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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 5PM  CBS  February 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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on and far the car a couple of hours ago at east 155th. there was a body in the trunk. police confirmed it is the body of mr. barnes. no information on who police are looking for at this point. >> denise: also tonight police say they are concerned of another report of a man terrorizing a child in lorain. >> it happened as a string of scary events involving kids in lorain county. we have a live update on the investigation coming up. first after a spring-like weekend we are getting another taste of winter. chief meteorologist jeff tanchak is tracking a big temperature plunge. >> here we go again. same story, different week with swings in the temperature. things okay and mostly cloudy sky and i have us dry tonight. here is the latest forecast. we will slide to around 30. we will turn colder especially on the lakeshore as the wind
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mid-30s starting things off tomorrow. we are starting to see the temperature drop. had 4 eastlake and areas inland in the 40s and we are at 48 cleveland hopkins and 50 in the akron area. once we busted out the sun this afternoon temperatures were able to warm. dry tonight and tomorrow morning starting out as rain in the afternoon with the next system. as we turn much colder and windy tomorrow night, i do have accumulating snow in the forecast. the heaviest snow along lakeshore counties depending on the track. it is a difficult forecast with this one. we think it will be a rain to snow situation forecast details at 5:18. >> careless smoking is to blame for a fatal fire in streetsboro today. firefighters were called to a hem on red hawk drive after 12:30. the elderly man not identified was found in a living room
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his wife was treated for smoke inhalation and burns. in sandusky, police say a man killed his girlfriend and then killed himself. >> murder-suicide made even more disturbing by her call for help. denise zarrella is joining us live. i understand the gunman was in a satan-themed heavy metal band? >> reporter: yeah, denise. rafael greaves was a member of the heavy metal band. they played here at the agora in november. we talked to a band mate and greaves love satan and wasn't girlfriend and himself. >> you are watching a video of the band and say songs are hymns to their lord satan.
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he says ray,graphies, was a good guy and can't believe greaves shot and killed his girlfriend angela tyranny and turned the gun on himself happening in the wee hours sunday morning in sandusky. >> no, i didn't think he would ever do something like this. no way. >> reporter: this was the disturbing 911 call came in to police. >> i am going ballistic. >> they are screaming and the call suddenly goes silent. greaves facebook page is filled with posts talking about his passion for the dark side and displays satanic tattoos and talks become blessed by the dark won seeing a spirit in his living room. this is one of his last posts and talks about love for his
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has a ritual room in his house. guy. >> he is a nice guy, very friendly and amenable and congenial. he got a little funny when he was drunk but he didn't get violent at least not around me. >> and that band mate says greaves was married at one point and he has a chilled. police say no one else was home at the time of this murder-suicide. reporting live at the agora, denise zarrella, cleveland 19. >> thank you, denise. >> denise: a 14-year-old boy facing attempted murder charges after opening fire on classmates in southwestern ohio. >> dan: this was in butler county between dayton and cincinnati. two students were shot and two others were hurt by shrapnel. >> i couldn't function.
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calling to people and talking to the teacher. they say there's one. you never know there. could be more. the facts you don't know is scary. >> the shooting took place in the madisonville high school cafeteria and the teen suspect took off after the shooting and was caught in the woods by a k-9 unit. all the injuries are nonlife-threatening. >> a dayton pastor shot to death in his own church over the weekend. reverend schooler was killed by his younger brother daniel in his office. daniel was taken into custody at the church facing murder charges. the shooting was the result of a domestic situation between family members. making our neighborhood safer. this is a sievers security alert. >> denise: a peeping temperature on the prowl in lorain. police are working to determine if an incident happened to a
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connected to crimes against other children. catherine bosley has more on the investigation tonight. catherine? >> denise, lorain police putting extra miles on cruisers talking about young girls possibly in danger and this latest incident reported driving home the point. someone is out on the streets up >> lorain police with a situation on their hands knows it could get bad real fast. >> it reaches the level getting contact with young juveniles concerns us. >> reporter: no contact but you wonder if it was a close call. >> out in the yard my daughter saw him. >> a mother calling 911 wanting to report what her daughter saw outside her bedroom window.
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pants. >> it was the same time frame as the other three last thursday. the first one we reported was on west the 9th and washington. >> i got woke up to a girl running down washington avenue screaming with a guy behind her. >> reporter: she got away. a man matching the same description walked up to a third girl and grabbed her. four total now. can you imagine the urgency and questions even police have. >> we don't know if it is somebody who is under the influence or have mental issues. >> reporter: they don't know if it is the same person who abducted a young girl in elyria where dad is beside himself. >> who knows this will happen. worst thing in the world your daughter screaming at you at 3:00 in the morning that someone bed. >> it gets to a police officer.
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children in our neighborhoods. >> reporter: so of course our big question, what are police doing to provide extra protection. they say they have extra patrols in the neighborhoods especially during school hours and during the times when kids are walking to and from school and trying hard to drive home the point to kids, parents, to everyone in this city to make sure kids are traveling in groups and not walking the streets alone. some important information to be out there. >> live from lorain, catherine bosley. >> denise: one of pope francis top advisory says the catholic church made enormous mistakes allowing thousands of children to be abused over the years. tina krause has the latest. >> reporter: australian cardinal george pell testified
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sex abuse and told commissioners in sydney that it is a scandal that the catholic church allows thousands of children to suffer abuse at the hands of priests. >> the church is in many places certainly in australia mucked things up. has let people down and i am not here to defend the indefensible. >> kelly acknowledged he heard a catholic school teacher serial al booze students might be involved in pedophilia activity in the 70s and had no idea how rampant clergy abuse was at the time. >> i must say in those day ifs a priest denied such activity i was strongly inclined to accept the com. >> reporter: about two dozen abuse survivors from australia traveled to italy to hear pell testify. >> let's get actions in place to support with those in the past
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>> pell, pope francis advisory had an audience with the pope after he testified school tina krause, cbs news. >> dan: let's talk politics. presidential candidates are making their final pitches to voters ahead of the super tuesday contest. alabama, alaska, arc a, georgia, mamas, oklahoma, tennessee, vermont and virginia will hold primaries or caucuses tomorrow. the cbs news background tracker poll shows donald trump and hillary clinton leading in key states and 1500 delegates are up for grabs tomorrow. ohio governor john kasich is ahead to new england. >> denise: if he doesn't win ohio march 15th primary he will be calling it quits. >> it is critical for anybody left in this race to win their own home state. if you can't win your home state, you need to get out.
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i will win ohio f. i don't win ohio i will call it over. i will win the state and we are off to the races. >> denise: in the recent polls governor kasich trails donald trump by 5 points here in the buckeye state. another big vote coming up in cleveland, no politics. for grabs. harry boomer breaks down the ballot box project "w.e." been doing art space community work center around the waterloo arts and entertainment district. >> reporter: so far $25 million and more to come. >> we are awarding $125,000 in art space community development award and determined by a community vote. >> each of the residents got one of these postcards and where the election will be and where they are going to be. >> what will happen, we will tally up the votes after a week
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projects will be implemented in the remainder of 2016. >> reporter: residents will choose among 30 arts projects and themes are collinwood history and youth engagement, vibrancy and healthy eating. >> and northeast shores will have real ballots where the neighborhood can vote much which 34 proposed projects will get funded. >> there will be a parade in collingswood community friday on march 4th all to help celebrate the continued comeback of collingwood. >> reporter: harry boomer cleveland 19. >> someone was trying to claim a refund using my social security number. i knew something was wrong. thought. coming up, an i.r.s. massive data breach. how it could affect you. >> denise: how loyal are you
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live from cleveland's newscenter driven by don joseph toyota in kent this is cleveland 19 news. welcome. we are learning a cyber hack into i.r.s. taxpayer accounts are worse than initially thought. the fell agency says scammers gained access to more than 700,000 accounts, more than double the previous estimate. the information stolen includes data that could be used to file a false tax return and collect your refund. if you are impacted, the i.r.s. will send you a notice in the mail. don't fall for fake phone calls.
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identity protection services. >> denise: according to nerd wallet, the average u.s. household has more than 15 grand in credit card debt. companies to save on interest. is that a good idea? brian duffy has the answer. >> reporter: so, what is your credit card strategy. have you stuck with a favorite credit card for years or change it up based on a better deal. a majority of people are willing to change credit cards based on the best deal. a significant minority of people have one card and stick with it. >> credit cards are big business. credit card companies will throw on everything including cash back, rewards, miles or no interest at you to get you signed up. should you jump from card to card in search of the best deal. >> i don't think there's a fast rule on this as long as you are happy with what your credit card
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>> dr. david is a professor at baldwin wallace university and not surprised they found 35% of people have not changed cards for over 10 years. some of those people have never changed cards. >> you don't need to change your number. there's a existing cost. >> it comes in time and inconvenience. if you use a credit card, pay off your balance and if you are someone who carries a balance you may benefit most of all in switching card. >> new credit cards will offer six months free credit and it is to your advantage to switch. for the six month period there's no interest that accrues. another key point, if you switch cards do not close out the credit account you are leaving.
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put the card away. make sure you don't use it. back to you. >> all right, brian. a credit card perk that is overlooked is price protection. if there's a lower price within 60 days citi at lose card holders to get back up to $300. mastercard and chase offer similar and has to be tracked by the customer. all cards have yearly limits. >> jeff: here we go. not a bad monday afternoon. once we saw the sun spiked in the 40s. some spots hitting 50 degrees and cloud cover across the northern part of the state and u.s. 30 corridor. this is the next system we are watching. south dakota and minnesota and iowa and by the time the
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rain and rain to snow tomorrow night. it is a tricky weather set up. >> and look at the temperatures southern ohio mid-50s, 48 cleveland and increasing clouds and the forecast tonight dropping to 33. 36 your low and akron-canton area increasing clouds. dry tonight and dry in the morning. future view doesn't bring the rain in here until after 1:00 in the afternoon. >> certainly by this time tomorrow we will have rain in the area. that will mean wet roads. that's the next alert tomorrow afternoon and rain will be developing west to east by 1:00 and wet roads for the evening commute and snow tomorrow night and we will be around 40 only in cleveland and warmer inland because of east to northeast wind.
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40s to around 50 and this is when it gets tricky. here is 7:00 tomorrow evening and can you see the transition rain to snow. and some computer models give us several inches and others not so much and here is 1 a.m. tomorrow night and end with lake-effect wednesday. my thinking is this. rain develops 1 to 7 tomorrow. quick change to snow. windy. and by 7 a.m. wednesday i am thinking 4 to 7 inches of snow here. heaviest along lakeshore county so stay tuned. weather center isn't agreeing with me. we don't have an advisory out or anything like that. stay tuned. we could see accumulating snow tomorrow night. again, 40, the high tomorrow and drop to 23 tomorrow night
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lake-effect snow and winds light and colder only 26. thursday this is around an inch of snow during the day and more thursday night. 31 the high. friday only 30. over the weekend another shot of light snow saturday and 36 and hooks like first week of march is winter like than spring like. 26 saturday the low and sunday partly cloudy and 40 and there are signs next week we could be looking at a much bigger warm up with 57 next monday and warmer than that next tuesday and wednesday looking ahead. >> more changes. >> denise: it's that time of year, isn't it. >> all right, jeff. thank you. hold onto your mouse ears. the happiest place on earth is quickly becoming the most expensive.
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and how to get a discount.
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>> denise: disney new peak pricing plan could have an impact when your family visits the parks. to cut down on crowds single day tickets to disney world and disneyland will cost 20% more on busiest days like weekends and holidays. on off-peak days monday through thursday, for example when most schools are in session, the price will drop to $95 a ticket. >> dan: wow. americans will get back some $330 billion in tax refunds this year. where do you think the money will go. according to the annual survey of the retail federation, 50% plan to save the money, 35% will
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about 11% of people had go on vacation, maybe to disneyland and 9% buy a tv or car and 8% plan to indulge in a spa day or night out. depending on the return it could be a nice spa day. >> denise: i am thinking vacation and get out of the cold weather. >> few recipients of the medal of honor rarely tell the story that earned the award. and salazar fastball. you can go see the indians in
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in a micaltudy mo stera aties saat ast % clrer in and the majoty we rad cleed ominil at 12 week elar hps kp mykinclear. ask yo docr abt stara. it's time to talk politics like we do every day at 5:30. the countdown is on the biggest
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>> one territory will cast ballots as republicans and democrats continue the process of picking a nominee. >> ryan nobles in washington with more with what's at stake. >> dan and denise, super tuesday could be an opportunity for candidates to salvage their failing campaigns. the polls show it is likely frontrunners will increase their leads. >> for the first time in the race for president voters will cast ballots all over the country. >> get out and vote, vote, vote. >> reporter: from the deep south like alabama, georgia and texas where ted cruz is hoping for a win in his home state. >> it is easy to talk about making america great again. you can even print that on the baseball cap. >> two states minnesota and vermont and states on the democratic sight bernie sanders is setting his sights on.
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unless you are out on the field. democracy is not a spectator sport. >> reporter: all told, as many as 14 million people could vote. 65 delegates and 595 republican delegates. the polls show donald trump and hillary clinton have the best chance to build their delegate leads. >> i need your help to go vote you. >> as stakes get higher insults are ramping up among republican candidates. >> you know, in florida where he comes from, this guy couldn't be elected dog catcher right now. >> i won't go to anyone before i let a con artist get ahold of the republican party and conservative movement. >> leaving voters a lot to sift through before making their super tuesday decision. >> it will be interesting to see what happens to ohio governor john kasich. tonight i am scheduled to speak
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his standing in the polls ahead of super tuesday and hopefully we will have that available to you on cleveland 19 news in the morning and headed into the super tuesday vote and we are scheduled to talk to governor kasich in a couple of hours. >> denise: fantastic. let's talk about donald trump. the criticism because of an endorsement from a former kkk leader, david duke. what's his reaction to that? how did this all happen? >> reporter: this is a flap that continues to grow on the campaign trail that started over the weekend when interviewed on the state of the union program. he asked if he planned to embrace the support of david duke and trump didn't answer the question directly and said he didn't know who david duke was and tried to move on. tapper kept after him a couple of questions and trump did not make his position clear and
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marco rubio is hitting hitting it on the stump saying republicans should have nothing to do with kk and mitt romney says it disqualifies trump as potential nominee. trump stood up and says he disavows support from david duke or kkk blaming this on an earpiece he said wasn't working well enough during the interview and everyone is making too big of a deal over the whole thing. >> dan: interesting explanation. because trump is a lightning rod let's talk about his stop today. a moment going viral at a rally in virginia. what was this about? >> reporter: let's look at the video in radford, virginia occurring his rally there. mull pell times in the rally he was interrupted by protestors. during one of the moments a photographer from time magazine attempted to try to take a
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the trump team often keeps reporters in and got in a confrontation at the secret service agent and swore at the secret service agency but the secret service agent grabbed him by the throat and threw him to the ground. they acknowledged he swore at the secret service agent and thought the secret service agent maybe went a little too far. having covered trump events before, they will often keep the press locked in this pen and don't want us to venture out into this crowd to talk to people particularly when there's protestors and many protestors repeatedly throughout this event and's on see if there's more fallout from the incident. christopher moore says he is not interested in filing charges against that secret service agent. >> dan: it doesn't seem to stop with donald trump.
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we will look forward to you with continuing coverage. thank you for the time. >> denise: cleveland 19 news bringing you coverage of campaign 2016. at 5:00 you can download our free mobile app to get free updates on the go. an ohio native detained for attempting to steal a banner with a propaganda slogan and now confessed to his crime. >> i have been impressed by the korean governments humanitarian treatment of severe criminals like myself and fair and square legal procedures in the dpr korea. >> dan: that is southwest ohio native and north korean authorities detained the 21-year-old boarding his flight to china. he camed a member of his church offered him a used car it bring home the banner as sort of a trophy.
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pay his mother $200,000 if he got caught and didn't make it home. the medal of honor is obviously the nation's highest military honor. >> denise: today president obama awarded it to a navy s.e.a.l. from toledo who risked his life to rescue an american hostage in afghanistan. weijia jiang reports from the white house. >> edward byers , jr. goes to greatest lengths to stay hidden as a elite team s.e.a.l. 6 and he was at the center of the president's attention. >> he is the consummate quiet professional. >> president obama awarded byers a senior special ops chief the medal of honor in 2012 he was part of a raid saving an american hostage if afghanistan. joseph was abducted by the taliban and joseph realized a rescue was underway when he heard someone calling his name. >> as soon as i heard my name
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where my voice was coming from, one s.e.a.l. came and laid on top of me. >> that man was byers. >> with his bare hands and pinned the fighter to the wall and held him until teammates took action. >> the medal of honor is the nation's highest military decoration and he is first living member of the navy to me receive the at ward in decades. >> i will continue being in the navy and being a s.e.a.l. and doing what i love. >> and byers spoke of the made. his teammate was killed. >> he was a teammate. a friend and true american hero. >> byers says he was just doing his job. weijia jiang, cbs news, the white house. >> denise: the entire history of the navy seals byers is only the 6th member to receive the medal of honor. he also has five bronze stars and two purple hearts.
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up to are a landmark uterus transplant and the team is expected to share details of the historic operation this week and we are told the 26-year-old patient is in stable condition. the tissue came from a deceased organ donor. the operation was the first-of-its-kind in u.s. medical history. people in parma and surrounding areas can have around the clock care. the new e.r. is on snow road and used to be a urgent care facility. they can give more care than the urgent facility was able to. the parma emergency health department is open 24/7. >> dan: the fact we are talking about opening day tickets is a good sign. that means spring is getting closer. single game tickets went on sale for the tribe today. if you were trying to get to the
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quick with the click. they sold out in 40 minutes making this several consecutive years selling out on opening day. can you get other tickets and opening day april 4th, boston sold out. i know how you can still get tickets indians telling us if you sign up or purchase season tickets that game is obviously included and they are selling several packages. >> can you get game tickets for several other nights promotions night and weather education bach let. jeff will be there. he is big on that. lots of games obviously not sold out and good promotional nights. check it out. >> jeff? >> jeff: cool. april 4th. >> heats look at the feazel roof cam now looking at downtown cleveland mostly cloudy sky and temperatures in the 40s. on the windy side. wind gusts over 30 and wind
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let's get to the details now. we will start with headline. here we go. dry tonight and tomorrow morning. then the next system arrives in the afternoon tomorrow and starts as rain turning colder tomorrow night on the other side of this thing. accumulating snow on the way. still a little question mark as to how much we will get. i am thinking several inches. other people are not and we will see what happens. 50 degrees sandusky and 48 cleveland and 50 akron across cuyahoga county and 50 in lakewood. temperatures in the 40s. 46 moreland hills and cooler spots. >> and forecast details on the lakeshore here mid-40s at 7. 37 degrees at 9:00. looks around 30 here downtown and warmer inland tomorrow
5:41 pm
alert and this will be rain during the afternoon. dry for your morning commute and wet roads for the evening drive. and that as temperatures plummet tomorrow night changing over to snow. the forecast, we will have a large temperature difference from north to south. i am thinking only 40 in cleveland east to northeast wind developing off the lake. >> 49 captain becoming cloudy and afternoon rain. >> the planner tomorrow. 7 a.m. 34 and 37 at noon and develops. it is a cold rain. it will be in the evening when this changes to snow. dry in the morning. after 1:00 here comes to the rain. more on the 7-day forecast. denise. >> denise: thank you, jeff. cutting calories helps us lose weight.
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a local doctor has tips to help
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all right. let's take a live look outside. not bad. the drive is pretty smooth. 480 and 77 from the traffic cam and can you get the latest on what's going on the roads by
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news app and clicking on the traffic tab. a vermont college banned the sale of energy drinks on campus. middle bury college says energy drinks are linked to unsafe behavior. a campus presentation says energy drinks promote poor academic and increased alcoholic consumption and increased participation in high risk sexual activity. the ban will take effect march 7th. >> denise: interesting. >> most of us know in order to lose weight eat fewer calories and exercise more. >> did you know your body needs to shed 500 calories a day to lose just one pound a week. according to cleveland clinic dr. blackburn trying to cut 500 calories at once is tough but not difficult if you start slowly. >> cutting back on calories coming in and portion sizes,
5:46 pm
200 to 300 calories deficit and adding in 100 calories of activity expenditure walking the one mile or riding a bicycle. >> the recommended amount of activity is 2 1/2 hours of moderate aerobic exercise per week. a good way to get started on an exercise plan is find activities to incorporate into your day such as walking, jogging, riding a bike and more intense the exercise, the quicker the calories will burn off. mark? >> some of the stories we are working on for cleveland 19 news at 6:00. we continue to follow the murder-suicide in sandusky and why some say deaths may be tied to satanism. >> and comi-con was a major success and a exhibiter is a crime victim. someone stole his art. we are taking a look at a
5:47 pm
it is supposed to help replace aging police cars. romona and i will see you at
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>> dan: as we watch the system you copy explaining what will track pushing in favor or against us. >> right now i am forecasting more snow than what everyone else is thinking. we know it will be rain to snow. the question is how much snow do we get tomorrow night. more changes are on the way. it starts out as rain that we know. it will be in the afternoon tomorrow and looks like after 1:00. only around 40 in cleveland. the warmer inland and then tomorrow night is when this will switch to snow. i am looking at 4 to 6 isms of snow out of this tomorrow night turning quite windy and look at
5:51 pm
wednesday with light lake-effect snow. 26 only the high. around an inch during the day thursday and more thursday night and i have an alert for the next system 31. friday sunshine and 30. over the weekend a shot of light snow. temperatures do warm in the mid-30s saturday. a little light snow saturday evening 26 and sunday partly cloudy sky and 40. then it looks like next week it really starts to warm up again beginning monday with temperatures in the 50s and we will warm from there. we are all over the place. 40 tomorrow. 26 wednesday and look at the climb early next week. cleveland 19 first alert weather app interaccumulating. >> tiffani: radar. you need it tomorrow with rain to snow and customize it to your neighborhood for hourly updates. denise? >> denise: all right, jeff. thank you. oscars were last night.
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next in the buzz. >> dan: our view of the day from canton's charge game beating delaware 87ers, 125-10 extending canton franchise win to 12 games in basketball. the charge went undefeated in
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now it's time for "the buzz" sponsored by national carpet mill outlet. >> dan: all across tinseltown oscar parties and some probably just wrapping up. they went well into the night. >> leonardo decaprio took his gold statue to the governor's ball. teri okita has the story from hollywood. >> reporter: the curse was finally broken for lee navy yarda decaprio who took home best oscar in "revenant." >> it feels surreal. >> when the curtain fell on the big show stars made their way to the governor's ball to toast on the night. >> we worked hard on this film. it was overwhelming.
5:56 pm
you're dam right hollywood is race u.s >> many praised chris rock who pushed the envelope in the oscars are white controversy. >> he is amazing person and performer and needed to happen. >> elton john used his annual after party to raise awareness for h.i.v. and a.i.d.s. >> and we have made progress in 30 years but not enough. >> it gave celebrities a chance to meet and yes, they are star struck. >> listen if i walked into leonardo decaprio i don't know what i would do. >> celebs showed off their awards in the early hours. >> teri okita, hollywood. coming up, a new video surfaced surfaced and appears to show
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. live from cleveland's newscenter cleveland 19 news starts now. my boyfriend just threw me up against the wall and coming at me now. >> mark: a woman calls 911 for help and dead before police arrive and police investigate a potential link to satanism and we begin with the weather and big changes this week. >> romona: forget the sunshine this weekend and get ready for more snow. jeff tanchak has a warning. >> jeff: it is looking that way. another rain to snow situation coming at us. current temperatures you know, looking pretty good. well in the 40s still and some spots hitting 50 this afternoon. akron you are 49 to the east side. ashtabula you are still at 50 degrees. when you look at the hour by hour along the olympics downtown cleveland looks like we will drop to around 30 and warmer inland.
6:00 pm
tomorrow morning. and during the afternoon from west to east it will start out as rain and turn colder windy tomorrow night and potential for accumulating snow. i will have forecast details at 6:00. follow the weather in northeast ohio and anywhere in the country with the first alert forecast app for your smart phone or tablet. to the murder-suicide in sandusky. the alleged connection to satanism. >> mark: the man police say pulled the trigger was very open about his beliefs. investigation. >> reporter: we are at the agora where a devil worshipping band played last november in battle of the bands. we spoke to a band mate of rafaelgraphies and said he didn't know greaves to be violent.


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