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tv   Face the Nation  CBS  February 22, 2016 1:35am-2:05am EST

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lcome back. ohio governor john kasich joins us now. ever you supporters in su tuesday stat they would like to vot f y primaries happen, the shou get behind maybe marc rub because they're worried abo donald trump make your pitch to them a wh t sul stick with yo >> first o all y t g known in thi country fo t fst tim a message binear these guys hav spe $
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spent abou $ millio o te matter is l t mon they spe h bee designed to hammeegati ads against me we're getti b crowd everywhere we g i wa j iurn out massachusetts, ieadi virginia tomorrow. and we just keeoin an look, w fnish secd i new hampshire i think marc fnished fifthini a the top in south carolina and think frankly we'v exed expectatio ter the la voters, d ver well wit the la dcidersmoving on a w fee good abo w we a a look, all c te saw nation poll we' sti strong, we' g gd gras everybody jus han on, things are goi stt down >> dickerson: isn't there a sense urgey you getti well-known, you're on thise bu the i al contese are coming i ahead o
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win to still have a sho a this? >> wellook, we go t d wel vermont, i massachusettoi t do w virgini we belieha w wil ove perform mississipp we think we get to t mdwes wheth it mhiga remember, john a hea bernie sanders sayin i proportional. i don't have to win these places, i just have to han there an ctinue to gai momentumxpect to ge in t rac they didn't thi would get dbate stage different they didn'hink woul do well in n hampshire finished secon we weno sout caroli short period o ti lato peopl in sout carolina had no cl who was so, we're the engin tha ca everybody just relax o th look, think abo it, there we 16 a numbe o governo a there's only o le anhin that a t e w have to make sure that we hav somebody that ca g th town, change tha system gr, change the whole w
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money and influence back to th states i'm optimist abo i >> dickerson: one of the oth arguments thaeople whoul consid republicans ar mking on until ther bomes o mainstream alternative to donald trump is there a chance fo trim top g kck o bhe shar why aren't you jus continuin to spl t v with marc gain, new hampshir finished fift ddn pla in sout carolina we'r going to g t -- marc 1 to number ste where wg well it's a matte o cntinui o john being ab t avantage the grass roots w n h some bush people who hav c our way both fromiew a fndraisin point of vie and we're going to kee struggling to ma sur tha we c b o
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position o din well remember thi i t pers who beats hillary clinto b more than any oth candidate i th uae t tod polby 1 point i've ris t thi police th ntional polls o n where without spending muc mone i ge t mney, continue to p th gra roo tether, you'r going s great resul t cnsolidat th ogh t consolidate m wa >> dickerson: let me ask y policy questio wh w immigration that's not who w are as a country in t e pol in ne hampshir 6 support musli immigration ba nw in sou supported tha policy maybe th i w america ar >> it' nl aricansse polls as a result th have tha not going to change m positio
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practical, i don't think it' righ just becau somebody happens mak them terrorist or make th threa t america. we've had relations with peopl al ove t world oh musl faitnts anybody w rdical, who wan t move i here to be abl t gai acess i said we should tak paus o thesyri mgrants th but frankly to try t cat some sort of religiou standard in terms of w c come t americ we' mti pot. as long people ha positiv and goent the oughto able to comeon: governor joh kasich, thanks for being wi us, we loo frward teei you dow t roa >> a rig john, thank you dickerson: we'll be right back re ase your he staying in touch with customer at&t can help you stay connecte am i seeing double no ma'am. our at&t 'buy one get one free' makes it easier for your staff to seminders to your customers... ...and share promotions on social media you know i now i'm seeing dollar sign you should probably get your
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>> dickerson: we turn now to very familiar face for our viewers in greenville, south carolina, this morning, i jus want to sa b it wouldn't presidential campaign without yo very happy t hav you >> thank y vu that jo dickerson: i li it righ h grea predecessor >> you're doi gre jobdo you ma of all this that is going o >> schieffer: ynow, w listening to donald trumh g he was alm hbl talki about, n hesn't ha wrappe u runnin again ver
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favorite to ge t rpublic nomination to put i o sentence. he didn't w hre in sou carolina by as muc a sd in t beginning. but it w g solictor he goes i t spe tesda i nevada i ver srot alh tat mar rubio is rig w said a toll you this morning, loo this is nowhree-ma r i think fo fir time is an i thi w t racin ds is, dona trump may wi u gting t nomination but he's no gog t cruise to it j he's goi ta hork co ral g ra fr here o i tnk >> dickerson: usually it's a loss thall yu maybit what do yo tnk in donal trump' castually -- h would you stop i how can he be how can h b
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wo hard marco rubiha think he' got tart giving som details on how he'oin to all of the thing th he' promisin d s, donald trump really connecting wi voters i went t o h rli do her tthe nigh you have t go, you have t fee what' goiown aneople h reall connect wieopl he speak i lguagn ithat they c understand. that people who like i sometimes yo gt theelin they're not even worri a wh say th junj hearing him say it i asken ma who do yo about donald trump yo kno hpeak h mind people just don't t muc any more you may agree wit h dsagr wi him, you certainle of the thing t
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but the people weal li him, he onnecti wihe and thi tha h gre follow t mos of t thin h propose i how are you goi d th asn' giv ua detai on that front ye s u f spe tuesday. this is going to reallight we may s t winn down eve more >> dickerson: quickly before i let you g th democrats, what's y tak on that race llary clinto her ship may na be totally righted b n longe taking o wat i think s com now into sout caroli i ver stron positionhin s's goi t win do hengly if s doesn't he campaig i really in trouble because s much of the v here t black vote a s h t carr t bla vote i think sh wille'll win mor o the
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onceeporte alway reporthank for bei w us we'll b back inome
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ck with
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bureau chief for "us tda ron brownstein fr t atlantic reih sla edito o natio flow at t national revie institute an mark leibovich is t chi nationorrespondent f t "new york times" magazin i want t start with yousa donald trunsulte, he g booe two debates g into a figh wi t pop w i fi with ted cruz ba an for a stil won soutaroli t i side wouldn't wan t sa tha i his -- wouldn't want to s t he's won it but think th nomination now his t lose canou manage to lo g t thing h done he won south carolin b t points. republic h eve w bst a filed t then g tominatio two of the thr w d tha wohe whit hse
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summarized in tw sentence donald trump h cnsolidat the blue colla wing of t part a t whi colr i fragmented. he won 42% of t republicle educatio exactly same number in n hampshire and as much a rub and cr combined le iposi a college i ka rpublican on 2mon i iow w but th proble cru aubi hairr iag proble nrrow rubio to sallo got a little bit of everythin but he's n dominan awher until o o the shows the c broaden moffectively have tiver seat >> dickerson: reihan, marco rubio said it's going to becom abouolicy people have been trying fo awhile to mak t case do y thi there a chanc th rubio i rig abo ccern f rbi i tha
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vote l think o temselv as moderatbio ha bee rlyin on the psych that t quo unquot establishment lane clear he's going t automatically win the vote ov on t ohe hand y he te cruz ver dfere proble ron mentioneruise' evangelical voters truth wn yo loo asoutesti split. when you're looki evangelical voters w g church onceek cruise do very well with tho voters t man of tho voters southea compared t tas olahoma t great plain states where as if you loo ppl who identi avangelica christians but who a are the fol who are going t tum that. >> at one too wvangelicals b educatio wll donald trump w4% evangelical in south carolina
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ushe cru amo othid rbi narrowly beat cruise with colleg degree sides. if donald trump can ho tha imon blu collvangelicals wre b in t suthe stas tha cruise will be over r prett quickl >> dickerson: let's talk abo the cruise wal h aumen he's goi t d in sup tuesd state he n bee i ptracted ba a month he knows how t dbate he h crency with tho voters and it hsn worked s reason has work frankl numbers the word coalescing consolidating they have be very popular thi mornin the fa i, dona tum holidat ba th poi across man dmographics crosseangelicals, youn voters, olde ver rubio thinks t etablishmen m cruis
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thinh wil flo to peopl there's not going to cle shot at donald trump. th tim you're in t big states tt havinn ta al primari whi means donal trump wi 35% tot cous enou conventi delegates asu h nomination >> the other thing that wi change, promisin c intern b schieffer, the so o whiveryone th morning, maybe juste period but thi th ta dona trumpav t open this thing up have to ate h also thi t porobl t trump whole point i just goin to make america gregai spesav leave that doesn appear t ha them marco rubio there is one arhere h ve
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imigration he' mov sharply away fro f th very clea the number o republicans w want t increa immigrati level 4f sel ientifi republicans. you have all of thes republic candidates d btt j gettin specif abouxac how an w h pitiohange he failed to d tha o the as a matter of fa where tru h aticulate hthat's where t support roted clearl like t business t exit pol 4% t vote south caroli ainorit undocument immigran trum h almost hal of the supported the within o muslim he h establishe a y said -- he h constituency tha cu acros ma demographic boundaries b sti rooted in o sl f fir time t blu col wing of t republican party is drivi candidate toward t nmination white collar rain w essentia
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we'r sei itern shift in the party >> dickerson: set the table for us t nex b sup tuesda figh wh d tha look like we've beocusing o ltt tiny states nots opene>> a dozen state includin texas might sta t watch i th polling tha we'en we've seen cruz ahea o tru what i t beats cr i l two week la ohi tes s if joh kich stay i t rac until ohio at the momen tmp iinnin ohio when you look at t supou have bunch acro th sth go coupl oth places bu i rea cntest to to the base of tepublic party which i suthea cn carr tha >> dickerson: mark, usually people like to get mind winn in politics i washington we s th running a gra a
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do y expec any that have t come? >> no. i don't. i think i i does, i don' think it will help o hrt expect marco rubio ith s m endorsements trying to roll the oueriodically in the ne f days. i don't think mtter thi traditionally i doesn' matterald tru has been sta alo phenomen th ppulism, stil ver populist problem i clebrit and donald trus >> t cru fure n th stes that are coming are th heavil evangelical heavily blue colla n only th south b mve donal tum off statu givl coll eangelicals he's w i new hampshir and south carolin th looki a place lik oklahom tennessel mssouri o michigan, illino t s extent where if trump ca h thos
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cruz i se among vote who ar n eangelica >> cruz has l o mne i' assumin rubt i goo for donal trum bio coula blu collar pitch. if h actually sai lok thi guy plutocr charlatan that's something tha h always keyed u he never talks abou i ule u here is your tax pla whether or not that wor tha the kind oessagh c rbio, t oni i ter if donald trump faces more par side rubio now wo cle graduat in two of t firh race by tin margins not enoug make i differen there's o open f h tha simp doe n wan wal istea ptchi
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bu cservativuppor o cruz aru rth t veerin m tward t l mca a mi rmney >> dickerson: mark, wouldn't marco rubio have t g rig a donald trump >> it ha bee to thoin that's his onl oio he does se t m tn seems to be goi forward ju waits fo tngs coalesc th endorsemen th eablishment whic h point show n t eis ove and ov agai inclinatio >> dickerson: we got to go t th democrat gi m your tak ohillar clinton hrself go i think definitely s lost i nevad state epect though win vctor unwhether li te ve narr
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unli reblican t democrats requir proportiona representation s stays th rce, continues t g conventi delegates, goes t th conventi een i s h got it wrapp u nominatis cau which i think w h origina agenda >> dickerson: th messag goo new n bernie sander evada that h gneratione sa a white young people in iowa an new hampshir extend t minority young people nvada that goes well f h he los old minorit ver ev mo tha los o whitder report fact he' havin trouble wiemocrat only won 40% o sdentifi democrats roughly nevada same iowa as joh mccaoun prty'omination if y can't get people v f y insufficient numbers yes, he sriou challeng no just one trac candidate not just you peopl he' be colla whites.
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in african americans, go t b hard to get ove t topcan stay in for long time stick with h message doesn't that become though, that he' cnstant there, which is you can bri in you vote the were par t obam coalition qui damaging t hillary. >> first of al warai explicit o demographill bruise th doesn't neokin proven be the ove a ove aga it's a problem f h i w problem for h s month a problem a year fro now - n close t a yea fro now. he is a consta reminder i so wayema ide opponen for her because h mov hly not goin wi on antidote hilla cinto ma be donald trum b tegatiesponse -
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that said, what i youomina reracks action t tes people's was, scary and that w al tmina reacti scar so ju imagine genera election. >> it's worth notinhat if y look h liberhes democrat primareven four year ag it' reflex of sh ripping t democratoalition where a trump for better o wors growi t republic calitio it complicated but th o pttern that i striking between the two en there nothincar abo y a thank our pane we'll be right bacaken a left at the river. tarzan know where tarzan g tarzan does not know where tarzan g hey, excuse me do you know where the waterfall is waterfalza
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: yesterday washington paused to reflect on the life and work of supreme court justice antonin scali


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