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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 4PM  CBS  February 22, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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p. p live from cleveland's news pcenter, cleveland 19 news starts pnow. p good afternoon. pi'm mark nolan. p>> romona: i'm romona robinson. pwe start with breaking news. pfour students taken to rainbow pbaby and children's hospital pafter getting sick at school. pems was called just after 1:00 pthis afternoon. pthe school says students became psick after eating something one pof their classmates had brought pto school. pno word on their condition. p and after a beautiful pweekend, it is chilly once again poutside. pit's okay. pthe rain is on the way. pjeff tanchak joins us now. phey, jeff.
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pthings are quiet to start the pwork week. pvery bright out there. pwe've got lots of sunshine. pwatch out for the sun glare. pespecially in about an hour from pnow. pyou're going to be battling pthat. pinteractive railed ar, severe pwet -- radar, severe weather palerts. pit's going to be a seasonable pnight. pwindy along the lakeshore right pnow. pabout 36 at 5:00 dropping into pthe upper 20s over night pdowntown. pit will be colder than that as pyou get to the city limits here. pall right. plet's look at the current pconditions. p34 downtown. pnorth wind at 18. pakron-canton, though, you're at p45 because you don't get the peffects from the lake influence. pthere you see the sunshine pdowntown. pit's going to be dry tonight and ptomorrow. pand then we're going to be pdealing with a big system here pon wednesday. pit's going to start out as rain. pand then as we turn colder on pthursday, that wind is really pgoing to pick up. prain to snow. pso things do get active the
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pcoming up at about 4:16. p i drive and i need help. p>> okay. p>> i think i just killed psomebody in my truck. p>> romona: oh, my. pa shocking 911 call after a phorrible discovery for a garbage pcollector. pthe body of a man found inside a ptruck. pat this point, the man's death pappears to be a terrible paccident. pdenise zarrella is live with pmore on the investigation. pdenise. p>> denise: romona, it was just pa short time ago that the summit pcounty medical examiner's office preleased the victim's name. phis name is brian raver. pwe talked to police today. pthey say there is no foul play pexpect in the this case. pwhat happened a peerds to be urely accidental. pfairlawn town center plaza. pthis is the place where a ptruckdriver made a gruesome pdiscovery. psomewhere along his usual route phe emptied a dumpster with a
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phe was about to empty the pdumpster at 4:15 saturday pmorning when he saw the body. pthe sergeant of the fairlawn olice department agreed to talk pto us by phone. p>> we actually saw it. pyou would almost have to look at pa garbage truck to take a look pthat there's an area -- a pscreened in area where he pactually saw an obstruction and plooked and saw it was a body. p>> denise: the coroner has pidentified the victim as p49-year-old brian raver. p>> we still haven't determined pexactly which dumpster he would phave been in. pthe location. pthere were six different pickup psites in three different cities. pakron, copley and fairlawn. pwe're not completely sure at pthis time which site dumpster he pwould have been in. p>> denise: the coroner says he pdied from asphyxia by mechanical pcompression. praver
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pthe akron area was most likely phomeless. p>> it appears that was the case pthat it possibly would have been pa situation where a homeless erson climbed into a dumpster pseeking shelter. pthat's what i would assume. p>> reporter: a short time ago, olice said that they were still ptrying to determine what dumb pter raver's body was in. pthe coroner had to use pfingerprints to positively pidentify raver. preporting live here in fairlawn, pdenise zarrella, cleveland 19. p>> mark: okay, police. pthank you. olice are looking for an inmate pafter he escaped last night. phere he is. p22-year-old cody lee. phe escaped from mcdonald pcorrectional facility on friday pin cleveland. plee reportedly escaped from the psame window that shepherd and ptucker escaped from just last p our look inside the highway atrol academy where the pcleveland police cadet class is ptraining drew a lot of response.
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prepeatedly are the cadets being aid overtime for their long pdays and long trips back and pforth to columbus. pwell, today reporter paul porlousky got some answers. p>> paul: training is no picnic pat the police academy. pin fact, the ten minute lunch is pno picnic either. pthe daily schedule of what the pcadets do is long, most days pfilled with 12 hours of pactivities, not counting pindividual study time at night. pat a court hearing where the atrolman's association tried to pstop the move to train cadet ds pin columbus, the city testified pit would save money and if there pwas overtime they would pay it paccording to the president. p>> of course we're going to pay pthe overtime. pwhy wouldn't we pay the povertime. pwell, they didn't pay the povertime p>> paul: but a cadet's pay stub pshows 8 hours of over time after pthe union complained. pbut two weeks later, no povertime. pthe union filed a grievance. p>> the city came back at a
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pgiving us 23 and a half hours of pstraight time for the cadets. pwe rejected that. pthat's not anywhere near what pthey're working. pthese guys are getting woke up pat 5:30 in the morning. pstarts. p>> paul: so now the union has pstepped up its fight taking the pmatter to the federal level. pthe cppa's complaint is mailed pat the federal office building pin downtown cleveland. pit demands automotive city precords it will show that the pcity has and continue to violate povertime pay. p>> you're just taking advantage pwant to be cleveland police pofficers. p>> paul: it is unclear how long pan investigation could take. aul orlousky, cleveland 19. p>> romona: we did checking to pgive you perspective. pthe cadets currently training pare paid 10 $10.50 an hour. pothers are getting $18.55 an
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pas soon as they begin training, pcadets are paid the same as pnearly $29 an hour. p following governor kasich's phigh finish in the south pcarolina primary, back home in pohio he has now signed a pcontroversial bill. pthe bill is to fund planned arenthood here in ohio while lanned parenthood isn't pexplicitly mentioned, the plegislation does prohibit the pstate for contracting from phealth services for any porganization that performs or romotes abortions. pthis includes 28 planned parent phoods in ohio and other clinics. p the republican presidential pcandidates scramble for votes pahead of tuesday's caucuses, but pis this race for second place? pcbs correspondent danielle pnottingham breaks it down. p>> reporter: elk cove, nevada, pis the center of the nevada pcaucuses today. pmarco rubio, ted cruz and donald ptrump's son are all making pappearances there. pelk cove is important because
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pbut that stronghold may belong pto trump. p>> the issues which are pimportant to voters here are pones that they trust trump more pon. p>> reporter: john tuman is the pchair. pis the race for nevada a night fight pfor second place? p>> i think that's one way to plook at it. pi think people are looking pwhether it will be cruz or rubio pthat finish at second place. pat this point i don't think that pother one of them can close the pgap with trump. p>> reporter: which is why they phave focused their attacks on peach other. pcruz says rubio can't win. p>> no candidate has ever won the pnomination who didn't win one of pthe first three states. ponly two people have done that. pdonald and me. p>> reporter: and rubio is pdirty politics. p>> every single day something pcomes out of the cruz campaign pthat's deceptive and untrue. p>> reporter: they get one more pday of mud slinging.
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p>> mark: and later on in the pshow, dan deroos joins us to ptake a look at the heat map pfollowing the recent voting. p a pre-trial hearing today pfor a man accused of shooting pand killing a family member's pdog. olice say johnson was upset pafter losing money in a card pgame, so he fired several shots pinto a dog cage killing his pcousin's dog. pan 8-year-old girl was sleeping pin the room above where the pshooting happened. pthankfully she was not hurt. p southwest general hospital's pemergency room had a bit of a pscare last night. pthe middleburg heights er had a psmall fire in a utility room. pthis was sunday night. pagain, no one was hurt. pbut the emergency room could not pfully function after that. pso patients in the er were psafely transferred to other arts of the hospital. pambulances have been diverted to pother hospitals because of smoke pand water damage. p independence police are
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p6-year-old at the double tree photel there. pthe cuyahoga county medical pexaminer says anthony kelly died pat metrohealth medical center. olice say he was at a birthday arty at the hotel's pool at the ptime of the drowning. pthe kids were being supervised pby a juvenile while the adult pwho brought them there was in a photel room. p and a hinkley township man pin court pleading not guilty to pkilling his brother and sister pat the home they shared. pdean sims is being held on p$1 million bond in the deaths of prandy sicowicz and cindy pguessman in their home. psims will go on trial in april. p well, we come back here on pcleveland 19 at 4:00. pmark schwab is going to be pjoining us from indians spring
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pcenter, driven by don joseph pcleveland 19 news. p welcome back. pif sunny and 67 wasn't enough pfor you, spring training is panother sign of spring. pmark schwab joining us. p>> mark: baseball is back. pfirst work out is tomorrow. pbig stories today. pone of them is michael brantley phad a chance to talk to the pmedia. pwe'll talk to him a little bit. palso the arrival of jason pgiambee.
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pif you remember, he was with the pteam the last couple of years pand he was here as a player pwhere he would do things like phit and do all of the things pthat players have to do. pall of the regular routines of a pbasketball player. pbut he was also a big help as an pinstructor and mentor to help plead. pnow that he's back doing that art and he's retired as a layer, he doesn't have to worry pabout being a player. phe can just focus on being a guy pthat helps other guys and he ploves it. p>> you know, i just wanted to pcome and get my feet wet and to plet everyone know i'm still pinterested. pi didn't want to be five years pout of the game and then try to pcome back in. pbecause, like you said, i have a prelationship with a lot of these pguys and this was really a place pthat i felt the best fit with ptido and these guys where i can phelp make an impact to help pthese guys out. pand the nice part is i don't phave to worry about playing. pthere's no more where i can phelp. pi have to take my grounders out pso i can get my swings. pwhere now i'm just here to help.
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phere this afternoon. pso tomorrow will be the first ptime he's in uniform being that proefg instructor and helping pwith guys. pand the players here really like phim and really feed off him. pso that will be fun to watch. p>> mark: mark, so brantley pisn't in camp, but he is por is he still doing the ghost pswings that he's been doing on pthe side to make sure everything pis okay? p>> mark: all right. psaturday was the first day he phe is swinging. pright now. pand that's really the first pstep. phe's not facing any kind of a itching machine or certainly pnot in any kind of a batting ractice situation. pbut he has balls on the tee. ptook his first swings there psaturday. pfelt good. pyou know, it's that lead pshoulder for him, so it's not plike it's dragging behind. phis swing is pretty much pmechanically where it needs to pbe. phe didn't get to hit at all in pthe off season. phe has catch up that way to do. phe's done it enough. phe thinks he'll be able to --
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plike riding a bike. p>> mark: tell him to take it pvery easy. pvery good. pmark schwab in arizona. pspring training for the tribe. p all right, jeff. plet's get spring training pweather here. p>> jeff: it is sunny here but pabout 40 degrees cooler. pwe've got the sun going. pwe'll see if low clouds fill in pover night. pi do expect some increasing pclouds late tonight and tomorrow pis going to feature more cloud pcover as well. pbut we are dry for now. pwe're going to be watching the pnext system, though, come up pfrom the south. pand, boy, that's going to give pus quite a bit of rain, we pthink, on wednesday. pit's going to start out as rain. pmixed sky tonight. p24 the low in cleveland. pakron-canton, though, with pincreasing clouds. pi think you could be warmer at p32 for your over night low. pand then tomorrow becoming pcloudy and seasonable. p43.
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plet's look at the big picture phere first. pwe have 43 tomorrow. p43 also on wednesday. pbut beginning wednesday morning, pi'm going to show you that. pthis is going to be a major psystem that affects us. pagain, it starts out as rain. pbut by thursday, we tap into pthat colder air. pit's going to be very windy with pthis thing. pand then even colder than that pon friday as we change things pover to snow. pso your next alert day is on pwednesday with that rain heavy pat times we're thinking. pwind gusts over 30. pand we're talking about slow pmorning and the afternoon pcommute on wednesday. pso here is how things shake out pwith this. ptomorrow night, 1:00 a.m., we're pstill dry. pby wednesday, here you go. pso this is going to be the rain pcoming in. pand this is going to end up pbeing a super soaker, we think, phere with that rain and wind. pbut then by thursday, it changes pover to snow.
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pwe could be looking at paccumulating snow as ptemperatures plummet through the p30s. pfriday a little bit of plake-effect snow and only 27. pbut then on saturday, very windy pas we warm up again. p43. pso i did issue an alert on psaturday for the wind. pand right now sunday looking dry pwith a mostly cloudy sky and 35. phere is traffic. p>> first alert traffic on pcleveland 19 news is sponsored pby ford. p>> mark: and, boy, there's a plook outside right now at 77 and p480 down in independence. pit is loads of sunshine and dry proads. pthat is the great news. pit looks like traffic is moving palong at a pretty good clip on p77 north and south and 480 west pand east. p in today's health alert presearch shows that a vaccine is preduce ing the risk of a cancer pcausing virus. pa vaccine was created for hpv, palso known as the human
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precommended for adolescent pgirls. psince that time, prevalence of pthe virus has been dropping in pyoung women. presearchers at the centers for pdisease control and prevention pcompared the rates of hpv pinfection in women 14 to 34 pyears old during the years pbefore the vaccine was precommended. p still to come here, she just plost a court battle but pop star pkesha is getting a lot of help
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p. p now it's time for the buzz on psponsored by national carpet pmill outlet. p>> mark: and in today's buzz, pquestion for you, what famous pstar is selling off all of his pcars. p>> romona: but first taylor pswift is giving a generous pdonation to a fellow pop star. pa spokesperson says she's
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pkesha recently lost a court pfight with producer dr. luke pafter she said he drugged her pand raped her. pkesha must now continue to roduce under him or accept a pnew producer at sony records. pswift's spokesperson says the pmoney is to help with any pfinancial needs. pother stars, including lady pgaga, ariana grande y have spoeng pout for her. p it's been 30 years since pferris bueller's day off. pit's in may. pthe events show a screening, pscene. pfun. pweekend at the box office. pit was number one for the second pweek in a row bringing in a
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pthe movie has a ten day total of p235 million. pright now the super hero flick pis the highest grossing rated r pmovie of all time. p>> romona: wow. p what is the deal with these psports cars. pjerry seinfeld put be 16 of his prare poor rsches on the item block. phe's never considered himself a pcollector. pdo the math. pthose are pricey cars. p>> romona: they look like toys. p>> mark: fast toys. p we are learning more about
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p. p now for today's top stories,
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pthe victim was found in fairlawn ptruck. pthe man is 49-year-old brian praber and police say he died of pan asphyxia by medical pcompression. paccidentally. p the cleveland police union phas filed a complaint with the pdepartment of labor against the olice department to get over ptime pay for cadets at the olice academy. pthe union says the department is pnot paying overtime for 12 hour pdays and travel back and forth pto columbus. pwe asked cleveland police pofficials why no overtime, and pso far they haven't gotten back pwith us yet. p another -- after another pweekend of voting for a otential presidential pcandidate, we started wondering phow our interactive social media pheat map is looking. pand for that, let's get to dan pderoos. phey, dan. p>> dan: yes, it's really pinteresting, especially with one pcandidate jeb bush dropping out. plet's row mind emind you how this works. pwe're looking at 1-10.
4:29 pm
pgetters right now. pwe're talking about mentions on pfacebook, twitter, instagram. pright now donald trump leads pall. pcheck this out. p36% of all mentions right now in pthe last 24 hours online are for pdonald trump. pagain, we're talking tweets, pfacebook. pnumber two is bernie sanders. phe's at 16%. pee nam pjeb bush is still at 6. pthat's because a lot of people pare talking about him suspending pcampaign and our own governor pcomes in at number 7 on this plist. pwhen we start talking about live ptweets, live tweets and facebook pmessages, each dot you see pop pup here obviously red for prepublicans, blue for democrats. pthese are live tweets that are pgoing on right now throughout pthe country. pyou can see it's pretty even.
4:30 pm
op up every second means people pare engaged. pthey are talking about politics pas we continue on the campaign ptrail. promona. p>> romona: all right. p there will be no bond for pthe uber driver accused of going pon a deadly shooting spree in pkalamazoo, michigan, over the pweekend. pandrew spencer has more on the psuspect. p>> the court calls the state of pmichigan versus jason brian pdalton. p>> reporter: 45-year-old jason pdalton appeared before a judge pmonday, two days after a pshooting spree in kalamazoo, pmichigan. p>> you understand the charges pbeing made against you? pa maximum sentences that i just pstated? p>> yes. p>> reporter: prosecutors are pcharging dalton with six counts pof murder, two counts of assault pwith intent to commit murder. phe opened fire over three plocations over seven hours psaturday night picking up uber pfares in between shooting. pa total of eight people shot. psix killed. p>> i said you're not the
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pand he said no. pand i said are you sure. pand he kind of just said, no, pi'm just tired. pi've been driving for seven phours. p>> reporter: his first stop was pat an apartment complex where a pwoman was shot multiple times. pshe remains in critical pcondition. pseveral hours later, police say pdalton opened fire again at a pcar dealership where he shot and pkilled a father and son. pminutes later, five people were pshot in the parking lot of a prestaurant. pthe only survivor there, a p14-year-old girl who remains in pcritical condition. pdalton was arrested two hours plater. pmonday a mass was held in honor pof the victims. pcon pcondolences came from president pobama as he addressed shooting. p>> on saturday another one of pour communities was terrorized pby gun violence. pyou have families who are pshattered today. p>> reporter: i'm andrew spencer preporting. p>> that 14-year-old girl who was pshot at the cracker barrel was
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pdoctors until she squeezed her pmother's hand. p a judge will decide today pwhether a lawsuit brought by pfamilies the sandy hook school pmassacre victims can go forward. padam lance shot and killed 26 eople. pteachers and parents are suing pthe company that made the rifle. pthe lawsuit is designed when pguns are used in crimes. p apple ceo tim cook sent an pe-mail thanking them for their psupport. phe's referring to the ongoing pfight with the fbi. pthey're hoping that apple breaks pinto the home. pcook says the case is about more pthan just one single phone. p more reports of the zika pvirus this time in panama. pmore than 70 cases have been preported in the south african pcountry.
4:33 pm
pthe country's minister of health paccompanied crews spraying pweekend. pthe government will spend p$10 million to combat the virus. p and while february is heart phealth awareness month, we turn pthe focus of our go red campaign pto breast cancer survivors this pweek. pnow, there's a very good reason pfor that as health reporter pcatherine bosley explains. pdisease is the number one killer pof women, and we know how hugely pwidespread breast cancer is. pnow a relatively new area of presearch is showing a shockingly pstrong link between the two and pshould be quite the heads up for pmany women. pthere's so much to celebrate pwhen beating cancer, and pespecially with breast cancer, pthat happens more and more these pdays. pbut also especially with breast pcancer survivors, there's psomething else to watch out for. p>> there are very few but psignificant forms of treatments pfor cancer that can end up pcausing cause
4:34 pm
pbe it heart attacks, heart pfailure or cardiac a rit rhythmias. p>> reporter: this doctor heads pup university hospital program, pone of very few in the country pfocused on cancer patients at prisk for heart issues. pthey're monitored mostly through pecho cardiogram or ultrasound of pthe heart. pit's how doctors are finding out pway too often they're finding a plink. p>> i can't really tell you what pthe percentage of patients pundergoing cancer treatment preally know these risks. pi don't think it's public pknowledge. pi don't think it's a household ptop of knowledge, like a heart pattack or stroke. p>> reporter: and while a lot of pwork needs to be done to get the pword out, there's also around pthe clock research under way to pfigure out why this is phappening. pit's known, though, those most pat risk are women, especially
4:35 pm
pradiation or received the most pcommon chemotherapy treatments. p>> this was almost never talked pabout until about 2010. pand then in 2010, from 2010 pforward, it's an extremely prewarding field of research and pclinical practice. p>> catherine: and that reward pis expected to only get greater pas the number of lives saved pgets greater. pwith that the doctor also pstresses each patient be their pown advocate. pseek knowledge and ask questions plike now that i've beaten any pkind of cancer, is there panything i could become at risk pfor would probably be a good pquestion to ask with any kind of pillness. pcatherine bosley. p>> mark: catherine, thank you. p a car is getting a new name. pthey were originally naming it pzika but have decided to change pit to tiago. pexecutives say they don't want
4:36 pm
pcar with obviously the zika pvirus. pthey had to scramble to rename pthe car and they got more than p37,000 suggestions. p samsung is making a big move pinto the world of virtual preality with a new camera that plets users shoot virtual reality pvideos. pthe gear 360 has two cameras. pone on the front. panother in the back. pthe camera works with gear vr. pthat's the headset developed pwith facebook's oculus. p starbucks is overhauling its prewards program. pthe goal, speed up service at pthe checkout. punder the old program, customers pgot one star per visit. pthey're changing that. pnow rewards will be based on pmonday you spent, not the number pof transactions. p and just ahead of the poscars, a new study is grading phollywood on diversity. pand researchers say the problem pis much worse than people think.
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p welcome back. pif you say the name stokes in pcleveland, instantly former pmayor carl stokes and pcongressman louis stokes come to pmind. pthey left big shoes to film. pharry boomer has more. p>> boomer when i look back at pthose two men, to me it's a pstory that needs to be told all pof the time.
4:40 pm
pgreat kathy russell says the pdynasty that the former mayor pcarl stokes and his brother pformer congressman louis stokes pleft is incredible. p>> you look at carl who was pelected in 1967. pspent two terms here as the pmayor. phe opened the door up for pcoleman young. pa tom bradley. pmichael white. pand our current mayor, frank pjackson. pyou look at lewis in terms of he popened up the doors as the first pblack congressman here in ohio. pand spending 30 years or 15 pterms as a congressman, he popened the door for stephanie ptub jones as well as marcia pfoot. p>> reporter: the federal pcourthouse, eye library pdowntown, the va medical center pand streets names in the stokes pbrothers honor.
4:41 pm
p>> i keep saying this, but they pneed to be celebrating all of pthe time. pnot just at this particular oint. p>> reporter: during half time pof the cavs gave right here at pcenter court, there's going to pbe the 12th annual black pheritage celebration of the pcavs. pthey're going to be honoring pcarl and lou stokes. pyou won't be able to see it on ptelevision at that time. pyou'll have to go to in porder to see it. p>> their family is going to be phere tonight and it's primarily pto kind of -- their family's pattitude about this is we want pto thank the city of cleveland pfor what they have done for our arents in terms of carl and plouis stokes. p>> harry: legends who left a ositive legacy. pthank you, gentleman. pharry boomer, cleveland 19. p>> mark: all right, harry. pthank you. resident obama says without the pstokes brother, carl and lou, pthere would not have been a resident barack obama. p well, just days before the poscars, a new study is shining a plight on the lack of diversity pin hollywood. presearchers studied 414 films
4:42 pm
pout of more than 11,000 speaking prolls, more than 70% were white. ponly 12% were black and only 2% pwere gay, lesbian or bisexual pcharacters. pthe study was released by the puniversity of southern pcalifornia. pthey've got some work to do pthere. pjark p>> mark: yep. pso what did you do on saturday? pdid you get snout get? pdid you hit the links. p>> not the links. p>> mark: what about you, jeff? pwhat did you do? p>> jeff: i did some errands. pit came with a lot of wind as pwell over the weekend. pespecially on saturday. pbut we had record highs in man pfield, akron, canton. pa couple degrees shy of the precord in cleveland. pit is colder out there, pespecially along the lakeshore. pbut look at that bright pbattling, by the way, with the psun cam here with the feazel pcamera here. pwe got that big bright ball up
4:43 pm
plet's focus on the seven day, pthough. pand, boy, we're going to be pchanging things up, especially pthe second hax of lf of the week. pmore cloud cover tomorrow, and pwe'll be about 43 for the high. pthat's a little bit above where pwe should be. pbut then all of a sudden on pwednesday here we get into rain pand wind. pso that's going to be the next palert. pso enjoy the dry weather while pwe have it. pnow here is a look at the lanner tomorrow. p30 at 7:00 a.m. p39 at lunch. pand then a cloudy sky at 5:00. pso i have it as becoming cloudy pby afternoon. pagain, that alert on wednesday. pand this rain is going to be a psuper soaker. pthere could be some minor pflooding at least. pso we're going to keep an eye on pthat. pthis is going to be a big psystem. pand then thursday we fall in ptemperature through the 30s. pso that rain is going to change pover to snow. pand we do think there's going to pbe some accumulate ing snow on pthursday. pfriday some lake-effect. pand look at that.
4:44 pm
pbut then just like that in this pever changing forecast on psaturday, it will be very windy p43. psaturday night windy as well. pbut dry. psunday mostly cloudy and 35. plet's see what is trending. p no, you are not. p>> you slow down. p [ laughing ] p>> romona: a white house guess roved you're never too old to pboogie down. p>> romona: virginia mclauren pmet the president and first lady pfor black history month. pthen the 106-year-old showed the pfirst couple a few of her own pdance moves. plook at her go. pgetting president obama and pmichelle to dance. pin 2014 mclauren began a social pmedia campaign to meet the pobamas, fulfilling her bucket plist. p>> mark: you see there was a pmoment there where she handed pthe cane off to president obama. pshe was like i don't need that. p>> romona: i know. p [ laughing ] p>> romona: she has the moves. p american girl is celebrating
4:45 pm
pthis summer. pshe's the third african-american pdoll in it's b forever phistorical line. pshe's a 9-year-old growing up in pdetroit in the 1960s. pcivil rights era. pwho loves to sing and uses her pvoice to make a difference. p>> romona: yes. pand a great story. p it's time to celebrate, so pget out the tequila and limes. pit's national margarita day. pthe cocktail consists of can he ptequila, triple sec and lime. pcome on. pmy pastor is watching. p [ laughing ] p>> romona: you can drink it tra ptraditional or frozen. pmario in lakewood has half off pmargaritas until 7:00 tonight. p>> mark: it's a school night pfor me. pi will not be headed out for pmargaritas. p all right.
4:46 pm
pwhat's coming up at 5:00? p>> denise: a lot coming up ptonight at 5:00. plocal school leaders bring into psuddenly went into cardiac pstudents. p and some controversial pcomments from the campaign trail ptoday. pthis time coming from ohio pgovernor john kasich. pwe'll tell you what he said. p and if you have flooring pfrom lumber liquidators in your phome, we have an date you pdefinitely don't want to miss. p plus just how often should pyou step on the scale? plook for those stories and much pmore coming up at 5:00. p>> romona: not every day. p>> breaking news and weather p24/7. download the cleveland 19 pnews app sponsored by kisling, pnestico and redick. hurt in a
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p. p welcome back. pso you've probably all seen that pvideo by now. pit's an oklahoma fan telling
4:50 pm
p>> romona: dani carlson found pout more about that fan and even pasked her to talk to us. pdani is live at the q. pdan pdani, tell us all about it. p>> dani: well, we are pobviously, as you said, live at pthe q where the cavs are psupposed to tip off tonight at pabout 7:00. pand we were trying to find out pwho exactly was that fan to tell plebron to suck it up. phere is what we found out today. p>> suck it up. p>> dani: she's not the first pand likely won't be the last to pheckle king james. pwhether it's entire stadiums. p>> lebron is tired. p>> dani: other front row fans por online. pthere's no shortage of people phating lebron james saying he psucks. pthe man is a lightning rod. pso what's different about this pone? pwell, for one, she's a pbillionaire with a capital b pworth about $2.4 million paccording to forbes. pmore than even jimmy haslem's
4:51 pm
palso, speaking of haslem, the plebron heckler is judy love of plove gas station. pa major competetive to pilot pflying j. plove is even playing along on ptwitter retweeting the comment pso we reached out to her trying pto get a comment on the heckle pand all of the attention i've pbeen getting, but i was told pjudy is not doing interviews. plebron hasn't spoken pub likely pabout it either but did -- ublicly about it either but did ost the message and said i pguess she told me adding the phash tag just suck it up, plebron. pso lebron and the cavs will be laying at home tonight at the pq. pthey will be facing the detroit istons and judy love likely pwon't be here. plive in cleveland tonight, dani pcarlson, cleveland 19. p>> mark: i guess i would ask pjudy love how that beatdown at phome tasted.
4:52 pm
p>> mark: suck it up, judy. p>> romona: suck it up. p a lot of people took padvantage of the weekend to do a plittle spring cleaning. pbut if this canine officer pwasn't exactly helping, he was
4:53 pm
p. p it's time for a little puseless trivia with me, mark pnolan. phey, romona. p>> romona: . pif this trivia is easy. pif it's not. p>> mark: that's just awful. p40% of adults say they lie about phow much of this they eat. p>> romona: vegetables. p>> mark: no.
4:54 pm
pit's chocolate. pchocolate. p [ laughing ]
4:55 pm
p. p we've told you a lot about pcanines on the police force in precent weeks and how much of a artner they are to their phandlers. p>> mark: well. pwe have some video for you here pshowing that they even clown paround a little bit with their artner. pa vermont state trooper decided pto have his canine partner
4:56 pm
pcruisers there. pwhen max is busy chasing down pdrunk drivers, he's chasing pwater that is spraying out of pthe hose getting wet does not pbother him one bit, whether it's pwashing the car or dealing with pthe snowstorm. pdogs love to go swimming. pif you just had a ball and like pa pond. p>> romona: yep. pand they keep going after it. p>> mark: that's it. p>> romona: i love dogs. p cleveland 19 news at 5:00 is pcoming up next, so stick around. real-time closed captioning
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4:59 pm
live from cleveland's newscenter, cleveland 19 news starts now. >> denise: and look at that sunshine out there this evening. a glorious day, although it was a little bit on the chilly side. it sure is better than snow and ice, huh? >> dan: especially after the beautiful saturday in the 60s. let's check with chief meteorologist jeff tanchak. >> jeff: we got wind in off the lake.
5:00 pm
and will you battle sun glare traveling westbound. let's go to the current conditions. sunshine downtown and 34 with the wind off the lake. north wind 15 and it is quite a bit warmer inland. 44 in the akron-canton area and just a few high clouds around. here we are in the cleveland 19 weather app where especially on wednesday you will need this. we have quite a bit of rain initially with this next system, severe weather alerts when we get them. we have a 10 day forecast on there. make sure you customize it to your neighborhood. we will be in the 30s this evening and dropping in the 20s outside of the city limits as that wind becomes light. i think you could be well into the 20s. we will have to see what the clouds do. but right now, it is clear. tomorrow. the alert on wednesday for a soaking rain and then as we turn


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