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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  March 21, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, march 21st, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." president obama prepares to meet with cuban president raul castro in an effort to end more than 50 years of hostility. we are in havana for the historic trip. plus how airbnb is one of the most successful companies in
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>> donald trump rallies at a trump rally. we talk with the republican chairman about a possible convention. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. this is a historic visit. and it's a historic opportunity to engage directly with the cuban people. >> reporter: president obama arrives in cuba. >> it's very chic, very chichi for less to celebrate vicious communist dictator. >> the head of cuba was there to greet him. honestly he should have turned the plane around and left. >> i would rather lose with trump than try to win with him. >> you hold out being donald trump's running mate? >> are you kidding me? >> the east is bracing for heavy to moderate know. >> we have to deal with it. what can you do? >> investigators hope to visit
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crashed in russia. >> terror suspect salah abdeslam was captured over the weekend. >> pope france has 1.4 million followers on instagram. >> a jersey city mall, a man in an easter bunny costume brawling with shoppers. >> easter bunny got in a fight. >> notre dame wins it! >> what was that moment like for you? >> it doesn't feel real. >> it's good! wisconsin has won it! >> i just tried to handle my inner steph curry and it worked! >> sweet 16! >> all that matters. >> gentlemen, i'm sorry to interrupt but i'm giving the cbs sunday morning audience a tour of the broadcast center. this is the boss. >> hello, everybody. >> on "cbs this morning." >> who is going to pay for that wall? >> of course, they are. people love it when you make leep ] they
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that's why everyone is so happy when their cable company bundles together cable, internet, and land line! oh, land line!you! oh, land line! lucky me! announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places. welcome to "cbs this morning." charlie rose is off so anthony mason is spring, although it doesn't feel like it here. >> nice to have you here. for the first time in nearly nine decade a sitting american president is waking up in cuba. president obama's arrival in havana yesterday ends decades of isolation between the u.s. and cuba. the visit also highlights big challenges on the communist rns about human rights. >> 6 in 10 americans in a new
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poll thinks that tions with cuba is a good idea and 40% say it will lead to more democracy in cuba.o difference at all. margaret renan an brennan is in havana with more. direct appeal by president obama to end a half century of tension. he will press cuban president ry to make reforms and try to convince him that engagement is better than isolation. this is the view of air force one as it glided on to the minutes later, president barack obama peeked out of thewindow. mr. obama made history. >> back in 1928,idge came on a battleship. here.
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force one has landed in cuba. >> reporter: hundreds of cubans braved the rain to watch the presidential motorcade whisk by.m windows and waved to the first family as they strolled through old havana. but some things have nots state. hours before mr. obama arrived, the castro government arrested several dozen improving human rights will be on the agenda with today's meeting with cuba's leader raul castro and despite the tradeuss what they can do with certain major ties. several are joining the president, including the ceosarriott and starwood. the administration hopes that
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breathe life into theban economy and lead to irreversible change here in cuba. but any progress is limited by the castro government's slow moving reform and that long u.s. trade embargo. >> margaret brennan in havana, thanks. the president's visit is sparking comments from republican presidential senator ted cruz, whose father was born in cuba, calls it a sad day in american history. >> when president obama is there with hollywood celebrities and rock musicians, mohicas at the embassy, the political prisoners who are languishing are left behind by this >> donald trump says he is fine with the new approach to cuba, but said the president was snubbed when he arrived in havana. trump tweeted, quote, wow. president obama just landed in cuba, a big deal and raulwasn't even there to greet him. he greeted pope and others. no respect. the white house says an airport
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trump protesters clashed again over the weekend. one man faces an assault charge for allegedly punching and kicking a protester at a rallyson. other demonstrators blocked a highway leading to another trump rally in arizona and they created a large traffic jam. julianna goldman is in arizona good morning. >> reporter: good morning. donald trump brings his campaign here to washington, d.c. today, in addition to tonight's speech, he'll be giving a tour of this futureo reportedly be meeting with a group of republican lawmakers at a time when with many are weighing the consequences of a trump nomination. >> i say it for especially for the cuba, we don't condone violence. >> reporter: speaking on his home turf of march mar-a-lago.
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tucson, arizona. video captured thistting repeatedly punched and kicked by one of trump supporters as he was being >> there is a disgusting guy. puts a ku klux klan hat on. he thinks he is cute. appears to show trump's campaign - manager corey lewandowski grabbing the collar of a he campaign denies this. on sunday trump defended his supporters and top aide and complained there is a double standard. >> how come we are the bad ? okay? what about the people that are using horrible profanity, horrible words, and closing up are they never the bad people? >> reporter: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell again called on trump to urge calm. >> i think for the candidates tople to have these debates in a respectful way would be a very important addition to the conversation.
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party leaders aretrying to stop trump's momentum and they are strategizing ways to deny him a majority of some like mitt romney say it's time to rally behind ted cruz but john kasich says he is not convinced. i'm the one that with win in the fall. if nobody gets the delegates, which they won't, then we will have to work at the convention.lso said last night that he soon would be releasing a list of five to ten judges he would consider nominating to the supreme of an effort to flush out policy proposals and present himself as a more substantive presidential contender. >> thank you. ak shortly at that pro-israeli event in washington. clinton and trump lead the s apac
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nancy cordeshere. >> reporter: presidential candidates to speak to this very influential proisraeli group. trump will be addressing an estimated 10,000 people here in washington, though, it may be somewhat less in trump's case because some attendees have his speech. he is campaigning in -- hillary clinton has addressed this groupars now. she is going to tell the group this morning that the u.s. cannot remain neutral when it comes to israeli and that is ak on donald trump, who said, recently, that he would be a neutral broker between israeli and the palestinians. that angered many in thepro-israeli community. he later walked that back. there are some rabbis who say, this morning, they are walking out on his speech,he said that, but also
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the words he is using remind them of a time when jewsd differently and they don't want to hear what he has to say today. the only presidential candidate who isn't going to be addressing is the only major jewish candidate in the race, senator bernie sanders. he is campaigning in arizona, which is a must win state for linton swept all five primaries last week. >> nancy cordes, thank you. it may be the second day of spring but a this morning is hitting the northeast. snow has already started to fall in new york. the weather is making a mess of the morning commute. the storm may blanket much. some parts of maine and southern massachusetts could see up to a foot of snow.n plymouth, south of boston, with the conditions. >> reporter: good morning. you can see behind me, the pictures are absolutely
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at the beginning of spring but when with mother nature works you have to take what she gives you, right? the snow has started to ng the rail and that is a sign that drivers, before you head out, you want to take it safe and play it safe as well if you're going to be on the roads. we had pictures we shot from boston. the snow was falling fast and furious. about an inch an hour. they are expected to get anywhere up to 4 to 8 inches in some places are actually going to get about a foot of snow. drivers across southern massachusetts will also be dealing with the road. working their way through blinding snow and wind gusts as strong as about 45 miles per hour. the slick slushy streets are ke this one in connecticut where this tractor-trailer went off the road. so, again, guys, play it safe in boston are closed for the day so not a lot of kids probably complaining about another free snow day to get out
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e out in this mess, there is a winter storm warning here in plymouth around noon. that is when the snow is expected to taper ng good with keeping your head warm there, demarco! enjoy the snow. north korea this morning launched five projectiles into theating tension over its nuclear targets. this follows the launch ofdium range ballistic missiles on friday and it is in response to new u.s. and u.n. sanctionsests earlier this year. a service member who was killed by isis in iraq. marine staff sergeant cardin was killed on unit was hit by rocket fire near mosul in northern iraq. several other service members were wounded.
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killed in iraq was in october ofr. the only surviving suspect in the november attacks on paris may have been plotting new captured salah abdeslam friday in brussels. he is charged with terrorist murder for his role in the d 130 people. charlie d'agata is outside the prison in bruges, belgium, whereng held. >> reporter: good morning. they know where he is now. here. he may be here for a while. we spoke with his lawyer whog everything they can to fight his extradition to france. the manhunt for salah abdeslamfive blocks from the house he grew up in. this is thought to be him shot in the leg and drag into an unmarked police car. they have revealed that may have been further planting further attacks.
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i suspect we have a lot of heavyeporter: a lot of weapons at an earlier raid and abdeslam's french prosecutors accuse abdeslam of being a key operative in the isis-directed paris massacreses in november and he admitted he was blow himself up in france but backed out and that triggered a complaint from abdeslam's it could stop him from speaking in the future. >> now he is cooperating whe has a lot of information that interests the judge and police officers. >> reporter: like who helped him slip away from paris and find him way backighborhood under of the noses of belgium's finest. madam mayor, how can it be it took so long to catch him?was in the
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>> because -- i don't know. the police make the the most important is that abdeslam is under arrest. >> reporter: he's now being held in a special section for highsoners here. he is due to appear before a manhunt accomplices. >> thank you, charlie d'agata in belgium this officials say a retired state trooper carried out yesterday's heist on a pennsylvania turnpike. he is accused of killing two turnpike workers before he died in a shoot-out with the police. duthiers shows us what led to the drastic exchange of gunfire. >> reporter: investigators say around 7:00 a.m. sunday morning,oached two
7:17 am
the ft. littleton toll plaza. briggs forced the two workers daniel crouse and unidentified female worker into theon office and a struggle and briggs ran from the building, followed by crouse.ay at the same time, the toll fair collection van arrived at the interchange.n york, pennsylvania, was driving the van. >> a security guard from within that vehicle, ronald d to stand there with daniel crouse. at that time they were both confronted and shot and killed. >> reporter: police say briggsg at the collection van and the driver jumped out. briggs jumped in and drove down to the exit ramp where his car was park and began unloading the
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minutes later where they encountered briggs and exchanged fire, killing him. >> we are deeply saddened by this horrific tragedy. our system is very secure, very we just want to make sure if there is more we can do, we will do it. >> for "cbs this morning,"duthiers. most ncaa brackets are broken this morning after the first weekend of march madness. >> trip to the sweet up and it's good! it's good, wisconsin has won it! >> beat the buzzer on sunday to upset second seeded xavier and then badgers coach greg gard had fun with his teamr room. >> man, what is this? sweet 16!
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dame on friday.orthern iowa with a ten-point comeback in the last 30 seconds. the aggies then woman 92-88. no surprises for the number one seeds. they are all through to the sweet 16. on thursday. cbs sports coverage begins at 7:00 p.m. eastern, 6:00 p.m. e was waiting to use that line. sweet 16! >> milking it for all it was worth. >> we had tv on all weekend and fun to watch. >> how do you get that many points in 30 seconds? >> no a three-pointer. >> hulk hogan's massivenst gawker puts him on the map. he talks >> samantha: good monday morning to you. i hope your week is off to a great start. still have plenty of time to
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it's a chill kri day ahead. only 37 at noon, and then highs today in the upper 30s. so we're running about 10 degrees below average today. overall, partly sunny and breezy with a few flurries possible. don't worry, we get much warmer by tomorrow with highs in the 50s. there's a mid-week an this morning" sponsored by lindt gold bunny. make the magic of easter come
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a top tennis official is facing a big comments he made about women players. >> in my next life when i come back, i want to be someone in the wta on the coattails of the men. >> ahead, how superstar serena williams is answering those s. the news is back ths morning right here on "cbs this morning." announcer: this portion of "cbs this morninge vitamins. i recommend nature made fish oil. because i trust their quality. they were the first to have a product verified by usp. an independent organization quality and purity standards. nature made. the number one pharmacist recommended fish oil brand. e was another way to look at relapsing multiple sclerosis? this is tecfidera. a is not an injection.
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>> tia: good morning. i'm tia ewing. a huge dial for sherwin williams. they purchased rival valspar for up to $11 billion. right now sherwin williams employs 38,000 people worldwide. the merger could nearly double that number. of course, we hope to find that out today, if this deal means more job opportunities through the paint company right here in our area. now for a look at the chilly forecast in our area, here is meteorologist sam roberts. sam. >> samantha: thanks so much, tia. yeah, 39 today. it's by the way the first full day of spring. spring began very early yesterday morning, but the thermometer saying otherwise as we barely hit 40 today. partly sunny skies, a little on the breezy side, and a few flurries are possible today. no more flurries after today. look at tomorrow.
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middle of the week weather alert
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t with me. everybody stand stand by himwill stand by you oh stand stand by you d donald donald stand
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writing a skit right now.nd ben carson swayed awkwardly three minutes last night to the performance of "stand by me." it was in palm beach, florida. the keynote speaker at the lincoln day dinner. okay! >> all right. >> where is the beat, everybody? where is the beat? [ laughter ] clap! clap! where is the beat? all right. nice move. welcome back to "cbs this morning." this half hour, a jury couldr gossip website gawker to pay hulk hogan over a million dollars.s of a sex tape showing hogan engaged in sex. ahead, whyks the video is newsworthy. >> a tennis tournament director is facing to resign over
7:32 am
to thank for carrying the sport. knees. morning's headlines from around the globe. an investigation by "usa today" found drinking water with tainted by lead in schools and day care centers across the it analyzed epa data in 2012 to 2015. about 350 schools and day care centers failed lead tests. about 470the problem could be much bigger. the federal government requires only a small percentage of schools and day care centers to test forhe washington post" reports on a pop weakness in apple's coding. researchers at johns hopkins university say they have found a bug in the security ofant messages that carry photos and videos. that could let police or hackers view the content. the researchers say the flaw elp the fbi scan the phone used by one of
7:33 am
bernie sanders far out on in fund-raising last month. sanders raised 43.5 and clinton 29.5 million and sanders outspent clinton and usedlion and compared to 31 million for clinton. clinton has over 13 million on hand. eports on amazon emerging as a major lobbyist in washington to push using drones for package e online retailer meets regularly with lawmakers and regulators. amazon wants officials to allow new uses for commercial drones and to ease trucking last year, amazon nearly doubled its spending on lobbying to more than $9 million. amazon denied a request by times to comment.
7:34 am
gawker, the gawker websitepe of the wrestling star and on friday, hulk hogan was awarded $115 million in and 15 million more than he asked for and pits a right to privacy against the first amendment. before the trial began, "48 hours" air moriarty spoke with gawker foundation. >> i did speak to the gawker the trial. he seemed then to be preparing for the jury to rule against him. but i don't think he or anyone h a decisive verdict. terry bollea, also known as hulk night after a jury awarded him $115 million. >> this is not only his victory today, but also anyone else who victimized by tabloid journalism. >> reporter: the former wrestler
7:35 am
violating his privacy by posting sex tape of him with a then wife of his former best friend. >> turned my world upside down. >> reporter: hogan said thewas taken without his consent but gawker maintains its post was protected by the first amendment. already talking about should not be the stuff of lawsuits like this to squelch that speech. >> this will be jarring for >> reporter: law professor amy guto says the hogan verdict could have greater >> there is the possibility that. >> laura: will advise clients to perhaps push back on some stories that might prevent privacy in some r: gawker late last year toned down their website focusing more on politics. >>bad as it seems. >> reporter: yet before i trial when i spoke with the gawker
7:36 am
continued to defend the decision to post the calling it newsworthy. >> gossip is the version of news that the authorities or the celebrities or the official don't want people to know. it's the unauthorized think people have a right to know the unauthorized version, as well as the authorized version. 's verdict, denton, surrounded by media, issued a statement. >> we feel very positive about the appeal that we have alreadyng and we expect to win this case. >> reporter: in fact, many experts believe that the eached in less than six hours, will be overturned on appeal or at least portions of it and that the damages are likely to be cut as laura: for hulk hogan, though, maintain that the jury's decision, and i quote, represents a statement as to the invasion of privacy disguised as journalism.
7:37 am
precedent setting implications of this case?bly more narrow than we think it was. a state decision. it was six jurors. but could really affect, i think, magazines online and i see down the road. >> thank you, erin. ahead of a major tennis tournament is under fire after controversial comments he made about women.mond moore said sunday women players, quote, ride on the coattails of the men and that male players have, danielle nottingham shows us serena williams strong responnis star serena williams wasn't just fighting off her opponent in the tournament on sunday but foundending women's tournament from an attack by the tournament's director. >> in my next life when i come in the wta.
7:38 am
the men. >> reporter: there. >> they are lucky. very lucky. if i was a lady player, i would go down every night on my knees and thank god that rogerederer and rafael nadal were born. serena williams to come out as quickly as she did and denounce these remarks i think set the tone for the response from the forcefully. >> reporter: williams is a bigger draw than her male counterparts. her presence in the u.s. open last year led to an's final tournament before the men and what is believed to be the first time ever. others joined williams in her outrage. espn commentator patrickoore should resign.
7:39 am
read those remarks and heard ter: the wta had this billie jean king tweeted he is wrong on so many levels. more quickly issued an apology. i made comments that were in and erroneous. for "cbs this morning," danielle nottingham, los angeles. >> talk about open foot and sucking on usual ing ing on your toes. he needs to meetimmediately. >> coming up, high-tech feature in some vehicles, is it putting some drivers in danger. >> i got between the car and the able to yell for my son and stop the car at the same time. it wasn't going that fast. so i was lucky. >> ahead, what the government is learning in its investigation oftransmissions. if you're heading out the door, you can watch us live through the cbs all-access app
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u.s. government is investigating the technology used in some jeep models and it's forcing automakers to change the way you put your car in out traditional gearshifters with digital replacement, especially in luxury brands. an upclose look at the technology and he's in washington. >> reporter: good morning. part of what is driving the shift to electronic transmissions is they take up less space, making more room forew technology and even bigger cup holders. here in this vehicle, you have a shifter that now feels a lot like a really have to make sure you put the vehicle into park. gary titus leases a jeep grandokee has a transmission that changed the feel of shifting maybe too much. >> if i don't hit it just right and get it into drive, i could get into an that.
7:45 am
an e-shift. it lacks the typically grooves and sensation of moving the car into park, drive, or that lack of familiarity nearly resulted in a serious injury. >> i got out of the jeep. i thought it was in park. and it was in reverse still. and as i w the garage, i noticed the car was moving a little bit. and i didn't want to ruin the car after having it just for a few months so i got between the i was able to yell for my son and stop the car at the same time. >> reporter: titus isn't the only one confused by the hundreds have filed complaints saying their vehicle rolled away after thinking it was in mark. the investigating and most of the vehicles are 2014 and 2015 grand cherokees equipped withest found it is not intuitive and provides
7:46 am
back to the driver.ims reports of 121 accidents resultig in several people being hospitalized. >> these new technologies that are creating all kind of new problems. >> reporter: sean kane wants ndard for new technology added to techniques vehicles. >> you get into a car today and how it is to start it and shift it and seeing all different types of control systems and that creating problems for consumers. new ways people will getand injured as a result of poor design. >> reporter: we drove a grand cherokee cherokee. i guess all the way forward doesn't necessarily mean i end up in park? >> reporter: jonathan linkhoff director. >> we want to see there is a fail/safe so at the end of the
7:47 am
car launches forward and move a way the consumer didn't expect it. it lakes a fail/safe you leave it in drive or you leave it in n the door or press the vehicle to turn off the vehicle, it still stays in that mode and doesn't go directly to park. >> reporter: bmw and mercedes fail/safe after introducing familiar technology. >> if you open the door, it goes to park. >> so that is ae. jeep drivers do get a warning on the dashboard. fiat had been cooperating. the automaker says the changes were due to customer satisfaction, not safety thank you. really important information. ahead, the easter bunny's brawl inside a busy mall. first, it's timek >> samantha: good monday morning to you.
7:48 am
still have plenty of time to make it a great day. it's a chill kri day ahead. only 37 at noon, and then highs today in the upper 30s. so we're running about 10 degrees below average today. overall, partly sunny and breezy with a few flurries possible. don't worry, we get much warmer by tomorrow with highs in the 50s. there's a mid-week announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by macy's.
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the easter bunny, video posted to twitter shows a man partially dressed in a bunny costume throwing punches at customer. - the bunny threw out the slugs the customer. it's not clear what sparked this scuffle. >> might have asked him do you have any more purple peeps and he got upset about that. rotten egg! airbnb leads the way for american businesses in cuba. we talk to the company's avana coming up. you're watching "cbs this morning." or wonder whether i should seek treatment. i am ready.y there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c.ure up to 99% of patients who've had no prior
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>> tia: good morning. i'm tia ewing. bucyrus city school district is closed today for the funeral of noah leer. the 17-year-old bucyrus junior tragically died from injuries in a freak accident while playing basketball. a gofundme account has raised nearly $15,000 for the leer family. now for a look at your forecast, here's meteorologist sam roberts. sam. >> samantha: thanks so much, tia. you know, the calendar may say spring, but the temperatures tell another story. 20s this morning and then upper 30s this afternoon. we're partly sunny, a little on the breezy side. so probably will feel like the
7:57 am
then a few flurries are possible as well. no accumulation. not to worry. if you're longing for a warm-up, just wait until tomorrow. 53 tomorrow, windy on your tuesday. partly sunny and mainly dry, but the middle of the week is when things start to get more active. we have rain and wind on
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good morning. it is monday, march 21st, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning." real news ahead, including the obama's in havana. the president's historic visit folks on human rights and to america businesses. first, here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. this is a direct appeal to end a half century of tension.
8:01 am
make donald trump brings his campaign to washington, d.c. in addition to tonight's speech he'll give a tour of this future hotel. >> this is something of anr tradition for political candidates to speak to this influential pro-israel group. >> the pictures are absolutely beautiful but not what y at the beginning of end but you have to take what mother nature gives you. he may be here for a while. his. ing everything they can to fight his extradition to france. >> i don't think he or anyone else was prepared for such a >> part of what is driving the shift to electronic transmissions is they take up less space. have you a shifter that feels e and you have to make sure you put the vehicle into park. "snl" is writing a skit right now.nd ben carson barely break out the moves to
8:02 am
where is the beat? clap. clap! where is the beat? i'm norah o'donnell with gayle king and anthony maven. son. charlie is off. president obama makes history when he meets with raul in a few hours. latin america is saying it's the start of a new era.n president on sunday to set foot on the island in 88 years. >> young american children and young cuban children, byy are adults, our hope is they think it's natural that a u.s. president should be visiting cuba. they think it's naturalpeoples are working together. their future is what we work for. >> rainy weather did not stop the first family from taking a old havana. hundreds of cubans came out to
8:03 am
hours before the president's arrival, arrested protesters whose family members had been jailed by the castro regime and proving that today. thousands of people are opening their homes to guests. we will talk to the ceo of he opportunities and challenges of doing business on the communist island ahead. trump said raullted the president by not greeting him at the airport. violence marred another trump rally this weekend. police in tucson threw out a trators, including a won wearing kkk head gear. after trump denounced her a spectator, suddenly punched and n the group. the alleged attacker was arrested. trump said last night he does not condone violence but accused the media of not showing why the man started >> they are walking these two
8:04 am
the klan outfit is still on the one person and man becameed that someone wear a ku klux klan outfit and did some swinging. all it showed was this he is a very, very fine guy. this wonderful african-american man swinging, swinging and nobody knows why he did it. and i think it's very, very >> another video shows someone grabbing a protester's collar. a trump spokesman denies reportser corey lewandowski did the grabbing. the controversy surrounding donald trump's campaign extends beyond the violence at his ability of the party to embrace a front-runner is make ago contested contention more likely. national convention reince priebus is with us. >> thank you. >> reporter: i want to start with the violence. >> sure.
8:05 am
think is responsible and what do you think needs to be done to stop it? >> well, i mean, i think plenty of blame to go y leaders on both sides need to denounce violence. i certainly have. i don't think violence is the answer. i think violence gets violence. so, you know, i think it always tango but, obviously, it needs to be denounced from all sides. and so -- but i also think the media is obsessed with it. you all at cbs, but other shows have this stuff on a constant loop. i mean, they find an altercation and they play it and it'sd they preempt everyone else and everyone is kicked off the air hours and hours so we can keep talking about a couple of eads swinging at each other. >> mr. trump has warned about riots if he is denied the nomination at the convention in july in cleveland. of a warning like that coming from a
8:06 am
anything to prepare for that >> well, i guess i don't put it at the level of a warning to us. but, you know, he, obviously, said yesterday he doesn't believe, the point is still a good question. we prepare for all contingencies and have over 50 million dollars the convention. it sounds like a lot, but 24, 2,500 getings is not delegates are not that many ople. most state charns irmans have conventions larger that. we will have a fun contention and have a good time in cltalking about the tone and tenor of this campaign. i want to ask you about some of the comments that the republican front-runner donald trump has made, specifically about megyn kelly who is ae fox news channel. nine times the past six days he
8:07 am
megyn kelly and seven times calling her crazy. fox news has put out a statement trump's extreme sick obsession with her is beneath the dignity of a presidential candidate who wants to occupy the highest office in the land. would you agree that such attacks are deplorable? >> well, i would agree that, you know, people running for office ought to focus in on the message of the future, bringing all americans together and uniting all of us. daily grind of campaigns can get the best of everybody. but i also think that, you know, we all need to rise above these such things. so, look.s about fixing this country and getting people back to work, on track, tackling a debt bomb in this country that is going to destroy us. an! we pressed democrats --
8:08 am
>> mr. president,and republicans to answer the same way on this show. let me ask you seriously because i think this is serious. calling another female journalist crazy and sick and residential and is that what the republican party stands for? >> it's not a matter of whether it's presidential or not because it's a word that we can all choose to define for i would do. and it's not something that i think we aspire to get engaged with. i think we need to keep things s positive. talk about bringing america together and unifying this country. >> is your job harder for you these days when you talk about unifying the country?graham said on "face the nation" yesterday he would rather lose without donald trump than win with him. how do you get unity in the republican party? harder for you these days? >> don't confuse the unity with unanimity, you know? you're never going to getd you're never
8:09 am
board.en a contentious drama-filled. i'm not saying it's not. we have to put it in democrats having a rough primary and ours are a little more drama-filled but the point is we will come together because we will have a convention and is where my job does get tougher because i need to get everyone back in the room and coming in the same direction following the convention. and so that is what we arevery day and we could have a nominee before cleveland. we could have an open convention at cleveland. so, look. we are in historic times and i but, at the same time, when you take all of our candidates and put them head-to-head against hillary clinton and no cases we ightly behind. so, look. it's a wide open race and i don't think anyone can deny that. ining the challenge of the job? you still got your hair so that is good. you're not pulling it out.
8:10 am
no, i am actually enjoying it. it's a great opportunity. i have a front seat to history. >> yes. >> and i'm hoping, you know, every day to do my best and be d be patient. >> thank you, mr. priebus for joining us morning. you might staring at your to do list to start the week.litzer prize winner is here. he will show his strategy to checking things >> samantha: good monday morning to you. i hope your day is off to a great start. it's a little chilly out there, but temperatures don't warm up much at all. this is a live look over csu. we have cloud cover around. i think we see more peeks of sun throughout the day. 39 is where we top out. that will happen at about 2:00 or 3:00.
8:11 am
few flurriesre y winner is here in studio 57. we will look at her broadway success and hit tv show a 40-year-old pretending to be 26. that is ahead here on "cbs this morning." what if there was another way to look at relapsing
8:12 am
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american and cuban business leaders meet today in havana as part of the push to build economic ties during the president's historic visit. travel and tourism are major areasrtunity.
8:16 am
cofounders of airbnb, one of the first u.s. companies to be an interview you'll see first on "cbs this morning." martinged margaret, good r: you would think spotty internet access and spotty economy would make it in cuba but that is quickly changing as the obama administration lifts restrictions to make it easier for american companies to do business here. an ocean-front view anywhere in the caribbean would cost top dollar. but for as little as $45 a nighters can rent a suite like this using the booking tool airbnb. company cofounder brian 2700 here in havana, cuba. >> reporter: since the u.s.
8:17 am
more than 3.5 million flooded into cuba, a country with only 63,000 hotel rooms. who is booking airbnb in cuba? >> we think about 10% to 20% ofericans coming to cuba are staying in an airbnb. >> reporter: this family lives in los angeles and decided to rent a home to experience cuba >> in hotel, i'm not going to have that opportunity. i'm going to take a tour, but i'm not going to get in contact with real -- the cubans. >> reporter: cuba remains one of the few countries in the world left virtually untapped by to the long running trade embargo but that stranging. starwood will be the first hotel chain to operate in cuba inears. peter cornblue says american businesses are lobbying the obama administration to allow them into the cuban market. >> let us go to cuba. let us make our money.t out of the way of
8:18 am
cuba is no threat to the united states and their economy is eporter: but visitors line manuel leone fear influx of businesses will engage charm. >> everything is going to change within a few years so we want to take the last grasp of how it was before the big change. >> reporter: still, the government has not made it easy for american companies to set up shop, especially for companies which operate primarily remains state-controlled making cuba one of the top five most restricted companies in the world and one hour of internet use couldhan 10% of the average month salary. cuba is a country there is spotty internet service at best. >> yes. rds don't work. >> yeah. >> reporter: how is airbnb doing business here? >> we didn't know ourselves how we do business but with little few people on the island that have internet access. the way it works we have 4,000
8:19 am
are co-hosts with our are intermediary ies intermediaries. they accept payments and do the messages online and they work with the people's homes. >> reporter: cubans have a long tradition of renting out their homes to visitors so to sign up new hostsply introduced them to a 21st century platform. >> it was a view to the new idea. and, here, it was something e culture. there were tens of thousands of people already sharing their homes. we felt like it wasn't that big of a risk. all we had to do is make sure the community embracedter: pedro and his girlfriend says bringing renters more than a steady income. it has broaden their world view. >> we thought it was a pretty good chance to be in touch with people of another country and so have to experience to live in cuba with cuban family. >> reporter: now this is just
8:20 am
ventures that the obama administration is trying to encourage to put the money in the pocket of the average cuban rather than the castro ter today the president will host an entrepreneurship summary at a beer factor here in havana. >> really interesting. thank you,credible to see what is going on there. >> and how quickly it is happening. >> and now we know when chris picks a show there, we have a hope you're paying attention, chris licht? we can get a great deal at airbnb. agle hatches at the national arboretum. up next, the bllions online. you're watching "cbs this morning." with nasal congestion? find fast relief behind the counter with claritin-d. [ upbeat music ] for the allergy relief that starts working in as little as 30 minutes and contains the best
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a live look this morning at washington, d.c.'s new feathered family. the second. two baby bald eagles hatched at the u.s. national arboretum people watched online. the bird are healthy and, for now, they are called dc 2 aand nd dcthe eagle cam has got 7 million clicks since hatching last month. the mom and dad are known asand the first lady. dr. jill biden tweeted congratulations to mr. president
8:25 am
arrival of two eaglets.s will be fully developed in june. check it out at "cbs this morning".com. >> i hear they are wanting dc 1 be change to? >> malia and sasha. >> what can the military and when heartburn hit fight back fas tums smoothies starts dissolvi the instant it touches your tongue
8:26 am
tum, tum, tum, tum smoothies! only from tu >> samantha: good to see you again on this monday morning. time is 8 :26 and this is a live look out over 480. it's a sunglasses kind of morning for many of us. there's a lot of sunshine out there, but for some of us we have more in the way of cloud cover and depends on where you are. everywhere is seasonably chilly. 31 is the current temperature in cleveland. we're headed for about 37 by noon, and then highs today getting up to about 39. there's still some of you out there in the upper 20s, so again, it is a little chilly for this time of the year and this
8:27 am
below average. partly sunny today and breezy and a few flurries are possible but no accumulating snow today and we're done with snow chances at least for the next seven days after today. let's take a look at the seven-day forecast. tomorrow is a big warm-up and 53. we stay in the 50s through
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, from easing the e-mail avalanche at work to getting your kid ready for charles dewey is here to show us how to live life smarter, faster, and better. he looks like he is having a good time in the green room.
8:31 am
"frozen" from skating on thin ice. and sutton foster is inreen room too. see how her character tackles a generation gap in a world of at is ahead. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. britain's independent reports on the pope's latest move on his digital journey instagram. heturday with a photo of him praying. the caption says pray for me in nine languages. he already has 1.5 million followers.long. the sydney morning herald reports on a formula one driver who survived a spectacular crash who clipped another car yesterday in the grand prix in he flipped over several times but he managed to walk away from this. the other driver was also mazing. billboard is reporting that paul mccartney is working to get the rights to his beatles song. he lost a bidding war in 1985on bought the
8:32 am
mccartney started the legal process to recapture the rights to his share of 32 songs in the u.s. say ownership rights to some songs can be reclaimed in 2018. others including "get back" can't be reclaimed until > a generous tip apply schumer left the bartenders at the other night. added a thoi usand dollar gratuity. one of the servers tweeted this from the bartenders at hamilton you amy schumer for making our night. she was a bartender earlier in her life and many say they want to be in the acting it forward. cbs los angeles covered that the dlaver elivery of a new try slide was brought to the
8:33 am
people zip from the 70th floor to the 69th with a nervew of the street below. i could not do this! it's scheduled to open in late june. in our race to get things and easily, productivity app jumped 125% from 2014 to 2015. like notes and grocery shopping. charles dewey is the author of the new book "smarter faster better." the secrets of being productive in life and pulitzer winning reporting of "the new york times" believes it takes more than technology and to do list to be productive. is having a large ambition and a system for figuring how to make it into concrete and realistic plan. charles, good morning. >> good >> i really enjoyed reading this book. >> good. >> so many interesting studies and helpful hints. first of all, what do the most productive people have in common?
8:34 am
have all trained themselves a little bit better how their brain works and they take time and build systems into their days to take time, to makehink just a little bit more deeply about what is important to them and how to get it done. >> most people think if you work harder and sweat harder and you in the office take is more productive. you said you are wasting your time. it's about choices. like what? >> we all have 24 hours in each rs is choosing to do the right things. focusing on the right goals. >> we all want to do that, charles! >> exactly right. one of my favorite examples is we have all written those before and most of us do it the same way. write things at the bottom of the list and things that we are pretty easy at the top of the list because it feels so good off and get them done. turns out that psychologist and neurologists say the right way to write a to do list is put your toughest gold at the top of the page andeak that into a plan. where you can say specifically
8:35 am
you're going to and makes it easier to start and don't lose track of the most important things and get bogged down byave a problem between the workplace and home. i'm pretty good at the workplace. at home i'm bad. you take the professional and did it in your case because you wanted have dinner more with your kid? >> exactly right. a method known as the five y ean manufacturing. we don't think of our home as a factory but my wife and i said we want to take the five y's and solve the problem why we are not our 7-year-old and 4-year-old. the problem is we are not having dinner. why? why is that? we get home too late. why are we getting home too nd of the day we want to leave at 5:00 but all of these e-mails and things to deal with and don't leave the office until 6:00 so why the e-mails at the end of the ting to work too late in the morning! the first meeting is starting too late and why are we getting
8:36 am
we want to leave by 8:00 butrever to get the kids dressed and we don't leave until 8:30, 8:45. why are they dressed so lateg? because when they wake up they don't know what to put on. a new rule every night they lay out their clothes on the ground and get dressed as soon as they wake up. no one told us what we do morning relates to having dinner in the evening. >> the research is there having dinner together as a family not only improves intelligence but skills. the data is clear. >> absolutely right. >> cuts back on the criminal record too. >> that is true! that is true!g that up. >> you had, too, about companies how it works in the companies, that it's all about working with a team and you can work with a team that you feel you can has your back and that you have the ability to make mistakes and not be judged. >> exactly right. we know this from looking at how google has studied and teams atday night live" have studied its teams.
8:37 am
work or be around the thanksgiving dinner table, if you want a team that works you got to makespeak up equally and we are training ourselves to pick up on nonverbal cues to listen to each other. >> speaking about equally, they want you to speak up until you say something the company doesn't want to hear. then they say stop speaking up. >> the smartest team isn't necessarily the best team. >> exactly right. the smart people together in one team won't work unless you have a smart culture, a smart process. for people really feeling like they can say what they need to say. -- gayle, did you think when with i was reading about this that good teams and the psychological safety and i thought about us. >> i did too. >> on this show and why this show works. explain in detail sort of that thing. let me ask you, too, though. have you a great story about nursing homes. two nursing homes that have sort of the samee group of seniors unhappy and the other group of seniors happy.
8:38 am
>> because what is known as -- prove that they were in control of their own lives. one of my favorite examples at one of those nursing homes they feed everyone a same meal on a tray and one cake and he got that every night served to him. he would trade it away for some other dessert with his colleagues. they asked him why.ather a meal of my own design than eat what is forced on me even if i love it. >> the thing about "frozen" was good too. theot a hit in the beginning and team had to come together and figure it out. there was a deadline. >> to finding ways to prove w and taking "frozen" on the brink of catastrophe saying i want to tell a story that means something to me aboutrprising insights to how women can become a unit and save each other. that's when you have a creative breakthrough. you have to make them feel like you have some control. the first step of creating drive is giving opportunity to make choices. >> exactly right.
8:39 am
>> that's right. make choices. got it. thank you, charles. i got choices i want to make around here! smarter,s on sale right now wherever you want to buy your books. a tony our green room, she asked for a copy of your b i >> samantha: well, from this vantage point we have a lot of cloud cover out there. good morning to you. we're socked in with clouds. it's in the 20s for most of us, but, you know, some of us are of sun. just kind of depends on where you are, but looking east from downtown you see a lot of cloud sunshine. 39 today and breezy with a chance for flurries. tomorrow is significantly warmer.
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8:43 am
that is two-time tony winner sutton foster performing in "anything goes." listen to now stars in the hit tv show "younger." she plays a 40-year-old divorce 6 after struggling to get back into the work force. this lie creates a double life for her and she struggles to keep the secret from everybody in her life except her youngert whose name is josh. >> next category is the '90s. >> nowlking! >> her name was lisa lopez. her correct name was?
8:44 am
>> here is a hard one, guys. who was the mastermind behind the kerrigan -- >> jess -- >> how is she getting all of these? >> she is 40! >> hey! easy. >> what?utton foster, welcome to the table. >> thank you. >> we heard your birthday was on friday. did you get our gift? we got the same thing you got t it's yellow because that is your amazing color. did you like it? >> it was amazing! >> it's perfect. >> this show is so much fun. are liza playing a 40-year-old and she is 26. you said you learned something people. >> she is 40 pretending to be 26. >> did i say it wrong? >> no. it's great. in many ways i feel like i've der a rock and then i turned 40 and i went, oh, the young people!
8:45 am
>> we shot out in brooklyn there is a guy on a unicycle with a beard and a is this real? >> it's like a wide-eyede and it's a fantasy. we all get a chance to -- it's never too late to start over and reinvent yourself. >> the 40s. i remember a lot of his shows "90210" and others. whathis character? >> he knows how to write characters for women. luke perry was on my wall as a kid! he just creates these incredible characters too.
8:46 am
about "younger" it's women supporting women. it's not about women women under the bus or trying to get ahead that way. it really is about women bonding together and being i got your back and i'm going to take care of you. st week's episode in which you end up walking around times square in a fur bikini. >> like you do. >> what did you think ofpt? >> i was shaking. we have an awesome wardrobe department led by patricia field who did "sex and she presented me with that fur bikini. lickly, it was a balmy eve in december and i had somey placed the warming pads so it was okay. >> the show is about relationships and betrayal and look at this, did you go to this place you wish you were 20 something? >> i don't feel better
8:47 am
i feel like a good wine and i'm marinating well and only getting better with age. i like there is an ease about my life now and atedness i didn't have in my 20s. >> we have pictures of you in your 20s. by 21 you were making your broadway debut in greece?"revive al "revival" back in the '90s and made my broadway debut alongside my brother who was also in the show. my very first broadway bowext to my brother heneleding ing holding his hand. >> what is his name? >>e has a cool name. >> my mom loved the movies and she said if i ever have kids i'll nameique. >> have you seen "hamilton". >> yes. i'm going next week. >> how many times have you seen it? >> third time.
8:48 am
a rumor about you and gilmore girls. what is it? >> yes. i just finished filming. >> wow!ing. it is my favorite show of all time so i got to spend four days there. it was pretty awesome. >> great times. >> sutton foster, thank luck with the show and the season finale of "younger" airs wednesday on tv land. allen pizzey brought the world into your home for more than 35 yearsnews. this morning, we celebrate a
8:49 am
8:50 am
8:51 am
this morning, our long time foreign correspondent allen pizzey has signed off for the last time. he is retiring after 36 great years at cbs news. he spent a career making thele easier for us all
8:52 am
allen joins cbs news in 1980 and went on to become one of the gn correspondents of his generation. there wasn't a front line that pizzey did not cover.way and standing in kenyan territory. >> reporter: his intrepid nature and sense of nature gave voice to countless see them kill the people? >> yes. >> reporter: he spoke with colleagues of the 242 u.s. marines murdered in beirut when s were bombed in 1983. he watched the berlin wall fall. >> they just came and the border guards let them through. mandela's south african triumph. over the horror of apartheid. allen pizzey takes ustand the scenes. allen has also been our vatican correspondent since 1989 an die and one retire and the first to be
8:53 am
congratulations, allen! >> ability. seemed like when he showed up at a place the story would explode. he was always in the right place at the right time! terrific reporter! >> and he is still alive so he play. >> good luck, pizz.
8:54 am
8:55 am
>> samantha: you got to see this. this is perfect. this is a live look over csu. beautiful shot of these wavy stratus clouds, just gorgeous camera shot this morning as the sun comes up over downtown cleveland. official sunrise time was about 7:28, but from this vantage point you we don't see a ton of sun. if you look south or out to the west, you see sun peeking out. forecast for today, periods of sun, overall we'll go partly sunny, but there may be times throughout the day where there's
8:56 am
of like right now on that camera shot. 37 at noon, highs today only in the upper 30s, and a few flurries are possible but no accumulating snow. a breeze today will make it feel as if it's in the 20s pretty much all day, so a little chilly out there even through the afternoon. tomorrow we go back to above average, and then rain, wind,
8:57 am
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