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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 5PM  CBS  February 24, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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with the flood warnings in our area. >> jeff: yes. we have some minor river flood warnings, and it will be minor flood stage now. mostly an inch of rain coming down this morning. now we have heavier showers and even some thunder out there. we remain on the warm side of this big storm. check out doppler max storm network and take you south of norwalk on new london and some heavy rain there and getting into wooster, there could be thunder. that's a heavy shower and thunder moving through wooster and extending to northern tuscarawas county. that will rotate through. this right here, heavy snow and blizzard-like conditions to the west of us. and that's the snow moving in by morning. winter weather advisories from cuyahoga county points east and
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and we just went up in the mid-40s in cleveland windy and warm tonight and the big change tomorrow snow and wind and very cold on friday. i will have more on that snow portion coming up at 5:16. don't forget cleveland 19 weather app and download that now. denise, over to you. thanks. justice for a man sent to prison and because he was set up by police. >> dan: police discovered the misconduct and notified the defense. paul orlousky was there as the conviction was thrown out. >> reporter: an unusual sight in any courtroom. a jail garbed prison uncuffed for good. his name is kenneth blackshaw in prison after an east cleveland raid finding drugs and cash. one of the first several happenings surrounding the conduct of three east cleveland police officers convicted themselves in federal court. >> the officers actually
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>> reporter: county prosecutor mcginty had the sentence vacated because of the officers' action, again, unusual. >> it is about the misstatement officers made of the entry into blackshaw's home. they were not misstatements. they were outright lies. >> they took cash and drugs. >> i will dismiss this case with prejudices and the defendant is ordered released. >> i would like to extend my appreciation to the county prosecutor's office. >> a defense attorney complimenting a prosecutor is unusual. blackshaw is no angel but this was a frame up by police. >> the innocence may be questionable. but there's no integrity in that conviction. >> it is important it is flushed out and justice be done including people who are in prison like ken blackshaw. >> reporter: in the end it is a case about doing the right thing.
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what about other cases police investigated. >> we will seek dismissal in the other cases we have. >> reporter: ahead of the arrests, police held off. paul orlousky, cleveland 19. >> denise: two brothers who spent decades in prison for a order they didn't commit will become millionaires. >> willie bridgeman received $2.5 million from the ohio court of claims and kwame gets $2 million. they were sent to prison for the cleveland. they were exonerated last year. and ricky jackson has received 1 million so far. the man accused of hitting them in brecksville last september was in court today. our harry boomer was also there this case. >> reporter: 42-year-old tim wolf was in a garfield heights
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have been texting at the time he struck and killed two cyclists brecksville. >> the primary contact to the damage of the truck was left front. mr. billings was at the position of the left front truck at the maximum engagement. was at a final rest. >> reporter: that's where died. another cyclist, 52-year-old james lambert was struck and died a few days later. they were traveling eastbound at snowville road at dewey with the sun behind them. the truck tim wolf was driving was traveling into the sun on snowville and made a left on dewey in front of the bikes causing the deadly chain-reaction crash. >> do you have a opinion to a reasonable degree of scientific certainty that the cyclists were traveling at a speed reasonable for conditions present at the
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to the debilitating sun glare known to be directly behind them. >> 35mile-an-hour or around 35mile-an-hour based on the elements of your hypothetical and in particular approaching an intersection with the crest of the hill i think that's too fast for conditions given all the elements of your hypothetical. >> reporter: at that point this family member of one of those killed quickly jumped up and ran out of the courtroom in tears visibly upset. >> you have bicycles leaving visible skidmarks and evasive action and two bicycles didn't leave physical evidence. you have the issue of sun glare. >> reporter: tim wolf is facing two counts of secular homicide of a count of wanton disregard to public safety. his trial is expected to continue tomorrow. harry boomer, cleveland 19. >> dan: thank you, harry.
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was in court today. reggie rucker pleaded guilty to wire fraud and lying to authorities. investigators say he was using charitable donation to pay for gambling debts. he will have to pay restitution. sentence is today. >> saunders and jackson went before the court on drugs and weapons charges. bryant and saunders pleaded not guilty granted a $2,500 each and be back in court next month before a cleveland browns alumn dick ambrose. today was the opening day of nfl combine and a chance for the browns to start looking for people they call high character guys. >> the first step will be interviews with the pro hopefuls. >> tony zarrella is here to outline what coaches are looking for. tony. >> all eyes on quarterback who is arrived today and won't be
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tomorrow and they don't know what browns will you do. hue jackson reiterated they will draft a quarterback. the question is will it be a number two considering what the coaches say will it be about johnny again. the answer is yes they are going after a franchise quarterback with the pick. karsten is rising up the charts quickly. he will be the best long term and jared goff is ready now. >> mike of pro is giving us his take today. >> at this point it is too early to know who will be the better fit for the quarterbacks and whether it is goff or wentz. >> that's where hue jackson and benghazi found andy dalton and jackson wasn't the coach or the staff at all in cincinnati at the time. the better way could be to wait until 2:00 or 3:00 to try to develop the guy and take a chance at one of the top guys. >> no.
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>> first of all, andy dalton isn't an elite quarterback not until he went to a playoff ring or much less a ring. get your quarterback and start turning this team around. >> first alert traffic on cleveland 19 news is sponsored by ford. >> all right. let's take a live look. this is 77 off downtown cleveland from the cold storage cam. it is smooth sailing now. just the wet roads to contend with. of course it could get dicey later on. >> whenever you want to check out the traffic download our cleveland 19 news app and click on the traffic tab. >> donald trump did it again dominating nevada caucuses last night. let's look at the numbers. on the republican side donald trump received 50% of the vote. >> marco rubio came in second and way behind the billionaire businessman.
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ted cruz was close behind and ben carson rounding out the top 4 winning 4.8% of the vote. >> the democratic race saturday was also very close. hillary clinton beat out bernie sanders. she received 52% of the vote compared to his 47%. a new begin pack poll in the buckeye state shows governor john kasich trailing republican donald trump. >> we will do very well in ohio. we are beating the governor. that's good. it is always nice to be beating the governor. >> listen, everybody is getting slaughtered in their state. we are in the margin of error. we will win no question about it. >> denise: governor kasich is confident he can win in his home state despite the 5% deficit in the polls. the florida senator needs to clear the way for him despite a disappointing loss in nevada where mr. kasich came in dead
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still in the race. >> dan: cleveland clinic's state of the clinic report is out and 2015 was a good year for the hospital system. in fact it was the best financial year ever. operating income up 3%, $481 million. the clinic's total operating revenue in 2015, $7.2 billion. that is up 7%. we went through that entire report. a couple of things stood out and we wanted to make sure we shared with you. first of all, talking about clevelanders came because of the heart health, best in the nation at heart health care. we had no idea 51% of all international patients that come to cleveland are from the middle east. that's the first time more than half of all patients come from the middle east to the cleveland clinic, which explains as they put in their reports some of the
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abu dhabi, a clinic in 2015, 21 stories and 491 beds and pretty impressive facility there. and here in the united states, an expansion at the florida campus. this was interesting. the cleveland clinic announcing they are taking out a long-term lease on this six-story building in london, england. the plan is to offer a mix of health care services complementing local offerings with an international focus and let's get to a couple locally. this is at the akron general in 2017 finishing a brand new emergency department there. another in-patient facility is going into the avon facility. this will be done in a couple of years. 126 bed patient facility there. one last one where they announced their cancer building for studies and outpatient treatment is going on the main campus.
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abroad and here at home. we're live at accelerate 2016 in downtown cleveland where community members are coming together, pitching ideas to make northeast ohio a better place.
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live from cleveland's newscenter driven by don joseph toyota in kent, this is cleveland 19 news. >> dan: they are entrepreneurs pitching their best innovative ideas helping northeast ohio
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cleveland leadership accelerate event. >> it is at the global center for health innovative. sara goldenberg is there live. hi, sara. >> reporter: hi, guys this is about instituting change. if you look behind me i am keeping it down. we have someone pitching their ideas right now. you can see the crowd behind them listening closely to what this man has to say talking about economic development and what we can do to try to get the economy moving in northeast ohio and those are the judges. they will choose five finalists today. besides economic development we are talking about arts and culture, community change and quality of life. now, community leaders are listening to the pitches as i say and select a finalist from each category at about 6:00 tonight. it all comes down to the crowd voting on a winner.
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on and the winner walks away with a top prize of about $5,000. we are bringing together a lot of people, great ideas and trying to keep them in northeast ohio to keep everything moving along in a very positive way. so there's a lot of people out here and they are excited to see who the top winner will be. we will find out in the next hour. we will bring you a live report at 6:00. live in downtown sara goldenberg, cleveland 19. >> dan: speaking of entrepreneurs when her special needs daughter struggled with glasses that just didn't fit, a northeast ohio mom decided to do something about it and invented something about it to help awe other daughters around the world. we are share this mother's incredible story coming up later this hour. >> denise: all right. a hairy situation in southwest ohio. someone stole more than $800 of rogaine.
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surveillance cameras show the drugstore thief in the aisle and can you see the boxes that once held the hair growth formula. and this isn't the first time he has done this. police say he is suspected of similar crimes at other area cincinnati drug stores. >> all right. >> there you have it. >> i will say what everybody is thinking. he clearly needs it. you can't steal it. >> denise: maybe he steals it and doesn't remember he stole it. >> jeff: the memory, too. yeah. >> denise: let's get to the weather. it is nasty. >> jeff: we are tracking rain and some showers rapidly tracking to the northeast around this system. still warm enough for rain obviously. we've got 40s and 50s out there. here you go, through lorain county passing by wooster. now we switched to the live
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that's heavier rain. this is tracking through medina, wadsworth and wayne county and take you down west of canton, massillon, navarre, strasburg and the dover new philly area. here you see it. look at this classic set up. mid-40s in cleveland. this is how close we are to blizzard-like conditions and they are seeing it in parts of michigan, indiana and the chicago area. that's the snow that will be here tomorrow morning. so here is the latest future view. we get into a bit of a break it looks like this evening and not much going on between 7:00 and 10:00 and after that from west to east, i think it starts out as light rain and by morning at 7 a.m. we will have a wet snow coming down. that's when things will turn
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by morning with the light rain and wind will pick up again southwest wind 15 to 30mile-an-hour and akron-canton and overnight light rain for you and here is 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. we will be in the snow and wind-driven snow by the way and start out in the 30s. temperatures falling in the 20s during the day with a shot of colder air comes in. later in the afternoon snow south and east of cleveland and here is the latest future view snowfall map a general 1 to 3 inches area wide and mansfield here you are in the 3-inch mark by 4 p.m. and obviously, an alert for tomorrow. i went 1 to 2 inches in cleveland and winds gusting well over 30 miles an hour and there you see the plunge in temperature by lunchtime tomorrow. we are at 29. and 27 at 5:00.
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leftover light snow 25 and look at the weekend warm up. 43 saturday, 59 on sunday. and an alert on sunday for very windy conditions d.a. niece? >> denise: all right, jeff, thanks. airplane seats keep getting smaller and smaller. soon flying economy could get more comfortable. we will show you how next at 5:00. >> dan: let's take a live look down chester wave our feazel roof cam. the rides that rarely need a mechanic.
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>> dan: welcome. netflix is making it easy to binge watch shows on your mobile device. they launched a new version for their ios app on the iphone and ipad.
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you had to cue up each episode individually. >> looking for comfort on your next flight, check this out. this is a new type of economy seat that is designed to twist and move with your body. the seat's designer says it is even comfortable to sleep in for long periods of time. comfort is a selling point for the airlines lately. >> they are developing a bench seat to a passenger's side. when it comes to a car factor there. a new study by j.d. power says the most dependable brands are lexus, porsche and buick, the brands least likely to need a trip to the mechanic. ford and smart. more than 3,000 people who owned a 2013 model were questioned about issues with their cars in the past year and owners were
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with entertainment systems, navigation and phone connection. >> dan: we are talking politics next at 5:00. donald trump continues to dominate the republican field. >> denise: local college students fired up for a visit from a democratic candidate. plus choosing between your job and having a healthy baby. a decision a lot of working moms have to make. >> lawmakers are trying to change that. we will show you how coming up. >> tracking the wet commute on ford first alert radar.
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all right. we've got rain in the cleveland and akron area. this will slow things down. i continue to keep an eye on it and bring you an update in a few minutes.
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now let's talk politics. republican candidate donald trump is inching closer to the g.o.p. nomination. >> dan: last night he won his third primary contest and his success surprises many political analysts and some in washington. diane gallagher joins us in washington, d.c. with more on the trump steamroller. >> reporter: dan, denise, even donald trump's own campaign admits maybe he wasn't as organized as he should have been in iowa in the state he won so far in the early competitions. that was clearly not the case in nevada. the numbers are astounding. more people cast votes for donald trump last night than the total number of people who cast votes in 2012 all together for every single candidate. there's definitely momentum and everybody kind of waiting for the trump campaign to collapse,
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less and less likely it will happen. >> we love nevada. thank you. >> reporter: and nevada loved donald trump. the dominating win, the third victory in a row. politicians. >> we have drama and intrigue going on in the party. >> trump has broken through the line. >> i think donald trump is the inevitable nominee. >> even members of the media. >> the republican establishment is not laughing now. >> they reacted in a huge way. >> it is a stunning victory. >> it is a stunning victory. numbers are stunning. >> and more stunning than the victory is who helped deliver for him. despite the controversial comments throughout the campaign. >> they are bringing in drugs and crime. >> he nabbed the largest latino vote. just one of the many voting blocks he carries. >> we won evangelicals and we won with young.
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we won with highly educated. we won with poorly educated. i love the poorly educated. >> reporter: the conventional wisdom as the field got smaller trump would band together and with super tuesday on the horizon time could be running out for marco rubio and ted cruz. >> we will win in florida now that governor bush is not in the race. >> i cannot wait to get home to the great state of texas. >> reporter: they are counting on home field advantage there. at risk of overusing the word stunning there's no way to describe the turnout, whether it was legitimate excitement or anger as some of the entrance polls indicate, more than 75,000 people cast ballots in nevada. it is a record-breaking number, that's probably an understatement. that's nearly as many as 2008 and 2012 combined.
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helping voter turnout at least. >> denise: i'll say. people are fired up. what about the democrats? i know south carolina is coming up. not too much drama about who will win there. >> not really it doesn't appear at this point. south carolina is clinton country, hillary clinton and bernie sanders appeared at a cnn town hall last night and talked to south carolina voters and talked about issues important to them. but in the morning bernie sanders held a press conference in south carolina and left the state. he is in kansas city and hillary clinton on the other hand spent her entire day in the palmetto state continuing to put an exclamation point on what is likely going to be a large margin of victory. this is important to her because she's hedged so much on her campaign dealing with african-american minority voters, this is the first time in the south carolina race we are seeing a majority of african-american voting block in a state.
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doesn't appear to be exactly ignoring but his campaign is seeming to look further ahead, super tuesday and states beyond that, dan, denise, indicates his camp doesn't indicate bernie sanders is going anywhere at this time. >> let's stay on the topic. 16 states and districts up for grabs. when it comes to the republicans at least if donald trump continues his path super tuesday may come and go and he may win it all and be the nominee. is that what it is looking like? >> well, it certainly looks like there's been two camps of republicans here. donald trump and everybody else when it comes to super tuesday. here is the thing. donald trump is leading or in second place in every single poll. when it comes to the states. some are unreliable. that's a pretty dominating stat
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there is a debate tomorrow night giving republicans the last chance to kind of duke it out on state and whether or not marco rubio will go after donald trump is what we are watching for. so far he is focused on ted cruz and jeb bush no longer a in the race. with only five people on stage tomorrow night, perhaps we will get a better chance to see the candidates and. >> reporter: whether or not marco rubio will kind of step up his game and go beyond winning second place. this is something he and ted cruz -- someone has to win a state. if it is not texas for ted cruz or marco rubio tuesday. you can't win without winning states. >> denise: thank you, diane, see you soon. >> dan: senator bernie sanders will be in town tomorrow and students at baldwin wallace university are pumped up. new numbers out show ohio voters are deadlocked when it comes to the democratic race.
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>> reporter: there's a buzz on baldwin wallace campus. >> they are excited to be somewhere where they can get involved and where they not only have to go to events, but events come to them. >> reporter: u.s. senator bernie sanders will host a rally at baldwin wallace thursday morning. sanders visited cleveland state in november. copeland teaches political science and says her students are following the campaign is. >> in particular, the promise of lower tuition at college rings with them. >> reporter: baldwin wallace released the new poll wednesday morning and it shows sanders and hillary clinton almost tied with 45 and 44% of the democratic votes. >> on the republican side donald trump and john kasich are tied with senators ted cruz and marco rubio in third and fourth place. senior vice president of the university dick fletcher says baldwin wallace is a special
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candidates. >> well, we have had ronald reagan when he was president and barack obama and john mccain. we had jesse jackson, we had paul ryan and with him was condoleezza rice. we have had a number of folks over the years who have come to the campus and brought excitement with them. >> the rally is open and free to the public. in berea, sia nyorkor, cleveland 19. >> dan: to see the full results and breakdown from baldwin wallace's latest poll log onto campaign 2016 is roll ago long. get the latest every kay on cleveland 19 news at 5:00 and download the free mobile app to get updates on the go. >> a health alert tonight. johnson & johnson was ordered to pay $72 million in damages to the family of a woman who died of ovarian cancer.
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by baby powder. that had us wondering just how safe is it to use baby powder on a baby. we turned to the american academy of pediatrics web site to see what experts say. they recommend against using baby powder because of the risk of respiratory problems. baby powder can cause breathing problems and lung damage or even death if a baby inhales those particles. pregnancy should be a time of bonding with your baby. it comes with a special delivery of stress. adding to that ohio's lack of protection for pregnant women and moms in the workplace. laura reports how state lawmakers are working to change that. >> the hugs from her son now makes the pinched nerve she had worth it. missy knows firsthand what work ing despite pregnancy
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>> i had back pain and couldn't do heavy lifting. >> missy says her manager at a restaurant quickly made accommodations and not every employer does. >> mothers are an important part of the workplace. i don't think women should choose between having a family and a job. >> jessica woods found the balance between being a mom and nicu nurse. >> i worked with several moms in nursing that needed to pump and had difficult times and having to pump and places to go and pump. >> as we all know when women join together we get things done. >> all female senators are linking up to do something about it, democrats and republicans alike has a pregnancy discrimination bill. log ob-gyns say they are concerned about patients not getting breaks for bathroom
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in ohio it is legal to deny pregnant women accommodations as they carry their child. moms tell us they will follow the vote on this legislation and hope with it comes a social acceptance swing for moms. >> moms not having co-workers roll their eyes when they need to step away 20 minutes to go and pump. >> denise: the anti-discrimination bill was introduced tuesday and goes to comment. through right now. tomorrow morning and through the day we will be in the snow. weather service issuing a weather advisory not for everybody but cuyahoga and lake, ashtabula and geauga county. this is where we could look for 3, 4 inches of snow and combining lake-effect that will be kicking in tomorrow night.
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but this is the snow. we have blizzard-like conditions to the west of us. we will not see blizzard-like conditions and weaken by the time the snow swath makes it here but we will get something out of this. you've got heavier rain in mansfield area and here an arc of showers in cleveland and 77 and akron-canton and you will get a bit of a break from the rain this evening. 8:00 temperature 45. 11:00, 43 and you can see the drop in temperature tomorrow. low to mid-30s and that's when we will have snow around. 52 akron-canton and raining downtown cleveland and winds approaching and wind off the lake 39 degrees. warm and windy with the light rain overnight. we have the big change tomorrow. a plunge in temperature and a very cold friday ahead.
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1 to 3 inches of snow and all over it over 30 miles an hour. more on the 7-day coming up. >> and i found that out myself. >> the movie "joy" changes the world with her inventions.
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>> dan: well, this is a heart warming story. a mom is making life better for thousands of people thanks to a
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>> denise: denise zarrella found out how it all started with a pair of glasses. >> this is the only idea i have and i think it has a chance to change all our lives. >> reporter: have you ever had an idea that you thought would make someone's life easier? in the movie "joy" she has a revelation leading to her first marketing. >> a self-wringing mop. >> the difference the movie is about and most people, "joy" took a risk and made her invention a reality and became a multimillionaire. movie she could relate. >> doors constantly slammed in my face like hers and knowing you had to proceed and something to be put out there. >> this single mother of four was struggling not long ago.
5:45 pm
syndrome was sick and she was missing a lot of work. >> the doctor i was working for at the time kind of said he didn't need me anywhere. i was without a job. >> she is an optician helping people select the proper frames and contacts after seeing the eye doctor. around the same time she was searching for a job, she was searching for a pair of frames >> i would find they would always slipped down on her face and nothing slipped up properly. >> kids with down's syndrome don't have much of a bridge. it starts low on her face. they have closer set eyes. >> she had an idea for a frame she knew would work. >> like other great inventions, success didn't come overnight. it took six years from getting the idea to bringing it to fruition and it started withdrawings like this. >> a friend fronted the money to make the first pair.
5:46 pm
>> last year we sold over 6,000. we sold about 50,000 frames so far. >> she was recognized nationally and internationally for creating something that would change the world and received a grant from toyota in a business name the specs for us and her and her children and adults with low bridge now have glasses that fit. the best piece of advice for others who have a one of a kind invention. >> do your research. when one door closes another definitely opens. i found that out in different ways and just to keep smiling and carrying on. sooner or later you will be that success. >> reporter: in burton, denise zarrella, cleveland 19. >> mark: denise, thank you very much. coming up at 6:00 we will learn more of a woman who died in a highway tragedy. tonya johnson died and her son
5:47 pm
story. plus police car problems. in elyria, cruisers are breaking down on pursuit.
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>> denise: well they just updated the death count. six people were killed when tornado and strong winds blew through the south late last night. >> mississippi, florida, alabama declared emergencies. the storms hit texas, carolinas and virginia. check this out. a ferris wheel in iowa was taken for a wild ride. dangerous winds and closed for the season but 60mile-an-hour wind gusts the ride appeared to be in full swing. some of the ferris wheel seats were damaged. a massive tree fell early this morning. the tree crashed through the roof sending insulation and no one was hurt.
5:51 pm
we didn't get what they were dealing with. >> dangerous. >> and tomorrow we will get strong winds. not the kind of winds they saw there. this is some systems, causing a lot of damage from the storm. with the severe weather you saw in the south last night they are seeing it in virginia and the carolinas. tomorrow, 36. that's the morning high here. we will be plunging through the 30s into the 20s by the afternoon a general 1 to 3-inch snow tomorrow and more tomorrow night as lake-effect kicks in friday morning. that will be the coldest day. 25 will be the high last weekend in february. check this out. we warm up again. 43 saturday. windy conditions. saturday night dry and very warm, 40 and looking at wind gusts here on sunday. 59. so i have an alert sunday for
5:52 pm
and looks like most of the weekend will be dry. some rain sunday night and then monday windy and 41, mostly cloudy and 49 tuesday. we could be back up well into the 50s by this time next denise? >> denise: all right, jeff. the boss was in cleveland but he said hello to a different city. coming up next in "the buzz" details on the slip up and the
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now it's time for "the buzz" sponsored by national carpet mill outlet. >> dan: in "the buzz," a springstein slip up at the q. >> denise: and some big honors for a soul music legend georgia. >> denise: the president and first lady will honor ray charles tonight in washington. contemporary artist like yolanda adams will perform his music and president obama will speak as well.
5:56 pm
>> you can watch the all-star tribute on white at 7 p.m. >> dan: it is supposed to go something like this: hello, cleveland! that's what fans expected him to say for a soldout show at the q. >> the boss asked the fans to make noise and accidentally said pittsburgh! oh! he quickly corrected the slip up by adding: and cleveland, too. >> denise: and a local college student and springstein super fan got to live out his dreams. the boss pulled scott williams on stage to jam during dancing in the dark. the pair even danced together. this was scott's 16th springstein concert.
5:57 pm
>> he will remember that forever. >> denise: once-in-a-lifetime. >> meet a woman who's idea in the kitchen has her cleaning up
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live from cleveland's newscenter, cleveland 19 news starts now. >> romona: the rocky river in berea is busting at the banks. just look at all the water flowing from our recent rain. but that rain will be turning into snow. >> mark: yep. we have you covered through the big change. jeff tanchak has your first alert forecast. >> jeff: yep. over an inch of rain in a lot of spots. most of the steadier rain coming down early this morning and now we are dealing with the waves of showers. check out doppler radar in east cleveland. rain in lorain county and
6:00 pm
canton. so we will be in this for a few hours and then this. all right. look at all the snow going on. blizzard-like conditions in parts of michigan and indiana. we will not see a blizzard but snow this morning. greater cleveland area cuyahoga county, lake, ashtabula county that is a winter weather advisory kicking in tomorrow morning. it will be a general snow, though, across the area. warm and windy tonight with light rain and big change tomorrow for the snow and wind and then very cold it looks like on friday. you can see temperatures will be in the 40s right now. in fact, 53 in akron. these will be dropping. with all the changes download the cleveland 19 news app and customize it for your neighborhood. >> reporter: people in the carolinas are bracing for a dose of the severe weather out there


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