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tv   Cleveland 19 News at Noon  CBS  February 12, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> "q": breaking news this noon. a mom arrested in the death of her three-year-old daughter just this morning investigators ruled the little girl's death a homicide. >> laura: yeah, she reportedly died of cardiac arrest after family members reported that the child had a seizure disorder. they say she had a seizure wednesday and was found unresponsive. the toddler was pronounced dead at rainbow babies and children's hospital. police now say they found bruising on the toddler. >> "q": all right, as many, listen. i know we have been talking about it since 4:30 a.m. it is bone-chilling cold out there. >> samantha: i know. it's so cold out there. >> "q": is there any relief coming? >> samantha: no, not for the rest of the weekend. it's going to be freezing.
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of bad news. we were having this conversation in the studio about how valentine's day gets so snowy around here. oh, yeah. let's look at what we have coming down the pike for the weekend. we will start out with what's happening out there right now. and this is a live look from high atop our feizel roof-cam. cloudy skies, 21 is our current temperature. but it does feel colder when you factor in that wind. the radar is trying to show light returns around mansfield and down to the south around knox county. this is most likely not mixing down to the surface. none of our observation sites are reporting snow. so i'm going to say that we are dry for now. there may be a few flurries mixing down but no steady snow just yet. it's coming, though. we have a lake-effect snow warning in effect for ashtabula county from late afternoon today through 10:00 tomorrow.
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you may encounter snow-covered roads and poor travel conditions during that time. oh, yeah let's not forget our other big story in addition to the snow. we have the cold to deal with. a wind-chill advisory is in place for everyone from tonight through sunday morning. wind-chills tonight, guys may get down to 15 to 20 below zero. really cold stuff on the way. we will talk about it all coming up in just a few minutes. back to you all. >> laura: columbus police are investigating a vicious machete attack on people eating in a restaurant last night. the suspect is dead and investigators are trying to determine if it was a random incident or terror related. >> he came to each table and just started hitting them. >> reporter: witnesses describe the bloody scene at the middle eastern restaurant nazareth in columbus, ohio last night. a man armed with a machete stormed in and marched from
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>> there was a man on the floor bleeding. there was blood on the floor. there were -- it was awful. it was just carnage. >> reporter: police say the suspect visited the restaurant and talked with an employee earlier in the day. police say it's not clear what the discussion was about. investigators say less than an hour later, he came back and began his violent rampage. >> the second time, nothing was said. >> reporter: four people were taken to the hospital. one person in critical condition is expected to survive. the suspect fled and after a five-mile car chase, investigators say he got out of his vehicle armed with a machete and a knife. >> 2-5-1 the vehicle stopped. he is trying to get out of the vehicle. >> he lunged across the hood at the officers. another officer in a cruiser fired a couple shots at him and put him down. >> reporter: cbs news has learned that investigators have
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attacker as mohammad berry. he may have traveled internationally to dubai in 2012 background. it's still early on in this investigation but investigators are concerned that this incident has the hallmarks of the type of lone wolf terrorist attack that they have been working to stop. >> laura: police said employees and patrons tried to stop the suspect with some even throwing chairs at him and one having a physical confrontation with the attacker before he fled. >> "q": a news conference ended just minutes ago about the mysterious disappearance of a mansfield woman. detectives say patsy hudson disappeared on independence day july 4 after an argument with her two next door neighbors about her cats. and, this past sunday, hudson's remains were found in several locations of richland county. >> there have been hundreds of manhours already put into this case. however, this case is not
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respect to our understanding of where we are going to go with criminal charges. >> "q": hudson's two neighbors, walter republican national convention and linda buckner, were arrested in tennessee last week. hudson was 62 years old. we have new developments this noon in the kent state murder case. the second suspect will be in court today for his arraignment. the teen from massillon was arrested yesterday and is in jail right now without bond. he and another 17-year-old are accused of shooting nick massa to death on sunday. we are not saying the suspect's names because they are minors. a peaceful rally at the elyria courthouse in support of harsh consequences for two men accused of throwing a dog off a cliff in cascade park. this is an upsetting story. the dog reportedly limped and crawled back to them only to be thrown off the cliff a second
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now c.l.e. pets are holding a heavy heart adopt-a-thon. rescue dogs and cats from the cuyahoga county animal shelter will be at the fifth street arcades from 11:00 until 2:00. >> "q": southwest ohio emergency crews rushed to a happy emergency on i-75 yesterday. a woman gave birth to a baby girl on an exit ramp. the couple was heading to the hospital in their mini van when late. so dad pulled over off to the side of the highway and jumped in the back of the mini van to help mom out any way he could. vandalia police and fire rolled up and wrapped the baby girl in a blanket then loaded mom, dad and baby up in the ambulance and took them to the hospital. hanna h marry and her parents are doing just fine. hanna marie. >> laura: i'm sure mom and dad both wanted to wait a little bit longer but think they have a
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going to be very patient. >> "q": congratulations to them. ok. so, listen we have been talking about it not just today but yesterday and for a couple of days now. it is going to be cold this weekend. frigid, in fact. but -- it's the perfect weather for the medina ice festival. yeah. while some of the ice sculptures are out right now, the 22nd annual ice festival officially starts tonight. they are bullet-proof. right? the event is -- they are beautiful. parking is free in and around the historic district. >> we are talking school dress codes not just in the classroom but at school dances as well. >> "q": and speaking of dress code, another official asking people to stop wearing pajamas in public. >> laura: oh, plus college tuitions can seem astronomical. but there's a little-known secret behind those ivy covered walls. you can actually -- listen to this -- you can actually
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outraged. her daughter was hauled out of class and told her outfit could be distracting to boys. the mom says her daughter was called out in class by a teacher, but the school principal says madison was talked to privately and asked to go to the office and that's when madison made a scene in the classroom. now the dress code states if you are wearing leggings or tights,
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-- thigh. >> "q": ok. a california high school is requiring its students to sign a contract before they attend prom this year. it says dresses should not be low cut, backless, expose the midriff or have too high a slit. the contract covers dancing, too, specifying that back-to-front dancing is just not allowed. many schools now have processes in in place for students to get dresses approved before the dance. so -- ok -- i'm sure there are some parents who are really happy about that. but, i mean -- that's a little -- >> laura: how are they going to remember? do they have a list? oh, michelle you were not approved. >> "q": i'm sure they will send some of those girls home if they don't comply. >> laura: goodness gracious. all right. well remember not too long ago we had a school telling parents they do not want to see the parents coming to school in jammies. a judge in pennsylvania wants
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bottoms when showing up to court. you wouldn't think this would be a problem. well he even put up a sign in the lobby. district judge long says pajama bottoms in court are becoming more and more common and he doesn't think it's appropriate attire for court. go figure. that's how posted the sign. he said it's not meant for people paying fines or getting paperwork, it's only meant for court appearances. now i got to say here, if gets to wear a robe then why doesn't everyone get to wear pajamas? >> "q": stop it. i don't know. wasn't funny. >> laura: i had to steal it. that was from our producer. you wouldn't think you would have to tell people that. >> "q": no, i'm with you 100%. negotiation. when it comes to college tuition, the student sitting right next to you may be paying degree. see how you can negotiate your >> samantha: oh, yeah. you got to study hard, right, so
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to take a little bit of burden right? if you are paying for that college tuition. let's look at your forecast for peak and peak this weekend. it's going to be a great weekend to get out there and play in the snow. but, if you don't want to play in the snow somewhere else, we'll have plenty here to play in. we will talk about it straight
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>> "q": every parent wants their child to go to college but the cost of education is outrageously high. >> laura: and it sounds like it's going up, too. that's if you don't know this little secret which i didn't know. >> "q": i didn't know either. >> laura: yeah. you can negotiate your college tuition. glenn mcintyre has the the story. >> reporter: if you checked the cost of a year of college education lately, it's enough to put a parent into sticker shock. but are these budget-busting tuition rates really the bottom line? some experts say no. >> college students are in the same boat where they are likely paying something different than what the student sitting next to them is paying. >> reporter: it's an insider secret many aren't privy to. >> migratest concern is that some of the families that most need additional help don't know. >> reporter: is college tuition negotiable? >> certainly at some schools it's very negotiable. >> reporter: gary and eric are
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for his college education. >> we do have a little money saved through a college savings plan so that will help get them through the first year. >> for austin like so many others, dreams of matriculating at the most desirable schools. >> some place where i can get a good education, play basketball. >> reporter: are brought back to reality by questions of price and how they will pay for it. >> we were talking about the school up north. we were like if they offer you something, then we will consider that. >> reporter: but they may not have to resort to that. >> i guess you would say it's a buyer's market. >> reporter: susan delano, vice president for enrollment at ohio weslyan university, says decreasing numbers of high school graduates in ohio have the state's many colleges and universities clamboring for the right students. >> does the more competitive higher-ed market, does that advantage families and students? >> i think so in terms of admission. and i think probably on the financial aid side, too. >> reporter: but even if you make the grade and get accepted
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ohio weslyan where base tuition pushes $43,000, how do you pay for it? >> we want students here. we want good students here. so, you know, we are willing to, you know, do our best to try to make it work for familys. >> while colleges aren't car dealerships there are similarities. just like the price of a car, college tuition can be negotiable. also like buying a car, almost no one pays full sticker price. >> the list price that they see is not the price that they are going to pay. >> jefferson blackburn smith oversees admission and financial aid at otterbein university in westerville. the experts say when it comes to what students pay, private colleges like otterbein have much more flexibility than public schools like o.s.u. >> the discount is the difference between list price and net tuition. it is different based on family's ability to pay at a private institution.
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fafsa free application of student aid. it produces an expected family contribution. schools use the numbers to put together a financial aid package for your student. but, what happens when it's not enough to make ends meet? while susan delano doesn't like the word negotiate, she says there is room for discussion. >> we are always open to taking a second look. >> laura: very interesting. coming up at 5:00, we will show you some of the things you can do to take advantage of that second look. >> samantha: all right. time now, 12:19 and it has been a cold day in northeast ohio. but it gets even colder for the upcoming weekend. 21 is your current temperature in cleveland. but you factor in that wind and it feels like seven on your exposed skin. that's why we stress to you cover up all your extremities, your fingers, your ears, all that good stuff. five degrees is how cold it feels to you in canton. on the radar, it looks like we have a little bit of moisture
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i think most of this probably not mixing down to the ground. if it is, it's likely in the form of flurries. very light and none of our observation sites are reporting snow. but they will be later on. that snow is on the way. here's futureview. we will start the model at lunchtime. pretty similar to what's happening now. pretty quiet out there. this is 1:00. but as we advance through time, 2:00, 3:00, we start to see snow showers move in. courtesy of an arctic front that will be dropping in . now behind that front are wind shifts so we start to bring that lake-effect into the equation. evening commute will feature a few snow showers. overnight look at 8:00, we have snow out there. especially east of cleveland. and then these on again/off again bands of lake-effect snow continuing into the overnight, tomorrow morning, and even into tomorrow afternoon. so, we are going to have to deal with more snow out on the roads. i would be, you know, a little
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10:00. your evening commute, i don't think it will be horrible but there will certainly be some snow out there. it's, again, 8:00 to 10:00 that i would be more concerned about running into snow-covered roads. it's also going to be really cold. 4 and snow, it's likely. one to four inches of new snow possible in cleveland just tonight and then we will see additional accumulations through the day tomorrow. we are going one to four new snow on top of tonight. of course it's all going to depend on where those bands set up so you want to be sure that you are watching jeff as he will be here when the snow is actually happening and he will be tracking it for you on cleveland 19 news starting at 4:00. so, periods of snow, cold and windy tomorrow. 12 for a high. when i say windy, i mean -- it is going to be super duper windy out there. so, if you have plans tomorrow, plan to dress warmly. try to limit your exposure, because, we are under that wind-chill advisory so, from
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tomorrow, it's going to be really uncomfortable. up. and there won't be a lot of sun out there to warm us up, either. good news for my valentine's day friends. we are looking at nice weather on sunday if you are celebrating valentine's day. 18 for a high. you know i say "nice" i guess 18 isn't nice but -- >> samantha: there won't be any snow. valentine's day. then we will start to get a guys. snow once again on your monday. winter's here. >> "q": we will deal with the 18 on valentine's day. >> laura: perfect for snuggles. >> "q": there's a lot more to come right here. >> laura: yeah like this one right here including this viral video. hear what dilemma this little girl is discussing with her mother.
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>> "q": i hope i don't have to deal with this issue any time soon. >> laura: we are talking about boy troubles for this little girl right here. >> can free and romantic but i think i'm too young to have a boyfriend. but, it's like -- he looks so happy. >> "q": [laughter] >> laura: oh, my. little quinn is afraid of breaking caden's heart because
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is unrequited. in the end she decided she has to break up with caden. >> "q": good job. >> laura: but doesn't it break your heart it's right before valentine's day. >> "q": he will be just fine. don't worry about it. >> samantha: all right, guys. more snow on the way this afternoon through saturday. very cold wind-chill below zero tonight. watch jeff at 4:00. >> "q": that's like every dad's nightmare. she's so young. listen, join us -- well young and the restless is up next. >> laura: have a great weekend. dear fellow ohioans, for relative newcomers to our beautiful state, i have to tell you, getting your first set of ohio license plates is not fun. one: go to a bmv location and wait in line to have them come out and read the vin number on your car. two: go to the county title office and wait in line to get your title transferred.
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documents. three: get it inspected at an e-inspection center, required for most cleveland-area counties. four: return to the bmv, get in the same line you were in earlier to finally get your plates. two-car family? begin again at step one. you and your spouse both on the title? you'd better both be there or come armed with a power of attorney that' s notarized. but while the process is complicated and tough to find guidance on the bmv website, most of the people i met along the way were very nice, despite all the stereotypical comments you hear about public employees. when i checked state rankings, ohio bmv topped one poll in customer satisfaction. that' s because once you are in, life gets easy. you can renew your license plates or change your address online. no more multiple trips and lines. but could you at least make it a bit easier on the newbies? after all, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. i' m dominic mancuso and that'
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how we see it. >> we encourage your response to this editorial. e-mail your response to
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>> victoria: excuse me, mr. abbott. but you know, it' s not every day that a girl proposes. so, um...i hope you' re not gonna get all traditional on me and say that you' re the one that wants to do the asking. come on. please. let' s just do it. let' s just get married. please. let' s get married again. i was thinking maybe valentine' s day. maybe you don' t like the idea at all. >> billy: you kidding me? how could i not want to be married to you? >> victoria: then why do i get the feeling that you'


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