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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 11PM  CBS  March 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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live from cleveland's news center, cleveland 19 news starts now. >> denise: we begin with breaking news tonight off the top. protestor packed a donald trump rally in chicago tonight. the event was canceled due to security concerns. things got physical in the crowd as trump opponents squared off with his supporters. >> romona: and a police officer was injured and tonight donald trump says he didn't want to see anyone get hurt, so he decided to can sell. decided to cancel.
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ohio. >> denise: a trump rally is scheduled and we wonder if police are ready for potential problems. dan deroos continues our breaking news coverage. [no audio]. >> our concern is that there is enough police officers out there so they can keep each other safe and keep the rally safe. free speech goes both ways. we want everybody to be able to have their say, but they have to do it peacefully and safely. >> dan: as soon as we saw the events happen in chicago we got concerned. that's why we went to steve loomis there. you heard from him and they are concerned for what will happen. let me walk you through why chicago will be different from the ix center and the cleveland visit tomorrow. here is the arena where things got out of control. this rally or this protest was planned days in advance.
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lined up behind barriers hours before they -- before the event. where is this located? urban downtown chicago to the west of chicago. here is downtown and here is the campus. that's why there were such numbers. now from there let's get to the ix center. we can swim across the lake here and get all the way down here. look at what we are dealing with at the ix center. it is not near the same situation. yes you do have some neighborhoods in berea, but we have you can tayed to the city and we have talked to the sheriff's department. they said they will not tell us how many individuals will be working security because they said it is a tactile move. nonetheless, the fact that we are rages questions -- we are raising questions will not allow them to say we were unprepared and interest did know about the chicago event. denise? >> denise: i also reached out to the mayor's office. he said they never disclosed
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experienced other protests. he said they have every purpose in mind of doing the same thing. >> romona: also tonight the ohio secretary of state john houston does not plan to appeal a ruling that lets 17-year-olds vote in the presidential primary next tuesday. 9 teenage voters filed a lawsuit to force the issue. ohio lets 17-year-olds vote if they turn 18 before the fall election. the latest poll shows donald trump with a narrow lead over john kasich in ohio. trump leads it 36 to 34%, but that is well within the margin of error. >> denise: another poll find bernie sanders on top. now, cleveland 19 news with special expanded election coverage getting you ready to vote on cle43 on cleveland 19.
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issues and the candidates on the website. and we have a mobile cast celebrated by the expanded coverage on cle43 and cleveland 19. we are getting action after a cleveland 19 news investigation. >> it has helped for a local woman whose identity was stolen by a convicted criminal. sara goldenburg is here with the latest. >> reporter: a judge has stepped in to help 21-year-old kailey demarco. a man was living nearby who is now in prison stole her name. kailey demarco has never stopped fighting to clear her name. as a 10-year-old gymnast this newspaper article became an obsession for a man living just miles away. herald h a assenruck legally changed his name to hers and became kailey demarco. >> he had it cut out and he
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he had it in a folder and laminated. >> reporter: he was charged with serious crimes like child rape under her name and sent to prison. kailey's mom, rhonda fought for years to get hassenruck to change it back. it has lead to some changes. after several stories in february we learned a judge hacked the account. >> one of the investigation workers saw the story and remembered it. >> reporter: rhonda's persistence paid off. she called on friday to check on whether hassenruck who was set to be released in 2017 could get a driver's license again in kailey's name. the bmv says he would need his id to get a new license. his prison records have been changed back to the name herald hassenruck. rhonda was thrilled and on facebook posted, "i finally got for answers. for kailey it feels like they
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>> definitely relieved. it is a big step. we are still wondering about social security, but as soon as you told me that i was like -- i was definitely relieved. >> reporter: we called the social security administration months ago to see what could be done to change hassenruck's name back. they contacted the prison and started moving the paperwork along. then we hit a road block due to privacy laws. now nathan manning has stepped up and he is making calls to social security. >> jeff: well you felt that change out there today. it was a pretty big cool down all things considered to where we were the past few days around here. but we only had 41 in cleveland. it is chilly tonight with a clear sky. let's go to the temperatures and we are down to 31 in sandusky and in norwalk. but still at 40 degrees in the dover, new philly area. along the lakeshore watch out
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sunshine and warmer. it is a nice looking saturday, but then we have rain in the forecast on sunday and even storms on monday as we really start to warm up. we'll bring you the forecast details coming up at 11:19. denise? >> denise: and of course you can follow the weather all weekend long on your smartphone or tablet. >> denise: let's talk about the browns. they finally made it official. the johnny manziel era is over in cleveland. >> romona: it is really no surprise to anyone. all of the off the field controversies is too much. mark schwab is here to break down what's next for the browns. >> mark: what's next is they have to find a new quarterback. it's done. he is gone. johnny was released this morning. the browns and their fans are moving on. i reached out to you, the faithful, on twitter and here is what some of the folks were saying. you can imagine there were doozies. we lost 13 with him and we can
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that's right, austin. i am celebrating by taking big gulps of expensive champagne. just make sure you are not in the pool and on a swan while doing it. finally, he would have cut him yesterday, but haslam could not find the homeless guy yesterday to get his approval. remember the homeless guy said to draft him? the homeless guy was slotting his draft board. you can't expect him to be available in a moment's notice. the browns are looking around for a new qb. that's coming up in sports. back to you. >> denise: mark, always entertaining. tell us what you think about the browns dumping johnny manziel. you can leave your comments on twitter, facebook or cleveland >> denise: state and local investigators are looking into the explosion yesterday at a construction site at crocker park in westlake. one inspector told us a leaking propane tank may have
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fortunately no one was hurt. and the state fire marshall is investigating a fatal fire in bay village. we brought you the breaking news last night at 11:00. crews responded to a house on nick nickerbacker road. they found a woman dead inside. >> romona: nancy reagan was laid to rest. guests gathered at the ronald reagan presidential library to pay tribute to the former first lady. mrs. reagan died on sunday at 94 4 years old. she was berry read next to her husband. >> romona: back at home, a family is between a rock and a hard place. >> denise: they have serious health issues and they are now forced to find a new place to live. tiffani tucker with the ordeal. >> they are going through the things i am going through. it hurts. now we are homeless. >> reporter: 45-year-old tracy stewart is battling breast cancer on top of other health issue.
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couple of heart attacks in the past. her 3-year-old son has diabetes, a heart condition and asthma. along with her 5-year-old daughter, they too have to take daily meds. >> strips for the blood. >> reporter: that alone is stressful, but tracy has been trying to find a new home. they had to find a new house because of mold issues. >> mommy, when are you going to have a home for us? i don't know what to -- >> you don't know what to tell your children? >> reporter: she was excited when she found a place to stay, but later learned the landlord gave it to someone else also receiving government assistance while tracy's paperwork was being processed. she has been living with a family member and forced to move in a couple days and the paperwork will be expiring. >> he didn't have the decency to contact me. >> reporter: we were able to get some good news for her. >> what we are going to do is
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>> i feel before i am not so stressed to rush, rush, rush. at least i will have a little more time to look and get out of there. i want to be on my own with my kids. >> cleveland 19. >> romona: coming up, ransom ware risk. and how hackers are targeting your computer. >> there are more than 18-based community facilities across the state of ohio. cleveland 19 wants to know why mcdonalds in cleveland leads the state and escapes and 8 will would. that story is coming up. >> denise: and a safe contact lens. >> breaking news and weather 24/7 download the cleveland 19
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live from cleveland's news center driven by don joseph toyota in kent, this is cleveland 19 news. >> romona: throed warnings in several -- flood warnings in several states. 24 inches of rain fell this week in someplaces. the storm is blamed for at least three deaths.
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is -- jeff tanchek is tracking rain for us and his forecast is minutes away. >> romona: we now know the alarming rate -- >> denise: we know the alarming rate of offenders going awol is not just a local program. >> romona: we were telling you about the mcdonald facility and we obtained new numbers on the escapees. scott taylor with what he uncovered. >> your tack dollars pay for 18 facilities like this one across ohio. but the mcdonald facility in cleveland is special. last year it lead the state in escapes and also offenders who just walk out of the place and vanish. >> cleveland 19 wants to know why the offenders walked away from 18 community-based correctional facilities last year in ohio including 51 inmates who went awol here at the judge nancy mcdonald facility in cleveland. there's more.
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including 11 at mcdonald. three through the same window. mcdonald leads the way in awols and escapes among the 18 facilities. the cuyahoga county judges sentenced the offenders to mcdonald and the nonprofit oriana house knows it. they were locked down and they have to earn the right to a day pass. >> you just don't walk out of the facility and say, hey, i am going to take a day pass. you earn it and we monitor that and then your success rate of return may give you facility. >> according to the sources the caseworker was fired after a cell phone was confiscated from an inmate who contained pictures showing the inmate having oral sex with employees. an internal investigation is underway. oriana house won't talk to us
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they have a lot of success at placing rehabilitated offenders back into the concerned. >> the reaction from the bench would be -- the initial reaction would be this is disappointing. if it is true how do you fix it? how do you get to a resolve? that's a concern. >> the mcdonald facility is already leading the state. they have five awols and four escapes. scott taylor, cleveland 19. >> denise: we wanted to give uh fair look at how the other major facilities stack up against mcdonald. it leads the way in awols and escapes, but behind it is the community-based correctional facility in summit county with 39 awols and 10 escapes followed by the facilities in franklin, mahoney and stark counties. >> denise: the u.s. senate has approved a new law in the heroin crisis. it provides money for treatment and prevention programs.
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for the legislation. this new law allows -- it strengthens the monitoring programs for prescription drugs. >> romona: researchers call it a smart contact lens. it helped doctors predict the most severe cases of glaucoma which is a leading cause of blindness. a special sensor in the contact lens detects changes in the curvature of the eye. patients wear a wireless device that sends a readout to the op that you monthly -- op that you monthly gist. >> the contact lens allows us to differentiate faster from those who are stable. >> doctors say the ultimate goal of the smart lens technology is to help monitor patients continuously day in -- day and night. >> denise: this is a warning for mac users. your computer may not be as
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apple has been targeted for the first time. it locks your computer until you pay a ransom. apple did take steps to protect users after being alerted to the problem. >> denise: a big incentive for your next big mac. mcdonalds is launching a loyalty program and it will be part of the smartphone app. it will track how many times you visit the golden arches and it will also follow what you order. the rewards could include free food coupons. >> romona: i don't want anyone knowing that. a local man is a new millionaire and it is thanks to his wife. she hit the mega millions lottery. he has been playing the same numbers for the last two years. he thought about changing it up and his wife told him not to and he won $5 million. >> jeff: maybe that's the key. play the same numbers.
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changing because this is cleveland and the numbers change all the time as far as the temperatures go. >> denise: give us good number for the weekend. >> jeff: not bad. 33 is where we are and we got the warmer air out to the west. you can see 50 in peoria. that's a sign of things to come for us. high thin cloud out there and except for ashtabula and you have low clouds and fog with this little patch of low cloud cover still. everybody else is clear tonight and 31 is the low temperature here. we start out low 30s and a little on the frosty side tomorrow morning. strong lake breeze will kick in tomorrow. look what happens during the afternoon. here is 4:00. 40 sandusky and 45 downtown cleveland. inland will be about 60. even before the lake breeze hits in cleveland, sunny to partly cloudy and 59. much cooler near the lake.
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sky and 59. 32 at 7:00 a.m. and 54 at noon. 57 at 5:00. pretty nice and warm for this time of year. now let's check out the future view. this will be the next system. tomorrow night for the most part is looking dry. but then on sunday we have the moisture. i think the rain will come in waves. one on sunday afternoon and another one on sunday night. we will throw some storms in there on monday as it starts to warm up. this is a spring-like pattern. the first alert day on sunday for the rain is over a quarter inch possible. it will be an all day risk of rain, but it won't be raining all the time. the clocks are ahead an hour. we drop down to 47 on saturday night and 58 on on sunday with the rain. 70 on monday with showers and storms. primary day looks like mostly cloudy and dry during the day.
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on tuesday night. then we trend cooler. windy on wednesday and windy on st. patrick's day. it looks like 53 is what we're going with. isolated showers are around. mid50s next friday. happy st. patrick's day. here's the buzz. >> now it is time for the buzz sponsored by national carpet mill outlet. >> that music has us in the mood to do a jig this year. >> romona: you tried to teach me. >> denise: let's get to the buzz. james and his popular carpool karaoke are going prime time. >> romona: and jerry seinfield is returning to his roots in northeast ohio. he is returning to play house square in cleveland. he will perform his signature stand up routine at the state theater. the show is july 15th and the tickets will go on sale next friday.
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show in the last 23 years. >> denise: cbs is celebrating the anniversary of james cordin as host. it is scheduled for march 29th and it will include the best highlights from his carpool karaoke. it has become an internet sensation. i still can't get over the bieber one. >> romona: love his show. coming up in sports, goodbye johnny and hello colin?
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>> this is the serpentini chevrolet sports report brought to you on cleveland news. >> plenty of browns news involving quarterbacks. we'll get to johnny in a moment. colin kaepernick is interested
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they have interest in him. reports that the browns are willing to trade a third round pick for them if they can get him to rework the deal. he makes 19 million a deal and is way overpaid. that's a very high third round pick. most everybody in town is saying good riddance. it didn't work out and it didn't come close and they need to get rid of the clown. >> johnny's rein of terror started with the big moment on the draft stage. he sure did want to wreck this league. in fact, so dedicated to the cause he partied his butt off and refused to stop. >> just my weekends aren't what i'm doing seven days a week. >> then came the pre-season where he decided to tell the redskins we're number one. johnny football sat until december 1st and he lead the touchdown drive in buffalo. he made his first career start in sense since and he looked
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he didn't know what to do and he didn't know where to go with the ball and he was a total disaster. then he got hurt and his season was over. the next day he said he had to take his job more seriously. later that week the team had to send somebody to his place for treatment. >> when the season ended he tried saying the right things again. >> there is nothing i can sit here and tell you and talk to the mics that will do any good. it is about action and being accountable instead of looking like a jack is a. >> -- like a jackass. >> he went through rehab and it didn't do anything, but there are at least no swan pictures. we were hearing what was going on off the field. he was named the starter for five minutes. he went out partying and lied and you ever cked it up and lost his -- covered it up and lost his job. he mysteriously showed up with a concussion and never played
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mike silver said he was drunk. it speaks volumes about manziel that we couldn't immediately dismiss the report is bogus. >> and then there was the saturday night in dallas where he allegedly beat up his girlfriend. it is over for him in cleveland. johnny football, take your ball and go home.
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we're talking about prom. >> it is that season. weekend forecast, sunny to partly cloudy and 59. we only drop down to 47 tomorrow night. rain on sunday. 58. clocks ahead an hour this weekend. >> romona: love that time of year. >> denise: just what i need is
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>> stephen colbert! captioning sponsored by cbs ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> stephen: hey, how are you? hey, everybody! hey, everybody, up there. ( cheers and applause ) hey! welcome to "the late show." thanks so much. thank you, everybody. thank you so much.


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