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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 11PM  CBS  February 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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live from cleveland's news center cleveland 19 news starts now. >> tiffani: breaking news right now, a 2-year-old girl is missing in lorain. she wandered off from the 2000 block of randal street around 8:45 tonight. she was last seen in pink foot i had -- in pink footed pajamas. >> denise: her family is searching for her. >> romona: scott taylor has the latest from the search.
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about two blocks that way. let me show you a quarter mile down you can see the police lights down there. that's all wooded area as you go past this street which is her street and then all the way down to the other corner. she disappeared around 8:43. she basically walked out of her house. i was told she walked out because her older sister saw her walk out the door of the house. the older sister thought her dad was just right outside. they saw footprints they believe belong to a little girl that go from the sidewalk to the street and then stop. we are not sure if those are hers or not, but as we headed down toward her house awhile ago we tracked down her grandmother and she was very emotional. >> my daughter, the mom, is at the police station right now.
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dad, the older daughter because they said the older daughter seen everything that happened and they said she just walked outside because she thought the dad was outside working or shoveling the snow. my nephew called me and told me what was going on. i said i don't know what do you mean? he said there is an amber alert out for your granddaughter. i flew over here. i really don't know what's going on. >> reporter: i do want to mention as we have been walking up and down this wooded area we have seen police officer and firefighters with what look like infrared cameras searching. about 10 minutes ago they asked everybody to get out of the woods. they are bringing in a chopper that will fly over with infrared cameras and hopefully to find this little girl. most of her family right now at the lorain police department bowing questioned. obviously investigators want no know exactly what happened
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happened up until she disappeared. >> romona: a terrifying night. we wanted to give you context on where the child could be or how far she has gotten. >> denise: dan, a lot of pitfalls nearby. >> dan: no area is a good area for the child to go missing. let's give you context. here is downtown lorain. we are talking about east lorain. this is the maybe. 2000 randal street. as we zoom into here, you will see -- i will show you where scott taylor was live. scott taylor was live on that street corner. this is the neighborhood she is missing from. this is a big wooded area. the next question is how far could she have gotten? could she have crossed the highway? could she have crossed that into this much bigger wooded area? and then the other question, you don't think she could get this far, but maybe six,
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get to the black river and that's to the west. we will start here the a randal and she would have to get about 10 or so blocks and we get to the lake. we are not even gonna go there yet. the area you can see a heavily neighborhooded area if she goes north. if she had gone south into the woods they are focusing on this little patch of woods here, but then look at the size if she is able to cross the street and then at the end of that woods again we get to the black river. a lot of concern out there. this is topographical. this is a geographic question and the other question is temperature and hypothermia. for that we go to jeff tanchek. >> jeff: as a meteorologist something like this is tough to see. the little girl was not wearing a coat and we had temperatures at the time she wandered off about 24 degrees. we have cloud cover in place and we'll go to the
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that area is 23. the wind is light and we are not dealing with much of a windchill. with temperatures in the 20s hypothermia could set in in about an hour and i would assume for a 2-year-old little children most vulnerable with temperatures like this. we are going on over two hours if she is still outside and we are all hoping for the best. ramona, over to you. >> romona: we are hoping for a safe return. once again if you live in the area look at 2-year-old laina. she wandered away. she is three feet tall and weighs about 30 pound. she was last seen in pink footed pajamas. if you think you have see laina please call lorain police. >> denise: other news to tell you about, you may have heard plans for ikea to come to brooklyn have been scratched. we were told there were issues
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the 16-acre plot did not work out for the company. brooklyn's loss may be a big gain for another local suburb. >> romona: we learned a west side city is interested. >> reporter: ikea isn't shutting any doors on northeast ohio. they are looking into other options and one could be avon. there is something about ikea that sets it apart from other furniture stores. >> it looks like nice pieces and relatively inexpensive. not crazy prices or anything. >> reporter: but right now you will be taking a long drive to get to one. >> i would love to. i have never been to one, but it would be exciting because we want to go to pittsburgh to go to that one or pennsylvania. >> reporter: the store might not be going to brooklyn anymore, but brian jenson hopes they will consider his city. >> i know how much it meant to them. if it could happen to avon
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>> reporter: they say ikea is aware of potential building sites along i-90 and up to 83. >> we are hoping they look at avon again. it will be an exciting addition. it is a perfect addition if it happened. we are crossing our fingers and you never know. >> reporter: avon has been a bomb town and many welcome the store. >> i think it definitely needs one. >> reporter: the mayor says they originally sent some options when it comes to locations to ikea in the avon area. they know the space is available, but right now the ball is in their court. live in avon, sara goldenburg, cleveland 19. >> denise: thanks, sara. if it does build it will save furniture shoppers some long road trips, that's for sure. the two closest stores are
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area or the one in pittsburgh. ikea will be building a store in columbus. that's set to open in 2017. the furniture retailer tries to open between 10 and 20 new stores each year. ikea has more than 40 stores across the u.s. >> romona: new tonight an ohio lawmaker looking to force systems to notify the public sooner when potential dangers are found in our area. it comes hours after the environmental protection agency fired two employees over recent issues with lead in the water in seabring, yoy yow. ohio. >> romona: innings things are improving. it shows all 15 household samples were below the federal allowable level. >> denise: tonight we are waiting for answers to our questions about carbon
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home that sent 15 people to the hospital last night. a mother is still being treated and five children are at a special medical facility in pittsburgh now. the family says the furnace was broken and someone came to fix it. we left a message for the company that the landlord said indiscalled the fur -- installed the furnace 17 years ago and fixed it yesterday. we'll let you know when we learn more and head to our website for information on how to avoid this silent killer. >> romona: ohio attorney general will serve as a special prosecutor investigating the death of a woman who died in cleveland police custody. and we want to know why is prosecutor tim mcguinty stepping aside in this case, but not in the tamir rice case. in november of 2014 she called police saying she was acting up. she died after struggling with officer trying to take her for
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what makes this case different than tau -- tamir's. we did some digging and they said they have a conflict of interest with the investigation. >> denise: browns fans will see a tribute to former player jim brown every time they visit first energy stadium. the browns will honor the hall of famer with a statue in his likeness. it will happen during the browns alumni weekend. >> romona: if you are looking to downsize and want your bills to be tiny, look at this tiny house. tiffani tucker explains. >> tiffani: ramona, a cleveland neighborhood could see smaller homes. we are talking tiny homes geared toward being energy efficient and eco-friendly. they say big things come in small pack kedges. but this 583 square foot house has two bedrooms, a bathroom and a loft. the average american home is 2600 square feet. >> i love the idea of a tiny house.
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bungalow so i am in a tiny house, but i wouldn't mind going tinier some day. >> tiffani: she she was one of many who turned out to find out more about the experiment. two tiny homes on a foundation set to be built on west 58th street and pair avenue to find out demand down the road. >> eventually we will make this into a port that will extend and there will be an upper deck as well. >> it is a craze that is growing across the i. across the country. getting more bang for their buck. >> i have been in the shipping container-type of homes. i would like to see what it feels like. >> it means you are spending less time worrying about your house and you have more time to engage and have fun. you are steps from the gordon square arts district. >> tiffani: for melissa it is about being practical and she said the tiny home may just fit her lifestyle.
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space people want today. >> tiffani: you might be surprised by the price of these tiny homes we just showed you there. it runs anywhere from $100,000 to $150,000. we are told it is energy efficient. the heating and electricity is about $400 a year. the ground breaking begins in the spring. denise? >> denise: thanks, tiffani. a controversial way bosses are getting employees to exercise. >> romona: you have seen them all over your facebook feed, yummy recipe videos. how do they taste? tonight the tasty test. >> breaking news and weather 24/7.
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live from cleveland eats news sen -- live from cleveland's news center. >> denise: we continue to follow the breaking news we told you about. 5 missing toddler in lorain. she wandered away from a home on randal street. she is three feet tall and weighses 30 pounds -- weighs 30 pounds and was last seen in pink footy pajamas. if you think you have seen her, by all means please call lorain police.
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controversial new way bosses are getting workers to exercise. it is taking money away from them. researchers compared the results of employee programs offering cash rewards to walk 7,000 steps a day. but that wasn't anymore effective than having no incentive. but the programs that gave workers cash up front and then took it away if they missed their workout goals, they were 50% more successful. >> denise: i can't believe it is legal. >> romona: whatever works. >> denise: they are some of the most popular viral videos on the web. the time lapse recipe demos from websites like tasty. >> romona: we were curious how easy they were to make and more importantly how do they ties? they taste? >> reporter: you are probably guilty of drooling over one of these tempting april paw tiesers, -- appetizers.
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tens of millions every day. they promise simple ingredients and they are changing the way people cook and even threatening conventional cook books. britney cash, megan manning and cat quinn all see the appeal to these quick fixes. >> we want things to go faster and you want things to cook faster. >> it is exciting because i love to cook. a lot of people are afraid to cook. i think it frees up people to not be quite so afraid. >> they can pause it on their phone. >> reporter: britney is ready to test this caprese recipe. >> we will take a basil and skewer and then take a mozzarella ball and tomato and
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and balsalmic oil. >> reporter: it was done in realtime almost as quick as the video. >> you can imagine you can take it to the party real fast. >> reporter: it met the approval of a couple of italian girls. >> good job. >> that's really good. >> reporter: megan, a pasta pro is curious about how this chicken alfredo will turn out. >> it goes against everything that i believe in my core about making pasta is it needs a lot of room to boil and move around when it could bees. we start with two chicken breast i diced and chopped garlic. this is where it gets interesting. we will take a can of chicken broth. that's a lie. that's heavy cream. you add in your pasta. then we bring it up to a boil and reduce it to a simmer. 25 minutes later you can see
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here and the pasta is cooked and the chicken is cooked. we take a cup and a half of freshly grated parmasean. >> looks like it cooked beautifully. i am excited actually. it is cheesy and gooey. >> the proof is in the taste. >> absolutely. >> only three dishes to clean and the chicken and pasta cooked well. but in the end it lacked seasoning and was a little boring. but it was a good starting point. >> maybe add tomato and seasonings and you can dress it up how you want to with whatever flavors you like. >> for a sweet finish she is baking the pumpkin chocolate chip whoopi pies she has her doubts. >> a little skeptical. how can something so good happen so fast? two cups of brown sugar and a cup of vegetable oil and mix it. two eggs and a cup and a half of pumpkin and three cups of flour.
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this is baking soda, salt and baking powder. then the spices, there is a pumpkin pie spice and cinnamon. the last thing is chocolate chips. then you are supposed to put it in spoonfuls and for 10 minutes. >> cat said she would normally add more spices. thin the batter with milk and not bake them as long. frosting was cream cheese, butter, vanilla and sugar. >> what did you think when they came out of the oven? >> they are darker than i would pick. >> in terms of the difficulty as far as what you saw and what you did is it pretty accurate? >> pretty straight forward. they are pretty good. better than i thought. >> after the three-course meal, the trio of tasty testers said they will be clicking and cooking some of these videos again. >> denise: good to know. have you tried these tasty recipes go to our facebook page and share your experience.
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who can cook. >> denise: the rest of us like to eat. >> jeff: low to mid20s out there right now and still mostly cloudy. mentor17 and ashtabula15. we are starting to see clearing. once. clearing takes place, you can see downtown cleveland is 10. overall it will be an easy commute. make sure you have the shades on. there is that clearing taking place east of us, east of cleveland. that's why the temperatures have dropped. everybody else is still mostly cloudy. i think overnight we are down to 9 degrees in cleveland. tomorrow is still chilly. sunny to partly cloudy and it will feel good and the wind won't be that bad. here is the planner. 10 degrees at 7:00 a.m. sunny and chilly at noon and 27 and 5:00 we are starting to
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30 degrees a 5:00 and 33 for the high. it will be much warmer tomorrow night. there is the 55 on friday, but it will be accompanied with strong wind over 40 miles an hour and still mild into the weekend. 50, but the temperatures are fall on saturday. then we have a system coming in on sunday and that will bring us rain. the concern on friday is not going to be the rain. it will be this. 40 plus mile an hour gusts out of the south that will allow the temperatures to make it up into the 50s. how about that? 33 tomorrow and we will hold steady or go up in temperature. we have windy conditions and mostly cloudy and sprinkles in the afternoon. wind ay on saturday with a mixed sky. the temperatures will befalling into the 40s. we don't drop too much. 40 on saturday night and then there is the rain on sunday.
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wind and colder on monday with flurries and 36. here is the buzz. >> now it is time for the buzz sponsored by national carpet mill outlet. >> romona: word of a kanye west melt down behind the live." >> denise: he is insisting he is 50% more influential than any other human being. >> by 50% dead or alive, by 50% for the next thousand years. >> denise: page six released audio from the "sn l" rant where he claimed to be more famous than pablo picasso and even the apostle paul. but today he tweeted this, "my
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>> now, this is the serpentini report. >> tony: let's get to it. he was offered to the magic for frye. he said no and other teams could be in play. there is shumpart and kevin love. a deal involving love seemed like a long shot, but jason lloyd believes it is still a long shot, but ryan anderson was interesting to say the least. the cavs made a push for the pellicans forward. mark spears had that report. i asked him if anderson came aboard it means love is on the way out, right? >> one would theng that -- would think that. there is an amount of teams like boston that could be interested. it gives uh -- it gives uh
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i can see they have interest. could be some changes tomorrow. >> tony: no doubt. he pointed out these proposals have one thing in common. bring it in somebody. lebron james can't get his jumper in order. you have jr smith and you don't have the perimeter threat. he is automatic from the perimeter. >> tony: i want your take. would you move kevin love if it means moving anderson and another wing man. tweet it to me.
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>> denise: we want to bring you the latest information on this breaking news story. the search for a missing toddler in lorain. 2-year-old lana wandered away from her home on randal street. we want to tell you that the cleveland police chopper is now assisting in the search. this little girl was last seen in pink footed pajamas. >> romona: police just told us if you want to help in this search they are asking people to gather at the drug mart on the corner of colorado and missouri. if you can go out and help search for this little girl please do so. we will continue following this story throughout the night and bring you the latest updates on cleveland 19 news this morning. hypothermia is a threat out there for her, jeff. >> jeff: yes, 23 degrees and not much of a windchill out there. but it is still plenty cold and as we look at the forecast temperatures here, we will be between 10 and 12 degrees in
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warming to about 31 by 2:00. >> denise: a lot of prayers going out for that little one right now. and thank you for joining us.
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