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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 4PM  CBS  February 25, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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real-time closed captioning provided by u.s.captioning >> romona: breaking news right now at 4:00. police are looking for a man who tried to kidnap a 10-year-old elyria girl from her bedroom mark schwab investigators say it happened in the middle of the night. the man apparently climbed into denise zarrella has been following this story this `afternoon and has spoken with someone in the community. hey, denise. >> reporter: yeah, hey, you guys, mark and romona. i'm standing right in front of the house where this happened. a neighbor who was here earlier. dad wasn't home when we came her earlier. grandma was and said they weren't talking.
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the side of the house where you see the driveway. it was a window on this side this guy tried to climb in. he was able to get in far enough that he grabbed the girl's leg. told her if she cooperated she wouldn't get hurt and note would anyone in her family. crime scene investigators appear to collect evidence inside a furnace street home in elyriament police say a 10-year-old girl woke up before 4:00 a.m. to someone grabbing her legs and trying to pull her out of her bedroom window. police say the girl ran into her dad's room screaming. the suspect got away. police aren't saying whether there is any connection between this case and three attempted abductions in lorain. samantha marshall lives right next door. >> it is terrifying. i have two little babies in there. like i said, the fourth one today. it is completely terrifying. i'm shaking. >> reporter: a woman identifying herself as the victim's grandma said no one was home when crews arrived on the scene. she did not want to talk. a neighbor said it was a window
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the man tried to get in. police say the girl's dad noticed someone had placed a ladder that had been in the yard up to the daughter's window. >> they were asking to come outside and play with their cars in the snow. i'm, like, no, wait until later. anything could have happened. i'm just so glad i did not let them come outside. >> reporter: so, obviously, you can see the neighborhood here really shaken up about what's said to have happened at the house here. here is a description that police released of the man that they are looking for. they say he is a white male in his 30s, has brown eyes, was wearing a hoodie and here's probably the most descriptive part of what they released. they said the hooty was wrapped tightly around his face. if you know anything, call elyria police immediately. reporting live here in elyria, denise zarrella, cleveland 19. mark schwab okay, denise. thank you. another top story today really is the weather we have had steady snow after a wet and rainy wednesday. but it shouldn't last much longer. jeff? >> jeff: yeah, guys, in fact
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now but the worst of it will be winding down as the rest of the all right. but do i have an alert tonight. we have some lake effect snow. we're still dealing with the system snow right now trace to 3 inches of lake effect. wind gusts over 25 and there is going to be a travel alert for some snow-covered roads depending how that lake effect sets up. now here's the latest on doppler max network and this is the back edge of that heavy snow that is moving through, so it is still coming down. medina cuyahoga county, county, sum county into geauga county and snowing into cleveland but within the next half hour or so it will be winding down. check out the visibilities. quarter mile visibility cleveland-hopkins airport. that is heavy snow and snow on the camera lens here. some lake effect snow tonight as
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in here by morning but it won't last. a big weekend change is on the way. you got snow akron-canton, 30 degrees, downtown cleveland so now temperatures are below freezing and the windchills are right around 20, some spots in the teens. this has been a huge storm, severe weather along the east coast and jamie recaps that for us. >> reporter: amish residents came out to help their residents after tornadoes ripped apart homes in lancaster county, pennsylvania. about 50 buildings are damaged including an amish schoolhouse. no injuries are reported there. in new jersey crews spent the day clearing downed trees and in massachusetts utility workers were also busy. >> this is a little bit bigger than normal. usually don't see poles and wires down across route 9. >> reporter: the storms also caused problems in the water. in queens, new york, a coast guard boat capsized trying to rescue the crew of a stranded fishing boat.
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helicopter to pluck the seven fishermen to safety after deciding the water was just too dangerous. >> u.s. coast guard rescue swimmer wound up going in the water and he couldn't even handle the conditions, so conditions are very deceiving. >> reporter: low tide has left the boat practically on the beach. officials have not said how they plan on getting it floating again. >> everything is destroyed. >> reporter: the twisters were deadly in the south. three people died in wavery, virginia when a tornado slammed into a trailer park. forecasters say that tornado had wind speeds over 100 miles per hour and it cut a path of destruction nine niles long and 300 yards wide. one victim in wavery was just 2 years old. mark schwab jamie, thank you. at least 50 tornadoes were reported yesterday and overnight in the carolinas in virginia. >> romona: new developmenting now we told you about an aat the timed abduction in elyria.
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schools were placed on lockdown earlier today. this after the police department investigated an individual who approached three female students in separate attempted abduction incidents. they are all safe but parents are still nervous. >> reporter: well, that's right, romona. right now we are live in front of hawthorne elementary about a block from the scene of the third incident that happened this morning. before school let out, we did see lorain police said that they were going to up their patrols and we saw about half a dozen police cruisers come through this area showing that they really are stepping up that security. but the suspect hasn't been caught and parents are nervous. >> yeah, i'm nervous. we're living in a bad world. >> reporter: henry church is like so many other parents who send their kids to lorain city schools, scared, knowing someone
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their kids. >> description of the male fits the same -- it looks like the same male in each incident. >> reporter: lorain city school district was locked down today after three separate schools all girls aged 13 and younger were approached by a wearing a mask. washington and ninth. police say the girl was punched away. then police believe the same man later exposed himself to another girl and then walked up to tried to grab a third. >> honestly, we don't know for sure, but we feel that they were grabbed in a sexual manner. >> reporter: all three happened within about an hour-and-a-half and blocks of each other. >> are you concerned with this specific suspect that there is a risk someone might be abducted? >> well, of course. i mean this is a unique situation. i mean we investigate prowler complaints and stranger
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time, but this is very concerning to us because, one, the description of the suspect is the same in all three incidents. the fact that he is not just approaching children but he is actually laying hands on them, that increases the threat level to anybody. >> reporter: now lorain police are asking anyone with any information or also people with videos, businesses with potential videos to contact the lorain police department. now coming up tonight at 5:00, we were able to obtain some scary 911 calls from this morning's incidents and also we talked to police and they said that the three girls who were targeted did exactly the right thing. we'll have more on that tonight at 5:00. live in lorain, dani carlson, cleveland 19. >> romona: thank you. amherst exempted village schools stepped up patrols this afternoon because of those incidents in lorain.
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letting parents know about the precaution. >> mark: it was a rousing welcome to northeast oklahoma for democratic presidential candidate senator bernie sanders on baldwin university. paul orlousky details the themes sanders sounded. >> senator bernie sanders. >> reporter: the crowd was perfect for a liberal candidate, a young idealistic crowd but bernie sanders is certainly liberal. >> do we have the courage to tell the billionaire class that they cannot have it all, that this country belongs to all of us not just a few. >> reporter: a recurring theme here was that average people are not in control of the country, that the wealthiest few dictate the media. he calls his campaign a grass roots one accepting 4 million small donations so far. the average just $27. >> we are going to do everything that we can to make sure that
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elections in the united states of america. >> reporter: he didn't mention the tamir rice shooting but did address changes he sees in policing. >> if a police officer breaks the law, that officer must be held accountable. >> reporter: sanders wants free public college for everyone, is pro-choice, wants pay equity, believes in global warming, health care reform and feels far too many people are put in prison and there is a racial disparity of prison populations. the recurring theme in sanders' talk was the weltiest people in america are controlling all the wealth, the politicians really don't care about americans, just that welty few. >> a country, a great country is judged not by how many millionaires and billionaires it has but on how it treats the weakest and most vulnerable amongst us. >> reporter: he didn't put a price tag on his plans nowhere the money would come from. paul orlousky, cleveland 19.
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in his appeal to young people motivate the crowd. people didn't vote. he suggests that by voting they can develop their control their own destinies. at 5:00 a discussion on what to depit. >> romona: hilton is looking to hire hundreds of employees. there is a chance for employee hopefuls to learn about each position and chat face-to-face with hiring manager from 6:00 to 7:00 at the global center for health innovation. there will also be opportunities tomorrow and saturday. simple. about 5:00 this morning. in a lot of cases roads are just wet. 77 in and out of the city looks like everybody is moving along pretty well here. it is all about imagination
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there is one of my trolleys. if you are lucky you say everything from harry potter to superman. the fun is surrounding the world of wizards comic-con running tomorrow through sunday at the cleveland convention center. some operators will drive in costume. yesterday batman picked me up in a trolley at least through tomorrow. >> romona: was robin around? >> mark: no, just batman. still to come at 4:00 here today, a father is going viral. >> romona: his emotional message defending downs syndrome.
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>> romona: jetblue did a social experiment of sorts during this political season. they wanted to see if strangers could work together. the reward? a free flight. here's how it went down. jetblue asked people if they wanted to go to costa rico or turks and caicos. the 150 passengers had to unanimously agree on the destination. first they had to decide whether it should be domestic or international. that was soon settled by the decision if any passengers didn't have a passport, they needed to get one. then different passengers got on the loud speaker to make their case between costa rica or turks and caicos citing things like zip lining and surfing. in the end, costa rica was the destination. see, we can all get along and
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the most-hated company in america, yep, that's the ohio based ambercrombi and fitch. a study finds the clothing company efforts to turn around sales isn't cutting it. customers surveyed reported negative experiences. walmart came in second. one of the most loved? rochester, new york based supermarket wegman's. >> mark: here is a story going viral and you hate that it actually is. a canadian father whose son has downs syndrome shared an emotional video after hearing another father tell his son that downs syndrome was, quote, an illness of not knowing anything. take a listen. >> i didn't say anything. i'm not the type to get in people's faces and say things
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in my head say tell him what it is, and i didn't. and i let that ignorance grow in another generation. downs syndrome is literally one of the most beautiful things that's ever happened in my life. >> mark: well, the video has been views more than 1 million times on facebook and the comments are filled with love and support for the dad and his family. you hate the fact that something like that had to, you know -- you hate that it happened at all to begin with. >> romona: we've got to educate people more. and i can understand, sometimes when you think you should have, you know, spoke up and then you don't. >> mark: and it sticks with you. >> romona: it sticks with you. if you are going to get hot under the collar, maybe it is best you don't, take a deep breath. >> mark: hopefully this will work for him, let it out that
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can you imagine, romona, more than $200,000 worth of swag. >> romona: i'm hearing that's what's in the oscar gift bag. we have a look after the break. jeff, what's happening outside? >> jeff: most of us still seeing snow, but the back edge of this as we go to the radar, it is really starting to improve now in cleveland and through cuyahoga county. that trend will continue, then we kick in lake effect tonight.
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>> jeff: boy, things are just not only changing day-to-day but we're changing, like, by the minute right now. the snow just stopped completely in cleveland. we went from, like, quarter mile visibility with heavy snow and now it's gone, at least for now. we will get a little bit more here tonight.
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it is windy. temperatures continue to drop here. we are going to get into a brief shot of some arctic area in here tonight but 24 mile an hour wind in sandusky, 21 in elyria, 22 in canton and these winds are gusting now still right around 30 in wooster and 39 mile an hour gust in ashtabula and, of course, that's putting windchills in the teens. but check out the visibilities and these are improving. sandusky the snow has stopped. elyria the snow has stopped. still three-quarter visibility in mentor, ashtabula pretty bad, so it is a visibility restriction. now what happened this morning is that, you know, because of that warm weekend we had, the ground temperature was generally above freezing. and the air temperature was around freezing this morning, so it didn't really stick. now that that temperature has dropped a little bit, now the snow is starting to stick but the back edge of it right here
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it is still coming down though. mansfield, akron-canton, here's ashtabula county with steady snow and then through geauga county here, munson, mayfield heights and the akron area as well. temperatures, like i said, were down to 30 in cleveland, but the system snow i think will be winding down a little bit after 7:00. and then we've got a northwest wind still pretty strong tonight. we will develop some lake effect snow and it will generally be minor. i went trace to possible as much as three inches, but we do drop down to 20 degrees for the low. in fact, akron-canton you will just drop into the upper teens. you will see some snow showers around as well. some leftover light lake effect mainly east of cleveland tomorrow morning. and then most of the day tomorrow i think especially during the afternoon will be dry. but only 25 for the high.
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tomorrow night we actually go up in temperature, and i'm not kidding you. look at the weekend. windy on saturday, 46. no alerts. sunday is going to be windy as well, and would you believe we're going to be up to 58 on sunday. wow! monday sunny, 45 and look at this on tuesday. we could warm above 60 on tuesday. it will be rain, especially tuesday night and then another drop in temperature on wednesday with the potential of snow showers there. this wild, crazy weather pattern just rolls on. here's the buzz. >> romona: we're talking about the upcoming oscars in today's buzz and we have details on gift bag swag. >> mark: but first the vice president has a serious message for the audience at the academy awards this weekend.
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jill are set to attend the oscars on sunday night and the vice president's office says he will introduce lady gaga before she performs the song "till it happens to you." gaga is nominated for an oscar for best original song "until it happens to you" part of the documentary requests the hunting ground "about sexual assault on campuses. biden's office says he will use his introduction to urge americans to speak out against sexual assault and support the administration's "it's on us campaign." >> mark: only a handful of hollywood's brightest stars take home an oscar this sunday but other nominees at the academy awards won't leave empty handed. many are getting the most expensive gift bag ever. chris martinez shows us. >> reporter: win or lose these are the lavish gifts many oscar nominees will take home this weekend from a lifetime supply of skin cream to cleanser of a more personal nature. >> this is a skin care system
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system with the dispenser and everything is close to $1,000. >> reporter: this unofficial oscar gift bag includes 50 opulent items, services and trips, including a ten-day trip to israel. the combined value tops $200,000. lashberry has assembled the presents for 14 years and says it is all about product placement. >> to have these celebrities wearing your jewelry or t-shirt or showing up at your resort is lord far more than any price of product they are giving away. >> reporter: this year the academy filed a lawsuit over the big bundle of goodies claiming they used the oscar name to promote the bag even though it is not affiliated. in a statement the academy says all reports of an official oscar gift bag are untrue. we asked ferry about the lawsuit. >> we have been having positive proactive conversations and we are very close to reaching an applicable agreement. >> reporter: for all the swag it turns out it is not entirely free. the bags are considered a business gift to recipient also have to pay taxes on those
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chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles. >> romona: they should just donate them to us. after the oscars we are talking fashion with our critic art mckay. check out our show on monday at 4:00. art will be here for all of the hits and misses. >> mark: you like the misses, don't you? >> romona: no, i do not. making the grade. the state released the long-awaited school report cards today. how does education in northeast ohio rank?
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>> romona: driving into work this afternoon wasn't bad. the snow wasn't. but when the wind kicked up blowing the snow, visibility wasn't good. >> jeff: things are improving. it was more of a visibility restriction. the main roads are okay. starting to stick now. most spots getting a couple inches of know away from the
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check out the visibilities now. these are really starting to improve along the lake shore. elyria nine-mile visibility. but where it still is snowing half mile visibility at akron there and three-quarters of a mile ashtabula and warren. here you see the back edge of the snow. it is basically moving from northwest to southeast so big improvement now along the i 90 corridor. but where it is still snowing pretty good, geauga county inland ashtabula county, trumbull county, this is still the system snow by the way. we'll kick in some lake effect tonight. i have an alert for that. in general be minor lake effect snow. i went trace to three inches. wind gusts still over 25 as the temperatures continue to drop. so a travel alert for some most area temperatures now below freezing. we are at 28 in mentor, 28 ashtabula, winds still gusting over 30 and because of that windchills feels like it is in
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this is going to be a quick shot though of some very cold air for one day. more on that in the seven day coming up. mark? >> mark: you can track today's storm or any storm. head over to the app store and download the free forecast app. cleveland city council is holding budget hearings and we learned city employees earned $34 million in o.t. last year. >> romona: we wanted to know where is all of that money going and who is getting the o.t? carl monday investigated found a few fortunate workers are getting the biggest slice of the overtime pie. >> reporter: when an ambulance leaves the firehouse at west 98th and madison, there is a good chance this man will be on it. gregory hide is a hard-working cleveland paramedic with a paycheck to prove it. we reviewed the overtime records
4:33 pm
no one earned more o.t. last year than gregory hide. along with his $53,000 salary, hide pocketed a pot of gold in overtime. nearly $90,000. his total 2015 earnings over $142,000. more than the mayor makes. >> if you don't have the money, then you can't pay for the service. >> reporter: as the mayor warned the city could run out of cash without a tax increase, we wondered what rollover time is playing in the city's diminished finances and how workers like hyde could be busting the city budget. hyde's $89,000 plus in overtime last year is 30 times what the typical paramedic earned in o.t. so how is that even possible and who approved the overtime? we posed that question to the woman in charge of e.m.s. >> ultimately all overtime is approved by me. >> reporter: nicole carlton is the commissioner of e.m.s. she said hyde is an accomplished paramedic who earns every dollar
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>> is he getting some kind of favoritism? >> no. he is our senior medic. if he puts the name on the list for daily overtime he gets the overtime. >> reporter: carlton claims all overtime is closely monitored and even hyde has been denied overtime on occasion. he worked 347 days last year. in one stretch he worked 46 days straight including 18 and 24-hours shifts. are those long hours putting him and others at risk? kevin kelly is asking the same question. >> what concerns me is whether an emt how many hours are they working on still sharp and on top of the game after the amount of overtime? that would be an issue that i would like to look into. >> i understand people may be concerned about the safety of themselves and other people on the streets but we look at it, we monitor it. if i feel it is going to be unsafe, i do not allow him to work. >> reporter: with hyde leading the way, ems overtime was up 7%
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the fire department up 24%. the police department was the biggest budget buster at $13 million in overtime, a 7% hike from 2014. in fact, 37 of the top 50 overtime earners last year were police mainly because of high-profile events like the brelo protest. you can usually find fa stroll man andrew gashesky near the top of overtime list. last year he supplemented $58,000 salary with $74,000 in overtime. >> do you think there is anything wrong with one officer making so much in overtime? >> you can ask the unionon. i'm sorry. >> you are the guy working the overtime. certainly you must have justification. >> i can't make a comment. >> reporter: union president blames the overtime increase on the administration for failing to hire more police. the city paid out just under $1 million in overtime to street
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crews, but a good chunk of that went to just five guys. heavy construction equipment operators like gary kissell who earned $150,000 including $47,000 in overtime. in most departments overtime is at the mercy of work rules and union contracts, but sometimes it is a case of workers working the city over. >> are you at all concerned there might be some employees milking the system here? >> that's something we're always concerned about. that's why, you know, we rely on the supervisors, the administrators to police that. >> reporter: something we found lacking in the city's waste collection. 45 employees have been disciplined including the commissioner who was demoted after we uncovered a culture of overtime abuse. no wonder waste collection overtime ex keyed exceeded its overtime budget by 274%. >> the waste collection you raise that. when something is that far off
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there is a problem. >> reporter: with budget hearings now underway, kelly says he and the rest of council are taking a good hard look at overtime in every city department, and so are we to make sure every dime of your tax dollars is being spent wisely. carl monday, cleveland 19. >> romona: coming up at 5:00, carl monday answers more questions about the city of cleveland's culture of overtime. that's in the next 30 minutes. >> mark: now this. we've got the release results for the 2015 ohio school report cards. dan deroos found that many districts seem to be suffering. hey, dan. >> reporter: it is not us saying their are suffering. these are their report cards. i want to ask you if your child came home with a report card that looked like this, we're looking at the cleveland municipal school district's report card. i want to look at achievement. we are talking about the state test scores right here. they got a "d" for the number of kids who passed the state test. 55%.
4:38 pm
indicators? zero percent for the city of cleveland. that's a "f." let's look at progress. this is what you might remember about a month ago the cleveland schools were touting that they are improving. well, maybe just a little bit. they are getting a couple of "c's" and another "f" on students with disabilities aren't improving. let's look at their graduation rate. this is not surprising, it is shocking. they are getting a "f" because only 66% of kids are graduating in four years from cleveland schools. i'm going to take a look at one more school district here. this is akron city schools. they don't fair much beter in the state test. they get a "d." in indicators met they get a "f." when we get to the graduation rate in akron they get a "f." if you want to see how your school did go to in your district and we have the reports posted there. romona? >> romona: still so much work to do. why the nfl combine is being
4:39 pm
lebron really in the best shape of his life? tony and i are talking about that in "time out." plus. >> what is at stake here is can the government compel apple to write software that we believe would make hundreds of millions of customers vulnerable around the world. >> mark: a fight between apple and the fbi. what's next for everyone involved.
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>> mark: welcome back. the new york times is reporting apple engineers are working on new security measures that will make it impossible for the government to break into a locked iphone. security and privacy are at the center of apple's battle with the fbi over unlocking a phone used by one of the san bernardino shooters. at done champion tells us ceo tim cook is commenting on the case and said he is prepared to take the dispute to the supreme court. >> reporter: amid its battle with the federal government, apple feels like it is winning in the court of public opinion. >> if we allow this to happen, then we are going to -- everything from now on will be an open book to every government in the world. >> reporter: a federal judge ruled last week that apple had to help the fbi unlock the iphone of sreed farook one of two terror suspects who killed 14 people in a shooting spree in san bernardino, california in december. >> we need to stand tall and stand tall on principle. >> reporter: this his first
4:43 pm
ruling apple ceo tim cook said the farook case isn't about a phone but a future. >> what is at stake here is can the government compel apple to write software that we believe would make hundreds of millions of customers vulnerable around the world including the u.s. >> reporter: in its appeal sources tell cbs news apple plans to argue in part the american people through congress should decide on the issue. before a house committee wednesday attorney general loretta lynch maintained the government isn't overstepping its boundaries. >> it is a long-standing principle in our justice system that if an independent judge finds reason to believe that a certain item contains evidence of a crime, then that judge can authorize the government to conduct a limited search for that evidence. >> reporter: apple has until tomorrow to appeal the judge's ruling. done champion, cleveland 19. >> mark: even though apple is protesting the judge's decision last week, the company has
4:44 pm
farook case by providing data from the dead suspect's icloud account. now for a quick time out with romona and tony. >> romona: brown is talking about josh gordon. i think most fans want to give him one more chance. >> they are still waiting for the nfl to reinstate gordon but here is what was said at the combine. >> the three years that i have been in cleveland and know him to be generally a good, young man. he understands he has made some mistakes in the past, i think is accountable for those and everything that we see and hear and talking to his representation and those that have been in communication with him is that he's eager to get back and contribute. and we feel like if he's accomplished those things there is a spot for him on the roster. >> romona: if he messes up again you are out, josh. >> that would be it for his career. i think the browns have a good feeling about this and i think travis benjamin talks breaking
4:45 pm
and receiver, maybe they feel josh is coming back. >> romona: let's talk about the nfl combine speed dating. i like this. >> i don't think i would have been good at speed dating. took me four months to ask denise out. >> romona: i hear four years. >> that might be more like it. that's what it is like at the combine. 15 minutes with 32 teams. boom, boom, boom. sell yourself here, interview here, answer these bizarre questions like charles bentley asked in the day are you a rock or paper clip. >> romona: what? >> are you a paper clip, you hold everything together. >> romona: i thought i was a rock, i'm here for you solid all the time. >> you crush me the paper clip. that's what it is about. saturday you get to work out. it is a really fast week and that's why the lady at ohio state the doctor that helps kids develop compared it to speed dating. >> romona: let's talk about lebron also. i was one of the ones concerned. he is 31 years old. i say we've got to win a championship this year because his body takes such a beating but he said yesterday.
4:46 pm
never be 23 again. those days are gone. that's literally what he said. he said if you are going to compare this to last year, well, have a listen. >> last year i was banged up. it wasn't the mind set it was the reality. this year i feel ten times better than i did last year. >> it is great to hear. i tell you what's really great is nights like last night rolling the hornets off the court and sit lebron down. he only plays 30 minutes. that's ideal. >> romona: he told us he is already and ready to go. speaking of that, cleveland 19 news at 4:00 is out of here but we are coming back after the
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>> mark: a lot of snow on the way in.
4:50 pm
>> jeff: no. just like that, melanie, your bout ton. >> mark: listening to melanie. >> jeff: our producer. the snow is winding down the system snow. it is still coming down south and east of cleveland. let's check out the seven day. now, you know, if you remember our future view from yesterday it pretty much nailed it. it had the snow ending in cleveland by around 4:00 in the afternoon and that's exactly what's happening. now we got a little shot of arctic area, a brief shot on the way, so that's why the high tomorrow is only going to be 25 degrees there. but then over the weekend, check this out. by the way, there is no alert tomorrow. i've got to get rid of that. windy on saturday and just like that, boom, we warm up to 46. 46 on saturday, 41 saturday night and it is going to be windy as all of this happens. and then on sunday it is going
4:51 pm
we're up to 58 degrees on sunday. are you kidding me? and then sunday night we've got some rain coming in. that will be a quick shot because monday it's back to sunshine and 45. tuesday initially we're on the warm side of the next strong front so afternoon rain develops on tuesday, windy, 63. in fact, very windy. a crash in temperature on wednesday an alert there. i expect that to change over to snow, so we could be busy again next week with all these changes. romona, over to you. >> romona: all right, jeff. a top talker today especially on social media is model and fab life host chrissy tegan. she is striking back that she picked her child's gender. she has never been one to shy about undergoing ivf but people weren't happy which caused teegan to take to twitter. shanice dunning joining me now.
4:52 pm
how common is in vitro. >> reporter: pretty common. 10% to 15% of couples will experience infertility in their lives and with teegan's issue bringing this to the forefront i spoke to a local mom who talked about the risks of ivt. >> reporter: 30-year-old super model and wife of singer john legend chrissy teegan has never kept quiet about her inferment problem. >> it has been a process. >> reporter: and she chose her baby's gender through ivf and met with social media backlash from people calling her decision unnatural. >> i always have a soft spot for people who go through inferment. >> reporter: a local mother understands teegan's struggle. she had both of her sons through ivf. >> physically and emotionally it is a lot to go through, but the end result is amazing. >> reporter: rachel is a fertility doctor at university hospital where she says ivf is a common procedure.
4:53 pm
400 cycles a year and create embryos outside of the uterus and transfer them back into the uterus. >> reporter: she said teegan used pdg. it helps doctors to find the healthiest embryos to put inside the mother. >> in the process we can actually determine if the embryo is a boy or girl because boys and girls have different types of chromosomes. >> reporter: she says there are circumstances where couples use ivf to have a certain gender and doctors don't recommend that, but the babies are healthy. >> and there are very few long-term implications to the yet. >> romona: chrissy is pretty young at 30 years old. i thought ivf was for women in their 40s or beyond. >> reporter: it all depends. that's what the doctor was saying. chrissy is pretty young but if you have infertility issues like she was saying she and her husband had been trying for a
4:54 pm
doctor a red flag to say maybe ivf is an option for you. it is for any woman but the 30s is the common age range. >> romona: she has her bundle of joy soon. mark? >> mark: all right. the million dollar question. not exactly. but the one question that could be standing between you and a job at facebook.
4:55 pm
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4:57 pm
>> mark: facebook says they have a million dollar question they like to ask a.m. can'ts in an interview. >> romona: the question on your very best day of work, the day you come home and think you have the best job in the world, what did you do that day? facebook says they want to find out what applicants are passionate about. >> mark: i like it. >> romona: we could name a number of things.
4:58 pm
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live from
5:00 pm
19 news starts now. >> jeff: and it is getting colder out there. the system snowstorm is winding down. i will update in a few minutes. dan, denise? >> denise: thank you, jeff. lorain county parents are on high alert after a man exposed himself to children. >> dan: a man exposed himself and a 10-year-old girl was almost snatched from her bedroom in the night. there. cleveland 19 news has live coverage from lorain county. from lorain. >> dan: first we begin with denise zarrella. >> reporter: dan, i am standing outside the house and i am told by the dad that he was awoken in the middle of the night saying his daughter was yelling someone was trying to


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