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tv   Cleveland 19 News at Noon  CBS  February 15, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> laura: just day ace way from being able to cast an absentee ballot in the primary and hillary clinton knows it. >> "q": that it's why her daughter, chelsea, is in town to talk about her mom's ideas. danni carlson joins us live with more on this storey. >> reporter: we are expecting chelsea will show up within a little more than an hour. she is expected to talk to people who gather here for about an hour or so, just about what her mother could do as president and why people should cast their ballot for her for the democratic nominee.
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clinton knows that it's coming time to cast primary election ballots and actually tomorrow is the deadline to register to vote in this upcoming primary. so, the timing on this i'm sure is absolutely no coincidence at all. also, the other major democratic nominee for president, the person trying to get that nomination, bernie sanders, we know that in lorain county today, his campaign is planning on opening an office there. so the timing of both of these things obviously no coincidence because those primary elections, that deadline to vote, is coming up soon. now, we do plan to stay here for the rest of the afternoon and try to tell you -- try to talk with chelsea clinton and try to tell you exactly what she says here. we will stay here, we will bring you that information both on air and online. >> laura: thanks, danni. as you heard her there, if you want to vote in ohio's march
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registered voter, you have until tomorrow to sign up. the board of elections will stay open until 9:00 tomorrow night for last-minute registrations. you can also register at all public libraries. >> "q": right now preparations are underway for the funeral of supreme court justice antonin scalia who died during a hunting trip in texas. he's the current court's longest-serve justice. >> reporter: flags are flying at half staff outside the supreme court in honor of justice court in honor of justice antonin scalia. a white hearse carried his body for his return to virginia. he died while on a hunting trip. a county judge determined by phone that the 79-year-old passed away of natural causes. >> one of the things that i did ask the sheriff and the marshall that was there, if there were any signs of foul play. and they said -- >> what did they say? >> absolutely not.
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titan, ruthlessly interpreting his view of the constitution. >> i can be charming and combative at the same time. >> still, he maintained deep friendships with liberal justices like ruth bader ginsberg who said she and scalia were best buddies. his death leaves behind an evenly split court with four conservative and four liberal supreme court justices. president obama says there's enough time left in his term to appoint scalia's replacement. but many republicans, including senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, say the appointment should wait until after a new president is elected. >> i do not believe the president should appoint someone. >> it's called delay delay delay. >> it marks the second time in more than 60 years that a justice has died while still serving on the bench. >> "q": scalia served the supreme court for three decades. he was appointed by president reagan and was the first italian
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scalia's doctor says he suffered from a number of chronic conditions. his family declined a private autopsy. >> laura: cincinnati road crews spent valentine's day in their plows. heavy snow hit southwest ohio. drivers had difficulty keeping their cars on the road as they headed back from their romantic weekend getaway. so, sam -- whoo, please say that stuff isn't headed this way tonight. >> well we do have nuisance weather on the way for late morning. we told you about it this morning. in fact, we talked last week about how we would start the week on a wintry note. we had some snow out there this morning. most of that is long gone. but it's chilly. well -- better than this weekend, though. right? you know how it felt this weekend. it's not quite that cold now. q.'s like oh, yeah. i remember. 28 in cleveland. good afternoon to you in akron. we are at 30. everyone is below the freezing mark and there are a few reports
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mainly at hopkins and down in akron, as well. so, as you head out to lunch, i would encourage you to go a little bit slower. any freezing drizzle could collect on those elevated surfaces, bridges, overpasses and even your stoop or your porch steps, you want it use caution not just driving but walking as well. we don't want you to take a tumble especially on a monday. right? first alert outlook in place for tonight as snow moves in for us, i'm going to time it all out for you coming up in just a few minutes. guys? >> "q": all right. thank you, sam. well, lorain police arrested a man accused of shooting and killing a dog. witnesses say ricardo johnson who you see there was upset after losing some money in a card game early sunday morning. so he fired several shots into the dog cage. someone rushed diablo the dog to the vet. he didn't make it. an eight-year-old girl just happened to be sleeping in the room above where the shooting happened. and she wasn't hurt. >> laura: akron police released this video right here hoping to
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family dollar store on north arlington february 4. just before midnight. police say the man used a rock to smash out the front window and stole a bunch of items. if you know who that is, call akron police. and mentor police want to talk to this woman right here. officers say the woman fled great lakes mall after getting caught shoplifting. police got her picture because, well, the woman left her cell phone behind. now, if you recognize this woman, please call mentor police. >> "q": pope francis arrived in chilupsa, mexico, the mexican state with the least amount of catholics. the pope is trying to boost the presence of the catholic church in the impoverished state. >> laura: one of the sweetest valentines of all time. an eight-year-old girl who is brined made all of her classmates braille valentines.
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love in braille on each one and used a heart shaped hole punch. she printed the message on each valentine. she survived eye cancer when she was just three months old. two years of treatment then left her blind. >> "q": that is the sweetest thing ever. >> laura: it is so special. she had a whole difficult life but, to put that much thought and -- i mean it has to be difficult to do. >> "q": crazy difficult. happy valentine's day to her. all right. well, coming up on cleveland 19 news -- we may all be happy when we pull in for a fill-up, but the low oil prices have had a bad effect on recycling. >> laura: and the grammys
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so the gas prices at the pump, well they are continuing to fall. it has many americans jumping for joy. but, some industries are getting hit pretty hard. >> "q": that's right. one of them is the recycling business. some companies are no longer going green. >> reporter: low oil prices have led to big savings at the gas pump. >> i'm thrilled. >> it's nice when i can fill up for under $20 bucks. >> reporter: but what's good news for millions of american drivers is bad news for recycling centers. >> all recycling is impacted by low energy costs. plastic in particular, because, of course, plastic is made from oil. >> reporter: and with oil prices so low, plastic makers are finding it cheaper to make new
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>> we have to sell it for less. >> reporter: the general manager of simms municipal recycling in brooklyn new york, which handles 18,000 tons of recyclables a month, says it's harder to find plastic buyers now especially bags. so what happens if you can't find a market for this stuff? >> plastic bags we will send to a landfill if we don't have a home for them. >> reporter: an environmental consultant says the price drop is costing recycling centers around the country billions of dollars but he says everyone should keep recycling. >> environmentally it's better. is better. >> reporter: he points out that oil prices will eventually go up and, when they do, so will the value of recyclables. >> "q": all right. well, straight ahead, right here on cleveland 19 news, we are talking about the sports illustrated swim suit edition. another first when it comes to the cover.
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coming up next. >> samantha: well that beach scene looked nice, didn't it. blue water, beautiful sand. that is not what we are seeing right now, you know. it's just cold out there. and, of course we have some winter weather alerts to tell you about. ashtabula, trumbull, mahoning county under a winter weather advisory for tonight and early tomorrow. we will time out all the snow, sleet and even a little rain
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>> "q": sports illustrated released three covers for its annual swim suit iron you. first-time release of three different covers is to celebrate the many different types of women. this is mixed martial artist fighter rhonda rausee and this is hayley claussen. the editor says times have changed and one size does not fit all when it comes to beauty. >> laura: i promise q. didn't even really pick that story. but we have just had so many of these stories for you lately. >> "q": i'll take 'em. >> laura: kanye west announced his new album release over the weekend and added quite the bombshell to the end. the rapper says he's $53 million in debt. he called for facebook founder mark zuckerberg to
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invest $1billion, realizing he's the greatest artist of all time. >> "q": a new low for kanye. last night on the british academy film awards things got a little cheeky >> oh, yes. stanley and cuba gooding junior. that's more like it. [cheers and applause] it's maggie smith and leonardo dicaprio! yes! >> "q": downton abby might not have realized she was on camera, but leo did and planted one on dame smith there. >> s the 58th annual grammy tonight. now the ceremony will feature a wide variety of musical performances including the stage.
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>> tori and james rehearsed for their duet at tonight's grammy artist. they will join a who's who of night. including adele's first grammy performance since 2012. andre day will perform with british pop singer golding. grammys. beyond hierograms. >> thought it would be great to be nominated for gramies, maybe great to be a doctor some day that's how -- you know. but it's such a distant idea or unfathomable at the time. to be here now, i'm just grateful. >> this year's grammys will feature tributes to big music legends who we lost this past year including eagles guitarist and singer glenn frye. >> bonnie raitt will join clark in honoring the late b.b. king. >> he was just very encouraging
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i had it, don't let 'em get you down, don't let 'em tell you women can't play, that kind of stuff. >> one of the highlights of the night is expected to be lady gaga's tribute to david bowie. >> this is very personal because it feels like a wonderful way to say goodbye. >> roper kendrick lamar leads the way with 11 grammy nominations. taylor swift has seven. >> laura: you can catch the grammys tonight here on cleveland 19. the awards start at 8:00 but there's a red carpet special that starts at 7:00. >> samantha: all right. 18 minutes after the top of the hour and a pretty quiet radar picture. satellite showing us we are socked in with cloud cover. we haven't seen hardly any sun today. no significant snow or rain showing up on our radar. but, there may be a little freezing drizzle out there. so be careful on your drive. i've given you the yellow light for your evening commute. i think we will be hovering right around the freezing mark
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5:00, 6:00. some of the light rain may come down as freezing drizzle. a few flurries tonight as well. i think we see more flurries through the early evening than freezing drizzle. the steadier more disruptive precipitation arrives tonight. let me take you through futureview starting off at 7:00. we start to see some moisture work its way in in the form of light rain. here's the model at 9:00. it is our southern tier where we see the rain. rain never really makes it past akron or into cleveland. in akron, we will start off, we will say that 9:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. window we will get a wintry mix. there may be a brief period where we have freezing rain mixing in but most of this will be snow for the cleveland area. 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning, there is a lot of snow out there. now this is just one forecast
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we use a ton of forecast models in conjunction with our knowledge of the local area to bring you an accurate forecast. but i like the timing of this one. again, i do think it takes things a little far to the west, but, this forecast as we were telling you this morning, has a low-to-medium degree of confidence just because there's so much uncertainty with the track of the storm as a whole. so, if we see any shift to the west, then we will see more snow out toward sandusky and we will see more snow in the cleveland area, as well. any track farther to the east would mean less snow. with us. either way we'll have snow out there in the morning. here's 7:00. i-77. finally drying out as we get into the afternoon. tuesday.
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for your wednesday so if it's going to snow tonight through tomorrow morning, how much are we looking at? cleveland area we are thinking about one to three. you go further west, a trace to one inch. akron, three to six inches there. then our big winners will be off to the east places like youngstown, ashtabula, trumbull county four it eight inches the forecast there. your impacts look like this. steady snow overnight and tomorrow morning. reduced visibility on your early morning drive or if you are working a late shift, we want you to be aware of that. we could see snowy or slick roads overnight and into tomorrow morning, as well. so of course that could have big travel impacts if you will be out late or early tomorrow morning. >> "q": all right. thank you very much, sam. well, speaking of snow, this dad is teaching his toddler a tough lesson. beware of dads with snowballs. yeah. dad made a snow boulder then nailed his son with it.
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failed to clean his room and had to -- look. there it goes. there it goes. bang! [laughter] that's why dad anded all that extra umph into the throw. he hasn't been cleaning his room. well the dad winsed off his son, face planted into the snow half laughing the whole way. thanks a lot, dad. >> laura: he went to check on his son. i assume he was ok. it looked like he was building a snowman not making a snowball.
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>> "q": this is a problem i'm told many women face with their husbands. i have no idea. >> laura: you act like you have no clue, yeah. it's called male patterned blindness. take a look. >> honey where are the raisins? >> in the cabinet to the left of the stove. >> i'm standing right there. >> they're there. >> no they're not eye know they are. i put them there myself. >> they aren't here. >> they are right there. >> insisting he cannot find a bag of raisins. now if you take a look more, you can see, yeah, she's totally pointing out she's missing it. she says her husband is an
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suffers from male pattern blindness. it's gotten worse. he's now also suffering from selective hearing. you know all about that selective hearing. >> "q": whatever, man. >> samantha: i don't know what you are talking about. forecast. we have snow on the way for tonight, guys. you want to be sure that you are watching jeff starting at 4:00. he will have the latest in this ever-evolving forecast for tonight and early tomorrow. >> "q": i'll take the 52 on friday even with the rain. thanks for joining us. the wrong young and the restless is up next. dear fellow ohioans, for relative newcomers to our beautiful state, i have to tell you, getting your first set of ohio license plates is not fun. one: go to a bmv location and wait in line to have them come out and read the vin number on your car.
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office and wait in line to get your title transferred. make sure you bring a file documents. three: get it inspected at an for most cleveland-area counties. four: return to the bmv, get in earlier to finally get your plates. two-car family? begin again at step one. you and your spouse both on the title? you'd better both be there or come armed with a power of attorney that' s notarized. but while the process is complicated and tough to find guidance on the bmv website, most of the people i met along the way were very nice, despite all the stereotypical comments you hear about public employees. when i checked state rankings, ohio bmv topped one poll in customer satisfaction. that' s because once you are in, life gets easy. you can renew your license plates or change your address online. no more multiple trips and lines. but could you at least make it a bit easier on the newbies? after all, you never get a
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impression. i' m dominic mancuso and that' s how we see it. >> we encourage your response to this editorial. e-mail your response to
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>> neil: wow. >> lily: yeah, i' ve sampled them both, so let' s go with the 2008 vintage over the 2012. okay. thank you. >> neil: hey. >> lily: hi. >> neil: wow. you really pulled this place together fast. talk about a-a nice transformation. >> lily: yeah, thanks. you don' t think it' s too reserved? >> neil: oh, no, no. i think it' s absolutely perfect. so, why' d you, uh -- why' d you need my help with any of this? >> lily: um...i don' t. >> neil: you don' t? but your text -- >> lily: yeah, i-i asked you to come here because devon told me


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