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tv   19 Action News at 630  CBS  February 14, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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>> announcer: live from cleveland's news center, cleveland 19 news starts now. >> lydia: oh, there you have it. a live look at the cleveland skyline and the wind is really making it feel super cold. no snow there yet. but i hear there may be a warm-up coming. and good evening. i'm lydia esparra. not much behind me on the radar. but as i said, there may be a warm-up, but for sure more snow. beth mcleod is here with your first alert forecast and the sunshine, well, beth, it felt so good today. >> beth: it looked good, didn't it. that sunshine, but it was so icy cold. we're still dealing with the awfully cold temperatures out there. wind chill that's still going to get you. so the short-term problem is the wind chill. it's 5 in sandusky. that's what it feels like. 2 in mansfield.
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5 at hopkins. but unfortunately, lydia, we're going to go from cold to messy, but we warm overnight. we get some snow showers that come through. some of you are starting to see it early as now through the evening. that's the mansfield area, but slowly as we go through the night, some areas stacking up to just some isolated spots of 2 inches, most areas see less than an inch. here's a look right now on the radar. i had toid woulden -- widen it out so you get the idea. we're not expecting huge snow totals out of this. it's going to snow right up to that morning commute. but, lydia, here's the good point. look at that. temperatures rise overnight tonight. so at least tomorrow morning waiting for the bus stop or getting going for your monday, we'll be into the low 20s. low to mid-30s coming our way and the 50s heading right for us. >> lydia: look forward this -- to that. you can follow the weather with
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your smartphone or your tablet. and other news, a deadly crash overnight on i-480. a 20-year-old woman was killed when her car was hit by a i have been introducer going the wrong way. shanice dunning is live in brooklyn, shanice, this is just happening way too much now. >> reporter: yeah, lydia, i spoke with the representative from the ohio department of transportation, and she told me that the wrong-way crashes really don't happen that frequently, but this is the second accident with the wrong-way crash that's happened in the cleveland area in just the past month. so this most recent accident happened here at i-480 west near brooklyn. police say a 40-year-old man was driving the wrong way when he slammed into a 20-year-old woman, who was driving, that woman did die from her injuries and two weeks ago on i-71 south, a 33-year-old mother was killed when a drunk driver traveling the wrong way crashed into her truck. at the time we spoke with that
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unexpected the accident was. >> just coming home from work, yeah. it's just doing what she normally does. you know, just coming home from work. just i guess the wrong place at the wrong time. >> reporter: and police have not said if this driver, who was traveling the wrong way on 480 here, was impaired. we don't know that information yet. buttic tell you that speaking with the ohio department of transportation, they say they are working on some things to prevent these wrong-way crashes from happening. we'll bring you more of that information at 9:00 and 11:00. right now reporting in brooklyn, shanice dunning, cleveland 19. >> lydia: all right. shanice, thank you. we're following developing news out of parma. there's a big police presence on albert avenue, that's right off of ridge road south of snow. crime scene investigators are there, but police aren't saying much. stay with cleveland 19 for the latest details. an escape and capture in massillon. two suspects assaulted staff
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heartland behavioral mental cars. one is caused of attempted murder, the other is charged with rape. both men were caught in youngstown after a statewide alert. cleveland police have dropped a county-wide alert. 73-year-old delaney scofield disappeared on friday, but police say she returned home safely this morning. and a warning if you drive on the ohio turnpike tomorrow. you cannot, cannot use your credit card to pay for the tolls. the network will be down between 9:00 and 4:00 and the turnpike is upgrading the system. but drivers can still use your ez pass. campaign 2016 and the talk got a little heated last night at the g.o.p. debate in south carolina. the republican candidates traded verbal insilts with each other, and the debate exposed stark disputes over style and
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a cbs poll of republican and independent voters said marco rubio won the debate. but donald trump was strong on the issues. chelsea clinton is coming to cleveland. the former first daughter will campaign for her mother. shellcy will speak at the event at the community center on kinsman road. the doors open at 1:30. the event is free. the ohio primary election is next month on march 15th. but the deadline to register to vote is next tuesday. you can sign up at your local elections. and love was in the air at tower city center in cleveland. dozens of couples spent valentine's day getting married for the i dos. ro err it's valentine's day at tower city and love, the deep love that makes you commit your life to another person is clearly in the air. >> and it shows what love is and shows what god created us for.
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olivia poindexter decided that this is the place where they wanted to tie the knot, taking their vows along with over two dozen other love birds saying i do, too. >> i get nervous in front of a lot of people. but i love it. i love it. >> reporter: amanda and joseph of medina met at a harley-davidson dealership. >> he was very persistent. up. >> and it paid off. >> yep. a year later, here we are. >> reporter: with amanda's kids at their side, also decked out in valentine's day colors, the couple vowed to love, honor and cherish each other. >> husband and wife. congratulations. [applause] >> reporter: in addition to a long, healthy, hopefully a happy life together, each couple gets to take with them a $25 tower city gift certificate, they get a, paing pass and they also get a cupcake. the newlywed advice for anyone still looking for love. >> keep searching until you get
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>> it will come to you. >> don't force. >> reporter: once you find love, it should be celebrated. what better day than today. >> happy valentine's day! >> reporter: in cleveland, denise zarrella, cleveland 19. >> lydia: like that. best line, hey, it what's up. a new survey on spending for valentine's day and love apparently does not come cheap. americans put out nearly $20 billion on flowers and candy. men spent nearly $200 on average compared to about $100 for women. you better love somebody you better love somebody >> lydia: oh, it because we love you rick springfield. he was having a rare in-store show. he performed for free at the exchange in parma heights. springfield was promoting his 18th new album it's called "rocket science" and it comes
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and coming up on cleveland 19, gas was just 19 cents a gallon. find out where drivers were filling up for cheap, beth. >> beth: yes. hard to fill up today. it was so cold. you remember yesterday, lydia, i was talking about snuggle alert. look at the doctor. there's the snuggle alert. you have the kids, the husband, the dogs. you kind of don't need that tonight. because temperatures are going to be on the rise. some areas could see 2 inches of snow by your morning commute and then you've got to love it. we'll be normal temperatures for a couple of days and then we go well above. i'll show you what to expect for your week ahead, coming up. >> >> lydia: coffeemaker secrets. but something gross may be
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>> announcer: live from cleveland's news center, driven by don joseph toyota in kent, this is cleveland 19 news. >> lydia: well, we have new information on the death of antonin scalia. a texas coroner says the supreme court justice died of a heart attack. scalia was in west texas on a hunting trip. his body will be flown back home on tuesday to his family in virginia. scalia was 79 years old. now to a wild scene out of new zealand. check it out. you can see an earthquake shaking the ground. there were no reports of any serious damage, but i can the magnitude 5.8 earthquake did
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now a cleveland 19 news consumer alert and we're talking about your coffeemaker. don't say that, i love it. a new study claims that drip tray is packed with bacteria. researchers tested ten different machines and they found a higher germ count than in your bathroom. >> oh! >> experts recommend cleaning your drip tray after every tuesday. good idea. and a whole lot of less pain at the pump. it looked like a gas price war in toledo. but i can it was all a big mistake. a computer malfunction dropped prices, to get this, 19 cents a gallon. drivers filled up for just a few bucks before prices returned to normal. wow! why doesn't that happen here. a live look outside in cleveland. the clouds are back after sunshine earlier today.
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temperatures in the teens for northeast ohio. but i can record heat hits parts of the west. check it out. huge waves are pounding san diego beaches. and only a few brave surfers hit the water. the temperature there was close jealous. >> beth: yeah. those coronado residents are not used to that, most of the heat. most of the people don't have air conditioners. here we need both, don't we. day.
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we're doing absolutely five live outside. independence you can see no problem off the roof cam. we're doing on the cold side, yeah. but i can at least we snuck in the nice day. if you can stand the cold. 19 degrees. of courses it feels a lot colder than this. you an idea. we're not going to remain snow free overnight. we get some snow. more importantly there's a huge system that goes up the east coast monday afternoon in through tuesday. it misses most of us until tuesday morning. so now we have a messy monday morning commute and some of you will have a messy tuesday morning commute. then we have another system that comes our way for wednesday. here we go. how bad is monday into tuesday. it will be pretty bad for ashtabula, youngstown area, mainly because the watch boxes are already out. they could see 3 to 5 inches of snow. now with all of that said, this is a current live look. you can see snow starting to
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out. you can see it breaking up out towards the west. but i can as i pull a little closer, you can eashland, wooster you're getting hit between now and midnight. most of cleveland will see snow after midnight. so future view overnight tonight, cloudy, we actually hit the coldest temperatures early on tonight and then we'll begin to warm as we go through the overnight. by. 3:00 in the morning everyone starting to see a little more snow. by 6:00 a.m. some of you are still going to see snow, it starts weakening by about 6:00 a.m. the bulling of -- the bulk of it comes down early. it could come down as a romona mix and most of us end up with a cloudy monday. so it's tuesday our eyes will turn to that morning commute. and then that's where things get a little more interesting. so a couple very sloppy, messy morning commutes. the one on tuesday is mainly focused toward the east and the south. how much snow are we talking tonight? not a whole lost. a couple isolated areas could
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as we go towards tuesday morning, that's going to be the bigger concern. temperatures, so we'll be into the teens early on overnight tonight. but i can waiting for the bus stop tomorrow morning, good to know that we'll be at about 24 degrees. overnight lows come early. by tomorrow morning about 24 degrees for the greater cleveland area and you could be looking at some new snow. not that much. we can handle it. especially with temperatures into the mid-30s tomorrow. tuesday ford first alert weather day. 40 degrees. we have the snow early, snow late. we have more snow coming on wednesday. a couple series of systems like i pointed out. then we get high and dry. 32 with sunshine on thursday. pick day of the week, 5 52 on friday. sweet she says. that comes with some rain showers late. next weekend, mark, looks pretty nice for end of february. >> mark: well, the baseball season not yet. we'll take it. straight ahead in sports, it's all-star sunday in the nba.
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>> announcer: now this is the serpentini sports report on cleveland 19. >> mark: all-star sunday has arrived in the nba. east meets west at 8:00 in toronto. lebron james representing the cleveland cavaliers. it's his 12th all-star game. he's won the m.v.p. in this game twice, 2006 and 2008. most guys, you know, they use this time to get a break. lebron doesn't get that break. obviously he's good enough to be at the all-star game. but i can he's not going to complain about it. >> i'm happy to be here once again. you know, it's an honor not only for the cleveland cavaliers' franchise, but i can for my -- but i can for my family. >> this is the last all-star game for kobe bryant. he's been there a lot. he's a 15-time starter. obviously that is one of the big stories of this one. and, well, just say it now. don't you think the players on the west will find a way to make sure he has a big day to give
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you know where kobe's first all-star game was, it was right here. >> my first one in cleveland was pretty special, because you had all of the top 50 players. i'm really just enjoying enjoying this whole thing, man. and being around these players and talking to them one more time and going out and practicing, enjoying that moment and the game, enjoying that moment. so the competitiveness in terms of me trying to establish something or prove something, that's gone. >> mark: the indians are just days away from spring training. wednesday. i actually leave a week from today to start getting you the goods from goodyear. michael brantley will be a hot topic. surgery. back. field. he's clearly their best outfielder. chris antonetti likes their stretch without him. >> we'll have some time to work through that.
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some versatility. but i can with almonte, davis, a number of the other guys they've got experience and in playing all three outfield spots. >> mark: final round of the pebble beach pro-am. this on 18. vaughn taylor would get it in for a birdie to go to 17-under. then he had to hang on. here's phil mickelson right on his heels. he knocked down the birdie putt on 17 to get to 16-under par. needed to birdie 18 to catch taylor. oh, and the lipper. missed the hole. taylor won it by a stroke. it's 17-under. it's a ip willer. -- it's a lipper. chase elliott made history today at the daytona 500. the youngest ever to win the pole position at the race. he takes the top spot. he'll also start first in the can am duals on thursday night. >> lydia: all right. good stuff there. and more good stuff headed our
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>> beth: yeah, by the end of the week, the series of a couple of systems that come through, will make it messy for morning commutes. but i can tomorrow morning that will be the first one. maybe up to an inch for some of you as we get snow overnight. the good news is we're done with the bitter cold. tonight temperatures are on the rise. so your morning commute could be a little bit of a slow one. monday itself will be mostly cloudy for everybody as we go into the mid-30s, which is where we should be, but i can then we get more snow monday night. we get more snow wednesday. then it gets nice. >> lydia: okay. >> beth: just going to take a through. and then we'll see 50s as we head towards next weekend. >> lydia: okay. sounds good. hey, when are the cavs back? >> mark: thursday. they play chicago here at the q. thursday at 8:30. >> lydia: thank you for much watching tonight. cleveland 19 continues at 11:00. we're also on at 9:00 on cle 43. have a great one and happy
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>> announcer: now this is a cleveland 19 news editorial. >> dear fellow ohioans, for relative newcomers whos to our beautiful state, i have to tell you, getting your first set of ohio license plates is not fun. one, go to a b.m.v. location and wait in line to have them come out and read the v.i.n. number on your car. two, go to the county office and wait in line to get the title transferred. make sure you bring a file folder pull -- full of personal documents. three, get it inspection, required for most cleveland area counties. four, return to the b.m.v. get in the same line you were in earlier to finally get your plates. two-car family, begin again at step one. you and your spouse both on the title, you better both be there or come armed with a power of attorney that's notarized. but i can while the process is complicated and tough to find guidance on the b.m.v. website, most of the people i met along the way were very nice.
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comments you hear about public employees. when i checked state rankings, ohio b.m.v. topped one poll in customer satisfaction. that's because once you're in, life gets easy. you can renew your license plates or change your address online. no more multiple trips and lines. but i can could you at least make it a bit easier on the new newbies. after all you never get a second chance to make a first impression. i'm dominic mancuso and that's
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> is isis coming here? >> i think isil does want to eventually find its mark here. >> you're expecting an attack in the united states? >> i'm expecting them to try to put in place the operatives, the material or whatever else they need to do. >> the man who was supposed to stop that attack is john brennan, the director of the c.i.a. tonight, in a rare interview, we talked to brennan about a world of trouble. does isis have chemical weapons? >> we have a number of instances where isil has used chemical munitions on the battlefield. >> john buretta used to run the
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