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tv   Face the Nation  CBS  February 29, 2016 1:43am-2:13am EST

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troy, michigan 48007. in canada, send your donation ofimpe ministries of canada, box 1717, postal station a,io n9a 6y1. many of the things you've heard today are on the video. call! rexella. absolutely chuck. we want to repeat that again. this is just a little bit of wh today and even some of the previous programs, so you need to have this because jack explains in detail all theare reading about in the paper. so make the call. there's the 800 number and there's the address. islam exposed and explained. i want to leave you with a very,ecause the lord is watching over us, i said this before; we don't have tors around us.
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the lord. we'll look forward to being in your home again next week andber god cares for you and so do we so very much.
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lcome back to fakes the nation. vermont senator bernie sanders joins us fro rochester minnesot senator, it wa disappointin loss in south carolin las nigh coming up there georgi virginia txa a tha m they s there's no plausibl path for you to t ninatio what is your respons well m response tha i i we're goi in colorad think we're goi t w i oklahoma. we'roi wel massachusetts and going to w in vermon a g numr oing up tha we' going extremel we possibly winni includin california and new york state i thin w d hav patl that y w didn gaten a beat very bad yesterd in sou carolina
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on h victor but jhnink that's as bad a i going t get >> dickerson: when you look a the progress that you made whi surpasses al aalysts w looked at yo cmpaign fro t pgres you' mad i tere enou time left, y mentioned so places where yh you'v do well b isn tim kin running outin i thin y guesd we' have ove 8legates bein re going to w very good share o tho delegate major states coming u a think th importan poin country ar resonating o message. and th message i tha sup pan crr cmpai finance system aestroyi we'r prou tat w receive fo mli individua contribution mo tha candidate in america hstory th point
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economy is rippe going to the people o tp, tha is why w a doi wel i te y somethiven sout carolin bad w did, w d ver badl v o peopl 2 years of age o yunge the future o t democrat party, t ftu o th country iolving you people i getting them to stan u f their rightsealing wit student debt which i g t tel you questioning peopl a over thi cuntrollege a universities tuition free, tho are the ideas w a bngin ou demanding t walth a large corp operationtarair sha o taxe this is whoung pople working class peopl that is th future t democratic party creat the movement you've be suggesting that you want you'r going nee t ara africa americ vote a yo economic justi messa didnso
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and in oth places isn' t fatal fla n question, to be vereally raladl wi olde aican americaters we g decimate on the oth hand if y look a the younge peoplefrica americ younge a whites wd mu better so again thin o mssag the clint campaig w ver strong, remember this i th carolina two for bilinton, two f hillar clinto they had wel organized th d well congratula her we came int tha stat lik % t pol iad f u t ho i want to than a o o supporters, the members o t south caroli stak with u we a confident in tuture >> dickerson: our polls show that one brig s f y i
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are mo hont aan hillary clinton what does it say t you thoug th voter m bliev that a yet ar vin for hilla clinto wel thi peopl c their vote f reasons. i think i y loo a yo polls you'll probably fi tha many people thinh o vew are closer t wh they belie thutuul b our view a closer o eonom issues. lot those pol c dow t demographics, the age, to ho much money you are makin at tott l i wth campaign jo 3 in the polls the also t wee nationa polls th actuall h us the lead o secretar clinto if you wer wit m yesterday i texas you se 10,0 people ou austi,000 people o i dallas we h go nigh i believe we have lot
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sometimes th mia - t state halection a t end o th campaign dozens of motates t g >> dickerson: al righ snato bernie sanders we'll be ba with more number from ou c news battleground tracker. l phone ring where are yo well the squirrels are back in the attic. mo inator... can i call you back, mom he says it's personal this time. if you're a mo you call at the worst time. it's what you doe fifteen percent or more on car insurance you switch to geic r it's what you do where are you?r it's very loud there. are you taking at zumba clas lergies are getting in my way. 14 days into my
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claritin clear because when i got itchy watery eyes. ...i started taking claritin every day symptoms start doctors recommend taking one claritin every d of your allergy season for continuous relie 23 days relief from sneezing.os claritin is powerful, lasts 24 hours.. ...and it's non-drowsy get the ed... ...non-drowsy allergy bran live claritin clea every da >> dickerson: we turn now to cbs news director of election anthonyal van to donald trump iverywhere
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about hi d signs here th clearltarti a pus bac against th establishmen against thepublican party a politics a usual he' growin something mu m, vote i georgi in virginia an i texa a think that donald trump has th best chance now t w t genera electionhe h t mo otimist message of t remainin candidates th isn jus abou f thhing against politics asual it signal tha they' voting for something th i plitics ver's campaig that wi hav legs >> dickerson: tuesday we've go bunch tatoting, ted cr will do well exa what can wearbou whawith cruz t whether it translate t a other stat otside h hom turf. >> it's no translating r now. texas vote wo kn h
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politic but donald tru ow tho issuverywher el and ev m t that, te cr y hea io intervie's tonservative well, he winning tha argument. they averwhelming a mos enough because he loses some of t voters who thi h m conservative t tr a als voters a placin mor ski politic b alsixi t economy and donald trump own thosssues on tolitica monopo boa you want t o sace b t moac that shake u pitics i th states >> dickerson: important agai just to b cle becau suggests if cruz can w outside h hom territoak inroads i other places. may pic delegate elsewhere and hold ser ii home state b r n h els >> dickerson: all the candidat
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it t come dow t on o race than i'll have shot against donald trump in the numbers d y se an othe candidates were faw that enough voters would go t themaining pers w alternative to trump that wou actually change the state things? wou g wen w as peopl i doesn g th nomination who wou y support. donald trump would g enough rubi ver enoruz'ajority b eough th add h curre standing would keep him as t fron runnern' necessarily help who i lef standing a that importan figured donald trump up aroun 40 h doesn't need tha m then get tways talke abo h h has ceiling, h stioes there' l peo wou n make him secon choi b has low on though >> dickerson: over to th democratic rac i over
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bu su tesday loorettnton there's couple of thin goi on. one is w talke abo t demographics of th souther states, you s t bg suppo v that csisten acros a super tuesd sta that w survey peoptil s that bern sanders is t hne candida and candida bu smilarity here almost thepublica sid t these ar metricshat though gin wou b enough bein principled a i important, but whe voter a going no fenato cinton'they'r seeing he as qualifi a seeing her a experienced, that's obviousl her campai mssag they're voti o tat she's got b lea ove sde on thoetrics an that' w thi >> dickerson: great, anthony, thanks so much we'll be back in moment wi
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peggy noona i column any f the "wall streournal. a senior politic cmmentato fo c jamell b coverfor late als c n pitic analyst. ruth marcu columni f t "washington post and ben domenec i t eit of "th federalistld tru unstoppabl ell we're goin t fi ou th idices a i h directioren theyrested i h power, that is th wor i s t he h actuall bee a t in wy ne-mreckir in t a o proceed pitically o thtum mr. rubio ttempting as yo know ti tr fig ip's own style i'm not sure h tha wor
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t 1ommandment t sha ata epublican rubio tyiump' tctic is thaffectiv >> might have be effecti h he b a been reallittirp o this point tha trump seems be in th f hmsel i stan, th stage nhi it' productive. what it sounds likbio sayi to peopl tat you w c n com vot for me gre i thin there' another w which it can be le thaasked rubio i i w t little too lat i think there's a littl b o too mu t lat w i, is jus gttin dn i t buc wi tum wh y gwn in th wit mo
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university, and ca h c man abou w that sauce lk policy knowled start talking abo wheth h wet hiant tink hat a little too - >> knock off tru b bin of trum people wan istabilit t g one voic >> i thi t onl w tt yo can beat tru i recognizinne-marecki machine fueled b h personality you have to atta him on thoase none of thesdeologica trump it's n sethi whe you ca say on time y sai this now y s th doesn't get pople just o aphaing trump you right t positioning seless but talking tru ver think th tin that th
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them that he is like them i som fundamenta w i think t avenur re convincing that that i n true th t university thing is star but t c m stuff wor against that. >> the issun his can m thin i hear y itervie a would y suppo hissentially an ha tha he dance around the questio he's goi t destroy t republican partyoing to th nomine he never said wouldn' suppor him and so h sounds ver muc lik politician and tha i t langua tha agravat tos >> dickerson: the con man in this political season are t politician that's t sttin f c m learned from t voter >> y kn th t wgr w w jamel says t l a - fubio
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he's conne yu, h c m's what you d gdness, that's no t to bring them i ho a something mor interesting. how about you co forwa say trum spporters, bsolute t republican party and t republican establishment a h disappointed you are guess wha i'm goi t tel you what you'r rig aou wh they a disappoint abou party is easy to t you the flaws of t dmocrat party. ta tupporte sriousl oncedin wha i tbou nk candidates ha bee trying to do tha alon your first question about whether trump unstoppable a this point i think tandidates, oavssentiall conceded that he is more or l unstoppable in t pimaries the plac t sto h if he i b stopped a t conventi itself yo seegn a c
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al positionin temselves and even -- did i som canvassi amon republic e t t vriou stages o rsignation y hea crazy ide like, might n b too late f mit romney t file o m a talki abo cventio strategies and no primar >> dickerson: ben, we're getti t hig fantas theori no wh we' politica ralignmen we're moving fro taditiona understanding of left-right politics that we've had for long time to somethi tha looks ve dferent the thing t understan her iump and bernie sanders they're not t dseas they're noymptom of t disease they are bet tst o cure for t pspective of th people the those of us wook sor of t o political fray looks like cos to the people i loo likat is something th
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going t havetrofi themselves and ada t thi thi tat wery smarckerson: plus one for miss noonan one quick questi a thi running agains tum if y a t dmocrats you' watching this, if yo a ied b i are yo geful, do y thi donald trump is going to be greaandidat t aains fr months a the m aou runni against donald trump. i thin dmocrats war bit mo wa because he' t die speaking t a sense ager an aiety o there that cou go cor t democrat wrkin clasotersclass who have bee drifti awa what i cn' do i don't thi so iepa t bre wit minorioters prticular
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t th that wtwee himself a hispanic voter can b - that ging ve hig him he genera election wit women, thi h w galvani th democrati fac still think h i - h ho t w t presidency. but i thi he' defi expectations so much tha pop are a litt w l t ar ithin i universa y lk at polls orica american latino people gues risin america eectora they a pretty op to miss tu about th cuntriv it among slice o ode whi american yunge mig wh americans fe btray abo a bei in bad place tha t ang i
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american bac latin aia american, wh d fundamentally feel t ange there ar whi americans w are with them that me >> i will say thi peopl s there's enthusiasm gap yo s it i t tur o that i i thin t antidot t tor hillar clinton should she be t nomine is donald trum prhap th dbate th wil galvani who m not enthuse abo h aou bra oam >> dickerson: we saw her tryin to turn tha pag last night >> you s h tryin t d t things at once las nht whit fine which is to stil b atentiv to t sanda vot a wan t hea from her a s t w th about bi banks she turn h attenti t h
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whole agai i want t s o thi abo donald trump t excellen question that y aske i can't st a abo tes i w don't lear athing fr t return and that i jus n tru here i wat w lea that we don' lea fro othncom what you effective t r s how much y u loophol a deductions and t selters how mu you' giv chari i o w those charities are fo i understa t lawye don want people under aud t giv out thei stuff audi end, y c d t t returns a give the summaries case close >> dickerson: let me a say whateve yo want, b t question this. when you talk about tha bet testing that the public m doing does that mean that ther is dfferen standa o ler o fac donald trump has bee f
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he say things, he' calle it, he h sai about t vte they don't car abo policese sma thing because he's speaking to larger truth. y thi that' t o tha there could be som tin tha could knock hi bac >> i thi themethin th hpens penomenarou cnspira theory, if you believe in i that eve critique that ha theory i smp mor pro tha th conspira estat goes o in the person tum to his poi abo h t few years ago trump wei roasted come central always have rul abo thint jobou donald trump rul onl thi you couldn't joke abo w suggestion that he has les money that he claimed t thi tha i quio deal h y c g u h >> dickerson: back to th democratic race saw hilla clinton make thi pot r pound out th tere seems to bna trum real h eevat
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do y think that' right does it make i easi t r tru for hillar clinton than marco rubio if yo weepublica >> t toughts one is that bernie sande h whatever happens i h campai h v muc i pushin mrs. clint t tef in terms o policy that's b thin watev happens to h we'll s h th goe trum trum sort of know a outrageo figure who gets awa wit greaeal burs. clintnt after mon i als see as pers w hrsel i n trustworthy, does not t t trut we couind uihese tw wholels whe most o t people these he' outrageous, she'ntrustworth won ne t billian
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he rputation dishones untrustworthy. >> that's a hard thing - y can't stand up s i yo have t ask - tha muc impact >> b tha i t questio >> it isn wha standards are peopl voting a what's important to them do the at the end of t d fee tha she t strongesdvoca for them tho issues in the cas o tum pausibl commande i chief, plausible preside because th absolutely belie that she i toac t point y ma erlie trum i nt on th tum a rai against central par five he was sue by t fer government for housi discrimination
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voters >> dickerson: thanks to all of yo we'll be rig back i a moment use your help staying in touch with customers. at&t can help you stay connecte am i seeing double no ma'am. our at&t 'buy one get one free' makes it easier for your staff to seent reminders to your customers... ...and share promotions on social media you know i now i'm seeing dollar sign you should probably get your eyes checked good one bab optometry humow get up to $650 i credits to help you switch to


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