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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 11PM  CBS  February 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> if somebody could fix it, fix it for other people too. >> her daughter's life entwined with a convicted criminal. tonight, a local mom's fight to clear her daughter's name, getting new support. our investigation just minutes away. but first, we're keeping a close eye on what could be a roller coaster weather weekend. >> but sunday we could reach 60 degrees. jeff has your first alert details. >> how about that? another big weekend warmup on the way, just some flurries, not much more than that along the u.s. 30 corridor, temperatures
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we thought because of the cloud cover and this warmer air coming in. we're at 24 in ash at ashtabula, 27 norwalk and in the mansfield area. it is for the most part dry tonight and seasonable. we do turn much warmer over the weekend and as this happen, it's going to be windy, and then we have an alert on sunday night here for rain and very strong winds that will be taking place, so look for that rain after 10:00 sunday night. winds gusting over 40, and after that high of 60 on sunday, there could be a brief period of snow sunday night as the rain changes over to snow before mopped morning. forecast details coming up. make sure you stay on top of the weather, download the first alert weather app for your smartphone or tablet. the best part is you can customize it to where you live. >> cleveland 19 news has new developments tonight on our
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convicted criminal who became obsessed with a young girl. he took her name and got people talking. kailey demarco has been fighting to clear her name for years. >> and now she may finally be getting the help she needs. sara goldenburg with how lawmakers are stepping in. >> rhonda demarco has been tangled in a legal mess for years. sifting through paperwork and making endless phone calls since her daughter kailey's life became entwined with a convicted criminal's. since our story has aired a low lawmaker has reached out to help. >> somebody saw it and wanted to take steps to do something, that was our whole hope when all this came out, that we aired it, that somebody could fix it, fix it for other people too. >> the story begins over a decade ago when gymnastics was kailey's passion. at just 10 years old, she excelled at competitions, raking in trophies and medals.
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>> they came to the gym and they took pictures, and they made just a whole page story about it. i was so excited. i felt like a superstar. >> but that newspaper article led to a nightmare for kailey's family. in 2008, north ridge ville police arrested this man for voyeurism. his name, kailey demarco. >> they told me that he had an unhealthy obsession with me to where he wanted to become me, so he went to a court a month after that newspaper article had come out and said that he legally changed his name to kailey demarco. >> the suspect, kailey demarco, whose real name is herold david hassenrok, was 32 years old at the time. he was also being investigated for child rape. they found a collection of pictures of young children and this cutout of the newspaper article on haley. he pleaded guilty to raping a young boy, he was sent to prison, still listed under kailey's name.
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he shouldn't have been able to do it, and something should drop a red flag that, no, you can't, somebody else already has this name. >> now at 21 years old, kailey's name is cleared on state documents after her mom got multiple court orders, hassenrock was ordered to change his name back, but it's still unclear whether he took one last important step, changing it with the social security office. that's where state representative ney than manning of north ridgeville steps in. >> as a state representative, i'm thinking what can we do to make sure this doesn't happen again to anybody else and fix this for the future for kailey >> as ohio law stappedz, most stands, most people can change their name if they go through the proper proceedings and a proper notice is printed in a local newspaper, a notice rhonda demarco never saw. representative manning thinks it's time to catch up with technology. >> it's something we can look at in terms of notification. with technology and everything, maybe we should update on how
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that name or maybe give notification to those families. >> manning has reached out to the social security office where we hit a roadblock. we were told they reached out to hassenrock in prison to request he change his name back as ordered by the court. but after that, they said they couldn't tell us whether he changed it back because of privacy laws. >> i'm hopeful that changing your name can't be easy, especially if you're a criminal. or if you have a record. >> hassenrock is set to be released from prison october of next year. now his victims are worried about their safety. >> she shouldn't have to live in fear. she does live in fear. but you know, it's going to increase once he gets out. >> kailey demarco and the 3-year-old boy hassenrock has admitted to raping who is now 12 both had protection orders against him, but those aren't valid once he gets out of prison. manning is looking into whether civil protection orders can be used in a unique case like this. >> we don't want to open up the
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but in a case like this, that's pretty much common sense, she's a victim here and she deserves every right to get a protection order here. obviously a piece of paper toant necessarily protect somebody, but if he violates that protection order or violates his no contact order with post release control, then there's avenues to make sure he goes back to prison. >> kailey's mom is hopeful something can be done. >> for kailey, it would mean a sense of security, i think, a little bit of a safety net, that little boy should not have to look over his shoulder for the rest of his life because he didn't get the full term -- >> he'll be on parole five years after released from prison and he'll have to ridge sister as a sex offender. we reached out to request an interview with him. that request was denied. we'll continue to stay on top of this story and bring you the latest developments.
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about the shooting spree at a kansas lawn mower plant that left four people dead. some are calling the police chief in the tiny town of heston a hero for taking down the shooter, who has been identified as cedric ford. police say the 38-year-old was served with a protection order 90 minutes before the rampage began, and that probably set him off. >> the i.r.s. cyber attack is worse than the agency first thought. they now suspect as many as 700,000 households could have had information stolen. there were an additional 300,000 households targeted but the hackers were not able to get their information. so what can you do to make sure that you tonight become a victim here? dan is here with how to protect yourself. >> denise, let's be clear. the hackers tried, but they failed to get in to your records if you were among the 700,000.
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number, if you file electronically, they try to go ahead and get your pin number or register for it instead of you, and they failed to do so. let's take a look now at what the i.r.s. is saying. first of all, signs that your info has been breached. if you're a tax preparer or maybe the i.r.s. sends you a letter, don't fall for those stupid emails. it would have to be a letter that comes in the mail that says that you have more than one tax return for that same social security number. that means somebody tried to file as you. if you find out you owe more than you thought or there are liens on your property for not piling a past return and you know you did, that means somebody else filed in front of you, got it in before you did. if the i.r.s. shows income from another place that you didn't work, that's somebody that's trying to set you up. here's how to protect yourself. first of all, always use security software on your computer with a firewall, antivirus, use strong passwords, and again, avoid pfishing emails and the threatening phone calls that we're hearing so much
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the i.r.s. is not going to call you. they're not going to send an email. they will contact you by a letter in the mail, that's the only thing you should trust at this point. romona? >> good advice, dan. thank you. police are still looking for the people who tried to grab young kids in lorain county. we just checked and they tell us they don't have any suspects. yesterday in oleria, a man tried to abduct a tep-year-old 10-year-old girl from her bedroom window. she was able to scare him off. also in lorain, a man tried to abduct children in three separate incidents. >> just announced tonight, donald trump will make an appearance in columbus on tuesday. looking for support ahead of ohio's primary on march 15th. also today, owe picked up a key endorsement. new jersey governor chris christie says he is throwing his support behind the billionaire. and the observer, a manhattan
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clinton should pick senator sharon brown as her running mate mate. their reasons? ohio's role as a swing state and there's nothing progressive democrats can criticize him for. senator brown has said he is not president. >> some good news if you use snail mail for your bills, cards and packages. the price of stamps is going down. 2 cents, to 47 cents. the decrease was prearranged with congress. two years ago, the post office raised rates by 3 cents to help boost revenue, but it was ohm temporary, so prices are going back down. if you are looking for something to do this weekend, well, the annual cleveland auto show kicked off tonight at the ix center. all of the auto makers' new models and those fancy concept cars will be on display until march 6th. >> she needed a new heart to live, now her wish of dancing on
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hope's story coming up at 11:00. >> i'm scott taylor at comic con in cleveland. i'm going to have some inside information on the best deal for a celebrity's autograph and photo. >> okay, the winds have changed this week end as we warm up, but i'll let you know when things are going to cool back down in the first alert forecast straight ahead. hey pal? you ready? can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes! ugh! move it. you're killing me. you know what, dad? i'm good. (dad) it may be quite a while before he's ready, but our subaru legacy will be waiting for him. (vo) the longest-lasting midsize
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legacy. it's not just a sedan.
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>> a dream dance turn noose a wish come true for a little girl born with a damaged heart. now she's becoming a ballerina for a day. thanks to the help of strangers. tiffani tucker has this inspiring story. >> because i need to get a new heart. >> you needed a new heart? >> 6-year-old hope has been through a lot. she was born with half a heart with no left vent kel. ventricle. she underwent a heart transplant at the cleveland clinic, now on the road to recovery.
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walk, a walker, a wheelchair, intensive patient rehab, to ballet! to ballet! who would have ever imagined? >> yes, hope is getting her wish to get a ballerina, be on stage and perform with other dancers. a special wish foundation along with the ballet studio in shaker heights is making that happen. >> ballerina stuff. >> hope has a small role in the upcoming peter pan performance. her 12-year-old partner jack couldn't be more proud. >> it's just a big honor, like, like, to be chosen to help her because she's really amazing, she's gone through a lot, she has such a great spirit. >> a simple wish for a little girl with a big heart, who has one word to describe what it's like to share her love of dance with others.
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>> you can check out hope's performance next month at the, we have all the information on our mobile app and our website. >> i'm sure she'll be a big hit. earlier this week, we told you about a mom who found mold growing in her son's sipe cup. son's sippy cup. the company will now make them with a see-through valve that will be easier for parents to clean. they sent you thus statement which reads in part: we want everyone to be happy with our products and we always want to exceed expectations. we therefore listened to our customers and we'll be launching a new sippy cup in the next few months. >> you may have seen this next story on your facebook page. a 7-year-old boy and his family were forced off a plane because he had an allergic reaction. he broke out in hives because there was a service dog on board the plane from washington state
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already delayed, paramedics decided it would be best if the family took another flight. as they were getting off, some passengers cheered. the 7-year-old immediately started crying. >> i'm sorry, i'm sorry, i'm sorry, and it's not my fault, it's actually your fault because one of them had a dog and i said no way, i'm not getting off this plane with my dogs, so she didn't, so we got deboarded off the plane. >> to make matters worse, the boy's father has terminal cancer. and doesn't have much time left, which is why they took the trip in the first place. >> incredible, isn't it? there are some big name celebrities in town this weekend comic-con. if you're looking to go, get ready to shell out some serious cash. scott taylor has what you need to know. >> so far comic-con is a blast, so many people having a lot of
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to get an autograph or photo with your favorite star is going to run you anywhere from 40 bucks up to $200. if you're a serious movie or tv fan, comic-con in cleveland is the only spot for you this weekend but don't forget to bring some cold hard cash. >> it was awesome. >> a selfie with chris hems worth will run you $175 and one photo session with thor is already sold out. jason muse is 45 bucks and it will take your breath away. >> oh, my god, my face is really red. >> it is red. you're excited. >> i only came here just to see him. >> you also have a chance to meet a tv legend, henry winkler. >> it was a thrill to meet him, he's such a great guy. >> i only do what i do. the other half of the circle is that woman who said that.
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people here this weekend, so without them, i'm only half a circle. it never gets ole. >> a few feet away, corbin bernson, a steal at $45. we all know he has a major league connection to cleveland, and he tells me even a bigger one with his fans. >> i get inspired by people, i like to see who people really are, not my sort of sitting in the tower looking down fantasizing about what reality is. >> that's why we love you. >> thanks, man. >> here's the best deal in the entire place. the russo brothers, who are from cleveland, you can get a photo or an autograph from them absolutely free. of course they've been pretty successful with those captain america movies. come on down to comic con, it will last saturday through sunday. >> for everything you need to know about comic-con including ticket prices and the schedule of events, just head to and look in the
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i was wondering, i wonder how many times henry winkler has people come up to him and say, hey! >> probably every single person. >> sure. >> pictures with you are not free. >> no, no, i'm in the $175 to $200 if you want a selfie with me. >> $1.75? >> that was it. that's what i meant, really. [laughter] here we go. the roof cam with the cloudy sky out there. we are warming up this weekend. you got t let's look at the radar and just some leftover flurries here, probably not even reaching the ground but we're 20s. we have warmer air out to the west, that's what's going to be moving in, tomorrow cloudy and seasonable out there tonight, we're just going to hold steady around 28 degrees out there. those winds are really going to
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afternoon here, we're going to at least be at 40, i think future view is not going quite as aggressive. windy and warmer, 47, southwest winds gusting over 30 miles an hour there during the afternoon. 46 in the akron canton area, mostly cloudy sky, windy and warmer. by the time we hit sunday, all that snow is going to be gone for the most part. 28 at 7:00 a.m., noon 40, and 5:00 44 degrees. so after the 47 tomorrow, look at sunday. 60 degrees out there on sunday with a good deal of sun. but then this front, that's what's going to drive the alert on sunday night. very windy, a shot of rain, monday we're in between systems.
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changing over to snow with that guy. that's going to be stronger. 47 tomorrow, saturday night 41 only and sunday 60 degrees. monday, becoming partly cloudy, 44. there's the alert on tuesday, rain to snow, windy, 48, then the plunge in temperature on wednesday this, is subject to change, though, computer models all over the place on this. thursday some snow showers around, and 26 degrees. here's the buzz. >> in the friday night buzz, a city honors the hit cbs show "big bang theory." >> and caitlyn jenner has partnered up with mac makeup. the 66-year-old posted this picture on her instagram account to make the announcement official. jenner's name will be attached to a limited edition lipstick called "finally free." it will come out in april. proceeds will go toward helping
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>> yesterday was the 200th episode of the mega hit "big bang theory." to mark the occasion, the city of pasadena where the show was set named an alley after the hit sitcom. people can now drive on big bang theory alley. >> an ohio state star takes the field to show off his skills for nfl scouts.
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>> we know all about how tough of a matchup the warriors will be for the cavs if they get to june, but a tough matchup might be developing in the eastern conference as the cavs might actually have their work cut out for them if they want to get back to the nba finals.
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would you believe that? 43 points, no help on the play. they were torqued. then -- i don't know what this inbounds play, you see the replay, they almost lost the ball here after it was tipped, instead, another chance. lebron, 3 ball. he gets it up and not even close. bad loss by the cavs, they blow a 13-point lead and now they've lost 2 out of 3 against toronto. the cavs are hoping to land one last big fish for their playoff run but it looks like they've struck out in their pursuit of joe johnson, the free agent small forward reportedly could go to miami of all places. he said he wanted a contender. three. one of the highest paid players in the league this year and just accepted a buyout from the nets. four days out from first pitch at indians spring training but already today a blow to the team with not much room for error as they'll likely start the year down two outfielders.
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violation of the league's p.e.d. policy. michael brandtly still recovering from shoulder surgery. ezekiel elliott making a run for the top 15, today put on a show in the 40-yard dash, checking in at 4.46, very very good for his size and frame. the good news; we're all over the lack of carries he got against the spartans, right? he explains what sets him apart from all the other running backs in the draft. >> i think the thing that sets me apart is my versatility. i'm a guy that you could play three down, you don't have to take me off the field. i value blocking on anything. i obviously love to run the ball, i think i have great hands on the back field. >> that's the first time i've ever seen zeke not showing the abs with a rolled up jersey. >> and joe johnson, might be the highest paid, but underperformer, so i'm glad we weren't on his top 3. >> he has declined rapidly.
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nice to have a younger guy out there coming off the bench.
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>> thank you for joining us tonight. remember you can get news any time with our cleveland 19 news app. >> we hope you had a great evening.
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>> jon: stephen colbert! ( band playing intro music ) captioning sponsored by cbs ( ) thanks, everybody. thank you. thank you, sir. thank you! >> stephen! stephen! stephen!


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