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tv   Sunday Morning  CBS  February 28, 2016 9:00am-10:30am EST

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captioning made possible by johnson & johnson, where quality products for the american family have been a tradition for generations >> good morning, charles osgood to off today i'm jane pauley. this is a special edition of "sunday morning" our oscar issue. an advanced look at hollywood's big night. many a movie in contention,
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true story. but just how true is that claim. that's a question marcia teichner will examine our "sunday morning" cover story. >> when you hear the words, based on a true story, inspired by actual events, what goes through your minds? >> hang on to your hat. >> four of tonight's eight nominees for best picture fall into one of those categories. ahead this "sunday morning," mining the movies with a meaning of true. >> pauley: elton john is a music legend not to mention a legendary oscar night party host. he's talking this morning with anthony mason.
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writing hit songs with lyricist now. >> never had an argument. ever. >> why? >> there's no point. >> he's getting ready for his big oscar party tonight. guess who will be performing? sir elton john. later on "sunday morning." >> in a world where studios constantly try to dazzle us with their coming attractions, movie trailers can be big business and sometimes even an art form. as lee cowan will show us. >> we come to the movies to see. >> just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water.gend continues. >> they can get us back to the
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>> the all new "jaws cutting edge of the movie trailer later on "sunday morning." >> pauley: among those waiting forplease tonight, is a young actress with a distinctive name which she very patiently helped me learn.e two movies. >> yes. >> even if the first is disaster. >> pauley: best actress contender. >>. >> coming up. sore a ronan. >> elizabeth palmer meets thehind the imdb movie website. tavis smiley weighs inin shares his oscar picks and more.
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sunday morning the 28th of hillary clinton handily defeated bernie sanders in yesterday's south carolina democraticoyed overwhelming support from black democrats. republican candidates ted cruz and marco rubio both releaseds of tax returns yesterday. both then called on billionaireto do same. despite numerous violations a cease fire seems to have gone intoifornia the islamic state isn't observing the cease fire. a virginia police officer was killed responding to a call lastct you are an washington. it was her first shift after being sworn in on friday. she's thed in the nation so far this month.
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night in los angeles. and the win are of theraspberry for the worst film, the movie, "50 shades of grey" now the weather. snow is lin plains into the break lakes. same goes for maine and the pacific northwest. everywhere else warmer than usual temperatures.orecast for many areas of the start of the new week but sunny in the southeast and southwest. movie trailers.
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n a true story, it's a boast that can be a plus for a movie during oscar season. whether the claim holds up is quite another matter. our cover story is reported byeichner. >> we are pleased to announce the film selected as the best picture nominee. >> of the eight nominees forsee if you can
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common.e four, "the revenent." "bridge of spies." "spotlight." big short." in other words, half the nominated films this year claim to be based on a true story, or by true events. last year's best picture nominees, same thing. four out of eight. the year before that, a six out of nine. including "12 years a slave" which won.rot these stories out right around awards season. how true are they? how true should they be? the words "based on a true story."
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what goes through youron to your hat. >> anne is chief film critic with the "washington post." >> see "based on" you tend to assume that the film maker is sending the signal that everything happened. when you see you get the signal that some more liberties are going to be taken. >> what happened was true. >> it wasn'tat's how the chain saw massacre was marketed. more recently 2013 best picture winnere about the actual rescue of u.s. diplomat from iran. >> you are cleared for take off. >> but thecene where they are chasing their departing plane. didn't happen.
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over the top, had not had people corroborate.o, screen writer deviated from finance from the memoir. for example, he changed his unfortunate car from a mercedes into a lamborghini.hink i can look at the story say, this is germane to the telling of it. this is in the spirit of what actualn mix and match facts. if it's not a documentary, nothing that i've worked on has ever purported to be i have thehis is an
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>> the new tina fey movie out this friday is based on reporterrker's experiences in afghanistan. more or less. >> today thensed driver hits the road. >> she's much shorter than i am, i amer name in the movie is kim baker not kim warker. in the movie she is a tv journalist, i am a. >> just part of the experiencing her life and her book about >> my reaction during the entire movie was, please let this be not embarrass me. at a certain point i started breathing more. i felt like, this is okay, this
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it's good. >> in felt the liberties taken were okay. >> like these are the things that happen with movies. way from the fact that the narrative in the movie and the book are pretty much the same. that's what i cared about. it's not exactly true's sort of true. >> what is the story being told is history. think of oliver stone's 1991 film "jfk." still controversial because it explores the conspiracy theory version of the kennedy assassination. >> why was kennedy killed? who has the power to cover it up. >> there are many people who saw oliver stone's "jfk" who believe the version of events that they saw in that film. that's where they get the
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>> i think for sophisticated very clear that this is an almost visionary interpretation of events on his part. but i take your point thatrent danger. responsibility lies with the viewer as well. if schools aren't teaching history that's a p should be teaching media literacy at this a gold medal film. >> the makers of the bio pic "race" about runner jessie owens were given practically no fudge the facts. >> the fastest sprinter jessie owens won four gold medals at
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hitler watched. >> reviewed the script page by page, line by line, made a number of adjustments which theye reason that was important was so that history wouldn't be rewritten. and that the facts be right. >> owens' marlene and gloria insisted on script approval. >> there was a theme that theyo, that doesn't need to stay in there. >> you won't tell me what it is? >> it was -- there some was nu think it was needed, necessary or appropriate. >> people who make movies exercise artistic license. but also our life. >> this is our life. >> accuracy also matters to the
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ever veritas award for the best film based on or inspired bye. >> is "spotlight." >> boston priests.ed equally on fidelity to the subject matter and artistic excellence. the winner "spotlight" aboutton globe's" investigation about pedophile priests. so, is it an omen, when the envelope is opened tonight, willner be the truth? up. >> he said, thank you, i love check it on
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wife completely unrecognized. walking movie encyclopedia the founder of imdb. the internet movie database wasy first website is now one of the most popular, its focus may be hollywood, but it was born here in rural where he works, if you can call this work. >> this is the you call up any film. >> i have 11,000 blu-ray dvds i can start any of them from of a button. >> his all-time favorite is >> when did you see it first?
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>> i have a diary where i recorded it. >> i know every -- i have the day i've seen every movie i've since the first of january. >> that's a bit nerdy. >> it started in 1990 when carla youngeer posted his film diary to share with other movie fans. very simple. what did it do? >> well, it information. you could search. you could search for a that was then. this is now. imdb was bought in 1998 by amazon's ceo as a to help amazon expand beyond books and into movies. how much did he pay you? >> that's not a number that
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the home cinema -- >> that's hoot way of saying, a lot. decided to stay on as ceo carlr. in charge of site that now offers everything from actor's biographies to place fan can the time traveling iphone in true story. >> there's an iphone,l iphone that didn't make it at the time. >> oops. >> imdb has a star meter, to rate who is hot and who is not. the actor robert pat in son clicks he was invited to audition for "twilight" and landed the hero's role.
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about this. >> even steven spielberg useshey met at the oscars. >> he grabbed my hand he said, thank you, i of love imdb iime. i've used the app, join the ceremony. it was just wonderful. then i got to tell him how muchaws." >> and he does. really, really loves "jaws." all movies for that matter.rl's passion is pure as ever. let's go to the first movie you ever saw. >> i do have that. >> how old were you? >> i was five. >> that was the beginning -- i was int
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>> fast forward to imdb'sversary celebration not long ago and intimate dinner for his british staff. >> it's remarkable to have come from something that was just my film diary to something that has 250 millionrld every month. cheers. cheers. happy 5. >> and later a star-studded gala in hollywood. when the over, you know exactly where carl is heading.izzy. >> pauley: next. is it's in the bag. an join for free. hurry, join by march 3rd
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hit, all i can think about is getting relief. only nicorette mini has a patented fast-dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. elief. that's why i only choose nicorette mini. >> pauley: now our second annual look at the oscar swag bags. by the numbers.
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by one company, distinctivets. los angeles marketing film being offered to 5 nominees in five categories. reputedly included are, ah $250. slimware plates at $30., priced at $275. something called a vampire breast lift for $1900. travel packages, everything from a three-day, $4800 stay at the golden door resort and spa. a ten-day, expenses paid trip to isreal. and much more besides. something you might want to the estimated value of each bag is said to be some $232,000. which brings us to one last
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zero being the connection between gift giver and motion the academy actually filed suit against distinctive assets accusing the company of falsely using the academy's trademark to impression of affiliation. come, actress saoirse ronan from brooklyn to the red carpet. and later --arty
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>> for my dearest darling whom i worship with respect to adoration, admiration, kisses, grath taught.y: shared a moment in the 2014 film "the grand budapest hotel" tonight she'se envelope please at the oscars. which she traveled to by way of brooklyn. >> i'm not irish.on't sound irish.
9:32 am
cover familiar nature role in the film "brooklyn" saoirse making a name for herself. it's tough to pronounce and harder to spell. >> >> almost. >> it's it's on irish word it means freedom or liberty. >> we need irish girls in brooklyn. >> stop feeling that i want to be an irish girleland. >> nominees are -- at 21 she's the youngest two- timous could car nominee since angela lansbury inher first when she was just 13 for supporting actress in "atonement." >>othing wrong.
9:33 am
nomination. mia never? >> really? >> what are you chasing meryl streep or something? >> that's the girl. awful lot is luck. >> was "brooklyn" big film? >> and no one expected us. passport please. >> welcome to the united states, ma'am. >> "brooklyn" is the story of young woman who leaves her in ireland to come to new york for work and finds a new life and love in 1950s america. >> >> best food in the world. >> i like italian food. >> how much practice did it take
9:34 am
in the script she has a bit of difficulty eating spaghetti, i act that one then. i'm going to see -- his mother, his father and the world. >> hands down the most difficult thing i have ever done in any film. >> the movies for saoirse in deeply personal way as a child of irish immigrants. >> i came here to work, they came here to work and no work at home.d the bronx was an area that had quite a large irish population. >> you are an american citizen. >> yep. >> in fact saoirse the bronx and used to come to this diner with her parents. you have been here for awhile. >> i haven't i was three.
9:35 am
i remember everything. i remember where we used to sit. what the outside looks like.e the same. >> everything. >> pauley: even her favorite grilled moved back to ireland when she was three. her father had become an actor and introduced saoirse to his >> i was quite imaginative. i used different voices and accents. >> could you just not do that atnown for her skill with accents, she's gone from an american teenager in "the lovely bone." >> that guy looks -- >> pauley: to a teenage german assassin in "hanna." >> i can't want to hurt anyone any more. >> pauley: the role blanchette brought her to
9:36 am
director. >> i happened to get in touch when she was making thati'm working with a fabulous young actress. i went to see the movie, i was blown away by her performance.e cast her in the starring role of the warrer this miller play "the crucible." >> such a strong man with ackly -- >> blackened my name. >> in rehearsal to open next month on broadway.s is your first play, really? >> like first ever. i've never apart from -- >> pauley: what was your
9:37 am
>> one year i playedocal principle. which was really new for me. it was a stretch after the treeley: can you do a rock? >> hold on a sec. you're putting me on the spot pauley: you're a professional. >> a rock would be like this.ock. and if a rock had eyes.that. >> pauley: oscar nomination and broadway debut could make spin. but saoirse stays grounded and keeps ireland close. speaking with her mother every that early is
9:38 am
>> i'm not surprise that it affects young women more. there's more pressure. not only, of course, when itay we look, the way we're all compared to each other, what we wear and compared to what someone else may wear ont even beyond that it comes to success. it's almost that you have to be yet there she is as "the crucible" abigail williams, saoirse ronan graces one of the tallest marquees onat did you think of it? >> it's very weird to have your face plastered all over theater.e to say even though i do get quite shy about that sort of stuff, there is something your name or your face attached to a broadway
9:39 am
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ley: now for some coming attractions. compliments of lee cowan. movie. motel. >> he also knew how to sell a movie.
9:42 am
feel sorry for him. after all being dominated by an almost maniacal woman was enough to drive anyone to the-- let's go in. >> this was his trailer for "psycho" back in 1960 it lasted remarkable six and a half remarkable is that in all that time hitchcock didn't give away too much.ifference. you should have seen the blood. >> wonder what he would think of today's trailers. exquisitely edited. but also heart warming and funny. a well-known fact. >> trailers are all sales
9:43 am
>> how do you say no to god.s alluring as they can be. >> not going to be able the finance. >> what do you mean? trailers still suffer from one recurring criticism. why do they sell everything in the movie trailer.aint a lot. >> he works for entertainmentany called, trailer park. one of dozens of firms that specialize in producing movie trailers like this one for the latest "mad max" film. the job he says to dazzle, collaborate with both studios and film makers to showcase the best film has to offer and thatnching within an eyelash of a spoiler. >> ever worry that sometimes the
9:44 am
>> no. that's the goal. >> really? >> if the trailer is bet movie that will get people at least to the theater. >> it used to be we only saw trailers in theaters, originally they ran after the featuretion. that's how they got the name "trailer." in the silent era they were filmed with silence like this hurr" practically exhausting to read.ver the top salesman ship. >> city of hope and despair. >> when you're advertising the same kind of product again i don't think unfair to say that formula will creep into the equation.
9:45 am
their films in such a brash way. orson welles, for example, practically his for "citizen kan,." >> how do you do, everyone. i'm speaking from the mercuryfollows is supposed to advertise our first motion picture, "citizen kane" is the title. attraction. >> he did it in an artful and decree at this timetive way with tongue well in cheek where he says in the out this is a p balle hoo. >> these days trailers are more than that. they are big business. >> trailers are under such. you constantly of a have to out do yourself. >> in fact they become their own genre so much so that trail their own award show. like this one. appropriately called, the golden
9:46 am
few have won as i see every little shot, frame, moment of dialogue, that we're trying to reassemble into our two-minute puzzle. >> creatingces, pretty unique. to watch entire film with the sound off.ll backwards. >> looking for the moments, the head turns, the looks, little smiles, just looking for second that are going to hit me in an emotional level. those are my trailer moments.he trailers for the last two best pictures "bird man" and "12 years a slave."r, he was hired to make
9:47 am
nominated "the revenent."as about trying to convey that feeling, this real experience of the movie. >> "the revenent" is full of cinema to go i can't fee but not a lot of dialogue. had to find something else. >> there's a constant thread that is carrying you through which is his breath. >> he blended his breathing withms then with the sound of a shovel digging a gave. grave. all builds, sweeping the would-be movie goer along with the action. >> all thets coming
9:48 am
feeling. >> most ofhe days of trailers with the booming narration. >> ever see a ghost? >> they catch the ghost thatd. >> that's the voice of the late don lafontaine. >> greatest heroes. >> featured in more than 5,000 trailers, that deep baritone so dubbed thunder threat. >> the voice over for comedian movie trailer. >> the trailer for jerry seinfeld's movie "comedian"er voice of god. >> in a world where laughter was king. >> hall douglas made a little fun of hin the edge of space. >> a girl. >> no. >> two girls. >> more than ever. >> stop it. >> the voice of god narraters
9:49 am
most modern trailers let the for themselves. >> at least i won't die alone.hey may give away too much and movie goers may grumble there are too that trailers are as much a part of the pageantry of film as the oscars themselves. >> chewy, we're home.
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little girl in maine is enjoying a child birth that's just ducky, steve hartman shows us why.ids go to the park to seduction. but 5-year-old kiley brown takes park. snowflake comes here to swim around the pond and then returns when called. because snowflake truly believes that kiley is his mother. is not alone in this dilution. >> not >> yes. i'm his mom. >> how did you first find out. >> that he was a duck? >> no, that -- is unbearably cute. since i never did recover to ask that question again. let me just tell you that kiley firstwflake's attachment the day they brought
9:53 am
for whatever reason the duck imprinted by what the hour. when snowflake refused to stay in the back yard kiley's parents say they had no choice but to make him ha house duck. >> he goes where ducks are allowed almost everywhere they're not allowed i don't know if you ever had 2-year-old orldn't leave home without its clang it. she would not leave home without her duck. and at that point nothing is negotiable. snowflake goes to the beach in summer and sledding in winter. been to soccer practice, gone on sleepovers, even wenting as olaf the snowman from frozen. over time because they both sincerely believe they belong together snowflake and kiley most of us will never know. >> it's special. even at 5 i don't years old that's the type of person.lly going to make a
9:54 am
mostly because she already is. >> grow up go >> what? ahead. the host with the most.
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9:56 am
>> "sunday morning" goes to the oscars here again is janeley: that's elton john with lady gaga performing live on the sunset strip yesterday. he of course is music legend whoo throw another oscar night party. but only after sitting down with
9:57 am
>>alf a century he's been one of music's most flamboyant performers. elton john was uneasy when he took the stage at the theater in los angeles last month. >> i was soight. i think it's probably a good thing. he has more than 50 top 40 hits. but this night sir elton wasbuting some new songs. >> you can't really play more than three or four because audience really doesn't want to what is that feeling like? >> it's like -- a ha. i've written this song i like it >> on wonderful, crazy night,
9:58 am
celebrate his wonderful life. you have ae. >> i wanted a joyous tone. i want a '70s record that made now. >> his lyricist is same song writing partner for 49 years. >> probably more important to meause he has to write the words. so have warm hand for bernie>> they met before elton was elton. when young reginald dwight answered this ad seeking i look back on my little -- i can't believe i had the balls to do it but i did. >> the record label paired him with clicked, immediately. i happened to make that
9:59 am
completely different. >> you ended up basicallyer. >> we lived at my parents' apartment in north london, he became the brother i never had. i love bernie, not in a carnalost emotional, beautiful way. >> apart from a short separation in the late '70s, theytogether ever since. becoming one of the most successful song writing teams in history. do you ask him to explain it? >> no. never. >> you don't know what levon is about? >> no. but i have my own id i sing it i have this vision going on in my mind. that's the magic of those lyrics. every time you sing it you thinkg different.
10:00 am
it's the most beautiful loveinking about david, my boys. >> so hard writing teams l to stay together. >> the thing with him and i we dropped our egos. >> how did you do thaty did you it was necessary. we've never, on my children's life ever had an argument. >> there's no point. he's had harsh words with me when i haven't been behaving's told me the truth but it's never been an argument. >> elton went through an he '80s when he battled drugs and depression. when you were dealing with your drug problem how did you keep i did. that's what kept me alive. if i i stayed at home and not
10:01 am
ause i would kill myself. >> music has been my friend since i was two or three years my parents were getting divorced it was my sanctuary, listening to the root. the fact is music kept me alive. it saved my you traded it for an addiction to performing. >> addiction to the performing was bigger than drugs, thank god. black or red. >> elton will perform again at the 23rd annual oscar partyt with his husband, david furnish. a benefit for his aids foundation. the planning? >> it's amazing. it's got to be 9 0 people now. we started off with 10 people in a restaurant.lls. we raised four or five million dollars.
10:02 am
to goy. you don't get to watch the oscars sometimes -- the first half hour great then you are >> you describe yourself once as the best known homosexual in the world. >> i think probably homosexuality which i realize in my later years can open a few doors. >> that as far as you're concerned? >> responsibility comes with it. >> responsibility to engage world leaders like russia's spoken out against homosexuality? >> i had a call from president putin i'm going to meet him some, i'm not expecting to change the scenario straight away. >> have you thought about what you're going to say? >> no. i'm not going to say you have to to do that. that's not the way to approach it. i have no expectations.
10:03 am
takee five minutes, who knows. unless you try. >> the singer is citizen of the world now with houses in england, france, atlanta andy hills. how much time do you spend out here? >> quite a bit. >> when he's playing vegas it's an oasis for his son, now five and elijah is three. >> the boys love it here. they have a yard to play in. they love the weather. >> can you keep up with them? >> oh,i just love them. ten years ago if you would have said i'd be sitting in this house with two children, i'm to my husband, you would have said you put razz it in my drink. the best decision in my whole you surprised how you've been as a father? >> i'm totally -- i thought i would find it irritating.
10:04 am
i like things to be -- i like like to be in certain position. the boys are brilliant. >> fatherhood has changed the way elton john sees his future. >> they put everything in it's led to me looking what i'm going to do the rest of my life. i'm cutting down on shows. everything is arranged around now. i will still be working but i will be cutting down and in the end i will stop. them grow up. i have such a great life. >> after four decades on tour,
10:05 am
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reminds me a little bit of like an audi. so, this car supports apple carplay. siri, open maps. me. wow. it also has teen driver technology. it even mutes the radio until the seat belts are buckled. i'm very curious what it is.16 chevy malibu. and it sells for? it starts at twenty-two five. what? oh technology. that's a game changer. pauley: the lack of racial diversity among tonight's ross cover nominees has controversy. that's attracted the attention of author andvis smiley. >> academy award nomination, myriad of protest and hash tags like oscar so white and callsnight's telecast. now, let me confess right up front here that i do intend to watch tonight for two reasons. chris rock.
10:07 am
this is aeam, the jokes are practically writing themselves. but this year's blackout is no laughing matter. how do we explain that black music but not film. there's been disruptive technology in music that allows artists to record, promote and di not so much in film. but i do think that a change is going to come. i'm ambivalent about this notione been vic testimony maized by the academy. sure, i see whole lot of black writing and directing, producing and acting t by hollywood. but black thespian aren't the only victims.s out because lot more tall then could be delivering box office as well given a chance. what's even harder is that industry as progressive as doesn't get that excellence in film comes in
10:08 am
let's be honest, the lgbted more ground in hollywood over the past decade than black folk have covered in 50 years. tonight in fact we'll see actors who have been nominated for --hy so slow to recognize and revel in the humanity and talent of black actors and actresses, that said, i'mllowing this term snub, if you snub when you lose what are you when you win. you don't want mediocre to become the new excellent just for the sck oscar nominees. so, you must accept the fact that art is subjective. you must also accept that there is right and wrong, not juste. know it to be better not just onry day. >> pauley: next --
10:09 am
actress whisperer. >> pauley: robert osborne on his life in the movies. then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start savingtually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better
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>> pauley: a life in movies is what robert osborne has led. he routinely shares what he's cable tv audience. >> we're very proud to present the one, the only, "gone with the wind." >> you should be kissed any someone who knows how. >> i might be. he's been ushering audiences into cinematic past for 20 years now. >> i have a feeling we're not in kansas any more. >> is there ever been aar like cary grant. >> robert osborne isn't just the
10:12 am
to some of its biggest stars. lana turner. >> you see how together here. >> lauren bacall. >> you know how to whistle. just putr and blow. >> bette davis. >> did you ever smoke ae with bette davis? >> oh, yes, many. >> you would buy your ticket for your dime or quarteryou come into this place. >> we met him at the kings theater in brooklyn, splendid during the depression when movies offered escape and solace. >> movie palace is the word forlace to talk about the passion that has consumed osborne all of his life. >> you went to movie theaterer
10:13 am
sitting in the dark. and those wonderful people out there in the dark. >> osborne was raised in small town c he caught the movie bug early by college was obsessed. >> i spent every saturday in ry copy of the "new york times" over about 20-year period. made a list of every movie that played and how long it rain man like. >> they should have locked month me up long ago. >> he nicknamed his record book, this is your movie bible. >> yes, it is. may 29, '42. yankee doodle daweeks. >> osborne knew he wanted to work in movies but he wasn't
10:14 am
he mov and tried acting. >> now that's what i call coffee. >> one thing that i never liked or wanted to do is play somebod suit and had a briefcase. >> sorry to interrupt. >> the pilot of beverly in a suit. >> what happened. >> the struggling actor was put by none other than lucille ball. >> she really was looking for people who could sing anddo either. she just liked me. >> the first young person that i laid eyes on and, boig, i said,t young man. >> lucy was impressed by osborne's deep well of knowledge about hollywood's golden era. she set him on >> lucy ultimately encouraged me
10:15 am
she said we have enough actors. >> so osborne began hollywood and oscar history. >> i wrote a book about the academy awards. it became kind of the focal point of any kind of discussion >> at the same time he became an entertainment reporter. >> the hollywood reporter. >> good morning. >>sn't entirely comfortable in this role. when hollywood insiders learned that rock hudson has contracted aids,efused to report it. >> you need to tell that story. i said, no, i don't. he's not the president. he's notl. >> not national security issue. >> he's an actor. he has a right to choreograph his own life. >> osborne ws in exposing than celebrating his
10:16 am
some of whom had become close>> barbara stan wick, bette davis, the actress whisperer. >> i love those people. they were be around. these were people that once ruled the world. now they had no power any more. nobody cared. >> but his friendship with bettet off to a bumpy start on one of their first meeting osborne had just seen 1977's. >> i said, have you seen the new "star wars" movie.eally good. i think you'd enjoy it. she turned to me with full volume said, i told you, i hate movie. i said, i can't believe you'd say something so she zipped around looked at me,
10:17 am
then i looked at her and i knew i had her.he was waiting for a challenge. we were friends from then on. >> by the time tcm launched no other contender for the host. robert osborne had spent his life rehearsing for this role. >> i was preparing for job that didn't exist. >> his favorite interview, former movie musical star, betty by the year 2000 had not appeared on camera in almost 20 years. >> how are you today? >> i'm scared. >> she opened up to osborne. >>rified she was going to disappoint people. they wouldn't remember her. the thing i'm proudest had this vulnerable woman who had been such a big
10:18 am
>> my private life has beenally hell. but my professional life -- was so wonderful.s understood, i was working from my heart. robert osborne, movies are life. only better. >> i think we have to have dreams. we need a little carmen miranda. we need some of the dancing. you need gene kelly hanging off that lamp post. be taken into a fantasy world not be afraid to go there.
10:19 am
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>> pauley: so, what to look for tonight's academy awards. david edelstein. >> here we are again. but where are we?of what is going to be a weird oscar night. welcome, the outrage over the all white slate of will be the subtext probably regular text, too. i sympathize with the academy's top brass, they have an african american presidenave honorary award to spike lee. they picked chris rock to host. it was their mostly white, male, over 50-year-old voters who let them down. a lot of them look like me. i have voted to nominate "creed" instead of just the white guy in that movie
10:22 am
i would have voted for idris elba.ts of no nation" among others. so, who is in contention? leo dicaprio nominated many wins, always comes back harder. in "the revenent" he hauls his broken body over miles of frozengive him his oscar already. i hear "the revenent" will win, too, and many people love it. i found directordro, show off macho technique and bogus native american spirituality down right icky. ""the big short",b. larson. >> we have a hammock. swing in the hammock.
10:23 am
>> i need to talk to my husband. i need to hold my husband. >> the supporting actress front runner with agender, "the danish girl." i'm rooting for jennifer jason leigh and her smile through broken teeth.lly, i hear stallone will win for the aged rocky balance bow i can't in "creed" he was nominated for the movie won he lost best actor to peter finch for "network." rocky should win in this arena, too.ns, that's what the academy does well given omissions this year they better
10:24 am
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auley: now to john dickerson for "face the nation." good morning, john. >> dickerson: good morning, jane. start with the top three trusses and marco rubio then on democratic side talk to bernie sanders. >> pauley: good luck to you.wn now we're pleased to report charles osgood had his knee surgery on wednesday here in new york. he's now out of the hospital and resting at home.arlie, speedy recovery to you. next week, here on "sunday morning." we get the news from holly >> we're going to george. on what's next for your business. the true partnership where people,technology and ideas
10:26 am
accelerating innovation. accelerating transformation. hewlett packard enterprise. we leave you this oscar sunday while outside hollywood in death valley.
10:27 am
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today on "face the nation" can anything or anyone stop donald trump or hillary clinton from going all the way to their party's nomination. and super tuesday, we'll talk to the three top republicanrs, donald trump who leads by big margins in most super tuesday states and texas senator ted cruz. there is no doubt if donald steam rolls through super tuesday, he may well bedon't think that will happen. >> dickerson: he's not the only one vowing to stop donald trump


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