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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 6PM  CBS  February 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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canton. so we will be in this for a few hours and then this. all right. look at all the snow going on. blizzard-like conditions in parts of michigan and indiana. we will not see a blizzard but snow this morning. greater cleveland area cuyahoga county, lake, ashtabula county that is a winter weather advisory kicking in tomorrow morning. it will be a general snow, though, across the area. warm and windy tonight with light rain and big change tomorrow for the snow and wind and then very cold it looks like on friday. you can see temperatures will be in the 40s right now. in fact, 53 in akron. these will be dropping. with all the changes download the cleveland 19 news app and customize it for your neighborhood. >> reporter: people in the carolinas are bracing for a dose of the severe weather out there
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dozens got hurt. tornadoes ripped across town from mississippi to florida. at least 70 homes are damaged in pensacola alone. more on cbs news who live in the affected area awaits for help. >> a wife dies in a ohio tragedy. a woman known as mother, firefighter and friend. >> it is like losing a family member. >> romona: today the healing process is still in its early stages. remembering tonya johnson. we have been telling you about tonya since monday. the canton firefighter had a fight with her husband. that led to her getting out of the car running across route 8 a truck hit and killed her. dani carlson talked to her sons and believe there's much more to her death. >> do you think there's any way this was a traffic accident? >> no. it was not a traffic accident whatsoever. i don't think that at all.
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full days and tonya johnson kids tell us they didn't need two minutes to know something wasn't right about their mom's deadly accident. they think one reason their mom would have jumped out of a car, crossed three lanes of traffic and jumped over the median. >> she jumped over the median because she felt what was in the car was much more dangerous than cars going 70 miles an hour. the risk and reward was worth it. the risk was dying and the him. >> the him tonya johnson kids say was her husband of more than a week randy johnson. we are told randy johnson was behind the wheel on route 8. we spoke to him on the phone and he denied to her getting out of the car or death. >> to think i would ever hurt or anything is so outlandish it
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>> he said he loved her and he said she didn't do anything, just jumped out of the car. none of that makes sense to you? >> if he loved her don't you think he would be consoling her mother? he hasn't even met her mother. >> reporter: in akron, dani carlson. >> romona: right now police are investigating johnson's death as strictly a traffic incident. if they find anything criminal they will work with detectives. funeral arrangements for johnson are pending. >> mark: east of route 8, a student brought a gun to ellet high school. in akron, police got a tip and went into lockdown about 45 minutes. the district sent a letter saying within 5 minutes of locking the school officers confronted the student and recovered the weapon without incident. akron police took the student into custody. now to leon martin. he is one of two people charged
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bobby green with reckless homicide and involuntary manslaughter. a pitbull from their home malled annie williams in shaker heights last summer. >> it is a bad day for current and former browns players, at least the ones that appeared in court. reggie rucker pleaded guilty to wire fraud and making a falls statement to a federal officer. rucker has to pay restitution between the 5 to $100,000. sentencing is set for may. rucker was involved in charities that aimed at making cleveland safer. the feds say rucker used donation money to pay off gambling and other personal debts. browns player armonty bryant and de'ante saunders pleaded not guilty. troopers pulled him over sunday morning. saunders is charged with
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a vehicle and both got bonds. eaten is closing its hydraulics plant laying off 100 employees. employees were notified january 12th to give them time to plan. this plant makes product for construction, mining and energy industries. eaten will get them from an outside supplier and move the assembly to its plant in mexico. west bagley will be permanently closed in december. layoffs begin in april. 100 employees will be affected. they are eligible for severance pay and benefits. >> romona: want to talk about an exciting event in cleveland? accelerate 2016. citizens create change. sara goldenberg joins us live to tell us how people are pitching ideas to make positive changes in our community. sara? >> reporter: yeah. this is exactly what it is all about. it is about presenting ideas that can stay here in the community and make northeast
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the pitches are almost over. we are down to five finalist. i have joe, the event chair. thank you for joining us today. can you tell us a little bit how this whole process works? >> absolutely. it is a great opportunity for people to have individual ideas. not companies or organizations but individuals to talk about them, bring them into the light and hopefully, find a way to put them into action and make dreams come true. it is making cleveland and all of ohio a better place tariff. >> we started with 70 submissions and narrowed them down to 25 which had an opportunity to present and narrowed to 5 and it will have an opportunity to present in front of the entire crowd. about 450 people here tonight. this group will be the audience, the one to select a winner out of the five presenting to the entire audience. it is really exciting and winners will have an opportunity
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and each of the runners up will receive $2,000. there's more to it than money. when you look at it, it is about all the individuals in here. we have business leaders and civic leaders and anybody you can possibly imagine. the nice thing about this community this is our home and where we live and work and we want to make it a better place. >> the idea presenting tonight actually has a chance to go, meet people, make connections and find ways to collaborate to make ideas come true. >> thank you very much. we are waiting on the winner and that should be voted on the crowd at 7:00. back to you guys. >> mark: thank you, sara. >> a local woman who took her idea and made it into a business. she was looking for a hobby when she stumbled on soap making. >> nichole vrsansky says the world. >> the factory looks like one
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ingredients like coconut, honey, sugar. whipped up. piped and pounded into place. the exception? soap. >> our goal is use the powers of nature to soothe, heal, to clean your skin. >> ida friedman's passion for soap making started in her own kitchen in 2001. she was a middle school science teacher looking for a hobby. soap makers piqued her interest at a craft show. >> i can do this. >> her first batches were goat milk and oatmeal and tried it on her husband with eczema. >> two weeks later all the eczema was gone. so you are like, okay, i have something here. >> 15 years later chagrin soap and salve has customers around the globe and 180 countries
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way in the indian ocean. they ship out more than 300 products a day. you can find body bar, shampoos, lotions at whole foods and trendy web sites like buzz feed. >> we managed to quadruple the business without marketing. >> they don't advertise, no marketing department. chagrin soap and salve says if sell. customers and themselves. >> we get e-mails and if you read them you would have tears in your eyes. >> one mother wrote in about her daughter's psoriasis on her head and back and kept her from sleepovers and swimming and tried one of ida's body bars. >> after a week or two it cleared up so much she felt comfortable again talking about completely changing somebody's life. >> half the recipes are created for customers.
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is infused in each employee of chagrin soap and salve. there were only nine of them related and connected. >> those nine people are my mother, my wife and friends of mine for 20 years and baggage that comes with that. >> we have learned to listen to each other. we all have different ideas and the goal is the same. >> reporter: the goal is to have chagrin soap and salve in every home in america. >> every family can toss out what they have and replace it with healthier products. >> our ingredients are usda organics which you won't find much. and we are traded cruelty-free. >> ida says she has to pinch herself when she comes to work to think this all started with curiosity in her home kitchen. >> there's a synergy here. it is quite amazing. there isn't a day i don't come up and don't like to come here.
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uncomfortable with the entrepreneur title, ida says she is proof, the american dream exists. >> nichole vrsansky, cleveland 19. >> mark: thank you. they partner with local companies for supplies. >> romona: i love the local invention stories. what advice does ida have for people starting a business? she says you need a clear mission and focus, she recommends start small and test at a craft show or farmers market. how bad is the car problem in the elyria police department some broke down during a chase. up next, we asked what's being done to fix the problem. jeff? >> let's go to doppler max.
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live from cleveland's newscenter driven by don joseph toyota in kent, this is cleveland 19 news. there is a desperate need in elyria. police cars actually breaking down during a police chase.
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that happen. today denise zarrella went looking for answers about the cruiser's conditions. >> reporter: budget cuts here meant that police are dealing with an aging fleet of cars. the situation got so bad this weekend that not one, not two, but three cars broke down during a police chase. this is scanner traffic from the facebook post on the elyria facebook page that caught the attention of thousands. >> northbound through abbey. if you want to come up here, i think something is blue in our engine. >> having a hard time catching up. >> we heard a loud pop coming from the engine that allowed a grinding noise. >> we were doing 70 to 75 miles per hour at that point. >> elyria patrolman mike grooms described when he tried to pursue a suspected stolen car from this shopping plaza. a high-speed chase ensued and
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keep up. >> asking the unit behind us to take over the lead. he radioed he was unable to even catch up and having problems with his vehicle also as well as further behind. >> the ohio state patrol took over the pursuit and made the arrest. >> embarrassing that we had to turn it over. absolutely. >> elyria police chief says he fears for his officer's safety. the newest cars in the fleet of 59 have over 150,000 miles on them. >> when you talk about your newer cars being 110,000 miles already and vehicles not considered suitable for another agency putting them on the road because they are better than what we have that's concerning. >> reporter: there is a levy on the march 13th ballot that the police chief says will help. it is a temporary five year half
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the chief says if that doesn't pass he doesn't know what he will do. >> reporter: in elyria, denise zarrella cleveland 19. >> mark: denise, thank you. a warning tonight about e- cigarettes. take a look at the pictures a lyndhurst police lieutenant sent us. a rechargeable battery exploded in someone's lab coat pocket. they were not hurt. these incidents are on the rise and avoid carrying e-cigs on your body and avoid copper and metal, too. >> romona: uncf the weather is coming. >> i got my lawn furniture out. >> romona: not until june is it over. >> jeff: come on. meteorological spring begins tuesday, mark. you know that. march 1st. we don't go by the calendar. march 1st is the spring. and it is coming down western
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and berea to strongsville moving to cleveland now. rocky river, bay village and westlake and another batch of heavier rain in northern ashland county tracking towards load i. heads up. sullivan on route 224. here is one wave arcing into youngstown and another here. it is still rain but not rain here. >> heavy snow. this is what's coming at us by morning t. will weaken. we will not get the snow in chicago, michigan and indiana. and boy that will be changing. 30s to the west and drop in temperature taking place tomorrow. here is 10:00. pretty quiet. getting into the late-night hours and early tomorrow morning there you go. it is all snow. this is like a wet snow.
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it will start with overnight light rain and wind will pick up again and 37 the low in akron-canton and southwest wind 15 to 30. tomorrow here is your first alert. snow and wind and general 1 to 3 inches. wind gusts will be over 30 with plunging temperatures. 10 a.m. tomorrow morning you got a wet snow coming down here. this is with us through most of the day. we get to the 4:00 hour it begins to let up west of cleveland coming down south and east. we will get lake-effect going as that heart of the colder air comes in. future view snowfall. this is through the day tomorrow. two inches norwalk, mansfield and elyria and general 1 to 2 in cleveland. these temperatures with the wind gusts over 30, we are dropping in the 20s as you see there by the afternoon.
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friday with only a high of 25. a little light snow in the morning. big changes again over the weekend. on saturday 43 and windy sunday and 59 degrees and rain sunday night and monday looking quiet. tony. >> tony: thank you. we are going to goodyear, arizona. and hue jackson with strong
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now this is the serpentini cleveland 19 news. >> tony: the scouting combine is officially underway. smack dab in the middle of it all, cleveland browns and hue jackson is in there somewhere. i promise. hue. and the media could not wait
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we made a statement two weeks ago about johnny manziel and i will stand by that. his future on the team will be addressed pretty soon and it is important and obviously people were involved and the situation that happened and i feel very bad about those things as they do happen. i want to make sure that behavior will not be tolerated as we move forward. >> march 9th browns will cut the cord. >> and this season march shaab joins us from goodyear, arizona schwaby. >> for indians to compete this year one thing has to change. they have to not stink in the month of april. fast start is an early theme in this camp. last year indians were 14-7, 10-17 in april 2014 and if you don't start fast you start average and by the time they
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>> we have managed to when we got into what you call the grind of the season, the rhythm. we have done okay. >> and it's taken too long to get there. we are well aware of that. >> one of the things they did to play better last year was catch the baseball more and francisco linder his call up to help and let's see if they can start fresh and strong in 2016. >> tony: catching is key. all andy varejao said he was glad he went to golden state because everybody loves each other. it is not a dig. >> i hope we are 50-5. that everyone loves each other. >> what else do you want at that point? anybody can say that. stevie wonder can say that.
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he is a classic. >> romona: wow. >> tony: he is great. >> romona: he is.
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>> jeff: all right. we have a steady shower in downtown cleveland. a heavy wave until wayne county
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weather advisory kicks in tomorrow morning here. >> mark: all right. thanks for joining us at 6:00 cbs evening news coming up next.
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& >> pelley: tornadoes bring death and destruction to the east after a string of deadly twisters in the deep south. >> i saw something coming at my face, and i said, oh, my god, i'm going to die. >> pelley: also tonight, trump with the victory of the night and the quote of the week. >> we won with poorly educated. i love the poorly educated. >> pelley: a jury awards millions for a cancer death linked to talcum powder. and driving down racial barriers. >> for me as an african american from a diversity standpoint, i'm definitely carrying on that legacy. >> this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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