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tv   Cleveland 19 News This Morning  CBS  February 24, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> tia: you see it. a live look from the cleveland 19 storm chaser this morning. this will be one of the rainiest days we've had in a little while, so you better add some extra time to your drive to work or if you're dropping the kids off at school. >> brian: a lot of green on the radar. look at that. sam mentioned more than just the green, the yellows and oranges are problematic. >> tia: we're tracking all of this weather for you. meteorologist sam roberts, she's been on top of it since the very
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people asking, will this last throughout the morning commute? >> samantha: yeah. morning commute, midday commute, even as you get the kids in the car line later today, you're going to see some showers out there and tonight. tomorrow we get snow. so it's a little bit of everything. i'll take you through it all. we start off with the big picture. look at this storm system. back to the mid-south we have snow, rain, and freezing rain. that extends up into the great lakes. rainshowers. to the south the threat for severe weather, just a mess. this is a very dynamic, almost spring-like system because it's producing the severe weather in the south and the wintery weather to the north. here a little bit closer to home what you wake up to is mainly rain, especially out to the east and to the south. i don't have any reports of freezing rain yet with the exception of out towards the toledo area.
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right outside of our forecast region. rain is very steady out here to the west of things, and that is where we have a winter weather advisory in place for freezing rain. some of this may be coming down causing some slick spots out towards elyria and farther out to the west. so until 10:00 we have the threat for freezing rain in those areas. east side commuters and south side, here's the story for you. just rain for the morning commute, but it may be steady at times. we're in the mid-30s, so no threat for freezing rain to the east or in the cleveland metro. west siders is where my greatest concern is. we have that potential for freezing rain. so we want you to take it slow out there through about 10:00, and then just rain for the rest of the day. we have a forecast for the rest of the week coming up in just a few minutes. laura. >> laura: it is a soggy morning out there as sam is, of course, saying to us. we're looking at 90 eastbound
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we're looking around in the storm chaser, and it's mighty dark out there right now. the roads are certainly dark, and there's not a lot of light shining down. the roads are very, very wet. i can see the windshield wipers going full blast there. look at another shot right now. looking down at the highway, this is 480 here and 77 across the screen, and boy, those roads are really wet. look behind the cars as they travel along. you see that road spray. that's the issue you see so try distance. that's what aaa recommends. double the typical following distance whenever you have slippery, icy conditions, anything like that. you want to double it so that way you're in safer distance from the car that's right in front of you. let's talk about this accident here in cuyahoga falls. west bath road near akron peninsula road. we're off highway here, but i hear it could be a bad accident. could cause issues and delays in the area if you make your way
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morning or on your way to work or wherever you're headed. across the map in cleveland things aren't so bad. on the east side the travels from mentor are on time. >> tia: as anticipated donald trump won the gop caucus in nevada last night. it's the third straight victory. marco rubio beat out ted cruz for second place. john kasich, he finishes fifth with just more than 3.5% of the vote. last night trump vowed to beat kasich in ohio, and, of course, we will tell you how the two are polling in our state. that's coming up in about 30 minutes. the democratic primary vote is next for campaign 2016. that happens on saturday. you can find all of the results plus read up on what the candidates are saying by checking out the election tab on the home page. morning. we're less than five months away from the republican national convention.
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with the help of a major sponsorship the rock 'n roll hall of fame is expected to have free admission the entire week of the rnc. the deal is not done quite yet. check back for details, and we'll let you know once something developing and is official official. browns fans, don't get your hope up to see travis benjamin back next. talks between the browns and benjamin have broken off after they were not able to come to terms on hey new contract. he's set to hit free agency when the market opens on march 9th. the careers and jobs expected to see the most growth over the next few years are in science, engineering and technology fields. >> tia: that's not good for us, right? our kids need to be prepared for that, and as cleveland 19's nichole vrsansky, that's why
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s.t.e.m., science, technology, engineers and math. do? this week students in the orange school district get a unique, hands-on lesson on digital fabricating. the old gym at brady middle school has been transformed into a fab lab. they're learning how to create and make 3d cards and wooden signs and stools using laser cutters and vinyl cutters. the most rewards thing is the kids are excited, but they're so excited to watch the students work through the process, the troubleshooting. they say a big part of the learnings experience is in the trial and error of making these computers and machines work. >> and really persevering and having that grit to work through making it work the way they want it to. when they get to that point that it works and there's such excitement, such pride. >> they put their heads together and solve a problem, and then
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one kiddo solves a problem, they turn around and help somebody else. >> nichole: that collaboration and real-life skills. they're looking to make the fab lab a yearly thing in the district, and coming up in the next half hour, we show you how students are reacting, what they've been able to create, and we'll tell you how community members in the district can possibly try out these machines, too. brian. >> brian: nikki, thanks. introduce springsteen made a bit of a goof last night performing at the q. he was trying to get everybody fired and said this. take a listen. not good. >> tia: he got them fired up. >> brian: not good produce, and he says party noises pittsburgh and corrects himself by saying and you, too being cleveland. i was there last night. it was a great show. it didn't ruin my night. we're all standing there.
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>> tia: i tried to pick this up for bruce earlier, but he's getting old, baby. he just had a little memory lapse. >> brian: it's funny because earlier in the show he said hey, cleveland. i know how important cleveland was to my career. we're the city that first took notice of him and sent him torpedoing to the top of the charts. >> tia: age, baby, will do it every time. >> brian: it was a mistake. good morning, pittsburgh! why did he say pittsburgh? he could have said columbus, milwaukee or green bay. something. >> tia: good morning, cleveland. we know where we are. >> brian: parts of northeast ohio are under a winter weather advisory this morning, while other parts are dealing with a whole lot of rain out there, right, sam? >> samantha: yeah. if you can see us on tv, you're seeing rain right now. the entire coverage area, and it's heavy out to the west of 77 where you might even see some freezing rain around elyria, norwalk, or sandusky.
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our coverage area just yet, but we want you to be aware of the possibility for it out on the west side of things. you can see right now it's also pouring in akron, and this is where our own q. mccray is located right now. q. >> q.: yeah, that's right. i'm live at the university of akron where i am stoked to introduce you to a cool group of students who are always hard at work, even at 6:00 a.m. in the morning before their classes start. zips racing team. i'll introduce you to them and
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a little rainy out there, folks. rain. >> brian: i don't think the heavy stuff will be here for a while, though. that's a line why "caddieshack." . jake got it. >> tia: which was "caddyshack"? >> '88. it's a classic. the guys on the golf course pouring like crazy. it was the bishop. bill murray goes, i don't think the heavy stuff will come down for a while. meanwhile, it's pouring and lightning and thunder. carry on, sam. >> tia: are you giving us this trivia we don't know about? >> samantha: that's true. we have to get to the weather. it's pouring down rain out there. the heavy stuff is here, okay? especially out on the west side. it's pouring.
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most of us are just waking up to rain, but if you get out far to the west, toledo, lots of reports out there of freezing rain. here at home i only have reports of rain so far, but we have the potential for freezing rain out here through 10:00. this is for my friends on the west side. elyria, sandusky, norwalk, tiffin, woodville all areas where we could see freezing rain up until 10:00. right now it's just pouring down rain. look at all this yellow and orange and red. that is an indicator of very heavy rain, and we're also seeing that around mansfield, mount vernon, marion, up into bucyrus and into worcester, medina seeing steady rain right now. i have not forgotten about you on the east side. i know we haven't gone over here a lot this morning, but that's because it's raining everywhere and we have that freezing rain threat to the west. to the east it is raining.
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what we see to the west. it's going to be raining everywhere throughout the morning and even into the afternoon. so i want you to take you through your day part four day. we won't get a lot done outside today. 7:00, noon, 3:00, rain is likely. temperatures today will very slowly rise through the 40s and a couple of spots get into the get there. we won't get into the 50s until this evening. it's also going to be very windy today. winds may gust up to 30 miles per hour combined with that rain. it's just going to be ugly. you're going to hang onto your umbrella very tightly for today. tonight we continue with scattered showers and then as temperatures drop through the lower 30s, we may even mix in a little bit of snow mainly after midnight. then we transition over to all snow for tomorrow. tomorrow is also a first alert
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today. so today's rain, about an inch up to an inch and a half. tomorrow periods of snow. it will be a slow go on the roads. you want to plan for delays not just on the roads but maybe even in the air and maybe some school delays out there tomorrow. of course, nothing just yet. we want you to be aware of that possibility. two alert days there in row and even a small chance for snowshowers on your friday, although those will be pretty hit or miss and mainly in the morning. weekend looking good, looking a lot warmer, and then next week, yes, monday, there is a chance for a wintery mix. that's groundhog. he was wrong. there was no early spring here. this is wrong. >> laura: we had this past weekend, and that was kind of springy, and this comes weekend looks to be not so bad. maybe he meant it was coming in
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he should have been more dedescriptive with how he described it. this is outside. this does not look like what the groundhog promised at all. wet, soggy roadways cause for a messy commute this morning. we have an accident down to our south in cuyahoga falls right now. the rest of the area is moving along pretty well. 77 into downtown. you see how poor visibility is because of the rainfall and fog in the air as well. across the wide map there, we are in the green. arrows are moving along. that is good to see on a rainy commute. of course, you want to add more time to that following distance that you're maintaining when you follow that car right in front of you on the roadway. also, if you can try to get out the door a smidge earlier this morning and give yourself more time on the roadways. over on the west side through avon, here's a look at i-90, keep going through westlake. still up to speed the whole way through rocky river and lakewood and cleveland and on towards the split there with 490, 71 and 90. drive times still on time at
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over to you guys. >> tia: some school stuff -- some cool stuff. okay, some cool stuff happening at the university of akron. students there are building a race car. >> brian: this isn't for the soapbox derby, either. it's made for international competition. q. mccray joins us live in akron to talk about this pretty cool new car. >> tia: q. >> q.: yeah. we're reporting to you live from the shop this morning. that's what the students here at the university of akron call this area. this is where they create. this is where they innovate and make chassises handmade from scratch. these students are here way before their classes start just about every day of the school week. before they get to this stage, there's a lot of hard work that goes into their preparation. somewhere at the center of campus in the basement at
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bright spot. one most northeast ohioans don't know exists, let alone students nearby. but it's line shines across the globe. >> at one point our team was ranked seventh in the world. coming from a small school from akron and having a big name like that is stellar. >> q.: this is zips racing, a student engineering design team. each year it designs an open-wheel formula race car and competes against universities from around the world. >> this is all student-built. it's not looked over by professionals at all except us. >> they buy the dirt bike motor and superintendent it supe it, but everything else is built from scratch. the students go ahead and order up the raw materials, and then they get to designing. they create computer models. weeks later you have a hand-built car chassis. >> it's a constant race to get things done, serving as building
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you need to build the rest of the car. >> when you see your finalized designs going into the car, going to competition and see it on the track and hundreds are watching, you get a big sense of accomplishment. >> q.: that sense of accomplishment stems from their travels to germany, to medina, to canada, and the list goes on. what you're looking at here is zr-15. this is their finished and ready-made product from last year's team. listen, they tell me that this year's car that you saw being made just over there will be complete sometime in march. they're very excited about what their new car has to offer. they say it's lighter but way faster, so we're going to be here all morning with the zips racing team. stick around for more highlights from the shop. back to you guys in the studio.
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>> brian: really is. great insnow -- innovation there. >> tia: donald trump decided to call out ohio governor john kasich. >> brian: next, she'll lead you through one of cleveland's most popular tourist destinations,
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>> tia: welcome back. this is the scene that still impacts her life today. the 1963 bombing of a church on 16th street in birmingham, alabama. now a resident of cleveland heights, she helps many understand history every single day. you've probably seen her running around at the cleveland museum of art.
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>> hi, thomasene. >> tia: she's the face that greets student groups when they walk through the door. >> so you want to walk right into that door right there. there's a black cart on the left that you can put the lunches on. >> tia: sometimes more than a dozen per day. >> 31 years that i've been employed by the cleveland museum of art. >> tia: clark's story started years before that. in the '60s born during the height of civil rights movement, even remembering the aftermath of this. the bombings of the 16th street baptist church. 15 people were seriously hurt. these four little girls were killed, an act of white supremacist terrorist on u.s. soil. >> your mother taught you don't run. you don't want people to think you did something wrong or give them an excuse to hurt you. lots of little things that are just a part of who i am because of growing up in the mid-'60s in
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>> tia: she's the education and interpretation dosent and tour administrator. >> they're heading off on thur tour and we're expecting one new group. >> tia: helping people navigate through the museum, and she does that in her everyday life as well. >> at home i'm the mother of five. we have two biological sons that are 21 and 17. we adopted three children from foster care that are now 11, 9 and 8. >> tia: a family of seven now. she says there's one figure in african-american and u.s. history that she says she resembles the most. >> harriet tubman comes to mind. i feel like i'm one of those moses kind of people, you know, leading you from oppression into a better life. >> tia: for clark, that's what leaving her mark means, helping to guide others.
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but backpacks and things like that have to be left. >> tia: on a path to a better life. 31 years at the museum. so a great story, really. >> brian: she must love it there. beautiful place. she's obviously done a wonderful job. >> tia: five different jobs in that time. >> brian: that's a role model right there. >> tia: for sure. agreed. >> brian: a little bit of everything is coming out of the weather center this morning. wind, rain, may we see some ice or are we?
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>> brian: good morpg, everyone. new this morning, devastation in the gulf states. a swarm of it wereds ripped through the region in the last 12 hours. at least three people are dead and more than 30 others are injured. >> tia: they're part of the same rainmaker coming through our area right now. a slow ride into work this morning. >> samantha: ilths from the south. brian is doing a great job with the weather this morning. it's coming down, guys. did you drive through it? >> brian: yes, i drove through heavy rain this morning. maps. we'll show you what we're dealing with. there it is. you can see everybody is seeing rain. now, there's a lot of colors on here, okay? so let's take things one by one. green is rain, yellow is likely
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but you get out to the west especially out here towards toledo, freezing rain and even some snow. you can see some pink mixing in in our area from time to time. we have the threat for freezing rain this morning but we have no reports of it just yet. so we are closely monitoring that situation. the areas i think are most likely to see freezing rain is going to be out on the west side. so lorain county and west, if you live in any of these areas until 10:00 you might see some freezing rain. we have a freezing rain alert out. this is a winter weather advisory for that potential for freezing rain until 10:00 on the west side. on the east side into the south, i'm not really concerned about freezing rain right now. of course, it is something i'm continuing to monitor, but most of this is just plain old rain. it's very heavy from time to time especially out on the west side.
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major storm system we were just talking about. notice that this storm does have a winter weather component. tomorrow we go from rain over to wintery weather. oh, it's just one thing after next, right? we'll have potentially several inches of snow to talk about this time tomorrow. isn't february fun? you get a little bit of everything, laura. >> laura: it's like a weather roller coaster we're dealing with, and it certainly affects our morning commutes this morning. we look outside right now. that is going to be your storm chaser riding along west 117th right now headed towards i-90. through that lakewood/cleveland area. boy oh boy the roads look wet and soggy. grad or driver came it a complete stop for the stop sign. roads are. you can see it again here, and you can see it really well as the bright lights stare down at the roadway. that road spray back behind the
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to the picture here. i-77 southbound right near arlington road this morning. in the area of green, left lane blocked because of an accident right now. so headed towards canton direction, looks like the arrows are green in the area. i don't see any big slowdowns, but be aware as you head out the door. another accident in cuyahoga falls. both the accidents right now are in the southern parts of our area. this west bath road near akron peninsula road, i've heard it's a bad accident and could cause issues on the highway. we move well across the wide map. the drive times are still on time. canton to cleveland is about an hour. brian. >> brian: thanks very much. while you were sleeping doned truch won the nevada caucus by a landslide. no surprise there. it also was expected john kasich wouldn't do well, and he didn't. he finished with less than 3% of the vote in nevada. last night in trump's victory speech he took a good jab at governor kasich. >> we're going to do very well in ohio.
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that's good. it's always nice to be beating the governor. >> trump isn't wrorng ng. he's leading kasich in ohio. buckeye state. we'll see what happens. the ohio primary is in 20 days on march 15th. >> tia: avon lake is getting a major upgrade to the water plant. they invested in clear well that will allow avon lake to store 3 million gallons of water ready for use at any time. the system is expected to be up and flowing by 2017. parents will certainly love this. the ohio senate passed a bill that will set a three-day sales tax holiday to help back-to-school shoppers reduce the cost of clothing and school supplies. if the one-year extension of the program goes well, it could become an annual event. there's a big push nationally and here in the cleveland area for more science
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>> brian: those, of course, are the skills our kids need to compete in the future, right? the majority will be in the science and technology fields. jobs, tons of them. nichole vrsansky shows us what the orange school district is doing this week to introduce nikki. >> nichole: the old gym in pepper pike has been transformed into a fab lab, a digital fabrication laboratory. >> it's actually better than class. >> nichole: students make circuit boards, stools, board games, learning how to take a simple idea, make a prototype for it and use technology to create it. >> i designed like a butterfly that popped up. yeah, that was really cool. >> nichole: the goal is to promote s.t.e.m. learning, science, technology, engineering and math, 21st century skills to better prepare kids for real-life.
6:37 am
professionals coming out of colleges, coming out of community colleges more than 70% are going to demand this kind of competency. >> click one time on the screen somewhere. >> the process and the troubleshooting is part of the learning experience, too. >> trial, and trial and failure but learns from failure. that whole idea of perseverance and sticking with the problem and the grit. >> thinking about the problems to solve and collaborating with each other. >> nichole: the teachers say there's a sense of confidence with these students when they see their finished product that reaches beyond a textbook lesson. >> when they finally come to a place where they solved it or learned something from the failures, the sense of pride that they have is something you can't teach. >> nichole: tomorrow night community members in the orange district are invited to come and see the fab lab for themselves. if you want to try out the mnls,
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the woman responsible for bringing fab lab to ornl for the week is jan morse season. she's behind a lot of progress in this s.t.e.m. education field until the cleveland area and all around the country. we'll tell you more about here at 7:00. so make the switch. >> brian: well, an hour ago we told you how the skirvin hotel in oklahoma city apologized to cavs guard kyrie irving about sunday's bedbug incident. they were isolated, they say, to just kyrie's room, but now the pest control temperature terminix wants to make sure they never throw off his game together. they offered to send the best terminix technician on the road with the cavs -- pretty funny -- during the next road trip. >> tia: sponsorship on the way for something for kyrie? probably. >> brian: i'm sure that's what they're trying to do. we want you to keep the tv on. we're glad you're watching. don't do anything. we are streaming live right now
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you get to see what's going on in the actual newscast, but what's going on back here. >> tia: right. you can access through the cleveland 19 facebook page. make sure and see it. some stuff is absolutely crazy. you can't predict some of this stuff. time is 6:39. a winter weather advisory is in effect for parts of cleveland 19 viewing area, right, sam? >> samantha: yeah, guys, out on the west side we have a winter weather advisory in plain with the potential for freezing rain. heads up west siders, your commute may feature a few slick spots. akron is not under an advisory, but it's pouring rain out there. it's 38 degrees. that's why we're not concerned about freezing rain there. in akron you'll find our own q. mccray with a great story for you guys. q. >> q.: yeah, luckily for us this morning we're indoors in the basement and what the kids here -- the students here call the shop.
6:40 am
would call a miracle happen from scratch. they build cars. students at the university of akron. a behind of scenes look is
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>> brian: good morning. a live look from the feazel roof cam. this is our downtown camera shooting east from downtown. that is cleveland state university. we want to remind you thanks for watching this morning. we're streaming live on facebook right now. go to the cleveland 19 news facebook page and get a behind of scenes look as we actually do the newscast. keep us on tv, too.
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>> tia: greek life, habitat for humanity, show choir, just a few extracurriculars college students participate in. >> brian: there's nothing common about what sunts at the university of akron are doing. this is something else. they're manufacturing a high-speed race car for international competition. q mccray is live in akron with some students. this is great stuff, q. >> q.: it is. we're reporting live from what the kids call the shop. we're down here. this is zips racing headquarters, if you will. with me now is kloyd reed, one of the team members. it's not unusual to be here at this hour of the morning. this is extracurricular activity because you have a lot of work to do. >> we definitely do, especially now. we're currently in the manufacturing and assembly phase of the car. so as you can see, we're hard at work fairly early in the morning to get it done. in the back alan and matt are
6:45 am
one of these, which is an entirely tuned by us, and all the calculations and whatnot for the internals are done by us and even custom parts are made for this application. as you can see moving up towards the front of the car we put in the pedal assembly and all the brake lines. these are custom fitted by us. they're combined by us using the program. moving into the chassis, we use aerospace composites, really intelligent engineers to build this whole entire package to perform as well as possible during the competition. >> q.: all of this is really done on your free time. you build all these parts from scratch, by hand. where does the love for this come from? >> it's just what we like to do. we want to be better engineers and we want to eventually help out the world and improve on technology and whatnot. this is also our personal
6:46 am
all around it's what we want to do as far as engineering and motorsports and knowing we're dedicated to something that can make us better in the future. >> q.: that's exactly what is happening here. this team is world renowned. some of the kids here on campus may not know about zips racing. they're known around the world for what they're doing and all the innovations they create. congratulations to them and long. stick around. the next hit is at 7:15 on the cle43. reporting live from the shop here at ua. here q. mccray. back to you in the studio. >> tia: you'll real thirsty, huff? >> brian: i need coffee to keep it going. late night trying to keep it rolling here. >> tia: that's what happens when you try to live like you're 21 still. i have no mercy on you. >> samantha: go to a concert.
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>> samantha: a lot of people feeling like that that went to the concert and stayed up a little late. you're up with us at 6:46. >> brian: i'm happy to be here for you. >> samantha: he is. >> tia: it was a great weather last night. >> brian: beautiful downtown. >> samantha: no jacket out there. >> brian: just walking around. >> tia: just like a 20-something-year-old. >> samantha: she's going to give him grief all morning. you look good to have stayed up so late and not gotten any sleep. >> brian: it's the embalming >> samantha: he said it's embalming if you didn't hear it over the mic. yeah, it was a long night for mr. duffy, but it looks like he had a great time. maybe you had a great time at the show as well. hey, your weather impacts for this morning, want you to be aware we have the potential for very heavy rain today on the order of an inch up to an inch and a half of rain, ponding on the roadways may be an issue for you. take it slow out there, and we might run into minor flooding.
6:48 am
thunder for today. over the last three hours it's just been this persistent push of moisture coming in from the south. we have very heavy rain out here on the western side of our forecast region. west of akron it's coming down. southern huron county and then out into ottawa, sandusky, and seneca counties. steady rain there. these are the areas where i think we could see some freezing rain issues through about 10:00 in the morning. now, i have no reports of freezing rain yet in our coverage area. only out towards toledo. if you travel out there, you may run into some slick spots, but here at home on the west side these are the areas where i think we could see some frozen precipitation meaning slick spots. so be careful, and even where it's just raining, you got to be careful. everywhere from canton out to youngstown up into mentor, ashtabula, everybody is seeing that heavy rain. so the school forecast for
6:49 am
umbrellas at the bus stop. a low chance of outdoor recess today, because it's going to be an all-day rain event. even for the ride home or moms and dads as you pick the kids up in the car line this afternoon, you have some showers out there. temperatures start off in the 30s, and we very slowly rise into the upper 40s and lower 50s. now, it's going to take us a while to get there. we may not see our highs for the day until much later, maybe even as late as 8:00, 9:00 at night. dress for the 40s today but you may get into the 50s. for tonight scattered rainshowers. your forecast will change over to a wintery mix after midnight. windy today, tonight and through the day tomorrow. now, tomorrow we change over to all snow. when it's all said and done we may see 2, up to 4 inches of snow tomorrow.
6:50 am
tomorrow. then we get a little break on friday with a small chance for some morning snow. the weekend, thumbs up. laura. >> laura: just rough, rough commutes is what we're going to deal with both today and sounds like tomorrow as well. look outside right now. this is i-480 at 77. traffic is still moving right now, but, of course, it is very, very wet out there. we're dealing with some issues out there in terms of accidents. so if we look at this one, there's an accident on i-480 eastbound near the jennings. we have one lane blocked due to that accident there, so that causes those yellow arrows there as we see moving through the area. 42 miles per hour. now, if you look at this and you look at 480 the rest of the way, we are staying up to speed across the rest of the map. another accident, this is going to be in the cuyahoga falls area, west bath road near akron peninsula road. not affecting the highways, but it could affect your commute
6:51 am
as we look across the wide map here, we see mostly green, but we have a little bit of yellow there with that accident i just showed you and also as you pass by the steelyards here. there's your slowdowns, north olmstead to cleefd, it takes you 22 minutes. guys. >> brian: hold on a second. lauren buchanan one of our producers, mentor high school is closed due to a power outage. >> tia: thanks for pointing that out. >> brian: mentor high school is closed today. >> tia: no school today. >> brian: good for them. >> tia: i guess. time is 6:51. you have to make it up at some point. i don't know if it's good. coming up in our 7:00 hour on channel 43, if you have trouble figuring out your child's homework every night, there's a school for you. >> brian: what might be the newest exercise craze among soccer moms. the story behind -- look at that -- the wine workout.
6:52 am
hour on cle43.
6:53 am
6:55 am
>> tia: as you head out the door to start your day, here are stories to know before you go. trump was able to expand his dominance despite well-organed campaigns by his two rivals, ted cruz and marco rubio. >> we're going to do very well in ohio. we're beating the governor. >> the facts are every single time someone hurled the charges against me. >> the democrats were busy tries to get voters in south carolina at a town hall in columbia. >> the horseshoe cleveland casino are getting new games. rock gaming becomes jack games. >> a massive recall today involving candy maker mars. they're recalls millions of mars snickers and milky way chocolate bars. >> he had many shaking his heads
6:56 am
>> pittsburgh! >> brian: come on, bruce. >> tia: that's the storm chaser right now on 480 west in brooklyn. it's coming down this morning. >> samantha: it's pouring out there this morning. it's raining all day, so you want to be sure if you have time to switch over to cle43. i'm going to go and give you a totally detailed look at the weather. >> laura: we have several accidents right now as well. so i'm tweeting those and facebooking those and we'll talk about those at 7:00. i got a report of on fulton road struck. we have dangerous conditions out there for drivers, for walkers, anything. >> tia: that's pretty serious. >> brian: yeah. we want to mention mentor high school, huge district, of course, closed today. they have a power outage there. school. is that right? >> tia: that's correct. make the switch to cle43.
6:57 am
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, february 24th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." deadly tornadoes tear through the south. powerful winds toss rvs through the air. tens of millions could still be in danger. donald trump wins the nevada caucuses in a landslide. marco rubio surges to second. he'll be with us. is your phone secretly recording you, how some apps steal your personal information and your money. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. look up. it's going to cross right in front of us.


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