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tv   Cleveland 19 News This Morning  CBS  February 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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live from cleveland's news center, this is cleveland 19 news, brought to you by spanky's carpet and flooring outlet. cleveland 19 news starts now. make sure you add some green to your wallet and see why you turnpike. the race for democratic presidential nomination will heat up in the big city today. what the two candidates are doing to make their presence felt in northeast ohio. >> tia: we're in the storm
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this is what it looks like on 90 near euclid right now. light, scattered snowshowers for your morning commute. today isn't bad whether it comes to the forecast. tomorrow you want to tune into cleveland 19 before you hit the road. good morning. i'm tia ewing. >> brian: thanks for joining us. i'm brian duffy. sam has told us all morning that a little snow today, but it gets a little tricky over the next day or so. >> samantha: the temperatures come up. it's not as frigid today and into tonight as it was over the weekend, so we're going to see all forms of precipitation in some areas. that can make it a little tricky, so we'll delve into it all here in a few minutes. let's get you out the door now. you saw we were live in the cleveland 19 storm chaser, and that's just mulling along on the roads. we don't have a ton of bad roads out there.
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but there are areas where there are snow-covered roads. i bet they're mainly out in cleveland. this is lifting off towards the north and east. you can see through the city of cleveland, 271 corridor out towards chardon, northern counties. we have pretty steady snow there, and more snow from the south and west from sandusky through the willard area and into ashland county. that is also lifting off towards the north and east. heads up lorain county. you're next to see snowshowers. we're in the teens and 20s right now, and it's going to be warmer this afternoon than we were all weekend. we get into the mid-30s. that's what february should feel like. the average high this time of year is around 37. we're a few degrees shy of that. tonight we start off with a little rain before we see more snow. i'm going to break it all down for you coming up in just a few minutes. we want to get you out on the
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expert laura demaria. >> laura: we're going to look first at 176, the jennings there right at spring. you can see a nice coating of liquid water on the roadways there. now, odot has been out there in full force this morning all across the area, but, of course, we are still -- they dropped down the salt, and that turns the snow into water. so here we have very, very slippery roads, and that can cause a lot of accidents. be extra careful this morning on the roads but keep in mind we'll have a lighter day in traffic likely because we have all the schools out and the banks closed. many people may have a nice, long weekend. enjoy that if you do. i-90 on the west side not looking too bad. 60 miles per hour. same thing on the east side. your commute coming in from mentor looks fine right now. how about from strongsville? this is part of your commute as you pass by the airport over 480 through linndale and brooklyn. still up to speed the whole way past the steelyard this morning and into downtown.
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troubles at all there. mentor to cleveland, 28 minutes and north olmstead to cleveland 18 minutes for you, and 28 minutes from elyria and akron to cleveland right up 77, that is a 38-minute on-time commute. we look at 77 coming up at 6:18. if you're driving this morning on ohio turnpike, make sure you have cash in hand. credit card payment services will be down today at all toll booths from 9:00 until 4:00 this afternoon. the turnpike is upgrades the credit card system there, and easy pass drivers are not affected by this. again, no credit cards will be accepted. cash only for turnpike drivers from 9:00 to 4:00 today. >> tia: if there was any indication that the race for the white house goes right through northeast ohio, today is is it. >> brian: it usually does, right? the top two democratic candidates are opening campaign
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q. mccray found this story, and q., both offices at least this time on the west side. >> q.: that's right, brian. chelsea will be in cleveland today after opening an office in lakewood over the weekend. bernie sanders is adding a third northeast ohio campaign office in elyria today. that office is in downtown elyria to be exact. the sanders campaign already has volunteer offices in lakewood and akron, so today's grand opening will expand his presence to lorain county. chelsea will speak at a get out to vote event today at the murtis taylor community center on kingsman road. the event is full now, so if you're planning to attend, getting a ticket may be really tough. the latest developments are proof to show you how important the buckeye state is to both cannoteds, even though their focus is currently on the upcoming primaries in south carolina and nevada. >> i've listened to the
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i have to tell you, i often don't recognize the country that they describe. >> it gap used to be much, much larger. the momentum is with us. we'll do quite well in south carolina, and we're doing very, very well in nevada as well. >> q.: at stake in ohio's march 15th primary election are ohio's 143 president delegates. conventional wisdom tells you clinton is favorite to win the buckeye state, as she won the state in 2008 during her first run for the presidency. tia. >> tia: thank you, q. ohio governor john kasich is riding another wave of momentum coming off of saturday night's republican presidential debate. >> but if you like me, give me a chance to take this message to america. >> tia: governor kasich spent the weekend campaigning in south carolina, but he will spend today campaigning in michigan, although a cbs news poll found 3
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and independents declared marco rubio the winner of saturday's debate. governor kasich was within striking distance at 19%. as for the rest of the field, they, too, will be spending a lot of time in south carolina this week ahead of saturday's primary. donald trump remains the favorite to win. ted cruz and marco rubio are also expected to have strong finishes. >> brian: one of the hot topics is whether or not president obama should be the one to replace supreme court judge antonin scalia. scalia died of natural causes on saturday. the white house says president barack obama will nominate a successor once the senate returns from a week-long recess. leading republican lawmakers and presidential candidates insist the president leave the job of naming scalia's successor to the next president. if you plan to vote in ohio's march primary and you're not a registered voter, you have until tomorrow to get that done.
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open until 9:00 tomorrow night for last-minute registrations. you can also register at all public libraries. head to the "seen on" section of our website,, where you will find all the information, including dates for ant sentee ballots to be mailed and returned. >> tia: a cleveland attorney thinks ohio need it's own why? because it's the birthplace search presidents. he's still in the early stages of creating the center. today is presidents day so public schools are closed as are more banks and county offices and courts are closed. there won't be mail deliveries. many cities suspend trash collections as well, so check with your local city hall. >> brian: you sounded like you were going to cough. >> tia: no i was going to read the next line, and then i realized it's yours. >> brian: if i'd like to, it's okay. i don't mind. i'll share. >> tia: go ahead. >> brian: we want to remind you
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tonight's show starts at 8:00. >> tia: another whopper of a snowstorm is sneaking up the east coast, sam. >> samantha: it is. that may clip us late tonight into early tomorrow morning. it bears watching very closely. we start off with some light snow anyway this morning. on the impact meter it's about a 6 out of 10, especially along the lakeshore where we have snowshowers in many areas. by mid to late morning we should be done with any snow, but i am concerned about tomorrow morning's commute. i'm going to time everything out for you when we come back. >> brian: thanks. next, pope francis is in mexico. we'll tell you about his visit
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>> brian: pope francis is waking up in mexico city this morning. the pope has been in mexico since friday and will continue making stops there until wednesday night. the pope will hold masses visiting the country's most violent neighborhoods and visiting sick children. >> tia: odot is preparing our roads for the morning commute, but crews on the east coast prepared again overnight for a snow and ice storm expected to hit hardest in virginia and washington, d.c. meteorologists in d.c. are expecting to see brutal cold temperatures and a few inches of snow topped with a layer of ice. it seems like they just keep getting slammed over and over again. >> brian: they've had a tough time there all winter. >> tia: they have. >> samantha: i moved just in time and avoided it all.
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sure we'll get our fair share. >> brian: this one isn't over yet, either. >> samantha: i know. we have a ways to go. let's look at what's happening out there this morning. there's part of the big storm. you can see it snowing pretty good there in southern virginia. not an area that sees a ton of snow. they see about 11 inches per year is their average, but they've gotten more snow than us for the season so far, which i think is really funny. of course, it was all courtesy of the big blizzard. this is different. we have icing issues if you travel through the carolinas today, maybe you're catching a flight and your hub and is in atlanta charlotte, there will likely be several delays. you get farther north, conditions are very quiet. we have a front in the area providing the focus for a few snowshowers early this morning. you can see most of it has now moved out into geauga, lake, eastside of cleveland we have a little snow there, southern ashtabula, northern trumbull county. that's where the steadier stuff
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wickliffe and willoughby and chesterland and huntsburg and back to the west we have some snowshowers here. i told you a few minutes ago you would see snow in lorain county. there it is headed towards elyria. if you're ahead of this, avon lake, bay village out to the west side of cleveland, heads up, you have more snow on the way. medina has some snowshowers on the way. so i want to take you through your day and help you plan. maybe you have the day off and you're looking forward to, you know, enjoying a monday off. maybe you have to go to work. expect. 8:00 in the morning, and we still have light snow out there. it should be hit or miss. by midday and into the afternoon, most of us see dry conditions. you notice it a lot warmer headed for the mid-30s. it will be very breezy today. i would say throughout the afternoon there's a small chance for hit or miss, kind of patchy, light rain mixed with snow. i mean, you start to get into the mid-30s and you start to mix
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it's going to get warmer by the way towards the end of the week. that. first. so the evening commute, i don't think we'll see any problems, but about 9:00, 10:00 rain is south. so if you're south of cleveland, you'll see the rain first, and then after midnight we transition over to a wintery mix and then all snow by very early tomorrow morning. that snow is going to hang around for the morning drive, have snowshowers tomorrow and it will be heavy at times. so i am concerned about that morning commute tomorrow with snow around from tonight through tomorrow heavy at times. how much are we expecting? right now on the west side of cleveland about 1 to 4, 2 to 6 as you start to get towards akron east side of cleveland and out into the snowbelt. 4 to 8, and i think our big winners are south and east of akron down around youngstown, columbia, mahoning county and
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those areas. now, this forecast is totally based and dependent, i should say, on the track of the storm. if it goes farther west, our snow totals may change for you. that's why it's important to keep checking back with us. we'll have another update at noon. lara. >> laura: we look outside on the roads right now from our storm chaser, who i'm hearing is on 480 westbound right now in the area of parma. looks like those windshield wipers are still going pretty full blast there now. as you head anywhere this morning out the door, you're going to deal with some slippery roadways. we had snow fall just about everything, rain, mix of everything hampering your morning commute. keep in mind the roads are slippery. you can slip and slide a little bit in these kinds of conditions. across the map i'm not too worried with the commute times. you're still staying on time. 6:17, so we're not anywhere near rush hour. it's a lighter day with
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over on the west side through avon right now, this is i-90, keep on traveling along. all the vehicles on the roadways. the cars are all green, so we're traveling up to speed. no slowdowns all the way to the split there with 71, 490 and 90 going towards the inner belt bridge. mentor to cleveland, 28-minute commute time, 19 minutes from strongsville to downtown. elyria to cleveland, a 28-minute drive and 57 minutes from canton to downtown cleveland. >> brian: so we decided to start a new segment on mondays, and we're asking financial experts for advice on things like student loans, sale items and tax refunds, all things to help you save a little cash. we call it morning-saving monday. >> we break down the top items to save money on in february. nichole vrsansky sat down with local couponing queen and blogger rachel krych. >> that's right.
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$2, but among the other great buys for february, one that will help you stock your pantry. sale and clearance signs are a common sight at clothing stores in february. rachel krych of couponingwithrachel says this is the best month to stock up on apparel and not just winter stuff. >> i was able to find clothes marked down to $1.99 at my local jcpenney store. i found cute slip-on shoes at payless and they had clearance flip-flops for three bucks which are great for upcoming spring break trips and things like that. >> nichole: not quite as fun to talk about or purchase, but now is the time to buy tax prep software. >> you can score 30% to 50% off, and they don't get lower as we approach april. notice is the time to buy that. >> nichole: february is the month of love, and rachel says you'll love the after-valentine's day sales. >> i'm able to score up to 90% off.
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there's red silverware and red paper plates. that's the time to buy, and put it away for christmas. >> nichole: we found out national canned food month is in february. rachel says this is the best month to stock up on pantry items and donate to your local food bank. >> stores not only have discounted items, but they also have high-value coupons all throughout february. >> nichole: in the next half hour we tell you what big purchase item common for the month of february rachel says to hold off on. she'll be live on set at 7:30 talking about more great ways to bargain hunt and save this month. tia. >> tia: thank you, nikki. time is 6:20. all eyes were on kobe bryant at the all-star game. but the cavs lbj made his presence known. >> brian: usually does. for more than 50 years etch-a-sketch has been made
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i have ahma. omanyiecein m fe. sohen asta sytomseptcomi bac on mlongerm ntro mecine i talked to docr an fod a ssinpiec in my thmareatnt. onceailyreo even asta sympms. eo ifor ults wi asta nowellontrled on lontermsthmcontl medine, liken inled rtictero. breoon'tepla a rcueinhar for suen bathi proems. breopensp aiays hel improvbreaing r a ll 2 hos. br conins typef mecine thatncrees t risof dth fromsthmprobms and may ineasehe rk hostalitionn ildr anddoleents breos nofor oplehose asth is ll ctrold on long-tm asma ctrol mecine like ainhad coicosroid once yr asma iwellcontlled yo docr wi dece ifou can st breand escre a differenasth conol
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li an halecortosteid. do notake eo me th escred. see ur dtor youasth doesot irover ge wor. ask yo docr if4-ho bre coulbe aissi pie foryou. s if u'religie fo
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>> tia: time is 6:23. this return policy has some people crashing their heads. if you by a nordstrom rack purchase you can return it back to a regular nordstrom store or vice versa now. despite the change a nordstrom spokesperson says you should return to the store where you originally made your purchase. so see where that's a little dicey, brian. a popular toy is no longer made in ohio. etch a stem cell -- etch-a-sketch will be made in toronto. they sold the toy to spinmaster corporation. while it was a tough decision to sell the iconic toy, they did to benefit the company in the long run.
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cavaliers, lebron james! >> brian: there was no defense at all. the west wins 196-173. kobe bryant had 10 points ft final all-star game and russell westbrook was the mvp. the st. edwards wrestling team is the duo champs. this is a photo from their twitter page. they beat the elyria pioneers in the duels tournament title. the state tournament is up next. they have a team state tournament, which this was one. their their individual state tournament and st. ed's dominates both of them. >> tia: a quick shot of light snow this morning. sam, most people out there are just happy we're out of the single digits. >> samantha: i'll second that, yeah. it was a cold weekend, wasn't it? but not quite as cold this morning. we're in the teens.
6:26 am
could be worse, right? got a little light snow out there. tomorrow morning's drive is what i'm the most concerned about. so this is your first alert that tomorrow will be a slow go. i'm going to take you through the forecast straight ahead. >> brian: all right. the campaign trail is getting some tracking here in ohio. i'm sure you're curious as to which candidates are working for
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>> brian: the focus of some of the presidential candidates is already shifting to ohio.
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make sure they're in the game in the buckeye state. [ music ] >> tia: usher's tribute to lionel richie is one thing to make the grammy awards one like you haven't seen before. >> brian: let's take a life look in the storm chaser. this is 480 west near the airport. snow is falling this morning in some spots. more snow is on the way. >> tia: after battling the deep freeze all weekend long, we are getting some snow this morning. good morning, it's monday, february 15th, presidents day. i'm tia ewing. >> brian: that's for joining us. i'm brian duffy. we want to get to the first alert weather center and the meteorologist sam roberts. light, scattered snows throughout the morning. >> samantha: why are you laughing? because your name was spelled wrong? >> tia: i didn't see it. what was it spelled like.
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the corner my eye. >> brian: i didn't want to say it was spelled wrong in the teleprompter. people say, you need that in the teleprompter? >> samantha: glad i don't have to read off of that thing. i just say it as it comes to me. let's look at what's happening out there this morning. of course, i sit down and think about what i'm going to say. go. it's 20 in cleveland. that's warmer, by the way, than it got all weekend, 20. that's sad. it was cold this weekend, right? we were out in it. you have to get out, i guess, outside. there was some sun throughout the weekend. a little breezy out there right now. no sun yet. sun will come up around 7:30. there. not everyone is waking up to snow. akron/canton, you're mainly dry right now. you can see there's two areas of snow that i'm watching for you. one on the far east side of
6:32 am
out to lake, geauga, ashtabula and trumbull counties. this is lifting towards the north and east. so madison, jefferson, ashtabula, heads up, you have snow on the way. here's that other area of snow i'm watching out in lorain county, and that extends all the way into erie county. medina has snow moving through right now. this is lifting off towards the north and east. city of cleveland, we have more snow on the way. our temperatures, though, as this warm front moves through, are actually warming up. it's 20 right now in cleveland, 21 in akron, canton also at 20. a lot of teens in outlying areas, but we have a big warm-up to talk about for the end of the week into the weekend. we'll talk about that and what you can expect with tonight's storm system coming up in just a laura. >> laura: we're watching the morning. we do have a live picture right now that we can take you to. boulevard. we may see it.
6:33 am
what i like really about the shot, too, is i've talked about very wet. travel along. you can see that road spray that sort of sprays back behind the back wleel heels as they move along. we're very wet and slippery on the roads. fortunately, i don't have any accidents to report so far this morning, but i like to show this so you have an idea of what you deal with when you tackle the roadways this morning. let's go to the maps now and take a picture across the area, or we could take a look at penguins. they look nice as well. live tv, folks. 77. you saw that ride towards the north. that looked fantastic this morning. the drive times are penguin free. 20 minutes from north olmstead and elyria to cleveland with a 28-minute ride and 38 minutes from akron to cleveland. here's one thing to keep in mind.
6:34 am
turnpike today, bring your cash along with you. credit card payment services will not be available today at toll booths from 9:00 this morning until 4:00 this afternoon. the turnpike is upgrading the credit card system. e-z pass drivers aren't affected by this, but no credit cards will be accepted. cash only for turnpike drivers from 9:00 to 4:00 today. >> brian: we're waiting to hear back if drugs or alcohol were a factor in a fatal wrong-way driving accident on i-480 on early sunday morning westbound in brooklyn. police say a 48-year-old guy was driving the wrong way when he slammed head-on into another car. a 20-year-old woman driving that car was killed. this is the second fatal wrong life way driving crash in the last two weeks on local interstates. odot spokes woman amanda mcfarland says it is an issue that's been addressed. >> you notice a lot of extra do not enter or wrong way signs on
6:35 am
we've also added some pavement markings. >> brian: despite the back-to-back wrong-way crashes, odot is not reporting this as really any type of trend, but she advises drivers to be vigilant vigilant. we're one month away from the hides national primary. >> this week they're pushing to earn much-needed support from people in the buckeye state. q. mccray is here to tell us about the democrats and their campaigns in our community. q. >> q.: told hillary clinton's daughter, chelsea, will campaign right here in cleefd. the former first daughter will sweek at a get out the vote event at the murt advertise taylor community center on kinsman road. it's sold out. that's the third campaign office sanders has in northeast ohio. he has supporter offices in lakewood and akron.
6:36 am
about 800 volunteers working for bernie sanders in our area. this while the clinton camp just opened up a field office in lakewood. it's on the corner of madison and hilliard. the clintons have a strong track record right here in the buckeye state. 42nd president bill clinton won our state in both his elections and in the 2008 primary hillary defeated president obama. if you want to vote in the ohio primary on march 15th, a month from now, you need to be registered by tomorrow. also, early voting for the primary begins on wednesday. tia. >> tia: thanks, q. a strong weekend for john kasich after the cbs news debate on saturday night. a cbs poll shows 19% of debate watchers say kasich won the debate, 32% thought rubio won and 24% thought trump was the top winner as well. according to independent voters, kasich won the debate. our governor is in michigan
6:37 am
kasich plans to return to south carolina, the state primary happens on saturday. also this weekend the death of supreme court justice antonin scalia, he died in his sleep at the age of 79. now the debate goes on to fill his seat is heating up. president barack obama and the justice. the republicans argue the nomination should be done by the next elected president. >> there's a long tradition that you don't do this in an election year. >> he can nominate someone. the senate won't move forward on it until after the election. >> tia: the debate here is just beginning with this supreme court seat. we will be watching it very closely, and you can expect push alerts on the cleveland 19 app when president barack obama makes a decision. >> brian: not a lot of newlywe hads to congratulate this morning on their honeymoon maybe. more than two dodds couples tied the knot in downtown cleveland. this is the eighth straight year tower city opened doors to those
6:38 am
valentine's day. >> i said i get nervous in front of a lot of people, but i love it. i love it. >> keep searching until you get the right one. >> right one, yeah. >> brian: right one. get the right one. that's the key. aside from a fun, affordable wedding venue, they also provided the newlywe hads with a $25 parking voucher, parking pass and cupcake. >> tia: keep searching until you find the right one. i'm not searching. the man should look for the woman. that's what they say. the woman shouldn't go looking for the man. >> brian: i think it's a combination of both. >> tia: i don't think so, no. old school, no. they better find the woman, or it's not going to happen. you found your wife? >> brian: we found each other. >> tia: i'm sure she wasn't, brian, where are you? >> brian: mrs. duffy was basically stalking me. >> tia: i doubt it. it's not just love in the air this morning, there's some snow, too, sam. >> samantha: yeah. nobody is stalking him. nobody.
6:39 am
>> that's what they tell me. a winter weather advisory is in effect for tonight and through part of the day tomorrow for my friends in far eastern ohio. ashtabula, trumbull, mahoning, columbiana columbiana, dover and new philly all included in this as a major storm works its way up the eastern seaboard. so if they're the only ones under the winter weather advisory, what do we see in cleveland or akron? we talk about it when we come back. >> brian: we're couponing with rachel on this money-saving monday. should you by the big screen right now? she will let you know when
6:40 am
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good morning, everybody. 6:42 on your monday morning. yeah, this will get you going a little bit. it is presidents day. so the tower is dressed up in red, white and blue. we really appreciate you joining us this morning. hope your day is off to a great start. here's some video this morning. don't worry. this is not in our area. this is from greensboro, north carolina. wow. they're getting some significant snow. part of a winter storm moving up the east coast. we're not out of the woods. tomorrow morning could be a rough one. sam's been here all morning. we have some kind of rain and snow and all kinds of stuff going on. >> samantha: we start off with rain, and then we transition. i'm still giggling. all we do is laugh. >> tia: we just love life. >> samantha: brian's name spelled wrong. >> brian: at least it doesn't say brian. once in a while it says brain. >> i knew you were going there.
6:44 am
>> tia: if i'm the brains, yeah, we are. take it away, sam. >> samantha: thank you. it's 20 right now in cleveland. that's warmer than it was all weekend. you don't need me to tell you that, right? you know how cold it was, it was miserable out there and the wind and periods of snow. luckily things warmed up a little bit for us. 21 in akron, one of our warmer spots spots, sandusky at 19. from akron south into worcester, mansfield, canton, dover, new philly, no problems here. coming in from youngstown, should be an easy drive early on. lake county, northeastern geauga county, southern ashtabula, far northern trumbull we still have the snow ongoing. this is lifting off towards the north and east, so if you're in ashtabula or conneaut, you have more snow on the way. we're getting a break right now
6:45 am
and out into newberry, akron, ravenna. look here. we have this little area of snow we've been watching for you throughout the morning. that goes back into lorain county, snowing right now around avon lake, bay village, west side of cleveland seeing some light snow. that drops down into medina, strongsville. again, this is drifting off towards the east-northeast. if you're on the east side of cleveland, you have more snow on the way. it's moving pretty quickly, so by 7:00 you should be seeing snow out on the east side. snow is mainly confined to the morning. by the afternoon and evening that we see would be very spotty, light snow or a little mix of rain. we're going to warm into the mid-30s today, so i think we could see some light wintery mix late this afternoon. no major problems with this. again, it's tonight into tomorrow that i'm a little more concerned about. again, mid-30s today. a little on the windy side, but overall not a bad day in the weather department. i want to really take you into tonight.
6:46 am
we have rain off to the south, and that's going to try to lift towards the north. so by 11:00 i think as soon as 9:00 we could be seeing rain in akron. we have to keep a close eye on that. then that rain will try to lift north into cleveland. because it's going to be a little colder after midnight we start to see some snow mix in, maybe a little sleet. we'll have a wintery mix ongoing, and then the transition to all snow. this is 4:00 tomorrow morning. notice the deep purples. this snow could be on the moderate to heavy side. even through 9:00, 10:00 tomorrow morning we still see snowshowers. we dry out gradually from west to east. with an extended period of time of snow, how much snow are we going to see? well, i'll give you the numbers, now. this is subject to change based on the track of the storm, because any track farther to the west or any track farther to the
6:47 am
either to the west or the east. so we have to watch it closely, but for now we're thinking about 1 to 4 inches on the west side of cleveland, 2 to 6 to the south, and out towards the east side. i think our big winners will be around youngstown, south into dover, new philly where we have that winter weather advisory in place. again, keep checking back with us as we fine-tune the snow forecast, but this is what wear looking like for now. >> laura: if you consider that winning, i guess, a lighter commute would be what i request for everyone on the morning drives. looks like one guy is having trouble here. this is the same shot we were looking at momentarily ago. i-480 near transportation. as you make that drive across the valley view bridge, you'll pass by that. it looks like the trucks that help for free, come to assist you and wait until other help does arrive as well. it looks like he has one of those guys out there assisting right now as well. they are outside of the vehicle,
6:48 am
hit the roadways. let's check out the maps here across the rest of the area. i'm not really seeing much in the slowdown department. over on the west side, i-90 is still looking up to speed through westlake. keep going to rocky river and lakewood. yeah, it's a perfect commute all the way to the inner belt bridge, really still staying up to speed. same thing on 71 this morning. really looking good until about the steelyard area. maybe a 1-minute slow down there, but really nothing. we have light commutes this morning with it being presidents day. drive times still look on time, mentor to cleveland and strongsville to downtown and elyria and canton to cleveland, you are all on time all in the green as we move towards rush hour. guys. >> tia: speaking of green, we're starting something new on mondays. we call it money-saving mondays looking for ways to help you cut kotss or save money whether at the grocery store or managing student loans. >> brian: tough today. nichole is with us looking at the items you find the deepest discounts on this month through
6:49 am
just have to know where to look, right? >> nichole: exactly. got to know where to look and what websites to look for too. that's why we look with coup blogger. she said the top three things are apparel, tax prep software and canned food. we'll explain why. the clearance and sale racks are up at clothing stores trying to make room, and discounts are as high as 85% off. we found a shirt, this shirt at jcpenney for $1.97. it's also tax season. not as fun as clothes shopping, but rachel says tax prep software can be found for 30% to 50%, and not going to get better than that heading into april. february is national canned food month. so most stores offer discounts and couponing making it a good time to stock the pantry. we wanted to know about tvs, too, because they're usually a big ticket item for february and with the super bowl and presidents day deals. we asked rachel about that. >> february is not really the best time to buy a big screen tv.
6:50 am
rival the black friday and other sales you see in november. i would hold off on that. >> nichole: rachel will join us live in the studio later this morning for more money-saving monday tips, tweet us questions and we'll try to get them answered for you coming up at 7:30. >> tia: looking forward to that. thank you so much. time is 6:50 and in our 7:00 hour dr. leslie cho is here to talk about women and heart health. >> brian: what will happen tonight at the grammys that wll
6:51 am
6:52 am
>> tia: wow. the 58th annual grammy awards kick off tonight. anticipation is high for the big performance as especially lady gaga's tribute to the late david bowie. the show is different than in
6:53 am
with tributes to honor the lodge list of music legends who died recently. you can catch the grammys on cbs 19 at 8:00 p.m. >> brian: saw my guy pit bull there. in 1979 donna summers s s last dance wins two grammys. you can find more trivia. just head to where you can enter to win dinner for two at the fresh harvest buffet along with two tickets to a club velvet comedy show at the hard rock rocksino. >> tia: that's a good deal. >> brian: here's some stories to know before you go. give me a chance to take this message to america. >> i've listened to the republicans debates. >> the gap used much, much larger. >> scalia died of natural causes on saturday. the white house says president
6:54 am
successor once the senate returns from a week-long recess. if you plan to vote in ohio's march primary and you're not a registered voter, you have until tomorrow to get registered. >> the forecast for the first part of the morning is kind of scattered snowshower activity. >> rachel krych of couponingwithrachel says this is the best month to stock up on apparel. >> pope francis is waking up in mexico city this morning. >> samantha: i want to help you plan your day. so this is your first alert that we'll have scattered snowshowers this morning. this afternoon mainly dry for us, but there may be a little light snow or wintery mix that pops up, very isolated and not everybody will see it. tonight we have rain moving in overnight transitioning to a wintery mix and then all snow, which will impact the morning drive tomorrow. >> laura: those roadways are mighty wet out there right now.
6:55 am
right outside of downtown you can definitely see that glossy roadway there and the road spray behind the vehicles that they travel along. across the highways we look good. a whole lot of green and maybe a little bit of yellow, 24 miles per hour along 71, and then let's look at the drive times really quick, too. as we move towards our rush hour, we are still, still right on time. that's pretty nice especially considering that we're having a holiday. we better stay in the green. i hope all day would be nice. >> brian: you guys watching the grammys tonight? i know you're not. >> samantha: i'm going to try. >> brian: sia said she wouldn't. i was asking you. >> tia: i know it. we have a specialist on, a fashion expert to talk about the fashion, which you know most of us will be talking about tomorrow morning. >> brian: we have a heart health expert coming up in the 7:00 hour and also rachel from couponingwithrachel. not from "friends." >> samantha: the other rachel. >> tia: all right.
6:56 am
6:57 am
6:58 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, february 15th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." the supreme court loses a conservative titan. justice antonin scalia's death has a battle over his >> trump donald trump has a commanding lead in north carolina but jeb bush's brother expects to hit the campaign trail today. >> and what we expect to see tonight at the grammy awards. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener."
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