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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 6PM  CBS  February 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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the western counties with a wind advisory in effect going to the graphic from erie county to the norwalk, richland, ashland county and the strongest winds 6:00 hour in sandusky, a 43mile-an-hour gust. although it will remain very windy throughout the evening here. we will kind of hold steady at 50. i don't see us dropping much because of the strong southwest wind and look at the temperatures. south wind 21. downtown cleveland at 56. a little cooler though, akron-canton there at 48 degrees. you will be dropping mid to upper 40s tonight. very windy unseasonably warm and i have us in the 60s tomorrow and it won't last because of the winds of change again on sunday. we will shift the winds out of the north and turn much colder. forecast details at 6:18 or so. mark?
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>> we may be getting a change. when students were punished by making them stand outside in the cold, parents were upset. sia nyorkor went to brimfield elementary school near kent to get the answers. >> reporter: jennifer says students need discipline but not in this way. >> i am all for discipline and children. they need those, the boundaries that discipline provides but they should expect certain disciplines. when you give them something that they have that's outside of that, i think it makes them feel unsafe. >> reporter: wednesday recess monitors in kent made students stand outside as punishment for behavior on the playground. the students were already outside for recess but a concerned parent tells cleveland 19 students were made to stand in a line and told to stand still for over 15 minutes. on wednesday there was snow and temperatures were in the lower 30s and some places below freezing.
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>> i wouldn't like it. i would go talk to them and expect something was done and whoever made the decision to do that to be disciplined. >> principal barbara did not return our calls but superintendent of field local school district david released this statement: the circumstances of this shouldn't have happened and was wrong. steps are being taken to make certain it never happens again. additional training will be provided to the monitors on student behavior and how to handle future occurrences that should arise. >> i would say they need to discipline just like children do. if they have something in the future and stick with it, it would be all right. >> reporter: in kent sia nyorkor cleveland 19. >> mark: the superintendent says the principal will create a new system to go along with the positive behavior interventions support program to establish acceptable protocol. >> romona: it's been almost three years since aliza sherman was murdered in downtown
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in the case. her lawyer pleaded not guilty in court. her attorney gregory moore is accused of tampering with evidence, forgery and more. someone stabbed sherman 11 times outside moore's downtown office and her friends continue to search for justice. >> it is very emotional, of course and very hard and we want everybody to remember what happened to aliza. >> romona: sherman was supposed to meet with moore to go over her divorce trial. police say moore sent text messages right before and after her murder saying he was in his office. but evidence shows he was not in the building. a judge set a $5,000 bond. >> mark: a deadly car crash in florida is being felt here. lenny may was an english teacher, coach and athletic director at chagrin falls high school and his wife lana a retired elementary teacher died
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paul in serious condition a former school board member and volunteer football coach. >> romona: many questions surround this precious little girl lana lowther. she vanished for hours only to home. police wonder if she was alone during the time. the story began wednesday night when she vanished found four morning. today harry boomer reports the family received a visit from the lorain county department of children services. >> couldn't ask for anything better at this point. >> reporter: except for answers to puzzling questions. who was the mystery person that lana lowther's 10-year-old sister said she saw grab the 2-year-old girl by the hand and into the snow. >> the police officer checked the snow to see footprints consistent with 2-year-old lana and didn't find anything and brought the dog titan and looked
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footprints belonging to lana. >> her condition was not consistent with a 2-year-old being outside in the elements for over four hours. >> apparently the county family services want answers, too. a social worker was at the house. according to the lorain police department there's another inconsistency and nagging question. who could have taken lana. >> take a look at the map of registered sex offenders in her zip code. 7 and one on her street a few doors down. >> police gave no indication they were involved but past history has to be taken into account. >> we believe there's a possibility someone may have had the child in a warm environment and dropped the child off near the corner of missouri and cleveland shortly before mr. turner found her. >> reporter: in lorain, harry boomer, cleveland 19 news. >> mark: harry, thanks. cleveland police named a
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let's get a good look at him. james johnson. investigators say he shot two men in the archer apartments on west 9th. brandon james and rasheed bandy died and johnson remains on the run. police say murders are connected to drugs. a s.w.a.t. situation in garfield heights. police responded to reports of shots fired. witnesses say an armed robber was in the house. when officers got inside they found an 18-year-old man with a gunshot wound and four others are in custody. >> romona: another coyote warning. some in summit county are warned to keep an eye on their pets. the alert is in jackson township farmdale albrecht. police tried to catch it but the animal ran away. it is peak mating season for coltees. earlier this week we told you about pets being attacked in macedonia.
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today is the last day of campaigning before polls open in south carolina. >> mark: craig boswell reports donald trump leads in the polls headed to the republican primary, other candidates are looking for an upset. >> florida senator marco rubio dashes out of one campaign appearance on his way to another as he and the other republicans try to woo south carolina voters ahead of tomorrow's primary. senator tim scott says to expect a strong showing. >> we will see a good response to the voters and we will be surprised by the votes. >> reporter: one surprise could be an upset by ted cruz narrowing the gap with donald trump. cruz plans to attend justice antonin scalia's funeral saturday he says it is not the presidency at stake but the supreme court as well. >> we are one justice away from a radical five-justice liberal majority striking down every restriction on abortion and mandate unlimited abortion on demand.
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hoping for a strong finish and closed his rally with a simple message. >> if you didn't like me, don't tell anybody. >> as the campaign enters the final hours candidates hope to sway undecided voters with speeches and barrage of calls from campaign offices. >> some cases voters are swaying away from a candidate. >> are you undecided now? >> i am between two candidates. >> father john zimmerman is a catholic priest who says donald trump's temperament is a problem. >> if he really wishes to be a leader he needs to learn humility and learn to speak politely to people. >> not needed at rallies. >> craig boswell, cleveland 19 news. hillary clinton has a lead over bernie sanders in a new national poll and after a loss in new hampshire nevada is up for grabs. both candidates have been courting members of the power labor unions who work on the las
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tomorrow and democrats caucus in nevada is tuesday. >> romona: get those taste buds ready. it is restaurant week in cleveland. >> classic comfort american food here. >> elements bistro on euclid avenue is one of the spots taking part. that's making me hungry. dan deroos with what you need to know about your stomach starts to growl. >> dan: i will make it worse for you at dinner time. more than 50 restaurants are participating this year. it is more than a week. 10 days. this weekend through next weekend and the exciting part with the addition of east bank and flats and restaurants down there a lot are participating like alley cat and the way it works these will be fixed menu, either $15 generally for lunch or $30 and $40 for dinner. i will show you an example. i will click on hyde park and go back and show you hyde park menu
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as we scroll up, you get first course lobster bisque, ceasar salad or hyde park wedge salad and second course i would go with petite twin filets with garlic whipped mashed potatoes, bernaise sauce and you get to pick a dessert a great way to see and try some of the many restaurants in downtown because of the fixed menu. you know what it will cost going in. we have helped you out. go to in the seen-on section, 9th annual downtown cleveland restaurant week. click there and get to all the menus. make up your mind and have your mouth watering before you leave the house, romona? >> romona: all right. that lobster mac and cheese. up next digging deeper into the car mocks poisoning of 16 people. finger pointing continues. but who is to blame?
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the william g. mather camera. in and out sunday downtown cleveland very windy and warm weekend at least part of it. i will explain coming up. our past. we talked to the people behind a viral video of geauga lake. the shipping of cleveland police cadets for training at the highway patrol academy was controversial. they are 20% through training
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live from cleveland's newscenter driven by don joseph toyota in kent, this is cleveland 19 news. >> mark: 6:14 friday evening and live pictures of supreme court justice antonin scalia lying in repose in the supreme court's great hall. the casket on public view now until 8:00 tonight. the funeral is tomorrow. >> romona: it was a scary situation for a family in east cleveland. today we talked to 16 people who suffered from carbon monoxide poisoning. we first told you about this on
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13 kids, 3 adults rushed to the hospital. everyone is out of the hospital now. questions remain as to who is to blame. the people who live here point the finger at the landlord and who recently worked on the furnace and the property owner blames it on an old stove and claims the repairman was certified. we don't know him and my husband doesn't know how to rewire a furnace and make it work we wouldn't have been in no cold four days. we would be in heat. >> i paid a licensed and bonded guy to do this. >> they hope to have an update within a week on the cause. we are looking into repairman and let you know what we found out. for more information on carbon monoxide poisoning, detectors and more head to our web page and our app. >> check this out. we are flying high above what remains of the old aurora
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it closed down in 2007, nichole vrsansky spoke to the guys behind this viral drone video reviving the park's memory. >> reporter: the project started out of natural curiosity. what happened to geauga lake. a once favorite childhood amusement park. >> we wanted to see what it looked like. while it was in the air it was sad and put it together for friends and family. >> reporter: now it has had 450,000 views in just under a week. >> i was expecting maybe 100 views and next thing you know it went viral. >> reporter: nick says the response shows passion and great memories alive for geauga lake. it closed in 2007. you can still make out the big dipper roller coaster, the opening gates. not much more. while images show a dilapidated park nick says they are reviving a spirit of what was and bringing people together.
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sharing their memories of the park. it is touching. >> stay tuned, this won't be the last production you see from digi-aerial media. >> we have ideas we are looking into now and keep to the page and see other ideas we are coming up with. >> reporter: nichole vrsansky, cleveland 19. >> romona: according to theme park tours, geauga lake's roots date back to 1887. it developed from a picnic spot to a place filled with vendors and dance halls. in 1998, a new owner renamed it six flags ohio and by 2001, they took over the seaworld location across the lake cedar fair bought the park and renamed it geauga lake and eventually closed it in 2007. >> mark: we have a quick note here coming into the newsroom i-90 eastbound at west 117th is closed as of right now.
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>> about 6:17, jeff, what's going on weatherwise. >> jeff: we are warm. i took out the mention with pockets of light rain and sprinkles, took it out of the forecast. let's look at the forecast here. we remain unseasonably warm. that is the high. >> at cleveland hopkins we will be in the 60s tomorrow and cooler air is lurking. we are just on the northern fringe of this very warm air. nothing showing up on the radar, but we have a lot of cloud cover and i expect a gradual clearing sky as the night wears on. we actually have a system coming through. most of the rain with it is up to the north here. i think it will stay that way. a clearing sky. it will be unseasonably warm and very windy this evening. 28mile-an-hour wind in sandusky and a 43 gust. you can see other spots between 20 and 30mile-an-hour winds and
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up. 10:00 p.m., 1 a.m. still approaching 40mile-an-hour winds here. but then things start to settle down a little bit overnight and by morning tomorrow. so going to be a windy day. not as windy as what we saw today. clearing sky and windy my updated forecast tonight 50 degrees the low. that will be the temperature at morning. southwest wind 18 and akron-canton cooler at 47 southwest winds gusting over 30. check out the temperatures. this is 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. we are approaching 60. i went with 65. southwest wind 15 to 30. enjoy it. with the sunshine and then we go down. low clouds sunday and 37. as we return unseasonable. the next alert wednesday and that's for rain to snow mix there on wednesday.
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things off. obviously, the 60s won't be lasting. >> i'll take it. >> get out and enjoy it. >> tonight on cleveland 19 at 8:00: join us for cleveland 19 news at 11:00. >> tony. >> thank you. one step forward, one step back
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now, this is the serpentini chevrolet sports report on cleveland 19 news. >> i mean that's the worst part of business right there. when you lose a brother, lose a teammate. that's the worst part about it. we are excited to have channing come here for sure. like i said as far as that it is
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it comes to this game. >> his take on the andy varejao trade and andy put out a letter to fans and cavs took a hit. shumpert nursing a sore shoulder. it kept him out with knicks for 12 weeks and stilled played 26 minutes. cavs say it is a sprain and will get him soon. >> deli in action doing what he does best. >> channing frye will join him tomorrow. it was great to see another addition with hamstring injury delly returned throwing down 17 points. >> i follow pretty good. keep walking and getting stronger and taking care of it. and i feel pretty good. >> feels good to have delly back on the floor and great to get
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when you have a hamstring like that it is tough to gauge where you are at and tough to push it. he said he felt great and it is great for us to do. >> tony: no doubt cavs feed off delly's injuries in the playoff run, he is scrappy, reletless and tough as nails. >> had a few throughout the year and everybody suffers it at some point. >> needles. >> niggles. >> tony: i honestly don't know what he said. >> sorry. i will speak american. >> that's okay. good to have him back. the next addition won't hurt either. >> sports zone sunday and chris haines coming to talk cavaliers and tom hamilton talking tribe. the mcdonald's sports sunday following on cleveland 19 news at 11:00.
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niggles meaning recurrence anointing recurrence annoyance. >> what is he saying? >> he does have to use american words. >> tony: i will tell him.
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>> jeff: all right.
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from sandusky down to the mansfield area. strongest winds around sandusky now. we have 65 tomorrow. only to drop down to 37 for the high on sunday. >> all right. hold onto your hat. thank you for joining us at cbs evening news is next. >> romona: we hope to see you back here at 11:00. until then, have a good evening.
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>> pelley: pax romana. >> i think he's a terrific person. >> pelley: trump makes peace with the pope on the eve of a critical weekend for both parties in the presidential race. also tonight, law enforcement's battle for access to the cell phones of criminal suspects. remembering author harper lee, and her american classic. >> it was a sin to kill a mockingbird. >> pelley: and steve hartman, when a young boy summoned the police, they responded in force.


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