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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 11PM  CBS  February 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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as a james bond-like figure. sports car. he had the gun. >> he's not crazy. he's just evil. cbs news.
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>> lydia: and we begin with breaking news. jeb bush has dropped out of the gop race for president. >> the people of iowa and new hampshire and south carolina have spoken and i really respect their decision. and tonight i am suspending my campaign
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months against an up hill battle with donald trump and tonight was the final straw. >> when you win it's beautiful and we're going to start winning for our country. we're going to start winning >> lydia: trump celebrating tonight after winning the republican south carolina primary putting himself in a commanding position in the race for the white house. >> some may have doubted us, but we have never doubted each other. [applause] and this one is for you. >> lydia: and on the democratic side, hillary clinton tonight won the nevada caucuses and she now heads to the south carolina democratic primary. and breaking news in the johnny manziel investigation. questions about special treatment from the dallas police as the department speaks out and admits it has surveillance video. good evening. i'm lydia esparra. we'll have all of the stories in a moment. first the chill is on. you're going to notice a big
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outside tomorrow. meteorologist jon laufman is in the first alert center tracking the chilly forecast. john? >> i'm glad you brought the news. not me, hello everyone. what a glorious day it was today. april like in february. yes, indeed it's still pretty clear out there. roof cam showing a live look of terminal tower in downtown cleveland. here is a contrast for you. 67 today did not break the record. the record is 69 and set in 1930. yes, the great depression. a year ago today we did break the record on the cold end of things. 17 below 0 was our temperature just one year ago. well, winds were the story of the day. 57 mile-an-hour wind gusts and 55 at cleveland and 54 at fair
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wind gusts at lorraine county, bir birk, wake front airports and wayne county airports and they were a handful of many high wind gusts we saw across the season. temperatures were 39 at 1:00 and 31 at 3:00. what's ahead? snow in the seven day. hour by hour i will take you through tomorrow and beyond coming up >> lydia: thank you, john. you can follow northeast ohio or anywhere in the country with your smart phone or tablet. back in campaign 2016, donald trump has picked up his second primary win with an apparent victory in south carolina and jeb bush suspends his campaign. craig bosswell reports. >> cbs news projects that donald trump has won the south carolina republican primary. trump came out ahead of marco rubio and ted cruz who finished
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>> i want to begin by thanking the people of south carolina. this is a special state. >> jeb bush finished in the bottom three and he told supporters that this was his last primary as a 2016 presidential candidate. >> the people of ohio and new hampshire and south carolina have spoken. i really respect their decision. tonight i am suspending my campaign. yeah. >> south carolina voters say the most important quality is that they share issues and the most important issue is terrorism. >> for rubio and cruz, victory in south carolina means heading into tuesday when almost 600 delegates are at state. >> we can stand together with a proven consistent constitutional conservative and bring back morning in america. >> the 21st century of the
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a bartender from cuba who stands close to being the president of the united states of america. >> donald trump will try to make it two in a row in the nevada caucuses. >> lydia: meanwhile governor kasich in massachusetts tonight and although he is in fifth place tonight, he is proud of how his campaign bent in south carolina. >> tonight one more time, we defined and overcome ex peck takeses -- expectations in south carolina for about six or seven days >> lydia: he is citing american research polls saying he is in second place in michigan preferring 17% of likely voters after donald trump with 35%. hillary clinton has won the nevada caucuses but the entrance polls showed the first time
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daniel has more from las vegas. >> hillary clinton savored her victory over bernie sanders. >> i am so grateful to all of my supporters out there. >> but entrance polls had weaknesses. voters value honesty and sanders was favored among women voters. >> i believe that on super tuesday, we have got an excellent chance to win many of those states. >> this was the first step for the presidential candidates according to minority voters. >> democrats gathered at hundreds of caucus sites including a handful here on the las vegas strip so casino workers can attend. >> i wanted to put my stamp on bernie sanders getting the close finish. >> for some voters comes down to electability in november.
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and family her whole life and i believe in her. >> thank you all. god bless you. >> clinton now has momentum heading into the south carolina primary next week. danielle noddingham cbs news las vegas >> lydia: now to the breaking news on the johnny manziel investigation, police in dallas texas say they have surveillance video from the hotel where the browns quarterback has been accused of domestic assault. shanice dunning joins us live. >> this was an update for us to see the investigation and i talked with a dallas attorney to hear what may be next with the cleveland quarterback. >> as of today, there has been no determination as to what charge,, if any will be filed against mr. johnny manziel.
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incident of johnny manziel and his ex-girlfriend crawley. she claimed on january 30th he hit her so hard that she ruptured her eardrum and lost hearing. >> up to this point, the investigators have communicated with the complainant and got medical records from the complainant as well as obtain surveillance video. >> police did not elaborate on what the surveillance video showed and would like to interview manziel. >> we would like to finish as quick as possible but there can be a delay in the process. >> scott palmer says manziel would not talk to the police if it was his client. >> lawyers do the speaking. never really goes as planned >> if manziel is charged with a misdemeanor or an assault, he can face a year in a dallas county jail but the injury can
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>> depending on what is going on on. >> this comes at a time when the future with the browns is heading with a balance. lydia? >> lydia: thank you. as we have been reporting, this was a big night for hillary clinton and donald trump. ryan nobles is in south carolina with the latest. let's get right to the it. of course we know it was a big. good evening. ryan? >> that's right lydia. it was a good day. it was a good day for both donald trump and hillary clinton. they were the front runners in the democratic and republican fields respectively and tonight reinforces that position. >> on the las vegas strip. >> some may have doubted us. but we never doubted each other.
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>> and in the heart of south carolina -- >> want to begin by thanking the people of south carolina. this is a special state. >> the two biggest names in the race for president pulled off two big wins. the republicans, that is donald trump who has now claimed victory in the north and the south and in south carolina, he didn't just win, it's possible he can collect every delegate. >> when you win it's beautiful and we're going to start. we're going to start winning for our country. we're going to start winning. >> hillary clinton won a state she desperately needed. >> no one can get this done alone. not even the president of the united states. its got to be the mission of the entire nation. >> this is only part of the story. the south carolina result claimed a victim. jeb bush immediately suspended
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ted cruz spun the result in a way to make future voters believe that they are the candidate best prepared to take trump on. >> right now we are respectively tide for second place. >> after tonight this is a three person race and we will become a three person nomination. >> a long way to go before the nominations are secured. >> while jeb bush has suspended his campaign tonight, it's not yet a three man race. john kasich and ben carson are still in the race >> lydia: now the big question is what does this mean for the gop field? >> it's a great point you bring up. in any circumstance or any other
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trump's performance up until this point and say there was no way he was not going to be the republican nominee but trump is a different kind of candidate and this is a different kind of year. no one is ready to say that he is not the guy. it's hard to argue with his success going forward. not only is he the leader in the delegate county at this point but he is almost leading in every single poll going forward before they can unify one candidate. there is no reason to believe that this is not donald trump's republican race to lose >> lydia: as you mentioned clinton. is her win likely to ease concerns about her ability to really secure the nomination? >> yeah,, if anything, this was a psychological win for hillary clinton and her supporters. there was all this talk about the enthusiasm of the bernie
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that sanders could win in a state that is not predominantly white but clinton worked hard in the last couple of days of election. she shook as many hands as she could and took as many selfies as requested. that seemed to make a difference. she won by a significant margin and they come to south carolina next week and is leading in the polls by a pretty large margin. >> lydia: thank you so much. good job out there. supreme court justice justice was laid to rest today. >> on behalf of our mother and the entire scalia family, i want to thank you for your presence here for your many words of constellation. >> lydia: his son paul led the service in washington.
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weekend in texas. he was buried in a private ceremony. >> near records today and snow in the forecast over the next seven.
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>> lydia: i know everyone was talking about the sunshine. it was beautiful. let's take a look at the roof cam and the city as it enjoys the dry roads and the wake of the glorious sunshine that we saw wall to wall. grade a and farm fresh. there are the clouds and as we make our way through the night, will be more in the way we came from. the nearest weather of any consequences here in southern indiana and up across the northern portion of michigan where light snow to the north and rain showers in the south, hour by hour will go through a night that takes us from 40 down to the mid 30s and the recovery tomorrow is not going to be great.
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temperatures that are only a couple of degrees above average for tomorrow. here is the story. 7:00, sunrise is at 7:18 and 7:16 tomorrow and 10:00 sunday services give or take a couple of hours or whatever you're about, going to find clouds overhead. head to dinner hours and more clouds. clouds over sunshine in abundance as we make our way through sunday, will not live up to its name. at 11:00, we have more of the same. here is the story on temperatures. 40s except two above freezing right now and again, falling through the night as skies are fair across the region with 13 degrees colder, colder than we were just 24 hours ago. temperatures are rising last night and now on a dramatic fall tonight at cleveland and then we're talking about the same
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died. going to be light and changing and going northerly at 5 or 10. 42 degrees as a high temperature tomorrow and that may be optimistic. quiet monday and tuesday. 40 degrees on tuesday and then alert day is wednesday, thursday, friday and saturday. yes, indeed, goes in that order. light mix wednesday afternoon and snow expected wednesday. friday and saturday more snow and wind and more chilly temperatures, there you have it the ups and down's as we close down february
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>> tomorrow will be a fun watch to watch for cavaliers fans on the road. taking on these two. tip it off at 3:30. now durant and west brook, just amazing. what those two do on a game in and game out basis is nuts. west brook 24 game and 7 assist. triple double a night. lebron knows they have their hands full in okc.
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with cleveland. not just those guys. a match up problem. when you have two guys that can give you 40 or 50, then it's a match up problem. try to make it work. >> tell them the truth. and coach calloway makes a tough call. >> that's not a bad thing. it won't just be me and nick. it will be everybody. we will all talk about it like we do every day. i hope it ends up being tough
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not that somebody got hurt or you're saying you're worried. i hope we have to make decisions because people feel we have too pitching. that would be the nicest problem i ever had >> whatever i can do, the less start, it doesn't matter for me. i think for us to get where we want to go, it takes more than the 25 guys that will be on the team and can't break and it's going to take this organization to help us win and when we buy into that scenario, it will be a good year ahead of us. >> catch the reports on 19 and over on 43 from the latest in the tribe in spring training. wearing barrens throw back jerseys. oliver dorkstrand owes the puck. took a 1-0 lead.
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an empty netter. at a minute and thirty seconds, lost out at shooting time. i don't know how you do it. tomorrow sports zone is 11:30 right after the news on cleveland 19. cleveland state in milwaukee today. they are recently called gunklin for the good land. the fact that i'm discussing my site for the native americans should tell you exactly how well this game went for cleveland state. 40 at one point and only lost 88-54. go get them. from the northern trust out in california. we had a nice day. looks better. dustin johnson tied for second. tipping for birdie.
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not as good as your leader. as 12 under. a 1 stroke lead heading into tomorrow's final round. we are close to golfing weather here. we had to today. >> lydia: we had just one day. let's not overreact.
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chase for business.
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on the high side. tomorrow an afteran overnight low in the mid 30s. quiet tuesday. 40 degrees and then wednesday shows up with a light rain and snow mix and a windy day and most of that would be in the afternoon. 34 for a high only with a risk of snow on thursday and on wednesday, thursday, friday and saturday, light snow on friday and snow and wind on saturday. high on friday of 29. up. >> lydia: thank you john. thank you for watching tonight. cleveland 19 news editorials up next. see you back here tomorrow night.
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