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tv   Cleveland 19 News This Morning  CBS  February 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> tia: drinking and dancing may nots be surprising, but the day and time may get you wondering what was he thinking? >> brian: a fire rips through a home on the west side. >> tia: the winds are beginning to die down, but colder temps are settling back into northeast ohio this morning. >> brian: we may see a wintery mix later today. good morning, everybody.
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i'm brian duffy. >> tia: i'm tia ewing. i'm excited about this wintery mix. let me break it down. usually i'm like oh, no. because it's winter in cleveland we need winter so you appreciate spring and summer. get it over with, right? meteorologist sam roberts is in the first alert weather center thinking what in the heck, tia, are you talking about? >> brian: it made no sense to me. that's fine. >> tia: i wanted to get it out of the way. >> samantha: i'd rather have it now on leap day than on march 29th. better to have it february 29th than april 29th or something like that. oh, gosh. wouldn't that be horrible? let's take a look outside. are you over it? it really wasn't that bad of a winter. it was 64 yesterday. come on, we can do better than that. we have some cold weather in the forecast this week. we'll talk about it in a minute, but the big story for your morning drive is this wind.
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outages throughout the morning, most of which i'm willing to bet the wind the culprit. a 40-mile-per-hour wind gust out there in worcester, 33 miles per hour right now in cleveland. if you're out to the east, i do expect your winds to pick up throughout the next hour. a lot of cloud cover out there, gone. so you're not going to get rained on today. again, that's all moved out, and i do think we'll actually enjoy a little sunshine later on as we see decreasing clouds. our temperatures have cooled off a lot, but they will recover into the 40s later on. then i am closely watching tomorrow, because we also have a chance for a wintery mix in tomorrow night's forecast, and we'll cover all that coming up in just a few minutes. we have to get you out on the roads and here your traffic update is laura demaria. >> laura: out on the roads not looking too bad. this is 480 at warrensville center here. things are traveling along fine now.
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drizzle coming down and you see that light gloss and sheen on the roads there. it's a little slippery. it's slippery and with the high winds could cause some reason for concern out there on the roads. i don't have any major accidents to report out on the highways. i will mention again, though, these power outages. we have a lot of power outages especially to the south. ritztown township and charlestown township and ravenna. a lot of areas down to the south are dealing with a lot of power outages. over 7,000 people currently without power. not quite to 1,000 in the cuyahoga county area and lake county dealing with some, just not a lot of power outages. keep in mind, firstenergy is aware of the outages i mentioned. we're traveling fine on the roadways. from the south 71 looks great through strongsville into downtown. it looks like someone might have stopped by the sensor. don't let that be a reason to be
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77 is looking good into downtown cleveland. as for the drive times here, canton to cleveland 57 minutes, 28 minutes from mentor to cleveland, north olmstead an 18-minute ride straight ahead and 27 minutes from elyria to downtown. >> tia: we're following a developing story involving browns quarterback johnny manziel. a new video surfaces of what appears to be manziel having a great time partying in a nightclub in miami. website. he's wearing a hat and dark champagne. testifies taken on thursday night just hours after dallas police announced that manziel's domestic violence case was going to a grand jury. so the timing is not great. manziel allegedly hit his ex-girlfriend colleen crowley so heart she has a busted eardrum. tmz reached out to manziel for a comment. they have not heard back.
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cut manziel next week, march 9th to be exact. look for continuing coverage on and breaking push alerts on the cleveland 19 mobile app. >> tia: ohio governor john kasich made it clear this weekend he's not dropping out of the republican race for president. there has been a lot of pressure for him to suspend his campaign before tomorrow's super tuesday primary. his intentions are to stay in the race at least until march 15th for the ohio primary. >> i will win ohio. if i don't win ohio, then it's time to call it over. i am going to win that state. then it's -- you know, we're off to the races. >> tia: a lot can change on super tuesday. donald trump is predicted to take a vast majority of the 600 available delegates, which could really separate him from the rest of the field. many anticipate ben carson will suspend his campaign after super tuesday. >> brian: ohio voters get to see donald trump tomorrow in columbus. he announced a rally at the port
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tickets are free, but you have to register for them online. doors open for the trump rally at 9:00 a.m. as anticipated hillary clinton won big over the weekend in the south carolina democratic primary. now looking ahead to super tuesday, clinton is polling to beat bernie sanders in three key states. "the wall street journal" says she's leading by 2-1 margins in tennessee, georgia and texas. >> tia: your facebook twitter time line is full of academy awards and most notably the winner of best actor. >> leonardo key cap yo. >> tia: leo finally gets one. this was the sixth time he was nominated for best actor. he won for his role in the action drama in "the revenant." bree larson won for her performance in "room" and
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>> brian: we have a date for called "believe land." it's about the 50-plus years cleveland sports fan have gone without winning a hahnship. it will premiere at the cleveland international film festal on march 31st. no word yet on when "believe land" will debut on espn. >> tia: positive thinking. >> brian: i'm interested to see how they show the city in this. i hope they don't take a big shot. >> tia: i think it's all positive. you can't have a title like "believe land" and be negative or you need a good punch right in the gut. i'm just saying. >> brian: it's 6:07. the rain is gone but so are the warm temperatures we saw yesterday, sam. >> samantha: yeah, it's 35 right now in cleveland, and it's super windy out there. that will impact how you're doing on the roads, but there are a lot of cars this morning that are inside. with that here is q. mccray at
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>> q.: yeah, showing off some amazing super cars that will cost you, what, $3.4 million? this aston martin is out of this world, and there are a bunch of other cars here on millionaire's row to show you. your live report is coming up in
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>> tia: this is a really sad story all the way around. an arm staff sergeant suspected a killing a rookie virginia cop is expected to be arraigned today on murder charges. ronald hamilton opened fire on officers responding to a
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of washington saturday killing ashley guindon on her first day on the job. county attorneys plan to seek the death penalty in this case. president barack obama is honoring an ohio navy s.e.a.l. who helped to rescue a u.s. hostage in afghanistan. edward byers jr. is from the toledo area. today he'll get the highest military honor, the navy s.e.a.l. medal of honor. he's the 11th living service member to receive the medal. >> brian: we're five wakes away from opening day in the big city. this morning at 10:30 you can start buying single game tickets. just because it's opening day doesn't mean it's spring. who could forget snopening day in 2007. the game was snowed out. the entire opening series was canceled because of snow. when you have to move your home games to milwaukee, you know you've got a problem. that's what we had to do. the indians had to go to
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because there was so much snow here. >> tia: wow. it snows there, so that says a lot. >> samantha: keep my fingers crossed we don't have a repeat of that this year on april 4th. april 4th is the first game. thinking about march 1st tomorrow, guys. can you believe it? already march. almost tomorrow. all right. impact meter, your morning drive, the weather is going to impact it. now, if you woke up because you heard rain very early this morning, that's gone. so no major issues there. the wind is up and it will be a windy start. white-knuckle driving out there this morning. can't stress that enough. temperatures starting off in the 30s, but we will rebound into the 40s later on. so the overnight rain is gone. you'll notice a few little blips popping up from time to time on the radar. there may be a few flurries or a little light drizzle flying around out there, but nothing to slow you down with the exception of the wind.
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cover today, so we do start off cloudy, but a little more sunshine as we get deeper into the morning. 34 at 8:00, and here is your hour-by-hour forecast. 41 at noon and highs today in the mid maybe even a few upper 40s. now, it will be very breezy and not quite as warm as it was yesterday, but overall a nice day for the tail end of february. tonight the clouds come back in, and we do have a slight chance after sunset for a brief wintery mix. the temperatures have been so warm, i'm really not concerned about any impacts on the roads or anything like that. no major accumulations, and it's tomorrow that we really have our eyes on because it is going to get messy late in the day. we start off dry tomorrow, and then rain will move in during the afternoon. notice tomorrow we're right back in the upper 40s, but it will be a breezy day and then we'll factor in that rain throughout the afternoon transitioning over
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to cool off and then eventually tomorrow night all snow. that snow will be with us through the morning commute wednesday, so it could be a slow drive on wednesday morning. the rest of the week, sharply colder. 31 on wednesday, and only 30 on thursday. oh, a chilly start to march, laura. >> laura: especially considering we had that beautiful weekend that we had. hope you got to get out there and enjoy it. it was so nice outside. i went for a nice walk, run with my little puppy. i know i got my weather time in. let's look outside now. i-77 at harvard, boy, it looks fantastic for your early drive in. if you're an early bird travelers out there on the road up 77 from akron, you have a perfect drive. no big worries there. let's look back at this west side fire again. west 77th here and still closed now between detroit and franklin. if that's part of your path towards the highway or part of your route where you head this
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pass by that along the way. across the wide map we are looking pretty good. the only slowdown reported right now is this 27 mooirp marker right along the metro curve on i-71 northbound. no big issues. it's not causing backups yet, but it will as we move closer to rush hour. it's monday so we're deal with morning traffic. if you're come being from mentor, you'll be up to speed. this is the final push at dead man's curve right here. you make the winds around the curves and right into downtown. nothing slowing you down there. a little slower around the curve. the travel times are on time, but the roads could be a little wet so you want to take it easy and increase your following distance. guys. >> tia: some people may watch us on the app but in portage county 7,000 people there are
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as a result we have delays to tell you about at some local school districts. >> brian: the school district closed. i'm assumes this is all wind-related. waterloo local school district has a two-hour delay and portage county as you mentioned. they may be taking the brunt of this. one of the biggest events of the career in northeast ohio is the cleveland auto show at the i-x center. >> tia: it's in town through the rest of the week. q. mccray is live there. q., you better wear a comfortable pair of shoes because you have to walk around there and show us all the stuff. the last car was $3 million? >> brian: 3.4 or something. write a check, q. >> q.: right here. take a look. this is the aston martin vulcan. yes, $3.4 million. the entire thing is made of carbon fiber, and listen, it doesn't even have a push button start or key to entry. the key to this car is its
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$3.4 million, 7.0 liter engine, a v-12 engine. just amazing, right? right behind it is its little brother, if you will. this aston martin vanquish. this is a beautiful call all around. i'm standing hour hooer with lou the president of the auto show. this is a mclaren, another $2,000 car here -- 2 hu -- 200 $200,000. >> it's a race car for the road. there you go. >> q.: these are just three of the reasons to come down to the i-x center this week, right? >> sure. there's actually seven different vehicles in millionaire's row and it's a feature of the show where people can see these vehicles. they don't see them in the showrooms or on the road, you can see them here at the auto show.
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world, two are actually in northern ohio. one is here at the cleveland auto show. first vulcan to be seen in an auto show in north america. >> q.: too much. more incentive to show up, today isle family day, right? >> yeah, today is family day. everyone comes in 15 and under free. we have free parking and all kinds of events today. we have a bmx show at 4:30, 6:00:30, 8:30. we have the gladiators this afternoon and we have brian hartline and wit measure from the browns. they're signing autographs today. >> q.: thank you very much. we'll be here at the i-x center all morning long. stick around. the next hit is 30 minutes on tv, but i'm leave streaming on facebook. stick around for that. see you soon. reporting live from the i-x center. back to you. >> tia: maybe you want to buy a
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it's another money-saving monday. today we take a look at your credit cards. >> brian: important stuff. a financial expert will let us know if it makes more sense to stick with the credit card for the long haul or jump ship every
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>> brian: good morning. it's leap day, so an extra day. today we wonder about your credit card strategy. have you stuck with a favorite card for years, or do you kind of switch it up based on a better deal? a survey by says a ma rt jo of people are willing to change credit cards based on the best deal, but there is a significant minority of people who have one card and they just stick with it. credit cards are big business,
6:24 am
throw everything including cash back rewards, miles or no interest at you to get you signed up. so should you jump from card to card in search of the best deal? >> i don't think there's a fast rule on this. as long as you're happy with what your credit card does for you, there's no real reason to change. >> reporter: dr. pierre david is a business professor. he's not surprised that the survey found a 35% of people have not changed cards for over ten years. some of those people have never changed cards. >> you don't have to re-enter your credit card number. you don't have to recheck everything. so there's a switching cost to go from an existing credit card to a new credit card. >> brian: that cost comes in lost time and convenience. dr. pierre's advice if you use a credit card is to pay off your balance every month. if you are someone who carrying a balance, you may benefit most
6:25 am
>> new credit cards often offer six months free credit, and therefore it's to your advantage to switch because then for that six six-month period there's no interest that accrues. >> brian: another key point, if you switch cards do not close out the credit card account. don't close out the account. just leave the card somewhere because that could hurt your credit score. put your card away and make sure you don't use it. >> tia: great advice. >> brian: interesting stuff how you can roll over your balance and get the six-month interest-free, but the key is don't use the old card. now you build up debt and interest, and that revolve ing debts on credit card is a killer. >> tia: that's where they get you. time is 6:25. if you loved yesterday's weather, i'm not saying anything else. don't step out the door if you xep the same thing, right, sam? >> samantha: yeah. the only thing at that stayed the same is the wind. all the good stuff is gone, and
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we had rain move in overnight. good news here. that is gone just a few flurries or a little light drizzle this morning. no major problems with the exception of that wind. we'll talk about when those winds finally back off when we come back. >> brian: all right, sam. there's new video of johnny manziel making the rounds on the internet this morning. once again, not a good look.
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they claim that's johnny manziel partying hearty in miami. when the video was allegedly shot will have you shaking your head. >> tia: a diner on cleveland's near west side is moving after feeding people its location for nearly 50 years. >> brian: the rain that moved in overnight is dragging in much cooler area. >> tia: good morning, it's monday, february 29th. i'm tia ewing. >> brian: happy leap day to everybody. >> samantha: thank you. >> tia: you're leaping with joy this morning. >> brian: i don't get the whole thing, but whatever. let's go to sam roberts for a look at our latest forecast. sam. i explained my leap day theory earlier. >> tia: it was bad. nobody got it but you. >> brian: same liked it. >> samantha: it was nice. >> brian: we should add a saturday is what we should do. >> samantha: that's right.
6:31 am
saturday instead of adding a leap day. i support that. let's look at what we have going on out there this morning. here's the radar. we had rain move in through the early morning hours. good news is that's gone, so there won't be any rain to impact your drive in. but, man, it is windy out there, and it is going to be a windy day ahead. it was windy yesterday. we're going to do it again today. i do think the wind will be a little bit lighter, but that's not saying much because it was windy out there yesterday. so a white-knuckle commute for you, 4 out of 10 on the impact meter especially if you're in a higher profile vehicle like a jeep or van, big truck, something like that, you're getting blown around out there on the roads. let's go down to akron. good morning to you. we're at 39, and it's quite windy out there right now. the wind is sustained out of the west up to 28 miles per hour in akron, and i expect we stay windy for the rest of the day. we start off overcast, but we'll
6:32 am
throughout the day. our temperature in akron today headed for about 47. not bad for this time of the year, but certainly not as warm as we were yesterday, right? so do we have any more of that spring-like warmth in our forecast? we'll talk about it coming up in just a few minutes. >> laura: i hope so. i sure enjoyed it. i bet many did as well. saw a lot of people outside this weekend trying to soak it up knowing that winter was still around, so we had to get it while we could, right? let's look outside right now. looks fantastic for your morning drive. 6:32 right now, so we're still early. there goes on a school bus on into school this morning. i-90 at fulton is where we're looking, and traffic is rolling along perfectly fine there. god bless you, brian. across the wide map we're looking very, very good. 13 miles per hour along the morning. a little minor slowdown but it's not affecting your drive times. we look at your drive times in a
6:33 am
as for 480 here between 77 and 271, i don't see any reason to worry there. just get out the door on time, and you should be on time right now if you're one of those early birds. this is one of the benefits as you get out on the roads when the majority of people aren't even maybe awake yet. out 422 it looks good through solon and all the way continuing on. you shouldn't have any problems. as for the morning drive times, there they are. i promise them to you. canton to cleveland. 28 minutes from mentor and north olmstead to cleveland 21 minutes for you and 28 minutes on in from elyria. brian. >> brian: thanks very much. you probably will see this on social media this morning. there's new video of johnny manziel drinking out of a champagne bottle at a mimi nightclub. this video is from tmz sports shot last thursday. that's hours after news of his assault case in front of a grand
6:34 am
his days are numbers with the browns. >> tia: in court in morning the man accused of killing his brother, a church pastor, during sunday service in dayton. reverend william schooler was shot and killed by his younger brother daniel at st. peter's missionary church. it happened while the choir was singing with nearly two dozen people in attendance. >> at the prayer he got up, and office. then i heard two shots. it wasn't a minute, and i heard two shots. i got everybody out of the church. and we just kept hearing shooting, shooting, bang, bang, bang. >> tia: family members say the pastor's brother has a violent past and a long criminal record. pastor schooler was the president of the baptist ministers union in dayton. >> tia: there was a meth bust in barberton this weekend.
6:35 am
next to a child's bedroom. harris is heined bars this morning facing serious drug charges. police searched his home and found the meth materials in the garage and a lab set up inside the bathroom. >> obviously, having a meth lab in your house where you have your kids, that's a big deal. >> they don't have an update on the condition of two kids living in the home. harris was charge ready illegally manufacturing drugs. that's a first degree felony because of the children inside the home. >> tia: we have a lot of questions to ask today about a successful breakthrough surgery at the cleveland clinic. we told you about this on friday. the first ever uterine transplant. today for the first time we hear from doctors about the nine-hour procedure. we're told the 26-year-old patient is in stable condition. after 27 years the local favorite dinar on clifton is closing doors at the end of the today.
6:36 am
not come to an agreement to extend the lease. it's located on west 117th and clifton and will be closed at 11 tonight. however, there are talks that the diner in clifton could open at a different location by the end of summer. >> brian: not a good weekend for the cavaliers, they lose two in a row making it three of the last four. yesterday lebron didn't play and sat out to get rest. evidently everyone else decided to take the day off. it was ridiculous. the cavs lost 113-99 to the wizards. they return home tonight and try to right the ship against the pacers. they tip at the q at 7:00. >> tia: luck could be on the cavs side. it's leap day. only once every four years do we get a february 29th. restaurants and businesses celebrate with good deals today. a second dozen of doughnuts athe krispy kreme costs just 2.29.
6:37 am
hungry howie's is selling a pizza order for 29 cents. look for more deals on our website, >> brian: laura. >> tia: are you coming in? >> brian: i have another problem with the whole leap year thing i thought of. i got to stop thinking in the morning. why in february? why not in august or something like that? give us an extra day in august. let's have an august 32nd or something. >> tia: i like how you think, but i just can't catch up at 6:37 in the morning. my brain is a little slow. >> brian: this is out of the box creative thinking. >> tia: so innovative here. time is 6:37. it's still a little windy but nothing like yesterday. you'll definitely notice the cooler temperatures out there, right, sam? >> samantha: yeah, cooler today and the rest of the week is chilly. we want to let you know we have a first alert outlook in place
6:38 am
we're always looking ahead and want you to be ready for what's next. so we have rain tomorrow afternoon. then a wintery mix and then snow. that's right. it was 64 yesterday. we got snow on the way late tomorrow. we'll talk about it when we come back. >> brian: all right. chris rock, he did not dodge the lack of diversity issue at the oscars. we'll show you how he addressed
6:39 am
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@ >> tia: just sflap snap and sway. just snap and sway. 6:41 on your monday morning as
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cam looking down chester avenue campus. what a beautiful skyline it is out there. here in cleveland. excited to be alive. what a time to be alive. >> brian: good to be alive. big opening weekend for the center. >> about 1,000 cars new and old are showcased. to end. q mccray is there now with a sneak peek. what are you doing now, q.? is he in a car? >> brian: is he inside a jeep? >> q.: i'm inside a jeep wrangler with my man steve. he's displaying how versatile these amazing cars are, right, steve? >> absolutely. we'll take you to ar spin q. so sthoe you how the wrangler and the rest of the jeep line-up can get you around for your four-wheel needs having fun at
6:43 am
>> q.: this is cool. it's like a roller coaster ride. >> a little bit. >> q.: can anybody take advantage of this track if they come and visit? >> absolutely. come down to the show and come back to the jeep display, and this is free. bring the kids. i understand it's kids day today, so come on down and bring the kids. 44 inches and taller in the jeeps. we have some kids jeeps over there if they're shorting we can get them in those, and 12 and older in the front seat. house sna. >> today is family day so anyone who is -- that's a rocky ride. anybody who is 50 and younger gets in free today and today only. the actual car show ends on sunday. so if you can't make it out today, you're not out of luck. you have until sunday to come out and hang out with steve and go up these crazy ramps. we'll be on three tires in a second, right? >> that's the cool thing about
6:44 am
i can disconnect the axle in the front sway bar, and all four-wheels are on the ground on this car. how's that? see how flat that is? >> it's cool. >> it's awesome. >> we're about to go up this massive ramp. >> we're going to a 35-degree angle up and 18 feet to the top of the world here. check this out. nothing but ceiling here for you, man. >> just like a roller coaster. >> better, because there's no chains dragging us up the hill. >> q.: thank you very much grur time. we continue to go through this obstacle course. listen, i'm live here at the i-x center all morning long, so don't go anywhere. we have more behind the scenes looks for you coming up in a second. >> tia: wow. i'm really impressed. what a live shot, q. good job. >> brian: i've done that before. you have to stand in line for a long time if you go out there, but it's worth it.
6:45 am
>> tia: looks like a nice time. >> samantha: samantha is considering a run to the dealership lately. that's what you need here to plow through the snow we haven't had this year. let's look at what's happening out there. 35 this morning in cleveland, 39 in akron/canton. good morning to you down in new philly. it's 43. i was driving up 77 yesterday through dover new philly, and it was just beautiful out there, wasn't it? gorgeous day and blue sky, 35 right now in parma. today a little on the cooler side. i had the windows down. maybe you did, too. i passed a lot of motorcycles out there on the roads and everything was out yesterday enjoying that weather. 34 now in shaker heights, so you proent probably don't have the windows down this morning. the big issue early on the roads is this wind. wind is gusting right now
6:46 am
i think the winds will relax just a little bit throughout the day, but it's still going to be quite breezy out there. a lot of cloud cover but the overnight rain is gone. so no problems with rain today. just gusty winds. 46 this afternoon, and clouds continuing to decrease throughout the morning. by this afternoon i think we're seeing a lot of sunshine, but those clouds increase again tonight. we might, with this little cold front, kind of hovering over the lake tonight, we might see a brief wintery mix, but it's been so warm i don't think that this will cause us any problems on the roads. what i am concerned about is tomorrow. tuesday afternoon, rain moving in for us, and some rain and no big deal. tuesday night it will get colder. we might see freezing rain and then we transition over to snow, and that snow will be with us overnight on tuesday into wednesday morning. so travel plans late tuesday night through the wednesday
6:47 am
go on the roads. 31 on wednesday. look how much colder. it's 64 yesterday. what happened? 30 on thursday, 34 on friday, and it looks like we see a gradual warm-up into the weekend. i have a chance for snowshowers in the forecast thursday, friday, and on saturday. laura. >> laura: we do a quick catch-up again on the power outages across the year. ravenna and ravenna township about 1600 people currently without power. roots town township, 1,985 people. still the hardest-hit area. the restoration time for these areas i'm talking about right now is about 7:30 this morning. so still have some time. firstenergy is aware of the outages. also paris township, charleston township and edenburg township with heavy power outages in the area.
6:48 am
parts of the area still dealing with wet roadways as well. when you do deal with those we had roads and the wind, it can make for some very slippery and very dangerous conditions out there. let's take a look at this accident i want to mention here. i-71 northbound past i-90 and i-490 looks to be an accident there. this is a pretty expected, pretty normal slowdown right here on i-71. i see that but do know that could cause extra delays coupled with the fact that we have that accident there right now. as for the wide shot, we look really good. map. looks like 60 miles per hour up 77 all the way from akron on up towards downtown cleveland. times. 39 minutes right now. nor olmstead to cleveland 21 from elyria. we have the drive from 77 coming up in just about ten minutes. now it's time for "the buzz"
6:49 am
mill outlet. >> tia: this day in rock history on leap day 1968 the beatles sergeant pepper won a grammy for album of the year. you can find more trivia on you can also enter to win two tickets to dinner and a show at northfield. hollywood honored some of its best and brightest last night. >> while mad max fur fur road won six awards. dicaprio and larson won for best actress and actor. chris rock won praise for addressing the lack of diversity throughout the night. >> i'm here at the academy awards, otherwise known as the white people's choice awards. i thought about quitting. i thought about it real hard. i realized they're going to have the oscars anyway. they're not going to cancel the oscars because i quit.
6:50 am
the last thing i need is to lose another job to kevin hart, okay? >> tia: this is the second straight year all of the acting nominees were white. academy president cheryl boone-isaacs addressed the issues by saying quote i'm confident together we can shape be proud. a lot of people are talking about that. time is 6:50. our recap of the academy awards will continue in the 7:00 hour on cle43. >> brian: how about this? our resident fashion expert march sia hawkins will be here to show us who she thought was the best and worst dressed on
6:51 am
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6:53 am
>> brian: good morning,
6:54 am
people out and about working, good to see as another work week begins here in cleveland, ohio. >> tia: that's right. as you head out the door to start your day, here are some stories to know before you go. the new video has surfaced of what appears to be at least manziel partying in a nightclub in and out in south beach. >> donald trump will make an appearance on ohio in super tuesday. the republican front-runner will speak at the columbus international airport at noon. >> governor john kasich said over the weekend that he believes trump will sweep super tuesday, but it's ohio where kasich is putting his focus. >> if i don't win ohio it's time to call it over. >> i can't do it alone. >> what i want to do as your president. >> a new cbs battleground tracker poll shows clinton is ahead of bernie sanders in georgia, virginia and texas. >> the wizards were on fire
6:55 am
>> the oscar goes to lennard onardo dicaprio. >> brian: so relieved he won. i didn't know what i was going to do. >> tia: you're beside yourself? >> samantha: i bet you slept well last night. >> laura: he's been nominated so many times. >> samantha: windy day in the forecast. we're not winning awards in our weather department, and it's 46 today. decreasing your clouds. your forecast tomorrow into wednesday, a little more active with the rain/snow mix. we cover it all coming up at 7:00 on cle43. >> laura: we look outside in just a moment. first, we have the drive times that look perfectly on time. no troubles there. 19 minutes from north olmstead to cleveland and mentor to cleveland looks like 28 minutes for you. i-480 at west 130th right in that area where all the car dealerships are on brook park road and also mali's off there
6:56 am
if you're headed through there this morning, stop by and grab what happened? looks like snow on the screen. not to bad commutes out there, but the pourt outages is a big problem. portage county still has 7,000 people without power. >> tia: because of that we have routestown local school district is closed and waterloo local school district is on a two-hour delay because of the power situation there. >> brian: really windy. i came over the 480 bridge. i was stunned how windy it was. i was in a lower car. if i'm in a higher profile car, you feel it. i felt it in a lower pro tile cars. >> samantha: i think the winds will relax a little bit and won't be as windy later today as now. >> enjoy it. come on over to cle43. see you there. >> brian: get your clickers out.
6:57 am
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6:59 am
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, february 29th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." on its biggest night, chris rock challenges the hollywood establishment. the comedian takes on academy voters and oscar protesters. >> the republican race gets even nastier. donald trump and marco rubio attack each other for the way they look. on this leap day meeting the oldest leaping lady. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. i thank you all for this


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