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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 11PM  CBS  February 13, 2016 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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live from cleveland's news center. cleveland 19 news starts now. >> and good anticipating, i'm evening. bundle up if you're headed outside. to add to the misery, there's blowing snow. beth mcleod is in the first alert center tracking the latest, beth? >> we have our issues out there and i'm sure you've noticed today one of the coldest days so far. good news this is some of the coldest air this season normally for this time of year, so your wind chill, your feels like temperature, well, if you have a wind, you have a wind chill, that's what it takes. 6 below in akron. 7 below in ashtabula. but where it's calm you have
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just that, 10 in hopkins, 11 in for walk, but it doesn't matter. it doesn't matter whether you have the wind or the -- or just the cold temperatures, because it's going to be icy cold, dangerously cold. once the wind starts kicking around up to 14 below. temperatures tonight near zero. you might be below that you might be above that. just depends where the air and the wind sets up. right now mainly an east cider thing. but don't be fooled. mansfield, you're in this. oleria to wooster. sandusky, norwalk and toledo. if you live on this map it's going to be cold out. your wind chill as we go through the overnight, down sub zero temperatures in many spots. but morning time many of us if you're waking up to calm conditions then your temperature which could
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they're forecasting at 6:00 a.m. our current temperatures, sandusky is 18 right now. holiday season kins is at 10. but -- hopkins, three in >> get ready for it. hour by hour tonight we'll be on the cloudy side and icy chilly cold. the snow showers are shutting off and tomorrow, hey, we see a little sunshine. it's just not going to warm up us very much, lydia. we do warm was we head through the week. i'll let you know how warm going to be. >> this weekend you will definitely need the first alert weather app. you can customize it to where you live to get the up to the minute radar and conditions. >> well, supreme court justice antonin scalia has died today. the flag outside the supreme court is lowered tonight. scalia practiced law here in cleveland fresh out of harvard law school. >> supreme court justice antonin
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three decades on the supreme court. he asked more questions and made more comments than any other justice. and was known for his out sized personality and brilliant legal mind. according to the u.s. marshall service, he was found dead this morning when he didn't show up for breakfast at a resort in west texas. ronald reagan chose scalia for the high court in 1986 and he was the longest serving member of the current court. >> we honor his extraordinary service to our nation and remember service to our nation and remember one of the towering legal figures of our time. >> he was born to italian immigrants in trent on, new jersey. his family later moved to queens. college took him to georgetown university and harvard law school. one of the staunchest conservative members of the court. he didn'tly voted to let states outlaw abortion. in 2012 he talked to charlie rose about one of the court's most famous decisions that led to president george w. bush taking the
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>> in the national interest they have to get this over with. >> the remedy for a case is always subject to the court's discretion. >> chief justice john roberts called scalia an extraordinary individual and jurist admired and treasured by his colleagues. >> his absence on this court cannot be overstated because it will change potentially the balance of the supreme court. remember now the supreme court is narrowly divided 5-4. five conservative, four liberal. >> president obama is to nominate a third justice to the high court, but he may not be able to get past the republican congress before the next presidential election. cbs news, dallas. >> and scalia agency death could start a political fire stark in washington. president obama said tonight he will nominate his replacement. >> i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities to
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there will be plenty of time for me to do so and for the senate to fulfill its responsibility to give that person a fair hearing and a timely vote. these are responsibilities that i take seriously as should everyone. they're bigger than any one party. they are about our demorracy. >> meanwhile one of justice scalia's former clerks sent us this statement tonight. he says justice scalia was a legal giant. it was an immense honor to have spent a year of my life working closely with him. every time i would see the justice he would ask, how's cleveland? the justice, of course, began his legal career here. clevelanders should be proud of that. you can read the entire statement on our website cleveland and ohio senator sharon brown released a statement tonight on the passing of justice scalia. saying as the longest serving
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three decades to the court and we recognize his service. connie and i send our deepest condolences to his wife maureen and their family. all right. so what happens next for the supreme court? our shanice dunning talked to long time civil rights attorney avery freedman and she's live with that shanice? excuse me. there was no one -- there was no justice ever like scalia and that's what mr. freedman told me today. he says even though his position will one day be filled his legacy will never be replaced. >> there was no justice like scalia, there never be another one. so for better or worse, certainly a power on the supreme court of the united states and the legacy that he leaves will be one that will last for a generation.
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he started practicing law here after he graduated from the harvard law school, and he's taken many trips back and forth from washington to cleveland. he was the father of originalism. he was one of the founders of the drafters of the constitution in 1789. many scholars don't buy that kind of interpretation, but that was his forte. loss of justice scalia is a very not only significant constitutional development, but a profound political consequence that we will see debated, discussed and argued well into 2016. >> and as mr. freedman was saying, political debates are likely because president obama's nomination for scalia's successor could tilt the views of the supreme court for liberals. >> lydia. >> thank you. sparks flew in the ninth republican
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it took place in south carolina. just a week before the primary that could decide who becomes the gop nominee. craig boswell reports. >> the republican presidential candidates took to the stage and the death of justice scalia. president obama announced he will nominate a replacement for the conservative justice, but the candidates argued it should be up to the next president. >> i would like the president to just for once here put the country first. >> the senate needs to stand strong and say, we're not going to give up the u.s. supreme court for a generation by by allowing barack obama to make one more liberal appointee. >> let me tell you this. general is so wrong. >> things got heated between donald trump and former governor jeb bush over the war in iraq. >> obviously the war in iraq was a big fat mistake. >> george bush made a mistake. we can make mistakes. but that one was a beauty.
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a reality tv show, my brother was building a security apparatus to keep us safe. >> for marco rubio this was a chance to redeem himself after hampshire. >> i'm going to have a tax plan that is pro family because the family is the most important institution in society. february 20th. craig boswell, cleveland 19. >> back here at home we return to today's dangerous cold weather. while most people stayed inside to ride out this frigid spell some had to work outside in this bitter cold. bill safos has that story. >> it's cold in cleveland. the frigid temperatures have taken over and hopefully you were inside and not out in it like these valets? complaining. they're all hard core clevelanders,
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>> it's cleveland weather. what are you going to do. >> sure, we all know, rain, sleet or snow the postman delivers, but fed ex right there with him. >> it's cold, but we try to keep it -- >> you have to get it done anyway. >> yes. >> that outdoor chill in the air creeping its way in like here at the west side market where even the vendors who aren't used to the cold have bundled up. >> i think it's really cold. i'll tell you what it's one of the coldest days we've had this year. >> and it's not just in the produce section, but even in the main market house. guys keeping their hats on at least for now. >> every time this door opens it's a nice breeze coming in. fresh air. i keep telling myself. >> it's so cold that construction sites which have been going around the clock have come to a stop. the overtime frozen at least for today. >> check this out freezing temperatures not stopping him from making a buck?
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>> i'm busy as heck. you have to make money. i run a good business, but, it's for the heck of it. i to get the money. what are you going to do? >> and that was bill safos reporting and spoking of the west side market, a power outage there, some ceiling lights worked, but many booths were blacked out. but that didn't stop the crowds of people from shopping. business from the most part continued as usual. >> our registers are run by battery, so sales are run by battery and we can still use our registers and i can still take credit cards. >> several vendors say they experienced similar outages, but usually in the summer. the lights did come back on about 90 minutes later. >> and we told you the emotional story of a retired cleveland firefighter who is being called a hero for accepting into help a family from out of town involved in that big accident on i-90 in lake county. and this happened on wednesday. now tonight anthony hayes and his
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someone donated airline tickets for all of them. they're now lifelong friends with firefighter jim carroll and his while he was in the hospital. in fact, the carrolls plan to head to texas this summer for a visit. >> one of the hottest displays at this year's great big home and garden show is the urban farmhouse and there's a whole lifestyle that goes along with it. maybe growing veggies or having a few chickens in your back yard. general pitino also known are attempting to live the simple life in their up state new york farm. but with backgrounds in medicine and advertising, it isn't as simple as they'd hoped. the pair won season 21 of the amazing race and used the prize money and notoriety as a catalyst for their careers. >> we started making goat milk soap. that's what started our entire company.
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could possibly be inspired by the farm. so whether it's furniture, begged, cook books, you name it. >> they've written three best selling cook books, have a show on the cooking channel and developed a retail line for target. >> now we source from small farms all around the country and it's everything from baking mixes to salsas to cooking sauces. >> granola. >> and then we give 25% of the profits back to small farms. >> if you want to recommend indicate their modern -- to be repurposed. you go to point list, type n i found an old trash can lid and you'll be amazed at the number of things you can make from an old trash can lid. >> if our toying with the idea of making lifestyle changes like they did, josh says, just do it. >> i think a lot of people are afraid to start gardening or start raising animals because they think it's an either/or. you either have to start a farm or stay in the city. try a little bit. you can get a couple of chickens.
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they're actually very easy to take care of. >> jen reporting. >> coming up next the controversial warning against contraceptives -- and the zika virus in south america. life-threatening cold temperatures comes to northeast ohio with people being warned to stay inside. that story is coming up. beth? >> wind chills sub zero tonight for many of us. you need to bring your pets or maybe you're ahead of everyone, bring your goat inside. it's going to be a cold one down to the single digits. some of you falling below zero. i'll let you know when we start
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this bale of hay almost derailed the ranch. when a wildfire raged through elkhorn ranch, the sudden loss of pasture
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for a family business. faced with horses that needed feeding the owners were forced to place an emergency order of hay. thankfully, mary miller banks with chase for business. and with a complete view of her finances, she could control her cash flow, and keep the ranch running. chase for business.
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live from cleveland's news center, driven by don joseph toyota in kent, this is cleveland 19 news. >> and welcome back. well, pope francis is spending his first full day in mexico. thousands lined the streets to get a glimpse of the holy father. aid. >> pope francis emerged saturday morning to the roar of thousands. bells tolled as he rode on his popemobile through mexico city. he stopped time and time again to bless the sick and kiss babies. >> they traveled all the way from guatemala to see him on her mother's birthday. >> it was a very exciting experience. i'm here with my mother. it was a bless zag at the presidential palace, a military band played during the pope's official welcome ceremony. later the leader of the catholic church delivered a message of tough
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he told them not to be seduced bye-bye privilege. but to meet the needs for all mexicans. their best chance at a close encounter. >> do you feel his presence just by being close to his residence? >> yes, of course. >> the pope also met with mexico's catholic bishops, urging them to show more transparency and fight against the evils of the drug trade. cbs news, mexico city. >> the zika virus outbreak is raising tough questions for catholics in brazil. the top cardinal is telling the faithful to practice chastity and be sure they keep mosquitoes way. the zika virus has been linked to serious birth defects. more than 400 brazilian babies have been born with it since november. the virus is spread through
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with an infected person. >> life-threatening cold temperatures are gripping the northeast with more than a dozen states under a wind chill advisory or warning and the coldest temperatures are still to come. brian webb reports. >> at least three people were killed and several more injured in this multi vehicle crash near bethel township, pennsylvania. the cause is under investigation, but witnesses say it happened at the same time a snow squall was moving through the area. if one person decides to cause an accident, everybody is involved. >> in the city that never sleeps, many new yorkers bundled up and braved the cold windy weather despite warnings to stay indoors. >> i want to emphasize to all new yorkers how serious this situation is and how much people should change their habits over the next 24, 48 hours. >> the arctic blast has already
11:21 pm
popcicle and even colder temperatures are coming tonight. here in new york city the wind chills will deep to 25 degrees below zero. >> it's pretty icy and it's really the wind that headaches it brutal. >> but at the maryland zoo, the penguins, polar bears and arctic foxes feel right at home. >> the big chill won't last long. temperatures in new york and boston are expected to reach 50 degrees by tuesday. >> brian webb, cleveland 19. >> and in spite of this cold, this is a busy time for local flower shops. valentine's day means a lot of deliveries. but the frigid temperatures this weekend could really hurt that delicate gift. >> even -- i mean the stems showing, the petals showing. any cold on the flowers are going to make them die faster. >> most florist wrap them in cellophane and they keep the flowers in their vehicle until they're sure someone is home. >> i'll be home tomorrow afternoon in case you're going to send me flowers.
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>> if you believe that -- she's not. but let me tell you, if you are bringing your significant other flowers tomorrow, you just need to be a little on the careful side, because a lot of guys like to go out and pick them up at the store and bring them in. be careful, it's beautiful out there. it's going to be a little clearer skies. it's 15 -- that's deceiving because you know it doesn't feel like 15 out there. the wind chill definitely going to rule our next 24 hours and we'll add some snow in the end tomorrow evening. but for now at least we're going to see some sunshine and that always makes you feel good. tomorrow, valentine's day, look at this. we'll have sunshine when you wake up, but only 7 degrees and of course it's going to feel colder than that. we will make it into the upper teens tomorrow. well below average, but don't worry, this is the coldest time of the water leakage. this is normally the coldest time of the year, so this is just a nice little quirky little system coming through.
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towards toronto and staying it our north goes off towards our east, so the actual ultimate may cold isn't coming here. it's tough to say that, especially if you have to work outside tomorrow, because right now currently we're at 10. and we are turning awfully cold overnight. it's good to know that the super cold is going to stay off towards our east. tonight. we're under advisories at this point and we are still seeing some through. just light in nature. flurries a little more than nuisance snow, more than anything. a heads up, remember if you're heading out taking the turnpike or whichever, you come up across this, it's going to put enough of a glaze out on the rose and the salt doesn't work when it gets this cold. heads up, don't have to really deal with this tomorrow. church tomorrow you'll need to layer up before you head out the door. we'll be seeing some sunshine early on tomorrow and it will last a good portion of the day, partly sunny day coming our way and clouds will be on the increase as we go through our sunday afternoon.
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comes in sunday night, where we'll probably be dealing with some snow, not really a big deal, but your monday morning commute is definitely going to be affected where some areas could see an inch of snow overnight. here you go. you can see where some of it's going to set up. this is monday at 6:00 a.m. it doesn't last all day. this will be done by monday morning. but tonight the temperatures are going to be done. down to 2 in some areas. city areas will stay a little bit warmer. a snuggle alert, absolutely. not just because it's going into valentine's day. it's just that cold. 3 below in some areas. some of you seeing light flurries around town. that could last a little bit longer and a little bit of cloud cover out there. but if you keep with the wind it's going to be icy cold to get you going. 19 tomorrow that's about it. i don't see very many of us popping up over the 20-degree mark, but what's a degree or two once you're below freezing mark anywhere. we warm as we head towards monday but it also brings in the chance of
11:25 pm
how much? an inch by the monday morning commute is definitely possible. it's a 41st alert weather day. the majority of monday itself is going to be a cloudy day with a occasional snow shower here and there. monday night, a little more snow. tuesday, a little bit more snow, but even through the course of those two days, maybe 2" of notice. wednesday brings on more snow and it's in the morning and evening commute. temperatures at least freezing or in the 30s, so that means salt is going to work really well. thursday the pick day of the week. sunshine, 35 degrees. doesn't get much better for this in mid february. friday, actually mother mostly cloudy day, but look at the temperature, lydia. 51. so hang on tomorrow when you get super cold and you want to curse at the weather department, just know that by the end of the week we'll be back into the 50s. i like that. thank you, beth. >> coming up in sports, highlights from tonight's dunk contest and three-point shootout as the nba
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11:27 pm
now this is the serpentini chevrolet report on. >> it's all-star weekend. the best and brightest stars have gathered in toronto. tomorrow is the game. tonight was the run up activities which actually are usually better than the game anyway. slam dunk contest. levine and aaron gordon went at it. that was very nice. gordon also tremendous here off the magic mascot head. and then he -- under the leg and then -- but levine would go on to win this thing 50 in the final round.
11:28 pm
>> now, last year golden state player won the three-point shootout. same thing this year but it was a different guy. not steph curry, but clay thompson, he went in with a strong performance and beat curry this that final round. >> the skills challenge, i have yet to actually find the guy that thinks this event is like good, but, you know, it's still a trophy, right? he won at the rookie center from minnesota. basketball, buckeyes on the floor today in new jersey taking on the rutgers scarlet knights who are absolutely terrible. they're winless in ben play. up 10 after kam williams hit that shot and then he was tracking it down and throwing it down.
11:29 pm
they were up big most of the day and then another one, williams off the turnover and the stuff, diop put in 24. and they won it 79-69. >> akron on the road taken on northern illinois. five minutes left. tie game, you like that, three ball tied at 71. moments later they answer, threw down the missed lay up. he threw it down for a dunk. they're up 2. several minutes later, akron up 1 and they fouled him on his drive. he had two free throws, that would tie it. this one would but them ahead. here's how the game ended. long inbound to isaiah johnson and they tackled him. apparently that's not a foul. yeah, he blew a gasket, i can't really blame him. this loss 80-79.
11:30 pm
>> this was kent state there on the road tonight against eastern michigan. right? this was spicer finishing the play. strong. tied at 46. he finished with 15 to the game. thomas here, open three. he got it. gold flashes get i their first lead of the game up 48-40. rave enlee would finish it. they went up 59-53. name thompson, the seconds effort off the glass. they went on to beat kent state 75- 70. >> cleveland state in action. taking on youngstown flanigan had himself a game. 30 points on the day on 10 of 13 shooting from the floor. also nine of nine from the line. he hit almost every shoot he took. cscu won it 64-59. now, cleveland state also recently
11:31 pm
at the wolsteen center. they retired his jersey. >> he made it clear how much he loved being with the vikings. >> it was great over the four years. i learned a lot from my coaches, my teammates from the staff here. i love cleveland state. i make sure everywhere i go i he p cleveland state. >> i'm happy that the school appreciates it is time and work that i put in while i was there. >> my freshman year when i didn't start, which i didn't understand why, coach was always on me. that was -- that was probably the biggest year for me, my freshman year, because it woke me up and it's what triggered my work ethic. it's what triggered my hunger to want to prove that i can be a great player. >> i regularly talk to coach. i'm always up to date on what's going on around here. he calls to check on me. he wants to hear my voice.
11:32 pm
voice message and tell me to call back so he can get a pulse on how i'm doing. we definitely stay in contact with each other. >> check out part two of our norris profile tomorrow night. >> they're not very good right now. a lot of transfers have hurt them. also have former teammate drove him to become an nba champion with the miami where he plays with lebron. >> you know, funny thing happens when he comes home, people move on, i guess. >> i call you sometimes when you're off, because i miss you. >> you're lying. >> i know. >> openly lying on television, folks. >> all right. you could be getting a ticket without knowing it, until it comes in the mail.
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well, they are called dragon cameras and are a way to get around the law that banned unmanned traffic cameras. the devices are used to check your speed. so we asked are they about safety or about generating revenue? we went in search of answers. >> i was very surprised. i couldn't believe it. >> we only had to go to our control room to find somebody surprised by a ticket in the mail. she was not happy after getting a ticket from newburg heights. >> $150. >> wow. >> yeah. >> like i have money to throw away like that. >> she never saw an officer. but to be legal, senate bill 342 requires that an officer be nearby to witness the offense.
11:36 pm
violations from this building. it has smoked windows and signs that don't allow anyone to see if an officer is actually there. when we checked, someone was inside but wouldn't answer questions. the cost of is the reason most cities have stopped using traffic cameras. michael len is an attorney who filed a class action against elmwood ohio to pay millions of dollars of refined to people who got unwarranted tickets. >> people hate these things. >> now there's more to hate. the dragon camera. so sensitive is being record speeds dozens of times a minute and reads license plate information so clearly the tickets are mailed to violators. to steal a phrase, they click it and you get a ticket. >> it can also be laser jamming devices that people use. law enforcement will tell you they're about safety. others say they're about revenue.
11:37 pm
in newburg heights where rush hour commuters on i77 and drivers on harvard regularly see an officer on the side of the road on an overpass or an exit ramp using a handheld dragon camera. >> we say they're about revenue that's because that's what officers have been told. our sources say that the mayor instructed the police chief to order officers to write all the speeding tickets they possibly could. in fact this is a daily duty report and there's a spot on it for officers to write their dragon cam enforcement location. we're also told there's a threat to full time officers they'll be demoted to part time if they do not write tickets. >> there's no denying that traffic cameras generate revenue. >> how does the village use the money. it's reaped so much money that it moved from part time to full time. his salary went from 12,000 to $69,000 that's $31.36 for each the villages' 2200 residents. by far the highest in the county. >> we are going to generate from
11:38 pm
which would be probably about 20% of our overall budget this year. >> meantime the officers who are generating the income are among the lowest paid in the area. a full time officer makes $15 an hour and tops out at 15.75. part-timers make even less. we analyzed 2015 accident records in newburg heights and found there were 25 crashes on i-77, about two a month. similar numbers on harvard where there were 27 crashes. so are the cameras preventing accidents? it's hard to tell. on 77 before the dragon cam there were 18 accidents. after, seven. however the statistics were likely skewed by the fact that there were likely snowstorms before the cam and none after. 18 occurred during snowy january, february and march. 77%. so are dragon cameras about revenue or about safety? they're about safety why use them in a school zone? simply catch speeders and mail them a picture.
11:39 pm
warning them about school zones be effective. >> it works out to about $273 a not bad. like it or not, newburg heights is the poster child for the argument that dragon cameras are about revenue, not safety. in either case, slow down. >> and you may be asking how fast do you have to be going before officers operating the dragon cameras will give you a ticket. we found that answer. newburg heights will issue tickets at 14 miles over the speed limit on 77 and the village it's 10 miles over and in a school zone it's flashing. >> coming up next. snuggle alert this valentine's day.
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11:41 pm
all right. so a couple more chilly nights, but then you're saying towards the end of the week it's going to finally warm up and get out of this freeze. >> you know, if you follow us on twitter we're constantly tweeting out the temperatures and what you need to know weather wise. australia, 97 degrees there. >> that's not fair. >> it isn't fair, because tonight areas. at least in the city. most areas right around zero. some are going to be below zero, all of us are going to be really cold. at what point do you actually tell
11:42 pm
8 degrees? you don't. don't forget tomorrow is valentine's day. we start off with lots of sunshine to get you out the door on valentine's day, but it's only going to be about 4 degrees by 7:00. by lunchtime we'll be at a whopping 16 degrees. 19 degrees to finish out our sunday. our day by day this week, weather wise during the middle of the day, a lot of clouds, but look at our temperatures. today is the coldest day we'll see. mid 30s for monday and tuesday and wednesday. thursday as well. friday we sneak up to about 51 degrees. the 41st alert weather days. monday's morning commute is going to be a messy one. nothing we can't handle. but look forward to thursday, pick day of the week. sunshine, mid 30s. i'll take that in the middle of february. every day gets us closer to spring. >> lydia. that. >> that's a good point. thank you, beth. >> we continue coverage of the passing of supreme court justice
11:43 pm
he died in his sleep during a hunting trip in texas. he was a conservative voice on the high courts, but he was also known bench. >> the first italian american to sit on the nation's highest court, justice antonin scalia was a conservative in thought but not in personality. >> aunt none gregory scalia was raised in the elmhurst neighborhood of new york city. the only child of sicilian born mother. >> i was something of a "greasy" "greasy" -- he was a stop student at public and private catholic schools in the city. 's scalia's interest in law begun in college and so too an interest in maureen mccarthy with whom he children. his embrace of conservatism
11:44 pm
and president reagan ultimately named the 50-year-old federal judge to the high court in 1986. there he developed a reputation as a reliable conservative. and his own style helped cliven the public face of the high court. >> some of the other justices, including the justices who are already on the court and had been on the court for a while were kind of -- well, if the new guy gets to ask all these questions i'm going to sort of step up and ask some questions too. >> on abortion the deputy death penalty, affirmative action, he clashed early and often with more moderate or left leaning bench mates. >> if he was trying to get anybody to sign an opinion it was harder when he would use more combative language, but, you know, as much as they would say i would like to strangle him, he was still theirs in many way. >> some said often cruel streak in his writings, becoming a master
11:45 pm
he once referred to the junior varsity congress, he quoted cole porter, shakespeare and sesame street songs. off the bench came administration from young conservatives who wrote books and websites in tribute, but controversy too. a hunting trip with vice president cheney at the same time the court was considering a lawsuit against the number two over access to privileged documents. a sicilian gesture some considered as obscene and captured by a boston newspaper. he called it submissive in nature. justice scalia, a man both respected and dismissed. feared and celebrated. >> he'll be remembered in many ways. essential as this larger than life figure. larger than bench figure. someone who embraced both the law and a life beyond the court. >> a judge who combined street smarts with a well calculated conservative view of the law and its limits on society. >> i'm not driven.
11:46 pm
as soon as i no longer enjoy it, i am out of there. >> joe johns, cnn, washington. >> and still ahead, the music industry is warm up for the grammy awards and we have a preview of who you will see performing on monday
11:47 pm
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(cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes! ugh! move it. you're killing me. you know what, dad? i'm good. (dad) it may be quite a while before he's ready, but our subaru legacy will be waiting for him. (vo) the longest-lasting midsize sedan in its class. the twenty-sixteen subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru. >> now it's time for the buzz
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outlet. >> and in the buzz the biggest night in music is almost here and of course i'm talking about the grammy awards. many artists spent this weekend recertificatesly. susan march >> a preview of what you can expect. >> audiences can say hello to adele. the british superstar returns to the grammy stage to perform a song from her record smashing album "25". >> taylor swift will open the show for the second time in three years. swift is up for seven yards including album of the year, record of the year and song of the year. she goes up against denned rick lamar who leads with 11 nominations. country star chris stapleton, r and b artist the weekend and alabama shakes. lady gaga is slated to give one of the night's highly anticipated performances, a tribute to the late
11:50 pm
>> she has -- david bowie. she's been rehearsing off site at an undisclosed location. >> ll cool jal will host for the fifth consecutive year. he says the show is not to be missed. >> it's going to be an amazing night. i think people will be blown away. >> the grammys are also a forum for new artists, including soul singer andrea day, she'll duet. ellie goulding. >> right now i'm not too nervous, butly day of i will be. >> she's also up for two grammys. >> susan marquez, cbs news, as long as. >> the grammy awards are on monday night right here on cleveland 19 starting at 8:00.
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do you ever wonder what the obamas are doing for valentine's day? writing love poems. >> somebody call the situation room, because things are about to get hot. >> roses are red, violets are blue. you are the president, and i am your boo. >> i obamacare about you more than you even know. that's right. obamacare. but, michelle, i've made a lot of great decisions as president, the best decision i err made was choosing you. thanks for putting up with me. i love you. and, ellen, happy valentine's day. >> oh.
11:53 pm
>> they're friendly like we are. and we need like nice friendly heat going on now. it's so cold. >> you need to stay close to everybody because it's going to be cold, but it's nice to know 35 days away from spring and this cold snap is only for tomorrow. we warm nicely by monday, although that comes with some snow, but at least just know that this is the coldest and we improve from here. >> all right. thank you for watching at 11:00, a cleveland 19 editorial is coming up next. i'm lydia spar a. >> deal fellow ohioans. farrell knife newcomers to our beautiful date, i have to tell you getting your first set of ohio license plates is not fun. one, go to a dmv location and wait if line to have them come out and read the vine number on your car. two, going to the county title office and wait in line to get your title transferred.
11:54 pm
full of personal documents. three, get it inspected at an inspection center, required for most cleveland air counties. four, return to the dmv, get in the same line you were in earlier to finally get your plates. two car family, begin again at step one. you and your spouse both on the title? you better both be there or come armed with a power of attorney that's notarized. but while the process is complicated and tough to find guidance on the dmv website, most of the people i met along the way were very nice, despite all the stereo typical comments you hear about state employees. ohio bmv topped one customer poll in satisfaction. that's because once you're in it's easy. you can do it online. no more multiple trips and lines. could you at least make it a bit easier on the new bees, after all you never get a second chance to make a first impression. i'm dominic mancuso, and that's how
11:55 pm
>> we encourage a response to this editorial.
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