary target. >> i just hope youn't believe the crap because it's all crap, okay? they are lies! >> reporter: trump taking time to sign a baby at hisstruck a softer tone yesterday and criticized an ad pulled by ted cruz. the love. here. >> yes, it's donald trump. it's you and your cronies and >> reporter: anti-trump superpac is distributing what they call a voters guide and switching political parties and ask can weonald trump to stand strong on key conservative issues?
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and been that way a long ter: chip is in south carolina where a local paper has set up a website to track underhanded tactics. >> this is for the long haul and if you come out of this primary and you're you can -- you can handle it on the national stage. that is part of it. it's a testing ground. >> reporter: so far at these ush has been the no aggressive on taking on trump. that is expected to change tomorrow night. charlie, bush is also bringing in reinforcements -- his former president george w. bush will campaign with him on monday. we have inside the peace center, john dickerson, ator for tomorrow night's debate and kim strasle will be one of the pannists. >> reporter: let me gib with the republicans and talk about the fights in the gop taking place now in south carolina. cruz versus trump.ell, that's right. so you've got cruz versus trump. then you've got the battle to be the alternative to cruz and
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that is at least two fighting to be the alternative hope to take on trump or cruz. it's basically three fights and it's ranging all over the place on issues from veterans to there is some talk of who has better christian values and then, of course, there is the competency question, who has theested and who can handle the presidency once they get there. >> we keep hearing that george bush is hitting the road for hist an asset or liability for him, do you think, in south carolina? >> well, south carolina is a came back and in 2000 against john mccain and a lot of history here and a bit of organization here. also the veterans here. there is ahim as a war-time leader. and also just the good feeling about the bush family. for the kind of voters that jeb urn out, it's a good thing. he was even bragging he's a member of the establishment because of his brother and his father. not something any candidate is doing this t impact has the previous
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south carolina? trump looks like he is still way up and way ahead. it's a little -- still a little early for that impact to be fully known. but at least in one surveythis morning, and you know how these things are quite volatile, he is still way up. >> kim, what are you looking for?n here, this is going to be a very different race than it has been in iowa or new hampshire, because south it more of a varied state. so there is a lot of talk down here because it's a ma and the economy to a degree. you probably don't have in iowa or new hampshire. i think as john referenced, there is a big veteran and ilitary presence here. so foreign policy is going to play a big role, a bigger role than it has in the past. but, also, those values voters community, we are back in a place after new hampshire where that is, again, a very big focus and you hear
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different than what we have had up in this now. >> these are post-debate questions. post-debate from new hampshire and post-results from new about marco rubio? has he been slowed down significantly? >> i think he is certainly been slowed down and he knows it. he admitted it. have to come down and look as though he is nimble on his feet. be able to ask -- answer questions and not sound he has come out more aggressive down here and hitting at his competitors more harder, particularly all of these guys had held back their fire on trump and gone after emp each other a lot but now he top guy and he has a lot of incoming. >> thank you, john dickerson and kim good to see you. >> thanks, gayle. john dickerson and major
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candidates at tomorrow debate and starts on cbs at 9:00 eastern and 8:00 central. then on "face the nation" john interviews donald trump and marco rubio here on ils this morning about the temporary cease-fire. john kerry says the pause inext week. the deal will allow food and humanitarian aid will reach to be et brennan has been told the deliveries could begin as early as today.rning. >> reporter: this is the first cease-fire agreed on by all of the countries involved in the syrian civil war but its success is still doubtful, russians say they will continue their air strikes against terrorist groups, which they have said before, while also targeting american-backed meanwhile, isis and other
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of this agreement. syrian civilians ain, paying with their blood, as the regime claws back territory from rebel fighters. . russian air strikes, which only started in september, seem to ance in syria's five-year-long civil war giving the regime the upper hand. this week, regime forcesassault on the town of tall rifat which had been a stronghold for the rebels, some of them armed by the u.s. we metbalul who runs a school in telerefat. the shelling and air strikes are us. homes are destroyed and children's bodies lie in shreds on the ground.forces with help
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nearly enincluded aleppo.biggest city before this war began. if the cease-fire plan doesn't succeed, 300,000 civilians could be cut off there as they were in the town of siege by the regime. more than 40 people there have starved to death. tens of thousands of fled the new offensive and tried to cross this border into the safety of turkey. but turkey already has more thanuges and is reluctant to take any more. >> holly williams along the border, thanks. the u.s. government is growing concerned that isis is usingapons. >> we have a number of of
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>> reporter: artillery shells? >> sure. >> reporter: isis has access to chemical artillery shells? >> there are reports that isis hasto chemical precursors am nirks that they can use. that isis has the ability to manufacture small chlorine and mustard gas. and the capability of exporting those chemicals to the west? >> i think there is always for that and why it's so important to cut off the various transportation routes have used. >> reporter: are there american right now hunting this down? >> the u.s. intelligence is actively involved and being a part of the effort to destroy isil and get as much insighthat they have on the ground inside of syria and iraq. >> more of scott's interview sunday on "60 minutes." the cia director tells scotthomeland security,
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dealing with rogue states sunday on cbs. sources tell cbs news that rs are looking into a brutal rampage in ohio had any connection with radical groups. police say a man with a macheteed several customers inside a columbus restaurant last night. the man was shot after a chase from the police. jeffwas more. >> reporter: cbs news has learned that investigators have identified the suspected attacker as mohammed barry. investigators are reasoning downg to determine if the attack is somehow tied to terrorist organizations. >> he came to each table started hitting them. >> reporter: witnesses describe the bloody scene at the middle eastern restaurant nazareth in t night. a man armed with a machete stormed in and marched from table-to-table striking diners. >> this was a brutal attack.
7:17 am
are just there having dinner and starts attacking them. >> reporter: karen bass was here were tables and chairs overturned. there was a man on the floor bleeding. there were -- there was blood on the floor. there were -- awful. it was just carnage. >> reporter: police say the suspect visited the restaurant and talked with an employee earlier in the day. clear what the discussion was about. investigators say less than an hour later, he came back and began his violent he second time, nothing was said. he just simply came in and started the attack. ere taken to the hospital. one person in critical condition is expected to survive. the suspect fled and after a chase, investigators say he got out of his vehicle, armed with a machete and a knife.
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the officers. another officer and a cruiser fired a couple of shots at him and put him down the suspected attacker has a somali background and officials believe he may have traveled internationally toll early on in this investigation, but this morning, law enforcement is concerned that this incident has the hallmarks of the type ofst attack that they have been working to stop. >> scary, indeed. thank you, jeff. there was a major sicanairlines jet headed to phoenix. >> american flight 564 was forced to make an emergency landing yesterday at los angeles the airbus a-319 took off from san jose. american says the smoke was caused by a hydraulic fluid
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was taken to the hospital. millions in the east are bracing for the coldest weekend of the winter. it'sh that a massive water main break in scranton, pennsylvania, quickly covered the road and the trees with a sheet of ice. polar vortex will make temperatures plunge up to 30 degrees below normal.s across the east today are in the teens. tomorrow, they say will be even colder with lows expected to be in the single digits or below those of you who have pets at the table, you need to put on their booties and their coats, when you take them for a walk. charlie? >> >> would you like to come over and take a cold walk tomorrow? >> no. you're so good at it, i'll leave it up to you. donald trump is taking on potion to america. first, it's time to check your local weather. >> samantha: our big story for
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only in the 20s and feels more like the single digits this afternoon. no problems weather-wise for the morning drive in. it's your evening commute i'm concerned about. we could see snowshowers starting as soon as 2:00, 3:00, and then continuing into tonight. bitter cold tonight with snow as we fall down to about 4 degrees. the windchill could get down to 20 below tonight. how much snow are we going to see? 1 to announ this morning" sponsored by kay jewelers.
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>> tia: good morning. i'm tia ewing. a vigil plan upped tonight from nicholas massa grew up. he was shot and killed although an off-campus apartment this past sunday. tonight 200 luminary ies will be september up by neighbors on the street he grew up on. there are two people in custody for the murder. police are still looking for one suspect. here with a look at the very cold forecast is samantha roberts. sam. >> samantha: cold is right. we have a windchill advisory for almost the entire forecast region from tonight through sunday morning. a prolonged period of subzero windchills. they may get down to 20 below tonight. not the actual air temperature, but how it feels on your exposed skin. could feel like 20 below. i mean, that's really cold. not quite that cold during the day. 24 for a high, feeling like the
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nd gentlemen, as you know, this sunday is valentine's day. i'm sorry. that's a pain. if you're in a longtime relationship, i'm sorry. that is a ave been dating someone two weeks ago, i'm sorry. that is the worst of all three. >> you might get a card if you started dating two weeks ago. >> it depends on how much you want the relationship to accelerate. >> maybe it's been a good two weeks. >> oh, yeah.bout acceleration! >> we have been together four years. i ain't got nothing from you. just sayin'.
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thank you! morning." welcome back to "cbs this morning." working hard.ur, donald trump criticized the pope to push immigration. why the gop front-runner says the pope does not understand thee issue. we are in mexico ahead of the pope's visit. >> always good to be with a giver. surfers wave 50-foot wavesin california for a competition but the women watch from the shore. we talk to the female surfers who say it's time to ena boys club. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. "the washington post" reports on the zika virus convenient. they say large-scale trials are 18 months e at least 79 zika cases across the united states. the world health organization has identified 15 companies or groups that could take part inor a vaccine.
7:31 am
of manslaughter in the shooting of an unarmed black man in a airwell. peter liang faces 15 years of prison. a bullet he shot icocheted off a wall and killed a man. an accident. in porter ranch, california, a oil well has been temporarily this shows the gas escaping from the well nearly four months. it must now be sealed with concrete. new york's daily news reports on barry manilow rushedeles hospital yesterday. the legendary singer suffered complications from emergency oral surgery following his concert in memphis on wednesday.cancelled shows for thursday and friday night. the 72-year-old manilow is nominated for a grammy this
7:32 am
unclear if he will attend monday's ceremony. >> i hope he is okay. millions traveling to mexicothe visit by pope francis. the holy father left rome overnight for his six-day trip. despite the enthusiasm his plans address immigration are drawing criticism from front-runner donald trump. the pope is scheduled to arrive tonight in , good morning. >> reporter: a quick stop in cuba to meet with the patriarch mexico. he will address the major issues facing mexico and it's already with a wave and a smile, the pope took off on his second trip to latin america as head of the catholic church. the pontiff, a childimmigrants himself, will address the issue of immigration with a
7:33 am
before his arrival, presidential candidate donald trump politics with the pope's approach. >> the pope is a very political person. i don't think he understand the dangers of the open border we have with mexico.ot him to do it because mexico wants to keep the border just the way it is because they are making a fortune and we are losing. olokland is the national reporter for a catholic pope gets it and understands how the border works. he wants the u.s. to have a more humane approach to>> reporter: this wents be on't be the first time the pontiff takes on a controversial topic. year. he called the drug war poorly fought in the united states. he will readdress the topic on
7:34 am
he hopes the time in the country will reinvigorate >> it's a chance for the pope to celebrate on one hand but, on the other hand, try to -- try to save a church thecline. >> reporter: pope francis' two mexico but not all of the places he has chosen to visit. his trip was added significant hereu. one of the surf world's biggest events gets under way this morning under a wave of e titans of mavericks competition in northern california is a rare contest. it is held only when conditions are just right, but some en are missing from this year's lineup. carter evans is in half moon bay, california. >> reporter: these are the wavese seeking
7:35 am
they come to half moon bay, california, just south of san e titans of mavericks surfing competition. the riders are an elite group. they see waves up to 50 invited at a moment's notice when conditions are prime. but in the 17 years since the competition was first held,n have competed. >> it's not a gender thing. it's a performance thing. >> reporter: jeff clark was the first to surf the spot back in he went on to start the now classic competition. he says the committee and a poll of surfers determine who is e have a really good understanding of who is performing the best, who is pushing the limits, who is going to new levels of >> reporter: are women there yet? >> women just aren't there yet. >> reporter: bianca
7:36 am
big wave surfing has been seen as a boys club. >> totally, yeah. those arguments saying there aren't enough women, they don't serve well, they maybe used true, but now though excuses don't work any more. >> reporter: this lady chases big waves all over the world. >> i think the message is women able and and they deserve a chance. >> reporter: the california the state agency charged with overseeing public use of the coast, is demanding change. it recently voted to require to come up with a plan to allow women in the competition by next year. or else they won't get the uired to hold the event. clark's current deal blocks anyone else from using this spot for competitionsime five-month surfing season. >> my understanding of what the coastal commission wants is more
7:37 am
have had women in our water patrol and water reporter: mavericks invited a woman to be an alternative its first year and did so this year but critics say it's i think it was a publicity stunt so they can say, oh, yeah, we always include women. it wasn't really genuine. gree the more women get involved in the sport, the sooner they will get invited to contests like mavericks. they just disagree on how quickly that tide should for "cbs this morning," carter evans, half moon bay, california. >> i don't know enough about surfing, but that just doesn't make sense to me.>> yeah. let people compete. it's a competition. >> exactly. >> 2016. love comes at an extraon this valentine's day weekend. ahead, the outrage over the soaring costs of the gifts and meals this week compared to
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body call the situation room, because things are about to get hot., this valentine's day, i'm going to treat you right. i'm going make you some zucchiniead out some veggies on the plate, just the way you like them. then i'm going to give you a massage while you watch design challenge on hgtv? because i love you so much,you more than you even know! that's right!
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first lady from president obama from "ellen" show. >> i love that ellen had the white. whatever you want >> i love the fact the president was reading from a teleprompter., what are your valentine's day? he is like ugh. >> he is tweeting. >> got it. he is> tens of millions of other americans know what they are doing. finalizing their plans for valentine's day. people who celebrate will spend an average of about $147 this now that adds up to nearly $20 billion. anna werner looks at the numbers that have many lovers seeing -- well, r: you know they say money can't buy love, right? but you're going to expect these roses to be more expensive than normal for valentine's day.bankrate's be my valentine index, a romantic
7:44 am
about $80 on average. how about the bubbly cheers on t will set you back about $52, depending on the brand, of course. throw in another $15 for the ts to add up! >> reporter: on valentine's day, more than half of men in ill buy flowers for their special someone. most of the year, roses would cost a little more than $40.ay is different. >> the price of roses, especially red roses, goes up anywhere from three-fold for >> reporter: financial website bankrate says a typical valentine's day celebration, roses, chocolates, champagne and jewelry and a set you back $512! it's the fourth most lucrative event on the calendarmas and back to school and mother's day says tony case.
7:45 am
billion this year on and up 19 billion from last year. >> reporter: seems like a lot of people say this is a setup holiday. it's a hallmark holiday. >> men hate it because they feel obligated tomselves! women hate it because they always hate the gifts they get! or somehow doesn't live up to their expectations so nobody is uld we call the doctor? >> no, it's the day. christmas, new year's day, she ise's day, not so good. >> reporter: financial strain could accompany the emotional stress as restaurants take advantage to raise prices and at this restaurant in new york city is $175 per person. on other days, it's just $99. >> 75% of peopleo not want anything for valentine's day. but when asked again and in the same survey, 25% of them >> reporter: so they really wanted something? >> if your wife says she doesn't
7:46 am
day, don't believe her. buy it anyere is the good news for the men out there, including my boyfriend. the price of jewelry has been dropping but perhaps the most curl up at home with the romantic dinner cooked in your own kitchen. i think your husband has the >> it does help to be married. >> will he be cooking for you or taking you out? >> i actually don't he remembers and don't ever forget. >> you'll probably hear from him the next 30 seconds. >> i don't think that women 's day. i like valentine's day! plus, it's my mom's birthday. happy birthday, mom! >> if it's about love, we love it. >> thank you, anna. one just blowing smoke. why a >> samantha: our big story for today willing cold temperatures. only in the 20s and feels more like the single digits this afternoon. no problems weather-wise for the morning drive in. it's your evening commute i'm
7:47 am
we could see snowshowers starting as soon as 2:00, 3:00, and then continuing into tonight. bitter cold tonight with snow as we fall down to about 4 degrees. the windchill could get down to 20 below tonight. how much snow are we going to see? 1 to announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by brookdale senior living. and i had a gentleman stop me and ask me if i made his dinner. he had lost his wife recently, but i didn't know that. remark to me about not sure he wanted to be there anymore, but he said something to me that has stuck with me to this day. our dinner, i think i want to stick around a while and that really meant something to me. i never had an experience like that and it just let me know that what i'm doing is much more important than just food. a leading consumer testing publication recently tested the top laundry detergents. the winner - persil 2 in 1, didn't only beat tide...
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>> brian: good morning. i'm brian duffy. brutal windchills today. it could finally freeze over lake erie. this time last year 90% of the lake was ice. at the beginning of the week the lake had under 10% of ice coverage. by the end of the weekend it could be the most ice we've seen on the lake all winter season. all right. here's samantha roberts with more on how cold it will get. >> samantha: i hate to be the bearer of bad news. there's not much to love about this veil alentine's forecast. 24 and that's the warmest day the whole weekend. it would be windy, too. it will feel colder and after 2:00 to 3:00, we see snowshowers moving in. those will continue into tonight. tonight's forecast lake-effect,
7:56 am
it will feel as cold as 20 below zero tonight. really cold stuff out there, so check on your elderly friends and neighbors and take care of your pets.
7:57 am
7:58 am
(church bell)
7:59 am
r(burke) smash and grub. r seen it. covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum . it is friday, february 12th, 2016. two days bome back to "cbs this morning." there is more real news ahead, including the rough and tumble republican campaign. we will talk with party reince priebus ahead of tomorrow night's gop debate here on cbs. first, here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> everyone was wondering if d retool her message after her big loss and the answer is she did. the stakes are high here and certainly upping the ante ahead of tomorrow's debate. >> gone after each other a lot
8:00 am
guy and he has got a lot of income. cease-fire agreed on by all countries in war but its success is still doubtful. >> investigators are running down leads this morning, trying to determine fountain attack is somehow tied to terrorist >> are women there yet? >> women just aren't there yet. >> big wave surfing has been seen kind of as a boys club. >> totally, yeah.s, those excuses don't work any more. >> men expect these roses to be more expensive than ending on how fast you want the relationship to accelerate. >> we have been together four years. i ain't got nothing from you! >> but you give i really did. i bit into something and lost the tooth of a molar. >> twix candy bar because you get to eat the same thing twice! i'm charlie rose with gayle
8:01 am
temperatures rising in the democratic presidential race. hillary clinton and bernie sanders clashed last night at the voting in nevada and south carolina. >> clinton called sanders spending plans both of them reached out to minorities in women. >> i have spent my entire adult life working toward making sure that womend to make their own choices, even if that choice is not to vote for me. >> we have republican candidatesg we hate the government! government is the enemy. but, by the way, when it comes to a woman having to make arsonal choice, ah! in that case, my republican colleagues love the government. >> we talk about criminal justice reform and endingcars radiation and we have to talk also about jobs and education, housing.
8:02 am
kids, african-american, latino kids the opportunity to get their lives together, they will not end up in jail but end newspaper the productive economy. all, single pair, you need to level with people about what they will have at the end of the process. based on every analysis that i can find by people who areto the goal, the numbers don't add up. >> if we have the courage to take on the drug companies and have the courage to take insurance companies. if we do that we can guarantee health care to all people in a much more cost-effect way. henry kissinger was one of the mostry of state of state. count me in as somebody who will not be listening to henry kissinger. >> i know journalists have askedo on foreign policy and we have yet to know who that is. >> well, it ain't henry kissinger, for sure. >> that's fine. that's republicans are hitting
8:03 am
their debate is tomorrow night on cbs, one week before the south carolina primary. most of the candidates latest attacks were aimed at the gop in new hampshire. >> donald trump has zero foreign policy experience. negotiating a hotel deal in not foreign policy experience. >> i'm not for all that mass deportation. that's not america. >> i'm not sure a lot of voters are excited about havingwho, when he gets rattled or upset, begins cursing and yelling vulgarities? down donald trump by electing a conservative with a conservative record. >> he always says the same a conservative. i don't care about labels. i'm a guy with common sense who will make us a fortune. >>n national committee is with us from washington, re
8:04 am
party and whether will the divisions began to show us when the real race is going to take place between -- s a good question, charlie. i think that you've got to remember that february represents about 5% of the represents about 60% of the delegates. four years ago, mitt romney was nominee in late april and they started 30 days earlier. i think we are a long ways out but, you know, i think you're starting to see the fieldand the stage on saturday will be a lot smaller than it used to be. so i think things are starting to come into shape. ome out of that debate? >> well, look. i mean, i think that you're ons in your clips about foreign policy, immigration reform. these are things that are important to everyone out there and i think that you're seeing that. you know, having six candidates
8:05 am
but i think that we are offering the americanur city's squad of choices. now it's up to the voters of the republican party to decide which one of those is going to be the nominee of our party. p says that the establishment and party leaders like yourself are afraid of a trump victory. is that true? that about me. but i'm not afraid of any one of these folks running for president, so i think all of them can beat hillary clinton who is undertion who a socialist from vermont. i mean, look. yeah, we have drama and intrigue going on in the republican what is happening in the democrat party, i mean, it is a complete and total trainwreck. at least we have people working really hard to fight and claw their way to the but, ultimately, we will win in november. >> so if donald trump is the nominee, the republican party will unite behind him as their candidate?
8:06 am
floor of the convention in cleveland unite behind, that is our process. so our job is to be more prepared than we have ever been before, which we compare the republican national committee to the democratic national committee i don't think anybody out there believes that we aren't crushing the dnc rightpared to win this fight. >> but candidates running against trump have said his nomination will be a disaster for the party and it is said re saying the same thing behind the scenes. >> you know, honestly, i don't hear that. competition, sure, candidates say, hey, look. i'm the best choice and this person isn't going to be great. it happens all the time. but i think, ultimately, if you are at as a party, if you look at where the democrats are at, i think most people believe that we are in a pretty darn good place, given tion that both parties are in and also where the electorate is at. >> if you're not hearing, what are you hearing?ining
8:07 am
on the stage. someone said to me the other day, i never thought i'd see thee to leave the room if a presidential candidate is talking. if you're not hearing that, what are you hearing? >> well, look. i hear things like that. of course, i do. i hear a lot of things. after awhile, you know, when you've got six serious competitors out there every day on the campaign stump,ou hear all kinds of things. but my job is to be prepared for whoever the nominee is, to not get involved in calling among the candidates, but to be more prepared to make sure we win the senate and we got about 40 tricts that we have got to win. and then we need to be ultimately prepared for a big cultural vote in this country, had a hard time winning and means we have to be even more prepared to be able to do that in november. that's what i hear. >> yeah, but you also hear thety can affect those senatorial and congressional races and control
8:08 am
>> right.charlie. and i hear what you guys -- but i don't think we can, today, in february, clearly understandarties are going -- and what candidates they are going to pick and then, ultimately, analyze what is going to happen in november. we just don't know. like a month and a month feels like a year. i don't think anyone out there knows where this thing is ultimately, if you look at the chis on the democratic side and hillary clinton has all kinds of problems with e-mails and fbi a socialist from vermont who is not even a democrat just h women, young people and everyone in between! i like where we sit, guys. >> thank you so much, mr. chairman, for joining us. >> thank you. >> thank you.a reminder cbs news will bring you tomorrow night's republican presidential debate
8:09 am
that is at 9:00ntral here on cbs. the road to the grammys led cam from studying psychology to uperstar. >> you have a very atypical kind of past too. >> yes. to your stardom. >> you know what? you only know your own story? so you feel like it's normal? >> ahead, jan >> samantha: thanks so much, nora. it's 10 after 8:00, and it's cold outside. 14 in cleveland, and not unusual for early february, but the average low this time of year is in the 20s. so this is below average. you factor in the wind shs and it feels colder. there are a few flurries right now but the steadier snow this
8:10 am
and cold and windy today as s rsey democratic senator corey booker has been canvassing early voting states ow he's with us in our toyota green room. hello, senator! you're on camera. we will hear what he has to saythe campaign 2016 ahead on "cbs this morning." s hits big.
8:11 am
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who are you? i'm vern, the orange money retirement rabbit from voya. vern from voya?om voya. why are you orange? that's a little weird. really? that's the weird part in this scenario? plook, orange money represents the money you put away for and there, and over time, your money could multiply. see? ah, ok.? funny.
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she goes by one name and one song and it changed her live.ame and up for a grammy on monday night for her hit song called "burning house." jan crawford visited the rising his week. good morning.
8:15 am
for many artists, it takes years of writing and recording to be mmy but for cam, it came on her first hit, "burning house" a song she wrote after a bad breakup. i had a dream burning house >> reporter: it's a song of regret. stuck inside and couldn't get you out ntry singer cam, it came from a dream about an ex-boyfriend.w it seems i did you wrong >> i broke with him in a not very nice way and ihurt him. and like a year or two later, i was going to see him at this party for mutual friends and i my chance, i can apologize. see you at a party you look so good >> the night before that party, i fell asleep and had allmy mind, how to do this apology.
8:16 am
burning g sleeping >> reporter: deeply personal and achingly honest, the song "burning house" made cam a breakout star and grammy before she released her debut album, a very different kind of dream coming true. does it even seem real? >> no, it at all. we used to get the grammy nominations carbon dioxide d, that and cd and my mom went to walmart and bought it and my name is on. that's crazy! camaron ochs is now singing. >> here a beautiful, beautiful with an accuse oustic guitar and it's win.
8:17 am
around nashville singing with d her singing for her upcoming performance. >> like a cinderella style. e a style. >> this is worth more than me! >> reporter: it seems a little hard for her to process, it may be because it happened pretty fast. you have a very of past too, your road to stardom. >> that's right. you only know your own story? you feel like it's normal? butke to make >> reporter: she group up in california and summers at her singing was a dream, not a career. >> my parents said you should get a good job and go to college and get an education. i loved psychology because there is something about basic emotions everybody has and we can all relate to everybody on those experiences. >> reporter: cam studied grad school and that dream of connecting to music never went away.
8:18 am
in 2012, moved to nashville. eye of sonny y and got her first record deal a year ago. but her debut grand ole opry that changed everything. she sang "burning house" and soon after, country music'se star asked him to perform it on his show. "burning house" became an instant hit, that feeling of eryone can relate to. >> because i got really vulnerable, now people will come up afterwards and, like, people and will have like tears in their eyes about like some relationship or a bad situation they have been in. >> reporter: for a formerstudent, music can be therapy, a way to connect. >> everybody has got issues! we are all working through them. those are how i sees and how i deal with
8:19 am
hopefully, it's how people deal it resonates, i think. >> reporter: now you might have noticed that cam wears a lot of yellow. that is her color! she says it's so upbeat and that is the amazing thing. i mean, she has this sunny >> so sparkly! i'm going to get it today. a whole album or just "burning house"? >> whole if you don't start crying, you just feel it. >> love saints isn't all that it seems. i did you wrong. with you until the dream is gone. >> oh, charlie! we like her! she is a hit already at the table! >> yeah. >> i like her a lot. >> i love when you introduce me to new music. thanks a lot. i love that. >> and yellow is her favorite color like somebody else i know! >> she hasn, thank you. cbs brings you the 58th annual
8:20 am
nearly 50 years ago, apollo 11 went to the moon and came home safely. now decades later, we are getting a look at the astronautti found inside. that is next on "cbs this morning." mastering irresistibly smooth. the lindor truffle ...from the lindt master chocolatiers. luscious center. unwrap. unwind. with the lindor trufflelindt master chocolatiers. here at persil... the top notch team of stain experts has performed over ten thousand stain evaluationsrs
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we've made a new stain with wasabi and goji berries. make that ten thousand
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8:23 am
rld is getting its first look inside "apollo 11," merica
8:24 am
>> samantha: time is 8:26 fshgs and and. and it's a cloudy morning and it's on the bright side and it's 14 and feels as if it's in the single digits right now. we have a few flurries mainly out on the east side and up into the snowbelt. but any snow mixing down to the surface is going to be very, very light. i think we're pretty much snow-free until the afternoon. you may see a few flurries out there from time to time, but steadier snow after 2:00. 24 will be your high for today, and with the wind factored in it will feel as if it's in the single digits into this afternoon. so got to bundle up today and tonight. look at this. 4 degrees with snowshowers, and now as the snow moves in before the evening commute, i do worry
8:25 am
snow bands during the evening drive. so plan ahead for that. that snow will continue into
8:26 am
8:27 am
8:28 am
welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, millions of readers are moved every sunday by the modern love new york times." how those words about love, loss, and recovery are inspiring story. that is you some of the the globe. business insider says a good weight loss program is hard to find online according to a regional study from john hopkins.s received a low rating for promoting widely
8:29 am
150 minutes or more of moderate physical activity a week. "usa today" reports on the national kentucky marking today's two-year anniversary of a sinkhole disaster. security cameras caught the eight vintage corvettes. the museum is opening today to commemorate the collapse that the n filled in. they saw a boom in business and visitors too. hillary clinton is depending on her closest allies toize support. senator cory booker of new jersey has been front and center for hillary clinton in the early primary states. he tries to rally voteswant bipartisanship to take a back seat. >> he calls prominent republicans like rand paul and chris christie, his partners on can agree. the senator has a new book with the experiences that made him value that approach.
8:30 am
he writes, quote, i got my ba from stanford but i got my ph.d. from the streets of new york. >> great to be with you guys. >> i happy to say that my mom loves this show. >> you can say you love the show t i'm a little biased. i'm obligated to watch it and tivo >> why is that? >> because i have a longstanding relationship with gayle king. >> how do you think she does? >>out that. talk of the news of the day. you endorsed hillary clinton june of 2015. wide margin in new hampshire. were you surprised that it was that big? and what is your path to victory now moving forward? >> what i love about we first talked about this campaign, she just said to me right away, this is not a coronation coronation, this is going to be a hard-fought campaign. beginning?
8:31 am
to earn this campaign, quote, earn this nomiunquote, wanted me on the team. i'm proud to be a part of it. we knew that vermont is bernie's have a tough time and it would be a real stretch to win that. but now we are going into a very diverse part of our nation where thes really represented in every element and i think she is going to be strong. >> both she ands last night seemed to embrace barack obama in ways people say i haven't seen that before. >> right. it's interesting to watch as a senate the last two years to see, suddenly, after you pivot away from new hampshire bernie havingth african-americans and talk about those issues. for me as a guy who represents a majority minority city and working on a lot of tough years in
8:32 am
legislation in the senate on mass incarceration and policing and the like, i've had morend more conversations with hillary clinton about these issues than i have bernie sanders. >> what is the path for barack with young voters? he galvanized young voters. we saw in clinton was 67 percentage points behind bernie sanders. in iowa, it was a 70-point gap with voters under the age of 30. is that a warning sign for her?nk it's just a reaffirm ot that the presidency is not's. hillary clinton from her tough political life in arns. she has overcome time and time again and risen to the occasion. every time she has been counted isen to a new
8:33 am
i think this is going tor a be a o be earned but i think she will be successful. >> i want to tu alk about your book. i'm reminded to a speech that nt made and talked about this growing gap between the majesty of our challenges and the smallness of our politics. what is wrong? >> i think we are at a crisis in our country, where we are a nation that has demonstrated -- we started in the declaration ofg to each other our lives, our fortunes and sacred honor understanding we are all in if you want to go fast, go alone together. we have gone far as a country because we have understood our differencesnts matter but our country matters more. now, more than ever, what i call for in the book. >> your book is coming out at a couldn't be more divisive in this country. >> it's not about washington but
8:34 am
we have it herald and culture and our communities this idea we are different but can reach to each other and actually that courageous empathy and to work together and see who we are for each other and the personal stories and people and that hail on this speak to those issues and i hope>> you commit you were brash and you were arrogant a little bit holier than now you said in working with others. >> i wanted to write a book that was like let's take off --ed in a sense about my failings and faults. when i got it completely wrong and when i met people that taught me how to get it right. i'm hoping thise can't point to a problem' and say we are too divided. if we want more unit we have to be uniters and we have to beope we want. i hope it's a personalness of this story inspires that in others. >> your plans for valentine's day on sunday? >> i will be with my mom!ants to know. >> i will be with my mother. >> okay, mom. >> celebrating love.
8:35 am
>> i will doant to remind you, you can make multiple choices on valentine's day. >> that's right! >> well, then i will spread my love to new jersey, all of new nk you, senator booker. good to have you here. >> thank you. >> "united" goes on sale next, listening to love on. that is coming up next. >> samantha: thanks, nora. we have a few flurries and you could see on again/off again flurries throughout the day, but late this afternoon into tonight that we have snowshowers coming. after 2:00, 3:00 we see light snow develop. that's courtesy of a front, and then we get the cold air over the lake and the lake-effect kicks in tonight. 24 today, feeling like the
8:36 am
8:37 am
8:38 am
this sunday, "the new york times" continues their tradition that started more than 11 years ago. publishing a first-person stories called "modern love." the times teamed up with aon station to bring it in a podcast. the first week, modern love soared to number one on itunes. shows you what people are interested in how "the times" picks these unlikely stories. ry is kind of a promise, when you talk about the kinds of feelings that tie us together, none morean love. i'm daniel jones and editor of the modern love column at the "the new york times."
8:39 am
wbur, a public radio station in . >> stories of love, loss, and redemption. >> each segment features an actor reading a modernlumn. >> hey, this is mrs. miller. >> we have pod casts written by connie britain. >> i knew this was my test. my ed into a moment. >> never a good time to fall off your couch onto your martini glass and nick vessel and begin losing a dangerous amount of blood but having this happen during a date is not a good time. >> george fromd a piece that was about a goldfish. >> my daughter's stupid fish is dying. >> but it was really about mortality and losing --parents. >> it was the same with my
8:40 am
>> we interpret modern love in ay, both the word modern, which means it can talk about how love is different today. every year. >> also, we can have children in different ways. we can form families in new of the word love, it's any way that -- that human beings you look at any great love story you've ever read, there is hardship and difficulty, and, yet, there is thece of hope. i'm mary elizabeth williams and i am a modern love contributor. so like a lot of people in the world, i met someoneried pretty young. we were both in our mid-20s and had two kids and like at least we then broke up.
8:41 am
that i realized i liked the new person inside of me that this heartbreak was forging. what ied was that i'd like the person he was becoming too. >> am i doing that right now? >> yes. >> we found each other again andh other again! and decided to commit to each other again, and then a few weeks later, i found out thatd cancer. i'm so glad we broke up! i never once had a moment of doubt that he was with me be with me. and that i was with him because i wanted to be with him. and not because either one of us die. two years after finding out i was cancer-free, i wrote this was ready to on tell the story. if you're lucky, you'll eventually come out of it a little braver and wiser.t a noun.
8:42 am
love is something that you do. >> are you going to eat it? >> love is a choice that you e to keep making. and not just romantically but everybody. everybody that you say you love, you decide to love. and you practice it! we are so lame. >> i love this column!ct that you can hear it, i love it! thank you! beautifully done. i love this page >> beautifully said. nice on this valentine's day. don't you feel warm inside? >> i do. i do. >> good. "the new york times" modern love team will be taking over his valentine's day to share some of their favorite lessons of love and redemption. you can join the conversation >> i want to hear more! ahead we look at all that mattered this week.
8:43 am
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8:46 am
. y archive of engagement for 40 years stands for something, it is a passionate belief that if we define and debate, if we explore and that what is best about us, it, it will be the front line of the argument against the forces that would defeat us and last best reason for a hopeful future. thank you so much for this honor. >> that is our charlie ved an award for excellence in broadcast journalism last night in the in washington. past winners were bob schieffer, charles osgood and and charlie rose! >> bravo! >> you certainly deserve to be there. >> that does it for us.
8:47 am
>> happy valentine's day! >> take it easy. >> let's get this stadium shaking! broncos have taken super bowl 50. >> lombardi trophy is coming home to the mile high city. y wife and my kids and -- >> they just played better than us. i don't know what you want me to say. >> do we love the people of new >> historically it's a launching pad to the nomination of the presidency. >> all of these characters are going to give it up and we are going to run the tablw hamphire! >> it says it all. new hampshire was for bernie. et knocked down that matters, it's whether you get back up! >> i'm disappointed with his campaign is not dead. we are going on to win it! >> if you don't have a seat belt, go get one!
8:48 am
>> they ran into tossed this around like a paper cup. >> are you surprised they launched this? >> they are not good at feeding >> up and down the south, they could experience a new pandemic, zika. >> mosquito repellant is a good way to try to avoid ips will detect cancer before symptoms? >> it may. >> that's not what the video says. >> oh, my god. >> andin the middle seat. why is that? >> because we couldn't get the aisle or the damn window, that's why! lah-lah lah-lah lah-lah >> welcome to my house. we don't have to go out >> is this like a joke? >> how >> i don't think it's possible. >> job change, moving, first
8:49 am
which is most stressful to you? >> not even close. malia going off and leaving. i'll tear up and don't m talk about that on camera. >> i don't want you to tear up. >> wow. that is going to be on the surface of mars? that? >> absolutely.r call saul. >> let's start with tough love. you two suck atth! >> that sucks! better call saul! >> valentine's day is about celebration. years. irom you. >> but you keep giving and >> thank you. >> and all that matters. sail on down the line >> he is one of the most earth megastars. >> on "cbs this morning." >> you can be ochings we are talking about here, if i didn't know you, i swear you had
8:50 am
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>> samantha: all right. 8:55 on this friday morning. last day of the work week, but it's about to get really cold out. right now. 15 in cleveland, but later this weekend, oh, the real chill will arrive starting tonight. we have no steady snow this morning like the last couple of mornings, but we have some flurries to track for you especially on the east side of things. that may be the story from time to time today. occasional flurries, but no steady snow until this afternoon. we say mid to late afternoon and closer to the evening commute is when we look at snow to move in. that snow may be steady from time to time, but i think it will really pick up tonight as we start to get the lake-enhancing things. we see the first burst of snow
8:53 am
then that lake gets going tonight as the wind shifts. we drop to 4 tonight with periods of snow. how much are we going to see? 1 to 3 west side of cleveland,
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
8:57 am
jeff: hi, i' m chef jeff for "flip my food," and today is food truck day, and we have some rolling kitchens. let' s get in the kitchen and let' s get cooking. announcer: on today' s episode of "flip my food," join host chef jeff as he parks it on the corner of flavor and fun with some of new orleans' finestn wheels. jeff: it' s the food truck day, and i' m here with a very specialwg! how ya doin' , chef? erika: i am awesome. how are you? jeff: yeah. why not restaurant? why food truck?had a restaurant in the beginning, and i decided to switch over to a food truck ' cause it was just-- it was better for me. i like thever the city, and so it gives me that. jeff: so whatcha cooking for us here today?
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