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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 11PM  CBS  October 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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breaking news, now at 11:00. it's out of here. francisco has brecken the scoreless tie. >> the indians win game one against toronto bluejays. could we be on the way to another sweep? one win down, 3 to go. what a night at progressive field as they take game one of the alcs against the bluejays, tony is standing by now. another spectacular effort from the whole gang!gaining!gang in game
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apparently, boston red sox no the only one in a shrup/ -p/. look at the line up, they are red hot, followed by mill letter. completely shut them down. this was spectacular and the tribe jumps out to a lead. in 2 starts in the playoff has gone 13 and a third ands that help tonight. of course, we would need some offense and that would come 2 innings later, forget frankie goes to hollywood, tkpwraeupbg/ y goes to right center and out of the park. 21 shot. that's all of the independent indians wao/ need. after khraoub/ er exited, it was miller, down right phenomenal traoeubg/
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striking out 5 of the sick guys. he retired. put it in the books, indians open the alcs. they didn't get alot of offense, but they got enough. the pitching has been the story for the indians in these playoffs, guys, more coming up in sports. >> we get chills thinking of a world series here in cleveland. >> what a night for a young boy a toronto bluejays fan was cleveland boy that was shot during a robbery, a fan made his day. >> she made sure he got to tonight's playoff game. shelby miller has his story outside of progressive field. what a game he got to see. reporter: this night was perfect for this little boy. he was excited. we got to talk to him before he went in to see the indians win. he couldn't
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what is so incredible. they have no idea who!woe this toronto person was. it was so generous to give him the tickets. they say they couldn't be more excited for tonight. >> decked out in tribe gear. the 5 -year-old, roots on the indians with his uncle. the 2 got these tickets for free and get this, all all thanks to an anonymous and generous bluejays fans. >> i don't know who i want to tell them thank you. that's nice and generous to do something for a 5 -year-old that is shot in the foot. >> this came comes 2 days after he got shot during a robbery at a cleveland barber shop. his uncles jumped on top of him to protect him. >> i tried my best and he ended
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grad he is here. >> he and his uncle -- -- the 5 -year-old sat in a wheelchair, eating popcorn, watching the game. his family said he has been a fighter through it all. >> i never knew a 5 -year-old that could take a bullet like that. he never cried. reporter: the fan, thanks to >> he is so cute. he was just smiling when he saw that win there a few moments ago. the good news, he was shot in his foot. it's a minor injury. his pinky is broken. that should heal up pretty quickly. police are looking for 2 suspects. if you know anything reach out to them. all good news for the family as they got to watch the tribe. first game here tonight in this series.
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news. turning to the weather, now, we have a big warm up for the weekend. >> some people may need an umbrella, but game 2, middle of the afternoon, what is it looking like? . >> you are not going to need the umbrella tomorrow, you will, however, on sunday, a fantastic game 2. weather-wise a lot warmer than what we saw. we are milder, tonight can the clear sky, warm pattern will set up or is the alert on sunday for a little afternoon rain. how warm do we get tomorrow? well 8 o'clock? the morning, we'll be a little cooler in some spots, especially inland. 39 wooster, everyone else in the 40s, by 11:00 am. we are above 60 in a lot of spots. 2:00 and 3:00 in the afternoon, 70s even though we'll be seeing the increase in the cloud cover, i'm going to talk more about the alert
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system. not going to be a heavy rain, but enough to make things wet and then it gets even warmer early next week. forecast details later on in the next half hour. >> sounds good. >> donald trump facing more accusations of mow molesting women. hilary clinton has seen more hacked e-mails released. >> donald trump paraded female rally in charlotte. he insists he did not act inappropriately toward female accuseres, >> i'm the victim of one of the political smear campaigns in the history of our country. >> 2 more accuseres surfaced friday. one a contestant on trump's reality show "the apprentice. ".
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19930 -z/. >> these allegations are 100% false. they are made up. they never happen. >> i take absolutely no satisfactionion in what is happening on the other side with my owe poepb/ intercept. it hurts our country. it hur/ s our democracy. it sends terrible messages. reporter: but hilary clinton has her own challenging. thousands more e-mails released from the account of clinton's campaign chair. in one, the former michigan governor suggested that clinton should bust tables at denny's or work at mc!ml1cl0 found's to show she's not out of touch with the public. craig bosswell, cleveland night team.
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was probably his last trip to cleveland as president. all to support hilary clinton. >> hello cleveland! mr. obama denounced trump's comments about women and wasted no time getting to point, urging the crowd to vote for clinton. >> there is something we can do about it. right here in ohio, a badle ground state. ohio's always close and so you vote, vote early right now. >> i thought it was awesome. he mentioned how we need to get out and we need to protest our rights at humans, civilizeed citizens. >> early voting has already started in america. 45 million americans expected to vote before election day. >> a sad and tragic story from cleveland's west side. getting more answers about last night's
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in a wheelchair. 2 drivers were drag races. they collided, lost control and hit the 5a -year-old victim. officers said the driver was either drunk or high, a passenger in her car was seriously hurt. police are looking for the other driver. >> there is still flood damage, right now in north carolina, danger, too. river expected to crest overnight. all of the runoff from hurricane matthew has swollen 30 people killed in the u.s. 22 in north carolina alone. hundreds of homes are in the flood zone. >> firefighters from right here in northeast ohio spent last week in ohio rescuing flood victims. sara goldenburg spoke with them. dozens of people had to be save stph-d/. >> yeah, they did. firefighters were working day and fight to rescue people from their homes, at one point, they say 2000 people were stranded
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matthew's after math put their matthew's after math put their skills to the test. video an images devastated. >> houses floods, entire streets flooded. total devastation to the community. >> these are some of the pictures they took during rescue missions. they made the ohio task force one and they are still unpacking. >> lumberton was overwhelmed as water rushed through neighborhoods and across farm lapds, chris helped to rescue
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>> ohio task force one is based in dayton, made of emergency crews across the state. over 80 people made the trip down south to help, >> coming up tonight, consume you are alert, 0 pap hrar/ phone banned from u.s. flights. what you need to know
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>>. >> game one in the books. what about game 2? i have the forecast for that.
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indians manager is speaking, right you no, let's listen in. >> as good a player he is, he is probably a better kid. that's saying something. >> that guy, one of the best skwraeupbg/- ups for a 22 -year-old kid. what does it say about his raw ability >> frankie is a strong kid. he is kind of wiry. i mean, at some point, somebody was going to have to hit a change up just because of the way he was going back and forth. i thought he threw more fast ball early than we expected. but his change up is so good, you can look for him to still not hit and it might be the best change up in
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the game. there are exceptions, but frankie has the game. there are exceptions, but frankie has good strong hands >> here on the left. >> after that lead, he got you as deep as he did, it's not as long as you would ask him to pitch. >> yeah, i think andrew threw 30 pitches and it seemed like -- -- that's still a lot. for him to go through the middle of the order like that, it's -- -- that's why we got him and we intend to use him said before the game, you can't use him if you don't have somebody behind him and that's -- -- that needs to be one of our strengths if we give everyone a go. our strengths if we give everyone a go. >> one more, here. >> ter/ ray, debriefing the press. giving all of the accolades to frankie, all of the offense they needed. tribe jumped out to a one-0 series lead.
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tonight, a consumer alert, starting saturday, airline passengers are no longer allowed to bring their samsung galaxy note 7 on planes because of concerns over fire hazards. an emergency order from the department of transporttation. passengers cannot carry or pack the phones and they can't be ship as cargo. the phone's lithium battery can overheat happened to brian green's samsung, forcing the evacuation of this airlines flight. >> i heard some popping. it looked around to see what it was and there was smoke billowing, pouring out of my pocket. >> several carriers have stopped their planes with fire containment bags designed to hold burning devices. samsung
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discontinued production. : >> if you are a parent, you know school schedules not designed for you. the average working parent could use all of their paid vacation and holiday days and still need 13 more days, that's $6600 a year in family income loss. the report recommends schools change to a 93-5:00 work day to coordinate with a parents work schedule . >> a lot of happy motorists driving home. >> everybody is happy and we are going to do it all over begin tomorrow. it will be a gorgeous day. high thin clouds out there, look at the satellite picture, not much more than that. cleveland and ashtebula. we'll start out with sunshine and increase the clouds during the afternoon as the moisture will be increasing
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but the rain won't get here until mainly sunday afternoon. i started future view tomorrow evening at 8 o'clock. we'll be dry throughout the day. could be some spotty showers overnight. not much more than that. the main show will come sunday afternoon. we are stphao/ sunday morning. clouds increasing by afternoon. that would be between 2:00 and 8 o'clock p.m. that's the front. but this is not temperature down. as a matter of fact, we'll continue to go up in temperatures as we get into early next week. alert sunday afternoon for showers, 2:00 to 8 o'clock. could be some wet afternoon travel in there in spots, but again, that will be sunday afternoon. we are down to 40 in dover, new phily, a little cool still tonight. but this is where we should be this time of the year, most areas in the 40s.
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51. it will be warmer along the lake shore. my forecast, clear skies, seasonable. 45 the low and here it is, game 2 let's do it again. 75 downtown and a mostly cloudy sky. it will be warm, it will be nice and perfect weather again for the indians to take game 2. increasing clouds during the afternoon. 47 at 8 o'clock am. up to canton increasing clouds for you and warm, 74, boaters forecast, south winds, 7-17 knots, pretty calm water with waves only around a foot. we are up to 74 tomorrow. look at the low tomorrow night, droping to 65, alert sunday afternoon. 76, afternoon showers into the evening and then check out these temperatures monday and
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tuesday. i think we could sneak into the upper 80s on tuesday. front comes through, turn cooler on wednesday, sunny, 68, next thursday, 65 and cloudy. >> tribe, not the only excitement this friday night, high school football
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>>. >>. >> ags/ the starting pitcher, what does it feel like to have improved players behind you and
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of your bullpen? alan shaw -- -- >> first of all, relief pitching, what does it mean to you as a defense pitcher. >> like i said, if we can get deep in a ball game and a lead to our bullpen, we have a great shot. those guys have been doing an unbelievable job. our game plan is to try to get them to lead and go up and do their thing. for the defense, it's a huge ref much they put the ball into play on infield, it's an out. i would say the play they turned early in the game was huge and the play made in the whole was just as big, all of a sudden, it could have been 2 guys on and one out. >> oh, yeah. the american league championship series off and running. this is just the kind of start you wanted to
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worked into the 7th. he did not allow a run. we picked up in the fourth. here is one of the defensive gems, watch jason diveing to his left and just getting kevin. it would break full extension and then he get it is by, a big play in that inning, move to the 6th. here's the only offense of the game, frankie, two-run jack to right centerfield. that puts the good guys up 2 there, they got it to the bullpen. andrew miller faced 5 guys. he struck all 5 out. alan slam the door. tribe a winner tonight, 2-0 the final, they are up one-0 in the american league championship series. when we come back, high school highlights of the
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where our children can rise as high as their dreams and hard work take them. that means good schools for every child in every zip code. college that leads to opportunities... not debt. and an economy where every young american can find a job that lets them start a family of their own. we face big challenges, but we can solve them the same way families do. working together. respecting one another. i want our success to be measured by theirs.
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high school football season. if you missed under the light earlier, a little baseball game. we do have you covered here on the express, starting with our game of the week, wild cats entertaining james tkpwar/ feel, they are up 7-0 when we got there. garfield battling back. andy, be even at 7, here's the play of the game, fourth quarter, the fake punt, never punt. make america fake again. put it away. 35-20. parma entertaining the rocky river pirates. damien kraufd/ going in. putting the river city up 10-0 and they weren't done.
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to michael fin began. score from the yard out, all pirates, 3 31-13, r-bg/ y river. maple heights entertaining lorraine. they wanted to get one over the titans, lorraine would go on a drive early. this was carlos chavez, 15 yard touchdown run and they win 16-0. maple heights. you saw where that was going. calvin torres it in for the titans, stumbles down to the 2. justin. 3 yard touchdown pass. >> bruins, entertaining benedicts, bruins pwrurs/ ing onto the scene. first. kevin peterson, big ball, tyler kelley. got it in there for
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berea mid-park, giving it to tie reese. he got the left side. he got the end zone, was 33-29 titans after that, eagles not done. this is jack -- -- we'veing, just getting over the goal line for a touchdown, putting them up 3, berea hold on to win it 45-4 3. buckets of points. >> you should really having more energy for the show. >> a little more zip. >>. >> 70s over the weekend and we have showers sunday afternoon. keep an eye on things, enjoy the weekend, enjoy game 2 tomorrow. >> go tribe. >> thank you for joining us,
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>> stephen: hey, honey. yeah, i'll be home for dinner. we've got a great show-- chris pratt, scott bakula, and something called frederik the great, the world's most handsome horse. how handsome could a horse be? ? tonight i celebrate my love for you. >> stephen: tell you what, i might be late tonight. ? it seems the magic-- >> it's "the late show" with stephen colbert! tonight, stephen welcomes chris pratt, scott bakula and frederik


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