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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 4PM  CBS  February 24, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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p. p live from cleveland's news pcenter, cleveland 19 news starts pnow. p>> mark: severe weather hits pthe south. phere is some drone video of ensacola, florida, after the pstorms. pand right now people in the pcarolinas bracing for a dose of pmotor nature's wrath. pand really here at home for us, pwe've dealt with just rain all pday long. pand that's going to get even a plittle more tricky. p>> romona: yes, jeff, i hear pthe rain is actually going to pturn to snow soon. p>> jeff: it is. ptomorrow morning. pthat's when we're going to see pthe change over here as we turn pmuch colder. pbut as we expected, over and pinch of rain. pand a lot of spots, rivers and pcreeks are swollen. pbut here is the good news right pnow.
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pdoppler. pwe're starting to see some dryer pair work in briefly here. pwe do have some heavier rain. plake, geauga and trumbull pcounty. pbut that is lifting out. pand also a line of showers papproaching mansfield. pbut out to the west, this right phere, that's heavy snow going pon. pwe're going to get that moisture pas it moves east. pand the weather service just pissued this winter weather padvisory. pit does include the cleveland parea. pcuyahoga, lake, geauga, we may pget over four inches of snow in pthis area through tomorrow and ptomorrow night. plook at the temperature pdifference. p40 in cleveland. pbut it's 52 in akron. p53 in mansfield. psandusky is at 34. pand as far as the forecast ptemperatures go, we will pcontinue to warm this evening in pcleveland to about 47 at 8:00. p46 at 10:00. pso it's going to remain all rain ptonight.
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pthrough the 30s and that's when pwe get winter-like around here pfor a little while. pforecast details coming up at pabout 4:13. promona. p>> romona: as we just told you, eople in the carolinas are pbracing for the severe weather pthat slammed the coast. pat least three people were pkilled and dozens hospitalized pas tornado ripped across towns pfrom mississippi to florida. pyou're taking a live look at a icture right now. pthat is from richmond, virginia, pwhere people are also bracing pfrom the storms. pkenneth craig has the latest pfrom atlanta. p>> reporter: at least 70 homes pare damaged in the pensacola parea after a suspected tornado prolled through tuesday night. pflorida's governor toured the pdestruction and promised victims pthat help is on the way. p>> we're here to make sure peverybody gets back to living a pnormal life as quickly as we pcan. p>> we're both pulling on it. p>> reporter: this couple rode pout the storm in a closet. p>> i just pushed her in there pand went in behind her. pand when she went down, there pwas glass all down there from
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p>> it was just something you'd pnever want to imagine going pthrough. pnever. p>> reporter: despite all of the pdamage, no major injuries are preported in pensacola. pin convent, louisiana, crews are psearching for additional victims pin this trailer park. pat least two people are dead and pdozens injured after a tornado psent mobile homes flying. p>> there are family members pcalling in that has not made pcontact with loved ones and that pthey know were in this area. p>> reporter: another twister pblew the roof off of this gym in rairieville. p>> they had about 35 people phere. pworking employees and people pjust working out. pthey had about 8 kids in the day pcare. pso definitely a scary situation. p>> reporter: the nasty weather pis moving north in west pknoxville, tennessee, high winds ptook down trees and power lines. pforecasters say tornadoes are ossible in the carolinas and arts of virginia. pkenneth craig, cleveland 19.
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p police cars breaking down pduring a chase. phow does that happen? ptoday we went looking for panswers about the condition of pthese vehicles. pwhen that in live, denise pzarrella joins us live telling pus what she found. phey, denise. p>> denise: yes, how are you pdoing, mark? pit turns out that obviously pelyria police is dealing with an paging unit of cars. pthey've got about 59 of them. psome of them have more than 100. pmost of them have more than p100,000 miles on them. pthat's their youngest vehicles pthat they have. pover the weekend not one, not ptwo, but three of them broke pdown during a police chase. ptake a look. pthis is scanner traffic from the olice department page that pthousands. p>> northbound through. phere. pi think something just blew in p>> all right. pi'm having a hard time catching pup. p>> we heard a lot pop. pit sounded like it was coming pfrom the engine.
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pwe were probably doing 70 to 75 pmiles per hour at that point. pknees p>> denise: elyria police atrolman describes what phappened when he tried to pursue pa suspected stolen car. pa high-speed chase ensued but pelyria police soon find out they pcouldn't keep up. p>> asking the unit behind us to ptake over the lead, and he pradioed that he was unable to peven catch us. phe was having problems with his pvehicle also, as well as a third punit that was following even pfurther behind. p>> denise: the ohio state phighway patrol had to take over pthe pursuit and make the arrest. p>> embarrassing that our agency pcouldn't do what were asked to pdo. p>> denise: but the police chief psays he mainly fears for his pofficer's safe tease. pthe newest car in his fleet of p59 have over 100,000 miles on p24e78. p>> when you're talking about pyour newer cars being 110,000 pmiles already, vehicles that are
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panother agency and we're putting pthem on the road because they're pbetter than what we have. pthat's very concerning. p>> denise: so the chief here psays that just in general pbecause of budget cuts, he pworries about the equipment his olice officers are using and he phopes that when they go out pthere that they have -- they phave barely enough and they'll pcome home safe after the pequipment that they're using out pthere. p>> mark: denise, isn't there a plevy coming up on the ballot retty soon for them? p>> denise: there is, mark. pin fact, that's issue six. pthat will be on the ballot. pbasically that's a temporary pfive year, one-half percent pincrease of the income tax here. pagain, that will be on the pballot on march 15th. pthe chief says if that doesn't ass, he doesn't know what he's pgoing to do. p>> mark: all right. pvery good. pdenise zarrella reporting out in pelyria. pthank you very much. p about 4:06 right now. pcedar point spokesperson just ptold us a little more than an
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pmaking any changes to signs, a pheight of the fence or safety rocedures. pthis comes after the death of an peast canton man. pthis was last summer. pyou probably remember this. pjames young died after climbing ptwo fences that go under the praptor ride and he got hit. pyoung was going in to grab his hone. phe had dropped. pcedar point says as of now, the pfencing installed meets or pexceeds standards set and penforced by the ohio department pof agriculture amusement ride psafety division. p>> we're like a family. pand it touches home. pit's like losing a family pmember. p>> romona: today would have pbeen the first day back on duty pfor 18 year veteran tanya pjohnson. pakron police say tanya johnson pand her husband of less than a pmonth were in a car and got into pan argument. pshe got out of the car and ran pacross the highway and was hit pand killed by a truck on monday. ptoday dani carlson joins us live pfrom the scene.
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pand i also got a chance today to pspeak to akron police just to pget an update on this case. pand they said that they're pinvestigating tanya johnson's pdeath and what happened here on pmonday as strictly a traffic paccident but say if anything pcriminal shows up during the pcourse of that investigation, pthey will pass it on to their pdetectives. pwhen i was talking with her sons ptoday, they tell me they think psomething is suspicious. pdo you think there's any way pthat this was just a traffic paccident? p>> no, it's not a traffic paccident whatsoever. pi don't think that at all. p>> dani: it's been two full pdays. pbut tanya johnson's kids tell us pthey didn't need two minutes to pknow something wasn't right pabout their mom's deadly paccident. pthey say they think there's only pone reason their mom would have pjumped out of a car, crossed pthree lanes of traffic and pjumped over a median. p>> she jumped over the median pbecause she felt like whatever pwas in that car was more
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pgoing 70 miles an hour. pand the risk and reward was pworth it. pthe risk was dying basically. pbut the reward was getting away pfrom him. p>> dani: the him, her son pthinks tanya john san was trying pto get away from was her husband pfor just more than a week randy pjohnson. prandy was behind the wheel when ptanya jumped out. pwe spoke to him over the phone pand he denied having anything to pdo with her getting out of the pvehicle. p>> for people to think i would pever hurt her or anything like pthat is just so outlandish that pit just hurts me to even think pabout it. p>> dani: he said he loved her. phe said he didn't do anything. pshe just jumped out of the car. p>> if he loved her, don't you pthink he would be here consoling pher mother? p>> dani: we are told that pfuneral arrangements for tanya pjohnson are still pending.
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pnext week. plive in akron do night tonight, dani pcarlson, cleveland 19. p>> mark: dani, thank you. p donald trump on a roll now pafter his big win in nevada padding to his victories in new phampshire and south carolina. pbut his challengers say the race pis just heating up, and they're pthe ones who can stop the pbillionaire businessman. pmark albert has the latest on pthe 2016 race from washington. p>> so we had a very exciting pevening last night. p>> reporter: coming off a pdominating win, donald trump pstarted speculating about his ick for vice president. p>> i do want somebody that is olitical because i want to get plots of great legislation we pwant passed just sitting there, pincluding proper health care. p>> reporter: trump also preceived his first endorsement pfrom a remember member of congress. pchris says he wants to shake up pthe washington status quo. pmarco rubio brushed off trump's pvictory. p>> i think it's important to ptake a deep breath. pfirst of all, the republican pnomination is decided by
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pwe're not even near that number. p>> reporter: trump has won 81 pdelegates so far with rubio and pcruz at 17 each. pbut super tuesday is the big rize with 595 delegates at pstake. pted cruz is hoping to carry his phome state of texas on tuesday pafter his disappointing third lace finish in nevada. ptoday he locked down support pfrom texas governor greg abbott. p>> i'm asking my fellow texans pto join me in supporting a true pfighter for liberty. p>> it is an incredible honor to pbe here with the governor of tex pto be standing together saying pwe've got six days. psix days to lead in texas. pto lead the country. pso let's get to work. p>> reporter: the next gop pdebate is set for thursday night pin houston. pwhite house. p>> mark: mark, thanks. p and still to come at 4:30, pthe latest poll from baldwin pwallace about where governor pkasich stands in comparison so
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p today local entrepreneurs pget a chance to make a pitch to pohio. pglobal '16 is a civic pitch pcompetition that rewards pindividuals who have innovative pideas. pit gives them an opportunity to pshare the idea in a room full of pleaders and community members pwho can make the idea a reality. pfinalist and has his story pcoming up. p also today in the buzz, an pceline dion. p and facebook is getting a plittle more emogital.
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p. p live from cleveland's news pcenter, driven by don joseph ptoyota in kent, this is pcleveland 19 news. p>> mark: so we know amazon is plike an endless candy store for ponline shoppers. pbut have you ever wondered how pmuch it would ever cost to buy pone of everything. p>> romona: no. pbut in case you have. pone computer scientist did and pit would cost $12.86 billion. phe said he averaged the price of pall 479 million items on pamazon's website to $26.86 and pthen multiplied them to get the pmonstrous price tag. pit sounds like he has a lot of ptime on his hands. p>> mark: he might have a little pmore than many of us. p>> romona: yes. p>> mark: so facebook's like pbutton has some new competition
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pthe social media site announced ptheir expanding's user ability pto react to something on the pnews feed. pnow you can include love, ha ha, pwow, sad or angry. p>> romona: oh. p>> mark: facebook says they presearched and tested the new picons for more than a year. pi'm about to post a picture of pyou. pso we'll see what kind of icons pwe get. p [ laughing ] p>> mark: i'd prefer a smiley pface. p>> romona: i'm so glad they phave the sad. pwhen people use relatives. pyou need something. p>> jeff: or when you talk about pthe weather around here. pstuff like that. p [ laughing ] p>> jeff: well, you know, it's pstill right now. pand kind of an interesting day. pwe did get over an inch of rain. pthe rivers are swollen. pnothing major, though, as far as pthe flooding is concerned. pbut here at ashtabula county, pyou have a wave of some heavier pshowers. pand this could contain a little pbit of thunder. pwe're down here in holmes pcounty. pthis is approaching glenn mont, pmillersburg as well.
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pother than that, you know, there pis all of the rain that we saw pthroughout the day. pwe're getting a bit of a break pmost areas. pin fact, even some breaks in the pcloud cover. pbut then as i widen out, you can pclearly see what's happening out phere. pthis is a snowstorm going on phere in michigan, grand rapids, pkalamazoo, chicago. pyou're probably doing with a lot pof flight delays and pcancellations there at o'hare pand midway. pbut this is the colder side of pthis big storm. pand we were telling you about pthe severe weather going on in arts of virginia, washington dc pnow is under a tornado watch. pand that extends down into the pcarolinas. pwe're at 41 in cleveland. pit's woorm armer south. pout to the west nothing too pcold. pit's in the 30s. pjust enough to support the snow. pqooer pwe're going to have colder air pcome in here tomorrow. pso the timeline on this, i would psay by morning. pokay. pnow, future view develops the psnow first out to the west
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ptoledo, sandusky, elyria. pand then it looks like after p4:00 a.m., that's when it's pgoing to start snowing in pcleveland and area wide. pand then it will just continue pthroughout the day. pthis happens. pso i have us dropping down to 36 pwith -- it's going to start out pas over night light rain predeveloping in cleveland and 37 pover night light rain. pthe wind is going to pick up pagain. pfirst alert tomorrow for the psnow and the wind. pi think general one to three pinches of accumulation here with pwind gusts over 30. pand we're going to be seeing lunging temperatures. phere is 10:00 a.m. tomorrow pmorning. p1:00 p.m. in the afternoon. psnows coming down. p4:00 p.m. in the afternoon pheaviest is south and east of pcleveland. pand the future view snowfall is pgoing to be a general one to pthree, let's say. pand it's giving mansfield three
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pafternoon tomorrow. p36 but falling. p1 to 2 inches of snow. pwinds are going to be very pgusty. pand there you see the drop in ptemperature. pdown to 29 at lunch. pand i have us dropping down to p27 at 5:00. pso a very changeable day out pthere. pin fact, tomorrow night we get pdown to 19 and some lake-effect psnow showers around tomorrow pnight into friday morning. pbut i think friday morning it pwill be light. p25 only on friday. pbut then just like that it warms pup over the weekend. pwindy on saturday. p43. psaturday night is going to be pvery warm. pand an alert on sunday for pstrong winds as we will be papproaching 60 on sunday for the phigh. pmonday, tuesday looking fairly pquiet and temperatures generally pin the 40s. phere is the buzz. p now it's time for the buzz psponsored by national carpet
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p>> romona: it's a rival movie paward show to the oscars. p>> mark: and an on stage break pdown for a celebrated psongstress. p all by myself p. p [ cheers and applause ] p>> romona: celine dion got very pemotional while performing pduring her las vegas show last pnight. pit was the first time since her phusband died last month. pcelino added a tribute. pthe crowd did help her through pit, though, and you could see it pended on a high note.
4:21 pm
pand deaf jam records founders prussell simmons is filming a prival show to the oscars. pthe all deaf movie awards. pit will feature a black carpet pand have a tribute to will smith pwho was snubbed by the academy. pchris rock's brother comedian ptony rock is actually going to phost the show. pthe show, which was launched as pa response to the oscars pdiversity controversy will air pon fusion at 7:00 monday. p>> romona: oh, gosh. p>> mark: sunday. pi'm sorry. psunday, correct? pall right. pokay. pgot it. pso i just want you to set your pdvrs. p>> romona: it should be fun. p 31 years that i have been pemployed by the cleveland museum pof art. p>> romona: leaving her mark. pthis woman's history goes much
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p. p a cleveland heights woman phelps many of us understand phistory every day. ptia ewing explains how she's pleaving her mark. p>> welcome. pwelcome. p>> reporter: she's the face pthat greets student groups every ptime they walk through the door. p>> so if you want to walk right pinto that door right there, pthere's a black part on the left pthat you can put the lunches on. p>> reporter: sometimes more pthan a dozen per day. p>> 31 years that i have been pemployed by the cleveland museum pof art. p>> reporter: but thomas clark pstories started years before pthat. pin the 60s. pborn during the height of the pcivil rights movement. peven remembering the aftermath pof this. p [ sirens ] p>> reporter: the bombings of pthe 16th street baptist church. p15 people were seriously hurt. pthese four little girls were pkilled. pan act of white supremacist pterrorism on u.s. soil. p>> your mother taught you, you pknow, you don't run. pyou know, you don't want people
4:26 pm
psomething wrong or give them an pexcuse to hurt you. pso lots of little things that pare just a part of who i am pbecause of growing up in the mid p60s in the south. p>> reporter: she is the peducation and interpretation and ptour administrator. p>> euclid heading off the tour pand we're still expecting one pgroup. p>> reporter: helping people pnavigate through the museum. pand she says she does that in pher everyday life as well. p>> at home i am the mother of pfive. pmy husband and i have two pbiological sons that are 21 and p17. pand we adopted three children pfrom foster care that are now p11, 9 and 8. p? pa family of seven now. pshe says there is one figure in pafrican-american and u.s. phistory that she says she presembles the most. p>> harriet tutman comes to mind.
4:27 pm
pmoses kind of people. pyou know, leading you from poppression into a better life. p>> reporter: for clark, that's pwhat leaving her mark means. phelping guide others. p>> so, ladies, you can take urses with backpacks and things plike that. pyour drink will have to be left. p>> reporter: on a path to a pbetter life. ptee a ptia ewing, cleveland 19. p>> romona: i love that story. p>> mark: holy cow. pamazing. pthank you. p still to come here at 4:00. pready, set, accelerate. p2016. pwe're going to take you to the
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p. p now to our top stories today pat 4:00, the south is getting pslammed by severe weather. pat least three people died after ptwisters devoid stroyed parts of plouisiana, mississippi and pflorida.
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pbracing for a dose of the severe pweather. pthe winds are supposed to be the pbiggest threat. pmark. p>> mark: i'll tell you, a plittle breezy out there today. pbut i have to tell you, the rain pwas kind of the big story, pright? p>> jeff: it was. pover an inch of rain. pand that swelled up the creeks pand the rivers. pwe're not seeing any major pflooding, though, but a lot of pstanding water out there. in a plot of spots. pand then tomorrow it's phase two pwith this system, the colder pside. pand the weather service has pissued a winter weather padvisory. pwe're going to get a combination pof the system snow and plake-effect snow that kicks in plater in the day. pand then tomorrow night it does pinclude the cleveland area. pcounty. pso that's the situation there. pit's still showers here. plook at all this snow happening pout to the west. pblizzard-like conditions in arts of michigan, indiana and paround chicago. pand for now we have this latest pwave and there could even be pthunder in here. pthis is rolling through western pwooster area.
4:32 pm
pthat. pit looks like we'll continue to psee at least a few waves of pthese showers this evening. pand then more rain developing pover night. ptemperatures will pop into the p40s in cleveland. pand then here you see the p7:00 a.m. temperature mid 30s. pnow, that's key because if the ptemperature stays above freezing pwhen the snow hits, it will rimarily be wet roads at least pfor the morning drive. p51 is the current temperature pakron-canton. pand it's 37 in cleveland with a plittle bit of sun out there. pwarm and windy tonight. plight rain. pbig change on the way tomorrow pwith that snow and wind. pand then a very cold friday. pi'm looking at about one to pthree inches general paccumulation throughout the day pwith the plunging temperatures pand those gusty winds out there. promona. p>> romona: all right. p now to campaign 2016 where a pbaldwin wallace poll shows a pstartling tie. p>> mark: yes.
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pdonald trump is now in a virtual ptie with ohio's governor. pdan. p>> dan: that's right. pwhat's interesting is really one pof the only states when you look pat marco rubio in florida, trump pis winning there. pwhen you look at ted cruz in ptexas. ptrump is winning there. pso it's really one of the only pstates where the candidate is pmaybe even giving donald trump a prun for the money. pthe methodology on this, this pwas a poll taken between pfebruary 11th and the 20th. p825 likely ohio voters were oints. pwhen you add that in, the five oints, it is, yes, a virtual ptie. pbut trump still ahead in this oll with 33%. pand we're also seeing a tie when pit comes to the democrats. pthis is the first poll that i've pseen sanders on top of clinton. pagain, this was done by baldwin pwallace. psanders with a lead. pthis is a tie. pnot sure which way this is pgoing. pinteresting that they have put pout this poll today because
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pactually be at the school. pthey are preparing for that. pand we had sent sia nyorkor to pthe campus to see what they're pdoing. pwhat kind of a crowd they expect pfor that event tomorrow. pand that story is coming up at p5:00. promona. p the eaton corporation in pberea will be laying off some pemployees, we've learned. pthe company says it is closing pthe hydraulics plant on baggily pand laying off more than 100 pemployees. playoffs will begin in early papril. p a missouri jury ordered pjohnson and johnson to pay p$72 million in damages in a plawsuit overbay bee powder. pthe family of jackie fox claims pshe died of ovarian cancer pcaused by the johnson and pjohnson product. pnow, they claim the company new pof the dangers and didn't care. pjohnson and johnson released a pstatement saying it stands by
4:35 pm
p it was a bad day for reggie pruker. pruker will have to pay prestitution between 95,000 to p$150,000. psentence ing is set in may. phe phe phe used donation money to pay poff gambling and other debts. p happening right now, paccelerate 2016. pwhat is it? p>> romona: well, locals are pgetting the chance to compete in ptheir very own shark tank. pshanice dunning talked to one of pthe finalists who was able to pget his idea off the ground. p>> shanice: yeah. phave you ever thought of psomething that you believe could pimpact or change cleveland? pwell, the cleveland institute pcenter has a program that brings pthose ideas to life. pat a young age, lee discovered phis passion for writing. p>> just always had a passion for preading. pwas the kid who would bring home pa huge stack of books from the plibrary and try to read them pall. p>> shanice: and that passion pled him to think of an idea.
4:36 pm
pone-day writer's conference in pcleveland to help writers learn, pconnect and share. p>> shanice: so he took his idea pand applied to the accelerate rogram offered by the cleveland pleadership center. pthrough accelerate, people can psubmit an idea that they believe pwill create a positive impact in pthe areas of community change, peconomic development, education, pquality of life and arts and pculture. pthen the applicant pool is pwiddled down to finalistses who phave the opportunity to pitch ptheir ideas in front of a panel pof community leaders. pwinner takes home $5,000 to fund ptheir idea, and the runner up pgets $2,000. p>> it was nerve-wracking and fun pand exciting. p>> reporter: last year lee pdidn't win the final prize but pthrough the connections he made, phe was still able to launch his pwriter's conference and extend pit into an organization called pliterary cleveland. p>> we had 300 people here for pwriter's conference. eople were very jazzed,
4:37 pm
popportunities that were there to pdevelop your craft and connect pwith other writers. p>> shanice: and tonight the pstage is set for this year's pfinalists and lee's story is an pexample that connecting an idea pto the right person can make it phappen. pyou never know. phave to get those ideas out pthere. pthose presentations are phappening now in the convention pcenter and we will have more pcoverage on this for you in our plater newscast. pmark and romona. p>> romona: all right. pthat's really nice. pthank you. p ahead at 5:00, one local pwoman has already made her pdreams of creating a reality. pthe great glasses she's come up pwith that can help so many eople. p but first, hue jackson pdelivers a strong message at the pnfl combine today. ptony and i take a listen to that pin timeout. p and a first of its kind pstudy looks at the tickers of pnba basketball players.
4:38 pm
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p. p welcome back. pbasketball players have the phighest rates of sudden cardiac pdeath in the u.s. related to psports. pnow a study could help doctors pdiscover what is normal and pabnormal when it comes to pathletes hearts. p>> reporter: at 7 foot 1, isiah paustin was built for basketball. pafter two standout years on the
4:41 pm
pdraft. p>> i was playing some of the pbest basketball of my life. p>> reporter: but his dreams pwere about to change. pleague doctors ran tests, pincluding image ing of his heart. phe had marfan's syndrome. pa genetic disorder that puts pcardiac death. p>> just accepting it. paccepting that life and health pis more important than a game. p>> reporter: researchers at pcolumbia university medical pcenter in collaboration with the pnba have released a new study pthat for the first time examines pthe hearts of nba players. p>> we've provided a frame of preference that all physicians pcan use to help to decide what pis normal and what's abnormal. p>> reporter: researchers panalyzed the echo cardiogram of pmore than 500 nba players. pthey found while the heart pincreased proportionally with ptheir size, the aortic route pwhich connects to the main blood pvessel was not proportional. p>> aortic route diameters
4:42 pm
pno matter how big you get, there pwas a certain limit. p>> reporter: isiah won't be pable to play in the nba. p>> i miss it every day. pyou know, it's my first love. p>> reporter: he pours his pcompetetive spirit into a new pyou golf? p>> yes, i do. p>> reporter: how are you? p>> i'm actually pretty good. p>> reporter: and he uses his pathletes. pomar viafranca, cbs news, texas. p>> mark: omar, thank you. pit can be for all athletes pincluding volleyball and track pand field for tall athletes. p now for a quick timeout with promona and tony. p>> romona: all right. pwe get to talk a little football pand the nfl combine to be exact. p>> tony: we're there. pcarl is there for us in pindianapolis. pmore than one of 100 reporters. pthis things like the nfl gets pbigger and bigger every year p>> romona: oh, sure. pjones is there. p>> tony: quarterbacks arrived
4:43 pm
phe is tailer made for this event pbecause he's very intelligent pand personable. pthey're going to be impressed pwhen they dauk talk to him. pthen they're going to see him pwork out. pit's going to be like wow. p>> romona: even though he lost phis starting job -- p>> tony: it won't maert. pthey're going to look at it and psay we can do with this guy. p>> romona: a lot of people talk pthe talk about domestic pviolence. phue jackson spoke out. phe means what he says. p>> tony: you're going to hear phim. pyou and hue have something in pcommon. pafter that he went across and psaid haven't we talked enough pabout johnny manziel. p>> romona: exactly. pwe're tired of hearing about it. p>> tony: but he was asked about p>> we made a statement two weeks pago about johnny manziel, and pi'm going to stand by that. pi think his future on our family psoon.
4:44 pm
pi think it's pretty important pobviously there were people pinvolved in this situation that phappened. pand i feel very bad about those pthings as they do happen. pbut i want to make sure we all punderstand that that behavior pwill not be tolerated as we move pforward. pand that's all i want to say pabout it. pi want to leave it at that. pour organization is it going to ptake a stand and we're going to pmove on from those kind of psituations as we move forward. p>> tony: amen. p>> romona: yes. p>> tony: it's a media crush. phue is in there, by the way, pthere he is. p>> romona: p>> romona: we see him. p>> tony: we'll hear for from phim at 6:00. pthat was a make no mistake. pjohnny manziel will be a former pcleveland brown on march 9th pwhich pwhen they can make that move. p>> romona: all right. plet's go back over to mark. p first alert traffic on pcleveland 19 news is sponsored pby ford. p>> mark: let's take a peek poutside. pthere it is. p77 and 480 right there in pindependence. pthe rain is still coming down. pbut everybody seems to have pfigured it out. peverybody is moving along at a retty good clip.
4:45 pm
pthere at this point. palso we have this just in. pat least two people have been pkilled in virginia. pthis after severe weather slams pthe east coast. pthis according to usa today. pand crews are now clearing pwreckage from pem brook pines. pwe're told the pilot is out. pthis is pem brook pines, pflorida. ptake a look at that. phow about that. rivate aircraft just missed the ool there. peverybody is okay, though. pwe'll keep an eye on that. pmen ee lenty going on here as get into pthe rest of the evening. p plenty going on later at p5:00. pa local man released from prison pall because of the corrupt pactions of some police officers. p and the cleveland clinic preporting record profits for p2015. pthe hospital system getting a pbig boost from patients visiting pfrom overseas. p also a local mom making life
4:46 pm
pthanks to a bright idea and the pdetermination to make it come ptrue. p plus the boss made a big pmistake when he took the stakes plast night at the q. pfind out what that was coming up pat 5:00. p>> mark: all right. pdenise, p>> breaking news and weather p24/7. download the cleveland 19 pnews app sponsored by kisling,
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4:48 pm
4:49 pm
p. p all right. pwe're going to look at the pfeazel roof cam here in pindependence -- well, excuse me. pthis is downtown cleveland. pand here you see some sunny pbreaks out there. pwe still have some showers, even pa rumble of thunder or two protating through the area. pso we can see to monitor that. pright now we're going to focus pon the seven day here. pand it is a wild one. ptomorrow we are going to be pfalling in the 30s into the 20s
4:50 pm
pa general one to three inch of paccumulation. pit will be kind of like that wet psnow. pso that's going to slow things pdown. pand then it really gets cold on pfriday with some leftover light psnow in the morning. pso we do kick in some plake-effect tomorrow night into pfriday morning. ponly 25. pno alert, though, on friday. psaturday windy and 43 as we warm pup again. pyour saturday night is going to pbe windy and very warm. pand then an alert on sunday. pvery windy as temperatures will pbe in the upper 50s, perhaps pnear 60 depending on how much psun we can get here. prain sunday night. pand then monday we dry out. p41. pmostly cloudy, windy. pa lot of wind in the seven day phere. p49 on tuesday. pand then look at that on pwednesday. psome morning rain. pand we're back up to 57 degrees pas we enter march. plast day of february being on pmonday. pso look at the trend here.
4:51 pm
pa little shot of arctic air. pand then we really go up by psunday. p59. pand then staying at or even pabove average it looks like, at pleast the first half of next pweek. plet's see what's trending. p romona, i have only one pquestion for you. p>> romona: what's that? p>> mark: what's trending? p>> romona: let me tell you pwhat's trending. pmillennials are too lazy to eat pcereal. pthat's according to a new psurvey. p>> mark: it is tough. pyou pour stuff into a bowl and pyou have to add milk. papparently it's not quite easy penough. psales of cereal have fallen 30% pwhy? pbecause millennials have to pclean up after eating it. pit's tough to watch a bowl. pthey're eating breakfast psandwiches away from home or peating yogurt or eating away pfrom home. pcome on, kids. p>> romona: come on, kids.
4:52 pm
pbacon and biscuits is tough. pa bowl of cereal is nothing. p>> mark: get those little boxes pand pour the milk right into it. p>> romona: yes. p if you're a parent, you know pabout the sleepless nights and pbusy days. p>> romona: that's why an paustralian team mentioned a pfamily like. p>> what woke you up. p>> on what time on saturday pmorning. p>> when i had enough sleep and i pwas laying in my bed. p>> oh, sweet jesus. psay that again about having penough sleep? p>> giving you what you want from pme. p>> no. pthis is remarkable. pthis is exactly what i need. p [ laughing ] p>> romona: the new dad also pwanted to hear about staying out plate and spending the day pwatching tv on the couch. pa new parent's wildest dream. pi think my nephew is coming to pspend spring break with us. pand i don't get up until 9:30 pbecause i go to bed at 2:00 a.m. pbut he's up at 6:30 a.m., my pbrother tells me. pso i will be getting no sleep
4:53 pm
pbreakfast and he'll be too lazy pto make cereal. p>> mark: you'll hit the gym pearly, right? p>> romona: yeah, right. p after kicking cancer, a pchoir teacher gets the surprise pof a lifetime.
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
p. p you better get the tissues pready for this next story about pa chicago high school choir pteacher who just survived pcancer. p>> mark: her former students pdecided to surprise her and show pmiss watson just how much they pmean to her. p amazing grace p
4:57 pm
that saved a wretch like me p>> mark: we could probably just lay that out. pwatson is now in remission and pno doubt this special erformance really did give her phow about that. p>> romona: i have to go online pto see that. p>> mark: excellent. p all right. pcleveland 19 news at 5:00 is pcoming up. regnancy protection. pchoosing between your job and phaving a healthy baby. pit's a decision too many moms phave to make.
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
live from cleveland's newscenter, cleveland 19 news starts now. >> dan: well, you better hold onto your hats. we are in store for one weather wild ride. >> denise: that's right. rain, sun, snow, all in the weather forecast ahead.
5:00 pm
with the flood warnings in our area. >> jeff: yes. we have some minor river flood warnings, and it will be minor flood stage now. mostly an inch of rain coming down this morning. now we have heavier showers and even some thunder out there. we remain on the warm side of this big storm. check out doppler max storm network and take you south of norwalk on new london and some heavy rain there and getting into wooster, there could be thunder. that's a heavy shower and thunder moving through wooster and extending to northern tuscarawas county. that will rotate through. this right here, heavy snow and blizzard-like conditions to the west of us. and that's the snow moving in by morning. winter weather advisories from cuyahoga county points east and


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